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The 35-year pay gap - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Women still have to fight for equal wages - Jody Dallaire

Mine violencs alarms unions - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  ITUC condemns killings at Lonmin Marikana platinum mine - NUPGE

Tell Ottawa radioactive shipments require environmental evaluation. - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Bill C-38 revoked the Environmental Assessment Act - Sierra Club Canada

Newsweek's anti-Obama cover story - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Weekly newsmagazine's credibility jeopardized - The Week

Canada's not ready to have the World in the Arctic - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Search-and-rescue stations 2500 km from where yachts want to travel - Michael Byers

Green economy as black box - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  At Rio summit, African delegates are skeptical of the benefits - Stephen Leahy

A walk to heal the tar sands - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Alberta First Nations and supporters trek annually to heal toxins on their land - Kristin Moe

Green economy as black box - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  At Rio summit, African delegates are skeptical of the benefits - Stephen Leahy

Protest anti-choice flag - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Kelowna City Hall mulls flying "pro-life" flag -

Harper's playbook - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Tom Flanagan's memoirs reveal Conservative tactics - Crawford Killian

Gimme shelter - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Alberta makes strides against homelessness - Gillian Steward

Plowshares into swords - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Military claims Pentagon creates jobs - Miriam Pemberton

Lousy jobs - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Law Commission report finds labour laws bent or avoided - Armine Yanizyan

Testing the online Political Compass - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Check your beliefs — but don't expect clarity - Bill Tieleman

Ridings under dispute - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Electoral boundaries commissioners being used as political cover - Stephen Kimber

Ontario by-election frenzy - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  from Inside Queen's Park, Vol 25 No 18 - IQP

Paul Ryan's budget scam - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Deep cuts to services aren't enough to balance Ryan's tax cuts - Paul Krugman

Egypt: Clean sweep for the civilians - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Armed forces heads accept President's authority to depose them - Gwynne Dyer

A tale of two crucial Ontario byelections - Posted: 21-Aug-12
  Dalton McGuinty's moral authority on the line - Geoffrey Stevens

New diseases and habitat loss - Posted: 20-Aug-12
  People are getting sick because of environmental destruction - David Suzuki

Syria's bloody dilemma - Posted: 20-Aug-12
  Syria's warring factions held together only by dictator - Uri Avnery

Bulwer-Lytton winners announced - Posted: 20-Aug-12
  On a dark and stormy night, LOL at worst-first-sentence awards - Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Media ignore climate change - Posted: 16-Aug-12
  Even in heat wave, government and media silent on global warming - by Linda McQuaig

Free Pussy Riot! - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Russian punk rockers face long prison terms for political satire - from Amnesty International

CEP and CAW prepare for merger - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Result would be Canada's largest private sector union - Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union

Building on public resources - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Private success starts with strong public facilities - George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling

On drugs and democracy - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Criminalizing drugs costs lives and undercuts democracy - Inge Fryklund for Foreign Policy in Focus

Send love to Sikh community - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Minority group devastated by neo-Nazi murderer - Standing on the Side of Love

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  600 members of the Order of Canada say no to nuclear weapons - SGN Staff

Pipeline worries - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Alberta oil spill record a lesson for BC - Bill Tieleman

Fair dealing = plagiarism, apparently - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  New educators' guide lifts liberally from Michael Geist's blog - John Degen

Labour needs a better image - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  When working people keep siding with bosses, something has to change - Ish Theilheimer

Drowning the coral reefs - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Rising water levels new threat to home of marine creatures - Stephen Leahy

Abolishing war, Part Two - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  Let's start by defining all war as mass murder - David Swanson

Conservatives promote militarism - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  An increase in military's size and strength makes war more likely - Yves Engler

Women, sort yourselves out - Posted: 07-Aug-12
  British skit spoofs ads aimed at women - Mitchell and Webb

McGuinty to teachers: don't even think about striking - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Ontario premier threatens pre-emptive back-to-work law - Thomas Walkom

Alberta clashes with BC Premier - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Christy Clark knows oil pipeline disliked in her province - Gillian Steward

Bad days in Burma - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Buddhists and reformers turn their backs on local Muslims - Gwynne Dyer

A tale of two politically challenged provinces - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Quebec and Ontario governments both in deep trouble - Geoffrey Stevens

House arrest for MLA fraud - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Former NS Cabinet minister mishandled $25,000 - Stephen Kimber

Olympics fall short of equality - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Viewing pleasure diminished for those who know too much - Jody Dallaire

Retirement optional - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  CARP studies how to engaging older Canadians in the workforce - CARP

Bring your own tote bag - Posted: 06-Aug-12
  Plastic bags pose huge problems for environment - David Suzuki

Abolishing war, part one - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  The 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact renounced all war - David Swanson

Beware hoax healthcare email - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Ontario has no plans to limit health care to those older than 75 - CARP

Quebec students protest again - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Court ruling on Loi 78 fails to deter demonstrators - Agence France Presse

Tough medicine needed to save the world - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Extreme weather brings home climate change reality - Ish Theilheimer

BC Liberals do something right - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Corkage fee move worthy of a toast - Bill Tieleman

Gun control has wide support in US - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Media wrong; public opinion polls are quite clear - Matt Gertz

Compromised voters' information - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Also: Hydro One rescues, "seat saver" decisions - IQP

Freeze out at Baskin-Robbins - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Outsourcing production leads to Walmartization of ice cream - Armine Yalnizyan

Save Susiya - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Palestinian village at risk to be leveled again -

Tom Mulcair at Calgary Stampede - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Federal NDP leader comes across as a straight shooter - Gillian Steward

Carleton's political management program questioned - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Deal with main donor raises issues of academic freedom and accountability - Dennis Gruending

The river pike - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Giant fish proves to be foe worthy of respect - Richard Wagamese

Advocacy chill - Posted: 24-Jul-12
  Tax crackdown latest intimidating tactic - Jody Dallaire

Bantering acrobats - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  Ditsy 1980s vaudeville act balances skill and giggles - Uncle David

Box office scandal - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  Change the contract, change the Halifax City council - Stephen Kimber

Dead in our sights - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  It's time to get serious about gun control - Geoffrey Stevens

Berlusconi's return: making his own laws - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  The billionaire could make a comeback, despite past deeds - Gwynne Dyer

Basic labour rights under attack - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  Saskatchewan government "studies" 40-hour week, union autonomy - Dave Coles

Chris Hedges preaches peace - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  Pulitzer-prize winning journalist warns of US economic "sacrifice zones" - Paul Weinberg

Asbestos - Posted: 23-Jul-12
  Quebec and Canada keep deadly industry alive -David Suzuki

At "Death of Evidence" demonstration - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Scientists gather on Parliament Hill to mourn loss of vital environmental programs. by SGN staff

Ish is in Schoolhouse - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Publisher is also Producer of Ottawa Valley summer theatre

Manifesto for a Global Democracy - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Globalizing democracy is the only way to democratize globalization - Bill Freeman

NATO eyes Syria - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Also: Saudi funding for Syrian rebels? - Phil Taylor

One pan-Canadian co-op - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Movement moves towards bilingual national presence - Canadian Co-operative Association

Being brown - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Our first physical act when we're born is reaching out — the desire to touch someone - Richard Wagamese

Atlantic Canada: collateral damage - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Stephen Harper's policies backhand people of Atlantic region. - Stephen Kimber

BC's high booze costs - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Logic does not apply to liquor prices - Bill Tieleman

Justin Trudeau weighs the odds - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Perhaps Trudeau magic worked better in a different era - Geoffrey Stevens

A perfect and hot storm - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  It's time to save ourselves from a climate nightmare of our own making - Daphne Wysham

Fukushima disaster was "man-made" - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Japanese parliamentary investigation finds safety features inadequate - Tsuyoshi Inajima, Jacob Adelman and Yuji Okada

School bullies graduate to the workplace - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Workplace bullying is a health and safety issue - Jody Dallaire

Shooting the hippo — again - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Austerity is an ideological need, not an economic one - Linda McQuaig

One in six dump wells leaks - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Dumping waste into the ground is a shaky solution - David Suzuki

Recycle the rim - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Urge Timmy's to put recycling bins in every shop - Project Recycle the Rim

The oil sanctions against Iran - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Country will suffer whether it deserves it or not - Gwynne Dyer

Honesty pays - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Every good deed deserves favours - National Australia Bank

No way to run a province - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Alberta's budget depends on vagaries of oil markets - Ricardo Acuña

LIBOR: crime of the century - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Hundreds of trillions of dollars manipulated - Robert Scheer

Contract signed at Rio Tinto - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Steelworkers, global solidarity put end to Rio Tinto�s six-month lockout in Quebec - USW

Poisoning Arafat - Posted: 10-Jul-12
  Ariel Sharon's determination to kill Arafat was well known - Uri Avnery

Canada's evolving democracy - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Charter of Rights now 30 years old; constitution, 145.

