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World's poor pay for PM's policies - Posted: 21-Dec-11
  Harper's sabotage of climate change remedies hurts Africa most - Linda McQuaig

Bad manners, worse politics - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Conservatives stonewall on climate change, fracking, and more - Ish Theilheimer, with Samantha Bayard, with SGN YouTube video clips

Journalists under fire - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Unrest and impunity drive journalist deaths in 2011 - Committee to Protect Journalists

Draw the line at the tar sands - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Add your comments or video to Greenpeace's protest site -

I throw my latkes in the air sometimes - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Maccabeats put Hannukah spin on Dynamite song - Maccabeats

Let's take back Planet Woebegone in 2012 - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Sprouts of hope struggle upward amidst the rubble of a disaster-prone year - Ish Theilheimer

A veteran at 29, Niki Ashton campaigns for "new politics" - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Multilingual Manitoba MP "proud to come from the Jack Layton generation." - Ish Theilheimer, transcribed by Ruth Cooper, with SGN YouTube video by Samantha Bayard

Bad manners, worse politics - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  HILL REPORT, DECEMBER 20, 2011: A compilation of news from Parliament Hill this week

Adrian Dix dials it down - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  NDP leader prepares for government by moderating plans and expectations.

Bittersweet Christmas for dissident's wife - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Chinese activist and artist released from jail but stuck in Beijing - Gillian Steward

Occupy Chanukah — and Christmas too! - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Both holidays started as symbols of liberation struggles - Rabbi Michael Lerner

Regarding Christopher Hitchens - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Prolific and admired writer had a darker side - Katha Pollitt

South America goes it alone - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  New CELAC regional bloc shakes off Washington's heavy hand - Benjamin Dangl

Wishing on a star - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  A young foster child found security in the night sky - Richard Wagamese

Hitchens' talent was wasted on hate - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Former lefty journalist became a Fellow at neocon Hoover Institute - Mel Watkins

Not quite leveling Africville - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Protests greet announced school demolition in poor neighbourhood- Stephen Kimber

Energy policy pipe dreams - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Canada — a nation in climate change denial endangers world - Janice Harvey

Forward women - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  All fundamentalists seem to be preoccupied with sex - Gwynne Dyer

Targeting income inequality - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  "It is time for a different approach," NUPGE declares - NUPGE

Cramming the House - Posted: 20-Dec-11
  Sometimes more is too many — MPs, that is - Geoffrey Stevens

After Durban - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Climate activists target corporate power - Madeline Ostrander

Canada quits Kyoto Protocol - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Peter Kent makes shocking announcement once safely home from Durban - Stephen Leahy

Turkey guesses wrong on Syria - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Congo at turning point, US assumes exceptionalism with Iran - Phil Taylor

Potpourri - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Time to clear out the idea drawer - Jody Dallaire

Diamonds in their backyard - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  De Beers digs while Attawapiskat families shiver - David McLaren

Of deep poverty and diamond mines - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  DeBeers flourishes on penurious Attawapiskat band's traditional land - John Miller

Re-inforcing the sole breadwinner - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Harper's income splitting plans undermine the lower income earner - Kathleen A Lahey

Ethics-enriched oil - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Ethical oil puts up a smokescreen - Mark Brownlie

Canada's first urban national park - Posted: 19-Dec-11
  Toronto resurrecting Eden on the edge of a city - David Suzuki

Faith groups speak out on climate change - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Harperites' loyalty to oil patch supercedes global stewardship - Dennis Gruending

Tell Apple to use conflict-free minerals - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Rare earth sales fuel deadly 15-year Eastern Congo civil war -

Breached agreement sanctioned - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Conservatives betray Canadians with US Steel deal - USW

Sectarian violence in Syria and other political intrigues - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Featured guests are Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Aimable Mugara - Phil Taylor

Dark to light - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  City people are awed by the silent majesty of rural nights - Richard Wagamese

Dark to light - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  City people are awed by the silent majesty of rural nights - Richard Wagamese

Hill report - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  A text and video wrap-up of news from Ottawa - This week's news from the hill.

Attawapiskat floods linked to De Beers sewage - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Diamond company denies blame for stinking basements - Ossie Michelin for APTN National News

Border deal bogus - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Despite 2009 dip, Canadian exports to US have been strong since 9/11 - James Laxer

Sun News attacks - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  As predicted, Sun News is Fox News North — your national, pro-war TV Network - Murray Dobbin

I can prove the NDP understands business: Martin Singh - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Pharmacist turned leadership contender brings new ideas and confident grasp of politics - Ish Theilheimer, transcribed by Ruth Cooper, with YouTube video

Harper's cuts begin - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Department of Fisheries and Oceans protects environment, fish stocks - Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada

Words that don't work - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Ocuppy can't win by using conservatives' language.

Down, Ginger, down! - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Rescued dogs give "face time" a new meaning - GlobalTVBC

Taken for a ferry ride - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  BC ferries to pay new CEO "only" $563,000 - Bill Tieleman

For coal plants, the end of an era - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Targeted campaigns have blocked half of proposed new US coal power plants - Lester R Brown

Canada fiddles while the world burns - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Insistence on poor nations cutting emissions sounds like let-them-eat-cake - Ish Theilheimer

Time for a public inquiry into the Fenwick MacIntosh case - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Conviction in child sexual abuses overturned for procedural delays - Stephen Kimber

Robin Hood reversed - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Income-splitting benefits mainly wealthy breadwinners - Jody Dallaire

Block sweatshop goods - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Peter Julian re-introduces Bill to bar goods made in sweatshops - Peter Julian's office

Setting the stage for climate chaos - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Durban's "breakthrough" is too little too late - Graham Saunders

The price of protection - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Ottawa hangs on to Washington's apron strings - Geoffrey Stevens

Revamping local governance - Posted: 13-Dec-11
  Communities need to be sustainable in more ways than financially - Janice Harvey

Shopping hazards - Posted: 12-Dec-11
  Human health should matter as much as the economy's health - David Suzuki

The paradox of a "responsible" arms maker - Posted: 12-Dec-11
  The negative impact of arms manufacture calls for a closer look at corporate social irresponsibility - NAJ Taylor

High voltage part two - Posted: 12-Dec-11
  Energy companies lament shortages but sell our energy abroad - Joyce Nelson

First NDP leadership debate does party proud - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Crowded field and collegial atmosphere offer little opportunity for fireworks - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Smackdowns, rumbles and defending Medicare - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Topics include Attawapiskat, killing Kyoto, helicopter rides, public health care, Lebanon, NDP leadership debate... - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Puns for the educated - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Never send to know... Uncle David

Draw the Line at the tar sands - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Write your argument, record a video, upload to global site - Hilary Tam Greenpeace

Processed and dangerous - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Conservatives balk at health panel's sodium lowering recommendations. - Bill Tieleman

Warmakers and peacemakers - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  You've heard of war veterans — now you can hear from a "peace veteran" - Phil Taylor

Still in their yurts - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Calgary Occupiers tough it out in -10° cold - Gillian Steward

Greenwashing galore - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Reviewing the twisted logic, and ethics, of nature's opponents - David Suzuki

Canada's international walk of shame - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  Harper government in Durban determined to block progress on Kyoto II - Janice Harvey

Injured workers protest WSIB cuts - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  KPMG recommends cuts to Workers' Compensation benefits - Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups

Dog-whistle politics on Attawapiskat - Posted: 06-Dec-11
  It's hard to see why Stephen Harper, as a majority PM, feels he needs to stoop so low - Ish Theilheimer

Attawapiskat responds - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Chief Theresa Spence refutes government charges of extravagance - Attawapiskat Chief and Council

Stop the digital weapons trade - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Marietje Schaake calls on EU to hold high-tech companies accountable - Luke Allnutt

First-contract arbitration: the sky is(n't) falling - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Biggest NS employers oppose new law that would support workplace organizing - Stephen Kimber

The tabloidization of politics - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Trivia triumphs over serious issues - John Gordon Miller

Fibbing in politics - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Ministers on the hook for extraneous gazebo and big yellow helicopter - Geoffrey Stevens

Papers - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  There's only so much you can reconstruct from documents - Richard Wagamese

Arab autumn - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Long march for change continues in the Middle East - Gwynne Dyer

Women's voice, women's choice - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  NB government Women's Summit missed the main point - Jody Dallaire

High voltage hidden agendas - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Commerce, not ecology, shapes Canada's electrical policies - Joyce Nelson

Glorifying government - Posted: 05-Dec-11
  Under this PM, the state is everywhere - Lawrence Martin

Introducing Straight Goods' new Hill Report - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Here are interviews and videos from Parliament Hill - SGN

RRSP ripoffs - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  CLC presents straight talk on RRSP and mutual fund management fees - Canadian Labour Congress

Wisconsin fights back - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Petition to recall Gov Scott Walker halfway to signature goal in 12 days- David Dayen

Sickened by pepper spray video? - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Sign petition calling for UC Davis Chancellor's resignation - Nathan Brown

BC Premier rejects Basi-Virk inquiry - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Christy Clark claims no questions left to be answered - Bill Tieleman

VLTs, casinos, lotteries and more - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Nova Scotians have a problem we're not admitting - Stephen Kimber

A blizzard of bad climate news - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  This holiday, get your grandkids something they'll be really thankful for — fight to stop climate change - Janet Redman

Harper will use Libya to push for Iran attack - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  WMD fiasco could repeat itself if Canadians aren't vigilant - Ish Theilheimer

Parties play minority government chicken - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  And, horror over long term care conditions repeats, again - Inside Queens Park

Men: show us your hijab - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Egyptian "naked blogger" shakes up Muslims with Facebook campaign - Kristin Deasy

The 2011 economic Oscars - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Larger than life figures affected all our daily lives - Todd Hirsch

True resiliency - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  A hurricane taught me real preparedness has more to do with community than canned goods - Shannon Hayes

The elder - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Caring and listening can hasten healing - Richard Wagamese

Fasting for courage on climate change - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Former United Church Moderator Bill Phipps forgoes food during Durban talks - SGN

Empty fracking promises - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Proposed regulations will do little to mitigate risks - Janice Harvey

NATO's expanding horizons - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Phil's featured guest is Rick Rozoff - Phil Taylor

Report: girls better off than boys - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Some interpretations of statistics seem questionable - Jody Dallaire

A royal scramble - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Conservatives rally in the loyal service of Her Majesty, Ottawa-style - Geoffrey Stevens

Use it up, wear it out - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Don't say the D-word - David Suzuki

The Mission Impossible squirrel - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Determined squirrel proves it will do anything for nuts - YouTube

Rupert Murdoch and Thatcher's children - Posted: 29-Nov-11
  Courts treat rich much more gently than the dispossessed - Jim Foulds

Renaming copyright - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Perhaps infringement is "forcing another to speak" - by John Degen

Leadership experience makes the difference - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Robert Chisholm NDP's experience in Nova Scotia government serves as his model - Ish Theilheimer

Dealing with the phone company - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Technology has changed but not business attitudes - Laugh In

Vancouver election a name game - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Team name, alphabetical order boosted winners - Bill Tieleman

Occupy brings a new focus - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Protesters moving us from the terror era to the income-inequality era - Linda McQuaig

Love across boundaries - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Mixed marriages are on the rise in the West - Gillian Steward

Trials and tribulations in Africa - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Chris Black and Aimable Mugara are featured guests - Phil Taylor

Vanity jet purchase unraveling - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  F-35s make less and less sense for Canada - Ish Theilheimer

Fossil fuel train headed over a cliff - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Energy agency warns world needs major shift in priorities - Stephen Leahy

Reserve housing endangers lives - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Sign petition to Minister of Indian Affairs to provide funds to Attawapiskat -

Rocky Jones, still going strong - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Lawyer's life shows us the past and future of the Nova Scotia human rights struggle - Stephen Kimber

Deja vu on Iran - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Alarm over nuclear research sounds like 2003 claims Iraq had WMDs - Peter Hart

The lobby that changed the Charter - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  November marks the 30th anniversary of a hugely successful women's rebellion - Penney Kome

False positive - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Lab privatisation creates delays, extra expenses - Ross Sutherland

Ceasefire in the war on drugs - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Drug prohibition fuels violence and organized crime - Gwynne Dyer

Grooving on the djembe - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  A Native man may find peace through an African drum - Richard Wagamese

Police demand Vancouver riot news videos - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Media fight back to protect reporters, industry integrity - John Gordon Miller

Saskatchewan unions challenge labour laws - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Conservative government tries to curtail collective bargaining - Tim Quigley

IEA report alarming - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Climate change is already upon us - Janice Harvey

Mr Missing Manners - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Master of his universe, Harper ignores the opposition - Geoffrey Stevens

Harperites' corporate bias - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Cooperatives are the business model of the future - Jody Dallaire

The Occupy movement has already won - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  The Occupy movement is here to stay, in one form or another, pending serious reforms to our economy and democracy - James Clancy

Wall Street was made, not born - Posted: 22-Nov-11
  Protest highlights unnatural aspects of economic system - David Suzuki

NDP 2012 leadership news and candidate profiles - Posted: 16-Nov-11
  Straight Goods News interviews the federal leadership hopefuls - YouTube video and verbatim text transcripts

The problem is not how they got in there - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  The problem is, how do you get them out - the Internet

Conservative plea bargain just the tip - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Elections Canada hides more than 2,284 rulings since 2004 - Duff Conacher

Dickens told of modern miseries — and resistance - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Now US elections and Occupy movement offer compelling progressive narrative - Ish Theilheimer

We changed the approach: Nycole Turmel - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Interim NDP leader gave control to women, who comprised most of her union - Ish Theilheimer, transcribed by Lori Steuart

Pre-Occupation obscures election issues - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Municipal vote looms with casinos, bike lanes, sanitation on table - Bill Tielelman

"Austerity is a suicide path":Stiglitz - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Job creation (restoring infrastructure) is key to reversing recession: Stiglitz - Armine Yalnizyan

Vampires and werewolves - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Fad characters symbolize class struggle - Mark Leier

Dear Small Business Owner - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Public services make good business sense - PSAC

The cost of cheap food - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Corporate and government bureaucracies undermine small producers - Joe Cunningham

De-funding rural services - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Rural communities are asked to carry an unfair share of the load - Janice Harvey

Hacking philanthropy - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  A new kind of microfunding is feeding the creative economy - Liz Pelly

What a difference an Я makes - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Asking people to be voters makes them more inclined to vote - Julie Sedivy

