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Straight Goods Features - 2009

Timely commentary of special notice

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First Nation beats back mining company - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  Platinex gives up exploration at Big Trout Lake, ON. - from the Kltchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug Council

Stabilizing the climate - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  We must look beyond international agreements - Lester R. Brown

Alberta duns Tiny Tim - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  Province tells disability groups to return millions from grants - Jeremy Klaszus

Harper is betting on the oil sands - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  Ontario, Quebec and other provinces also benefits from tarsands revenue - Gillian Steward

Jesus was a radical - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  And other lessons from A Charlie Brown Christmas - Bill Tieleman

New Brunswick Power sale still pending - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  Hugely controversial in province, precedent-setting deal lacks national attention - David Frank

Ontario toxics reduction regulation finalized - Posted: 22-Dec-09
  New Act applies to about 2000 facilities in the manufacturing and mineral processing sectors - Workers Health and Safety Centre

What do you want for Christmas? - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  A simple holiday celebration that emphasizes family and friends, saves personal stress as well as the environment - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Debunking an urban legend - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  More women are enrolled in higher education, and so are more men - Elsie Hambrook

Waffle's 40th anniversary - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Toronto hosts a party for the party within a party - Tracy Morey

"Flat Tax" costing Alberta more than $5 billion - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Think tank says returning to 1999 tax structure would put Alberta in a surplus position - Parkland Institute

Canada's reputation in tatters - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Copenhagen conference threatens Canada's "good guy" image abroad - Derek Leahy

Carbon trades might lead to water trades - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  If clean air can become a commodity, water could too - Stephen Leahy

Predictions for 2010 - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Harper rules, Ignatieff rues, Michaëlle Jean moves on - Geoffrey Stevens

Epic fight for farm workers reaches Supreme Court - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Entire labour movement expects case to advance constitutional right to collective bargaining. - NUPGE

Victory at Cameco Fuel Manufacturing - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  United Steelworkers beat back concession demands, win contract gains - USWA Canada

Old year like a cold hip bath for progressives - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  But Copenhagen raised some hope in recognizing the need for collective action - Ish Theilhemeir

And now, the Christmas News - Posted: 21-Dec-09
  Newsrooms spinning out yarns to pad out space between ads - Charles Gordon

Our government makes us ashamed of Canada - Posted: 15-Dec-09
  Harperites' bully tactics and corporate ethics contradict Canada's national and economic values - Ish Theilheimer

Long arm of maritime security - Posted: 15-Dec-09
  New maritime security law will deputize US officers "in every part of Canada" during integrated operations - Stuart Trew

KAIROS fights CIDA cuts - Posted: 15-Dec-09
  Harperites slash funding to ecumenical group working on development, environmental issues - Dennis Gruending

Afghan detainees a serious issue - Posted: 15-Dec-09
  Knowingly transferring prisoners to be tortured amounts to a war crime - Linda McQuaig

HST opponents won't shut up - Posted: 15-Dec-09
  Opposition to HST continues to grow - Bill Tieleman

Newspaper standards are slipping - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Broadsheets now running stories that only tabloids used to run - Charles Gordon

More than a great place to catch fish - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Oceans are the anchor for life on this planet - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

China the new challenger for world wind leadership - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  China's onshore wind resources could meet its current electricity needs seven times over - J. Matthew Roney

Canada's flawed energy policies - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  For-profit business model creates major environmental, social, economic, and political problems - Parkland Institute

Small farmers can cool the world - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Nearly half of greenhouse gases may come from industrial agriculture - Stephen Leahy

Harper is attempting to defy Parliament - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Despite a majority vote, the government refuses to produce the documents on Afghan prisoners - Geoffrey Stevens

Bill 168 passes third reading in Ontario Legislature - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Labour secures important amendments to workplace violence bill - Workers Health & Safety Centre

In Dr Lotta's memory - Posted: 14-Dec-09
  Lotta Hitschmanova's 100th birthday is a good reason to add developing world to your Christmas list - Elsie Hambrook

Towards transparency in takeovers - Posted: 08-Dec-09
  Private Member's Bill would open up agreements to public scrutiny - NDP MP Claude Gravelle

Prayers for Canada in Copenhagen - Posted: 08-Dec-09
  Bill Phipps fasts for carbon emissions treaty - Gillian Steward

BC Liberals must stop picking on the disabled! - Posted: 08-Dec-09
  Changes to HandyDART, Community Living, threaten independence of people with disabilities - Bill Tieleman

Starving Alberta's schools - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  Fiscal update shows Education Minister could increase spending tomorrow — if he wanted to - Ricardo Acuña

As climate changes, Soviet environmental ills felt once again - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  Most of Kyrgyzstan's glaciers are expected to disappear over the next few decades - Antione Blua

Congo's forest protector receives Right Livelihood Award - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  René Ngongo follows up with critical letter to World Bank - Green Peace International

Harper takes a trip to the Chinese woodshed - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  A new, realistic approach to China has to be a foreign-policy priority - Geoffrey Stevens

Good-bye, CSI - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  Half of Manitoba's medical examiner investigators resign over low wages - NUPGE

Chasing the Tiger - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  Watching the mainstream media race to the bottom. - Charles Gordon

Obama's surge could help, if the focus is on negotiations - Posted: 07-Dec-09
  Project Ploughshares co-founder says success in Afghanistan depends on recognizing the war cannot be won militarily - Ish Theilheimer

Canada must do more to confront climate crisis - Posted: 06-Dec-09
  It's incredibly short-sighted to think that a healthy economy can be maintained when the health of the planet is failing David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Glimmers of hope after December 6 - Posted: 06-Dec-09
  Twenty years after the Montreal Massacre, we�re making progress on violence against women - Elsie Hambrook

Setting a livable minimum wage - Posted: 06-Dec-09
  A full time job should put the workers above the Low Income Cut-off - Marc Lee

Inferno on earth - Posted: 06-Dec-09
  Wildfires spreading as temperatures rise - Janet Larsen Earth Policy Institute

Fighting for food sovereignty - Posted: 06-Dec-09
  The National Farmers Union celebrates 40 years of working for farm families- Robbie Anderman

Radical is practical - Posted: 01-Dec-09
  And other lessons from the Parkland Institute conference - Penney Kome

A hero stands up to cowboys - Posted: 01-Dec-09
  Richard Colvin has demonstrated a rare level of integrity and courage - Linda McQuaig

Defeat the HST - Posted: 01-Dec-09
  Parliament to vote this week on federal Bill - Bill Tieleman

Wage theft the new wrong done to workers - Posted: 01-Dec-09
  Employers don't pay for all hours worked, or don't pay at all - Interfaith Worker Justice

Rainforests are homes too - Posted: 01-Dec-09
  Moves to stop global warming are devastating tribal people , says new report - Survival International

We must take care of our family caregivers - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Invisible work from home caregivers supports the whole health care system.

Protecting nature in our neighbourhoods saves us money - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Protecting the watershed is cheaper and more effective than building new filtering infrastructure - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

A woman among warlords - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Malalai Joya speaks her mind at any cost - Paul Weinberg

Trade tsunami threatens sovereignty - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Three new trade deals would undermine government procurement and environmental policies - Maude Barlow Sid Ryan

Gun registry redux - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Progress can be rolled back - Geoffrey Stevens

The lazy king of Consumerland - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  The backbone of capitalism is a docile public - Charles Gordon

Water allocation debate fires up emotions - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Water allocation debate fires up emotions - Alberta's most precious liquid goes mainly to earliest arrivals - Jeremy Klaszus

Honduran "elections" threaten democracy - Posted: 30-Nov-09
  Ottawa should refuse to recognize illegitimate polls - Rick Arnold

Greatest threat to medicare is complacency — Canadian Health Coalition - Posted: 24-Nov-09
  If we don't fight to defend what has become a birthright, we stand to lose it - Ish Theilheimer, with Lori Steuart and Andrew S. McEwen, video by Michael Cowley-Owen

Farmers bid to buy their own railway - Posted: 24-Nov-09
  New Generation Co-op seeks to revitalize rural area CN abandoned - Penney Kome

More reasons to support gun registry - Posted: 24-Nov-09
  Gun registry opponents' arguments are wrong, and here is why.

Tarsands back on front burner - Posted: 24-Nov-09
  Rising prices have made some previously canceled projects profitable again - Gillian Steward

Tetley tea workers locked out, starving - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  And, Obama announces a Job Summit in December - Harry Kelber

Fraser Health Authority flouts SCC ruling: Union - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  Plans ignore restrictions imposed by Canada's top court when sections of Bill 29 were struck down as unconstitutional -

Canadian labour loses a great leader - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  Gil Levine campaigned for autonomy, when other leaders opposed the idea - Mel Watkins

Signs of a hostile world - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  World Congress reviews evidence of climate change - Stephen Leahy

The great socks-with-sandals debate - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  Feet are capitalism's final frontier - Charles Gordon

Conrad Black praises Harper - Posted: 23-Nov-09
  For some reason, Prime Minister's Office ignores Black's column - Geoffrey Stevens

Conservationists worried about Parks Canada plan for Banff - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  New plan emphasizes increased traffic rather than environmental concerns - Jeremy Klaszus

Capitalism and the Environment - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  An economy based upon perpetual growth can never be environmentally friendly - Ricardo Acuña

Maquilla unionized! - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  Jerzees de Honduras workers win break-through agreement with Fruit of the Loom - Kevin Thomas Maquila Solidarity Network

Maquilla unionized! - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  Jerzees de Honduras workers win break-through agreement with Fruit of the Loom - Kevin Thomas Maquila Solidarity Network

Health-care pros signal importance of keeping the environment healthy - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  Diseases and conditions caused by adverse environmental exposures cost Canada as much as $9.1 billion a year - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Pregnant teens doing better, but still need help - Posted: 22-Nov-09
  One of the struggles pregnant teens face is just getting information -Elsie Hambrook

Afghanistan: it's still about the oil - Posted: 17-Nov-09
  The real prize is an unbuilt oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Arabian Sea - David Model

Talking to opponents of the gun registry - Posted: 17-Nov-09
  Since the registry started, homicides by rifles and shotguns have dropped by nearly 50 percent - Bill Tieleman

Financial elite back in the saddle - Posted: 17-Nov-09
  Fraser Institute gala will revel in having dodged the bullet when the economy collapsed - Linda McQuaig