CBC shuts down shortwave service - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Radio Canada International falls silent after moving farewell - RCI Action

After the Egyptian election - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Muslim Brotherhood are pragmatic; Israel should be too - Uri Avnery

Three ways to celebrate Canada with gusto - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  A guitar, a quilt and a peace centre hold together our stories - Carolyn Pogue

5.8 unemployed workers for every job vacancy - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  CLC's Ken Georgetti says government has no job creation strategy - Canadian Labour Congress

Backtracking on Great Bear Rainforest - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Pipeline plan makes Harperites excoriate deal they applauded five years ago - Sandra Garossino

Another kind of diversity - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  People living with disabilities win leadership awards - Jody Dallaire

BC PM defines away problems - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  "Semantics" an omnibus excuse for Christy Clark - Bill Tieleman

Harperites attack their own - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Parliamentary Budget Officer latest watchdog to feel the bite - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard

Bruce Jingles on weed - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  It's illegal because the government can't make money on it - YouTube

After 1812: betrayal - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  British relied on First Nations to win the war and then dumped them - Paul Smith

New global federation of industrial unions: IndustriALL - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Also: Botswana court orders reinstatement for public sector workers - Harry Kelber

Summer reading for activists - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Beautiful Trouble book offers toolbox for progressive success - SGN staff

Liberal popularity, NDP credibility - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  And: Michael Prue takes on tipping out - from Inside Queen's Park

War and poetry - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  And Yves Engler on the Quebec student movement - Phil Taylor

Assad's Russian defenders - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Supporting Syria seems unnecessary — and unwise - Gwynne Dyer

Jason Kenney's wrong apology - Posted: 26-Jun-12
  Federal minister name-calls provincial minister, then stonewalls - Samantha Power

Reporting from the Pak-Afghan border - Posted: 25-Jun-12
  Local journalist and wife would rather starve than leave - Rachel Gladstone-Gehman

Wreckers make a moonscape of Canada - Posted: 25-Jun-12
  After 13 damaging months, Conservatives' changes will be hard to reverse - Ish Theilheimer

Election speculation - Posted: 25-Jun-12
  Summer silly season turns every announcement into an omen - Stephen Kimber

Dalton's dilemma - Posted: 25-Jun-12
  By-election could possibly give Ontario Liberals a scant majority - Geoffrey Stevens

Another day, another pipeline spill - Posted: 25-Jun-12
  One litre of spilled oil can contaminate a million litres of groundwater - David Suzuki

Polarization destroying Canadian consensus - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Harper is making Brian Mulroney look like a beacon of progressive thought - Ish Theilheimer

Exhibition blocked - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal - Beth Hong

Book burning taboo - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Library figures out how to turn around tax conversation - Leo Burnett Worldwide

Resources ("staples") trap is Canadian Disease - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Cure is to tax bitumen and return proceeds as a dividend to every Canadian - Mel Watkins

Sleepless on the Hill - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Forced insomnia unites MPs as Conservatives ram budget bill through - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Harperites attack arts - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Minister's subjectivity replaces jury selection - Barry Grills

Feds and Ontario vs wildlife - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Endangered species face one-two government punch - David Suzukli

Left behind in the boom - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Wealthy Alberta and Saskatchewan lag on minimum wage - Gillian Steward

Duality at Rio +20 - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Expect tension between short-term economics and long term environmentalism - David Korten

Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Ask your MP to nominate Bradley Manning for revelatory data - Birgitta Jónsdóttir MP (Iceland)

Concrete goals essential for success - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  Sustainable Development Goals would guide policy at all levels - Stephen Leahy

Warrior Nation documents militarization of Canadian history - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  New book shows how Harperites revise Canada's story to play up military - SGN staff

Domestic steel for international bridge - Posted: 19-Jun-12
  New bridge decision a victory for US and Canadian workers - USW

Pride and politics - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  Alison Redford participates in Pride Week - Samantha Power

National Aboriginal Day - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  First Nations need to set their own terms - Jody Dallaire

Diversity counts - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  Organizations with more diversity deliver better performance - Mehdi Rizvi

Newfoundland restricts FOI - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  Public responds angrily to perceived secrecy - CBC

The puzzling Peter McKay - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  Could a secret handshake be keeping him in power? Stephen Kimber

Choosing the next Liberal leader - Posted: 18-Jun-12
  After Bob Rae, who? Justin Trudeau? Seriously? Geoffrey Stevens

Put the Public first - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Progressives using conservative language caused Wisconsin recall to fail. - George Lakoff

Tourist beware! - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Street cleaner sweeps up too much - Just For Laughs

Collective licences a bargain - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Writers and publishers urge universities to respect copyright - John Degen

Block that budget bill - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Join June 13 call for 13 "hero" Conservative MPs to assert due process -

CEO sets out to save BC Premier's job - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Jim Shepard's logic hard for public to fathom - Bill Tieleman

Inside Anonymous - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Amorphous movement still feeling its way - Luke Allnut

Climate change denialists on the ropes - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Problem is, so is the planet - Bill McKibben

Germany shows that renewable is doable - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Solar power passes midday milestone - David Suzuki

Quebec: Making war on our children - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Premier Jean Charest miscalculated badly and now resorts to force - Dr J F Conway

Budget filibuster looms - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Government plays defence all week - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard, with YouTube video

Governments "omnibuster" to make stealth changes - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Harperites, Ontario Liberals use omnibus bills to thwart democracy - Ish Theilheimer

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee disbands - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Despite TDRC's big achievements, homelessness still increasing - Cathy Crowe

Redistricting time - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Time to put boundaries on the electoral boundaries commission - Stephen Kimber

Getting rolled in Wisconsin - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Why electoral politics sold out the popular uprising in the Badger State — and why it's not all over - Andy Kroll

Bonding with wood ducks - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Bird family brings youngster a sense of belonging - Richard Wagamese

Harper's new enemy: Conservatives - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Environmental concerns create internal opposition to budget, agenda - Susan Riley

Wisconsin wakeup call - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  It's too simple to say that money bought this election - John Stauber

Shine a light on the oil sands boom - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Canadians are seeing economic changes - Dan Woynillowicz

"Open season" on collective bargaining - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  ITUC accuses Harper government of attacking worker rights - International Trade Union Congress

Immigration changes cases - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  Non-white births outnumbered white births in US last year - Gwynne Dyer

Disengagement too costly - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  People withdraw because they feel dis-empowered - Jody Dallaire

Harper can win in 2015 - Posted: 12-Jun-12
  PM's cards are stacked, with economy as his trump issue - Geoffrey Stevens

Mother Nature doesn't quit - Posted: 06-Jun-12
  Monsanto's poison now so commong that weeds are resistant to it - Jim Hightower

Anyone can be a dummy - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Comedian Nina Conti puts fresh spin on ventriloquism. - Russell Howard's Good News (BBC 3)

Educated, experienced and unemployable - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Regulatory pre-clearance would help immigrants integrate better - Mehdi Rizvi

Bank meltdown still possible - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Call it backstop or bail-out, Canadian taxpayers could foot big bill - Paul Weinberg

Anti-terrorism law to name ecologists as threat - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies - Linda McQuaig

Tom Mulcair treads lightly in Alberta - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  NDP Leader's stays tactful on oilsands visit - Gillian Steward

Vive les casseroles - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Student protest has far-reaching consequences - Bill Tieleman

What sex means for world peace - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  The best predictor of a state's stability is how its women are treated - Valerie M Hudson

Redefining security for the 21st century - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Climate change, water shortages, famine and failing states the new threats - Lester R Brown

Sign call for Arms Trade Treaty - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Amnesty collecting signatures to present at July UN conference - Amnesty International

Dammed information - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Info commissioner's office as slow as rest of government - John Gordon Miller

Job growth feeble everywhere - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  UK doctors, Brazilian dockworkers on strike - Harry Kelber

Trojan Horse contents keep spilling out - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  And Harper finds a friendly audience for Fisheries Act changes - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Quebec students are leading the way - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Citizens resist politics of austerity, push back right-wingers' assets grab - Ish Theilheimer

Moncton's Women of Distinction - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  YWCA award-winners promote social justice in different ways - Jody Dallaire

If it bleeds, it leads - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Grisly body-parts story crowds out Quebec, environment, human rights - Geoffrey Stevens

The dreams of Captain Amadou Sanogo - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Or, how one man destroyed Mali in just one month - Gwynne Dyer

Northern light - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Quebec's "casseroles" movement affects USA too - Chris Hedges

Stripping down - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Stuff is only as important as we make it - Richard Wagamese

Quebec, Eritrea and Syria - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Featured guests are Elias Amare, Zafar Bangash - Phil Taylor

Behind super-sized sodas, a deeper danger - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Wide waistbands mirror wide income gaps.

NDP Finance Minister quits - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Graham Steele no softy; maybe he does want family time - Stephen Kimber

Advocacy part of charity's job - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Governments benefit by advice from non-profits - Andrea McManus

Something vital is stirring in Quebec - Posted: 05-Jun-12
  Protests shine spotlight on skewed priorities - David Suzuki

Three German Shepherds in a British pub - Posted: 29-May-12
  Three German Shepherds in a British pub Then a guy walks in with a soda siphon...