Helping without hunting - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  A wise woman showed me what warriors do - Richard Wagamese

Israel's sabre-rattling - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Despite bluster, Israel is not crazy enough to attack Iran - Uri Avnery

Memo to the Mayor - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Halifax dismantles democracy along with Occupy camp - Stephen Kimber

Look south and laugh - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  The Republican 2012 candidates show that politics could be worse — and funnier - Geoffrey Stevens

Oppose Ominibus Crime Bill - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Ask premiers to join Ontario and Quebec and refuse to pay increased prison costs -

Tips aren't wages. - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  NB inclined to allow employers to pay less than jobs are worth - Jody Dallaire

Not more WMDs! - Posted: 15-Nov-11
  Reports of Iran's nuclear ambitions sound like a repeat of Iraq eight years ago - Gwynne Dyer

A different kind of protest - Posted: 14-Nov-11
  Here are ten ways the Occupy Movement changes everything - Sarah van Gelder, David Korten, Steve Piersanti

Guns or clean air - Posted: 14-Nov-11
  Harper government guts environment programmes - Stephen Leahy

Countering the corporate press on "Occupy Toronto" (and Sudbury) - Posted: 14-Nov-11
  Report on The Boarding of the Canadian Ship Tahrir - Phil Taylor

Revisiting natural laws - Posted: 14-Nov-11
  Occupy movement demands fresh thinking, for the sake of our grandchildren - David Suzuki

NB's new Energy Blueprint - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  The devil is in the details - Janice Harvey

Robin Hood Tax gains ground at the G-20 - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  US won't participate but drops objections to others doing so - Mary Bottari

Save the grizzlies - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  Tell Alberta to protect bear habitat - Sierra Club

Calgary: a model modern police force - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  New complaints commissioner finds force progressive and accountable - Gillian Steward

Occupy Vancouver a sad parody of revolution - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  Public squat not the way to mobilize the working poor - Bill Tieleman

Nathan Cullen practices "a different kind of politics" - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  At 39, he's learned important lessons by holding a seat in Conservative country - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard Lori Steuart YouTube

Gruending and Blaikie take on religion and politics in new books - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  Clear picture emerges of religious and political conservatives working closely together - Straight Goods News

NDP's Joe Comartin blocks stealth tax on workers - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  Speaker's ruling derails Harper's latest anti-union attack, for now - Ish Theilheimer

Media accountability - Posted: 08-Nov-11
  CBC out-reports the competition - Tod Maffin

Follow the flag! - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Beware of requests from strangers - Just For Laughs

Occupy's impact - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Spontaneous movement a catalyst and inspiration - Nick Fillmore

US carbon emissions down 7 percent in four years - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Successful "Beyond Coal" campaign nixes coal-fired power plants - Lester R Brown

Quebecor attacks CBC - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Harperite fingerprints all over Sun Media claims - John Gordon Miller

Harper's social engineering - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Celebrating philanthropy first step to slashing vital programs, relying on charity - Murray Dobbin

The sudden "summit" - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Ad hoc event cannot replace axed NB Advisory Council - Jody Dallaire

First contract arbitration - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Employers express horror that Nova Scotia might support collective bargaining - Stephen Kimber

The great jobs crash - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  ILO says world heading for a new and deeper jobs recession, warns of more social unrest - International Labor Organization

Anonymous trolls regularly threaten female writers with rape - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Women bloggers call for a stop to "hateful" trolling by misogynist men - Vanessa Thorpe and Richard Rogers

The African population disaster - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  If not for the African population boom, the world's population would never exceed 7.5 billion - Gwynne Dyer

Meeting Morriseau - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  The people we meet in our lives make our stories beautiful - Richard Wagamese

Divided by seven billion - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Over-consumption by the most privileged is a greater factor than population - David Suzuki

Forget the Gray Wave threat - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  Here's how integrated care can save our health care system - Neena Chappell and Marcus Hollander

The unlaunchable jet - Posted: 07-Nov-11
  The F-35 is a shiny toy that makes no sense for Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

Tell G20: fight hunger first - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Leaders meet to talk about stabilizing food prices - Oxfam

Laughing babies - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Take two minutes to brighten your day - BestTVVideo

TransCanada: an "American company" - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Keystone XL project plays by different rules on each side of the border - Alison @Creekside

Remembering Nancy Riche - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Trade union activist honoured at CUPE convention - video from CUPE

New crime bill hazardous to children - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Bill C-10 reduces the age-appropriate nature of Canada's youth justice system - Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

Dirty tricks and extra cash - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Kash Heed staffer alleges improprieties - Bill Tieleman

Toronto airport expansion, demonizing Syria - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Featured Guests on this show are Dan Glass and Stephen Gowans - Phil Taylor

Welcome to Earth, number 7 billion - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Sustainable prosperity and social justice are the only solutions to runaway population growth - Ish Theilheimer

Fuel for change - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Europe ponders fuel rules that might force Canada to clean up the oilsands - Marc Huot

Acid rain and the ozone hole - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Solving the big environmental calamities requires measuring, monitoring - Graham Saunders

Halifax tent city will be back - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Occupy protesters speaking for more than just themselves - Stephen Kimber

The great local news heist - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  US broadcasters share news scripts, sometimes video footage - Libby Reinish

Mexican union files NAFTA appeal in Canada - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  SME complains about government shut down of electrical plant - Samantha Bayard

Conservatives consolidating power - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Harper is building his dream (governing) party - Geoffrey Stevens

Pushing back the desert - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Six million hectares bloom in Africa's Sahel region, formerly barren as a concrete floor - Stephen Leahy

The beauty premium - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Cosmetic studies sell short women's job skills - Jody Dallaire

Spurning the "disembedded market" - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Occupy movement rejects commodification of everything - Janice Harvey

Earl's story - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Home is where and when you find it - Richard Wagamese

Enough corny tricks - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Consumers speak out against Genetically Engineered sweet corn - Center for Environmental Health, Center for Food Safety, CREDO Action, Food Democracy Now!, and Food & Water Watch

Analysing Gadhafi - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  How did a full time crusader end up as a dangerous but ridiculous monster? - Gwynne Dyer

Fish farms hit by infectious salmon anemia - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Virus is another sign of failure to protect wild salmon - David Suzuki

The NDP's victorious Quebec street fighter - Posted: 01-Nov-11
  Thomas Mulcair's beachhead seat was a step towards leadership bid - Ish Theilhemir Samantha Bayard Lori Steuart

Dissent in the ranks over Christy Clark - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  BC Liberals take shots at their own government - Bill Tieleman

NDP struggling in Saskatchewan - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Party likely to get thumped in November 7 election - Gillian Steward

OWS makes greed obsolete - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Occupiers call social norms into question - Linda McQuaig

"Team America" is becoming reality - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Cuban medicine; Libya struggles towards democracy - Phil Taylor

Brian Topp says he knows how to beat Harper - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Longtime NDP backroom organizer emerges as top contender for leadership - Ish Theilheimer

Sports bloopers - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Timing is everything - TheCodKing2k11

Support the Robin Hood Tax - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Join Occupy global movement to support tiny tax on financial transactions.

Ukraine's political trial - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Persecution of former prime minister brings condemnation - Gwynne Dyer

Montana seeks to emulate Saskatchewan health care - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Governor Brian Schweitzer likes Sask's program: "People live longer and it costs less, too." - Rebecca Leisher

The war on teachers is political - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Right-wing voices lead today's chorus of teacher-bashers - Ish Theilheimer

Worker co-ops expand - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Canada, US federations join forces within international CICOPA - Hazel Corcoran

Starving in the African drylands - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Governments fail to invest resources in hungriest, poorest regions - Stephen Leahy

About that giant shipbuilding contract - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Announcement brings good news, better prospects, but best process not the standard - Stephen Kimber

F-35s need communications upgrade - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Costly stealth fighter jets lack satellite capacity for far North - Yahoo News

A medically necessary procedure - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Loose talk about de-funding abortion inspires some talking points in response - Joyce Arthur

What the Occupy movement means - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  Maybe Canadain banks didn't fail, but inequality here has increased - Janice Harvey

My Dream Woman - Posted: 25-Oct-11
  She would be the one who'd finally "get" me - Richard Wagamese

Court upholds CUPW challenge - Posted: 24-Oct-11
  Union challenges Minister Raitt's hand-picked arbitrator - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Low turnouts tarnish elections - Posted: 24-Oct-11
  Time to make voting as easy as getting out of bed -

The Occupy movement - Posted: 24-Oct-11
  Democracy looms if Occupy can shift power from wealthy to the masses - Jody Dallaire

A framing memo for Occupy Wall Street - Posted: 24-Oct-11
  Frame yourselves or others will frame you - George Lakoff

Pre- and post-carbon eras - Posted: 24-Oct-11
  Fossils offer a 56-million-year-old lesson in climate change - David Suzuki

Texas conservatives reject Harper prison plan - Posted: 18-Oct-11
  "Been there; done that; didn't work," say Texas crime-fighters -Terry Milewski for CBC

Not just another protest - Posted: 18-Oct-11
  Vancouver's Occupy movement a response to gross inequality - Bill Tieleman

Occupy Toronto gets under way - Posted: 18-Oct-11
  Organizers heed lessons from Wall Street, and from G20 - Julie Dupuis

Save the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Tell the federal government to maintain funding for key clearinghouse - students at Acadia University

Something to sell you - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Commercials offer shock and ha! - YouTube

Mysteries abound in NDP leadership race - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Party members, not insiders, will make ultimate choice.

Union turned ticket seller into negotiator - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Peggy Nash, finance critic, considers leadership run - Ish Theilheimer Lori Steuart YouTube

USA: gas use declines - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Keystone XL pipeline not needed - Lester R Brown

Syria teeters on edge of civil war - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Prospects for a peaceful revolution fade - Gwynne Dyer

Teaching Dave to clean - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Mental illness blocked his understanding of what was needed - Richard Wagamese

The stadium... moving right along - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Nobody ever asked whether Haligonians want one - Stephen Kimber

Collective bargaining a human right - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Harperites' interference in labour actions violates constitution: Foundation - National Union of Public and General Employees

Wheat Board trapped in spin cycle - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  The usual columnists rise in defence of Harperites - Wendy Holm

Called to public office - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Capable people needed as candidates; every vote needed too! - Jody Dallaire

The politics of hunger - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  NB Premier Alward shows who has his ear.

Move your money - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  November 5 is being hailed as Bank Transfer Day in America - Samantha Power

Tarsands data missing: Enviro Commissioner - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  NDP MP finds "profound" lack of information "very scary" - SGNews Staff

Walking the line - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  CUPW files court challenge against back-to-work legislation - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

First, we take Manhattan... - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Here is what Occupy Wall Street could mean - Armine Yalnizyan

Save America from itself - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Congressional Progressive Caucus proposals create jobs, end corporate tax breaks - Congressional Progressive Caucus

Economic system broken - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Occupy Wall Street reflects increasing frustration - David Suzuki

Dalton McGuinty's future - Posted: 17-Oct-11
  Third victory gives McGuinty time to choose his own path - Geoffrey Stevens

Romeo Saganash has beaten the odds before - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Residential school survivor cites experience outside elected politics in run for NDP leadership - Ish Theilheimer

Occupy Canada - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Log into leaderless movement and prepare for October 15 - SGN Staff

Supercats - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  The kitties that share our homes have minds of their own - Meowface3000

New Premier rebrands Alberta - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Alison Redford thinks big - Gillian Steward

Auditor-General blues - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  BC Liberals anything but accountable - Bill Tieleman

War propaganda over Syria - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Hollywood stars "Horn" into Africa, Wall Street Occupied - Phil Taylor

Poverty, famine stalk the South - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Global economic crash has life-and-death consequences for poorer nations - Nick Fillmore

Storytelling moons - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Stories were once my people's university and everyone got to go - Richard Wagamese

Lies, damn lies, and campaign promises - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Did the leaders lie to the Ontario electorate? - Geoffrey Stevens

Phony union-disclosure demand - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Private member's bill based on faulty premises, ideology - Jim Stanford

Rwanda wins gold for forest conservation blueprint - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  A national priority, national forest policy promotes healthy environment, women's rights - Stephen Leahy

Writers' Union joins suit to block HathiTrust - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Action seeks to impound unauthorized digital scans of 7 million copyright-protected books - The Writers' Union of Canada

At Liberty Plaza - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  A New Yorker marches with Occupy Wall Street - Catherine Geddes

Progressives need a rural strategy - Posted: 11-Oct-11
  Follow Harper/Kenney model to win over unlikely constituencies - Ish Thelheimer

Oil and ethics - Posted: 10-Oct-11
  Climate change is an ethical issue too - David Suzuki

Her stories - Posted: 10-Oct-11
  Colourful, remarkable characters highlighted in Women's History Month - Jody Dallaire

Copyright confusion leaves students, professors in the dark - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Universities, other institutions could simplify by working with creators and publishers - by Maureen Cavan

Egypt's unfinished revolution - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Tell Egypt's military rulers to pass a labour law now - Eric Lee Labourstart

Jewish Buddhism - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Combining philosophies can lead to a practical nirvana - Uncle David

When educators become predators - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Star report reveals weaknesses in monitoring, enforcing professional conduct - Mehdi Rizvi

A new narrative on Rwanda - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Phil talks with Theogene Rutasingwa and Marie Rose Habyarimana - Phil Taylor

True safety lies in crime prevention - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  A crime-reduction board would make streets, families and communities safer - Ian Waller

High-profile former teacher declares for party leadership - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Paul Dewar continues family tradition, mobilizing grassroots -

"Accidental Member of Parliament" won acclaim during NDP's dark days - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Peter Julian earned his stripes during federal NDP's dark days - Ish Theilheimer, with YouTube video, transcribed by Lori Steuart.

