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Musing about cutting off the CBC - Posted: 22-Dec-10
  MP suggests line of argument for witness at Parliamentary committee hearings.

The trouble with billionaires - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Money really can buy anything — especially at Canada's universities - Gerald Caplan

Lock your meds - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Holidays can trigger kids to abuse drugs found at home, in the medicine cabinet - National Family Partnership

Help Amnesty Demand Dignity - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Amnesty launches new six-year campaign - Amnesty International

Ding dong, already! - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  The Muppets sing Carol of the Bells - YouTube

Alberta to study vein therapy for MS - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Premiers Stelmach, Wall aware that Prairies have highest rates of MS - Gillian Steward

New pension plan just another lump of coal - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Privatized public retirement scheme latest evidence Harperites have to go - Ish Theilheimer

Basi-Virk case complicates Liberal leadership race - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  Try as Christy Clark might to wave it on, her BC Rail scandal train has not left the station - Bill Tieleman

Use trade deal to protect Colombia natives - Amnesty - Posted: 21-Dec-10
  NGO calls on Canada to protect dozens of Indigenous nations threatened with extinction - Staff

CAREX tracks toxins - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  New database tracks Canadians exposed to carcinogens at work - Workers' Health and Safety Centre

Lacking federal oversight - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Royal Society members issue "scathing" review of tar sands - Andrew Nikiforuk

Ivory Coast: A tale of two countries - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  The election has, once again, fractured the country - Gwynne Dyer

What really happened to KAIROS' funding - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Mysterious hand-written notation changed federal funding recommendation - Dennis Gruending

Overcoming - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  That's what warrior do - Richard Wagamese

Queen's U admin staff unionized - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Vote, settlement determine that Queen's will recognize United Steelworkers (USW) - United Steel Workers

Holidays or hoarding? - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Women should do the math on their financial future - Elsie Hambrook

Ivory Coast: A tale of two countries - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  The election has, once again, fractured the country - Gwynne Dyer

Homeland hero - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Parry Sound City Council debates calling itself "Home Town of Mel" - Tracy Morey

Mel Watkins; or, who pays for lunch? - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  Intellectual, academic, activist, scholar, and essayist, wins added respect through great wit - Duncan Cameron

Upping terrorist sentencing - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  A judicial hammer comes down on terrorists - Geoffrey Stevens

Everything is illuminated - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  We get almost all of our light — and energy — from the sun - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Registering long guns - Posted: 20-Dec-10
  The battle over gun control intensifies - Geoffrey Stevens

Why Mel matters - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Mel's groundbreaking economic analyses inspire generation after generation - Andrew Jackson

Foreign ownership ripped away sovereignty - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  The Watkins Report was a turning point in Canadian nationalism - James Laxer

Simmering Quebec set to boil - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Threats of spending cuts, doubled fees, unite unions and students - Adrian Kaats

Rudolph endangered - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Canada's caribou crisis calls for collaboration - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Multiculturalism on campus - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Maclean's criticism of "Asian dominance" raises ire in immigrant communities - Mehdi Rizvi

Alberta Chiefs call on governments to protect Athabasca river - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Local bands' treaty rights affected downstream of tar sands - Parkland Institute

Basi bribes began in 2001: court documents - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Lobbyist trial reveals new info about BC Rail privatization - Bill Tieleman

G20 protesters ran into secret law - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Secret Ombuds report reveals beating videos, resurrected Public Works Protection police powers - Linda McQuaig

NDP demands Afghan detainee documents - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  A year after Parliament votes for disclosure, all documents remain concealed - Straight Goods staff

What birds bring - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Ancient native story, modern bird socializing, both promote empathy - Richard Wagamese

Ontario's secret law - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Official stonewalling won't make G20 uproar go away - Stephen Bryce

Mel helped shape me - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  He helped shape Canada too - Linda Hutcheson

Vote for Labour Photo of the Year - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Five vibrant pix illustrate 2010 labour themes - Labourstart

Rules of the game - Posted: 14-Dec-10
  Answer all the questions, and you'll get a surprise - Dawe and Clark, Austrailia (John Clarke and Bryan Dawe)

Dief warned the SIN would lead to this - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  New "security perimeter" will make all our data available to US Homeland security - Geoffrey Stevens

Join the Mel-e-bration - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  SG celebrates Mel Watkins, inspirational activist, leader and thinker – and charter SG Board member - Ish Theiheimer

Imagine, a lefty media star! - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  The Waffle group held that Canadian nationalism and socialism are mutually essential - Rick Salutin

Serious public intellectual - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  Mel Watkins' report set federal policy for decades - Linda McQuaig

UN climate negotiations revived at Cancún - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  Breakthrough seen on forests, but emissions control deferred to next year in Durban - Stephen Leahy

Sticks and stones can break bones - Posted: 13-Dec-10
  Toxic language hurts more than feelings - Elsie Hambrook

UK mulls 2011 Afghan pullout - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  On surprise visit, British PM talks about other ways to support Karzai - Abubakar Siddique

Tragedy up north - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Helicopters and sleighs don't mix - from the Internet

Internet metering - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Common sense revolts against usage-based billing for ISPs - Lindsey Pinto

Join us in defending Canadian culture & heritage - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Urge Parliament to amend proposed Copyright Act to protect creators' incomes -

Arab politician in Knesset - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Haneen Zoabi challenges Israeli policies from within - Paul Weinberg

Immigrants and worship - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Religious centres are often the heart of immigrants's communities - Mehdi Rzivi

Why Carol James had to go - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  2009 election defeat made NDP leader's resignation inevitable - Bill Tieleman

Alberta's health care uproar escalates - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Expelled MLA, leaked secret plan, point to intent to privatize - Gillian Steward

What can go wrong in Korea - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  History shows how wars can start between countries whose leaders don't want war - James Laxer

Left and LeftWords - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Time for progressives to work on training and succession - Ish Theilheimer

Khadr vs Harper - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  With new documentary, seeing is believing - Gerald Caplan

Blasphemy and human rights - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  On UDHR anniversary, UN debates ban on criticizing religion - Penney Kome

Storytelling moons - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Winter is time to gather around and get cozy together - Richard Wagamese

Accounting for life - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Meet EO Wilson, father of modern biodiversity science - Ole Hendrickson

Wikileaks exposes great mystery - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Why the heck is this stuff secret in the first place? - Geoffrey Stevens

Beware "The Twelve Scams of Christmas" - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Cybercriminals take advantage of the holiday season - McAfee

Read me my environmental rights - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Maude Barlow pushes environment as human right at Cancun conference on climate change - Madeline Ostrander

Nobody really wants Koreas reunited - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Retaliation by South Korea would worsen situation - Gwynne Dyer

US Senate lifts veil on secret bailout funds - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  $3.3 trillion disbursed to big banks in US and abroad - Senator Bernie Sanders

If you can spell Saskatchewan, you went to school in Canada - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  New Copyright Act would undercut educational publishers -Chris Besse

Hotel settles with workers - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Quebec's anti-scab law cuts short potentially bitter strike - United Steelworkers

Read me my environmental rights - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Maude Barlow pushes environment as human right at Cancun conference on climate change. - by Madeline Ostrander

Help Straight Goods keep this news coming - Posted: 07-Dec-10
  Please subscribe, renew or donate today - Ish Theilheimer

Sex for sale - Posted: 06-Dec-10
  Prostitution is a social issue, not just a private matter - Elsie Hambrook

From 100,000 tigers to 3200 - Posted: 06-Dec-10
  Leaders rally to keep the tiger's future burning bright - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Ignore George Galloway at your peril - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Outspoken activist and former UK MP warns against hasty conclusions on Lebanon - Ish Theilheimer

Killer jeans - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Tell garment makers that sandblasting jeans kills workers - Clean Clothes campaign

Observing Azadari - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Some Muslims honour the memory of an 8th century hero - Mehdi Rizvi

Atheists don't have no songs - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Steve Martin on Austin City Limits - YouTube

BC corruption case won't go away - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  RCMP officer denies force wanted Basi-Virk material destroyed - Bill Tieleman

Support for seniors threatened - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Public pensions better than private for reducing poverty among elderly - Linda McQuaig

Crisis in Korea - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Shelled island could reignite conflict, draw in Western soldiers - John Feffer for Foreign Policy in Focus

Fighting for the rest of our lives - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Canada enlists in America's permanent war for peace - Gerald Caplan

Across the Bering Strait and other myths - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  The logistics of Native people's origins seem kind of fuzzy -- Richard Wagamese

Africa's made-in-China economic boom - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  When Western countries withdrew aid, China moved in to invest in oil and manufacturing - Doug Saunders

CUPE goes to Cancun - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Canada's largest union sends representatives to climate change conference - CUPE

Introducing Open File - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  New interactive approach to local journalism bids for sponsors, readers - Ian Capstick

More competition in real estate markets - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Competition Bureau requires realtors to offer range of services - Competition Bureau

Julian Fantino and the Charter of Rights - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Harperites back former police chief, who calls Liberals the "Hug-a-thug" party - Geoffrey Stevens

A religious mutation - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  State support has fostered three kinds of militant Orthodox Jews in Israel - Uri Avnery

Ambushed climate change bill defeated - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Senate's move to kill bill a blow to Canadians and democracy - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

No honeymoon for NATO - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Alliance's "Enduring Partnership" In Afghanistan comes under scrutiny -Abubakar Siddique

Toxic hotspots require global Superfund - Posted: 30-Nov-10
  Up to 100 million people directly affected by pollution, heavy metals - Stephen Leahy

Poverty spreads across America - Posted: 29-Nov-10
  Ten percent national unemployment rate soars above 30 percent in some cities - Sherwood Ross

Netherlands closing eight prisons - Posted: 29-Nov-10
  Decriminalization of soft drugs leads to lack of criminals - Bruce Mirken

Alberta's misplaced generosity - Posted: 29-Nov-10
  New report says extreme oil profits come at expense of government revenue - from the Parkland Institute

Seeing is deceiving - Posted: 29-Nov-10
  Airbrushing and photoshopping aren't so "harmless". - Elsie Hambrook

Netherlands closing eight prisons - Posted: 29-Nov-10
  Decriminalization of soft drugs leads to lack of criminals - Bruce Mirken

Copyright Bill shorts writers - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Education exception in Bill C-32 hurts creators, saves students peanuts -Silver Donald Cameron

Singing doctors - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  They rock! They roll! They knock people out! - YouTube

Protest Senate action - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Tell Harperites that killing the climate change bill was undemocratic and unacceptable - David Suzuki Foundation

Burma: not a "Mandela moment" - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  It's difficult to see how San Suu Kyi will succeed - Gwynne Dyer

MD expelled from caucus - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Health care crisis fractures Alberta government - Gillian Steward

Carole James reaffirmed as BC NDP leader - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  But defeat of call for leadership review will not end dissension - Bill Tieleman

Canada freezes out geothermal - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Yet Canadian experts help other countries exploit this clean source of unlimited heat - Mitchell Anderson

Making their parents proud - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Jasmeet Sidhu shows how immigrant children can bloom with new opportunities - Mehdi Rizvi

Learning to live with more than two sexes - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Transgender people report encountering barriers, insensitivity - Elsie Hambrook

Bad week for democracy - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Senate kills C-311, Liberals agree to Afghanistan extension - Ish Theilheimer

Climate change refugees increasing - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Pakistan floods show real threat of climate-related disasters - Refugees International

Harperites buck public on climate change - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Survey shows that 85 percent want Canada to take responsibility to reduce emissions - Stephen Leahy

Elders and seniors - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Growing old is a blessing for those who also grow wise - Richard Wagamese

Afghanistan: the pipeline factor - Posted: 23-Nov-10
  Multibillion dollar TAPI project would bring oil and gas from Turkmenistan - John Foster

The mysterious Afghanistan extension - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Bob Rae supports Harper in sending troops to wait for a miracle - Gerald Caplan

Sears lockout to end - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Sears workers approve new contract - United Steelworkers Canada

Food bank use up sharply - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Demand up 9 percent since 2009, 28 percent since 2008 - HungerCount

Beware the chocolate "beverage" - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Flavoured milk beverages can be made with imported whey or buttermilk - Wendy Holm

The war on smoking is not over yet - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Harperites withdraw new graphic warnings on cigarette packs - Geoffrey Stevens

Selective boycotts - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Tangle over tactics rises from targeting of Mountain Equipment over Israel-made goods - Paul Weinberg

Life everywhere we look - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Still time to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity - Ole Hendrickson

Farm workers win ILO ruling - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  Supreme Court of Canada decision pending - United Food and Agricultural Workers Canada

Ageless wisdom - Posted: 22-Nov-10
  We have much to learn from our elders - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Stephen Harper meets prison guard - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Correctional officer explains why staff are more important than buildings - Operation Maple

Vote on extending Afghan mission - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Demand that Harperites hold a full debate and vote in Parliament - Jack Layton

Restricting Internet access - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  What whitelisting for cyber security means for consumers - the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Holiday-season boycott targets Sears Canada - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Locked-out Toronto-area workers rally shoppers in support of fair treatment - SG staff

Nine years of Gordon Campbell - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Premier leaves legacy of broken promises - Bill Tieleman

Equality slipping away - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Wealth sharing needs new champions - Linda McQuaig

Export-driven economic growth dogma creates a world of losers - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  G-20 in Seoul made shaky ground of global corporate trade deals shakier - Mel Watkins

Seniors' rights! - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  OCSCO celebrates 25 years of fighting for rights, starting with 1985 victory against de-indexing pensions - Ish Theilheimer, with YouTube clip

CUPE's new Code of Conduct - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Code encourages respectful behaviour, promotes welcoming and safe events - CUPE