Give equal funding to Native children on reserves - Posted: 17-Nov-09
  Federal funding for First Nations children is 22 percent less than provincial funding off-reserve - John Baglow

Gun registry and car insurance changed Canadian politics - Posted: 17-Nov-09
  Social reform without economic benefits sows seeds for right-wing populism - Ish Theilheimer

Nanoparticles blamed for workers' deaths - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Nanoparticles blamed for workers' deaths - the Workers Health and Safety Centre

War in the streets - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  There are 238 million privately-owned firearms in USA, and 12,000 gunshot fatalities annually - Sherwood Ross

CUPE report shows seniors' care in crisis - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Canada has a two-tiered system for the elderly, with uneven costs, access and quality of care - Canadian Union of Public Employees

The cost of capital punishment - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  New report shows states can save hundreds of millions by abolishing the death penalty - Death Penalty Information Center

Food security and the Copenhagen Conference - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Floods, drought, storms all threaten global food supply Lester R. Brown

Southern researchers fill gap on neglected diseases - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Local companies base their business models on affordable innovation to meet local needs - Stephen Leahy

Southern researchers fill gap on neglected diseases - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Local companies base their business models on affordable innovation to meet local needs - Stephen Leahy

All life depends on the oceans - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Oceans absorb excess carbon dioxide, which disrupts the oceans' pH balance - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Iggy lacks Main Street appeal - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  In political terms, there is Ottawa, and then there is the rest of Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

E-politics survey shows how MPs use e-tools - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Fostering personal contact and focusing on local issues win political hearts and minds - SG Staff

Tailoring health care to women's needs - Posted: 16-Nov-09
  Replacement knees that don't fit well just one of many oversights - Elsie Hambrook

Goodbye to globalization - Posted: 10-Nov-09
  In an Age of Catastrophe, resurrecting the globalized economy is a huge mistake - Mel Watkins

World of labour - Posted: 10-Nov-09
  Steelworkers sign with Mondragon; with stories from Korea, Jordan, Australia, Japan and Indonesia - Harry Kelber

It's not too late to keep gun registry - Posted: 10-Nov-09
  Access to firearms is a key factor in domestic homicides - Bill Tieleman

Ed Stelmach is safe for now - Posted: 10-Nov-09
  Alberta Conservatives seemed to give Premier a solid endorsement - Gillian Steward

Loopholes let business make secret donations to politicians at every level - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Democracy Watch launches challenges over Conservative MPs 'fund-raisers.

Africans, the Kilimanjaro and climate change - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  African blockade shook up UN climate change talks at Barcelona meeting - Chido Nwangwu

In praise of the politically incorrect - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Colourful politicians attract more voter attention - Geoffrey Stevens

War on pot "preposterous" - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  For all the legislation against it, pot is more plentiful than ever - Sherwood Ross

Vaccines and pandemics - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Extending common childhood immunizations worldwide could save the lives of two million children a year - Dr Bob Dickson

All aboard! - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Canada could slash carbon emissions by laying on luxury buses for intercity travel - Albert Koehl

International Steel Workers make Vale Inco blink - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Brazil-based mining giant Vale Inco tries to conceal financial impact of lengthy strikes - Mick Lowe

Masked avengers highlight women in art - Posted: 09-Nov-09
  Guerrilla Girls bring their exhibit and performance to Atlantic Canada - Elsie Hambrook

The price of inaction - Posted: 08-Nov-09
  Ignoring climate change won't make it go away - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Harper's extremism is showing - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Harperites set tone that encourages attacks on open campus debates about Israel - Linda McQuaig

Too much ado about Olympic interruptions - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Media focus on torch-bearers and ignore protesters' reasons - Bill Tieleman

Ten (or so) home remedies for colds and flu - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  If we're really facing a new pandemic, we need all the tools we can round up - Penney Kome

Bright progressive ideas can light many fires - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Good news for a change, on four fronts - Ish Theilheimer

Tribunal awards $35,000 to fired pregnant employee - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  "I was so shocked that this would happen to me in the 21st century," - Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Power outage looms in New Brunswick - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Province plans to sell NB Power to Hydro Quebec - David Frank

World's big arms traders to work towards global arms treaty - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  153 nations — including the USA, UK, France and Germany — reach agreement in principle - Amnesty International

Liberals in deep doo doo - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Ignatieff, McGuinty both fast losing ground in the polls - Geoffrey Stevens

Alberta's new health czar - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  Hired to fix Alberta’s ailing health system, Stephen Duckett opts for "shock" treatment - Jeremy Klaszus

How the right-wing manipulates media - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  New book analyzes how business propaganda hijacks democracy - Donald Gutstein

Copenhagen climate summit is crucial - Posted: 03-Nov-09
  We need a global agreement that is legally binding with rules clearly outlined - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Gender equality recognized as smart economics - Posted: 02-Nov-09
  Overseas or at home, inequality keeps women and their communities in poverty - Elsie Hambrook

Alberta's Wildrose party is on the rise - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  Conservatives losing party members and public support to new party farther on the right - Gillian Steward

Should I stay or go? - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  Vancouverites trying to decide whether to leave town during Olympics - Bill Tieleman

USA: carbon emissions already dropping - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  What had appeared to be hopelessly difficult is happening at amazing speed - Lester Brown

Bill C-463 bids to ban sweatshop goods - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  Private Member's bill would require overseas workplaces to meet ILO standards - Office of Peter Julian

USA: Labour's new leader - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  The AFL-CIO stakes its future on Richard Trumka - David Morberg

Worried pensioners take to the streets - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  Pension insecurity could strike at Conservative heartland if opposition can get organized - Ish Theilheimer Kevin Caners Bodeene Amyot Anne Cummings

Canada needs tax fairness not the HST - Posted: 27-Oct-09
  Despite what ideology preaches, tax cuts do not create jobs and are not the miracle cure for every situation - James Clancy

Stelmach: a man with no plan - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  Premier's television address lacks specifics, purpose, economic sense.

Phillips, Polanski and other scandals - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  The most shameful aspect is public attitudes towards sexual assault - Elsie Hambrook

Forests count in our fight against climate change - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  Destruction of forests, wetlands, grasslands and peatlands account for about one-quarter of carbon emissions - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Restore Canada's role as peacekeeper - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  Canada is losing much of its lustre as an international leader in human-rights and peace building - Saul Arbess and Larry Kazdan

The real cheese - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  Important court decision rules Canadian cheese must be made from Canadian milk - Wendy Holm, P.Ag.

Parliament settles down to business - Posted: 26-Oct-09
  Politicians finally realize the people really, really don't want an election - Geoffrey Stevens

Climate change deniers - Posted: 20-Oct-09
  New industry springs up to deflect public concern - Ole Hendrickson

Media manipulation in name of almighty dollar - Posted: 20-Oct-09
  Oil companies launch propaganda campaign against climate change science - Bill Tieleman

Bankers' salaries still rising - Posted: 20-Oct-09
  Banks and securities firms are on track to pay employees a record $140 billion - Linda McQuaig

As the world burns, Harper fiddles with cheques and imbalances - Posted: 20-Oct-09
  Bill C311 would send positive statement that not all Canadians are hopelessly backwards - Ish Theilheimer

Let's put human rights on the Commonwealth agenda - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  NGO aims to influence the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group - Maja Daruwala, for the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

World of labour - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Labour news from Puerto Rico, Haiti, Singapore, Burma, Brazil, and Israel - Harry Kelber

Tarsands tailings will grow despite new rules: Pembina - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Plans to solidify toxic lakes remain unproven - Jeremy Klaszus

Cyclist's death highlights auto hazards - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Cars are death traps in many ways - Albert Koehl

Harper's hypocrisy - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Secrecy and patronage prevail in Harper's Ottawa - Geoffrey Stevens

To recount or not to recount - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  How Canada got caught in Afghan election that doesn't add up - Paul Weinberg

December climate deadline looms - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Copenhagen climate deal must be fair, ambitious, and binding - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Youth in transition - Posted: 19-Oct-09
  Laws in Canada vary wildly for young people between 16 and 19 years old - Elsie Hambrook

Action urgently needed to defuse pension bomb - Posted: 13-Oct-09
  Solutions exist, beginning with proper funding for CPP and OAS - Ish Theilheimer, with Kevin Caners and Bodeene Amyot

Alberta's health networks get stitched back together - Posted: 13-Oct-09
  Opposition parties charge that the new system is in complete chaos - Gillian Steward

Save now because the HST is looming - Posted: 13-Oct-09
  Per-purchase costs to rise noticeably once new tax is implemented - Bill Tieleman

A tale of two scandals - Posted: 13-Oct-09
  Seven similarities shine through reports on Sponsorship and E-Health scandals - Geoffrey Stevens

Block that sludge! - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Tiny Elgin, QC sets legal precedent in blocking use of municipal sludge on its territory - Holly Dressel

Stelmach disses Auditor-General - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Alberta AG reports that tarsands oil royalties are short by $100 million, this year alone - Ricardo Acuña

Q & A with Lester Brown - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Stephen Leahy interviews Lester Brown, founder of the Earth Policy Institute - Stephen Leahy

Countdown to Copenhagen - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  We're finally seeing some agreement about confronting climate change, across the political spectrum - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Mental health: taking care of each other at work - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Addressing mental health issues at work can save jobs and lives - Elsie Hambrook

Make Yunus an honorary Canadian - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Canada should honour poverty-fighting Nobel Prize winner - Sam Daley-Harris

Get off Obama's back - Posted: 12-Oct-09
  Michael Moore has second thoughts about the Nobel Peace Prize - Michael Moore

Voters need preparation for coalition politics - Posted: 06-Oct-09
  And leaders must walk the talk — an interview with Jack Layton - Ish Theilheimer

Give peace a seat at cabinet table - Posted: 06-Oct-09
  NDP MP and Liberal MP call for a Department of Peace - Linda McQuaig

Liberals declare war on the working class - Posted: 06-Oct-09
  The battle has just begun - Bill Tieleman

World of labour - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Labour news from Mexico, Egypt, Chile, Russia, Gibraltar, and France - Harry Kelber

Glass from blue carts and depots piles up at dump - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  New curbside program cuts value of recyclables; city can't find buyer - Jeremy Klaszuz

Cambodian rights worker battles human trafficking - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Rare interview with Dr Kek Galabru highlights need for government action - Joshua Lipes, with editing by Sarah Jackson-Han.

