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"All you have to do is add a line or two of code!"
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Straight Goods is delighted to offer a free Election NewsWire service. Now you can feature current Straight Goods Election headlines on your website — updated regularly and automatically without any effort on your part!

All you have to do is find space on your site for a box about this size:
(It will automatically vary to fit the width available, in most cases. This is 320px wide, although the width can be easily formatted to suit specific requirements.)

Then, copy and paste the blue code below (the start and end tags are optional) onto your site wherever you want the display to appear.

<!-- Straight Goods Election NewsFeed atarts -->
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.straightgoods.ca/Election2006/SGNewswire.js"></script>
<!-- Straight Goods Election NewsFeed ends -->

And voila! Site enrichment at no cost and minimal time investment on your part!

This selection of current Straight Goods Election headlines, subheads and links is a great enhancement to any news, organizational, political, union, educational or personal website. Our regular updates will automatically load whenever your page is opened to give your visitors more reasons to return to your site more often.

"Deliver the Goods" to your visitors and contacts, and add value to your site with the FREE Straight Goods Election NewsWire.

(Special packaging may be available for sponsors, contributors, major donors and longtime supporters.)


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