Anatomy of a Western uprising - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Amped Status describes the origins of Occupy Wall Street - Penney Kome

Occupy Wall Street feeds on anger at economic system - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  And, provincial voters defy right-wing tide - Ish Theilheimer

Studies show male bias in the news - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Women less visible, less quoted, less respected: studies - Jody Dallaire

Onex warned against importing labour trouble - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  USW, CEP point to Jeld-Wen's record in Australia - United Steel Workers

Unpacking the food bank hamper - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Minimum-wage workers subsidize businesses with their hunger - Janice Harvey

Halifax runaround - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Your call is important to us, Halifax City Hall edition - Stephen Kimber

The drum speaks - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Ghost strumming brings smiles - Richard Wagamese

Ontario: getting voters to the polls - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Election will turn on the turnout of marginal supporters - Geoffrey Stevens

Disparity hurts everyone - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Here's why even big business is worried about income inequality - Armine Yalnizyan

Not ethical oil - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Calling tarsands oil "ethical" fails the logic test - Ricardo Acuña

Peace table talks need women - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Ten years of gains for Afghan women under threat, warns Oxfam - Oxfam

BC's "environmental school" - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  Pilot project takes students into the outdoors and the community - David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington

Built by generations of farmers - Posted: 04-Oct-11
  The Canadian Wheat Board must not be lost to right-wing ideology - National Farmers Union

G8 patronage shows world-class chutzpah - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  A thirty-nine percent vote is no mandate to sleaze - Ish Theilheimer

Sit-in protests Keystone XL pipeline - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Civil disobedience on Parliament Hill results in more than 200 arrests.

Values, not education, on sale - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Credit mills undermine education system, as well as cheating students of their education - Mehdi Rizvi

Megan Leslie says House of Commons for the common people - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Second-term MP sees her politics as an extension of her community work - Ish Theilheimer

Cheap flights - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Trio sings haunting song of sad saga -

Facebook archives NO BC HST group - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Users quit social media network over constant redesigns - Bill Tieleman

The great northern tax haven - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  As US and UK move to tax rich more, Canada hangs back - Linda McQuaig

Waiting for the recovery - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Economic skeptics are proven right - Gillian Steward

Cuban-American relations and suppression in Rwanda - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Phil talks with guests Theogene Rutasingwa, Norman Otis Richmond, and Keith Bolender - Phil Taylor

The UN vote on Palestine - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  PM would be wise to recognize Palestine, with rest of the world - Brian Topp

US drug shortage - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  An under-regulated industry collapses in on itself; the sick pay the price - Terry J Allen for In These Times

Bred to go rogue - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Stock traders more reckless and manipulative than psychopaths: study - Reuters

Twilight harmony - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Uncle Archie knew how to make a loon call, and why - Richard Wagamese

Five provinces up for grabs - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Voters take different roads to political stability - Chantal Hébert

Former premier Lougheed is right. - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Piping raw bitumen to US is a lousy deal for Alberta's people - Andrew Nikiforuk

Putin's putative opponent - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  The Russian puppet-master strikes again - Gwynne Dyer

The long arm of the union - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Union-Busting Alumicor boss hounded in Australia - United Steel Workers

Block cuts to public services - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Tell Tony Clement to back off- PSAC

The job-killer myth - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Regulations don't really kill jobs overall — just move them around - Marian Wang for ProPublica

Keystone XL lobbied US Cabinet - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Clinton's office coached TransCanada about what to say - Friends of the Earth

Fuel rebates boost greenhouse gases - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Environment is the loser in the Ontario election - Adil Sayeed

More care for everyone - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  The threat to health care from a "grey tsunami" is a myth - Kimberlyn McGrail

Africville: the lesson still unlearned - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  The community should make its own choices - Stephen Kimber

Ontario: too close to call - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Issues abound but nothing that grabs the public en masse - Geoffrey Stevens

Alarming trend in New Brunswick - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Violent crime on the rise - Jody Dallaire

Fobbit humour - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  $63 billion to reconstruct Iraq, says Peter Van Buren, and the result is a bad joke - David Swanson

Solidarity forever - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  Veteran journalist remembers the Calgary Herald strike - Brian Brennan

Bid to make boreal forest a World Heritage Site - Posted: 27-Sep-11
  First Nations urge UNESCO to protect the best of what’s left of the natural world - David Suzuki

Omnibus crime bill costly - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Multi-billion dollar tab would threaten essential social programs - John Howard Society of Canada and Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies

NDP set to rumble, Harper set to roll - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  House of Commons returns, with worst yet to come - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard

Support the chicken ranchers - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Sole producer/processor tries to undermine poultry management system - Janice Harvey

Friday prayers in the lunchroom - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  School board defends decision to let majority-Muslim school open room for Friday prayers - Mehdi Rizvi

Political attacks a cartoon caper - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Ad from BC Liberals and Vancouver NPA likely to blow up in their faces - Bill Tieleman

Singing against tar sands - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Ten-year-old First Nations student protests oil pipeline with original song. - Angela Sterritt

Canada, NATO, and the Toronto Independent Film Festival - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Phil talks with featured guests Mahdi Nazemroaya and Phil Conlon - Phil Taylor

Stop Bill C-4 - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Changes to immigration and refugee law would jeopardize basic civil liberties - Canadian Civil Liberties Association

The price of free culture - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  If free culture is going to be so great, why are bullies in charge of it? - John Degen

Just the right word - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  You don't have to be an elephantine pedant to love dictionaries - Richard Wagames

New public sector coalition - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Federal public service unions call for partnership with Canadians - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

CD Howe Institute report shills for oil companies - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Two kinds of oil royalties: lowering one won't necessarily increase the other - Erin Weir

France and Germany pushing ahead with Robin Hood Tax - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Tax on financial transactional transactions could fund development in poorer nations - NUPGE

Climate change threatens global security - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  9/11? Much more of New York will be gone if Arctic ice keeps melting at current rates - Stephen Leahy

Documentary deserves reply - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Flight 111 and might-have-could-have-possibly-maybe - Stephen Kimber

Floating borders - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Maritime countries easily drift into confrontations - Gwynne Dyer

After the UN recognition of Palestine - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Naming of occupation, while necessary, will lead to bloody demonstrations against settlers - Uri Avnery

Food in the desert - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Albertan researches drought-tolerant crops for a future water-hungry world - Gillian Steward

Fired for organizing a union - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  US companies dump workers for union activity all the time, and they often get away with it - Josh Eidelson

Hey Ontario! There's an election! - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Will someone please set the woods on fire? - Geoffrey Stevens

Towards a real poverty reduction plan - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Sudden minimum wage freeze undercuts credibility of vaunted new program - Jody Dallaire

Vanishing reindeer - Posted: 20-Sep-11
  Woodland caribou are at a crossroads - David Suzuki

12 quotes on sex - Posted: 19-Sep-11
  Quick quips by comedians and others - the Internet

NATO's "Regime change express" - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Guests Zafar Bangash and Michael Chossudovsky discuss Libya with Phil.

Conservatives used 9/11 to tilt all the tables - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  "Security" costs and clandestine establishment sandbag economy as well as civil liberties - Ish Theilheimer

Protect the Lubicon - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Urge the government of Alberta to respect the rights of the Lubicon Cree -

Remembering Dave Martin - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Non-violent environmentalist, anti-nuke leader, dies at 56 - Greepeace

Lessons from the HST defeat - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Public rejection throws new light on Liberal government claims - Bill Tieleman

Xenophobia, Ontario - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Conservative Leader Tim Hudak falls back on flogging fear of the foreign - Mehdi Rizvi

The kids are not all right - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Disadvantaged children's health conditions have deteriorated in the last 35 years - Elizabeth Lee Ford Jones, MD

Ending bullying - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Nova Scotia union celebrates first anniversary of Bully-Free Workplace Program - NUPGE

Forgotten skills - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Reskilling Edmonton looks to share skills between generations - Samantha Power

Remembering the Citadel (hotel) - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Halifax landmark to be replaced - Stephen Kimber

The powwow kid - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Despite all odds, he danced - Richard Wagamese

Speaking truth at the Oscars - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  "I was the most hated man in America" — Michael Moore - Michael Moore

Polls flip in Ontario election - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  "Wedge" issues and "outlier" polls muddy the forecast - Geoffrey Stevens

The world after 9/11 - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Conservatives seized upon shock to implement their doctrines - Gerald Caplan

How conservatives used 9/11 - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Consolidation of conservative power a study in intimidation via framing - George Lakoff

Fracas over fracking - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  "Education" not the answer to anti-fracking public protests - Janice Harvey

Selling bras to babies - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Something's wrong when sexy comes before puberty - Jody Dallaire

Advertising and propaganda - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Tarnished companies trying to reverse public opinion with feel-good ads - Laura Kaminker

US awash in oil and lies: report - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Keystone XL intended mainly to transport Canadian oil to American refineries for export to overseas markets - Stephen Leahy

Distraction is the key - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  This magic trick will amaze you - YouTube

24 presenters in 24 time zones - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Live climate broadcast is a reality show worth watching - David Suzuki

Harper's loose terminology - Posted: 13-Sep-11
  Media fail to demand the Prime Minister define what he means by "Islamicism" - John Gordon Miller

Five jokes that changed the world - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Yes Men review successful protest that shook the world with laughter - Yes Magazine

Catastrophe training after 9/11 - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  US Occupational Safety conference asks, "Are we prepared for the next 9/11?" - from the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

A decade after 9/11 - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  The US responded just the way bin Laden wanted - Noam Chomsky

Profiting from 9/11 - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  For some, terrorist attacks have been a gold mine - Graham Rayman

Science analyzes class warfare - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  New psychological research confirms the rich truly are different, and potentially dangerous - Ish Theilheimer

Don't blame Christie Blatchford - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Snarky column on Jack Layton's death reveals much about high-profile columnist - John Gordon Miller

IBM can help Ghana's gays - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Urge computer company to denounce Ghana's order to "Arrest all gays" -

Layton's legacy, and media on Libya - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Phil's guests are Jacob Leibovitch and Phil Conlon - Phil Taylor

An undeserved honour - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Gordon Campbell nomination for Order of BC out of Order - Bill Tieleman

Life changes you - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Spoken word memoirs evoke turning points - Richard Wagamese

On your mark: Halifax mayoral race - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Solving murders top priority for one potential candidate - Stephen Kimber

NDP-Liberal merger makes no sense - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  First ascent to official Opposition status is wrong time to dissolve into some new formation - Mel Watkins

Change health accord to improve delivery - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Feds and provinces not even discussing vital health program issues - Allan Maslove

Ontario's insipid election - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Voters will be asking themselves these questions about each party - Geoffrey Stevens

Afghans speak about 9/11 - Posted: 06-Sep-11
  Ten years later, locals believe their country is worse off - Radio Free Europe

Nigeria's violent problem is local - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Divided country could fall apart - Gwynne Dyer

Immigrant unemployment rising - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Ontario Minister links immigrants to job growth, despite what numbers show now - Mehdi Rizvi

Wages stagnant or dropping - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  On Labour Day we ask: what has gone so wrong in Canada for working people? - Ken Georgetti, President

Deliver us from our neighbours' religion. - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Big anti-abortion campaign planned for New Brunswick this fall - Jodie Dallaire

Another fracking protest - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  NB government blames Conservation Council for powerful citizen resistance - Janice Harvey

Earth still full of surprises - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Our future depends on learning more about our home planet - David Suzuki

Slam poet rises in Calgary - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Spoken Word festival organizer in running for city Poet Laureate - Gillian Steward

Eulogy uplifts progressives - Posted: 05-Sep-11
  Stephen Harper had to rise each time Stephen Lewis inspired a standing ovation - Linda McQuaig

Jack Layton left a gift for Canadians - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Remarkable leader had a zeal for getting things done, not just winning: Ed Broadbent - Ish Theilheimer

From grad student to Opposition Leader - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Longtime colleague and friend recalls Jack Layton's strong points - Mel Watkins

Jack Layton on 22 Minutes - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  More than a good sport, he was funny too - This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Jack of Hearts was NDP's ace - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Statistically, chance of 2011 NDP vote increase was about one in 10,000 - Adil Sayeed

Condolences and donations for Jack Layton - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  No sign-up necessary to share your sympathy - NDP

Social justice was Layton's foundation - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Federal NDP leader's departure is a tragedy for the nation - Bill Tieleman

Friday night weasels - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Timing of announcements, departures, significant - IQP Vol 24 No 16

City Council by Facebook - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Quality of online discussion surpasses most Council debates - Stephen Kimber

Jumping the queue for health care - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  RCMP's investigation looked in wrong places - Gillian Steward

Kurdish writer on Giller short list - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Ava Homa brings a fearless and friendly voice to tales from Iran - Mehdi Rizvi

Giving away the energy store - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  New National Energy Policy is an energy export strategy - Janice Harvey

Royal Colonial Nonsense - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Harperites obeying the dictates of an "invisible majority" - Geoffrey Stevens

A letter to Canadians - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  from Jack Layton

Japanese doctors alarmed by radiation levels - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Children falling ill with diarrhea, nosebleeds and flu-like symptoms - Dahr Jamail for Al Jazeera

US tax crackdown hits Canadian residents - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Individuals could be squeezed in search for corporate tax havens - Roman Luciw

Borne again Indian - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Ceremonies carry me back to a heritage I never knew - Richard Wagamese

NB minimum wage stalled - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Workers told to continue to subsidize employers until next April - Jody Dallaire

Nuclear abolition - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Hiroshima Day address looks at inextricable links between peaceful and military atom - Angela Bischoff

Market meltdown threatens pensions - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Only the Canada Pension Plan can protect workers from stock market volatility - Ken Georgetti

Reckless interventions - Posted: 23-Aug-11
  Maximilian Forte on the urge to "do something" about Libya and Syria - Phil Taylor

Inequality is bad for business - Posted: 22-Aug-11
  Equitable wealth-sharing leads to more stability and more spending - Armine Yalnizyan

Fishy muzzling by PCO - Posted: 22-Aug-11
  Science must be free from political interference - David Suzuki

The politics of heroism - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  This government celebrates slain combat soldiers, not slain peacekeepers - by Phil Taylor

Sax and violence - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Muppet players find new uses for their instruments - Muppet Show

Stop the Somali tragedy - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Ask UN to address food crisis in Somalia -

London is burning - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  "Thuggery" flash mobs take over urban, suburban streets - Penney Kome

Hydro plan a jolt to homeowners - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Smart meters may not live up to their billing - Bill Tieleman

Conservative pundits diminish the victims in Norway - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Right-wingers try to spin off mass murder as understandable, if not justified - Dennis Gruending

Video: Fukushima keeps getting worse - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  New readings outside stricken plants register off the top of the scale - Russia Today TV

Where the heart is - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Born north of Kenora, raised everywhere, the author took a long time to find home - Richard Wagamese

Shrinking Halifax city council would be an error - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  The size of the council is not what counts, but the quality of the councilors - Stephen Kimber

Lip service to equality - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Status of Women ministers say one thing but governments do another - Jody Dallaire

Tent city protests inspire hope - Posted: 09-Aug-11
  Young Israelis emulate Tahrir Square, demand democracy and social services - Uri Avnery

The day the middle class died - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan fired air traffic controllers and broke the unions - Michael Moore

BC Commission fails to fund group - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Native Women's Association of Canada calls for a National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women and girls - Native Women's Association of Canada

The irrigation bubble will pop in 30 years - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  World food supplies depend on pumping increasingly scarce water supplies - Gwynne Dyer

Canada needs a true national energy strategy - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Slowing tar sands development smarter than unlimited extraction, shipment - Gil McGowan

Grand Challenge for mental health care - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Feds fund catalyst grants in developing nations - Stephen Leahy

Exporting tar sands - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Canadian jobs lost down proposed Keystone pipeline: AFL - Gillian Steward

Debt crisis disguised tax grab - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Tycoons laughing all the way to the bank - Linda McQuaig

A poet rewrites the War on Drugs - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Son's senseless death leads poet, populace, to cry, "Enough!" - Madhu Suri Prakash

Paving paradise - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  Cherry-picking offers lessons in life - David Suzuki

Murdoch's agenda exposed - Posted: 08-Aug-11
  He created the perfect atmosphere for criminal activities and called it "freedom of the press." - Saul Landau

On Battle Bluffs - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  History is all around us, if we just open ourselves up to it.