As the House grows - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  New seats to reflect population growth around urban areas - Geoffrey Stevens

Olympics raise questions about human trafficking - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Sex workers, social agencies disagree about Vancouver Olympics' effects on sex trade - Elsie Hambrook

Life altering the planet - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  From microbes on up, life forms have affected Earth's atmosphere and climate - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Meditation on a plane - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Very 21st Century Dalai Lama visits Calgary - Penney Kome

Out of the forest and into the oven - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Europeans harvesting trees in the South to burn in wood-fired energy plants - Stephen Leahy

More fickle than fair - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Why Canada should not adopt a "fair use" regime for copyright - Barry Sookman and Daniel Glover

CFIB public sector wage study found to be biased - Posted: 05-Oct-09
  Independent economist challenges methodology, gaps, omissions in wage comparisons - Larry Brown

NDP's Mulcair expects to benefit from Liberal feuding over his riding - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Squabble reminds voters of sponsorship scandal and what it represented - Ish Theilheimer

Reform party reborn - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Alberta's Wildrose Alliance Party attracts voters discontented with Ed Stelmach - Gillian Steward

BC Premier suffers from huge credibility gap - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Sweeping program cuts causing public outrage - Bill Tieleman

Dalai Lama in Vancouver - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  "Peace Summit" - Peter G. Prontzos

Off-ramp panhandler a sign that recovery is a long way off - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Canadians deserve their loonies back on government advertising for "economic plan" - Ish Theilheimer

"No colonialism" in Canada - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Harper's remark rankles Aboriginal MP - Jean Crowder

Stepping aside in style - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  David Miller is a rarity: a politician who knows when to quit - Geoffrey Stevens

CO2 is green and other disinformation - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Beware the new generation of misleading ads - Straight Goods staff

Predicting disasters - Posted: 29-Sep-09
  Long range forecasting can help humans survive climate change calamities - Stephen Leahy

Another drive to privatize Alberta health care - Posted: 27-Sep-09
  Leaked document shows province plans to move 800 bedbound seniors into "community care" - Ricardo Acuña

The electorate likes its female candidates - Posted: 27-Sep-09
  Like everyone else, women actually vote on issues, not just gender likeness - Elsie Hambrook

Consider non-violent responses to war - Posted: 27-Sep-09
  Invaders can't win in a ground war, but neither can the invaded - Sherwood Ross

"SmartStax" corn an eightfold GMO - Posted: 26-Sep-09
  More science needed on effects of genetically modifying food crops - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Exposing HST myths - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Government, Globe misstate effects of new tax - Bill Tieleman

Americans would rather die than share - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  US debate on health care is a warning to Canadians - Linda McQuaig

Changing the (Indian) status quo - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Sharon McIvor loses ground on appeal, seeks appeal to Supreme Court - John Rowinski

No election before next summer - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  If Harper is smart, he can maintain the rent-a-majority until after the Olympics - Geoffrey Stevens

Far-right candidate wins by-election - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Emergence of Wild Rose Party could split conservative vote and benefit Liberals, NDP - Gillian Steward

Striking Sudbury miners reflect nightmare of resource sell-out - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  With capital in control, Michael Moore's call for democracy is timely - by Ish Theilheimer

High school dropouts up - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Nationally, a quarter of high school students don't graduate -

Obama actually listens to labour - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Free-trade advocates cry foul as US restricts imports of Chinese tires - Mel Watkins

To fly around the world — without fuel - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Non-polluting solar airplanes are on the drawing board - Stephen Leahy

Let's rethink our approach to garbage - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Canadians recycle 20 percent of our waste. We can do better - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Unwanted pregnancies, unwanted children - Posted: 22-Sep-09
  Helping people plan their families can prevent child deaths - Elsie Hambrook

Separatists + socialists + coalition = Framing 101 - Posted: 15-Sep-09
  Harper scores, everyone else loses when he sets the terms for debate - Ish Theilheiner

Alberta's 'firewall' approach to climate change - Posted: 15-Sep-09
  Harperites keep hands off emissions produced by tarsands - Gillian Steward

Tieleman, Vander Zalm and others to protest - Posted: 15-Sep-09
  Hatred of HST makes opposites attract - Bill Tieleman

Hogging the pork market - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  Federal and international policies are leaving hog farmers in the lurch - Wendy R. Holm

Answers about Gay Pride parades - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  Shame and fear have plagued gay people for far too long - Elsie Hambrook

A shameful second anniversary - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  Canada still is not on board with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Straight Goods Staff

Deficit and debt phobia overshadow election - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  Canada can afford to continue the financial stimulus - Andrew Jackson

Outdoor schooling has many benefits - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  We need to instill appreciation and understanding of nature in our children - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

In praise of minority government - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  The current problem is not the minority status but the lack of goodwill between parties - Geoffrey Stevens

Faith and health care - Posted: 14-Sep-09
  Canadian Council of Churches contacts counterparts about US health care plan - Dennis Gruending

An Agenda for Survival needs to become the subject of debate - Posted: 08-Sep-09
  Best way to secure a coalition is by not talking about it, but, instead, about its benefits - Theilheimer

Inglourious BC Liberal basterds in trouble - Posted: 08-Sep-09
  BC Liberals losing credibility as protest against HST grows - Bill Tieleman

Different rules for the rich - Posted: 08-Sep-09
  Wealth stored in tax havens is out of sight, out of mind - Linda McQuaig

NGOs press Ottawa for poverty elimination program - Posted: 08-Sep-09
  "Dignity for All" campaign collecting signatures for October 17 actions on Parliament Hill - Joe Gunn

Fears of a fall election - Posted: 08-Sep-09
  Each party understands the risks of going to the polls — or appearing afraid to do so - Geoffrey Stevens

The world of labour - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  Labour news from Germany, South Africa, Serbia, Phillipines, UK, Korea - Harry Kelber

Alberta offers Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship Program - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  New apprenticeship program gives city slickers first-hand experience of the farming lifestyle - Scott Harris

Bubbling methane, and other warnings - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  Earth's Arctic fridge defrosting, with dire results - Stephen Leahy

IMF may withhold $164 million allocated to Honduras - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  Military coup facing economic slump, cannot count on IMF bailout - Center for Economic and Policy Research

Discrediting politicians backfires - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  If we want smart, capable people to run for office, we have to stop bad-mouthing all politicians - Elsie Hambrook

Tiny Township victory sets a big example - Posted: 07-Sep-09
  Defeat of Site 41 dump shows the power of organizing locally - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Take the initiative - Posted: 01-Sep-09
  BCers oppose HST as proposed - Bill Tieleman

Leaders, not managers, are needed - Posted: 01-Sep-09
  Canada needs an agenda for survival that only a broad coalition can deliver - Ish Theilheimer

Ralph Klein's squandered potential - Posted: 01-Sep-09
  Former Alberta Premier could have been a superstar - Gillian Steward

"Honour" killings and other femicides - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  In whatever culture, efforts to control women all look like violence to me - Elsie Hambrook

Fire the boss! - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Hostile business reaction shows that workers' co-ops gaining visibility - Hazel Corcoran, Executive Director, Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

Celebrate Labour Day! - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Here is a national list of Labour Day events, from CUPE - CUPE

Labour Day message - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  This has been a year when working people were counting their blessings instead of their accomplishments - Ken Georgetti

The media and the Supremes - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Three key journalism cases to come to Supreme Court in October - Geoffrey Stevens

Climate change workaround - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Use Montreal Protocol to limit super greenhouse gases, in face of resistence to Kyoto -Stephen Leahy

Deregulated cost increases "crush" consumers - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Parkland Institute and public interest advocates cry in frustration, "We told you so." - Ricardo Acuña

Rebranding the NDP - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  Time to think creatively about new names for the, um, movement - Marc Zwelling, President, The Vector Poll

Uncovering the mystery of BC's disappearing sockeye - Posted: 31-Aug-09
  When the salmon are in trouble, we're all in trouble - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Nancy White, satirical songwriter - Posted: 18-Aug-09
  Former CBC favorite promotes her stage musical and musical daughters. by Penney Kome

PM's war with the media - Posted: 18-Aug-09
  Insiders said that Harper believes media are opposed to Conservative governments. by Gillian Steward

You read it here first: no fall election - Posted: 18-Aug-09
  The public doesn't want an election and the country doesn't need one. by Geoffrey Stevens

Saving the berries for pickers and bears - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  Current forestry practices squeeze out "non-timber forest products" such as wild berries - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Tax revolt! - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  HST hatred keeps growing - Bill Tieleman

Beware American fibs about Canadian programs - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  Right promotes profit over people in health care, pensions - Linda McQuaig

AC/DC concert promoted poisoned social environment for women - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  "Show us your breasts" just one way that women are objectified, in effort to control them - Elsie Hambrook

Afghanistan and the new great game - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  Poor, remote country offers corridors for oil pipelines from Turkmenistan - John Foster

Premiers duck climate change issue - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  On the climate issue, there are no real political leaders in Canada - Ricardo Acuña

Obama needs our help to do the right thing - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  Give Americans truth about Canada's health care system, not well-organized lies - Ish Theilheimer

The world of labour - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  Labour news from Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Romania, China, Ghana Labour news from Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Romania, China, Ghana Labour news from Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Romania, China, Ghana - Harry Kelber

Lavish US lobbying pushes nuclear energy - Posted: 17-Aug-09
  New nuclear power plants could cost as much as bank bailout - Stephen Leahy

The world of labour - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  News about workers in Afghanistan, France, Korea, USA, Israel - Harry Kelber

G8 inches forward on climate change - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  But progress might be too slow to avert disaster - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Harmonize this! - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Why the Harmonized Sales Tax is the biggest consumer rip-off BC has seen - Bill Tielman

Some US churches oppose Obama on health care - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Catholics, Evangelicals and Southern Baptists are focusing on public funding for abortion - Dennis Gruending

Quebec nationalism — Time to accept good, along with bad, as facts of life - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Bloc has held Canada together, in spite of anglophone voters - Ish Theilheimer

G8 failure to launch on climate - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Commitments for 2050 reductions mean less than a 2020 target reduction would - Stephen Leahy

NATO is an unwelcome wedding guest - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Canada continues to kill civilians in Afghanistan - Linda McQuaig

Calgary's "Peace Bridge" stirs controversy - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Proposed pedestrian bridge divides public opinion - Gillian Steward