Tax fairly, spend wisely - Posted: 29-May-12
  Tax balance sheet includes assets too: services and benefits. - by Dr Ian Hudson for CCPA

Japanese coalition plea to UN - Posted: 29-May-12
  Spent nuclear fuel in Unit 4 at high risk of explosion if not stabilized - non-government organizations in Japan

Budget bill garbage will blow back in rural Canada - Posted: 29-May-12
  Mean, ignorant EI changes undermine seasonal workers and employers' plans - Ish Theilheimer

EI vs FTW (Foreign Temporary Workers) - Posted: 29-May-12
  Back-to-work law bails out yet another big employer - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Meet Jagmeet Singh - Posted: 29-May-12
  Ontario NDP Justice Critic - Inside Queens Park

Protest back-to-work laws - Posted: 29-May-12
  Tell Labour Minister Lisa Raitt to give negotiations time to work -Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights

Europe considers growth, not austerity - Posted: 29-May-12
  Death threats in Colombia, Parliament chained in Poland, and much more - Harry Kelber

End of dailies - Posted: 29-May-12
  Newspaper Death Watch site shows mounting toll - John Gordon Miller

Dust Bowl conditions ahead. - Posted: 29-May-12
  Half of US midwest already in drought conditions by May 8 this year. - Stephen Leahy

Alberta as a petro-state - Posted: 29-May-12
  Author Andrew Nikiforuk pinpoints political syndrome - Penney Kome

Hydro rate increase to follow election - Posted: 29-May-12
  Consumers to pay for Clark Hydro hijinks - Bill Tieleman

Grassroots re-inventing US economy - Posted: 29-May-12
  How entrepreneurs, activists, and theorists are laying the groundwork for a transformed economy - Gar Alperovitz

Inching up in the polls - Posted: 29-May-12
  NB women gain ground in local elections - Jody Dallaire

How the Afghan war ends - Posted: 29-May-12
  US pledges financial support, tries to tiptoe away - Gwynne Dyer

Finding Arcturus - Posted: 29-May-12
  Stargazing stranger gave a kid the key to wonder - Richard Wagamese

Promising sunshine laws in Halifax - Posted: 29-May-12
  Open government easier to say than to do - Stephen Kimber

Diplomacy is the only way forward with Iran - Posted: 29-May-12
  The parties must come to a compromise through negotiations - Laicie Olson

Rx: get outside every day - Posted: 29-May-12
  Daily dose of nature promotes robust well-being - David Suzuki

Ghastly Outdated Party - Posted: 29-May-12
  Republicans don't even realize how far behind the public they are - Maureen Dowd

The Pyrrhic economy - Posted: 29-May-12
  Military-industrial complex makes a move on Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

Taking to the streets - Posted: 29-May-12
  Analyzing current protests in the US and Canada with Yves Engler and Stephen Gowan - Phil Taylor

Polluter pay should be at heart of tar sands debate - Posted: 22-May-12
  Mulcair shows focus and consistency in decrying "Dutch Disease." - by Ish Theilheimer

Oil, and sex, and Trojan horse ooze - Posted: 22-May-12
  Conservatives attempt to change channel on omnibus budget bill outcry - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Cell phone tower deaths - Posted: 22-May-12
  Workers on cell towers have 10 times the fatality rate of construction workers - ProPublica and Frontline

Tell government to ban triclosan - Posted: 22-May-12
  Anti-bacterial additive is known carcinogen - from Environmental Defence

Christy Clark out on a limb - Posted: 22-May-12
  But public the real loser in pesticide ban rejection - Bill Tieleman

Challenging NATO in Chicago - Posted: 22-May-12
  Police took "soft approach" in dealing with mostly-peaceful demonstrators - Chicago Tribune

Global land grabs - Posted: 22-May-12
  Struggles over land rights fall under the Rio+20 radar - Stephen Leahy

A job's a job - Posted: 22-May-12
  Proposed EI changes flout professed government objectives - Samantha Power

Egypt's next president - Posted: 22-May-12
  Election outcome unknown, but radicals won't win - Gwynne Dyer

Airport security bottleneck to tighten - Posted: 22-May-12
  Front-line security screeners to be cut, management jobs expanding - USW

Oilsands, ecology, and manufacturing - Posted: 22-May-12
  Thomas Mulcair's ill-conceived war on the West backfires - Gillian Steward

200 million looking for work, globally - Posted: 22-May-12
  Federal policies make it easier to hire a cheaper you - Armine Yalnizyan

There goes CANDU - Posted: 22-May-12
  SNC Lavalin scandal compromises CANDU support, nuclear security - Gordon Edwards

Charities and advocacy - Posted: 22-May-12
  Most Canadians still honour social contract, despite Harper - John Baglow

Religious schools and tolerance - Posted: 22-May-12
  Believers need to build bridges of understanding - Mehdi Rizvi

Bob Rae's next steps - Posted: 22-May-12
  Interim Liberal leader surely weighing his options.

Running for social justice - Posted: 22-May-12
  Politics can be a noble profession once again - Jody Dallaire

The Axis of Evil comedy tour - Posted: 22-May-12
  Multicultural group brings stand-up comedy to the Middle East - Multicultural group brings stand-up comedy to the Middle East.

Sonar-guided bug catchers - Posted: 22-May-12
  Time to go to bat for our furry flying friends - David Suzuki

The truth's liberal tilt - Posted: 22-May-12
  There's no media bias in citing facts about Obama's record - Jason Salzman

Quebec students: ten talking points - Posted: 22-May-12
  The issue is debt, not tuition fees - Andrew Gavin Marshall

On trial for genocide - Posted: 21-May-12
  Liberia, Rwanda watch Leon Mugesera trial closely - Phil Taylor

Baltimore celebrates the War of 1812 - Posted: 21-May-12
  The expectation that people will appreciate being occupied didn't work out in Iraq, and didn't work out two centuries ago in Canada - David Swanson

Big student debt, no jobs - Posted: 21-May-12
  Robert Reich to class of 2012: "You're f**ked." - Robert Reich

Koch brothers deep in tar sands - Posted: 15-May-12
  Koch Industries involved with Canadian oil for fifty years -David Sassoon, InsideClimate News

Jan Wong soldiers on - Posted: 15-May-12
  Globe's cynical disavowal hurts journalism - John Gordon Miller

Hospitals need cleanliness - Posted: 15-May-12
  Infections and errors due to understaffing: authors - Beatrice Fantoni

From academia to action - Posted: 15-May-12
  Scientists block BC coal train, urge others to take up civil disobedience - Alejandro Frid, with addendum by Stephen Leahy

Mariachi surprise - Posted: 15-May-12
  Ellen celebrates Cinco de Mayo - Ellen DeGeneres show

Osama's A list - Posted: 15-May-12
  bin Laden had plans for tenth anniversary of 9/11 - Gwynne Dyer

Enbridge pipeline controversial - Posted: 15-May-12
  Christy Clark remains vague on pipeline position - Bill Tieleman

Environment Commissioner slams Harperites - Posted: 15-May-12
  More of the same on the Hill: eco-wars, pork and public service crisis - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard

Update on Victoire Ingabire, jailed in Rwanda - Posted: 15-May-12
  Also: NATO's missile shield as "strategic options" - Phil Taylor

Warrior Nation - Posted: 15-May-12
  Harperites glorify the War of 1812 to promote militarism to a peaceful nation - Dennis Gruending

Fourteenth week of protests - Posted: 15-May-12
  Quebec student demonstrators have a point - Stephen Block

Raising tuition isn't smart - Posted: 15-May-12
  We all pay for the defunding of higher education - Erika Shaker

End ecocide - Posted: 15-May-12
  Call for new law at the Earth Summit this June!

Wounded immigrants - Posted: 15-May-12
  Doctors demand repeal of cuts to refugee healthcare - Medical Reform Group

Unions intervene in WTO litigation - Posted: 15-May-12
  NGOs dispute Japan, EU challenge to Canadian renewable energy policy - USW

Budgets convey values - Posted: 14-May-12
  Gender analysis leads to better budget decisions - Jody Dallaire

Supersonic albatross - Posted: 14-May-12
  Does Harper have the guts to junk the F-35? Geoffrey Stevens

Canada being hit by speeding bus - Posted: 14-May-12
  Omnibus budget legislation lets Harperites roll progress back to 1950s - Ish Theilheimer

Power company: profit down, salaries up - Posted: 14-May-12
  Emera power company salary increases raise some questions - Stephen Kimber

November surprise - Posted: 14-May-12
  Polls or no, Obama could crush Romney - Sherwood Ross

Black out, speak out - Posted: 14-May-12
  Websites to speak out for the environment and democracy on June 4 - David Suzuki

Self-financing Toronto - Posted: 14-May-12
  City could ease cash crisis if it put revenues in a bank of its own - Paul Weinberg

Westray tragedy +20 - Posted: 08-May-12
  Despite fatalities, still no prosecutions under Westray Act - from the USW

Charles Taylor and the International Criminal Court - Posted: 08-May-12
  Also: taxi co-operatives, cabs as public transit - Phil Taylor

Black out your site for the earth - Posted: 08-May-12
  Hundreds of sites to go black on June 4 to protest "war on nature and democracy." - Sierra Club Canada