Norwegian suspect in court - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Norway mourns as anti-Muslim movement exposed - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Head to come - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Headlines grab readers - John Gordon Miller

Happy birthday! - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Family story floats on fallacy - Internet

Leading the NDP - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Jack Layton replacement an unusual choice - Bill Tieleman

Gender wage gap - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Your period may be to blame - Jody Dallaire

Show Norwegians you care - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Add your name to the global "Hold Hands" vigil for massacre victims - VG Nett

Change afoot in Israel - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  When even the New York Times gets mad, Israel has to listen - Uri Avnery

Spinning private interest - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Anti-cycling populists appeal to frustrated commuters - Ish Theilheimer

Putting corporations under microscrope - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  BC Federation of Labour report weighs costs, benefits of corporate concentration - BC Federation of Labour

Plantations for Africa - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Ethiopia gives farmland to foreigners while thousands starve - Survival International

Immigrants and shadows of recession - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Part-time and precarious work has increased for recent immigrants - Mehdi Rizvi

Prosecuting white collar crime, slowly - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Key Sponsorship Scandal figure can't wriggle away from facing charges - Geoffrey Stevens

Poverty, Ontario's pariah - Posted: 26-Jul-11
  Pocketbook politics put a crimp in bid to up cruel welfare rates - Paul Weinberg

Six candidates bid to be Alberta premier - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Tory leadership race heats up - Gillian Steward

IMF demands stagger Ireland - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Also: Phil's guests discuss cost of library closures, Rwanda's Criminal Tribunal - Phil Taylor

Don't blame Islam for Utoya massacre - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  West and US overlooked homegrown extremism - Russia Today TV

Rebekah Brooks' wandering laptop - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Panic seizes Rupert Murdoch's empire - Gwynne Dyer

Connecting extreme weather dots across the map - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Talking about the weather isn't small talk any more - Janet Redman

Cook Islands aims for 100 percent green energy by 2020 - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Stephen Leahy interviews Henry Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands - Stephen Leahy

Fossil fuel is fossil fuel - Posted: 25-Jul-11
  Natural gas is not a solution for climate change - David Suzuki

Stop the mega-haul - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Sign petition to halt highway widening through national forests, for tar sands expansion - All Against the Haul

Dating not allowed - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Abusive relationships even trickier among South Asian Muslims - Mehdi Rizvi

A politically correct joke - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  But it's still a groaner - Uncle David

Creeping Towards a Militarized Culture - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Phil's guests include Prof Michael Fellman and investigator Christopher Black - Phil Taylor

A gassy tale of woe - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  BC Liberals' carbon tax a smoking wreck - Bill Tieleman

We need warriors - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Child's death in Hobbema calls for real warriors to take charge - Richard Wagamese

U Sask goes bare - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  University declines tariff, stockpiles coursepacks of copyright-protected works - John Degen

Negotiating over federal cuts - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  PIPSC President Corbett reports on meeting with Treasury Board President Tony Clement - PIPSC

US: Missing jobless voices - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Somehow, the unemployed became invisible - Rampell

Royals visit Calgary — again - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Western flavour seems to suit royal visitors - Gillian Steward

Stop the presses - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  News of the World grinds to a halt - John Gordon Miller

Wildrose party withers - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  Conservatives regain public, oil company backing - Ricardo Acuña

Israel's reaction to flotilla overwrought - Posted: 12-Jul-11
  "Instilled memory" impels public to perceive opposition as threat - Uri Avnery

Whirling for energy - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  When it comes to health, wind power blows away the alternative - David Suzuki

New in-home rules coming - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Nannies and housekeepers are neither servants nor "members of the family", but workers - Jody Dallaire

New Brunswick after the election - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Neglected in campaigns, environment comes back to bite - Janice Harvey

Pomp, pageantry and unions - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Royals' visit obscures new attacks on labour, middle class.

Murdoch's world plans - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Global media mogul waits for Harper to undo Canadian ownership rules - Geoffrey Stevens

Lebanese inquiry relies on spy agencies - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Charged Hezbollah officials likely didn’t do it - Gwynne Dyer

Caution: Wisconsin ahead - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Canada's Left needs to build alliances to face the coming storms - Ish Theilheimer

Getting immigration right - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Class-action lawsuit shows re-settling program had problems - Stephen Kimber

Resilience circles - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  Neighbours band together to cope with rising unemployment - Sarah Byrnes

Afghanistan: trouble with the transition - Posted: 11-Jul-11
  High profile attacks on police, hotels, signal return of civil war - Muhammad Tahir

The US and the terror industry - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Phil talks with featured guests David Hoile, and Zafar Bangash - Phil Taylor

Lives on the line in Bangaladesh - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Tell Walmart: intervene before labour activists are sentenced to death -

The Purina diet - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Shaggy dogs need no license -

MPs sleeping in their offices - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Majority does not give Harper carte blanche - Geoffrey Stevens

"We are facing a monster": Jean-Claude Parrot - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Handling of Canada Post and Air Canada disputes shows Harperites' plan to crush labour - Ish Theilheimer

Gathering firewood - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Working together erases differences - Richard Wagamese

Not in the mail - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Canada Post debate rife with misinformation - Ryan McGreal

Harper's iron fist - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  The velvet glove comes off Harperites' labour relations agenda - Jim Stanford

NUPGE celebrates Pride Week - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Here is a free Full Human Rights for All poster - NUPGE

Talking green is cheap - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Postponing emissions cuts carries steep price-tag - Stephen Leahy

Rioters have poor role models - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  The rot in our society starts at the top - Bill Tieleman

The naming of schools - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Heroes often have blemishes - Stephen Kimber

Reducing pharmaceutical costs - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Canada could learn from New Zealand's independent agency - Colleen Flood

Why the US denies climate change - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Corporations have purchased politicians, media, advertising, think tanks, and meteorologists - William A Collins

Rolling out the Muskoka Initiative - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  GAVI Alliance eradicates the child killers - Jennifer Slawich and Dr Bob Dickson

Leaving Afghanistan in turmoil - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Not much has changed in the war-torn country - Gwynne Dyer

Women's Worlds - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Women gather from across Canada, around the world - Jody Dallaire

Keep your video rights - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Creative Commons license for Youtube could be costly for video makers - Scott Burke

Lies, damned lies, and carbon capture - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  Alberta to "educate" public on virtues on tar sands - RicardoAcuña

Green youth - Posted: 28-Jun-11
  How to become an environmentalist - David Suzuki

Saying the right thing - Posted: 21-Jun-11
  The morning after, you reap what you sow - from

Stop burning coal - Posted: 21-Jun-11
  Tell Ontario government to curtail emissions involved with exporting electricity - Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Room to move - Posted: 21-Jun-11
  Alberta's taxes are too low to provide services Albertans need - Parkland Institute

HST referendum a lesson in democracy - Posted: 21-Jun-11
  Upcoming vote will be historic test of voters' ability to call government to heel - Bill Tieleman

The NDP's 50th anniversary party - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Opposition status adds exhilaration to the celebration - Gerald Caplan

Courageous leaders arise to fight corporate power - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Napoleón Gomez of Mexico and Peter Rickman of Madison work bravely to unite workers against long odds - Ish Theilheimer

US Supreme Court sides with Walmart - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  UFCW responds to ruling that gender alone is not sufficient grounds for class action - Joe Hansen

Prior Informed Consent needed - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Asbestos should be listed in Rotterdam Convention as potentially harmful - Chuck Strahl

Fukushima — much worse than you think - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Scientific experts believe Japan's nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public - Dahr Jamail

Pretty, pink, and helpless - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Promoting princess culture is ill advised for transition house - Jody Dallaire

Peter Kelly: The joke’s on us... still - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Halifax Mayor rocked by reaction to decision to front money for concert promoter - Stephen Kimber

The everyday Indian - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  National Aboriginal Day needs to be extended through the year - Richard Wagamese

New NB forest policy - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Public needs clarification of quiet changes to forestry regulations - Janice Harvey

Vancouver: A social media riot, made for TV - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  This wasn't '94. This was weirder, more violent, driven by a lust for digital attention - Mark Leiren-Young

Incomes in Canda – booming and busted - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  National averages conceal reality that three provinces thrived and three suffered in the recession - Armine Yalnizyan

Beware the ghost(writer)s of medical research - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Well-placed journal articles sell more pills than sales staff do - Dr Marc-André Gagnon and Dr Sergio Sismondo

Twenty-five years of non-violent revolution - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Since 1986, non-violence has driven a great many dictators from power - Gwynne Dyer

Caregiving work recognized - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  ILO convention on domestic workers will improve lives - Canadian Labour Congress

Agri-biz fails food challenge - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Small farms may be better for food security and biodiversity - David Suzuki

Canada spurns Kyoto update for tar sands - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Caught fibbing about emissions, Canada named "fossil of the day", again -Stephen Leahy

Historic decision at the United Nations - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  Human Rights Council passes first-ever resolution on sexual orientation and gender identity - Unitarian-Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO)

Another three-way race looms - Posted: 20-Jun-11
  How will the federal election outcome affect Ontario’s vote in October? - Geoffrey Stevens

Barbie wrapped in rain forests - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Tell Mattel to find packaging elsewhere - Greenpeace

Hosting the Tony Awards - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman joust - Tony Awards via YouTube

Age, sex and HST - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  BC Liberals or Smart Tax Alliance enlist robot calling to conduct pro-HST voter identification - Bill Tieleman

So-called democratic reform - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  NB studies voting methods, feds axe party subsidies - Janice Harvey

Manufacturing Ratko Mladic - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Serbian general prosecuted to distract public from NATO bombing in Libya: Edward S Herman - Phil Taylor

When the Nile runs dry - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Land and water grabs by affluent nations jeopardize African countries' ability to feed their people - Lester R Brown

Ignorance of homelessness isn't bliss - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Poverty more widespread than most Canadians realize - Ish Theilheimer

ILO report on labour rights - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Arab Spring tied to fight for economic rights, including union organizing - International Trade Union Confederation

Artists are workers too - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Creators set out principles for effective copyright reform - Creators' Copyright Coalition

Subsidy encourages voting - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Harperites undermine democracy with partisan attack on public funding - Duff Conacher

Fracking the shale - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  In addition to poisoning our water, homes, and bodies, fracking is eroding the quality of life in rural America - Wenonah Hauter

Halifax Concertgate scandal - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Auditor general's report undercuts Mayor's denial he knew about secret payments to concert promoter - Stephen Kimber

Dissent no longer a dirty word - Posted: 14-Jun-11
  Albertans slowly overcoming culture of fear - Trevor Scott Howell

Wolf tracks - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  They are beasties of the full moon and long shadow - Richard Wagamese

Abolition more sensible than reform - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Independents have faint hope of winning an election to the Senate - Gerald Caplan

Greenwashing the oilsands - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Decoding the gooey oil sands lies that PR flacks tell - Andrew Nikiforuk,

Facebook threatens democracy - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Privacy central to political freedom, working for social change - Robert Coalson

A new kind of NIMBY - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Ontario says yes to Nature In My Backyard - David Suzuki

The King of Muskoka, the Huntsville mayor, and the Deerhurst GM - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  AG report tells how the three amigos cut up our cash - Geoffrey Stevens

Why CUPW is on strike - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Negotiations are supposed to be about give and take - Denis Lemelin

Sex at the Supreme Court - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  Women's groups to argue the Charter does not guarantee men a right to the prostitution of women - Women's Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution

Funding the future - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  All levels of government can play a role in child care - Jody Dallaire

Interview with MPP Peter Kormos - Posted: 13-Jun-11
  NDPer shares reflections after 25 years at Queen's Park - IQP

CUPW calls for consultation on new technology - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Postal union demands a vision for the future that includes workers - by Ish Theilheimer

Thoughts from 25-35 year olds - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  "Bad decisions make good stories". -

Recycled budget no help to struggling families - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Harperites refuse to say where they will cut or how much they will spend - from NUPGe

Recycled federal budget won't help struggling families - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Harperites refuse to say where they will cut or how much they will spend - from NUPGe

Oilsands on First Nation lands - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Urge the Government of Alberta to respect the rights of the Lubicon Cree -

Drill, baby, drill! - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Alberta moves into boom territory - Gillian Steward

Business before human rights - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Canada supports Arab Spring but ignores Chinese dissidents - Bill Tieleman

Canada mines African discontent - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Tanzanian uprising against Barrick Gold leaves seven villagers shot dead - Linda McQuaig

Empowerment economics - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  For 13 years, the PEF has helped the public look up the high priests' skirts - Ish Theilheimer

Skepticism about an office of religious freedom - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Freedom of conscience is the key - Janet Keeping

Like eagles soar - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Practice makes exertion look graceful - Richard Wagamese

The high cost of manufacturing prosperity - Posted: 07-Jun-11
  Pollution-related cancer is now the leading cause of death in China - Janet Larsen

Phantom wealth - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Introducing seven ways to stop Wall Street's con game - David Korten

The old economy is broken - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Meet the people and ideas on the cutting edge of the movement for a new economy - Gar Alperovitz

Abolishing the long-form census muzzles women's organizations - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Solid data form the basis for developing and implementing policies - Jodie Dallaire

Limits to growth - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Global resource consumption is exploding - Janice Harvey

Well qualified but... - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  NDP appointments to boards and commissions raise charges of patronage - Stephen Kimber

Settling for crumbs in Senate reform - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Major constitutional changes would require consent from most or all provinces - Geoffrey Stevens

Europe sowing the seeds of hunger - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Monoculture crops especially at risk from climate change, water shortages - Stephen Leahy

Abolishing the long-form census muzzles women's organizations - Posted: 06-Jun-11
  Solid data form the basis for developing and implementing policies.

