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Joe Hill (photo) was a famous labour activist - Joe Hill Communications, an ad agency for unions

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Straight Goods Features - 2000-02

Timely commentary of special notice

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Viola jokes - Posted: 31-Dec-02

We are sorry, America is experiencing difficulties - - Posted: 20-Dec-02
  A sad but funny Web message from decent-minded Americans to the rest of the world - and their fellow Americans

US is still intervening in Venezuela - Posted: 20-Dec-02
  Commentary on Venezuela by Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington D.C.

Ontario polls suggest minority government coming - Posted: 20-Dec-02
  Political analysis from Inside Queen's Park

Don’t allow Bush’s military rampage under the banner of the United Nations - Posted: 16-Dec-02
  Linda McQuaig on Bush and Iraq

Ducasse brings freshness the NDP needs - Posted: 16-Dec-02
  Straight Goods Director Armand Roy writes in support of NDP leadership candidate Pierre Ducasse.

An Open Letter of Support for Bill Blaikie MP - Posted: 16-Dec-02
  Iain Angus explains why he and the majority of current and former NDP Members of Parliament, Premiers and Provincial Leaders, believe Blaikie's best

The People Rise Up Against Venezuela's Commercial Media - Posted: 10-Dec-02
  Narco News reports from Venezuela on Peaceful Demonstrations that Frighten the Corrupt and Powerful

Unions reject phony jobs vs. environment scare - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  Linda McQuaig on labour's positive response to Kyoto, largely ignored by media

Philip Berrigan, anti-war activist, dies at home in Baltimore - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  Philip Berrigan, anti-war activist, dies at home in Baltimore, MD.

Paying for the Romanow report - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  Where would big health care spending leave education and social services? By Reuel S. Amdur.

Joe Comartin is most likely to take NDP forward - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  Joe Comartin has proved through campaign of ideas and action the he's most likely to grow the party - Ish Theilheimer.

Why is the Saskatchewan NDP government foot-dragging on Kyoto? - Posted: 09-Dec-02

Layton combines charisma and pragmatism - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  The election of Jack Layton would give the NDP a chance at having a strong voice in parliament. Commentary by Larry Solway.

Layton for an open party - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  NDP can represent the left and challenge the center by choosing the right leader, Mel Watkins writes.

Four employer-led “general strikes” and a coup attempt later, Chavez hangs on - Posted: 09-Dec-02
  The two parties seem further apart than they did when negotiations started. By Gregory Wilpert.

Unions urge ratification of Kyoto - Posted: 06-Dec-02
  Commentary by Mike Martin on unions and Kyoto

Health care missing from Kyoto equation - Posted: 06-Dec-02
  Cuts to fossil fuel emissions will have a dramatic effect on the health of Canadians and result in health care savings. By Suzanne Elston.

Unknown Australian right-wing crusader shaped Reagan revolution - Posted: 06-Dec-02
  The rise of anti-communism and the Right in Southern California owed much to Dr Frederick C Schwarz. By Dr. Stephen Holt.

Canadian business leaders support public health care - Posted: 06-Dec-02
  Industries like Canada's auto makers agree that public health care is good for business. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

NDP leadership candidates and media concentration - Posted: 04-Dec-02
  Responses to a survey of NDP leadership candidates from the party's media committee

Ideas, communications ability could make Ducasse more than sentimental choice - Posted: 04-Dec-02
  Interview with NDP leadership candidate Pierre Ducasse

Ernie Eves' Hydro tip - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Animated caution from Jim Kempkes

Amazing discovery! - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Web animation by Jim Kempkes

Why Wal-Mart's not smart - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Mike Martin looks at Wal-Mart

Why does Bush think WE are morons? - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Commentary by Larry Solway

The Canadian labour movement on Kyoto - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  By Mike Martin

Canadians must act to prevent US-style health care catastrophe - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  By Linda McQuaig.

At the cutting edge: Mcbumpy ride for McGuinty - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  By Graham Murray

Ontario home care clients could benefit by appealing cuts - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Why Kyoto signatories oppose Canada’s `clean energy’ plan - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  By James Hrynyshyn

Mennonite call for a mall-free, buy-nothing Christmas - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Buy Nothing Christmas - a challenge to the consumer mindset from founder Aiden Schlichting. By Suzanne Elston.

Better banks not bigger banks - Posted: 02-Dec-02
  Canadian media should stop swallowing, and endorsing so wholeheartedly and blindly the future dreams of Canada's big bankers. By Duff Conacher.

Identity theft: Is there another you? - Posted: 29-Nov-02
  Thousands of Canadians fall victim to indentity theft every year. Here's how to keep your identity to yourself. By Lanny Boutin

Hu's on first? - Posted: 25-Nov-02

NDP leadership race at the clubhouse turn - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  commentary on NDP leadership race

Free markets and high prices don't solve environmental problems - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  commentary by Keith Stewart, Toronto Environmental Alliance re: electrical privatization and conservation

Bev Meslo pushes left - Posted: 25-Nov-02

Did the body snatchers get Bob Woodward? - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  More U.S. media acquiescence to the post 9/11 White House as it overturns restraints on government power put in place in direct response to abuses unveiled in the Watergate scandal.

Ways out of the low-wage ghetto - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Social policy drags down people seeking to move on to better-paying work. How can we improve the lot of low-paid workers? By Judith Maxwell.

Catholics missing in action in war protest - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  By Ted Schmidt, Catholic New Times

What to expect from Romanow - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Luckily, Romanow - something less than a health care hero in SK - won't take the flack for his recommendations.