Preventing sexual violence - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Let's get past the idea that women's behaviour causes assault - Elsie Hambrook

Harper extends Afghan mission without Parliament - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Yet public opinion is opposed to war costly in money, lives, and Canadian credibility - Dennis Gruending

Support our veterans - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Harperite policies leave vets fundraising to help their families - Gerald Caplan

The tabletop TV - Posted: 16-Nov-10
  Even without cable, you can tune to the world — and to yourself - Richard Wagamese

The Georgian uranium caper - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Spies set up inept sellers to protect their turf from the military - Gwynne Dyer

The future of journalism - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Web content provider, Demand, pays $15 per story - Nicholas Spangler

Proposed parks act will dilute laws, critics warn - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  New Alberta Act grants too much authority to parks minister - Trevor Scott Howell

Protecting sources - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Supreme Court ruling sets out guidelines - John Gordon Miller

Popular wisdom - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Peoples' beliefs block efforts for peace - Uri Avnery

Aung San Suu Kyi speaks publicly - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Freed Burmese opposition leader calls for unity among Myanmar's splintered Opposition - Radio Free Europe

An election if necessary - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  But not necessarily an election, at least not this spring - Geoffry Stevens

Where abuse is a nonexistent problem - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Zero percent of lesbian-raised teens have been physically or sexually abused by parents - The Williams Institute

Bush pens true crime book - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Legal think tanks seize on admissions as grounds for prosecution - Bill Quigley

Oil rigs and water - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Drilling in the Gulf of St Lawrence is not worth the risk - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Why Bill C-300 failed - Posted: 15-Nov-10
  Canada's Parliament buckled under weight of mining industry - Paul Weinberg

A tax too far - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  HST marks Premier Gordon Campbell's demise - Bill Tieleman

Driving West - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Prentice's move seen as a sign of the West's new power - Gillian Steward

Celebrating Chinese-Canadian history - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  My Chinatown opens doors — and eyes - Mehdi Rizvi

Potash decision sensibly makes "open-to-business" a sometimes thing - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Watching neo-cons spin was delicious, as Canadians awoke to the worth of what they own - Mel Watkins

Hey, potash! Fighting back works! - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Right-wing government or not, Saskatchewanians' outrage blocked proposed sale of public legacy - Ish Theilheimer

Call for a new Financial Consumer Organization - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Financial Literacy Task Force should endorse collective approach - Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition

Feds balk at funding Sisters in Spirit - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Harperites deep-six database of missing aboriginal women - Jorge Barrera for APTN National News

Project Censored's top 25 - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  New book shows top censored stories from 2009-2010 - Project Censored

A bottle of ragtime - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Be amazed by two dozen musicians with very special instruments - by the St Luke Bottle Band

Access-to-medicines regime in peril - Posted: 09-Nov-10
  Michael Ignatieff plays politics with AIDS - Gerald Caplan

Drum for justice - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Join KAIROS' 5 December Day of Action for indigenous people.- KAIROS

New, weaker, biodiversity pact - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Genetic resources protocol wins agreement after 18 years - Stephen Leahy

F-35 purchase - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Fools and their (our) money are soon parted - Geoffrey Stevens

Unionization in Canada rises to 4.2 million workers - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Women experienced disproportionately more gains in unionized jobs - NUPGE

RapLeaf breaks taboo - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Online tracking service identifies customers by name and address - Emily Steel Wall Street Journal

Meeting Norval Morriseau - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  The people we meet, and the art we become - Richard Wagamese

Monarchs as mysterious as Halloween - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Day of the Dead is a time to celebrate life — and butterflies - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Public pays $6M legal fees in Basi-Virk case - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Meanwhile, legal aid cuts leave poor women vulnerable to abuse - Shannon Daub

Fighting AIDS in Africa - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Big Pharma in battle over Canada exporting generic AIDS drugs - Rachel Kiddell-Monroe, James Orbinski, and Richard Elliott

So not asking for it - Posted: 08-Nov-10
  Globally, women Hollaback against street bullying and harassment - Elsie Hambrook

Tell Kingston General Hospital to keep buying locally - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  KGH announced it will stop buying and preparing patient food locally to outsource to Toronto company -

A one-man horn band - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Classical music takes a new format - YouTube

How to manage your Facebook newsfeed - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  You probably won't see all your friends unless you make this adjustment. - Ian Capstick

Big Money talks, louder than ever - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  "Citizens United" court ruling allows untraceable donations to influence US elections - Ish Theilheimer

Analyzing where Rob Ford won - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Toronto election analysts call for release of ward vote break-down - Inside Queen's Park

Montreal Protocol rules - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Ozone agreement shows that progress is possible - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

BPA on receipts - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  BPA receipt alert - Studies confirm harmful toxin on cash register receipts.

Looming financial disasters - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Some government spending makes no sense at all - Geoffrey Stevens

US space program runs out of fuel - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  China and India may step up their programs - Gwynne Dyer

Feds force "expedited bargaining" - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Open letter to Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

"Rally to Restore Sanity" ends with biting media critique - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Rolling Stone presents the speech that made the Stewart/Colbert Rally much more than a live variety show - James Burnett

Canadian media and immigrants - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Immigrants see few or distorted reflections of themselves in the new - Mehdi Rizvi

Many kinds of marriage - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Statistics spell out changing ways that people couple up - Elsie Hambrook

Climate change multiplies natural disasters - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Military control hampers already strained humanitarian agencies - Paul Weinberg

The "lock 'em up" business model - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Private prison lobby initiated Arizona's anti-immigration law for profit: NPR - America's Voice

Faith-based economics - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  It could be worse, Stephen Harper could really be an economist - Gerald Caplan

BC Premier's prime time pitch fails - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Campbell offers 15 percent income tax cut as trade for HST - Bill Tieleman

Astroturf alert in USA - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Astroturf alert in USA - Koch brothers' fortunes fertilize so-call grassroots Tea Party. by Linda McQuaig

Shocker at Asian whaling convention - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Tiny Palau defies Japan by announcing massive marine sanctuary - Stephen Leahy

On the meaning of ceremony - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Regular rituals are the path, not the goal - Richard Wagemese

Young voters elected new Calgary mayor - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  Naheed Nenshi's campaign tweaked interest of folks who don't usually vote.- Gillian Steward

Gays win landmark rights case against Russia - Posted: 02-Nov-10
  EuroCourt fines Russia for banning gay pride parade in Moscow - Claire Bigg

Stop "flying Cadillacs" before they cost us all a bundle - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  $16 billion stealth fighter purchase proposal recalls nuclear subs debate of 1980s. by Ish Theilheimer

"A virus walks into a bar..." - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Science comedian Brian Malow shares astute observations - Brian Malow YouTube

Bill C-300 connects the dots between Canada and Chilean near-disaster - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Huge Canadian footprint in global mining calls for strong regulation and accountability - Ish Theilheimer

Chilean copper mine flouted worker safety - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Chilean copper mine flouted worker safety, Now mine company warns of bankruptcy. by Lindsay Beyerstein for In These Times

His Honour, Naheed Nenshi - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Calgary's new Mayor active in business, non-profit sector, media and academia - Penney Kome

Co-ops link up with fair trade - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Co-op Week kick-off helps campaign build to 2012, International Year of Co-operatives - Canadian Co-operative Association

Support Bill C-300 - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Tell mining companies to protect workers and environment - KAIROS

Surprise end to Basi/Virk case - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Plea bargain leads to house arrest - Bill Tieleman

UN snub could haunt Conservatives - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  World, Canadians, still prefer to see Canada as a peacekeeping nation - Linda McQuaig

Post-petro blues - Posted: 19-Oct-10
  Albertans could be on the hook for oilsands cleanup bill - Nathan Lemphers

Not just Globe Lite - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Newspaper re-design still emphasizes news - John Gordon Miller

Unions and Persons Day - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Time to redouble efforts to achieve social and economic equality - Ontario Federation of Labour

Greens hold sway in Brazil vote - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Citizens want to protect the Amazon forest - Gwynne Dyer

World shapers no more - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Canada becomes a bumbler on the world stage - Geoffrey Stevens

Thanking Joe Tacknyk - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Foster father's gift of fishing helped young boy relate to his heritage - Richard Wagamese

Another record year for solar cells - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Fifty countries now offer feed-in tariffs - J Matthew Roney

Exporting death - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Asbestos pushing hurts Canada's credibility - Gerald Caplan

Turning back the clock on women's rights - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Harperites' sly approach quietly undermines equality - Sylvia Bashevkin

Double standards in taxes - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Poor immigrants pay head taxes; rich kids inherit estates tax-free - Medhi Rizvi

Small fish, big benefit - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  Tiny sardines offer great guilt-free value - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

March to the Legislature - Posted: 18-Oct-10
  NB World March of Women takes message to MLAs - Elsie Hambrook

Afghanistan going "from worse to worse" - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Bringing NATO troops home could create space for democratic activists, says Malalai Joya. by Ish Theilheimer

Tell BC to protect the coastal tailed frog - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Ecosystems-based management identified frog as a key species in the Great Bear Rainforest - Greenpeace Canada

Top ten principles in economics - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Stand-up economist Yoram Bauman explains textbook - Yoram Bauman YouTube

Harper rejects unanimous Senate poverty report - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Government accepts none of the 74 recommendations contained in a Senate report approved unanimously in April - NUPGE

Why network TV is losing viewers - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Cable channels at least offer some originality - Stephen Bryce

Winnipeg's condo conversion crisis - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Rising housing prices and low rental vacancy creating pressure on renters -

NB food prices rising - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Survey examines effect on low-income residents - Common Front for Social Justice

Offering vision - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Sometimes we have to take a risk to make a goal - Richard Wagamese

Water, the new oil - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Private companies vying to control our most precious natural resource - Jeneen Interlandi

Leadership crisis in BC NDP - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Carole James losing the NDP's faithful supporters - Bill Tieleman

New mayor for Calgary - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Two conservatives and a progressive — race goes down to the wire - Gillian Steward

For some, it doesn't get better - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Queer youth suicide rates finally get attention, but Aboriginal youth rates higher - Laurel Dykstra

There is a bad smell to the Parliament Hill renovation - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  RCMP investigating contracts to fix up old buildings; job expected to cost $5 billion - Geoffrey Stevens

A vanishing journalistic divide - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  The Web is proving itself in the news business - David Carr

The right beans - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Shady practices are good when it comes to coffee - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

New WSIB funding review - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Ontario's injured workers ask if they are on the chopping block again - Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups

Hauled behind the tractor - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  "Cattle are trucked more safely than workers": UFCW - United Food and Commercial Workers

"Degrees of Change" off-target - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Canada sees climate change "prosperity" instead of calamity - Stephen Leahy

Lefty bashing, in spades - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  Reviewing the hidden history of Bob Rae's government in Ontario - Gerald Caplan

Half the votes, ¾ of the seats - Posted: 12-Oct-10
  NB election results boost interest in proportional representation - Elsie Hambrook

Export Canada to lend Vale up to $1B - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Steelworkers condemn government decision to reward foreign union-busting corporation - United Steelworkers

Donald Duck meets Glen Beck - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Cartoon remix reveals the flaw in Beck's populist appeal = Jonathon McIntosh

Support the Lubicon Cree - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Tell Parliament: No more oil development without human rights! - Amnesty Canada

Godless and without morals - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  The Pope accuses secular society of being the cause of crime - Gwynne Dyer

James Cameron meets Ed Stelmach - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Famed Hollywood director sees hope, horror in oilsands - Trevor Scott Howell

Personal contact still the most powerful tool for change - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  People power needed to counteract right-wing spin, promote equality and public services - Ish Theilheimer

Gordon Campbell, Poet Laureate of BC - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Here's a bit of word play, by rearranging what the premier had to say - Bill Tieleman

Unearned wealth - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Tax-exempt fortunes feed inequality - Linda McQuaig

Not wanted in Toronto - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Mayoral candidate says the city has "enough" immigrants already - Mehdi Rizvi

Mayoral race roils voter dissatisfaction - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  And: NDP scores points with tough "Hydronomics" questions - Queen's Park

Consumer Watchdog goes after search engine - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  New Times Square ad targets Google for failure to debate privacy - Consumer Watchdog

Meeting Johnny Cash - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Writer, musician, agree that peace starts with a return to the living room - Richard Wagamese

Sweden's fix: Jail the johns - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Targeting the purchaser has helped decrease all forms of violence against women -Benjamin Perrin

The passing of an era - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Norman Atkins was among the last of the Red Tories - Geoffrey Stevens

Time for US to take it down a notch - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Stop the yelling, for sanity's sake — please! - Leonard Pittls

Israeli author and journalist speaks out - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Gideon Levy says Israel demonizes Palestinians to justify occupation - Dennis Gruending

Arctic ice in death spiral - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Researchers fear permafrost has passed the point of no return - Stephen Leahy

Food doesn't grow in boxes - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  We need to protect the local farms, fields, and fisheries that feed us - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Not just a mother-in-law joke - Posted: 05-Oct-10
  Sound of gunshot starts rude song making fun of femicide - Elsie Hambrook

The things we do for love - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  You can't blame a fellow for trying -Internet

Electoral reform needed - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  EU envoy says Afghan voting system "impedes" democracy - Ahto Lobjakas

The Fox candidates - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Exclusive contracts prevent GOP candidates from appearing on other networks - Jonathan Martin and Keach Hagey

Move on from the gun registry debate - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Pharmacare and CPP reform offer opposition useful goals in minority Parliament - Ish Theilheimer

Why Carole James is too nice to business - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  BC's NDP leader looks in the wrong place for support, blurring her party's real appeal - Bill Tieleman

Support the call for Pharmacare - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  National drug plan would improve health and control costs - Canadian Health Coalition

Pandora, the Amazon, and Alberta - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  "Avatar" director puts oilsands in spotlight - Gillian Steward

Overshadowed by gun registry - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Combating Terrorism Act passes second reading - Alison@creekside

Worldwide poverty is better than 10 years ago - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  The great powers stopped backing rulers in developing countries who oppressed and stole from their own people - Gwynne Dyer

Brazil's next president - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Dilma Rousseff, former guerrilla, poised to become world's most powerful woman - Hugh O'Shaughnessy

Wage scandal at Commonwealth Games - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Brazilian auto workers win unprecedented wage increase - Harry Kelber

Let's save together - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Here are some facts and fiction about labour�s plan to improve CPP benefits - Canadian Labour Congress

Hyatt workers urge boycott - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Luxury hotels offer guests "green" incentives, cut back on cleaning staff hours - Tom Sandborn

Afghan journalists released - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  NATO detains, releases three journalists who were talking with Taliban - Heather Maher

Honours, not decorations - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Eagle feathers represent a life lived to principle - Richard Wagamese

Sore losers - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Beware being led down the rat hole to national ruination - Geoffrey Stevens

The battle to save Avatar Grove - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  West Coast environmentalists rally to protect a unique forest - Carole Pearson

Save the coral reefs - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Caribbean reefs bleaching and dying from rising ocean temperatures - Stephen Leahy

Honours, not decorations - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Eagle feathers represent a life lived to principle - Richard Wagamese

Rich in resources, poor in planning - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Canada should dare to create a national energy program - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

She shoots! She scores! - Posted: 28-Sep-10
  Women hockey players seek a league of their own - Elsie Hambrook

Peter Leibovitch made everyone around him stronger - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Activist's activist leaves legacy of campaign victories and big shoes to fill - Ish Theilheimer

Stresses on immigrant children - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Moving and starting over can make children feel insecure. by Mehdi Rizvi

I thought I had it in reverse - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  I thought I had it in reverse, And other outtakes from Bill Dancer's fishing show.