The Anthropocene Epoch - Posted: 04-Jun-11
  Humans may have loaded the bases, but nature bats last - David Suzuki

Selling fear - Posted: 04-Jun-11
  Roger Ailes built the very profitable Fox News fear factory - Rolling Stone

Time for Canada to improve our health care performance - Posted: 04-Jun-11
  Canada fourth-highest spender, tenth highest in health indicators: report - Colleen M Flood

this is a test - Posted: 02-Jun-11

The IMF, Libya, and monarchies - Posted: 31-May-11
  Interviews: Diana Johnstone on the IMF, Stephen Gowans on the peace movement - The Taylor Report

Rainbows and lollipops - Posted: 31-May-11
  Laughing well is the best revenge - Life as Reader

Prayers for Harper - Posted: 31-May-11
  Election 2011 brought political and religious polarization - Dennis Gruending

Selling a gullible public on HST - Posted: 31-May-11
  Christy Clark is trying to buy us with our own money - Bill Tieleman

False economy in security funding - Posted: 31-May-11
  Conservative cuts compromise airport security: Steelworkers - USW

Stone cold zoning - Posted: 31-May-11
  Free-for-all mega-quarries not just a rural problem - Peter Tabuns

Towards an open Internet policy - Posted: 30-May-11
  Like the government itself, our internet policy needs to be accountable to Canadians - Reilly Yeo

Freak storms the new norm - Posted: 30-May-11
  World not prepared to deal with increasing floods, tornadoes and other disasters - Sharon Begley

Posties Yes! - Posted: 30-May-11
  Postal workers provide model for public servants by framing their work as pro-customer - Ish Theilheimer

Income-splitting helps only wealthy families - Posted: 30-May-11
  Single parents, low income family won't benefit from proposed tax change - Armine Yalnizyan

Germany to end nuclear power by 2022 - Posted: 30-May-11
  Public reaction to Fukushima disaster prompts political response - Radio Free Europe

Common magic - Posted: 30-May-11
  Dissipating clouds made a young boy feel powerful - Richard Wagamese

Expect more non-violent Palestinian protests - Posted: 30-May-11
  But Israel will never consent to Obama's policy - Gwynne Dyer

Tarsands emissions omitted - Posted: 30-May-11
  Harperites acknowledge excluding vital data from required UN report - Mike De Souza

Big box babysitting - Posted: 30-May-11
  Corporate child care is not the solution - Jody Dallaire

Darrell Dexter visits Ottawa - Posted: 30-May-11
  NS Premier seeks federal projects for local jobs - Stephen Kimber

The "silver tsunami" scare - Posted: 30-May-11
  Seniors are not a threat to health care - Noralou Roos and Nicholas Hirst

Unions part of "Arab Spring" - Posted: 30-May-11
  And: strikes at Paris FedEx, Turkish airport, Brazilian auto plant - Harry Kelber

Japan limits monitoring - Posted: 30-May-11
  Greenpeace Fukushima radiation research reveals serious marine contamination - Greenpeace

Corporate access to water - Posted: 30-May-11
  Nestle Chair says they talk to Alberta government about water; public hasn't yet - Ricardo Acuña

Canada urgently needs a road safety strategy - Posted: 30-May-11
  Unfortunately, the new plan from Transport Canada isn't it - Jim Goss

Support Bangladesh garment workers - Posted: 30-May-11
  Ask Walmart to have its suppliers drop bogus charges against local labour leaders - Clean Clothes Campaign

Killing political subsidies - Posted: 30-May-11
  Conservatives keep tax credit and expense reimbursement measures, to their own benefit - Geoffrey Stevens

Spinning for world health - Posted: 30-May-11
  Burn calories, not gas: Ride a bike - David Suzuki

Meltdowns spew radiation - Posted: 24-May-11
  Alarming facts emerge about damaged Fukushima nuclear plants - by Gordon Edwards

Money replaces hard work in Canada's immigration narrative - Posted: 24-May-11
  Temporary foreign workers suffer abuse to put food on our tables - Ish Theilheimer

Let Alvaro Orozco stay in Canada - Posted: 24-May-11
  Award-winning queer artist faces deportation to hostile family in Nicaragua -

From outsiders to insiders - Posted: 24-May-11
  Refomers were newbies too, in 1993 - Gillian Steward

HST referendum coming - Posted: 24-May-11
  Real cost of tax is far-reaching - Bill Tieleman

Hazards of shift work - Posted: 24-May-11
  One of the most serious occupational health issues of our time is little studied - Workers Health and Safety Centre

Globalization and Voisey's Bay - Posted: 24-May-11
  Newfoundland & Labrador can teach the rest of Canada about dealing with foreign ownership - Armine Yalnizyan

CAUT copyright guidelines - Posted: 24-May-11
  Responsibility for policing copyright lands on professors and teachers - John Degen

Breaking unbearable news - Posted: 24-May-11
  Sometimes a story is not all it's cracked up to be - YouTube

Nakba, Geronimo and more - Posted: 24-May-11
  And: Syrian "rebels" seem unusually well armed - Phil Taylor

Freedom of association sort of upheld - Posted: 24-May-11
  Supreme Court of Canada issues ruling in farm workers' constitutional litigation - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Team up for better health care - Posted: 24-May-11
  Better organization would save public health care better than more money would - Cy Frank

Bolivia's new climate movement - Posted: 24-May-11
  Global South rebels against North's complacency - Noami Klein

Iraq's hot money cowboys - Posted: 24-May-11
  Shattered infrastructure creates room for entrepreneurs - Steven Lee Myers

Hard work, little leisure - Posted: 24-May-11
  Alberta's riches come at a cost - Diana Gibson

Stock tips - Posted: 23-May-11
  Most Native people are skeptical of the markets - Richard Wagamese

Contrary policies - Posted: 23-May-11
  Consider the Senate as a pustule on the rump of the body politic - Geoffrey Stevens

Marc Emery: serving time in the US prison system - Posted: 23-May-11
  Canadians should face Canadian justice, not foreign, for-profit prison - Marc Emery

Push! for natural birth - Posted: 23-May-11
  Midwives should be part of our health care system - Jody Dallaire

Unequal in any economy - Posted: 23-May-11
  Depression, not recession rocks US ghettos.

The IMF's assault on women - Posted: 23-May-11
  Dominique Strauss-Kahn's alleged attack on a hotel housekeeper is shocking and deeply symbolic of the IMF's attitude towards women - Christine Ahn and Kavita Ramdas

Sea creatures at risk - Posted: 23-May-11
  It's time to stop eating endangered animals like the bluefin tuna.

Climate left out of election - Posted: 23-May-11
  Political and media elites seem pathologically disconnected from reality - Janice Harvey

Integrity Commissioner flaws - Posted: 17-May-11
  Outside review confirms AG criticism of Christiane Ouimet's performance - David Hutton

Voisey's Bay report - Posted: 17-May-11
  Inquiry findings offer victory for workers, vindication for union - USW

Alberta inches towards water market - Posted: 17-May-11
  Alberta government shuns public, meets secretly with Nestle, on water policy.

Hospital mix-ups - Posted: 17-May-11
  from the Internet - the Internet

Hospital mix-ups - Posted: 17-May-11
  Better check that wristband! - the Internet

The quant and the poets - Posted: 17-May-11
  Blogger notes post-Fukushima nuke debate has fractured Greens - Paul Kingsnorth

Lost: a valuable Advisory Council - Posted: 17-May-11
  Women's equality is not a done deal. - Jody Dallaire

Unions needed as much now as ever - Posted: 17-May-11
  Exclusive SGN profiles tell stories of people who work to improve life for everyone - Ish Theilheimer

The Halifax conundrum - Posted: 17-May-11
  Poll finds 91 percent of residents love living in Halifax. But why? - Stephen Kimber

Fukushima: shutdown planned by January - Posted: 17-May-11
  TEPCO acknowledges at least one plant had actual meltdown - Mitsuru Obe and Yuka Hayashi

Goodbye to good jobs - Posted: 17-May-11
  Federal and provincial oilsands policies lax on protecting local jobs - Terry Inigo-Jones

Sun News runs suspect survey - Posted: 17-May-11
  Survey results on abortion reflect methodology, not public opinion - John Gordon Miller

About the economic growth Harper promised - Posted: 17-May-11
  Five aspects of policy will affect the day-to-day lives of Canadians - Armine Yalnizyan

Keepers of the seeds - Posted: 17-May-11
  Native farmers and gardeners are working to preserve their agricultural heritage - Winona LaDuke

The Taliban is not al-Qaeda - Posted: 17-May-11
  Afghanistan exit strategy may depend on being able to tell them apart - Robert Dreyfuss

What remains the same - Posted: 16-May-11
  Cold creeks and silvery minnows connect across a lifespan - Richard Wagamese

Facebook movement in Kabul - Posted: 16-May-11
  Is "Arab Spring" coming to Afghanistan? - Mustafa Sarwar

Beyond policy - Posted: 16-May-11
  A Harper majority may inspire activism - Ricardo Acuña

Warding off the Palestinian revolution - Posted: 16-May-11
  Citizens want to see the end of Fatah and Hamas - Gwynne Dyer

Looking into the black hole of history - Posted: 16-May-11
  Liberal Party risks disappearing from federal scene - Geoffrey Stevens

Youth lead the way, environmentally - Posted: 16-May-11
  But we shouldn't expect the kids to clean up our mess - David Suzuki

The voting majority is watching - Posted: 10-May-11
  Most voters cast their ballots for change, not for the Conservatives - Leadnow

Saskatchewan voted Conservative - Posted: 10-May-11
  And: assessing what Harper's majority means for Canada's sustainability.

Great baseball quotes - Posted: 10-May-11
  Ninety percent of the game is half mental: Yogi Berra - the Internet

Time for the Left to fight wealth transfers - Posted: 10-May-11
  Say "no" to US model of helping millionaires at the expense of working people - Ish Theilheimer

By-election for Christy Clark - Posted: 10-May-11
  New BC Liberal leaders offers more politics as usual - Bill Tieleman

Stelmach's commission surprises - Posted: 10-May-11
  Alberta gets a warning about relying on oil - Gillian Steward

Obama re-framing the war - Posted: 10-May-11
  Bin Laden assassination changes the US national narrative - Penney Kome

One more kick at the voting system - Posted: 09-May-11
  Harper's majority was due to a measly 6200 votes in only 14 ridings - Stephen Kimber

Foreign companies buying into tarsands - Posted: 09-May-11
  Canada losing profits and control as refining moves to countries with low labour and environmental standards - Tony Clark

Sex talk in the office - Posted: 09-May-11
  Even non-harassing sex talk can create a poisoned environment - Jody Dallaire

Conflict over regulating nuclear power plant - Posted: 09-May-11
  Vermont legislature denies extension for plant of the same vintage and make as Japan's crippled reactors - Jim Hightower

Eating in the desert - Posted: 09-May-11
  Water shortages threaten food future in the Arab Middle East - Lester R Brown

After bin Laden - Posted: 09-May-11
  If they have any strength, al-Qaeda leaders will try to goad the USA with violence - Gwynne Dyer

Cancel the F-35s - Posted: 09-May-11
  And here's some other free advice on how to govern with a majority - Geoffrey Stevens

Fresh from the tap - Posted: 09-May-11
  Let's not take our abundance of clean water for granted - David Suzuki

Obsolete bin Laden - Posted: 09-May-11
  Only Americans believed in bin Laden's dream of a new Caliphate - Uri Avnery

Christians must call for this war to end - Posted: 09-May-11
  Intelligence, not combat, found bin Laden - Jim Wallis

Canada's voting not "fair" - Posted: 09-May-11
  Most democratic countries use proportional system - Michael Cowley-Owen

On air with Phil Taylor - Posted: 04-May-11
  Phil interviews Yves Engler about cars and media, and Zafar Bangash about bin Laden's death.