Shreiber extradited - Posted: 04-Aug-09
  Harper government moves with stunning speed to get rid of Karlheinz Schreiber irritant - Geoffrey Stevens

World watches "show trials" in Iran - Posted: 03-Aug-09
  Tehran lawyer Nermat Ahmadi and a number of other observers believe that the hard-liners' efforts will backfire. by Golnaz Estifandiari

Recognizing the value of women's work - Posted: 03-Aug-09
  Women have struggled to win recognition for unpaid work as well as equal pay - Elsie Hambrook

"Vocables" and other songwriting tips - Posted: 29-Jul-09
  Veteran Canadian folkrocker Brent Titcomb talks about finding his groove. by Penney Kome

Workers call for Clement's immediate resignation - Posted: 21-Jul-09
  Industry Minister clearly sides with company in strike: Steelworkers - United Steeloworkers

A taxing question for Alberta - Posted: 21-Jul-09
  Oil revenues prove an unreliable funding platform for essential services - Gillian Steward

Q and A with Richard Wagamese - Posted: 21-Jul-09
  Ojibway author has walked a long, hard road to recovery from alcoholism, homelessness - Jeremy Klaszus

"The Premier has misled the voters" - Posted: 20-Jul-09
  Gordon Campbell shares his views on the need for truth in budgeting - Bill Tieleman

30 Israeli soldiers publish "Breaking the Silence" - Posted: 20-Jul-09
  Hard-hitting report rings true, although authors remain anonymous - Uri Avnery

Cadillac Fairview fires all unionized employees - Posted: 20-Jul-09
  Company wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Harm to the environment is bad for the economy - Posted: 20-Jul-09
  What's good for our earth home, is good for us - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Honouring the "little guy from Shawinigan" - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  Honouring the "little guy from Shawinigan" - Geoffrey Stevens

Canada to buy new drone planes - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  USA lobbying Harper to stay in Afghanistan and maybe expand to Pakistan - Paul Weinberg for NOW Weekly

Employers use crisis to demand concessions - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  Toronto's city workers find themselves blamed for economic crisis - Linda McQuaig

Ontario's right wing needs mending - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  Tim Hudak, new Conservative leader, has to choose the party's direction - Inside Queen's Park

Repatriating potatoes - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  Indigenous peoples strive to protect traditional crops and ways of sharing information about them - Stephen Leahy

How to avoid abortions - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  Common ground is preventing unwanted pregnancy - Elsie Hambrook

New emissions limits for ships in coastal waters - Posted: 19-Jul-09
  International Maritime Organization moves a step closer to protections against shipping pollution - Friends of the Earth

Why Obama picked Ghana - Posted: 07-Jul-09
  US President's visit to Africa important for economic and social strategies - Chido Nwangwu, Publisher of

Ignatieff woos Alberta - Posted: 07-Jul-09
  Liberal leader tells oil producers they're already in the driver's seat - Gillian Steward

Canadian union seeks to create Yes-We-Can effect here - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  New Member Action Program brings union issues to attention of sympathetic politicians - Ish Theilheimer

Union action "poster child" sparked Washington State turn-around - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Tami Green, nurse, went from union skeptic to union-supported State Rep, and helped make big changes - Ish Theilmeier

Some environmental victories - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Provinces move to protect boreal forests, feds move to protect aquatic wildlife, including whales - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Finance Minister promotes new right-wing think tank - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Minister's office denies any impropriety in letter and private dinner supporting the Macdonald-Laurier Institute - Linda McQuaig

Campbell's own Watergate Unravels - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Alleged bribes and dirty tricks, and now erased emails. Sound familiar - Bill Tieleman

Doing the math in Alberta - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Unlike the provincial government, gas companies can generally do math - Ricardo Acuña

Changing demographics - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Immigrants add new dimensions to the Canadian population - Geoffrey Stevens

Voice from Honduras - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  Coup repeats familiar pattern taught at defunct School of the Americas - School of Americas Watch

Gender, poverty, and government programs - Posted: 06-Jul-09
  NB seeks integrated approach to reducing rates, effects of poverty - Elsie Hambrook

Everything comes from the land - Posted: 03-Jul-09
  As a society, we still measure our wealth by how much stuff we have - David McLaren

Drive to Work Caravan tours Ontario - Posted: 23-Jun-09
  OFL's traveling protest gets warm welcome across province.

Mining the Airbus evidence - Posted: 23-Jun-09
  Judge Oliphant has to answer 17 questions, but another unasked question hangs in the air - Geoffrey Stevens

Waiting for EI - Posted: 23-Jun-09
  Avoiding an election did nothing to help laid-off workers who are frantic for their cheques - Gillian Steward

No election means nothing to write about - Posted: 23-Jun-09
  Some decisions are too important to be left to politicians

Getting real about Employment Insurance reform - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  Current regulations rely on unrealistic hours requirements and regional unemployment rates - Elsie Hambrook

Urban wealth vs natural capital - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  Cities produce spikes of economic activity, at the expense of forests and watersheds - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Alberta blows another oil windfall - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  Grim financial situation is the predictable result of dependence on oil and gas, years of bad policy - Ricardo Acuña, Parkland Institute

Big carbon players jockey for advantage - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  China, Japan, USA all want someone else to cut emissions first - Stephen Leahy

1.02 billion people hungry - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  One sixth of humanity is undernourished — more than ever before - Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Parliament winds down with no help for unemployed, little joy anywhere - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  And: Harper outframes progressives again on "protectionism" - Ish Theilheimer

World of labour - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  New global survey, plus news from Ivory Coast, Colombia, Australia, Bermuda, and MySpace - Harry Kelber

Ely's Tehran diary - Posted: 22-Jun-09
  "Tear Gas Left White Trails, We Could Hear Gunshots." - Elham Ahmadi

Ignatieff's contradictions force him to pull punches - Posted: 16-Jun-09
  Claims he wants to work with others belied by unwillingness to deal with anyone but the Conservatives - Ish Theilheimer

Protests in Iran - Posted: 16-Jun-09
  Uprisings are not just about stolen votes - Shourideh Molavi

Fuel duel - Posted: 16-Jun-09
  Axe gas tax campaign helped gain votes for NDP, not lose them - Bill Tieleman

Taped Raitt talk reflects poorly on Liberals - Posted: 16-Jun-09
  Cash-strapped party said to have been influenced by bankers, CEOs - Linda McQuaig

Voice from Peru - Posted: 15-Jun-09
  Human rights and civil liberties suspended over oil exploration - Juan Arellano for Global Voices Advocacy

Fixing pensions - Posted: 15-Jun-09
  Improved Canada Pension Plan is best way to ensure retirement security - Ken Georgetti

The election that no one wants - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  No party can see its way clear to a majority government - Geoffrey Stevens

World of labour - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Updates from Germany, Haiti, Singapore, USA, China, and Argentina - Harry Kelber

Canadians now own 11.7 percent of GM - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Bailing out car maker called an "investment in obsolescence". - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Mumia Abu-Jamal in peril - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Radio journalist, on death row almost 30 years, coming to end of legal appeals - Robert R. Bryan

Friction between National Farmers' Union and Agriculture Minister - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Minister accuses NFU of being anti-business; NFU accuses Minister of being anti-farmer - Grant Robertson

Interview with Gaia founder James Lovelock - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Renowned scientist warns of imminent climate disaster - Stephen Leahy

Lobbyist brings Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter to Calgary - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Conservative group builds war chest to 'take back city hall' - Jeremy Klaszus

Counting up the e-Health scandal - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Sarah Kramer takes the fall, but many others are involved - IQP

The vexed question of single sex classes - Posted: 14-Jun-09
  Some say that separating boys and girls is one way to improve the education system - Elsie Hambrook

Meet Darrell Dexter, Nova Scotia's first NDP Premier - Posted: 09-Jun-09
  Pragmatic "conservative progressive" has focused on human-level hot-button issues - Stephen Kimber

Complaint filed with Commissioner regarding Ivanhoe's lobbyists - Posted: 09-Jun-09
  Canadian Friends of Burma dispute information on lobbyists' applications - Canadian Friends of Burma

Alberta resists cap-and-trade - Posted: 09-Jun-09
  If Canada follows the USA in imposing a carbon tax, Alberta wants something in return - Gillian Steward

More subsidies for fossil fuels in recovery plans - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  European Union gives $3.35 billion to fossil fuels and only $2 billion to renewable energy sources - Stephen Leahy

Doing time the green way - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Farmers meet with Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan over prison farm closures - National Farmers Union

Fire Raitt over lost billions, not lost book - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Scold the aide and give her a filing clerk job - Ish Theilheimer

Obama's Cairo speech was right - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  New US President turned the ship of state around like a speedboat - Uri Avnery

Unions and international standards - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Supreme Court constitutionalized unions but Canadian laws have yet to follow - Roy J Adams

What we do to the oceans we do to ourselves - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  So far, ocean acidification hasn't been a big part of climate-change negotiations - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

New Democrats promote faith and social justice commission - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Many of the party's founders were people who were trying to put their faith into action - Dennis Gruending

In defence of nostalgia - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  May and June seem to stir up memories - Geoffrey Stevens

Engaging men in ending violence against women - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Research suggests ways to help men separate guilt from social responsibility - Elsie Hambrook

Alberta's "Inspiring Education" consultation just spin - Posted: 08-Jun-09
  Assignment: don't mention funding, class size, teacher workload or special needs - Ricardo Acuña

BC Liberals fudge financial status - Posted: 02-Jun-09
  Deficit is likely to be three or four times what Liberals predicted during the election - Bill Tieleman

Deficit trumps EI, social spending - Posted: 02-Jun-09
  Harperites blame deficit on unemployed, not on tax cuts or military spending - Linda McQuaig

Edmonton privatizes Epcor - Posted: 02-Jun-09
  The public didn't even hear about the sale until three weeks later - Ricardo Acuña

NS Premier Rodney MacDonald floundering - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  The traditional Tory vote is expected to collapse on election day - Stephen Kimber

Progressive allies win a well-fought round on Colombia trade - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  And — getting Jack back into the story - Ish Theilheimer

Dry summer looms in Ontario as LCBO workers squeezed - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  Employer pushed most of its workforce into part-time status - Ish Theilheimer

An ugly campaign awaits the country - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  The easiest course for the Liberals and Conservatives alike is to go negative - Geoffrey Stevens

Canada's new "Aid Effectiveness Agenda" - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  RESULTS suggests how to turn good intentions into a meaningful legacy - Christina Dendys and Randy Rudolph