"Streamlining" Medicare - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Critics charge proposed Alberta Health Act a cover for privatization - Penney Kome

Save 9 million lives - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Urge world leaders to fund maternal and child health initiatives -

Registry no threat to freedom - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Registration a small price to pay for protecting public safety - Linda McQuaig

Signs of a fall election - Posted: 21-Sep-10
  Federal Conservative candidate jumps gun with campaign billboard in Vancouver - Bill Tieleman

Still counting the votes in Afghanistan - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Election marred by violent incidents, widespread allegations of corruption and vote fraud - Charles Recknagel, Muhammad Tahir

Dark clouds on economic horizon - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Economist calls on angels to guide planners through the next year - Todd Hirsch

Making bannock - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  The very first taste of Indian bread was warm and welcoming and oddly familiar - Richard Wagamese

Sun apologizes to Soros - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Newspaper chain retracts Ezra Levant's comments about billionaire George Soros - Sun Media

Poll finds six of 10 Canadians live payday to payday - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  59 percent of Canadians would be in trouble if their pay was delayed by a week - NUPGE

The erosion of civility in public life - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Politics is deteriorating into an all-or-nothing sport - Geoffrey Stevens

Clearing House fined USD3.5 million - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Multi-state agreement requires Publishers Clearing House to explain itself to customers - the office of the Illinois Attorney-General

The fight over Arctic oil - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  New Russia-Norway agreement opens Barents Sea to exploration - Gwynne Dyer

Hot rocks - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Geothermal: energy directly from the earth - Lester R Brown

Oil sands and Nancy Pelosi - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  US Speaker's fact-finding tour sets a good example for Alberta - Ricardo Acuña

The goose and the emperor stories - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Fables from old times have meaning for our times - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Chile's renewed resistance - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Thousands of Chileans in the streets to support Mapuche First Nations jailed for land claims protests - Ricardo Acuña

Gender and elections - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Record number of women running in NB election - Elsie Hambrook

Problems with Bill C-32 - Posted: 20-Sep-10
  Revisions to Copyright Act contain exceptions that could undermine Canada's publishing industry - Maureen Cavan

More than microloans - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  Developing world introduced to full range of banking services and financial tools - Penney Kome

Stand up to make poverty history - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  On September 17,18, or 19, stand up or sign on to this campaign - Make Poverty History

The problem with framework agreements - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  A framework just sets out the issues that need to be negotiated - Uri Avnery

A silent revolution in human rights - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  Big labour movement "duty to accommodate" victory hidden in myriad small court cases - Andy Pederson

Gun registry politics suit Harper well - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  Once again, Liberals and NDP would both benefit from unlikely compromise.

Rapture petsitters - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  Believers buy contracts so atheists will care for pets if the Rapture comes - Mike Di Paola

Basi-Virk case goes to trial - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  Leak of confidential document would "contaminate" bidding process, court hears- Bill Tieleman

Nancy Pelosi's visit - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  A shove from south of the border shows who is really in charge- Gillian Steward

Literal video - Posted: 14-Sep-10
  I pull my feathered hair whenever I see floating cloth - CollegeHumor

Afghans can't stand much more "success" - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Despite billions spent, all major wellbeing indices for civilians still falling - Nick Turse

Learning Ojibway - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  At age 20, I said my first Ojibway word and felt like I'd truly spoken for the first time.

New Minister a "declared enemy" of First Nations - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Indigenous leaders, activists raise concerns about John Duncan's track record - Martin Lukacs

Women bid to become priests - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Pope's visit to England reignites campaign to ordain women - Dennis Gruending

Deficit vs defined benefit - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  NB court case has big implications for Canadian retirees NUPGE

More bloodshed in Somalia - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  The African country pays the price for US stupidity - Gwynne Dyer

Leaping salmon! - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  With Fraser River sockeye, seeing red is cause for cautious celebration - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

A global shift to renewable energy - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Wind, solar and geothermal generation multiplying as fast as computers or cell phones - Lester R Brown

Registering long guns - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  The battle over gun control intensifies - Geoffrey Stevens

Relief stalemate - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Canada's humanitarian mission to Pakistan stalled, and guns might be the problem - Paul Weinberg

Banning the burka misses the point - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  The ban is largely symbolic but does hinder the few women who wear burkas - Elsie Hambrook

Credit unions tops in customer service - Posted: 13-Sep-10
  Survey finds that customer-owned financial services win for sixth year in a row - Canadian Co-operative Association

Take a deep double bass and a Russian accent, and what do you get? - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Another day older and deeper in debt - YouTube

Obama must act now to save his legacy - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Parallels emerge, on 20th anniversary of Bob Rae's government. - Theilheimer

Help block Fox News North - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Tell CRTC you don't want a special deal for a friend of the PM - Open Media

Pay cuts for poor, tax cuts for rich - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Ontario's civil service wage cuts will subsidize effects of tax cuts for banks - Linda McQuaig

Email spreads false rumour - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Refugees get more than seniors? Not true! - Bill Tieleman

Our daughters, our selves - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Many immigrate for their children's sake, and then wonder if they were wise - Mehdi Rizvi

Afghanistan: the image of gender inequality - Posted: 07-Sep-10
  Nations never go to war to protect women's lives - Lauryn Oates

What the pollster didn't ask - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Biased poll fuels anti-abortion myths - Joyce Arthur

Dying of dehydration - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  "Alternative Nobel Prize" winners appeal to Botswana President over Bushmen's access to water - Survival International

A majority Conservative government? Get real! - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Recent polls show Harperites continued downward spiral over summer - Geoffrey Stevens

Reaching Grandfather - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  My grandfather knew the land like an old hymn and it sang through him - Richard Wagamese

Misbehaving women of New Brunswick - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Hunt for historical landmarks brings forth stories of women who stood their ground - Elsie Hambrook

Oilsands pollution found in river - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  New study debunks claims that mercury, arsenic and other toxins occur naturally - Brian Murphy

CLC celebrates gains on CPP - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Campaign for adequate retirement income gains ground in scant year - Canadian Labour Congress

Most opaque government ever - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Media leaders warn that Harperites go to extremes to block access to essential public information - Helene Buzzetti and nine others

Google/Verizon: an indecent proposal - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Wireless and Smart Phones the future for the Internet - Steve Anderson

Tough on crime law re-criminalizes prostitution - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Ban on bawdy houses would force women back onto the street, for men like Robert Pickton to prey on. - Antonia Serbisias

Climate traffic jam - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Our obsession with private automobiles is unsustainable - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

New rules on credit cards - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Regulations come into force to protect Canadian credit card users - Department of Finance ,Canada

Sufi talks back to Taliban - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Pakistani rock star declares "Rock & Roll Jihad" against extremists - Ron Synovitz

Union organizers lead exciting lives - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Labour should start recruiting with the same slogans the Army uses - Sherwood Ross

The value of Potash Corp - Posted: 06-Sep-10
  Saskatchewan government places greed and market fundamentalism above the common good - Dennis Gruending

Russia's agony a "wake-up call" to the world - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  Russia's agony a wake-up call to the world. Extraordinary heat wave has killed at least 15,000 people and expected to cut crop yields by 40 percent or more. by Stephen Leahy

The majestic plastic bag - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  A mockumentary about a mysterious migration - YouTube

Help Haiti hold on - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  Donate, download catchy reggae song, and help fund solar power for 12 Haitian hospitals and medical clinics - Partners in Health and the Solar Electric Light Fund

"I was afraid he was going to kill me." - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  Survivor says life was saved by domestic violence counselling now being eliminated at Vancouver General - Bill Tieleman

Harper's meeting with Rupert Murdoch - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  Media-hating PM seems eager to see more right-wing media in Canada - Linda McQuaig

No status, no rights - Posted: 24-Aug-10
  Immigrant women without legal status face hardship and exploitation - Mehdi Rizvi

What went wrong in Iraq? Most things - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Nobody won this war - Patrick Graham

Help put a lid on international scams - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Here are ten tips for being a canny consumer - USA Federal Trade Commission

Cavemen and other fossils - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Anti-environmentalists are the ones who are stuck in the past - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Napa Valley north - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  BC's Okanagan Valley desert blooms with wineries - Penney Kome

News on labour unions around the world - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Egyptian workers form first union there in 50 years - Harry Kelber

Disaster: more debt for Pakistan - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Social justice groups call for grants, donations, not loans - Jubilee USA Network

Unfolding Harper's hidden agenda - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  PM met with Rupert Murdoch six months before his media advisor joined Quebecor - Geoffrey Stevens

Lemon pie and finding Ali - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  A great champion helps a lost kid take the sour with the sweet - Richard Wagamese

The mystery of the missing workers - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Canada's new citizenship guide omits mention of workers or unions - David Frank

Pakistan's misery yet another danger sign - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  World needs a new generation of leaders with new ideas - Ish Theilheimer

Still blaming the previous administration - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Ontario Liberals need to step up, choose election day, and more - Inside Queens Park

The real immigration scandal - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Harperites jail Tamil refugees but help employers exploit temporary foreign workers - Gillian Steward

Legal limbo for sex workers - Posted: 23-Aug-10
  Swedish model a step forward in protecting those in the trade - Elsie Hambrook

The dark side of Vitaminwater - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Coca-Cola claims no consumer would actually believe the product is healthy - John Robbins

When the rich meet - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sit down to chat - Internet

Civil disobedience to save prison farms - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Five hundred citizens successfully blockade prison farm cattle trucks - the National Farmers' Union

As the world burns, Canada's nerdy cowboy fiddles - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Wake up, Iggy and Jack, before he sells the farm - Ish Theilheimer

HST battle moves to new plane - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  New poll shows two-thirds of BC voters in Liberal ridings are inclined to recall their MLAs - Bill Tieleman

Brad Wall steps up for MS patients - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Echoes of Tommy Douglas in Saskatchewan's pledge to pay to test new treatment method - Gillian Steward

F-35 jets are useless without war - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  More alarming is Defence Minister's explanation that purchase will help armed forces grow - Linda McQuaig

The most-educated gas attendants in the world - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Immigrants arrive in Canada with a wealth of knowledge, which is not acknowledged - Mehdi Rizvi

The old shoes - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Paying it forward helped turn one life around - Richard Wagamese

Free Sakineh! - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Sign petition to stop execution of Iranian woman accused of adultery -

America goes dark - Posted: 10-Aug-10
  Washington would rather see foundations crumble than ask the rich to pay taxes- Paul Krugman

Uribe vs Chavez - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Columbia takes advantage of Venezuela's messiness - Gwynne Dyer

Not just a problem for journalists - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Harperites' control of information imperils public's right to know - Hélène Buzzetti and eight others

Leaders' summer school grades - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Ignatieff, B-plus; Harper, C-minus - Geoffrey Stevens

A passion for low premiums - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Alberta's WCB serves employers, not workers: AFL - Alberta Federation of Labour

Shrinking marine food chain - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Declining phytoplankton another sign of climate catastrophe - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

TransCanada Pipeline backs down - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Oil pipeline company withdraws safety waiver application for proposed dirty tar sands oil pipeline - from Friends of the Earth

The return of the bicycle - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  You can get seven miles per potato on a 22-pound bike - Lester R Brown

McGuinty's failure to communicate - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  Ontario Premier shuffles key staffers, trying to get messages out - Inside Queen's Park

Cancer stats raise hope, concern - Posted: 09-Aug-10
  NB Cancer Report shows disease not an automatic death sentence - Elsie Hambrook

For evidence-based government - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  For evidence-based government - Only mandatory census long form can provide data governments need to provide essential services. by Elsie Hambrook

F-35 wrong plane for Canada - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Short-range, single-engine craft does not meet national needs - Geoffrey Stevens