The trouble with the TFSA - Posted: 04-May-11
  Tax Free Savings Accounts are first step to abolishing tax on capital gains - Linda McQuaig

A majority of seats but not of votes - Posted: 04-May-11
  An Alternative Voting system would help build a better Canada - Adil Sayeed

Catch 22 wraps up - Posted: 04-May-11
  Results did not reach the goal - the Catch 22 team

What Monday's election results disguise - Posted: 04-May-11
  Harperite votes increased by 623,000 - Marc Zwelling

Mall flash mob - Posted: 04-May-11
  Fame can be a slam dunk - ParkourEntTM

Voting the odds - Posted: 04-May-11
  The Conservatives love the "strategic voting" sites — here's why - Alice Funke

Election produces a fundamental realignment - Posted: 04-May-11
  Parliament will be a very different place - Geoffrey Stevens

Jack's energy, optimism drove Orange Wave - Posted: 04-May-11
  And: prepare for "shock and awe" as Harper assumes full power - Ish Theilheimer

Politics, the press and bad news for democracy - Posted: 04-May-11
  92 percent of newspaper endorsements were for Conservatives - Dwayne Winseck

Four years of Conservative majority government - Posted: 04-May-11
  Jack Layton won big, due to his appealing personality, backed with an excellent campaign that focused on key voter issues - Bill Tieleman

Trading a dysfunctional Parliament for a polarized one - Posted: 03-May-11
  NDP in Opposition will go head to head with Conservatives - Chantal Hébert

Tar sands and the election - Posted: 03-May-11
  Conservatives conjured up a threat to the tar sands - Ricardo Acuña

Bizarre stories surface at Sun Media - Posted: 03-May-11
  Flimsy smears slip through as Sun proclaims its professionalism - John Gordon Miller

How the USA found, and killed, Osama Bin Laden - Posted: 03-May-11
  Painstaking intelligence-gathering led to President Obama's fateful decision - Heather Maher

Osama bin Laden's Pakistan mansion - Posted: 03-May-11
  What's shocking is the USA pretends Pakistan is not a haven for terrorists - Asra Q Nomani

My friend Allan Blakeney - Posted: 03-May-11
  Biographer recounts how interviews led to warm and lasting friendship - Dennis Gruending

Labour around the world - Posted: 03-May-11
  Celebrating May Day, Workers' Memorial Day, and union actions globally - Harry Kelber

If President Bashar al-Assad fails, everything may change - Posted: 02-May-11
  Syria is the lynchpin of the alliance against Israel - Gwynne Dyer

Osama bin Laden is dead - Posted: 02-May-11
  It's time to end the War on Terror - Katrina vanden Heuvel

Election 2011: a strange sweet trip that may not be over - Posted: 02-May-11
  Canadians took back their politics, and produced a result no one expected - Stephen Kimber

Vote Mobs - Posted: 02-May-11
  Youth are coming up with new takes on civic engagement - Jody Dallaire

Oil and trust - Posted: 02-May-11
  Fossil fuel industry gives us cause to be skeptical - David Suzuki

Top ten anti-nuclear songs - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  From Pete Seeger to Kraftwerk, pop music performers protest nuclear power - Peter Rothberg

National Day of Mourning - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  April 28 will be the 27th observance of an event that has become international - Health and Safety Ontario

Political correctness matters - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Police officer's comments on sexual assault were wrong as well as insensitive - Jody Dallaire

Stop Darlington expansion - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Ontario Power Generation refuses to divulge nuclear risks, wants to build more plants -

Fat cats and others - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Feline friends provide no end of fun - YouTube

Remembering Allan Blakeney - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Former Saskatchewan premier was also a longtime World Federalist - World Federalist Movement - Canada

Dix, NDP up for the fight - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Provincial election looms as the Stanley Cup Final of BC politics - Bill Tieleman

Alberta is used to Harper-style hardball - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Doctors, landowners, universities all have reported Alberta government bullying - Gillian Steward

Two wars, and no election debate - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Let's discuss Canada's role in Afghanistan and Libya, and our declining global reputation - Betty Plewes

National Day of Mourning - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  April 28 will be the 27th observance of an event that has become international - Health and Safety Ontario

First Chornobyl, then Fukushima - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Energy hunters reconsider cost/risk/benefit of nuclear power - Charles Recknagel

Oil's erosion of Canada a silent election issue - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Petro wealth is fouling our country's character, as it did many others' - Andrew Nikiforuk

Today, economic refugees - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Tomorrow, the EU may well need to deal with climate refugees - Gwynne Dyer

Farmers support Wheat Board - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Radio campaign highlights food sovereignty - Canadian Wheat Board Alliance

Jane Jacobs' forbidden book and live poetry - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Guests on this show are Luciano Iacobelli and Robin Philpot.

Napoleón Gómez receives prestigious human rights award - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  United Steelworkers salute Mexican Mineworkers' leader on the recognition of his work - USW

The Conservatives' low profile campaign - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  It's don't-blame-me-I-voted-for time - Stephen Kimber

Yahoo TV - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  SUN TV's debut was less than auspicious - John Gordon Miller

The kid in me - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Meeting a 14-year-old boy with a drunk father reminds me of myself at that age - Richard Wagamese

"Orange Surge" is no tsunami - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  NDP's lead might not translate into seats in the House - Geoffrey Stevens

Libya "defense" is all about the oil - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  When there's no oil, there's no intervention - William A Collins

Unexpected twist in federal campaign - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Ignatieff and Liberals flounder; Layton forges ahead, on his cane - Ish Theilheimer

Jane Jacobs' forbidden book and live poetry - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Guests on this show are Luciano Iacobelli and Robin Philpot.

Put the environment back into the election - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  We Canadians are lucky; all we have to do is vote - David Suzuki

Tahrir Square, Tel Aviv - Posted: 26-Apr-11
  Political change in Israel is as unlikely as, say, a Black US President - Uri Avnery

Royal wedding done right - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  T-Mobile dances you down the aisle - T Mobile

The Parliament of Fouls - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Contempt of Parliament is closer to a criminal charge than to "bickering" - David McLaren

Mexican auto part workers evict company union, set up their own - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Puebla workers at Johnson Controls sign first collective bargaining agreement - Maquila Solidarity Network

Support the Citizens Declaration on NATO - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Help define NATO's role in the post-Cold War era - NATOWatch

Adrian Dix new BC NDP leader - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Dix, NDP up for the election fight with BC Liberals - Bill Tieleman

UN General Assembly to debate whether Nature has rights - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  New legal paradigm emerging, for protecting environment, assessing damages - Global Exchange and Council of Canadians

Libya conflict a weapons showcase - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Armaments makers vie for the opportunity to advertize "combat tested" fighter jets.

Lessons from BP blowout - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Major oil companies' professions of emergency readiness proved empty - Antonia Juhasz

Christian Zionism and the election - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  So-called apolitical religious rallies in four cities featured Conservative speakers - Dennis Gruending

Royalties on non-renewables - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Potash royalty review protects Saskatchewan interests - Ken Neumann

NS NDP face deficit - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Tommy Douglas would not approve of Graham Steele using Paul Martin's tactics - Stephen Kimber

Is sugar toxic? - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Researcher pins blame on sugar for several chronic diseases - Gary Taubes

Cyber stupid - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  Postmedia relies on cost-cutting tactics that have failed so many newspapers in the past.

This is no "Seinfeld election" - Posted: 19-Apr-11
  So many issues are clamouring for attention that they become a kind of background white noise - Geoffrey Stevens

Tips for veggie virgins - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  You can grow fresh food in containers or small patches - Ellen LaConte

Mexico: Just say "No" - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  War on drugs is "tearing apart the fabric" of Mexico - Gwynne Dyer

Stelmach miffed by US criticism - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  Tar sands come under fire by New York Times, President Barack Obama - Acuna

Earth Day is a trademark - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  Earth Day Canada protects Earth Day® in the age of greenwashing - Earth Day Canada

Nominations race shows PC underbelly - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  And: Ontario Green leader runs in former health minister's secure riding - Inside Queen's Park

Genome studies lead to unexpected results - Posted: 18-Apr-11
  Few diseases are genetic; most are linked to environmental factors - David Suzuki

Lush potential for coalition - Posted: 13-Apr-11
  Opposition parties could sign an accord to achieve certain goals - Linda McQuaig

Anybody but Harper: Catch 22 - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  "Super Voters" in 52 ridings will determine who forms the government. by John Deverell and Tracy Morey

Stop Darlington expansion - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Tell Premier McGuinty: no new nukes! -

Polling in Christy Clark's preferred riding - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Polling company, Innovative Research, employed Christy Clark's Chief of Staff Mike McDonald until last month - Bill Tieleman

Targeting vulnerable Harperites could work — or backfire - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Swing 33 and Catch 22 encourage voters to defeat Conservatives with lesser-evil votes - Ish Theilheimer

Oilsands out of sight, out of mind - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Key energy issue buried deep in parties' policy books - Gillian Steward

Threat alerts in 2011 Europe - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Urgency sounds different, country to country - John Cleese

Pull my finger: Harper - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Actions speak louder than words - Which Canada Will You Vote For?

Time to re-think Japan's energy future - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Wind, solar, geothermal generation could meet all Japan's energy needs, and then some - J Matthew Roney for Earth Policy Institute

Nukespeak - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Fukushima nuclear disaster at one month: the explosion of misinformation - Karl Grossman

US media miss huge labour story - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Polls show Americans aren't anti-worker, although most media assume they would be - Peter Hart

The Ojibway djembe - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  When I learned to drum and sing along, I found a measure of redemption I had ached for - Richard Wagamese

Big court win on pensions - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Landmark legal decision forces an insolvent corporation to honour pension obligations to employees - USW Canada

Muzzling the green message - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Discussion about Green Party's exclusion from debate deemed a "diversion" from election - Ole Hendrickson

BP shareholders strike back - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  One year after Gulf spill, investors frustrated by lack of disclosure on risk management - members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

US organizer praises Alberta Party - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Group's grassroots efforts impressive: Jeff Blodgett - Trevor Scott Howell

Garden for your life - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Here are six reasons to learn to grow food this year - Ellen LaConte

Weeding out Liberals and other riff-raff - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  Shrewd questioning ferrets out shameful secrets - Geoffrey Stevens

Making sense of the polls - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  The election is a Canadian Idol contest with no favourite - Marc Zwelling

Top of the food chain - Posted: 12-Apr-11
  The grizzlies deserve better neighbours than us - David Suzuki

Aristide's return to Haiti - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Aristide's return to Haiti - And: report on Ivory Coast, from Eritrea-based commentator. The Taylor Report

End the war in Afghanistan - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Take part in April 9 Day of Action; make the issue part of the election - Canadian Peace Alliance

Sun TV sets out agenda - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Look for new channel to be light on content and heavy on a certain type of spin - John Gordon Miller

Counting Chernobyl casualties - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Epidemiologists, medical journals, court cases confirm sharp increases in cancers - Chris Busby

Worried about fallout - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Physicians call for more radiation monitoring - Physicians for Global Survival

Life on the 31 day AISH Challenge - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Disability benefits barely pay enough for shelter, let alone food or transit - Trevor Scott Howell

Organic farmers sue Monsanto over GM seed - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Pre-emptive action seeks protection from suits over flying seed contamination - Nancy Roberts for

Refugee bashing an odd tactic - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Conservative campaign in BC goes negative on immigrants, environment - Bill Tieleman

Small talk - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Of course we can't understand them. They're speaking French - YouTube

Centennial Memorial all too relevant - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  New York's Triangle Waist Company fire was key impetus to fight for workers' rights - Catherine Geddes

The public's right to know - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Muzzles and blackballing impede reporting on the Harper government - Helen Buzzetti and others for the Canadian Association of Journalists

Next steps in Egypt - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Egypt must succeed — economically, first and foremost — if democracy in the Middle East is to have a chance - Jeffrey Gedmin and Michele Dunne

Strategic voting 2.11 offers dangerous twist - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  NDP must position itself as only voting option to protect families from heartless corporations. - Ish Theilheimer

Shut down nuclear power: Caldicott - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Interview with anti-nuke crusader outlines dangers from Fukushima reactors - Truthdig radio

Privilege and responsibility - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  Unfair discrimination hurts many, while a few benefit - Elsie Hambrook

Jobs will kill three people today - Posted: 05-Apr-11
  April 28 is the National Day of Mourning for workplace deaths and injuries - Ken Georgetti

Beating Harpernomics is easy - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  Here are 60 countries that did better economically than Canada since 2008 - Jim Stanford

Oceans used as sewers - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  Fight against marine garbage runs into plastics lobby - Stephen Leahy

Birds and trees - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  Frisky or freezing, birds portray our relationship to nature and to one another - Richard Wagamese

PM in charge - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  Win or lose, the campaign is Harper's alone - Geoffrey Stevens

Glamorous geeks - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist… to take on Hollywood - David Suzuki

Unsafe at any exposure - Posted: 04-Apr-11
  There's no safe level of radiation exposure - Dr. Ira Helfand

Harperites' budget unbearable - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  All Opposition parties support NUPGE's All Together Now! campaign - James Clancy

Protest NB axing Advisory Council - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Incoming Conservative premier reneges on promise to consult arm's-length agency - from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Facebook saves CIA millions - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Map, calendar apps make tracking potential troublemakers much easier - The Onion

NB low-income tightening their belts - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Provincial budget puts nothing in the plates of the poor - Common Front for Social Justice

Solar outpowers nuclear - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Germany's solar panels produce more power than Japan's entire Fukushima complex - Christopher Mims

Stephen Harper's hit list - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Here is a list of government and non-profit organizations whose funding has been cut or ended - Dennis Gruending

Auto ads rule - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  For decades, news media at mercy of car makers' ad decisions - By Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi

Only one Alberta riding in play - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Environmental lawyer Linda Duncan's riding sure to be a real dogfight - Gillian Steward

Like lemmings to an election - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Defeating the government was an exercise in self-delusion - Bill Tieleman

Harper majority would be the end of Medicare - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Make Harper do a Stockwell Day and deny he would privatize health care - Ish Theilheimer

GOP demands professor's emails - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Wisconsin academic's op-ed in NY Times sparks political vendetta - Mary Bottari

Nuclear agencies need independence, transparency - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Japan's nuclear crisis could be repeated in other countries unless precautions are taken - Stephen Leahy

A modest proposal for creating a growth economy - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Investing in crime could provide jobs and train new criminals - David McLaren

Remembering Chief Ralph Akiwenzie - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Chief led First Nations in land claims, non-violent actions - David McLaren

"Coalition" — a phony baloney issue - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Harper's minority has clung to power by forming de facto coalitions on issues - Geoffrey Stevens

Looming global food crisis - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Money spent on weapons exacerbates conflict caused by shortages - Jessica Leeder

The high cost of pounding Libya - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Early days of "no-fly" zone estimated to cost $250 million - Center for Public Integrity

The great wells-to-wheels hoax - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Take a closer look at oilsands lifecycle emissions - Mark Brownlie

Nino Ricci's open letter to the Globe - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Nino Ricci speculates why national newspaper hasn't paid him. - Nino Ricci

Behind the changes in Libya — and media crackdown in Cuba - Posted: 29-Mar-11
  Guests include Ramsey Clark and Bernie Dywer - Phil Taylor

Unlicensed copying - Posted: 27-Mar-11
  Free culture? Sure, but say good-bye to academic freedom - John Degen

BP, Fukushima lessons - Posted: 27-Mar-11
  Japan's crisis is another reason to look at our energy dependence - David Suzuki

Grilling the yellow Lab - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Denver needs to practice his poker face - YouTube

USA on Libya; Labour's fight-back in Madison - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Featured guests are Diana Johnstone and Erik Olin Wright - Phil Taylor

World TB Day - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Old plague combines with new to kill mostly women and children - Dr Bob Dickson and Niya Chari

Liberals, guns and liquor - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Christy Clark's office staffed with familiar faces - Bill Tieleman

Behind looming cutbacks - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Luxury for the rich but "realism" for the rest of us - Linda McQuaig

Demand that Apple remove "ex-gay" iPhone app - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Sign petition insisting iTunes remove app as "defamatory, offensive, and mean-spirited" -

Time for a moratorium on new reactors - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Physicians for Social Responsibility cites medical risks, warns any radiation exposure is unsafe - Physicians for Social Responsibility

Support the Libyan people - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Freedom and democracy across the Arab World does not require military intervention in Libya - Canadian Peace Alliance

Shocking but probably legal - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Lobbying laws too vague, weakly enforced, to catch Bruce Carson - Democracy Watch

Kremlin pushes to revive power plant program - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Experts deny Russia's "safe" nuclear reactor claims - Gregory Feifer

Nuclear roulette a hazard to all - Posted: 22-Mar-11
  Renewables, conservation offer better route to fighting climate change and creating jobs - Ish Theilheimer

Your nose knows - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  Does your workplace pass the sniff test? - David Suzuki with contributions from Jode Roberts

Nets across time - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  What we do defines us, identifies us, even when we don't notice - Richard Wagamese

Bradley Manning, political prisoner - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  Mistreatment of Manning serves as warning to potential whistleblowers - David Julian Wightman

Ontario polls tight - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  And: celebrating Bob MacKenzie's life - Inside Queen's Park

Rich have declared class war on workers - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  "They have more to lose than we do": Leo Gerard - USW

For the same price, we could get Alaska - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  F-35 fighter aircraft cost as much as whole countries' GDP.