Thousands throng the streets to reject latest government offer - Posted: 08-May-12
  Student negotiator pressured into signing offer he "did not agree with" - LAURENT BASTIEN CORBEIL

Black is back, with help from friends - Posted: 08-May-12
  Soliders and veterans take hits, criminal gets welcome mat - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard

Importing cheaper workers - Posted: 08-May-12
  Changes to immigration policy could transform society - ARMINE YALNIZYAN

A "continental carbon bomb" - Posted: 08-May-12
  TransCanada moves to steamroll application for controversial Keystone XL pipeline - Friends of the Earth

Humor vs monsters - Posted: 08-May-12
  An interview with Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum on every protest needs some fun - Laura Gottesdiener

Quebec students challenge dogma - Posted: 08-May-12
  Subsidizing education creates workers to carry pension costs - Linda McQuaig

BC Liberals ponder name change - Posted: 08-May-12
  Effort comes in response to sinking in the polls - Bill Tieleman

Albertans shake off racist image - Posted: 08-May-12
  Backlash against Wildrose shows most voters reject bigotry - Gillian Steward

PSAC's convention - Posted: 08-May-12
  Hostile environment facilitates civil meeting - John Baglow

Jan Wong fights back - Posted: 08-May-12
  Author shares secret employer videos intended to undermine her workers' comp claim - YouTube

Harperites hang troops and vets out to dry - Posted: 08-May-12
  Cuts to veterans' services show Conservatives' true colours - Ish Theilheimer

Generosity time - Posted: 08-May-12
  Video evokes the best in people - Jody Dallaire

Jobless in Euro zone - Posted: 08-May-12
  And: strike continues in Amazon zone; Irish sit-in ends - Harry Kelber

School proselytizing - Posted: 08-May-12
  The Great Yellow Jesus T-shirt Fooforaw finally finishes - Stephen Kimber

Guns behind community gates - Posted: 08-May-12
  When US gun culture meets segregation, Trayvon Martin seems to be the enemy within - Rowland Atkinson and Oliver Smith

The fallen media tycoon - Posted: 08-May-12
  Love him or hate him, we cannot escape Conrad Black - Geoffrey Stevens

Since Silent Spring - Posted: 08-May-12
  Weighing the fundamental failure of environmentalism - David Suzuki

Get a load'a Bev Oda - Posted: 08-May-12
  Song celebrates Development Minister's little quirks - AnnaandSteveShow

After the "peace process" - Posted: 08-May-12
  No real solutions are in sight for Israeli-Palestinian problem - Gwynne Dyer

Unequal wages for equal work - Posted: 08-May-12
  Foreign Temporary Worker program hurts job market for everyone - Mehdi Rizvi

Inequality: the enemy between us - Posted: 08-May-12
  Researchers argue that even the rich are hurt by economic inequality - Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

Eyewitness to Montréal May Day - Posted: 03-May-12
  Police use tear gas, batons, to crush peaceful "Maple Spring" march - by Andrew Gavin Marshall

More radical changes as Harperites celebrate anniversary - Posted: 01-May-12
  Hill Report: Pensioners, veterans, fish, and federal public service workers, watch out! - Ish Theilheimer and Samanta Bayard

Student march ends in arrests across city - Posted: 01-May-12
  CLASSE members protest exclusion from tuition hike negotiations - Laurent Bastien Corbeil and Henry Gass

Banks to choose own arbiters - Posted: 01-May-12
  Financial consumers betrayed by Finance Minister's OBSI decision - Public Interest Advocacy Centre

A plea for Rio+20: don't commodify Nature - Posted: 01-May-12
  Indigenous wisdom sees a future that does not include a buy-out of the earth's natural systems - David Korten

Tell Timmy's to shape up - Posted: 01-May-12
  Time to choose suppliers with humane animal practices - Vancouver Humane Society

Mail-order bride as prize - Posted: 01-May-12
  Public rightfully outraged by Halifax radio contest - Jody Dallaire

Gutting Fisheries Act could be Harper's gun registry - Posted: 01-May-12
  Progressives must seize on organizing opportunity they've been handed - Ish Theilheimer

Fight airport fees - Posted: 01-May-12
  Locals bear brunt of YVR fee hike - Bill Tieleman

Rwandan lessons for Syria - Posted: 01-May-12
  Sometimes UN Presence can make things worse - Phil Taylor

Canada's secret bank bailout - Posted: 01-May-12
  Taxpayer support for Canadian banks reached $114 billion at peak - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

What the Quebec students want - Posted: 01-May-12
  Students call for general strike to reclaim the public realm - The Bullet

Insult to injured workers - Posted: 01-May-12
  McGuinty's choice of WSIB Chair called a betrayal - Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups

Open Access is wrong answer - Posted: 01-May-12
  Safeguarding copyright protects university revenues too - John Degen

Drawing upon humour for change - Posted: 01-May-12
  New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly illustrates her convictions - TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design)

Canada's political sea change - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Progressive values now stretch from coast to coast - Michael Den Tandt

Apology is not enough - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Slashing funds for Aboriginal health undermines expressed concern - Richard Wagamese

Charles Taylor convicted - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Liberia, Sierra Leone suffered former strongman's atrocities - Emira Woods

White working class overlooked - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Democratic campaign strategists debate which voters are worth wooing - David Moberg

Heath care contract: adding and subtracting - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Tense negotiations affect patient care, even with a settlement - Stephen Kimber

Tales of orange juice and fighter jets - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Overspending on non-essential signals hubris in high places - Geoffrey Stevens

Cutbacks don't improve efficiency - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Environmental rules should be better, not easier - David Suzuki

US government gridlock - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem - Thomas E Mann and Norman J Ornstein for the Washington Post

"Dirty oil" still on top - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Oil industry the big winner in Alberta election - Gillian Steward

Fukushima in review - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Investigators report a complex disaster, a disastrous response - Yoichi Funabashi and Kay Kitazawa

Colombia: retail workers win contract - Posted: 30-Apr-12
  Historic moment for Carrefour Colombia Workers Union as it signs first collective agreement - UNI Global Union

Silver linings - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Election results show a different face of Alberta - Penney Kome

Alberta, after the election - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Status quo results equal Wildrose rebuff - Dave Cournoyer

Funds to control tobacco use cut - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Despite success, NGOs lose funding to incite positive change - Samantha Bayard

S**t Canadians say, eh - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Enjoy touques, moose and maple syrup - YouTube

BC powerbrokers plot Clark demise - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Premier blamed for Liberal by-election losses - Bill Tieleman

Harper's truth deficit - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Attempts to fudge F-35 estimates blocked by public records - David McLaren

Brothels and bawdy houses - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Prostitution is a social and human rights issue, not a moral one - Jody Dallaire

Federal government embraces ignorance - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Mindless cuts to environment, food safety, customs, put Canadians' safety at risk - Ish Theilheimer

A modestly insane proposal - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Government expects consumers to police nutrition labels themselves - Food Safety First

Politics and the priest - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  National Prayer Breakfast speaker vocal about personal and partisan preferences - Dennis Gruending

Labour news globally - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Unions push for two percent for green jobs, no Rio Tinto metals on Olympic podium - Harry Kelber

Workers' comp workers swamped - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Workload and violence block injured workers from getting support - NUPGE

Why Finnegan's Wake is like a marathon - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Reading the first page is like running the first lap around the lake - Richard Wagamese

Sounding the future - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Halifax 1970s experiment offers model for 2012 explorations - Stephen Kimber

Three political sideshows - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  There's nothing dull about Canadian politics this week - Geoffrey Stevens

Afghanistan lies - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Commanders hide futility of quest as death toll continues to rise - Gwynne Dyer

Dad was burned on 80 percent of his body - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  On April 28, let's honour workers who lost lives on the job - Katherine Rodriguez

Ontario headed for a showdown - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  NDP's Andrea Horwath reclaims social contract - Linda McQuaig

Modify that policy to win - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Sell social change by focusing on the customer, not the product - Marc Zwelling

Tritium leaks at Peterborough airport - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Four NGOs call for shutdown, protest re-licencing - Safe And Green Energy (SAGE)

Neither the forest nor the trees - Posted: 24-Apr-12
  Green vision offers cure for plant blindness - David Suzuki

Building good corporations - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Companies owned by workers and community have different attitude - Marjorie Kelly

Budget slashes co-op support - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Agriculture Canada cutbacks contradict federal focus on jobs and innovation - Canadian Co-operative Association

BC by-elections - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Christy Clark and the Canucks on the ropes - Bill Tieleman

"I didn't do it" - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Square dance tune seeks to place blame for F-35 cost discrepancy - Canadian Beaver Band

Copyfight ends - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Association of Universities and Colleges signs Access Copyright model licence - from Access Copyright

Province vs school board - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Nova Scotia school boards have responsibility without authority - Stephen Kimber

Hunger striker protests prison bill - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Ottawa's Obert Mandondo fasts in opposition to Bill C-10 - Obert Madondo

Racism is a mental illness - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Looking at student strikes in Quebec, and racist legacy in US - Phil Taylor

More than bear rugs - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Canada's grizzlies are under the gun and on the run - Gillian Steward

More than bear rugs - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Canada's grizzlies are under the gun and on the run - Gillian Steward