South Asian broadcast mogul - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  SGP Jafry runs entertainment empire catering to immigrants Mehdi Rizvi

BC Libs take over Hydro - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Well paid party supporters seconded to Olympics on Hydro customers' tab - Bill Tieleman

Making it easier to ignore the poor - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Census gives essential data on income distribution - Linda McQuaig

Keep the mandatory census long form - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Sign online petition urging government to maintain important data collection - Marianne Levitsky

Garden in a barrel - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Kitchen garden grows fresh salads, herbs - Lynn Jones

Real water bed - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Unsuspecting shoppers try out the new Wasserfall model - YouTube

A passion for prisons - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Here are fourteen examples of systemic racism in the US criminal justice system - Bill Quigley

Hysteria and the veil - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Some people feel threatened by women's shroud-like clothes - Gwynne Dyer

BP hires prison labor to clean up spill - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Meanwhile, coastal residents struggle to replace lost income - Abe Louise Young

Severance pay for sweatshop workers - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Student group wins big settlement from Nike - United Students Against Sweatshops

Summer is for going outside - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Outdoor fun is good for kids and the planet - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Community Savings signs living wage agreement - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Credit union becomes first BC financial institution to pledge Living Wage - NUPGE

Ontario: quarrels over green energy value - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Fiscal facts favour proposed prices for user-generated electricity - Paul McKay

Stephen Harper is polishing his resumé for future work - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  PM playing to future employers, likely American, not his base - Ish Theilheimer

G20: Harper stars in summer theatre - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Bad guys in black made the Western hero look good - Margaret Slavin

Coming soon: plastic money - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Your ATM will dispense polymer bills - Bank of Canada

Professors vs writers - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  New copyright legislation threatens livelihoods of Canadian writers - David Lewis Stein

Axe fossil fuel subsidies - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  G20 agreed to phase out billions for coal and oil industries - Stephen Leahy

Free Conrad! - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  Black released on bail, but still faces legal challenges on all sides - John Gordon Miller

Oilsands backlash hits Alberta - Posted: 27-Jul-10
  US campaigns target "dirty oil" from Canada - Gillian Steward

Canada courts calamity with India nuclear deal - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Canada courts calamity with India nuclear deal. by Paul McKay

Amazing sticky note experiment - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Bored employees have fun with stationery -

Vale picked wrong union, wrong town - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Steelworkers win historic settlement after year-long strike - Ish Theilheimer

Help slake the world's thirst - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Demand that Canada support UN right to water resolution - Council of Canadians

Safe landing - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Determination and hard work helped overcome barriers to participation.

Don't rename Stanley Park - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  First Nations deserve real change, not lip service - Bill Tieleman

Ignoring nature's wake-up call - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Oil companies, governments, shrug off horror of BP's Gulf gusher - Linda McQuaig

Demographic winter and the religious right - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Latest scare tactic involves who has the biggest families - Dennis Gruending

Big sad-eyed scam - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  Ads for puppies the new hot fraud -

Honey, I shrunk CP - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  93-year-old news co-operative falls under control of a few large newspapers - John Gordon Miller

Time to clean up the banks - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  The key to financial recovery is to restore the rule of law on Wall Street - James K Galbraith

Canada-Colombia free trade deal receives Royal Assent - Posted: 13-Jul-10
  The Senate took less than an hour to pass C-2, by refusing to hear from witnesses - Stuart Trew

Tracking the pork - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Stephen Harper perfects the patronage game - Geoffrey Stevens

Demand growing for public inquiry - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Aftermath of G20 arrests far from settled - Rebecca Harrison

A summit where police were praised - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Activists, Calgary police found mutual accommodation in 2002 - Gillian Steward

Alberta silences classroom debate - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Parental opt-out clause scares teachers away from religion, evolution, or sexual orientation - Dan Shapiro

Burmese mine still producing - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Ivanhoe Mines claims stake in Monywa not sold, refuses to show any proof - Canadian Friends of Burma

UN Women emerges - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  New agency for women should have greater priority, resources - Elsie Hambrook

Pity the poor CEOs - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Easier to blame Obama than to acknowledge the recession - Paul Krugman

Win for US war resisters - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Federal Court of Appeal orders new immigration appeal for Jeremy Hinzman - Toronto Star Editorial

"Take our jobs," farm workers say - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  UFW President Arturo Rodriguez and Stephen Colbert invite US unemployed to replace immigrant farm workers - from the United Farm Workers

DOMA falls - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  Federal judge rules federal law against same-sex couples is unconstitutional - American Civil Liberties Union

Humans and whales - Posted: 12-Jul-10
  The beluga can teach us a lot about ourselves - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Demand a public inquiry into G20 arrangements - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Join Facebook group of 16,000 calling for an investigation - Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20

Police ignore Black Bloc - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Photojournalist follows Black Bloc rampage while police take no action - Paul Manly

Things changed at Queen Street - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Account from a witness who walked with the G20 protest march. by David McLaren

Harper should shoulder blame for G20 disgrace - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Catastrophic urban photo op did nothing for world's problems - Ish Theilheimer

Shirley Carr fought for peace and human rights - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  She became the first woman ever elected president of a national labour body - Morgan Funeral Homes

From the lab bench to the gas pump - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Immigrant has to take big step down before he can step up - Mehdi Rizvi

HST comes into effect July 1 - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Now comes the campaign to recall the Liberals - Bill Tieleman

Leaders play, people pay - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  Before the summit even began, Harper was clearly gearing up for a crackdown - Linda McQuaig

Journalists arrested covering G20 - Posted: 29-Jun-10
  CJFE dismayed at reports of free expression violations at G20 Summit protests - Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Dock Ellis pitches a no-hitter - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Performance inhibiting drugs didn't cramp his style at all - James Bladgen

World's unions reject boycott of Israel - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  ITUC embraces Israeli-Palestinian cooperation - Eric Lee

Time to reinvent the protest demonstration - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Summit rituals: leaders hide, protesters sing, Black Bloc sets fires - Charles Gordon

Grazing is the future of news - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  People want news to be personal, portable and participatory - Tom Rosenstiel for the Pew Center

24-week fetuses cannot feel pain - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  New study finds that nerves not wired up to cortex yet - Andy Coghlan for the New Scientist

House raids, warrants and arrests - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Police arrest organizer of People's Summit symposium in big sweep - Tim Groves

"Smart meters" not enough - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Consumers need more feedback in order to adjust their habits - from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Marching for the Robin Hood tax - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  OPSEU marchers make their point at G20 summit - NUPGE

Cheap at half the price - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  For only $1 billion, Toronto got a riot for the world to witness - Geoffrey Stevens

Tax the bads, not the goods - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Time to talk about how to meet Calgary's revenue needs - David Thompson and Regan Boychuk

Iran: the sanctions charade - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  The US and Israel lie about Iran's nuclear program -

No fracking way - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  New Brunswickers should ban the hazardous process of hydraulic fracturing - Jean Louis Deveau, PhD

In grandmother's footsteps - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  Contest, map, celebrate women's achievements in New Brunswick - Elsie Hambrook

Not another oil disaster! - Posted: 28-Jun-10
  When will we ever learn? - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

BP wins new deepwater drilling leases - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Lawsuit charges US Mineral Management Service with lax oversight - the Southern Environmental Law Center

Hard merger truths - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  A Liberal-NDP merger would kill the NDP - Charles Gordon

The Public Eye - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Increasingly, non-profits fill the need for investigative reporting.

Stop the spill before it starts - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Help appoint an independent commissioner of unconventional oil production

The third wish - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  The third wish - Use them up or you might regret it later.

Calgary houses homeless - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Plan is to end homelessness, not just manage it - Gillian Steward

BC Liberals are asking wrong question - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Liberals are asking wrong question - The real HST question is, "Do you want to subsidize big business?" by Bill Tieleman

Libs and NDP should give up on "inside straight" politics - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  Libs and NDP should give up on "inside straight" politics - And: more power to civil society activists at G20

Gap in G8 Maternal Health Initiative - Posted: 22-Jun-10
  More than one hundred groups tell Harper to include safe abortion care - Vicki Saporta

Court upholds Canadian law's power over foreign takeovers - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Government is obliged to enforce Canada Investment Act, USW says - United Steelworkers of Canada

Pure cheese - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Tiny cheesemakers face judicial review of made-in-Canada regulation victory - Wendy Holm

Facts & Arguments no long pays - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Globe & Mail promotes popular essay spot but doesn't pay writers - Jean Mills

BP ignored red flags - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Engineers warned head office three times of ominous signs - Rex Weyler for

Why we will be going to the fence - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Some union activists issue open call to mobilize - Facebook

Generational culture gap - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Eastern parents and children adapt differently to living in western world - Mehdi Rizvi

G20 People's Summit 2010 - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  The Global Justice movement swings into action again - Penney Kome

Harper on the Bunny Trail - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Too bad that Opposition parties don't have more fun with spending follies - Geoffrey Stevens

Real economic growth - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  GDP wrong way to measure standard of living - Ole Hendrickson

Payday loans at 600 percent annually - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Saskatchewan's load rate among nation's highest - the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

The price of electricity in Alberta - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Deregulated electricity comes into full effect this July - Ricardo Acuña

Stop the abuse - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Proactive policing might apply to domestic violence - Elsie Hambrook

The silent epidemic - Posted: 21-Jun-10
  Species loss threatens our planet - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

US filmmaker's documentary shows need for Bill C-300 - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  El Salvador film shows need to control Canadian mining companies abroad - Straight Goods News staff

BP spills coffee - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  BP Spills Coffee - YouTube

Al Jazeera in Canada - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Steve Anderson interviews Avi Lewis

Labour around the world - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Some 50 percent of the global workforce now work in precarious jobs - Harry Kelber

BC Energy Minister resigns over HST - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Blair Lekstrom's bombshell heightens BC political drama - Bill Tieleman

Canada complicit in flotilla "farce" - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Harper embraced Netanyahu, despite world outcry - Linda McQuaig

Calgary MP big spender on political activism - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Constituents unimpressed with "self-serving" mail-outs - Trevor Scott Howell for Fast Forward Weekly

Missing in the media - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Immigrants to Canada rarely see their own lives on TV shows.

Hysteria over Fox News North - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Right-wing news did not find an audience when Conrad Black flogged it - Charles Gordon

New Brunswick uprising - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Amid public protest, suddenly "no deal" on NB Power sale - Penney Kome

How Canada could make the G8 and G20 work - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Canadians need to learn about the summits and make their voices heard - Ish Theilheimer

The spill, the scandal and the president - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Obama's administration failed to reform the Minerals Management Service, which allowed the oil industry to self-regulate - Tim Dickinson for Rolling Stone

BP Oil International is getting more than $2.1 billion from Defense Department - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Public Citizen urges Defense Department to suspend and debar BP subsidiary - Public Citizen

OFL mourns Shannen Koostachin - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Feisty First Nation teen fought for new school in her community - Ontario Federation of Labour

Coalition talk gives Harperites an advantage - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Real issues get ignored in a fear campaign - Geoffrey Stevens

Support the Barriere Lake Algonquins - Posted: 15-Jun-10
  Tell Canadian and Quebec governments to back off on Section 74 - Barriere Lake Solidarity website

The future is white - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  The Globe's Top 40 list is almost all white and all male - John Gordon Miller

StreetView's wide sweep - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  Google admits StreetView cars eavesdropped on local wi-fi communications - Jennifer Stoddart

Union-phobia runs rampant - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  Airlines battle workplace democracy - Jim Hightower

The Big Short - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  A Robin Hood tax could soften the blow of the market meltdown - Mel Watkins

Best hope for Left: joint nomination meetings - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  About 60 Conservative seats are vulnerable if the Left works together - Clyde Sanger

Our messy oil addiction - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  Gulf disaster teaches the folly of "foolproof" technology - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

The "mancession" - Posted: 14-Jun-10
  Feminist economics questions market premises, priorities - Elsie Hambrook

Training talking heads - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  George Lakoff dissects Republican and Democratic media strategies - Ish Theilheimer

FIFA is coming - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Soccer ball stitchers need your support - Clean Clothes Campaign

Single centre-left party a pipedream - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Federal Liberal-NDP coalition will never work - Bill Tieleman

Speaking of oil-soaked ducks... - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Awareness of oil risks seeps north - Gillian Steward

Awesome Lady Gaga a capella cover - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Watch sixteen handsome young guys singing and dancing to a most unlikely song. -

Biting the loan shark - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Countrywide will pay $108 million for overcharging: FTC - Federal Trade Commission, USA

Bill 11, meet Superboard - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Privatization looms behind new Bill to merge Alberta health rules - Diana Gibson

A time for moral reckoning - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Catastrophic oil spill in Gulf should revivify our commitments to stewardship - Jim Wallis

Skilled but not hired - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  Study of Moroccan Immigrant women finds barriers in the Canadian job market - Mehdi Rizvi

Pakistan teetering again - Posted: 08-Jun-10
  We can't get it right in Afghanistan if we get it wrong in Pakistan - Jeff Gedmin

Not a done deal yet - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Young women still fighting for equality with men - Elsie Hambrook

The problem with ethanol fuel - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Cars and people compete for grain - Lester R Brown

Fake Muskoka costs real bucks - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Plan to take the great outdoors indoors for global media more than a little loony - Greg Weston QMI Agency

The G20's temporary totalitarianism - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  The only reasonable solution is a summit on Mars - Charles Gordon

The Armageddon furor - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Critics respond to Marci McDonald's book according to their own beliefs - Dennis Gruending

Maximize your EROEI - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  We may love our machines, but they don’t love us - Tony McQuail

Exodus reversed - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Israel chose the worst of several bad options - Uri Avnery

Bilge aversion - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Cruise ship industry needs better waste-control standards - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Things that will not happen - Posted: 07-Jun-10
  Why taxpayers will never recover even a dime from Mulroney - Geoffrey Stevens

Top ten reasons to go to work naked - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  (Hot weather is not one of them...) - from the Internet

Canada condones Freedom Flotilla massacre - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Britain shows an outbreak of democracy could occur here, but it will take a lot of doing - Ish Theilheimer

International outrage over Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Israeli navy stormed the Mavi Marmara, the flagship of a flotilla of vessels crewed by pro-Palestinian activists - Robert Booth for,

Virk's lawyer implicates BC Premier - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Gordon Campbell must decide whether to testify after shocking allegations - Bill Tieleman

G20: Protest-phobia - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Government, media smearing protesters before G20 even starts - Linda McQuaig

Save Canada's environment laws - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Ostensibly a Budget bill, Bill C-9 contains myriad items that reduce the scope of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) - Sierra Club Canada and Ecojustice

The recession's human costs - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  Innovative National Film Board project puts real faces on the effects of the market meltdown - National Film Board of Canada

To save the planet - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  No sacrifice is too much, except for real ones - Charles Gordon

Building the triple bottom line - Posted: 01-Jun-10
  People-centred economy values people and planet as highly as profit - Penney Kome

The new face of SEIU USA - Posted: 31-May-10
  Mary Kay Henry takes the helm of America's second-biggest union, as Andy Stern departs - David Moberg

It’s time for the Left to unite - Posted: 31-May-10
  Harperites will control the government as long as Liberals, NDP and BQ split the vote - Geoffrey Stevens

BP: criminal investigation needed - Posted: 31-May-10
  Evidence, previous convictions should spur official action.