An atomic safari - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  25 years after, exclusion zone around Chernobyl a teeming, forested radiation laboratory - Henry Shukman

Catastrophes and common sense - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  The nuclear crisis in Japan exposes the cost of idolizing the experts - Carolyn Pogue

A new dirty word - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  Non-intervention doctrine has failed epically - Uri Avnery

Green gives more jobs for the buck - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  Brits fund a report that shows weakness in Canada's "Economic Action Plan" - Jim Cresky

At the corner of racism and sexism - Posted: 21-Mar-11
  Many women have to deal with intersecting discrimination; so should programs - Elsie Hambrook

The great inequality debate - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Ask questions, and improve on the best-laid plans - Elsie Hambrook

Urge Senate to approve C-393 - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  House has passed plan to send vital HIV/AIDS drugs to Africa -

Protect your thyroid from Fukushima fallout - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Top up your iodine levels with kelp pills as protection against radiation.

The Remember Song - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Tom Rush describes a typical day gone wrong - Tom Rush YouTube

Canadians can't afford Candu complacency - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Japan or Canada, a nuke is a nuke - Paul McKay

From Ottawa to Victoria, maybe - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Day, Strahl, Cummins could be candidates for BC Conservative leadership.

Stelmach feeling queasy over health care - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Recently announced public inquiry a sign Premier has lost control - Gillian Steward

A physicist explains Fukushima - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Explosions at nuclear power plants indicate very serious situation - Bruce Pannier

The gift of the medicines - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Starting the day with a gratitude ritual makes everything easier - Richard Wagamese

Michigan on the march - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Governor Rick Snyder is "Scott Walker on steroids": Michael Moore

NUPGE goes to Wisconsin - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  Sneaky move by Senators in dark of night only makes demonstrators more determined.

Recognizing counterfeit money - Posted: 15-Mar-11
  A little fraud awareness goes a long way - Bank of Canada

Parties vie for election turf while Canadians wait for results - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Whether fight is over scandals or pocketbook issues, Harperites' shelf life set to expire - Ish Theilheimer

Top 100 corporate criminals - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Corporate monitor compiles list of corporations convicted for various crimes - Russell Mokhiber

Veterans call for stiffer penalties - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Suspension with pay said not harsh enough for 54 staff implicated in health privacy breach - Michael L Blais, CD

Silencing free-thinkers in Pakistan - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Fanatics and bigots ensure no blasphemy against the Prophet - Gwynne Dyer

Fact-checking on Libya and Cuba - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Host and guest analyze attempted invasions, past and present - Phil Taylor

Cracking rocks for gas - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Fracking for oil in northern BC not worth serious health and environmental risks - Ben Parfitt

The path to eliminating nukes is clear cut - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Ottawa could host landmark meeting to lay groundwork for treaty — four MPs urge action - Douglas Roche and Jim Cresky

Needed: An election that debates real issues - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Contempt of Parliament, in-and-out cheating, F-35s all vie for attention - Geoffrey Stevens

US "Take it back" movement spreads - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  One tool: "Move your money" from banks that contributed to Walker's campaign - Mary Botari

Liberia's "Peace Women" in action again - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  They helped freed Sierra Leone's child soldiers and put Charles Taylor in dock at The Hague - Jenny Hobbs

The dam on Site C - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  First Nations reject Hydro project Premier Campbell championed in Peace country - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Pondering a no-fly zone - Posted: 14-Mar-11
  Intervention in Libya could be either be a humanitarian effort or another Iraq War - Paul Weinberg

Taking stock on IWD - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Taking stock on IWD - Despite right-wing pressure, the pendulum seems to be swinging back to feminism.

Radio reports from Egypt and Toronto - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Hosts discuss revolution, arts, baseball, and Black History Month - The Taylor Report, CIUT

IWD: how rapidly things change - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  To overturn the sexual division of labour, women and men must begin with children - Selma James

Alberta's lopsided budget analysis - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Alberta generates less revenue from oil royalties than from liquor or gambling - Ricardo Acuña

Meet Christy Clark's top advisor - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Gwyn Morgan sits on the Board of the Fraser Institute - Bill Tieleman

The hedge fund manager and the nurse - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Time to question the way economic dogma values different kinds of work - Linda McQuaig

With a black hole where his heart should be - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  He haunts the halls of power - Douglas Frame

Reality check - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Beijing +15 report finds Canadian women have lost ground - Kathleen Lahey

At the Canaan olive harvest festival - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Fair Trade group builds West Bank community, sells olives from 1700 independent farms - Joe McGuire

Le Journal lockout ends - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Convergence conquers workers, even though Quebecor's newspapers are earning lots of profit - Marc Edge

Shebandowan, Ontario - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Living in a small town with an Ojibway name helped me see where native people fit in Canada - Richard Wagamese

Women In EU confront dramatic wage gap - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  New statistics show persistent 17.5 percent difference - Rikard Jozwiak

CBC bleeding from a thousand cuts - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Harperite budget takes even more money from CBC - Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

The Harper brand - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Harperites officially rebrand government with Prime Minister's name - Bruce Cheadle

Lessons from Wisconsin - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Public opinion sides with the workers and the principle, not the unions - Marc Zwelling

One big border - Posted: 08-Mar-11
  Critics call secret US-Canada security perimeter talks an "end run around democracy" - Paul Weinberg

America is not broke - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Michael Moore tells Madison, "The smug rich have overplayed their hand." - Michael Moore

An election, yes, but no Harpermania, alas - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Polls put Harperites in range of majority government - Geoffrey Stevens

At the Tunisia-Libya border - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Emergency worker describes situation in strife-torn region - Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Wisconsin: access denied - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Governor defies court order, refuses to open Capitol building to public - Mary Bottari

Politicians vs science - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Lawmakers aggressively denying proof of hazards, including climate change - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Criminalized for poverty - Posted: 07-Mar-11
  Abuse survivors, mentally ill in Canada need supports, not prisons - Elsie Hambrook

How to build a progressive Tea Party - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Johann Hari describes the beginning of the "Uncut" movement - Johann Hari

Pre-election tradition flourishes - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Harperites bribing voters with their own money - Geoffrey Stevens

View on Wisconsin - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  The real point of collective bargaining is the idea of fairness inherent in democracy - George Lakoff

Call for G20 public inquiry - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  CCLA and NUPGE report documents police violations of protesters' rights - CCLA and NUPGE

Christy Clark new Liberal leader - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  BC Liberal party now split down the middle - Bill Tieleman

An oily silver lining - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Mideast turmoil is good news for Alberta - Gillian Steward

Fair shares - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  The first cut is the deepest - Trina

Canada's chance to play hero with medicines - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Bill could break log jam holding back cheap, timely drugs for poorer countries. Why are Liberals opposed? - Stephanie Law

Peace pact in Pakistan - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Shi'a and Sunnis reach rapprochment in corner of Pashtun - Abubakar Siddique

LaFontaine and Baldwin - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  19th century politicians fought for made-in-Canada democracy - Mel Watkins

Scrolls - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Words cannot exist without feeling, whether on paper or birch bark - Richard Wagamese

Collective bargaining a human right - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  State proposals violate international labour laws - Human Rights Watch

Hacker group targets Koch brothers - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  "Anonymous" calls for boycott of Georgia-Pacific paper products - "Anonymous" hackers

State budget clashes spread to Indiana, Ohio - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Indiana Democrats also flee, to deny quorum - Michael A Fletcher And Brady Dennis

Marching to Madison - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Canadian unions join Wisconsin protests against eliminating collective bargaining - CUPE, PSAC and CEP

Stop secret trials - Posted: 01-Mar-11
  Sign the statement against security certificates - Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee

Cable operators will abandon TV - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  Forget content; Time Warner's profit margin on ISPs was 95 percent in 2009 - Phil Leigh

Held but not charged - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  Algerian refugee Mohamed Harkat under house arrest due to Kafkaesque secret trial - David Julian Wightman

The two percent solution - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  UN report urges nations to put two percent of global economy into Green Economy- Stephen Leahy

Tories' gross fiscal mismanagement sells Albertans short - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  Government focuses on spending without beefing up available revenues - Diana Gibson and Ricardo Acuña

Kicking the tailpipe - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  If there is a war on cars, which side is winning? - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Sexism and advertising - Posted: 28-Feb-11
  Superbowl ads far from the only negative media images of women - Elsie Hambrook

CRTC backs down on allowing false news - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Despite apparent cave-in to citizen pressure, Harper government assault on telecom public interest continues.

Swollen foot - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Follow all prescriptions carefully - Internet

Pizza for protesters - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Madison pizza parlor takes donations, delivers to protesters occupying State Capitol building - Ian's Pizza

When a nation goes insane - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Republicans lecturing Americans on economics is like the captain of the Titanic lecturing on how to avoid icebergs - Robert Freeman

The genie is out of the bottle - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  As Arab world marches towards freedom, Israel would be wise to join them - Uri Avnery

Rocking in the State House - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Video shows spirit of protestors occupying Madison State Capitol building - Matthew Wisniewski

High fraud and no jail time - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Financial crooks brought down the world's economy — but no one has been prosecuted - Matt Taibbi

Stephen Harper's worst enemy - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  When Ministers lie and deceive, they do so at the Prime Minister's orders - Gerald Caplan

New info from Basi-Virk wiretaps - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Paul Martin supporters received free flight from owner of Vancouver Canucks hockey team - Bill Tieleman

Universities' corporate temptation - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Big donors set parameters unfriendly to social analysis - Linda McQuaig

Agribiz lobby defeats bill on GMOs - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Liberal and Conservative cooperation kills Bill forcing study of effects on exports - Ish Theilheimer

Islam has little do with it - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Mid-East uprisings are secular popular revolts — yet everyone is blaming religion.

Union-busting budget backfires - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Wisconsin is a battleground against the billionaire Kochs' plan to break labour's back - Adele M Stan

Harper may be on verge of majority - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Polls show Conservatives close to 40 percent needed - Geoffrey Stevens

Canadian workers compete with Mexican "slavery" - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Protests expose ugly truth of place to which Canadian jobs are literally being trucked - Ish Theilheimer

Return of the buffalo - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Plains bison herd thrives in Saskatchewan refuge - Richard Wagamese

Wisconsin uprising just a beginning - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  US Feb 26 Day of Action to see flash mob/sit-ins calling out corporate tax cheats - Sarah van Gelder

Wisconsin workers on the march - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Tens of thousands liberate state Capitol in Madison - Bryan G Pfeifer

"Sudden" uprising followed two years of organizing - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Young Egyptians and Tunisians collaborated to shake Arab history - David D Kirkpatrick And David E Sanger

Arabs are no fools - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Islamist radicalism has no hold over peaceful Egyptian revolution - Gwynne Dyer

Crushed by a backhoe - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Prosecution in worker's death leads to second C-45 ("Westray Act") conviction - Workers Health And Safety Centre

ERCB Oops - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Alberta government response to tar sands pipeline safety report riddled with errors - Natural Resources Defense Council

Election signals flying - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Despite wind farm goof, McGuinty's Liberals are gearing up for an election - Inside Queen'S Park

Kids and exercise - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Teach your children — by example — how to be healthy - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

The day that Canadian women rebelled - Posted: 22-Feb-11
  Valentine's Day brings sweet memories of the women's constitution revolution - Elsie Hambrook

Two years of planning behind Tahrir Square - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Two years of planning behind Tahrir Square - Study groups in Tunisia and Egypt worked together on strategy and tactics - by David D Kirkpatrick and David E Sanger

Leaving Farmville - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  "I'm getting bored of Facebook" anthem - YouTube

Freedom in any language - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  YouTube carries the best protest songs From Egypt, Tunisia, and Iran - Kristin Deasy and Hannah Kaviani

BC Liberal leadership race goes negative - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  George Abbott crazy "like a fox" to attack Christy Clark - Bill Tieleman

Mexico: Defend trade union rights - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Miners die, government hammers union for protesting - LabourStart

The real Alberta - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Stereotype images don't stand up to scrutiny - Gillian Steward

Canadian writers speak out on copyright - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Teachers and professors don't work for free — why should writers? - The Writers' Union of Canada

Audio interview: Egypt and democracy - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Behind the scenes report about government response to Tahrir Square demonstrations - Phil Taylor

When Baba moves in - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Elderly immigrant women sometimes suffer abuse or neglect - Mehdi Rizvi

Two sides of wind power - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Environmental planner looks at good and bad practice in building wind farms - Bruce R Muir

Nations in trouble - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Environmental and demographic forces threaten state failure - Lester R Brown

Colorado rules, oil companies drool - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Oil and gas industry drops lawsuit against Colorado environmental regulations - Earthjustice

For the love of baseball - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Teaching myself how to play helped me re-invent my world - Richard Wagamese

Online media may be the next bubble - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Meanwhile, more and media companies rely on a nation of serfs - David Carr

Peak oil, peak prices - Posted: 15-Feb-11
  Long term, fuel alternatives may well undercut oil profits - Gwynne Dyer

How Alberta's $16-billion electricity scandal plugs into the tar sands - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  And why some call project opponent Joe Anglin a "dangerous" guy - Andrew Nikiforuk

Democracy, from the sublime to the pathetic - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  Egypt and Canada offer contrasts - Ish Theilheimer

Wrong fit in the cockpit - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  The best fighter jet in the world might not be what Canada needs - John Corbett

Pre-election minuet - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  Polls may slow election momentum, but the music has already started. - Geoffrey Stevens

Xstrata kills copper smelter - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  Demolition of Kidd Metsite is bitter pill for Timmins workers -Ben LeFebvre

Tsunami in Egypt - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  Obama's democratic instincts thwarted by US military and political establishment - Uri Avnery

The myth of gender neutrality - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  The budget is a policy document, especially where gender is concerned - Elsie Hambrook

Knock on wood - Posted: 14-Feb-11
  If a tree falls in the International Year of Forests, does anybody hear? - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Recall campaign — lose some, win some - Posted: 08-Feb-11
  Recall campaign loses — but also wins - Ida Chong still in office, but campaign forced other concessions.