Julian Assange gets new TV show - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Wikileaks founder promises controversy, unusual guests - Luke Allnutt

Sign the Good Jobs Pledge - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Rebuilding manufacturing will help the economy than cutting pay - Canadian Auto Workers

Save the press councils - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Watchdogs need more teeth as well as public and industry support - John Miller

Welfare moms excluded - Posted: 17-Apr-12
  Romney Republicans suddenly insist that raising children is "work" - Laura Flanders

Upside down and backwards - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  An eager learner grabs at any straw - Richard Wagamese

Cultural femicide - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Domestic killings deserve as much thought as honour killings - Jody Dallaire

Unions in developing nations - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  News from Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil and Bangladesh, as well as Australia and Belgium - Harry Kelber

Assad wins, Syria loses - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Middle East country's future is bleak - Gwynne Dyer

Afghanistan unraveling - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Massacres challenge value of occupying armies - Nicole Colson

Alberta election up for grabs - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Alison Redford's new broom not enough for voters - Penney Kome

Why Peter MacKay should resign - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Defence Minister ultimately responsible for F-35 lies. - Geoffrey Stevens

Aboriginal women's health programs chopped - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Budget eliminates all projects aimed at improving target group's health - Native Women's Association of Canada

De-regulation and oil routes - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Gulf of St Lawrence is important to Canadian identity - David Suzuki

Wildrose's thorny candidates - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  Look who's hoping to ride Danielle Smith's coat tails - Dave Cournoyer

Horwath muscles McGuinty on budget - Posted: 16-Apr-12
  And: NDP support increases in Ontario - Inside Queen's Park

Peace activist sank with the Titanic - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  William Thomas Stead planned to attend peace conference - David Swanson

Asians are cheap dates - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  And other insights from Amy Anderson - Amy Anderson YouTube

Same counterrevolution — different days - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  From Rwanda to Yugoslavia, Libya to Syria, Empire seeks to dictate outcomes - Phil Taylor

Disposable professors - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  Higher education under siege as schools cut labour costs s e smith

Tell Ontario: no nukes! - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  Order brochures, distribute, and mail in the postcards - Ontario Clean Air Alliance

BC Liberals floundering - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  Christy Clark at helm of sinking Liberal ship - Bill Tieleman

Young people driving less - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  New report finds new generation's vehicle miles down almost a quarter - from US PIRG

Jet costs an inside joke - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  Harperites fib about F-35 costs while imposing "austerity" budget - Linda McQuaig

Sarajevo twenty years later - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  For journalists, the deadly siege was the story of their lives - Daisy Sindelar

New vertically-integrated global union - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  And; - Harry Kelber

Wait times, injuries, exhaustion, acute stress - Posted: 10-Apr-12
  Poll identifies major concerns for paramedics.

Oil sands and environmental review - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Faulty premise underlies Budget 2012 "streamlining" promise - Simon Dyer

Burma at the crossroads - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Election results may bring democracy — or repression - Gwynne Dyer

Ignoring NS's debt - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Cutting the deficit doesn't necessarily fix the debt - Stephen Kimber

The honour - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award was an uplifting experience - Richard Wagamese

A-G's report a dismal milestone - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Stealthy agenda unveiled: billions for stealth fighters, while seniors starve - Ish Theilheimer

Choose unsprayed apples, mom - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Common pesticides linked to lower birth weight, shortened pregnancy - from the Environment Working Group

Not an exchange student - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Immigrant students challenge Ontario post-secondary system - Mehdi Rizvi

The politics of wearing pink - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Anti-bullying campaigns miss the gender dimension - Jody Dallaire

Enough to bring down a government - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Lies, deceit and incompetence mark F-35 scandal - Geoffrey Stevens

Bycatch boundaries - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Trawl fishery measures show the value of cooperation - David Suzuki

Plagiarize this ! - Posted: 09-Apr-12
  Suburban Calgary weekly publisher picks up columns everywhere - John Miller

Canadians misled by billions on cost of F35s - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Auditor-General stops short of finger-pointing, but smoking gun points at government - by Ish Theilheimer with Youtube video

SG hosts urgent conference on reviving image of labour - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Under constant attack and with public support wavering, unions need new ways to present themselves and persuade - SGN

No arms for atrocities - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Sign the global appeal for a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty - Amnesty International

More media jobs lost - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Changes at Rogers and CBC will hurt Canadians - Canadian Association of Journalists

The war over the Internet - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  193 nations will meet at year-end to renegotiate UN treaty - Michael Joseph Gross

AG pans jets - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  F-35 program to get overhaul after scathing Auditor-General report - CBC

Vote! or be fined - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Compulsory voting has many benefits - Bill Tieleman

Twirling diva - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  All she wants is a glass of red - Annabel Carberry

First potash, now wheat - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Viterra kills Saskatchewan Wheat Pool legacy - Dennis Gruending

2011 sees record toll for natural disasters - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Catastrophic events in 2011 caused fewer deaths than in 2010 but incurred peak monetary costs - Worldwatch Institute

Marching for smelter workers - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Alma Quebec hosts massive demonstration in support of Rio Tinto's locked-out workers - United Steel Workers

Redford's miscalculated play - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  Delayed election call cost the Alberta PCs some momentum - Ricardo Acuña

Eugene Forsey, we need you - Posted: 03-Apr-12
  New book illustrates long-term nature of "current" struggles - Ish Theilheimer

Casinos multiply - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Alberta relies on gambling to fund charities - Gillian Steward

Step away from the nukes - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  "Global Zero" goal about keeping fissile material away from terrorists.

Nova Scotia's deficit dragon - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Investing might bring a better return than austerity measures - Stephen Kimber

Shame in secrecy - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Abusers expect victims will not be believed - Jody Dallaire

Budgets vs promises - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Harper, McGuinty, working overtime to manage political expectations - Geoffrey Stevens

Einstein on Israel - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  And: marching to Jerusalem; Kofi Annan's role in Syria - Phil Taylor

Beaten and excluded - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Welcome to another night in the life of a sex worker - Rene Ross

Science says - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Religious right's rejection of science is baffling - David Suzuki with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Editorial and Communications Specialist Ian Hanington.

Toward leftish parties' co-operation - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Never say "never", Mr Mulcair

Obama much more than a lesser evil - Posted: 02-Apr-12
  Progressives see President's flaws but overlook his achievements - Gary Dorrien

Radical budget could hurt most Canadians - Posted: 30-Mar-12
  John Baglow reports on the 2012 federal budget.

NDP examines strategic imperatives - Posted: 28-Mar-12
  Video clips from leadership convention reveal a party at an important crossroads. by Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

Muclair takes over as Opposition leader - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Tar sands, Christian Paradis, F35 purchase debacle and Aveos layoffs dominate news -

MP alarmed by prostitution ruling - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Joy Smith: Brothels linked to human trafficking - Joy Smith

Robocall legal challenges launched - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Plaintiffs seek to overturn election results in seven ridings - Council of Canadians

Public servants decry "sly" budget cuts - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Speakers highlight the value of public servants to Canadians across the nation - Samantha Bayard

You can't replace real icebreakers - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Proposed Arctic fleet won't meet Canada's needs - Michael Byers

Mulling over Mulcair - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  A counter-narrative to the stories being written by the familiar pundits and naysayers - John Baglow

The other 99 percent - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  An interview with Braulio Ferreira De Souza Dias, executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity - Stephen Leahy

Reviewing immigration reforms - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Speakers address challenges,confusions and complexities - Mehdi Rizvi

F-35s a poor match - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Proposed jets don't meet military's requirements, documents show - CBC News

Three ways to beat corporate giants - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Case histories illustrate successful strategies and tactics - Jim Shultz

AFL wades into April election - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Labour Fed names top three issues for working Albertans - Alberta Federation of Labour

Expensive legacy bid - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Peter Kelly's stadium dream our nightmare - Stephen Kimber

Christy Clark's bad week - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Delayed by-elections just one sign of BC Premier's shaky hold on power - Bill Tieleman

After the leadership race - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Can the NDP regain its momentum under Thomas Mulcair? - Geoffrey Stevens

The roots of the global economy - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Without forests, without topsoil, without water, we're all sunk - Lester R Brown

Safety - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Public service professionals unite to defend public safety - PIPSC

For Murph - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Free spirit mentored a young outsider - Richard Wagamese

Cutting edge gift - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Never give your parents an iPad - from the Internet

Unequal in Alberta - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Gender wage gap remains among the widest in the nation - Parkland Institute

Questioning statistics - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Let's ask what we don't know about sexual assault rates - Jody Dallaire

Saving civilization - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Global civilization could collapse, without proactive steps.

George Clooney's Sudan obsession, and Quebec student protests - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  "A Black-and-White morality play is not going to solve anything in Africa."