US moves against deceptive telemarketing calls - Posted: 31-May-10
  Court order stops robocalls pitching credit card interest rate reduction - US Federal Trade Commission

Epoch Times shakes off lawsuit - Posted: 31-May-10
  Judge rules that Falun Gong newspaper acted in the public interest - John Miller

New national scurity strategy for USA - Posted: 31-May-10
  Obama adminstration emphasizes global co-operation and robust diplomacy - Radio Free Europe

Offshore wind, not offshore oil - Posted: 31-May-10
  We should leave oil before it leaves us - Janet Larsen

Breast cancer is costly. - Posted: 31-May-10
  New report finds financial stress complicates recovery -Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Water wars loom in Africa - Posted: 31-May-10
  Egypt won't give up its Nile share - Gwynne Dyer

Syncrude, "petro-politics", and the environment - Posted: 31-May-10
  Alberta should maintain one law to rule us all - Janet Keeping

Immigrants' education challenge - Posted: 31-May-10
  University-educated immigrants often find their children face barriers at school - Mehdi Rizvi

André Marin's term extended six months - Posted: 31-May-10
  McGuinty wounded by friendly fire in controversy over provincial ombudsman - INSIDE QUEEN'S PARK

Spotting gender bias in political news coverage - Posted: 31-May-10
  Political reporting has been a male-dominated field for as long as politics has - Elsie Hambrook

New deal protects 72 million hectares of wilderness - Posted: 31-May-10
  Canada's Aboriginal people are the key to Boreal Agreement's success - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

You wouldn't believe... - Posted: 25-May-10
  Everyone has to be somewhere - Canal plus

Cars sap your strength - Posted: 25-May-10
  Drive home the benefits of staying active - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

BC poll favours NDP - Posted: 25-May-10
  Liberals fall behind by twelve percentage points - Bill Tieleman

Alberta's lonely Liberals - Posted: 25-May-10
  Local liberals too busy fighting to pay attention to Michael Ignatieff's visit - Gillian Steward

G20 lingo - Posted: 25-May-10
  Here's the difference between the bank levy and the Robin Hood tax - Kelly Crichton

Tell feds not to sell prison farm herd - Posted: 25-May-10
  Save the prison farm program, which nourishes prisoners' bodies and souls - Rev Kathy Sage

You can live without it... - Posted: 25-May-10
  ... if you choose not to be with-it - Charles Gordon

G8 program needs fixing - Posted: 24-May-10
  Canada needs to apply common sense in the Maternal Health Initiative - Elsie Hambrook

Cancer Alley, AB - Posted: 24-May-10
  Citizens, activist groups, call attention to tar sands impacts near Edmonton - Mike Angus

New report on workplace injuries - Posted: 24-May-10
  June 1 is Injured Workers Day in Ontario - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Trying to duck the abortion issue - Posted: 24-May-10
  Harper said to be "furious". With himself, perhaps? - Geoffrey Stevens

Nashville floods below media radar - Posted: 24-May-10
  $1 billion in damages to stately liberal Southern city, country music capital - SGN staff

Bumper crop of concealment - Posted: 24-May-10
  CAJ announces nominees for Code of Silence Award - Canadian Association of Journalists

The Armageddon Factor in Alberta - Posted: 24-May-10
  Calgarians respond to authors of books about right-wing strategies - Penney Kome

Trade deal with Colombia can still be stopped - Posted: 24-May-10
  Public must press Liberals to guarantee independent human rights assessments - Ish Theilheimer

Turning back Noam Chomsky - Posted: 24-May-10
  Israel's self-fulfilling prophecy: Hallelujah, the world is against us! - Uri Avnery

Bell Canada touch-tone overcharge reversed - Posted: 24-May-10
  Customers must contact Bell and request refund - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Euro faces a near-death experience - Posted: 24-May-10
  Weak Mediterranean economies endanger common currency - Gwynne Dyer

Economics is "a disgraced profession": Galbraith - Posted: 24-May-10
  Free marketeers shunned rigorous fraud policies - James Galbraith

Harper's small tent strategy - Posted: 24-May-10
  With a divided opposition, Harperites need only one-third of voters for support - Lawrence Martin

Public Safety Minister floats "rape" balloon - Posted: 24-May-10
  Proposed change in terms may presage changes in policies - Constance Backhouse

Texas school books alarming - Posted: 24-May-10
  Other states look a little better, but only by comparison - Bill Bigelow

Gallant pilot - Posted: 18-May-10
  Ears hurt? Suck it up! - Internet

Budget clauses would gut environmental protections - Posted: 18-May-10
  Tell MPs not to weaken the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. from West Coast Environmental Law Association

Religious right sets sights on Supreme Court - Posted: 18-May-10
  Charles McVety storms Ottawa in campaign mode - Ish Theilheimer

Choosing the next Premier - Posted: 18-May-10
  Gordon Campbell will have to step down, and soon - Bill Tieleman

New voice for the financial elite - Posted: 18-May-10
  CD Howe Institute launches new centre on monetary policy - Linda McQuaig

Coalition envy - Posted: 18-May-10
  Canada's political scene is different from Britain's - Charles Gordon

Bound for a repeat in Afghanistan - Posted: 18-May-10
  New NATO surge will mean more detainee headaches for PM - Paul Weinberg

Provinces quarrel over access to power grid - Posted: 17-May-10
  Nalcor Energy claims it is denied fair access to Québec's transmission system - Nalcor Energy

BP Oil has record of carelessness - Posted: 17-May-10
  BP cited for worst OSHA safety violations among US refiners - Center for Public Integrity

Serious loopholes in new federal water law: COC - Posted: 17-May-10
  Council of Canadians warns that Bill C-26 could allow bulk bottled water exports - Council of Canadians

Junta hampers water aid - Posted: 17-May-10
  Burma's military government hinders aid during a severe drought - Nay Rein Kyaw, Nay Linn and Aung Moe Myint

Corporate vultures get CanWest - Posted: 17-May-10
  Hedge fund owners want to wring last profits from a declining industry - John Gordon Miller

Travelers' top complaints - Posted: 17-May-10
  Luggage fees and airfare surcharges top list of gripes in survey - Consumer Reports

G8 project a ploy - Posted: 17-May-10
  Harper panders to the religious right on abortion - Geoffrey Stevens

Unions need better advertising and PR - Posted: 17-May-10
  Right-wingers are winning over public opinion because unions shy away from proven techniques - Phil Haynes

UK election makes history - Posted: 17-May-10
  Liberal Democrats may finally win electoral reform: proportional representation - Gwynne Dyer

Oilsands: safe is not relative - Posted: 17-May-10
  Gulf disaster only seems to make oilsands less dangerous - Samantha Power

Ontario and the HST - Posted: 17-May-10
  New tax structure looms as hazardous issue for Ontario Liberals - IQP

Bystanders are enablers - Posted: 17-May-10
  Workplace bullying is bad for business and bad for people - Elsie Hambrook

What the Gulf oil disaster tells us - Posted: 17-May-10
  Several Canadian projects pose the same risks as the now-sunk Deepwater Horizon rig - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Harper and Merkel lecture while the world suffers - Posted: 11-May-10
  Right wingers use the economic crisis they created to cut public services - Ish Theilheimer

Aboriginal delegation travels to Canada to press for Bill C-300 - Posted: 11-May-10
  Papua New Guinea citizens say Barrick Gold complicit in rapes, killings - Ish Theilheimer

The strange case of Chief Kash and Mr. Heed - Posted: 11-May-10
  Somebody paid for and distributed vicious anti-NDP flyers in Chinese, in Heed's riding and nearby - Bill Tieleman

Private orthopedic clinic goes belly up - Posted: 11-May-10
  Public purse to rescue bankrupt beacon of privatized health-care - Gillian Steward

Loose lips sink ships — er, rigs - Posted: 11-May-10
  Dave Letterman imagines BP Oil's top ten excuses -

The "F" word - Posted: 11-May-10
  STFU incident highlights Harperite vindictiveness towards feminists, critics - Penney Kome

Putting the Greek debt crisis in context - Posted: 11-May-10
  Militarism, corruption and Europolitics left Greece grasping for cash - Andre Gerolymatos

Pipe up against Enbridge - Posted: 11-May-10
  Enbridge wants to risk BC's coastal waters with oil pipeline, supertankers - Coastal First Nations

People need to get ready - Posted: 11-May-10
  PIAC calls for attention to TV switch to Digital Over the Air - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

The recession rolls on - Posted: 11-May-10
  New CPJ report details increase in economic insecurity - Citizens for Public Justice

Gulf spill may be much worse than reported - Posted: 10-May-10
  Drilling relief well, which takes three months, may be only recourse - Christian Science Monitor

Reduce, recycle, and replant - Posted: 10-May-10
  Nations taking action to restore the world's forests - Earth Policy Institute

Say good night, CAB - Posted: 10-May-10
  Canadian Association of Broadcasters closes up shop - John Gordon Miller

Lancet scolds Canada - Posted: 10-May-10
  UK's leading medical journal responds to proposed G8 maternal health plan - The Lancet

The Armageddon factor - Posted: 10-May-10
  New book details how Canada's Christian right is gaining power. by Marci McDonald

Robin Hood to the rescue! - Posted: 10-May-10
  Financial Transactions Tax could stabilize European economic upheaval - Mel Watkins

Alberta brags but lags - Posted: 10-May-10
  Workplace safety a matter for government enforcement, not PR -Ricardo Acuña

Karlheinz Schreiber jailed - Posted: 10-May-10
  But the big question remains unanswered in the Airbus Scandal.

Hotel workers blow whistle - Posted: 10-May-10
  Sheraton, Delta hotels told to stop "fake green" programs foisted on guests - UNITE HERE

Canada's cities at a crossroads - Posted: 10-May-10
  Public, leaders must decide whether to sprawl or to pursue "smart growth". - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

A mother's work is... - Posted: 10-May-10
  Statistically, families don't fit the stereotypes - Elsie Hambrook

No shield law for journalists - Posted: 10-May-10
  But maybe it's time to focus on other obstacles - Charles Gordon

Unions organizing globally to curb corporate power - Posted: 04-May-10
  Linking up across borders is the only way to fight transnationals - Ish Theilheimer

Obama regales the media - Posted: 04-May-10
  President wins laughs at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner - YouTube

Tell G8 Summit what's important - Posted: 04-May-10
  Sign on to economic, ecological and equality-seeking agenda - Make Poverty History

Shutting down debate and investigations - Posted: 04-May-10
  BC Liberals' contempt for democracy goes way beyond HST - Bill Tieleman

Restraint hits poor the hardest - Posted: 04-May-10
  Ontario's austerity program literally takes food out of the mouths of the hungry - Linda McQuaig

New "Discover Canada" guide - Posted: 04-May-10
  Harperites' rewrite of immigrant guide reflects very conservative values - Laura Kaminker

US feds fund media literacy video game - Posted: 04-May-10
  New website teaches youth to analyze ad propaganda Stuart Elliot New York Times

Fire on the bayou - Posted: 04-May-10
  Non-stop river of oil heads to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida - Bill Quigley

Public ISPs highly competitive - Posted: 03-May-10
  Publicly owned networks offer fastest speeds at lowest prices: report - Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Get Canada on track - Posted: 03-May-10
  The founder of High Speed Rail Canada says the rest of the world has already embraced high-speed rail - Paul Langan for Corporate Knights magazine

CanWest finds buyers - Posted: 03-May-10
  Shaw cable company to buy out Goldman Sachs' shares in broadcast services - Straight Goods Staff

Privatizing prison supplies - Posted: 03-May-10
  Replacing prison farm milk to cost almost $1 million - National Farmer's Union

Nuclear proliferation treaty up for review - Posted: 03-May-10
  Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is expected to attend the conference - Bujika Krastev

"Bad King Stephen" and the Afghan precedent - Posted: 03-May-10
  Trench warfare in the House - Geoffrey Stevens

Israel's land sharks - Posted: 03-May-10
  In the end, the occupation might be about real estate profits.