Organizing the unorganized takes round-the-clock effort - Posted: 01-Jun-09
  Obtaining justice for Ottawa's janitors is not an easy task - Samantha Bayard with Ish Theiheimer

Energetic Michael Bryant to head Invest Toronto - Posted: 31-May-09
  Queen's Park sees changes in Cabinet, NDP staff, Harmonized Sales Tax -

So long, and thanks for all the fish - Posted: 31-May-09
  Researchers document extraordinary abundance of marine life in oceans past - Stephen Leahy

Countries already destroying cluster bombs - Posted: 31-May-09
  Report finds several nations acting even before treaty takes effect - Landmine Monitor

Equality makes good economic sense - Posted: 29-May-09
  But equality-seekers must keep good and bad news in perspective - Elsie Hambrook

BC's trophy hunt is unbearable - Posted: 29-May-09
  Nearly 11,000 BC grizzly bears have been killed for sport in the last 30 years - David Suzuki - Faisal Moola

Slow Death by Rubber Duck - Posted: 29-May-09
  Interview with two authors who researched by exposing themselves to common chemicals - Colleen Kimmett for The

NDP take pay, lose moral high ground - Posted: 26-May-09
  Since 2007, NDP MLAs have donated the increase to charity - Bill Tieleman

Unwelcome guest workers - Posted: 26-May-09
  Albertans complain that employers would rather hire temporary foreign workers than locals - Gillian Steward

Canada could help save 14,000 lives a day - Posted: 25-May-09
  WTO and Canadian law allow generic antivirals but Canada won’t ship them - Katy Kidd-Wright and Dr. Bob Dickson

Federal buildings have safety problems: AG - Posted: 25-May-09
  Unsafe buildings threaten government workers' health and safety, says PSAC - the Public Service Alliance of Canada

Mulroney dismantled his own legacy - Posted: 25-May-09
  Eighteenth Prime Minister achieved so much and then was undone by hubris. - Geoffrey Stevens

Emptying Gitmo helps USA in Iraq - Posted: 25-May-09
  General Patraeus discusses US plans for leaving Iraq, pushing into Afghanistan - Jay Tolson

Nova Scotia election campaign moves along right on script - Posted: 25-May-09
  Still looking for a memorable moment, let alone a defining one - Stephen Kimber

Election talk is just that - Posted: 25-May-09
  No party can afford to take the chance, despite sabre-rattling - Ish Theilheimer

New credit card regulations need more teeth - Posted: 25-May-09
  Disclosure isn't enough; consumers need protection from gouging - Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition

Snow cover turning to lakes in the Himalayas - Posted: 24-May-09
  Region supplies water to Asia and South Asia - Stephen Leahy

Government cuts more than three-quarters of park wardens - Posted: 24-May-09
  Wilderness more vulnerable to abuse, say warden vets - Jeremy Klaszus

Canada can be either petro-state or prosperous nation - Posted: 22-May-09
  Our government is putting all its eggs in one basket, relying on the tar sands to fuel the economy - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Inequality in Employment Insurance - Posted: 22-May-09
  EI rules are even less fair to women than to men - Elsie Hambrook

Colonialism's deadly beat goes on and on - Posted: 19-May-09
  Wealthy North shares guilt for South Asian tragedies - Ish Theilheimer

Mulroney's evasions - Posted: 19-May-09
  Former PM has at least 225,000 reasons for his relentless secrecy on Schreiber's payments - Linda McQuaig

NDP future cloudy in shadow of loss - Posted: 19-May-09
  Mixed messages and failure to highlight job losses undermined NDP campaign - Bill Tieleman

How politicians lose respect - Posted: 19-May-09
  Three ongoing activities are likely to disgust the public - Geoffrey Stevens

NS NDP looks forward, not back - Posted: 19-May-09
  Party shrugs off question about repealing infamous "Michelin Bill" - Stephen Kimber for The Coast

Green incentives - Posted: 19-May-09
  Governments can make sound, sustainable, business investments - Ole Hendrickson

Palestinians quarreling on the Titanic - Posted: 19-May-09
  No peace with Israel is possible until there is harmong among Palestinians - Uri Avnery

PIPSC rejects federal contract - Posted: 16-May-09
  Thousands of federal professionals give a collective thumbs-down to the Canada Revenue Agency - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

God, gays and government - Posted: 16-May-09
  For too long, Alberta has allowed intolerance in schools - Jeremy Klaszus

Invasive species upset local ecosystems - Posted: 16-May-09
  We must fight the alien invasion — for the sake of biodiversity - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Meet two candidates for the Ontario Conservative leadership - Posted: 16-May-09
  IQP interviews Christine Elliott and Tim Hudak - Inside Queen's Park.

New farm loans legislation good news for agricultural co-ops - Posted: 16-May-09
  Loans will be available to co-ops that have community members as well as farmers - Canadian Co-operative Association

Casino capitalism - Posted: 16-May-09
  The modern market economy is more about speculation than investment - Anthony Westell

Afghan law highlighted inequality - Posted: 16-May-09
  But Canadian law condoned rape in marriage until 25 years ago - Elsie Hambrook

Campbell manages victory - Posted: 12-May-09
  BC Liberals' win sets stage for several coming battles - Bill Tieleman

Against Homophobia and Transphobia - Posted: 12-May-09
  We need to ensure that human rights are not put on the back burner with the economy in crisis - CLC

Time for compulsory voting - Posted: 12-May-09
  Only 58 percent of BC voters voted in 2005-Bill Tieleman

Alberta's newest provincial conservative party - Posted: 12-May-09
  Wildrose Alliance holds hard right wing views - Gillian Steward

Dhalla case highlights vulnerability of foreign workers - Posted: 11-May-09
  Canada's immigration narrative has changed, for many newcomers - Ish Theilheimer

Nettie Wiebe is out to heal the planet - Posted: 11-May-09
  Farmer, professor, and sometime NDP candidate campaigns to reconstruct food system - Penney Kome

Selling energy conservation - Posted: 11-May-09
  Although conservation is easy, rewarding and frugal, only a small minority make the effort - Lynn Jones

Native people say rich polluters bear blame - Posted: 11-May-09
  Many reject carbon offset programs and carbon trading, calling them "false solutions" - Stephen Leahy

Nukes a contentious issue in Alberta - Posted: 11-May-09
  So provincial government conducts phony public "consultations" - Ricardo Acuña

Man dies waiting for care in private clinic - Posted: 11-May-09
  Clinic's doctor, leader of fight for private health care, refused to try to revive the man - Steven Lewis

Mulroney takes the witness stand in Airbus inquiry - Posted: 11-May-09
  Former PM will face suspicion that his administration was corrupt - Geoffrey Stevens

US sets example for endangered species protection - Posted: 08-May-09
  Obama says smart, sustainable policies can protect both the economy and the environment - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

New mothers shafted by Employment Insurance - Posted: 08-May-09
  The Canadian parental leave program actually excludes many of the women who need it most - Elsie Hambrook

"It's a matter of vision" — Andrea Horwath - Posted: 05-May-09
  Exclusive Straight Goods News video interview with new Ontario NDP leader - Ish Theilheimer

Time to get rid of Gordon and BC Libs - Posted: 05-May-09
  As Election Day nears, look at the Liberals' record - Bill Tieleman

A peace plank for Ignatieff - Posted: 05-May-09
  New Liberal leader needs to position himself politically - Linda McQuaig

Union contract imposed at Ste-Hyacinthe Wal-Mart - Posted: 05-May-09
  Two hundred workers to receive raise of 30 cents an hour - NUPGE

Give up wasteful and dangerous habits - Posted: 04-May-09
  It's no great sacrifice to protect the environment - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Mulroney has some 'splaining to do - Posted: 04-May-09
  Comedy of improbable coincidences and selective amnesia unfolds in Oliphant inquiry - Geoffrey Stevens

Time to challenge economic orthodoxy - Posted: 04-May-09
  Michael Ignatieff's tinkering opens opportunities for Jack Layton, if he seizes them - Ish Theilheimer

Shut down Alberta's temporary worker program: report - Posted: 04-May-09
  Alberta Labour Fed says feds reshaping immigration policy by the back door - Scott Harris for Vue Weekly

UN special envoy and aide snatched in Niger - Posted: 04-May-09
  Fowler and Guay kidnapping sheds light on diplomatic links with mining industry - Yves Engler

Iranian women call for gender equality - Posted: 04-May-09
  Two women put their names forward as candidates in June presidential election - Golnaz Esfandiari for Radio Free Europe

Stop GM alfalfa in Canada - Posted: 04-May-09
  Eighty groups to fight the commercialization of genetically modified crop - National Farmers' Union

Indigenous wisdom against climate change - Posted: 04-May-09
  Native peoples' conference ponders remedies for Mother Nature's "fever" - Stephen Leahy

Halt trade treaty with Colombia: letter - Posted: 04-May-09
  Prominent Canadians ask Ignatieff to put human rights before free trade in Colombia - Council of Canadians and CCIC

Pigs are just the scapegoat for swine flu - Posted: 03-May-09
  The real cause of H1N1 is a chronic economic disease caused by corporate control of food - Cathy Holtslander

The ongoing pandemics - Posted: 28-Apr-09
  The ongoing pandemics -Canada needs to renew and expand its commitment to the very effective Global Fund to fight three killer diseases.