Dirty coal blues - Posted: 27-Mar-12
  Dirty fuel should be consigned to the coal bin of history - David Suzuki

Mulcair delivers new politics to NDP - Posted: 26-Mar-12
  Many signs of cultural change on display in leadership vote. - Ish Theilheimer

"We don't want to bomb you" - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Israelis, Iranians try to avert war through Facebook - Golnas Esfandari

Far from home - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone - George Takei

Prosecute confessed killer - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Vigilante killed innocent 17-year-old visitor because he was black-

Counting down to NDP leadership vote - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Why Peggy Nash could be Canada's next Opposition Leader - Bill Tieleman

Not golden handshakes - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Reports of rich public service severance packages exaggerated - Andrew Jackson

Labour news from around the world - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Pay gap, domestic slavery, Brazil truckers and more... - Harry Kelber

Oxycontin changes hurt Aboriginal communities - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Addiction rates in some Native groups are at 50 - 70 percent - NetNewsLedger

Three months to Rio+20 - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Governments ignoring global conference on planet stewardship - Stephen Leahy

Turmel bows out as NDP leader - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Plan B for F-35s, labour rights attack, by-election, Robogate controversy continues.

NDP's Establishment outfoxes itself - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Topp campaign errors show smart money is on the outsiders - Ish Theilheimer

Electoral ranges - Posted: 20-Mar-12
  Volatile voting patterns mean fourth parties can have effects - IQP

After the Halifax transit strike - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Neither side won public approval - Stephen Kimber

This is not your grandmother's Ontario - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Rustbelt province encourages gambling for sake of tax revenue - Geoffrey Stevens

In the wake of the crisis: Bully Capitalism - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Very profitable corporations demanding sharp decreases in wages, taxes - Armine Yalnizyan

Hunter-gatherer blues - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Devious rodent leads householders on merry chase - Richard Wagamese

A confusing pay day - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  MLA pay is a question of transparency, accountability and democracy - Ricardo Acuña

China's impending crash - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Country is on an unsustainable spending spree - Gwynne Dyer

#TellVicEverything - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Draconian Internet Bill takes pratfall in the House - Jody Dallaire

Holding the war masters at bay - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Repeated wars leave speaker more shocked, less awed - David Swanson

Velo-city Vancouver - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Bicycling helps make cities cool - David Suzuki

Debunking Stephen Pinker - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Guest Edward S Herman tackles Pinker's new book - Phil Taylor

A healer's journey - Posted: 19-Mar-12
  Calgary Peace Prize celebrates Gaza hero - Carolyn Pogue

Copyright, plagiarism and journalism - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Bar Association's statement used Michael Geist's sentences, without attribution - John Degen

Dangerous ignorance - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Viral Kony 2012 video rouses misguided hysteria - Adam Branch

Iron Snowbird Clark flying off the radar - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  BC Premier seems to be courting the right wing - Bill Tieleman

Replacing poppies - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Western researchers lead the way in plant biochemistry - Gillian Steward

Harperites March ahead with no break in sight - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Robogate progresses, Air Canada strike squelched, drug shortage crisis and more - Samantha Bayard

Scale of robocall scandal - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Widespread voter suppression big league for Canada -Linda McQuaig

Call for Robogate inquiry - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Send online letter to party leaders, calling for public inquiry-

Sinking the small fisherfolk - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Discussion paper would permit huge processing ships for inshore Atlantic fisheries - Samantha Bayard

Got the Majority Blues - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  The Canadian Beaver Band bemoans the state of the nation - YouTube

Cities want local sources - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Municipal opposition grows to Canada-EU trade pact - CUPE

Breaking Robogate - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  A "source guy" and a "info geek" worked together to uncover the story - John Gordon Miller

Evaluating the distinctions - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  NDP leadership candidates differ by shades of gray - Ish Theileimer

Gaia calls for moratorium - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Extraction industries expanding methods, exploration - Stephen Leahy

Budget making 101 - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  You are the finance minister at .- Stephen Kimber

How Planned Parenthood fought back - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  President Cecile Richards' brilliant strategy countered a setback - Elizabeth Mitchell

Chavez's last campaign - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Venezuala strongman is sick, but not out - Gwynne Dyer

NB's abolished council - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  One year later, Women's Advisory Council still sorely missed - Jody Dallaire

Stamping out a pernicious practice - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Robocalling is largely unregulated in Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

Hate and extremism 2011 - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  As US election season heats up, extremist groups reach record numbers - Southern Poverty Law Center

Fukushima, one year later - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Cover up of radioactivity just a continuation of nuclear Big Lie - Karl Grossman

Meet the director of Saving Face - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Pakistani-Canadian woman wins Oscar for documentary - Mehdi Rizvi

Time to accept the evidence - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Climate change denial isn’t about science, or even skepticism - David Suzuki

Iran's "threat" to Israel - Posted: 13-Mar-12
  Also: dire racism in Libya - Phil Taylor

Drama and comedy roll out on Parliament Hill - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Robogate unfolds, Vickileaks implodes, MP snoozes, and more.

Fukushima: lessons for Canada - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Causes of Fukushima disaster exist here - Greenpeace

A tale of two political scandals - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Robocall charges closer to public heart than contempt of Parliament vote was - Geoffrey Stevens

Garage door tarps - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Fool your neighbours with eye-catching replicas - the Internet

Harper's goals - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Canadians will be shocked by how sweeping his changes will be - Jim Harding

Open season on education - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Teachers in BC and ON caught in crosshairs - Ish Theilheimer

Invisible disease badly hurts young women - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Endometriosis poorly understood, hard to treat - Bill Tieleman

Education cuts hurt immigrants - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Drummond's recommendations hinder students who need to adapt - Mehdi Rizvi

Extracting ore, undermining rights - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Free trade agreements give mining industry carte blanche - Samantha Bayard

Steelworkers call for criminal charges at Vale - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Double fatality at Sudbury mine was avoidable: union's investigation and report - USW

Green dreams - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  Imagining a better world is first step to sustainability - Stephen Leahy

Post-Drummond changes - Posted: 06-Mar-12
  from Inside Queen's Park - IQP

Bashar al-Assad, the laughing beast - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Israel's lost credibility, UN's veto process, block help to Syrian rebels - Uri Avnery

Putin's pyrrhic victory - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  The Russian president is losing his grip on power - Gwynne Dyer

Imagine a car-free Halifax - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Time to make transit an essential service... no, really essential - Stephen Kimber

Alberta's Wildrose opposes drunk driving laws - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  As April election looms, parties scramble to find campaign targets - Gillian Steward

Not endorsing tar sands - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  In fact, Weaver study offers fossil fuels warning - David Suzuki

Send Harper a message - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Send through NUPGE and maybe win $100! - NUPGE

Get the tax system right - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Tax reductions are just spending by another name - Janice Harvey

Dreaming of gender equality - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  March 8 is International Women's Day - Jody Dallaire

Punctuation - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Language tools are vital to a writer - Richard Wagamese

NATO guides Canadian foreign policy - Posted: 05-Mar-12
  Guests are Yves Engler and Jacob Leibovitch - Phil Taylor

NDP candidates get testy in Winnipeg debate - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Contenders vie to ID turf as vote looms - Ish Theilheimer

It's now or never for our NB Crown forest - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Provincial politicians may reject staff advice to reduce cut - Janice Harvey

Canadian scientists denounce climate change denial, censorship - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  A lack of media coverage in the US and Canada has been instrumental in the decline in public awareness about the risks of climate change - Stephen Leahy

How the Left enables the Right's anti-tax agenda - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  It's not what you say or intend that matters — it's what people hear that counts - Marc Zwelling

Documents strike at heart of denial machine - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Tables have been turned on the libertarian "charitable" organization - David Suzuki

Sanctions are an attack on Iran - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  And: a success story from Venezuela — a nationwide music training program for children.

Weaver vs Hansen: a minor disagreement among colleagues - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Despite pro-industry spin, both oppose bitumen pipelines ande agree fossil fuel dependence is disastrous - Graham Saunders

Feds to abandon commitment to improve competition in the wireless market - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Only set-asides can ensure new companies can offer what consumers are demanding — consumer group - PIAC

OAS defends its turf as competition stirs things up - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Organizations like CELAC modulate still-considerable American influence in Latin America - Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Moral leadership has gone AWOL in Ottawa - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Lying to voters is not new. But robo-calling introduces a new level of sophistication to misrepresentation - Geoffrey Stevens

Robert Fisk: The new Cold War has already started in Syria - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Syrians will not forget how Brits and Americans silently approved of the massacre of 10,000 Syrian Sunni Muslims at Hama in 1982 - The Independent

Robocall vote suppression vies to be Canada's own Watergate - Posted: 28-Feb-12
  Harpercrites could be hoist on their own snooping petard - Ish Theilheimer

Runaway Dreams - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  You always arrive empty-handed - Richard Wagamese

A wish for a gracious Harper - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Paul Martin declined to engage in a slagging match - Geoffrey Stevens

NDP membership up 50 percent - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Quebec increases membership seven fold but Ontario gains even more members - SGN Staff

Opposition struggles against death grip - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  "VikiLeaks" tempest underscores Conservative drive for control - Ish Theilheimer Samantha Bayard

Postmedia, Vikileaks30, and the "Liberal" media - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Postmedia launches witchhunt over anti-Toews Twitter account - 6th Estate

Idealogues punish Greeks with bad medicine - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  The European economic establishment is pushing policies with little theoretical or empirical support - Dean Baker