USW prosecutes Weyerhaeuser in worker's death - Posted: 03-May-10
  Union invokes Westray law to pursue criminal charges in woodchipper death - United Steelworkers of Canada

May Day in Alberta - Posted: 03-May-10
  Time to wake the sleeping labour giant - Ricardo Acuña

McGuinty's Sex Ed lesson - Posted: 03-May-10
  Inept handling leads to derailment of program - Inside Queens Park

Balance is good in politics - Posted: 03-May-10
  Yet gender balance still seems to be a bold idea - Elsie Hambrook

Deaths continue in Honduras - Posted: 03-May-10
  Despite election, killing of activists and journalists continues - Maquila Solidarity Network

Re-thinking salmon farms - Posted: 03-May-10
  Considering the dangers wild salmon face, closed-containment farming might be a good idea after all - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Wind power soars - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  In 2009, global wind power capacity exceeded 150,000 megawatts.

Support the Lubicon Cree - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Tell Premier Stelmach: hands off their land! -

The new GG - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Candidates with charisma need not apply - Geoffrey Stevens

Sponsorship and journalistic integrity - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Report recommends best practices for nonprofit investigative journalism - Stacy Forster for the University of Wisconsin at Madison

Politics and sex education - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Alberta enshrined parental rights to keep children ignorant - Gillian Steward

Allies missing in action - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Taxpayers' Fed, Chamber of Commerce support HST, despite public, business opposition - Bill Tieleman

Golf tips - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  It's not just the course, it's the whole environment - internet

World Bank promotes land grab: think tank - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Report charges that the International Finance Corporation aids corporate control of arable land - Oakland Institute

Canadians should seize opportunity to act for global weapons ban - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  And: Robin vs Robbing Hood Taxes; and, protecting living workers - Ish Theilheimer

Novotel hit with charges at Labour Tribunal hearing - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  22 Toronto City Councillors support hotel workers' right to organize a union - UNITE HERE

Too many cultures for a culture war - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Pollster advises Liberals to pit region against region, to divide and conquer - Charles Gordon

G20 shuns bank tax - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Jim Flaherty's "victory" leaves taxpayers holding the tab - Mel Watkins

Democracy isn't just a tweet away - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Social media can help with organizing but revolutions need more powerful tools - Jeffrey Gedmin, President, Radio Free Europe

Harshest enforcement in the USA - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Arizona's immigration bill is a social and racial sin. - Jim Wallis 04-21-2010

Plane crash could reconcile Russia and Poland - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Russians now understand why Poles dislike them - Gwynne Dyer

Key Alberta Liberal jumps ship - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Dave Taylor's move symptomatic of Alberta's democratic deficit - Ricardo Acuña

Indian band wins limit on DNA research - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  U of Arizona to pay $700,000 to 41 Havasupai tribe members. - Vera Hassner Sharav for the Alliance for Human Research Protection

Safe organic meat - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Small abattoirs are the key to strong link between farmer, customer - Ann Slater, NFU Board Member

Riparian repair - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  Watching the Petitcodiac River flow — once again - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Valuing work - Posted: 27-Apr-10
  NB's Pay Equity Act comes into effect - Elsie Hambrook

Heroes of the environment - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Goldman Prize celebrates six activists from six continents - Goldman Environmental Prize

Civil society groups launch campaign for "Robin Hood Tax" - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Tiny financial transactions tax could fund fights against poverty, climate change - Straight Goods staff

Yes Men infiltrate Run for Water - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Dow-sponsored event draws more costumed protestors than actual runners - Yes Men

Universal truths - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Guaranteed to bring a few smiles! - Uncle David

How to make Finance Minister Hansen mad - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  And why most of British Columbia is mad at him - Bill Tieleman

More corporate trade deals are just what we didn't need - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  While the world looks for ways to contain corporate greed, Canada unleashes the dogs - Ish Theilheimer

Culture of greed under attack - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  The SEC finally is taking action against Wall Street - Linda McQuaig

Neighbourhood defines life expectancy - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Spectator report finds health, wealth, worlds apart in Hamilton - Steve Buist for the Hamilton Spectator

Copyfight - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Flickr kicks off copyright debate by offering Creative Commons licenses - Fabiola Carletti

New King embraces gentler Islam - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Saudi Arabia awakens to the dangers of Wahhabism, de-funds Taliban. - M. D. Nalapat

Still gender-imbalanced - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Global monitoring project finds mainstream media still a male, male world - Straight Goods staff

Comedy and errors - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Opposition parties should stand back and let the clowns fall where they may - Charles Gordon

PIAC files privacy complaint against Nexopia - Posted: 20-Apr-10
  Kids' privacy not respected by popular Canadian social network, says public interest group - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Alberta dumping pushy bureaucrats - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Conservatives don't like current Auditor-General or Chief Electoral Officer - Samantha Power Vue Weekly

Too many nukes - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  High-level meetings to reduce stockpiles have a whole lot of work to do - Gwynne Dyer

Subsidy shifting - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Subsidizing sustainability might cost less than subsidizing destruction, as we do now - Lester R Brown

Protect Alberta farm workers - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Tell Premier Stelmach to end the harvest of death by extending health and safety regulations to farms - Labour Start

NUPGE calls for national Pension Summit - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Recent economic crisis has devastated pensions and retirement savings - NUPGE

Asking the right questions - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Poll outcomes depend on how the questions are framed - George Lakoff

Perils of personal care products - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Be aware of what you're slathering on your skin - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Harper's damaging cover-ups - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Some politicians never manage to learn - Geoffrey Stevens

Feds de-fund NB Pay Equity Coalition - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  Major, well-respected equality-seeking group left stranded - Elsie Hambrook

More MPs for Ontario - Posted: 19-Apr-10
  McGuinty and Matthews play Good Cop, Bad Cop on generic drug fees - IQP

Sam Sullivan said to be in the running for GG - Posted: 14-Apr-10
  Former Vancouver mayor might yet do a Sarah Palin - Bill Tielman

Deny, deny, deny - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Catholic church's reaction to sex abuse charges echoes Mt Cashel, residential schools scandals. by Dennis Greunding

Pride goeth before the fall - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  And little old ladies aren't as easy to push around as they used to be - YouTube

Lobbying thrives on insider knowledge - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Accountability Act loopholes grease government-corporate revolving door - Ish Theilheimer

More bad news on the HST - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Saskatchewan and Manitoba both reject regressive sales tax - Bill Tieleman

Support Canada's peacekeeping role - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Send a letter to the PM saying that Canada should drop combat and resume peacekeeping - Steven Staples for

Oilsands a sitting duck for critics - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Industry's environmental record never seems to improve - Gillian Steward

Tax shifting - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Tax pollution, not income - Lester R. Brown

Chile under the radar - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Media miss catastrophic effects of February earthquake - Rosemary Sullivan

Fighting injustice at playoff time - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  There's tension between being a good progressive and a sports obsessive - Charles Gordon

Palestine's PM gambles on non-violence - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Salam Fayyad building nation on the ground, to announce sovereignty at the end of 2011 - Uri Avnery

Terrorism is a technique, not an enemy - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Political posturing obscures the variety of motives for terrorist attacks - Gwynne Dyer

Questions the Prime Minister hasn't answered - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Harper won't say why he set the RCMP on Helena Geurgis - Geoffrey Stevens

Day of Mourning events - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  April 28 a time to rededicate ourselves to safer workplaces - Workers' Health and Safety Centre

Community Access restored - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Industry Minister backs away from slashing public Internet access sites - Marita Moll

A covenant for civility - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Political debate in the USA has degenerated into insults, name-calling and threats - Jim Wallis

Federal and provincial safety nets frayed - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Cities strain to fill the gaps: fcm - from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Charting the Aboriginal income gap - Posted: 13-Apr-10
  Aboriginal peoples earn an average of 70 cents for every dollar non-Aboriginals earn - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

On the road to reduced fuel use - Posted: 12-Apr-10
  Here are some tips to driving and maintaining your car more efficiently - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Ups and downs of business ownership - Posted: 12-Apr-10
  Women may choose self-employment for different reasons from men - Elsie Hambrook

Death by prescription poisoning - Posted: 12-Apr-10
  US hospitalizations for poisoning by opioids, sedatives and tranquilizers up sharply from 1999 - American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Who killed the miners? - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Mining industry has long placed profits over safety - Jeff Biggers

"Fight HST" campaign launches - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Group has 90 days to collect signatures for repeal - Bill Tieleman

Ann Coulter's Canadian hosts - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Ezra Levant was prominent, others are more reticent about their involvement - by Gerald Caplan

Warm, with a chance of disaster - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Oil companies fund fog of uncertainty on climate change - Linda McQuaig

Matching up - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Help is at hand, when the price is right - P Harmony

Stop GE wheat and alfalfa - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Support Bill C-474 — before April 14, 2010 - Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

The GG assumption - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Can we live without a Governor-General? We'll never know - Charles Gordon

Making the Commons grow and grow and grow - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Constitutional guarantees mean that the number of MPs will never shrink - Geoffrey Stevens

Merchants of doubt - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  Q & A about deniers, with science historian Naomi Oreskes - Stephen Leahy

The Devil made them do it - Posted: 06-Apr-10
  And other stuff that Catholics have blamed for the pedophilia scandal -

Story of Stuff wins Fred Rogers Award - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Annie Leonard's Internet video picks up prize for integrity, education - Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Banning the niqab - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Excluding women who wear the veil is not the way to advance equality - by Christine Overall

Cross-border consumer protection - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Network reaches enforcement and NGOs in 40 countries - International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network

Unions make work safer! - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  April 28 is International Workers' Memorial Day 2010 - Trade Union Confederation of the Americas

Saskatchewan Party government flouts ILO - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Employment Minister Rob Norris defies International Labour Organization ruling - Joe Kuchta

Netanyahu vs Obama - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Israeli PM caught in contest of will with US president - Gwynne Dyer

Refugee reforms show promise, but ignore dangers of "safe" countries - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Since rich countries created desperation in poor ones, we owe compassion to at least some of the victims - Ish Theilheimer

McGuinty attacks unions with "balance" - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  Ontario budget sets up arenas where civil sectors must vie for allocated funds Inside Queens Park

One cost of forest depletion - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  It's getting harder and harder to spot the spotted owl - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Female hockey: if you build it, they will come - Posted: 05-Apr-10
  At the 1924 Olympic hockey debut, Canadian men outscored their opposition 122-3 - Elsie Hambrook

Colombia trade deal comes back as top Harper government priority - Posted: 30-Mar-10
  Colombia trade deal comes back as top Harper government priority - Liberals' deal to support bill does not address fundamental human and labour rights concerns: USW by Ish Theilheimer

Deciphering ads - Posted: 30-Mar-10
  Deciphering ads - A guide to the advertising terms on products.

Static on the CBC - Posted: 30-Mar-10
  CRTC's cave-in to corporate interests will harm Canadian programming and viewers - Ish Theilheimer

City Caucus swarms wrong target - Posted: 30-Mar-10
  Allen Garr's offer to be City's beekeeper was no conflict of interest - Bill Tieleman

Nixing niqab not a priority for Albertans - Posted: 30-Mar-10
  Second-generation Muslim women less likely to wear the veil - Gillian Steward

Workers lose a dear friend - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Susan Meurer: April 25, 1943 - March 4, 2010 - Pat Van Horne

About that inflamed mob... - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Rumours of violence against Ann Coulter were wildly exaggerated - Charles Gordon

Elections are lost, not won - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Liberals wait for the Harper government to defeat itself - Geoffrey Stevens

Enough building already! - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Israel fears Obama heading for imposed Mideast settlement - Ari Shavit Haaretz

New arms-reduction treaty between US, Russia - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Nuclear Reduction Agreement an "important step forward": Foundation - Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

France, UK ponder shared nukes - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  The French shouldn't trust the Brits on this one - Gwynne Dyer

Concerns about Energy Star program - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Covert testing shows the Energy Star program certification process is vulnerable to fraud and abuse - US Government Accountability Office

Feds closing HRC offices - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Harperites shutting down three most active Human Rights Commission offices - John Baglow

"State of News Media" report grim - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Annual Pew Center analysis finds declines in audience, revenue and reporting - Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism

This is what neofascism looks like - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  Rightwing reaction to Obama's health care reform goes way beyond acceptable political activities - by Matthew Rothschild for The American Progressive

Forestry industry floundering - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  New report confirms devastation dues to government inaction on forestry - from the United Steelworkers, Canada

Posties have right to wear buttons: arbitrator - Posted: 29-Mar-10
  One button said, "Peace, Joy and a Public Post Office". - from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

USA's revived Department of Labor - Posted: 28-Mar-10
  Under Obama, DOL and OSHA are labour's allies, not adversaries.

Urge G8/G20 to live up to promise - Posted: 28-Mar-10
  Sign the petition calling for universal access to HIV treatment - CUPE

Shifting seasons - Posted: 28-Mar-10
  Plants, animals adjust to warmer world, with varying degrees of success - - Janet Larsen

Heed the warning signals - Posted: 28-Mar-10
  Technological fixes can have serious consequences - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Minimum wage Mama - Posted: 28-Mar-10
  Childcare, home responsibilities keep many women stuck in low-paid part-time jobs - Elsie Hambrook

World unions organize global week of action against Vale Inco bullying - Posted: 23-Mar-10
  Unions from Australia to Indonesia to Mozambique unite - USW

Campbell faces explosive year - Posted: 23-Mar-10
  BC landscape littered with political land mines - Bill Tieleman

Guns, not butter - Posted: 23-Mar-10
  Harperites try to turn Canada into aggressive pipsqueak of the north - Linda McQuaig

A ticket for Rush - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Help send Rush Limbaugh on a one-way trip to Costa Rica.