Alberta Liberals stand by their name - Posted: 28-Apr-09
  Albertans still resent the party that brought in the National Energy Program under Trudeau-Gillian Steward

Opposed to STV - Posted: 28-Apr-09
  Changing the voting system is the most radical issue on the May 12 provincial ballot-Bill Tieleman

Worker rights must be Priority One - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  Assessing workplace safety on the National Day of Mourning, April 28-Dave Killham

Lacklustre start to BC election campaign - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  Pollster Ipsos Reid finds no clear leader in polls-Ipsos Reid

Liberals convene in high spirits - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  As Conservative support collapses, Liberals feel they are on the rise-Geoffrey Stevens

Ahmadinejad makes Israel look good - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  Iranian president's comments serve to justify Israel's defence budget-Uri Avnery

Newspaper ownership is so yesterday - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  Follow James Dobson's model, not Conrad Black's; and, praise for the CAW-Ish Theilheimer

Hooray for dandelions! - Posted: 27-Apr-09
  Nine ways to used this common plant for food and medicine-Lynn Jones

Tamils feel snubbed by Ignatieff no-show - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  33,000 demonstrators on Parliament Hill expect more from Liberals than from government-Steve Pitt

Earth's Arctic freezer turning into hothouse - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  A completely ice-free summer by 2013 is not impossible-Stephen Leahy

May Day is about the workers' struggle - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  Conservatives are using the recession as an excuse to attack unions, especially the postal workers-Denis Lemelin

Caring for caribou is a matter of urgency - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  Caribou have already disappeared from half of their historical range in Canada-David Suzuki Faisal Moola

First NB municipality achieves pay equity - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  But there is still a long road to travel before pay equity is universal-Elsie Hambrook

Afghanistan's war on women - Posted: 26-Apr-09
  Canada's Kabul allies condone rape while our troops die trying to stop woman-hating Taliban-Paul Weinberg

Canadian Tamils stage two-week rally to stop devastation - Posted: 21-Apr-09
  Demonstrators distraught about casualty numbers - Ish Theilheimer

Ontario to protect workers from harassment and violence - Posted: 21-Apr-09
  Government introduces significant changes to Health & Safety law-Ontario Federation of Labour

Corporations blame unions for economic meltdown - Posted: 21-Apr-09
  Elite deflect blame, settle old scores, by demanding concessions from auto workers - Linda McQuaig

If the bees disappear, we'll all be stung - Posted: 20-Apr-09
  Without pollinators, plants won't be able to produce the food we eat-David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Health care cuts hit home - Posted: 20-Apr-09
  Fifteen years of tax cuts and privatization have set the stage for patient-care crisis-Ish Theilheimer

Ontario's most energy efficient school - Posted: 20-Apr-09
  Admaston Public School to receive award during Earth Week-Janet McNeill

Barack Obama's first 100 days - Posted: 20-Apr-09
  There is so much to say about the new US President-Penney Kome

Airbus inquiry can answer some key questions - Posted: 20-Apr-09
  Stephen Harper probably worried that the affair could damage the Conservative party-Geoffrey Stevens

Obama releases "torture memos" - Posted: 19-Apr-09
  Right-wingers cry treason, left-wingers call for prosecution of "war criminals-Radio Free Europe

Alberta accused of muzzling auditor general - Posted: 19-Apr-09
  Fred Dunn told to keep away from sensitive political topics-Jeremy Klaszus

Factoring farming into climate change - Posted: 19-Apr-09
  Agriculture could be friend or foe-Stephen Leahy

Feds set out voluntary standards for mining companies - Posted: 19-Apr-09
  Corporate Social Responsibility advocates outraged by weak enforcement clause.-Yves Engler

Women and voting - Posted: 17-Apr-09
  Ninety years after suffrage, only 13 percent of New Brunswick legislators are women.

Remembering the 1979 NO CANDU fight - Posted: 17-Apr-09

Headlines you won't see in this campaign - Posted: 14-Apr-09
  Liberal government's economic performance compares poorly to others - Bill Tieleman

Alberta blames feds for deficit budget - Posted: 14-Apr-09
  Old familiar song sounds off-key this time - Gillian Steward

Billy Bob, go home! - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  Straight Goods was there the night before movie-star turned band-leader melted down on CBC - Ish Theilheimer

Tamil bloodbath goes on while world watches - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  "War on terror" allows West to sidestep responsibilities - Ish Theilheimer

World of labour - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  Labour news from Russia, Thailand, UK, Sweden, Indonesia, Australia - Harry Kelber

Iraq to recreate nuclear energy agency - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  Iraqi government wants UN restrictions on nuclear energy lifted - from Radio Free Europe

PIPSC launches court challenge against feds - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  Public sector professionals challenge the constitutionality of the Budget Implementation Act - PIPSC

Harperites on verge of defeating themselves - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  Liberals are smart enough to bide their time and capitalize on Conservatives' weakness - Geoffrey Stevens

Province grabs for new expropriation rights - Posted: 13-Apr-09
  New Alberta Bill 19 could open door to government expropriation for private sector projects - Ricardo Acuna

BC expands roles for midwives, naturopaths, nurses - Posted: 12-Apr-09
  Nurses, midwives and naturopathic doctors will be able to prescribe medication when appropriate - the Government of British Columbia

Analyzing Ignatieff - Posted: 12-Apr-09
  The way in which he became the new Liberal leader reveals a lot about the man - Denis Smith

Employment equity is paying off for banks - Posted: 12-Apr-09
  Companies that have a good gender mix at the top are more profitable than companies that don't - Elsie Hambrook

New ways to manage ocean areas - Posted: 11-Apr-09
  Let's get it together with ecosystem management - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

BC Conservatives could trouble Liberals - Posted: 07-Apr-09
  Fledgling party could split the vote - Bill Tieleman

Why Harper barred Galloway - Posted: 07-Apr-09
  PM feared British MP's message on Middle East, Afghanistan - Linda McQuaig

A tip of the Smithbilt to Alberta progressives - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Public Interest Alberta finds that coalition-building yields results - Ish Theilheimer

Increase to post-secondary funding most welcome - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  But women still need social supports in order to balance jobs and family - Elsie Hambrook

Ducking the punditi - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Ignatieff should continue to keep his head down, as political commentators start to focus on him - Geoffrey Stevens

Alberta's super expensive super health board - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Despite restructuring, costs are up and wait times longer - Gillian Steward

Measuring Mulroney - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  GST is vindicated even as Oliphant inquiry begins - by Adil Sayeed

Energy urgency pits tree-huggers against smokestack pluggers - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Wind power and run-of-river renewable projects need oversight too - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Using manure to generate electricity - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Methane-power generator converts biomass gas into electricity - Janet McNeill

G-20 summit an "interim success" says CLC - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Ken Georgetti credits pressure from labour movement - from the Canadian Labour Congress

Evaluating tourism's effect on the environment - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Tourism helped preserve Africa's game parks and Indonesia's coral reefs - Stephen Leahy

New law seen as setback for women's rights - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Passed secretly, aimed at small segment of population, law would "set a disastrous precedent" for all Afghan women - Golnaz Esfandiari

Cleared of terrorism, Canadian stranded in Khartoum - Posted: 06-Apr-09
  Abousfian Abdelrazik worries about his teenage daughter in Montreal, now that his ex-wife has died - Paul Weinberg

BC Rail deal haunts Libs - Posted: 01-Apr-09
  Integrity of the premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell is at stake - by Bill Tieleman

Buying into the bad guys' wars - Posted: 31-Mar-09
  Conservatives laid out the dangerous turf for which Obama is heading - Ish Theilheimer

BC Liberals lead - Posted: 31-Mar-09
  Voter turnout will decide the BC election - Bill Tieleman

McDonald's to reduce pesticides in potatoes, at investors' demand - Posted: 31-Mar-09
  Fast food company, largest potato buyer in the USA, will influence all potato growers - from the Investor Environmental Health Network

Mourning CBC cuts - Posted: 31-Mar-09
  For more than a decade, reports have recommended increased and stable funding for the CBC - from The Writers Guild of Canada

No exodus from Alberta this time - Posted: 31-Mar-09
  Even new Westerners staying put to ride out down part of boom and bust cycle.

Women need solo status for refugee claims - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Canada needs to extend recognition of gender differences.

Now's the time to take science seriously - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Too often, the role of science in solving our social, medical, and economic problems is poorly understood.

In search of a Green economic stimulus - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Politicians have failed to comprehend the severe consequences of failing to cut world carbon emissions.

Time to protect our food heritage - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Only 30 species make up over half the plant food in our diets.

Harmonizing sales taxes - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Harmonized sales tax is an idea whose time has come in Ontario.

Losing it in stir - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Solitary confinement in US prisons making thousands psychotic.

Yesterday's fuel, yesterday's deal - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Petro-Canada's death moves us further toward ensuring American, rather than Canadian, energy security.

Speaking Blackfoot - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Rachel Ermineskin preserves her language for future generations.

Ontario budget highlights 2009 - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Sales tax harmonization, a special report from Inside Queen's Park.

Sask NDP should promote renewable energy, not uranium - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Dwain Lingenfelter, NDP leadership candidate, favours nuclear power.

Blue-Green Alliance links jobs, environment - Posted: 30-Mar-09
  Labor unions, environmental organizations urge passage of climate change legislation in 2009.

Ontario joins the movement to make lawns and gardens green - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  New Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act a big step towards a greener, safer future - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Government abandons Cambie merchants - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Stores suffer losses as subway construction blocks traffic, access - Bill Tieleman

Bush's pasta overshadows torture revelations - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Red Cross report details prisoner abuse at 'black sites' as Bush dines, speaks in Calgary - Jeremy Klaszus

Gender matters in delivery of mental health care - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Recent New Brunswick report's only mention of women is in the context of post-partum depression - Elsie Hambrook

Workers need better public pension plans - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  A minority of employers have private pension plans, and those plans are being raided or postponed - James Clancy

Getting a grip on greed - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Focus on AIG bailout misses the bigger picture - Linda McQuaig

Winning local battles in the fight against TB - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Unique partnerships in Bangladesh offer a model for the world - Katy Kydd Wright

Canada admits war criminal - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Canada broke the law by hosting war crimes suspect George W Bush - John McNamer

What to do in case of peace - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  It's time to tear down walls and fences, live locally, and generally start living as if authoritarian, militaristic rule has already failed - Randall Amster

Buy the food your neighbour grows - Posted: 23-Mar-09
  Ottawa Valley Food Co-op an example of local food co-ops springing up everywhere - Lynn Jones

While Harper veers right, so do the Liberals - Posted: 23-Mar-09
  The old strategy of imitating the adversary could have serious impacts for Canadians - Ish Theilheimer

Give Ontario farm workers right to organize - Posted: 23-Mar-09
  UFCW files suit with ILO to lift ban on agricultural unions - United Food and Commercial Workers

Save the economy by ending the wars - Posted: 23-Mar-09
  March on Wall Street to link militarism with conservative meltdown - David Swanson

Ottawa must protect hard-earned pensions of Canadians - Posted: 17-Mar-09
  CLC calls for enhanced public pensions in order to reduce our reliance on speculative financial markets - Ken Georgetti

More questions than answers about Railgate - Posted: 17-Mar-09
  BC Rail paid Liberal party insider nearly $300k — for reasons that are not clear - Bill Tieleman