They say radical; we say rational - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  All we're saying is let's step back and think of a sensible way to go about this - David Suzuki

The Case Against an NDP, Liberal, Green Coalition - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Teaming up to defeat Harper's Conservatives is undemocratic and won't work - Bill Tieleman

Rules for Canadian Communications - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Toe the line in the age of Toews

Asbestos widow to Tories: stop supporting killer industry - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Quebec poised to put up $58 million to keep Quebec asbestos mines open - Samantha Bayard

Drummond legacy could be "Let's you and him fight" - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  IQP offers a primer on the report that could change Ontario - IQP

Fix, don't scrap, rights panels - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  With police reporting hate crimes on the increase in Canada, this is a dangerous time to give into demands of ideologues - David McLaren

Early black Canadian freedom fighters have no monument - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  And: NDP contenders give Syria debate short shrift - Phil Taylor

Drummond recanted on his own advice last June at economics meeting - Posted: 21-Feb-12
  Despite self-confessed ignorance, bank economist is calling the shots on cruel and counterproductive cuts in Ontario - Mel Watkins

Every child needs a pet - Posted: 16-Feb-12

No love in the House - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  F-35s, torture and gun registry reappear as Harper travels to China - Samantha Bayard Ish Theilheimer

The doughnut solution - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Humans need to live within sustainability and with equitable sharing - Kate Raworth

How children perceive their grandparents - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Grandma lives at the airport, and when we want her, we go get her - Uncle David

Breaking up with bread - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Why so many people are adopting gluten-free diets - Penney Kome

Republicans losing voters: poll - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  One-fifth of Republicans may vote for Obama - Jason Easley for

Field and focus narrow - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Differences highlighted in French-only debate and first poll results - Ish Theilheimer, with Samantha Bayard

Send Vic Toews a Valentine - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Show some love for online privacy - Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Christy Clark's answers avoid the questions - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Radio interview highlights Premier's excuses for inaction- Bill Tieleman

Premier impressing women - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  In Alberta, Alison Redford's collaborative style attracts women voters - Gillian Steward

Confined to cuts - Posted: 14-Feb-12
  Drummond Commission's mandate did not permit tax increases - Linda McQuaig

Mending nets - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Handwork builds identity, as well as ritual - Richard Wagamese

Syrian rebels losing - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Turning to armed resistance plays into Baathist regime's strength - Gwynne Dyer

Money is all that's green in biodiesel - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Production factors result in more greenhouse gases than regular diesel - Stephen Leahy

Transit strike stalemate - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  With friends like Jamie Baillie, bus drivers don’t need enemies - Stephen Kimber

Call for coroner's inquest - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Why did accident with migrant workers' van leave 11 dead? - Salimah Valiani

Putting the sex into government budgets - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Gender analysis is crucial to helping government achieve social goals - Jody Dallaire

2012: The Year of the Cooperative - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  How an old business model is finding new relevance all over the world - Jessica Reeder

From sea to sea to sea - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  Report shows Canada must do more for its oceans - David Suzuki

Better than an Edsel - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  PM could soften a bad news budget by re-thinking fighter jet purchase - Geoffrey Stevens

Engler challenges myth of Lester Pearson's peacekeeping - Posted: 13-Feb-12
  And: Gowans analyses Syria situation, friends and foes - Phil Taylor

Ottawa news in text and video - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Hill report - OAS cut-off, Sun TV citizenship fakery, abortion debate, workers dumped after photo op, torture condoned, environment radicals more - Ish Theilheimer and Samantha Bayard

NGOs counter-lobbying the EU - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  "Oil sands advocacy strategy" does not reflect Canadian values - Samantha Bayard

Sex selection controversy - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  CMAJ article warns ultrasound can lead to "female feticide" - Mehdi Rizvi

Get ready to pay for LNG exports - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Liquified Natural Gas plants are energy pigs - Bill Tieleman

Who's Number One? - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Oh Jerry, you're such a noodge! - Jerry Seinfeld YouTube

Compare Attawapiskat to James Bay - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Quebec Cree get dam royalties; Ontario Cree get little from DeBeers - Phil Taylor

Harper's hitchhiker - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Economic crisis and public service cuts creating a society of have-nots - Ish Theilheimer

Labour news from around the world - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Feminist "Bananaeras" organize, Belgium strike over pensions, victory in West Java - Harry Kelber

Halifax strike caused by negotiators' disinterest in negotiating - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Metro Transit negotiations require talking... and leadership - Stephen Kimber

A new Voyageur - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Saskatchewan winter warmed by shelter with friends - Richard Wagamese

Of pensions, prisons and planes - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Let us now count a perfect government's imperfections - Geoffrey Stevens

Scotland could learn from Quebec - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  How question is posed affects referendum outcome - Gwynne Dyer

CIDA's new mining partners - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Harperites shift aid priorities to complement trade - Dennis Gruending

NB stalls pay equity - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Historic wage inequity still a struggle - Jody Dallaire

Not much "Action" in Matthews Report - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Ontario Health leads; civil service report and budget to follow - Inside Queen's Park

The stolen war - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Israel's army lusts after conflicts no one can afford - Uri Avnery

Monitoring good but not enough - Posted: 07-Feb-12
  Pembina Institute reacts to new joint oilsands monitoring plan - Jennifer Grant Pembina Institute

Happy birthday, Bolivar! - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Hugo Chavez celebrates 13 years in power - Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States

Save Zellers workers' jobs - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Incoming Target plans to fire all workers, then allow them to re-apply - United Food and Commercial Workers

Vulnerable to prejudice - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs - Wency Leung

Big Bang stumpers - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Science literacy is good for society - David Suzuki

Feelings toward Iran heat up - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Atmosphere has pre-Iraq attack feel to it - Paul Weinberg

Excitement deficit - Posted: 06-Feb-12
  Only fresh ideas can overcome voters' distaste for politics - Marc Zwelling

Rush on C-10 unwarranted - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  Omnibus bill deserves intense scrutiny and debates - John Shewchuk

Aboriginals, greens and media - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  Strategy paper tars media as enemies of tar sands development - Gillian Steward

Vancouver airport to boost fee - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  New YVR levy a burden on locals - Bill Tieleman

Energy planning that works - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  Efficiency New Brunswick should be a Finance Minister's dream - Janice Harvey

Break in longrunning copyright fight - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  U of T and Western sign agreement with Access Copyright - Access Copyright

Targeting lower-income seniors - Posted: 31-Jan-12
  Threats to OAS, early CPP, turn the screws on retirees and would-be retirees - Ish Theilheimer

From Opposition to government - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  NDPers, dreaming of victory, shun power sharing with Liberals - Nick Fillmore

CUPW wins again - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Court overturns Labour Department's arbitrator appointment - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

New in-flight safety instructions - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Opera singers spoof classic British Air ad - Nicola Keen and Jan Hartley

Vale voted world's worst corporation - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Joseph Stiglitz presents award at Davos Economic Forum - United Steel Workers

Sign the Equality Pledge - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Join All Together Now campaign for public services and tax fairness - NUPGE

Bloody valentine - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Double-check the origin of those flowers - Jody Dallaire

How not to end up up with the mayor we least want - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Frivilous candidates crowd the field and muddy the waters - Stephen Kimber

Tables are turning - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Here are 7 signs the corporatocracy is losing its legitimacy ... and 7 populist tools to help shut it down - Sarah van Gelder

Full house - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Monthly potluck celebrates productive isolation - Richard Wagamese

The risk of Islamist coups - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Pakistan still faces extremist threats from within - Gwynne Dyer

Epic economic fail - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  We can now see the true cost of globalisation - The Observer/The Guardian

International justice; and, the latest from Syria - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Zafar Bangash is the featured guest - Phil Taylor

Harper's pension bombshell at Davos - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  PM struts his stuff on the world stage, safe from questions - Geoffrey Stevens

Hurrah for Egypt! - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Peaceful election (and overthrow) bodes well for whole region - Uri Avnery

Residential schools and Bill C-10 - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  The Harper apology lacks follow-through - Shauna McKinnon

How not to deal with pensions - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Hiking the retirement age is the wrong answer to the retirement crisis - Andrew Jackson

Defining away autism - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  DSM changes would hinder getting help for disabled children - Christine Mather

Canada needs an energy plan - Posted: 30-Jan-12
  Oil sands and pipeline debates hindered by lack of essential foundation - David Suzuki

Perplexity rules in NDP leadership race - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Perplexity rules in NDP leadership race - Endorsers weigh in on strengths and weaknesses of candidates. by Ish Theilheimer

Protect foreign aid funding - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Tell Harperites not to balance budget on backs of global poor - One international

Radicals and Northern Gateway - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Harperites challenge environmentalists' participation in hearings - Janice Harvey

Peggy Nash right choice to lead New Democrats - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  In a strong field of candidates, Nash is both gracious and tenacious - Bill Tieleman

Refugees and rehabilitation in Rwanda - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Featured guests are Reverend John Osmers and Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa - Phil Taylor

Envisioning 2020 - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Conference hears that income equality makes society better for all - Samantha Bayard

SOPA boycotts and the false ideals of the Web - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  "Free" content allows coders and ISPs to reap extra profits - Jaron Lanier