Bogus border charges - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Strange things happen to innocent people when countries share information - John Baglow

Protest feds funding asbestos lobby - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Budget fine print renews support to Chyrsotile Institute to promote exports -Staff

Culture on the cheap - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Canada's culture debates seem to be about price, not value - Charles Gordon

Urge G8 to include contraception - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Tell Harper and other leaders that maternal health care must include birth control and abortion - Katherine Mcdonald for the ACPD (Action Canada and Development)

The costs of compromise - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Progressives lose ground by seeking consensus with conservatives - Ish Theilheimer

Canadian climate scientists muzzled - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Report from 60 NGOs charges that feds are actively shutting down research - Stephen Leahy

Explore the Deep Web - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Here are ten search engines that search places you never knew existed -

Aboriginals not voting - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  In the 2008 election, only eight percent of aboriginal Canadians living on reserve lands voted - Samantha Power

Sex and hockey - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  A quintessential Canadian scandal also includes $1,000 bills in a paper bag - Geoffrey Stevens

TB kills 5000 people a day - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Thanks to Global Fund, six million TB patients have been treated since 2001 - Dr. Bob Dickson

March is Fraud Prevention Month - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Here are some pointers from the Competition Bureau - Industry Canada

Illness fells Nigeria's president - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  As his health problems mount, observers ask who is in charge - Gwynne Dyer

Obama's doomsday weapon - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  General Patraeus reported that US security jeopardized by US support for Israel - Uri Avnery

Gay geese and other facts - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  We all need to find safe spaces to be ourselves - Elsie Hambrook

Smaller than a hippo, weaker than a chimp - Posted: 22-Mar-10
  Humans need to use our brains, not our brawn, to survive - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

St Patrick's Day jokes - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Here's a wee bit of Irish humour to honour a special day.

Bill Davis retires, again - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Former Ontario Premier leaves law firm - Inside Queen's Park

A blind man's sport - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  And it's not all bluff - Internet

Sign the post-Copenhagen petition - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Most nations were ready to sign the Copenhagen Accord; urge them to comply - from the Global Compliance Research Project

Sochi Olympic project hits snags - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Workers, environmentalists complain - Radio Free Europe

Going down with the US ship - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Canadian economy tightly tied to dwindling empire - James Laxer

HST on private sales - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Used car sales now include 5 percent tax — even private sales.

Stelmach raises white flag - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Alberta Premier gives in to oil companies, lowers royalties - Gillian Steward

Murray Hill, candidate - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Corporation runs for Congress - John Wagner Washington Post

Mining company complains about bribery failure - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Blackfire produces receipts, says Chiapas mayor was "extorting" funds from them - Ish Theilhemeir

Violent backlash against climate scientists - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Climate change denier's list spurs threats, hate mail against climate scientists.

Harperites turn out for Politics and Pen dinner - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Tim Hortons' crowd comes to Starbucks event, dines well.

Water wisdom - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  India faces "water famine" due to Green Revolution crops - Vandana Shiva

Eight years and out! - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Making the case for term limits in Canadian politics - Geoffrey Stevens

Defining what is organic - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  CU and OCA urge action on deceptive "organic" labeling - from the Consumers' Union and the Organic Consumers Association

Another setback for Lubicon - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  INAC undermines Alberta Cree band's land rights claim by imposing third-party management - Russell Charlton

Apple admits using child labour - Posted: 16-Mar-10
  Also: White House could give advantage to employers who pay living wage - Harry Kelber

Canada finally ratifies UN disabilities Convention - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  Three years ago, Parliament voted unanimously to ratify the CRPD - NUPGE

A matter of timing - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  Israel's announcement of new settlements insulted US VP Joe Biden - Uri Avnery

Democracy Watch appeals - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  Ruling on fixed-election-date law could set Canada-wide precedent - SGN staff

Budgets predict the future - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  But they don't look very far ahead - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Advice on Trialpay - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  Enrolling brings free stuff — with some strings - Yardena Arar PC World

Think before you pink - Posted: 15-Mar-10
  Breast cancer is a disease, not a marketing opportunity - Elsie Hambrook

UK army launches investigation into Afghan spending - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  UK army launches investigation - Rampant corruption means millions missing from aid funds. by Johnathan Owen for the Independent

Up in the air - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Or just up in the world? Internet

"Stay-the-course" Budget tilts Canada rightward - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Harper continues campaign to permanently disable government - Ish Theilheimer, with YouTube video

Poor, disabled at top of BC Libs' hit list - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  BC budget slashes social assistance to save $25 million over two years - Bill Tieleman

Ontario condemns dissent at universities - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Legislature wrong to condemn "Israeli Apartheid Week" on campuses - Linda McQuaig

Criminal charges laid in workplace fatality - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  OFL president Sid Ryan warns employers: Kill a worker, go to jail - the Ontario Federation of Labor

Fix that anthem - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  You dost not abandon changing O Canada - Charles Gordon

Support a living wage for garment workers - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  A nutritious meal should not be a luxury - from

Women backsliding in Alberta - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  We still have a long way to go, baby - Shannon Phillips

Concerns about "cloud" computing - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Privacy Commissioner launches public consultations on relevant privacy issues - from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

The struggle for equality continues - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Unions still in the forefront, on the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day - Public Service Alliance of Canada

Odds favour the Taliban - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Guerrillas have tended to win, in most post-imperial guerrilla wars - Gwynne Dyer

Budget snubs older Canadians - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  And they might return the favour - from the Canadian Association of Retired People

"Patriot" groups, militias surge in number in past year - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Racist hate groups surged by 55 percent over the past decade, up to 932 in 2009 - the Southern Poverty Law Centre

Going for bronze - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Harperites aim low with Throne speech and budget - Geoffrey Stevens

Austerity is wrong move - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Harperite budget can only prolong the recession - Mel Watkins

UN Climate Chief quits - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Widely liked and seen as fair, Yvo de Boer will be hard to replace - Stephen Leahy

NB Status of Women report - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  Not all issues advance at the same rate - Elsie Hambrook

Canada — where the great wild things are - Posted: 09-Mar-10
  But where grizzly bears are concerned, the question is, for how long? - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

BC Budget — the party's over - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Social programs and public sector workers to be slashed. by Bill Tieleman

Fig leaves fall - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Recent behaviour reveals the phony populism of the Harper government - James Laxer

Save our oceans - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Sign petition urging UK to create world's largest Marine Protected Area. -

News media still omit women - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  New report shows slow progress towards equal participation, depiction - the World Association for Christian Communication

Olympics glow offers Harper, and others, golden framing opportunity - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Time for programs like Own Our Education and Own Our Environment - Ish Theilhemeir

If people counted - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Canada's job crisis needs an answer in Thursday's federal budget - David Macdonald and Armine Yalnizyan

Nigeria at a turning point - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Ailing, absent President Yar'Adua and his cronies losing grip on power - Chido Nwangwu

Alberta's weak election rules - Posted: 02-Mar-10
  Reforms still permit unlimited spending and fundraising - Gillian Steward

Runner-ups at the Punster's Beauty Pageant - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  There's one rule: Only nouns can enter - Dylan Kome

Olympic post-mortem - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Did we win more than medals? - Charles Gordon

Why Iraqi women miss Saddam - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  For all his faults, former dictator promoted gender equality more than new regime does - Abdu Rahman and Dahr Jamail

Detainee abuse will come back to bite Harperites - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Minority parties could work together to hold MacKay and Cannon in contempt - Stuart Thomson

NB Power deal delayed two months for hearings - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Province opens debate but says nothing will change the already-negotiated $3.2-billion contract - NUPGE

Protecting workers, not corporations - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  US: Department of Labor is part of a "quiet revolution" in government - Mark Engler for Yes! Magazine

WHO tobacco treaty a global first - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Fifth anniversary review shows huge uptake, usefulness, and remaining obstacles - Corporate Accountability International

Harper enjoys Olympics break - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Now he has to tackle the moguls course on Parliament Hill - Geoffrey Stevens

Atomic accomplice - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Canada's uranium sales increase pollution and risk of rogue nuclear weapons -

Music Freedom Day - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Celebrate the right to make music without facing prison - Chantal Flores The Nation

The oil industry is your friend - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  New Alberta curriculum puts government spin in the classroom - Ricardo Acuña

Kiss kiss, smack smack - Posted: 01-Mar-10
  Youth dating violence remains a problem - Elsie Hambrook

Lessons from friendly microbes - Posted: 28-Feb-10
  Caring for ourselves goes hand in hand with caring for the planet - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Charlie Angus: stop Xstrata and Vale from closing Canadian mining operations - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Charlie Angus: stop Xstrata and Vale from closing Canadian mining operations SGNI

Basi-Virk case dates set - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  BC Rail corruption case to start May 3, end by June 30, BC Supreme Court justice decides - Bill Tieleman

Feds challenge real estate fees - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Want to list on MLS? You'll pay for a host of other services too, want them or not - Competition Bureau of Canada

Here's one way to get attention - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Baltimore meterologist freaks out about snow forecast -

Framing the health care debate - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Health is about life and freedom, not just dollars - George Lakoff

Restraint for everything but sports - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Canada spends $6 billion for Olympics but budget holds line on health and education - Linda McQuaig

Smart power grids - Posted: 23-Feb-10
  Also, smart meters, smart appliances, and other ways to reduce energy use - Lester R. Brown

We should worry about what matters - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  And we should stop worrying about people who don't - Charles Gordon

Obama bets on wrong horse with nuclear investment - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Green technologies show more promise of easing climate fears without side effects - Ish Theilheimer

Tell feds to protect public pensions - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Sign petition developed by PSAC, PIPSC - Stuart Thomson

Labour issues "reality check" - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Labour, women�s groups will tell UN Canada is lagging behind on commitments - the Canadian Labour Congress

Reviewing the RCMP - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Senate's Red Serge Revival report makes some decent recommendations - John Baglow

Mossad's mixed record - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Israeli policy compromised, embarrassed by recent "elimination" in Dubai - Uri Avnery

US politics echo Canadian history - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  America's battle over health care reform started in Saskatchewan - Christopher Flavelle

Save the pedestrians! - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Reducing road speeds would reduce driver deaths too - Albert Koehl and Wayne Scott

Harper has won control of the Senate - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Now what is he going to do with it? - Geoffrey Stevens

Oil exploration looms off the Falklands - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Speculation could lead to another UK–Argentina showdown - Gwynne Dyer

Olympics protesters target tar sands - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Olympics sponsors called out on greenwash attempts - Samantha Power

Defining anti-semitism - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  Opposition to Israel's policies is sometimes seen as hate speech - Paul Weinberg

Forty years later... - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  The Royal Commission on the Status of Women still reverberates - Elsie Hambrook

Nature imposes the real bottom line - Posted: 22-Feb-10
  In the real world, survival trumps the economy, jobs and profit - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Feds leave indigenous people out of five-nation Arctic meet - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Exclusion undermines spirit and requirements of 14-year old Arctic Council - Ish Theilheimer

Automatic airplane - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Sit back and let the robot handle everything.

Uganda: rights not repression - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Gay Ugandans may be sentenced to death if legislation being debated right now passes -

Fill your opening ceremony with arts, then cut them - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Thanks for the show, artists — now get lost. BC to slash 90 percent of culture funding - Mark Leiren-Young

Alberta bets on another oil boom - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Stelmach's budget boosts health care, infrastructure spending - Steward

Time to disown Canadian thuggishness - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Olympics should be a chance to display higher values - Ish Theilheimer

Pashtuns are the wild card - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Don't let Pakistan repeat past mistakes In Afghanistan - M. D. Nalapat

In praise of the Prorogation Moguls - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  And other essential crib notes on Canada and the Olympics - Geoffrey Stevens

Save O Canada! - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Take away the microphones and stop stylizing already - Charles Gordon

Harper gives away the store - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  PM amends NAFTA, undermines local governments, to get in at the end of "Buy America" gold rush - James Laxer

RSI Awareness Day - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Sit up straight, take frequent breaks, and protect yourself from serious injury - Serge Champoux

Olympics scams - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Here are some ways to check tickets, sportswear, accommodation, travel packages - Better Business Bureau

The lobbying-media complex - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  Popular US commentators are sometimes on the payrolls of industries they analyze -Sebastian Jones

Preserving nature's "green jewels" - Posted: 16-Feb-10
  World Wetlands Week highlights the importance of keeping wetlands from becoming wastelands - Stephen Leahy

Harper's maternal health initiative - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Ignatieff accepts what Harper ignores: pregnancy care has to include abortion - Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

The dark side of nitrogen - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Ammonia used in fertilizer can migrate to cause problems in waterways and atmosphere - Stephanie Ogburn

About those jailed Iranian journalists - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Authors, journalists and publishers launch "Our Society Will Be a Free Society" campaign - PEN and other groups

Imagine Saddam Hussein in 2010 - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Tony Blair's vision of that future is his rationale for attack on Iraq - Gwynne Dyer

Draining the Athabasca River - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Alberta's "water management strategy" leaning to even more de-regulation and market-based objectives - Ricardo Acuña

Ottawa stalls on repatriating Gitmo prisoner - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Khadr case raises broad questions on child combatants - Paul Weinberg

Going for the Olympic green medals - Posted: 15-Feb-10
  Global gathering has large environmental footprint - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Proud to be from BC - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Satirical song contrasts Olympic, social spending - farmoredunsley

Foreign Affairs committee soldiers on - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Dewar presses for detainee accountability, Michael Ignatieff will forgo spring breaks - by Stuart Thomson, with Laura Osman

Influence of religious extremists rises under Harper government - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  HRSDC grants to faith-based groups shot up starting in 2008 - Ish Theilheimer