End the crackdown on Tahir Square - Posted: 08-Feb-11
  Tell Egyptian government to respect demonstrators' rights -

Under the rockets - Posted: 08-Feb-11
  Sderot houses peace activists despite Qassam rockets - Joe McGuire

Westerners kept Arabs from democracy - Posted: 08-Feb-11
  Despots relied on weapons from US and other countries - Linda McQuaig

Swann song for the Liberals - Posted: 08-Feb-11
  Stalled in the polls, Alberta's official opposition leader quits - Trevor Scott Howell

View from Tahir Square - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  This revolution has been a long time coming - Nawal El Saadawi

Attacked in Egypt - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Pro-government forces target journalists covering Egyptian revolution - Radio Free Europe and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

About the Muslim Brotherhood - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Bogeyman status for Egypt's oldest and biggest Islamist organization helped prop up Mubarak - Robert Tait

The power of stories - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Narratives give our lives meaning and intensity - Richard Wagamese

Artificial hunger - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Rampant speculation inflated food price bubble - Stephen Leahy

No more travel for George W Bush - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Indictment awaits Bush in all signatory countries to the Convention Against Torture - Center for Constitutional Rights

Imagine Peter Kent as Captain Canuck - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  New Environment Minister could choose one of three ways to proceed on climate change rules - Clare Demerse

Serving the common good - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Senator Eugene Forsey saw government as a positive, constructive presence - Helen Forsey

Vision needed to rescue Generation Shafted - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Family-friendly national projects could defuse mounting frustration - Ish Theilheimer

Nukes still for sale - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Bruce Power, SNC Lavalin reported to have dropped out of bidding for Atomic Energy of Canada - Maria Babbage for The Canadian Press

Hum a little dream for me - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Josh Groban sings Kanye West's best tweets - Jimmy Kimmel Josh Groban Kanye West

Welfare Rights Centre to close - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Paul Moist adds his voice at Regina Welfare Rights rally - CUPE

Change is in the wind - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  And, Ann Cavoukian's Privacy by Design adopted internationally - Inside Queen'S Park

Reclaiming Arab honour - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  What is happening now in Egypt will change our lives - Uri Avnery

Why the country needs an election - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  At the five year mark, Harperites haven't had a new idea since first elected in 2006 - Geoffrey Stevens

Tunisia reviews prison policies - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Human Rights Watch prison visit ends 20-year ban - Human Rights Watch

Oil talks, money walks - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  More than rebranding needed, to make tar sands oil "ethical." - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Egypt on the right track - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  The Middle East's freedom train has just left the station - Rami G Khouri

When acute pain leads to self harm - Posted: 07-Feb-11
  Girls and women attempt suicide much more often than males - Elsie Hambrook

Sit and be fit - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Here's some gentle exercise you can do at your desk - Internet

The Palestine Papers - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Israel-Palestine peace plan hasn't changed much since 1973 - Uri Avnery

MLA's expenses questioned - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Liberal Kash Heed appeals to court for help party should have provided -Bill Tieleman

After Stelmach's resignation - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Action in Alberta is all on the right - Gillian Steward

The new "creative economy" - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Online space being commodified at unprecedented rate - Soniya Monga

Support the People's Revolution in Egypt - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Sign petition issued by Egypt's January 25 Movement -

Watching Middle East with hope and fear - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  And hoping for democracy at home too — a budget compromise or an election - Ish Theilheimer

The $28 billion pension dip - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  PSAC seeks leave to appeal pension case to the Supreme Court - PSAC

The honour roll of revolutions - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  You say Tunisia, I say South Africa - Penney Kome

End game in Afghanistan - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Islamabad, Kabul to propose end to combat -Kamran Yousaf for the International Herald Tribune

Nickel mine strike settled - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Steelworkers, Vale reach tentative deal at Voisey's Bay, Labrador - USW

CETA threatens generics - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Canada-Euro trade deal could extend monopoly protection for patented medicines - Charlie Smith

What scars tell - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  When I go to a new barber, the first thing they see are the scars on my noggin - Richard Wagamese

Fear of extremists oversold - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Blame Washington for sowing seeds of distrust about the Arab world - Jeff Cohen

Behind the Arab revolt - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Egyptian protesters are not Muslim extremists - Mardo Soghom

Trams, trams, trams - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Trams get people out of their cars and get them involved with their neighbourhoods - Geoff Ghitter & Noel Keough

Speculators drive up food prices - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  In corrupt global food system, farmland is the new gold - Stephen Leahy

Remembering the "Widowmaker" - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Single engine F-35 planes costly, unproven, and inappropriate to Canada's needs - Geoffrey Stevens

"We are running out of time" - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  UN Secretary-General warns Davos gathering current economic model "a global suicide pact" - remarks made by rBan Ki Moon to the World Economic Forum

Hate speech implicated in death - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  Ugandan gay activist killed after newspaper runs his photo under "Hang Them" headline - Jeffrey Gettleman

The new Obama narrative - Posted: 01-Feb-11
  US president goes on offensive with a new frame for his message - George Lakoff

Let's stop blaming the victims - Posted: 31-Jan-11
  Sexual assault perpetrators are the ones who need to be curbed- Elsie Hambrook

Feeding fish to fish - Posted: 31-Jan-11
  BC struggles with issues of salmon farming and sustainability - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Calgary 3.0 - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Mayor Naheed Nenshi excited about getting city back on track - Penney Kome

Restocking the Royal Navy - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Admiral explains new aircraft carriers - Bird & Fortune

Christy Clark falters - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  BC Liberal leadership campaign frontrunner lacks caucus support - Bill Tieleman

Harper's strange victory - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  PM promotes antiquated Father Knows Best worldview - Linda McQuaig

Lebanon, the phoenix - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Civil war looms again in troubled nation, as outsiders meddle - Atif Kubursi

Tuna: the warm-blooded fish - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Is there a cure for the bluefin blues? - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

"Bomb trucks", not rescue planes - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Harper is set on buying 65 flying white elephants - Geoffrey Stevens

The world is no Golem - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Israeli politicians ignore other countries' opinions, at their own peril - Uri Avnery

Public Integrity (not) - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  $20 million agency had 50 percent staff turnover under new Chair - Julie Dupuis

Tunisia could set off a chain reaction - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Several destitute Arab countries may rebel - Gwynne Dyer

Of guns and Gabby Gifford - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  The elephant in the room is an automatic pistol - Dennis Gruending

Ripping off the public - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Why Obama's teleprompter does not fit the definition of government corruption - Janet Keeping

MSNBC drops Keith Olberman - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Popular, progressive cable news show host caught by surprise - John Nichols

Visiting Bilin - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Six year peaceful Palestinian protest continues despite violent Israeli response - Joe McGuire

Ontario gearing up for election - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Liberals start jockeying for Leader - Inside Queen's Park

Support Canada's access to medicines regime - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Children in developing countries are dying for lack of drugs - Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Bob Mackenzie fought for fairness - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Ontario's first and only Minister for Labour was kind, principled and ferocious - Ish Theilheimer

The tin roof - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Rain triggers youthful memories, bewilderment - Richard Wagamese

2010 ties for hottest year - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Warmer air contains more moisture; therefore, breeds more extreme weather - Alexandra Giese

Roots of empathy - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Babies visit classrooms to help children recognize their own feelings - Elsie Hambrook

The tin roof - Posted: 25-Jan-11
  Rain triggers youthful memories, bewilderment - Richard Wagamese

Shelter from the blizzard - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Even in a storm, honesty is the best policy - the SG water cooler

Evaluating diet plans - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  CBS Moneywatch researches the best ways to lose 20 pounds - Jeanne Lee

Making up news - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Right-wing media invent absurd attacks on Obama's memorial speech - Media Matters

Save Superbowl's sex slaves - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Ask host committee to help protect children from human traffickers -

Since SCOTUS okayed insurrection - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Supreme Court decision escalated right-wing momentum towards militias - Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Pond bubbles like soda pop - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Landowners sound alarm over carbon sequestration - Trevor Scott Howell

Ida Chong gets the recall wrong - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  She says it isn't about the HST. And a few other mistaken notions.

How an Indian prays - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  "Emily" restored tradition and ceremony that had been removed - Richard Wagamese

Ethical oil and ethical leadership - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Human rights used as a "clever ruse" to deflect environmental concerns - Gillian Steward

Ignatieff's dilemma - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Used to be, all the Opposition had to do was to oppose the government - Geoffrey Stevens

Farewell to an independent spirit - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Clark Guettel lived life on his own terms – a feat that gets harder every year - Ish Theilheimer

2011 Injustice Index - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Honouring Martin Luther King Jr by measuring racism, materialism and militarism in the USA - Bill Quigley

Severe food shortages loom - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Floods and heat waves destroyed crops, leaving no margin for error - Gwynne Dyer

Building better cities - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Long-term planning helps cities survive storms and other crises - Geoff Ghitter & Noel Keough

Union website goes to court - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Settlement approves UFCW's website for Walmart workers - United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Big bucks stay at the top - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Canada’s best-paid CEOs "recession-proof": study - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

A Tea Party murder - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Language like "crosshairs" did play a role in the attack on Gabrielle Gifford - George Lakoff

Neighbours in trouble - Posted: 18-Jan-11
  Is it too late to save Americans from themselves? - Gerald Caplan

The great food crisis of 2011 - Posted: 17-Jan-11
  Population growth, falling water supplies, and ethanol production cause greater competition for grain - Lester R Brown

Aflockalypse Now - Posted: 17-Jan-11
  Birds are part of mass animal die-offs and the ongoing extinction crisis - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Unsafe at home - Posted: 17-Jan-11
  Rigid sex roles hard on men but dangerous to women - Elsie Hambrook

A Christian response to the attacks - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Sojourners' repeats its call for a Pledge of Peace and Civility - Jim Wallis

Cleaning Dad's car after a date - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Reclining seats create more space than you might think - Fiat

Skating in the dark - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Like so many Canadian kids, part of me was born in the cut and whirl and slap of hockey - Richard Wagamese

The resilient city - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  In crisis, rigid cities collapse but resilient cities bounce back - Geoff Ghitter & Noel Keough

Fascism looms in US - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Rise of Tea Party most ominous threat yet - Sara Robinson

Quebeckers against fracking - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Shale gas industry proposal threatens fresh water supplies - Ingrid Style

Ban bee-killing pesticides - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Sign petition urging nations to protect essential pollinators from toxic sprays -

Small screen drama and comedy - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Hit television shows get a new look as the networks mine gold in British Columbia - Bill Tieleman

In the crosshairs of the right - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Arizona shooting highlights media deference to right-wing violent rhetoric - Linda McQuaig

What didn't happen in 2010 - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Internationally, the year was more an absence of news - Gwynne Dyer

Playing hardball at Canada Post - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Canada Post Corporation demands more concessions; CUPW refuses - Canadian Postal Workers Union

Not in lockstep with the USA - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  For Canada, the benefits of cutting carbon emissions will outweigh the costs - Matthew Bramley

Aftermath of Punjab assassination - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Targeted violence leaves Pakistan moderates reeling, speechless - Daud Khattak

Arizona: speaking for progressive values takes guts - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  It's not wimpy to talk 'bout peace, love and understanding - Ish Theilheimer

More info, lower interest rates - Posted: 11-Jan-11
  Consumers need more comprehensive protection against late payment penalties - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Raymond Lavigne investigated again - Posted: 10-Jan-11
  Senator suspended from the Senate, but still spending - Geoffrey Stevens

Rediscovering the sacred balance - Posted: 10-Jan-11
  New Year reflections help us weigh what is truly important to sustain life on earth - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Towards a better year for all - Posted: 10-Jan-11
  What's good for women is good for everyone - Elsie Hambrook

Copyright reform - Posted: 10-Jan-11
  Some clauses in Bill C-32 are downright harmful to creators. - Bill Freeman

Best wishes for 2011 - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  May your animal instincts bring you smiles and good fortune - Internet

Stop Darlington expansion - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Tell Premier McGuinty to spend the money on green energy sources instead - Greenpeace

Seven years after the legislature raid - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Public may never know Liberal party role, without a public inquiry - Bill Tieleman

Youth and newcomers gloomy about the future - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Study finds job market entrants burdened by heavy debts, pessimism about job prospects - Gillian Stewart

Mining in Peru - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Canadian companies wield greater and greater influence under the FTA - Yves Engler

Peladeau "most prominent" - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Hard to know which achievement might have won him the honour - John Gordon Miller

Enriching the mix - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Dr Naweed Imam Syed connects silicon chips to brain cells - Mehdi Rizvi

Vindication at Rights & Democracy - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Expensive investigation fails to support allegations about the late former Chair, Rémy Beauregard - Dennis Gruending

Eleven changes we'd like to see in 2011 - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Let's regain Canada's global admiration - Ish Theilheimer

Canada's tarnished economic halo - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Other nations bounced back faster by the end of last year - Jim Stanford

Truckin' on empty - Posted: 04-Jan-11
  Peak oil's escalating prices likely to squeeze global availability of food - David Model

Federal parties at crossroads - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  It's time for political leaders to concentrate their minds - Geoffrey Stevens

US overreacts to Wikileaks - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  Julian Assange was not a American citizen or in the US, so how could he have broken US law? - Gwynne Dyer

NUPGE urges "Smart Money" ideas - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  Consumers deserve better credit card rules - NUPGE

Building It - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  I've gone from basher and crasher to a craftsperson - Richard Wagamese

Bright spots in 2010 - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  Here are highlights from a year when women won some and lost some campaigns - Elsie Hambrook

Royal Bank says it is going green - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  RBC adopts new environmental policy, pledges to respect Aboriginal land - Samantha Power for Vue Weekly

Vets need help shaking loose benefits - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  Ottawa law firm offers new free Trial Lawyers for Veterans service - Connolly Obagi LLP

Costs of the free market - Posted: 03-Jan-11
  Middle and lower-income Canadians are subsidizing the rich - Linda McQuaig

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