Military can still count on the West - Posted: 17-Mar-09
  Even in Opposition, Stephen Harper supported the Afghanistan mission - Gillian Steward

Good Harper/Bad Harper - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  PM's partisanship causes grief for himself, and everyone else - Geoffrey Stevens

Hamilton steel mills shuttered after being flipped for 700 percent profit - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Next move from US Steel will be rollback demands — union president - Ish Theilheimer

Spread of wind farms is positive, but debate is real - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Public sector participation could help strike a balance between green energy and the concerns of rural people - Ish Theilheimer

Ticket bought for Abdelrazik - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Canadian, jailed in Sudan at the recommendation of CSIS, to head home on April 3 - People's Commission on Security

Throw the book at Bush - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Canada had a duty to detain George W Bush for crimes against humanity - David Model

Iran unblocks Facebook - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Since access was allowed in February, Facebook has become Iran's 10th most popular website - Golnaz Esfandiari

Aquaculture awaits its heyday - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  The industry faces enormous challenges, not least of which is finding the feed for farmed fish - Stephen Leahy

Eating locally no hardship, even in March - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  Learning to love squash and beets is easier than it sounds - Janet McNeill

The World of Labor - Posted: 16-Mar-09
  News from Russia, Holland, New Zealand, Israel and Iran - Harry Kelber

Nationalization might be the only fix - Posted: 15-Mar-09
  Ghosts of neoliberalism trouble Obama's response to the recession - David Moberg

Time to protect farm workers - Posted: 15-Mar-09
  Alberta needs to include paid agriculture workers in the Occupational Health and Safety Act - Scott Harris

Barriers to women in politics also hurt democracy - Posted: 15-Mar-09
  Women were only 20 percent of provincial and 26 percent of municipal candidates in most recent New Brunswick elections - Elsie Hambrook

Of trees and carbon sinks - Posted: 15-Mar-09
  Forests are another piece of the global warming puzzle - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

OFL $5.5-billion plan aims to help those in need and build for tomorrow - Posted: 10-Mar-09
  Our province has to take bold action - Ontario Federation of Labour

Oil and gas incentives deliver poor return - Posted: 10-Mar-09
  Funds for health, schools would create more jobs - Diana Gibson and Ricardo Acuña

Liberals get message out at all costs - Posted: 10-Mar-09
  Confidential documents show Libs spent $19 million on advertising before the election - Bill Tieleman

Those poor, persecuted rich people - Posted: 10-Mar-09
  Obama's budget plan would shift more than $1 trillion of the tax burden from the middle class onto high-income earners - Linda McQuaig

A promising choice for Ontario's NDP - Posted: 09-Mar-09
  And, justice issues shame Canada - Ish Theilheimer

Make EI serve women: YWCA - Posted: 09-Mar-09
  As part-time workers, women are seldom able to claim benefits they've paid for - YWCA

RebELLEs making waves across Canada - Posted: 09-Mar-09
  New consciousness raising activities help women claim autonomy - Elsie Hambrook

John Tory's mistake - Posted: 09-Mar-09
  Ontario Conservative leader forgot the #1 rule: Never take voters for granted - Geoffrey Stevens

Canada should bar or prosecute Bush: lawyer - Posted: 08-Mar-09
  Foreign Affairs stays silent on upcoming Calgary visit - Jeremy Klaszus

Decrypting scientific reports - Posted: 08-Mar-09
  Science shows high degree of certainty that climate change is a threat - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Frigid polar regions teeming with life - Posted: 08-Mar-09
  Scientists have identified 7,500 animals in the Antarctic and 5,500 in the Arctic oceans - Stephen Leahy

Afghan farmers switch from opium to cannabis - Posted: 08-Mar-09
  Afghanistan is now one of the biggest, if not the biggest, producer of cannabis in the world - Ron Synovitz

How Harperites are undermining pay equity - Posted: 08-Mar-09
  Rather than being enshrined as a right, pay equity will be subject to negotiation - John Baglow

So long, salamanders - Posted: 03-Mar-09
  Like frogs, salamanders and other amphibians seem to be disappearing - Stephen Leahy

Libs' arrogance on full display - Posted: 03-Mar-09
  Lobbyists had free hand, newly released government documents show - Bill Tieleman

Women must confront Ottawa's anti-equality agenda - Posted: 03-Mar-09
  Government using economic crisis as an excuse to attack pay equity - Barbara Byers

Parliament returns to the ordinary despite extraordinary times - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  New approach is needed to break the Canadian stalemate - Ish Theilheimer

World of labour - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Good, green jobs for USA, plus news from Korea, Germany, UK, Guadleloupe and Canadian/Mexican co-operation - Harry Kelber

Alberta changing its slogan - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  "Alberta Advantage" slogan seems as smug, unfriendly - Scott Harris

Federal crisis spending - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Harper government throwing $3 billion at Conservative Meltdown — without any oversight - Geoffrey Stevens

Dumping carbon into the ground might not be smart - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Carbon capture and storage a popular slogan but an unproven technology which could backfire - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Mounties' fall from grace - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Westerners losing faith in the police force that helped build the West - Gillian Steward

Dissing Obama - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Longtime political activist analyzes why a few people are so cynical about the new President - Chris Watson

Slumdog entrepreneur - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Microcredit helps beggars in Mumbai and Nairobi escape the poverty so graphically portrayed in hit movie - Sam Daley-Harris

How to promote both the economy and equality - Posted: 02-Mar-09
  Coalition of women's groups calls on all levels of government to check the results of their economic initiatives - Elsie Hambrook

Why we're supporting Gilles Bisson for leader of the ONDP - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  There is no substitute for experience - Charlie Angus, Tony Martin and Wayne Lessard

And the award goes to... - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  Spoof awards for poorest performances by BC politicians - Bill Tieleman

Andrea Horwath for Ontario NDP leader - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  We need a leader who can take on two distinct, but equally difficult challenges - Vicky Smallman

Common-law couples need information - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  In NB, family law does not provide common law couples equal claim to shared property, even when they have children - Elsie Hambrook

Obama's star power dazzles - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  Real question is whether he can get the job done - Linda McQuaig

Why I support Peter Tabuns - Posted: 24-Feb-09
  Tabuns is genuinely interested in issues and in building a more inclusive party - Andrea Moffat

Barack Obama offers framing lessons - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Fight for public and early childhood education calls for winning language - Ish Theilheimer

Obama wants to make NAFTA labour- and green-friendly - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Make existing "side deals" part of treaty so they can be properly enforced, USA president says during visit to Ottawa - NUPGE

Putting pain free workplaces within reach - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Devastating injuries are pervasive but preventable - Dave Killham

A grumpy old man ponders the past - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Modern conveniences do not make up for lost connection with nature - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Queen's Park is jumping - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Green Energy Act, NDP leadership candidates, Sudbury salutes Seguin, John Tory weak in the polls - Inside Queen's Park

Be happy you can read this - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Freedom to Read Week brings authors and audiences together - Scott Harris

Why I'm supporting Michael Prue for leader of the ONDP - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Although all the candidates are attractive, Prue is the only one who has actually led a government (as Mayor of East York) - Chris Watson

'Christian activist' targets prof, police investigate - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Anti-gay flyers described as 'bizarre and offensive' - Jeremy Klaszus

Harper benefits because Obama and Jean get along - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Historic meeting between President and GG should facilitate USA-Canada relations - Geoffrey Stevens

Canada loses status in Global Integrity 2008 Report - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Canada drops from "Strong" to "Moderate" level in detailed assessment of government integrity - Democracy Watch

Exposing fake Pregnancy Crisis Centres in BC - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Studies show that most CPCs misinform and try to intimidate women out of having abortions - Joyce Arthur

Euro loses strength as Eurozone recession deepens - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Currency value dips as economic growth falters - Charles Recknagel

Jobless numbers expose the utter inadequacy of the Harper budget - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Ottawa's $12 billion plan is not nearly enough to lift our $1.5 trillion economy out of the downward spiral - James Laxer

UN reaches landmark agreement to reduce global mercury pollution - Posted: 23-Feb-09
  Obama administration reverses USA position, takes leadership role in negotiations - National Resources Defense Council

Obama and Harper like oil and water - Posted: 17-Feb-09
  The People's President is likely to challenge his Canadian counterpart, as he should - Ish Theilheimer

Summer students' rights violated by federal government - Posted: 17-Feb-09
  PSAC Union launches Charter challenge - Public Service Alliance of Canada

World of labour news - Posted: 17-Feb-09
  Reports from Ghana, Japan, India, Morocco, Colombia, Germany - Harry Kelber

Play your role in ending gang violence - Posted: 17-Feb-09
  BC government responding to public pressure, but slowly - Bill Tieleman

Harper, Obama going through the motions - Posted: 17-Feb-09
  This week's meet and greet barely qualifies as a photo op - Geoffrey Stevens

Fishers learn to share shrinking catch - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  Seafood Summit hears that collaboration can lead to sustainability - Stephen Leahy

Rising oil prices slow down tar sands - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  We've got our moratorium. Now what? - Ricardo Acuña

Women stage Valentine's Day revolution - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  A February 14, 1981 Ottawa meeting changed Canada's definition of equal rights - Elsie Hambrook

Ontario gets in on the clean, green energy act - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  Premier promises to modernize the grid to accept renewable energy and to expand renewable sources - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Farmers vs NAFTA - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  Livestock producers from Mexico, Canada and United States seek new trade policy and market reforms - Western Organization of Resource Councils

UN says human trafficking appears to be worsening - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  Three-quarters of those exploited as modern-day slaves work in the sex industry - Radio Free Europe

Cleaning up Alberta's "dirty oil" - Posted: 16-Feb-09
  New US president has already affected Alberta's plans - Gillian Steward

Steel and autoworkers set aside philosophical difference in pursuit of jobs - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  "We stand as one voice" - Ken Neumann by Ish Theilheimer

Greenest cars - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  Consumer group rates "greenest" and "meanest" cars for 2009 - American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Back to basics should be Canada's new economic strategy - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  Opposition politicians must advance vision of a new economy that works - Ish Theilheimer

McGuinty changes direction overnight - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  And, Ontario gains from equalization; hospitals brace for decreased funding - Inside Queen's Park

Stop the gangs - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  Executions and drive-by shootings make Metro Vancouver streets unsafe - Bill Tieleman

About those bank CEO salaries... - Posted: 10-Feb-09
  There is no evidence that phenomenal pay packages inspire higher performance levels - Linda McQuaig