Political guide for Olympics visitors - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  You could not have a warmer welcome to our backyard - Bill Tieleman

Flaherty nixes Tobin tax - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Harperites obstruct G7 push for tax on financial speculation. - Linda McQuaig

Let the same old games begin - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Hypocrisy and protest accompany Big Sports - Charles Gordon

A new stampede of special interest money - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  US Supreme Court creates havoc for politics in America but not in Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

USA yearns for something like CBC - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Government funded media seen as last hope for American journalism - David Swanson

Rescuing failing states - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Every nation needs a Department of Global Security to fashion a coherent policy toward each weak and failing state - Lester R. Brown

Bring Omar Khadr to justice - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Tell PM: Supreme Court said to bring him back to Canada - Amnesty International

The creed of objectivity killed the news - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Vaunted lack of bias is the disease of American journalism - Chris Hedges Truth Dig

In Israel, "peace" is a four-letter word - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Activists embrace other struggles, which seem more winnable - Uri Avnery

No real bamboo textiles in Canada - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Competition Bureau takes action to ensure accuracy for textiles labelled and advertised as bamboo - from the Competition Bureau of Canada

Sudan broken by wars over oil - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Sovereignty for south might be best solution, but it goes against African and UN policy - Gwynne Dyer

Flu fear flown - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  H1N1 risk might have been exaggerated - Eben Harrell for Time Magazine

Albertans nickeled and dimed - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  New research shows Albertans pay the highest out-of-pocket costs for services - Parkland Institute

Sportswear sweatshops - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Coalition rates working conditions at makers of Olympic style sports gear - United Steel Workers

Take back our savings - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Reclaiming our capital can re-shape our economy - Thomas Croft

NB Heritage Week - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Time to review the heritage of women's victories in New Brunswick - Elsie Hambrook

At home in the Boreal forest - Posted: 12-Feb-10
  Traditional aboriginal knowledge is critical to conservation - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Vancouver's Olympics head for disaster - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Everything that could go wrong, is in the process of going wrong - Douglas Haddow

Something really stinks in Facebook - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Not one but two Facebook protest groups disappeared for days, with no explanation - Bill Tieleman

Urban Olympic legacies - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Vancouver's experience is likely to be very different than Calgary's was - Gillian Steward

Rating the fisheries - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Vanishing sockeye shouldn't be labelled "sustainable" - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Scrap the Superbowl ad - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Top ten reasons the NFL should tell CBS not to run an anti-choice ad - from the Women's Media Center

Olympic hype distinctly non-Canadian - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  When sponsors and hucksters win, amateur sports lose - Ish Theilheimer

Homophobia in the classroom - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  How the Canadian education system is failing queer youth - Natasha Barsotti for Xtra

Bible references found on gun sights - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Major armaments maker encodes chapter and verse on side of sights - Dennis Gruending

The revolution is coming! - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  The question is: how to carry it? - Charles Gordon

Two steps forward and one step backward for labour rights in 2009 - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Labour victories were counterbalanced by legislative attacks, says NUPGE president - NUPGE

From ersatz populist to control freak - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Harper in power shows a very different face from Harper in opposition - Geoffrey Stevens

How markets fail - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Even if each free marketeer acts rationally, the hubris of the herd overrides all - Mel Watkins

Small can, big price - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  90 calorie cans of Coke to cost 50 to 140 percent more, pro-rated, than 12 ounce cans - Center for Science in the Public Interest

Rebuilding government - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Obama administration rejuvenates agencies to protect workers' rights, health - Penney Kome

Bill Gates and the Green Revolution do Africa - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Big money for agriculture might just mean money for Big Agriculture - Wendy Holm

Choosing Ms or Mrs - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  What's in a name? Tradition, identity, trouble? - Elsie Hambrook

Climategate and disbelief - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Climate change deniers pounce on small mistakes and miss the big picture - Gwynne Dyer

Research perils - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Beware the shaggy bear story - Internet

Alberta dissolves rural school board - Posted: 02-Feb-10
  Public, media, asking wrong questions about the root of the problem - Ricardo Acuña

The truth, the whole truth, and... - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  There's many a slip of tongue in the courtroom - from the Internet

Haitian realities contrast with stereotypes - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  Jean Saint-Vil: Canada should own up to hosting 2003 summit to plot Aristed's overthrow - Ish Theilheimer

European inquiries into attack on Iraq - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  While UK looks for lessons, The Netherlands mulls international law - George Monbiot for The Guardian

Help Haiti help itself - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  NGOs urge foreign ministers to help Haiti rebuild civil society - Canadian Council for International Co-operation

Stop neuromarketing - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  Urge corporations and politicians to sign the pledge - World Business Academy

From public watchdog to potential lapdog - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  David Loukidelis wrong to jump to deputy AG - Bill Tieleman

Money and Mother Earth - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  Climate change is a symptom of economic madness - David Suzuki and Faisal Moola

Populism masks elitists - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  Nothing could be less populist than the right's agenda - Linda McQuaig

Huge anti-prorogation rally shows power of social media - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  Thousands turn out in Ottawa cold to demand government get "back to work" - Laura Osman Stuart Thompson

George Lakoff on Obama and the way forward - Posted: 26-Jan-10
  The conservatives are winning the framing wars again - George Lakoff

Avoiding an Olympics hangover - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Green jobs can save BC's economy after the Olympics bump returns to a slump - Marc Lee

Trading trees for beans - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Growing demand for soybeans threatens Amazon rainforest - Lester R. Brown

Problems loom with upcoming Iraq election - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Tensions mount over plans to ban some candidates - from Radio Free Europe

Calgarians against prorogation - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Hundreds join protest outside Stephen Harper's constituency office - Penney Kome

Opportunity knocks for the opposition - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Liberals, NDP and BQ could keep issues alive with hearings, daily press conferences - Geoffrey Stevens

American campaign to limit corporations - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Supreme Court decision triggers movement for new Constitutional amendment. -

Consumers left out in the code - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Changes to credit and debit card policies could cost consumers more. - the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

CRTC reviewing $100 million "community media" fund - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Media activists lobbying for return of community-participation channels on cable TV - Steve Anderson

Senegal's cynical invitation - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  President offers homesteads if poverty-stricken Haitians can pay their own way to Africa - Gwynne Dyer

Preventable tragedies - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Unwanted infants at risk for infanticide, abandonment - Elsie Hambrook

Call for Nova Scotia workers to speak up - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Province begins budget consultation meetings across province that could threaten public jobs - the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union

Protest online - Posted: 25-Jan-10
  Does it equal more than a warm feeling - Charles Gordon

No bottled water on March 11 - Posted: 19-Jan-10
  Sign up for Bottled Water Free Day - Canadian Federation of Students, the Sierra Youth Coalition and the Polaris Institute

Accused killers go free - Posted: 19-Jan-10
  Crime victims suffer - Bill Tieleman

Look out, Stelmach, here comes Ted Morton - Posted: 19-Jan-10
  "Right-winger with a PhD" gains power in Alberta cabinet - Gillian Steward

Al-Gebra latest threat - Posted: 19-Jan-10
  'There are 3 sides to every triangle' - Internet

Our responsibility to help rebuild Haiti - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  And, exposing Harper's grandstanding "as a trained economist" - Ish Theilheimer

In defence of online copyright - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Former Open Culture advocates re-think, seeking ways to encourage true creativity - John Tierney

A line in the sand on privacy? Maybe not just yet - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Airport scanners, carry-on ban and other reflections on flying - Charles Gordon

Time to go local - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Banks should stop trying to sell CanWest as one giant conglomerate - John Gordon Miller

Why the US owes Haiti billions - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  As a matter of justice, the USA owes Haiti reparations - Bill Quigley

Governments turning their backs on pension crisis - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Most seniors will have to get by on $16,000 a year from CPP and OAS - Larry Brown for the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)

2010: International Year for Biodiversity - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  World urged to step up efforts on protecting species - Antoine Blua

Sri Lanka's future - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  January 26 election not likely to soothe ethnic frictions - Gwynne Dyer

Will Haiti save Harper's bacon? - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Swift action in humanitarian crisis might override public concern about proroguing - Geoffrey Stevens

When bankers give advice... - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Provinces should define and regulate financial planners - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Youth unemployment soars globally - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  And other labour news from Germany, Chile, UK, Spain, Bangladesh and Finland - Harry Kelber

Wildrose Alliance and Renewal offer status quo - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Two new parties promise "change," just not to anything different - Ricardo Acuña

Our role in Haiti's plight - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  Haiti's poverty is the direct legacy of brutal colonial exploitation - Peter Hallward

Avatar offers loads of fun with a green message - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  All of the issues in the movie are clearly the same as when Europeans first contacted indigenous people of the Americas - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Best reason to be a good employer: performance - Posted: 18-Jan-10
  New "Equality at Work" designation will give employers bragging rights - Elsie Hambrook

Tell Parliament, "Get back to work!" - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  On January 23, join anti-prorogation demonstrations across Canada No Progue!

Health Authority to close vital community living support - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Closing Chimo Achievement Centre for people with serious disabilities will cost lives and dollars - Bill Tieleman

Proroguing shuts down investigation - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Harper's decision cut off inquiry into possible complicity in torture - Linda McQuaig

Top ten scams of 2009 - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Free trial offers and scams that take advantage of tough economic times dominate the list - Better Business Bureau

Alarmed by proposed trade deal - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Public sector unions in Canada and Europe want major improvements to agreement - NUPGE, CUPE, PSAC, European Federation of Public Service Unions

The swine flu vaccine screw-up - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Optimism alone won't protect public health - Barbara Ehrenreich

Waziristan — the last frontier - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Ungovernable for centuries, Waziristan now the focus of hunt for al-Qaeda - Economist

Palin was a last-minute choice - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  New book reveals inside story on 2008 US presidential campaign - Anderson Cooper 60 Minutes

Flash frozen in history - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Big freeze plunged Europe into ice age in months- European Science Foundation

Next budget will bring "Blood on the streets" - Posted: 12-Jan-10
  Conservatives will cite austerity to de-fund left and gore enemy oxen - Ish Theilheimer

Irish farmer in a car accident - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  There are always 2 sides to a story! - Internet

Sick with terror - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Money spent on security does not secure good health- Amy Goodman

Our ocean cousins - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Scientists say dolphins should be treated as "non-human persons" - Johnathan Leake

Calling for intelligent airport security - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Security "enhancements" are a waste of time and money - Gwynne Dyer

Capitalism in flight - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Capitalism shrinks the world — and each of us, too - Charles Gordon

Senate reform: the last refuge of intellectual bankrupts - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Harper's bid to deflect prorogation rage bound to backfire - Geoffrey Stevens

Yemen a third quagmire - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  The Quiet American blunders from one disaster to the next - Uri Avnery

US car fleet shrinking - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  After a century of growth, US car ownership entering era of decline - Lester R. Brown

The world is watching - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Canada's reputation as a progressive middle power is gone - Maude Barlow

Imagine a brighter 21st century - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Constant growth is just not possible in a finite world with finite resources - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

When the punchline is a real punch - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Funny how the people who urge us to "get over it" have the most to gain - Elsie Hambrook

Xstrata Copper shuts Timmins operation - Posted: 11-Jan-10
  Local workers organize to reinstate ore processing facilities - Ben Lefebvre

US aid tied to purchase of arms - Posted: 06-Jan-10
  Weapons manufacture key to economy in the USA - Anne Davies

The quotable Gordon Campbell quiz of 2009 - Posted: 06-Jan-10
  The Premier may yet rue many of his statements - Bill Tieleman

The poor-bashing bandwagon - Posted: 06-Jan-10
  When times get tough, politicians deflect attention by blaming social assistance recipients - Jamie Swift

Take back Parliament - Posted: 06-Jan-10
  Forget prorogation – ask your MP to attend Parliament anyway - Facebook

Make politicians resolve to be honest - Posted: 06-Jan-10
  The number one reason non-voters give is lack of honesty in politics - Duff Conacher

Why news media are filled with year-end reviews - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Newspapers have tons of ads and nothing to fill the news hole - Charles Gordon

Front page outrage - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Putting an editorial in the news section underscores the Globe's alarm at Harper's actions - Geoffrey Stevens

Ontario college teachers to strike - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Province-wide strike vote will be held Jan. 13 after management walks away from bargaining table - NUPGE

Blackfire blamed in Mexican activist's death - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Harper government must adopt legislation to punish corrupt practices by Canadian-based mining corporations - Council of Canadians, United Steelworkers, Common Frontiers-Canada and MiningWatch Canada

Israel won the war but lost the public - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Cost to Israel's reputation outweighs military victory - Uri Avnery

Ice melting faster everywhere - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Some say the summer of 2037 could see the first ice-free Arctic in a million years - Alexardra Giese

Olympic security supercedes national laws - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  21st Century Olympics raise hackles among Vancouver residents - Paul Weinberg

Next year, the world would be a better place if... - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Work towards equality and against violence would improve all our lives - Elsie Hambrook

Stelmach Tories destabilized - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  Right-wing Wildrose party growing fast in Alberta - Gillian Steward

The Mayans were wrong - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  The world is not going to end in 2012... - Jim Kempkes

2010 could be Harperites' decade without radical action - Posted: 05-Jan-10
  And: thanks for rare courage speaking out on airline security - Ish Theilheimer

USA imposes new rules on airlines - Posted: 04-Jan-10
  Regulations limit how long passengers may be kept on grounded planes - US Department of Transport

In the public interest - Posted: 04-Jan-10
  Journalistic Statement of Principles protects newspapers too - John Miller

Dodging the bullet(s) - Posted: 04-Jan-10
  Forget making progress — 2009 was notable for the disasters that didn't happen - Gwynne Dyer

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