Labour stories from around the world - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Union stories from Indonesia, Guatemala, Turkey, UK and Pakistan - Harry Kelber

Eat their lunch - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  A store clerk shocks customers — just for laughs - Just For Laughs YouTube

Battle of the wages - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Pay equity accounts for slight difference between public, private sector wages - CUPE

Working with words - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  The punctuation of our lives happens in the heart not on paper - Richard Wagamese

Scramble for the Arctic - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Melting ice makes Arctic access a hot commodity - Stephen Leahy

Viola Desmond, human rights pioneer - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  Halifax waffles on honouring African-Canadian's movie theatre sit-in - Stephen Kimber

Malaysia: sodomy and democracy - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  A real opposition builds, despite false allegations - Gwynne Dyer

The real question about Northern Gateway - Posted: 24-Jan-12
  The reality is that these projects will continue to expand even without the pipeline - Ricardo Acuna

The chemistry, economics and politics of oil sands - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  National Energy Board to review Northern Gateway proposal - Mehdi Rizvi

Boobies and babies, but not together please - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Breastfeeding policies are contradictory - Jody Dallaire

Earth to Parliament - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  We're trying to raise kids who aren't bullies - Carolyn Pogue

NDPers choosing sides - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Leadership race, QP Leader's office names named -Inside Queen's Park

A missed turning point - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  How Newt Gingrich saved the military industrial complex from the peace dividend crowd - David Swanson

Name calling over Northern Gateway - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Environment Minister's insults miss the point - David Suzuki

UN Peacekeepers under fire - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Criticism includes pushing privatization, taking sides in civil wars - Paul Weinberg

Why there will be a war in the Middle East this year - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Israel, Iran, US all facing internal pressure to look assertive - Tony Burman

Canada mentioned in GOP primaries - Posted: 23-Jan-12
  Newt and Mitt and the rest of the GOP "clowns" play on public angst - Geoffrey Stevens

The brutality of unfettered capitalism - Posted: 19-Jan-12
  Ottawa favours foreign companies over local workers - Linda McQuaig

Airport delays and safety risks - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Planned cuts to airport screening counterproductive: Steelworkers - United Steel Workers Canada

Voices from the Liberals convention - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Everyday members as well as MPs and delegates weigh in - Samantha Bayard

Protect Castle Special Place - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Albertans protest logging licence in year-round recreation area - from Sierra Club Canada

Harperites the real radicals - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Attacks on Northern Gateway opponents discredit regulatory process - Jim Harding

Bispecies comedy routine - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Clever parrot has a quip for everything - Animal Planet

Enbridge cheerleaders full of hypocrisy - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  "Ethical oil" catchphrase a red herring - Bill Tieleman

Oilsands satire peers into the future - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  5000 Dead Ducks takes place in "Alberia" - Gillian Steward

Headless torsos and sexy grandmothers - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Sex in advertising takes new turns - Jody Dallaire

Ohio earthquake linked to fracking - Posted: 17-Jan-12
  Shooting toxic wastewater back into earth backfires - Andrew Korfhage

Pushing the pipeline - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Northern Gateway is about profits versus environment - David Suzuki

NB finance minister weighs wrong options - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Fiscal reforms need to be grounded in fairness -

Dangerous radicals reshaping Canada - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Pipeline offensive, health care cuts, gay marriage ruling are worrisome milestones on the road to a different place - Ish Theilheimer

Hawaii's hidden labour history - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Featured guests are Gerald Horn and Robin Philpot - Phil Taylor

Gene guilt by association - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Personalized genetic tests promise more than they can deliver - Alan Cassels

Harperites let go environmental scientists - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Cuts to public service target engineers, biologists, compliance officers - PIPSC

Halifax city council stumbles... again, always - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  Clumsy handling of school site alienates public, probably developers too - Stephen Kimber

A recipe for climate action - Posted: 16-Jan-12
  A Recipe for Climate Action - Just a pinch of fear can go a long way - Janet Redman

What moves your spirit - Posted: 15-Jan-12
  Chores can be as gratifying as creative work, with the right attitude. - by Richard Wagamese

Astroturf piled deeper - Posted: 15-Jan-12 begets to argue for tar sands oil.

War makes dollars but no sense - Posted: 15-Jan-12
  Despite changing world, defence departments practice archaic strategies - Gwynne Dyer

Bob Rae wants to stay at top - Posted: 15-Jan-12
  Interim Liberal leader promised he wouldn't run for leadership - Warren Kinsella

Liberal Party resists change - Posted: 15-Jan-12
  Liberal Convention ignored key issues of leadership and uniting the left - by Geoffrey Stevens

Religion and skin colour - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Hari Kondabolou tackles tough issues with gentle humour - Hari Kondabolou YouTube

Unbalanced justice and sports mismanagement - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Featured guests are Peter Robinson, Norman Otis Richmond - Phil Taylor

Remembering Larry Solway - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Veteran journalist worked with Straight Goods from the start - Molly Hayes

Handicapping the NDP leadership race - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Mulcair, Topp and Nash are front-runners - Nelson Wiseman

When hackers grab personal data - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Proposed law on "data breaches" lacks teeth - Jim Goss Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Decisions of the powerful - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Confidence can lead to sloppy thinking - Julie Sedivy

Overt class war erupts in Canada - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Lock-outs signal make-or-break era for organized labour in Canada - John Baglow

New Year's advice: don't get sick - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Public services face wholesale cuts to please the 1% - Ish Theiheimer

Protect Jasper National Park - Posted: 10-Jan-12
  Urge Superintendent to refuse development proposal -

The school-to-prison pipeline - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Zero tolerance, teaching to tests, alienate students, especially children of colour - the editors of Rethinking Schools

Progress = high rises. Not! - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Crashed economy the real barrier to new development - Stephen Kimber

The lesson of the eagle feather - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Studying the structure reveals a principled path - Richard Wagamese

EI needs overhaul - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Payroll taxes go up but jobless relief deteriorates - Carol Goar

NDP frontrunners share common goal - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Mulcair, Topp, Nash all want to fulfill Layton's dream of forming the government - Bill Tieleman

OFL Day of Action January 21 - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Ontario Labour Fed unites against Caterpillar's demands - Ontario Federation of Labour

Gender stereotypes persist - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Study finds Canadian youth endorse equality but don't practice it - Jody Dallaire

Inequality on the rise - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  As the rich get richer, the poor get poorer - Geoffrey Stevens

Prosperity comes in green too - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  We need nature, including each other, more than anything else - David Suzuki

The new Office of Religious Freedom - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  Protecting religious minorities should start at home, not abroad - Mehdi Rizvi

The push to attack Iran - Posted: 09-Jan-12
  History repeats itself with claims Iran has nuclear weapons - David Swanson,

Celebrating Barney McCaffrey - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Ottawa Valley singing storyteller has changed many lives, including mine - Ish Theilheimer

Coke's snowscreen greenwash - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Coke helps save Canada's polar bears but exploits developing countries - Nick Fillmore

Next steps for the new People Power - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Worldwide social justice movements are developing their second wind - Immanuel Wallerstein

Top sleeper stories of 2012 - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Here are some stories that top journalist sees coming - Tony Burman

Science experiments for dinner - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Engineered crops dominate processed foods - Wenohah Hauter

Two Cold War milestones - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Czech leader Vaclav Havel, although political opposites, shared some things in common - John Feffer

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  The Flight of the Conchords practice their rap technique - Flight of the Conchords, YouTube

Imagine if a wrestling promoter bought the CBC - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Sign petition urging Harper to continue funding the Canada's national communications link.

Income gap widest in the West - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Alberta and BC have the most unequal after-tax incomes in Canada - Gillian Steward

Organizing in Egypt - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Millworker protest snowballed into larger national movement - Liz Sly

Religion does not equal morality - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  British PM raises furor by calling the UK a Christian country - Gwynne Dyer

New UN decision on Rwanda refugees - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Also: comments on expiration of Vaclav Havel and Christopher Hitchens - Phil Taylor

Two New Year's resolutions for politicians - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Civility and frugality would help the process as well as the nation - Geoffrey Stevens

Judge health care spending by results - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Flaherty's plan to tie funding to GDP violates economic principles - Gordon Guyatt MD

Glorifying the War of 1812 - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  PM has an agenda behind proposed celebration - Mel Watkins

Union VP denied access to workplace: OLRB - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Vale convicted of unfair labour practice in landmark decision of Ontario Labour Board - United Steel Workers

Women as constant frenemies - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  "Worst enemy" myths contradicted by logic, history - Jody Dallaire

How BC Rail was made to disappear - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  In retrospect, only small timers got caught in the BC legislature raid - Bill Tieleman

Health care: money without a plan - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Conservatives increase health care funding, with a catch - Armine Yalnizyan

A teaching tale - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Even a tiny mouse can bring new vision to a great beast - Richard Wagamese

The Declaration of Interdependence - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Sign the 1992 Declaration now, to kick off 2012 - David Suzuki

Fun with Ezra - Posted: 03-Jan-12
  Sun Media offers Muskoka weekend with key on-air personalities - John Gordon Miller

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