Auditor-General raps feds for underfunding science - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Food inspection, weather tracking and forecasting drastically understaffed - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

It's time to take a deep look at the world's oceans - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Google Earth 5.0 will give us more information about the oceans than we have ever had - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Back-to-work legislation violates international law - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Ontario's law to end York University strike probably would fail in court challenge - Roy J Adams

When couples need a 'Plan B' - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  The idea is to avoid unprotected sex; but sometimes, a woman needs "morning after" contraception - Elsie Hambrook

Fighting for First Nation status on the western edge of Calgary - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Forced out of the Tsuu T'ina reserve, elder plans to live off the land in Kananaskis - Jeremy Klaszus

Conservatives verge on civility - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  By showing two glimmers of sense, Harperites raise hopes for the minority government's survival. - Geoffrey Stevens

Offshore tax havens key to economic meltdown - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Havens offer secrecy in order to escape scrutiny by regulators and tax authorities - Peter Gillespie

Tropical forests fight for survival - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Although 60 percent of rainforests are gone, satellite photos show some are growing back - Stephen Leahy

Ask an economist - Posted: 09-Feb-09
  Governments' responses will determine whether the recession is short, long or catastrophic - Mel Watkins

New Ontario NDP leader to be elected in March - Posted: 03-Feb-09
  Exclusive SG interviews offer unfiltered messages direct from the candidates - Ish Theilheimer

Transport 2000 Canada awards Lemon Prize to Stockwell Day - Posted: 03-Feb-09
  Plans for Seattle-Vancouver train shut down because Canadian Border Services Agency demands $1,500 per train.

How to fix human rights in Alberta - Posted: 03-Feb-09
  Minister Blackett won't commit to spelling out 'sexual orientation' in Alberta law - Jeremy Klaszus

Wage gap widens again - Posted: 03-Feb-09
  More effort needed to make the wage gap disappear - Elsie Hambrook

BC government blind to its own bad deals - Posted: 03-Feb-09
  Mill clean-up, road financing show poor business acumen - Bill Tieleman

President Obama puts science in its rightful place - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  George Bush's administration was overtly anti-science - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Healthy people, healthy performance, healthy profits - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  The Conference Board makes the case for business action on the socio-economic determinants of health - Diana S MacKay

The world of labour - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Labour stories from Davos, France, Angola, Iceland, Israel and Great Britain - Harry Kelber

Obama's briefing notes - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Ottawa mandarins try to explain Canadian politics to an American - Geoffrey Stevens

Blown opportunities mark Opposition reaction to budget - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Moment of opportunity for Coalition was last September, not last week - Ish Theilheimer

Budget: January 27, 2009 – Reactions - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  SG video interviews posted to YouTube - Ish Theilheimer

US homelessness numbers rising - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Most foreclosure victims are renters whose landlords failed to pay their mortgages - Sherwood Ross

Harper gurus feel betrayed by their star neo-con pupil - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Harper's desperation budget looks like a turning point in Western politics - Gillian Steward

North American trees dying twice as fast - Posted: 02-Feb-09
  Dramatic increase in tree mortality applies to all kinds, sizes, ages and locations of trees - Stephen Leahy

Budget sleight-of-hand - Posted: 28-Jan-09
  Dazzling government budget promises lack substance needed to fulfill them - John Baglow

Women not included in Conservative budget - Posted: 27-Jan-09
  There is not a single mention of women in the entire budget document.

Test Cabinet, not students - Posted: 27-Jan-09
  Literacy and numeracy test results could help voters choose their leaders - Bill Tieleman

Eugene Forsey debunks "constitutional fairy tales" - Posted: 27-Jan-09
  Famed Senator's daughter draws on his work to explain the role of the Opposition - Helen Forsey

Financial elite have no shame - Posted: 27-Jan-09
  Even in face of crisis, they continue to push for tax cuts instead of stimulus - Linda McQuaig

Budget pulls punches on job creation, abandons women - Posted: 27-Jan-09
  Conservatives offer lots of sizzle but not much burger for anxious workers and families – especially women - Ish Theilheimer

Good news in the global economy - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  World Microcredit Summit reaches its goal of providing small loans to 100 million very poor families - Bob Dickson and Blaise Salmon

Obama takes new direction on Middle East - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  A gap has opened between the US and Israel — a narrow gap that may become an abyss - Uri Avnery

Childcare can boost the economy - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  Non-profit programs offer the best return on government investment - Elsie Hambrook

Harper and Stelmach will be singing from Obama's song sheet - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  New US president will set the policy trend for Alberta and Canada - Gillian Steward

Budget politics - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  The Harperites have dispensed with budget secrecy in order to sell the idea of deficits - Geoffrey Stevens

Ten point plan for shorter wait times - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  Planning, not privatization, the key to proper patient care - National Union of Public and General Employees

Hunting in parks is at odds with conservation - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  Taking out the biggest and strongest animals affects the characteristics of future generations - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Ontario NDP leadership candidates - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  IQP interviews Ontario NDP leadership candidates Andrea Horwath and Peter Tabuns - Inside Queen's Park

UN Madrid Food Summit could miss critical target - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  55 million young children are at risk for malnutrition - Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

As politicians stall on climate change, grassroots action fills void - Posted: 26-Jan-09
  NGOs have an extremely important role in pressing governments to act - Stephen Leahy

Obama brings peace to the family - Posted: 20-Jan-09
  Obama brings peace to the family. And his family includes everyone - Penney Kome

Olympic Village fiasco - Posted: 20-Jan-09
  Non-Partisan Association playing the blame-game - Bill Tieleman

Build transit — don't bail out cars - Posted: 20-Jan-09
  The new road forward might well be on rails - Albert Koehl

Optimism in US contrasts with Canada's downer mood - Posted: 19-Jan-09
  Stephen Harper has one thing in common with Obama — no one's sure of his next move - Ish Theilheimer

Exploiting the economic crisis to attack unions - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Rescue plans include bailouts for banks but wage controls for public sector workers - Larry Brown

Unions respond to economic crisis - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Updates from UK, Brazil, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey and Australia - Harry Kelber

Too many Aboriginal women are incarcerated - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Ninety percent of federally sentenced Aboriginal women have been physically abused, and 61 percent sexually abused - Elsie Hambrook

Power struggle creates rift in Alberta Greens - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Party focuses on growing rural membership - Jeremy Klaszus

Washington celebrates, Ottawa braces - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  When Canadian and US governments reconvene this week, we will see the political importance of trust - Geoffrey Stevens

Accounting for nature's goods and services - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  A new global economy is emerging from this crisis, and it's a green economy - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Lessons from Chile - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Cheap credit creates the illusion of a middle class - Ricardo Acuña

Seniors get bad rap on health - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Study shows today's seniors are much healthier than previous generations - Gillian Steward

Basi-Virk case recap - Posted: 18-Jan-09
  Five years after the arrests, the case is not even close to coming to trial - Bill Tieleman

Eleven million now unemployed in US - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  And: a round-up of union actions in Venezuela, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan and France - Harry Kelber

Updating the Kyoto Accord - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Poor could benefit from trading carbon credits - Stephen Leahy

Changing course requires all hands on deck - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  We might be able to avert environmental and economic catastrophe, but only if we all work together - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Pakistan's role in Afghanistan - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Pakistan-born author says that only a regional development plan will ease conflict - Radio Free Europe

Review justice for Omar Khadr - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  US human rights groups urge Obama to stop Guantánamo proceedings against child soldiers - American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, and others

US faith leaders call for lifting economy by raising minimum wage - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  "Let Justice Roll" coalition gathering momentum - Let Justice Roll

Framing the Conservative Meltdown - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Progressives need to name and define the economic crisis or others will - Ish Theilheimer

Liberal in the US, conservative in Canada - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Canadians might be expecting too much from Obama - Bill Tieleman

Ontario NDP leadership candidates - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  IQP interview Michael Prue and Gilles Bisson - Inside Queen's Park

Crisis spending should include women's jobs - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Health care and education are as vital to our economy as airports, highways and turbines - Elsie Hambrook

US change will blow north - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  PM will have to show some adaptability - Gillian Steward

Harper's orangutan problem - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Caucus members, constituencies don't follow directions - Geoffrey Stevens

Canada has role to play in Mideast - Posted: 14-Jan-09
  Harper should follow Robert Stanfield's example and try to be a "fair interlocutor" - Linda McQuaig

Canada has economic opportunity despite crisis, if we act - Posted: 06-Jan-09
  Low interest rates and falling costs offer opportunities to invest for the next generation - Ish Theilheimer

The scoop behind BC's new senators - Posted: 06-Jan-09
  Despite Harper claiming he wants a triple-E Senate, the Senate remains a partisan pork barrel - Bill Tieleman

Attack on Gaza a cynical election ploy - Posted: 06-Jan-09
  Polls show Ehud Barak's projected victory rose by five Knesset seats after the attack - Uri Avnery

Gordon Fairweather gave politics a good name - Posted: 06-Jan-09
  After 25 years in elected office, he became the first Head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission - Geoffrey Stevens

Childcare needs good governance - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Canada tied with Ireland for last place in UNICEF's recent report on childcare standards - Elsie Hambrook

West urges Harper to act quickly - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Twenty-five Western economists send PM budget advice - Gillian Steward

Ambrose uses federal powers to order Ottawa bus vote - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  New Labour Minister sides with Mayor Larry O'Brien, who refused to negotiate with striking drivers - NUPGE

New in the world of labour - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  News from Russia, Israel, China, Montreal, Tunisia, South Africa - Harry Kelber

Basking in shame - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Canada must atone for its treatment of gentle, giant, basking sharks - David Suzuki and Faisal Moola

Canada's First Nations to demonstrate in Washington, DC - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Protests over oil exploitation spur visit to the "Great White Father" - Manitoba Treaty One First Nations

Stephen Harper's stock market tips - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  The trouble with Harper's advice is that since he gave it, the TSX has continued its downward trend - James Laxer

Geopolitics of oil - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Prices may have fallen but black gold retains its unique ability to fuel international conflicts - Linda McQuaig

Rampant sexual violence key to controlling Congo - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  Much of Congo's misery due to lust for "blood coltan" that powers our electronics - Stephen Leahy

Facing the inevitable common market - Posted: 05-Jan-09
  US protectionism could really hurt the Canadian economy - Anthony Westell

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