Kyoto opposition rolls out talking-head scientists - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Commentary by Larry Solway

Employment stats hide realities of low wages, part time work - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  by Mike Martin

Why nuclear refits at Bruce and Pickering cost so much and take so long - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Insider says it will cost LOTS to refit first-generation OPG CANDUs to meet current OPG and International standards and that annoying paperwork is the only assurance all systems will work

Ontario Hydro’s circuitous return to rate caps - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Privatization driven more by assumptions than reality and common sense. By Michael Janigan.

Contracting out the social contract - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Government contracting out risks discrimination and poverty wages

Hydro subsidies hide true cost of energy - Posted: 25-Nov-02
  Sooner or later, we have to pay the true cost of high consumption of electricity. By Suzanne Elston.

Warhorse Nystrom in from pasture, wants populism back in NDP - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  An interview with NDP leadership candidate Lorne Nystrom

Singled out - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Commentary by Larry Solway

Will Canada cave to drug company pressure? - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Spiritual voices missing in Kyoto debate - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Where are the Churches when the Kyoto protocol is up for grabs in Canada? By Ted Schmidt, Catholic New Times

Food banks call feds on failure of social programs - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Commentary by Reuel S. Amdur

Canadians split over Kyoto support - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  The political question isn’t Kyoto vs. made in Canada; it’s whether Canadians are ready to sacrifice to cool the planet. By Marc Zwelling.

Grief counselling a growth industry - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Grief, anger, pain, anxiety, confusion, despair? We can help you manage anything. Don't worry, be happy. Take Prozac. Seek counselling. By Bruce Wark. By Bruce Wark

Loose wires in Eves’ new hydro package - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Pulling the plug is not selling on Bay Street or in big business circles. And the reversal will discombobulate the other elements of Ontario's labouriously re-wired electricity supply system. By Graham Murray.

Afghani women’s rights championed by Canadian - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  Sally Armstrong’s writing sprouted grassroots support for the women of Afghanistan. By Suzanne Elston.

Media ignores Bush's own Vietnam record - part AWOL, part deserter - Posted: 18-Nov-02
  By Linda McQuaig

Oil is the obvious motive for US interest in Iraq - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  Commentary by Linda McQuaig

Layton offers NDP change, opportunity and risk - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  A Straight Goods interview with NDP leadership candidate Jack Layton

A single leaf tells story of the planet - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  By Suzanne Elston

Pacifists push for non-violent resolution in Iraq - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  By John Bacher

Union endorsements won’t sway grassroots voters - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  Labour bigwigs often at odds with grassroots members over NDP leadership choices. By Mike Martin

Disability applicants suffer flawed decision-making of tribunal - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Voters let their wallets decide - Posted: 11-Nov-02

Multicultural Toronto showing signs of division - Posted: 11-Nov-02
  By Paul Weinberg

Australian parallel system in trouble - Posted: 10-Nov-02
  Taxpayers and the economy take the fall for Australia’s failed parallel health care experiment. by Verna Milligan.

Canadians' health care concerns cannot stop at our borders - Posted: 10-Nov-02
  Globalization has deepened health interdependence across nations.

Welfare loses human touch - Posted: 04-Nov-02

Media have let down America on Wellstone tragedy - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  Commentary on Wellstone's death and the lack of media scrutiny of it, by Stehen Block

Blaikie offers tough-minded leadership, no gimmicks - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  Straight Goods interviews NDP leadership hopeful Bill Blaikie

Weak link in Ontario’s affordable housing plan - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Ontario housing plan won’t help the really poor - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  Less-than-market housing units will still price poor out. By Reuel S. Amdur

Kyoto resisters stuck in the profitable past - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  The voices of a minority of polluting industries are most vocal in the debate over Kyoto. By Linda McQuaig.

No better than a welfare basher? - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  By Larry Solway

If only Iraq were rich in yams, not oil - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  by Gary Gallon

Homeless fight to retain housing squats - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  By Paul Weinburg

OPP stretch law with highway drug searches - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  Without rules about tactics police are using to get consent, critics worry the program is resulting in unlawful searches of people’s cars. By Terra Renton

Why new economy workers need unions - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  By Mike Martin

Harper or Romanow, who is the real dinosaur? - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Howling with wolves - Posted: 04-Nov-02
  Sixty screaming Brownies and a rainy night at Jungle Cat World: life-altering. By Suzanne Elston

"Bowling" scores big - and Moore's one man show in London - Posted: 03-Nov-02

Joe Comartin's message about rebuilding - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  An interview with NDP leadership candidate Joe Comartin.

The new Art of turning a profit - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  We have exalted the world of entrepreneurism - it has become the be all and end all, the exemplar of "success." By Larry Solway

$9-billion surplus undermines poverty plea in health care debate - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  By Linda McQuaig.

Newly developed drugs pose more dangers for patients - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  It takes years to discover the hidden dangers of newer prescription drugs, many of which are quickly pulled off the market. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Unions yet to voice support on NDP leadership - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  Labour support likely to break after key Oct. 28 debate. By Mike Martin.

Corporate Canada bankrolls Martin's leadership bid - Posted: 28-Oct-02

Only in Sudbury - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  A cultural adventure like this could only happen in Ontario’s North. By Mick Lowe.

Eat your Jack-O-Lantern - Posted: 28-Oct-02
  by Suzanne Elston

Stand up to Bush and the NRA - Posted: 27-Oct-02
  Thanks to Bush and Heston, many people died needlessly at the hands of The Sniper. Here's your chance to trash their crooked agenda

Great Lakes reactors emit tritium into water - Posted: 27-Oct-02
  Canadian guidelines allow nearly ten times more radioactive substance into drinking water than is allowed under US-regulated limits.

Voters reject private hospitals in Sweden - Posted: 25-Oct-02
  By Daniel Cohn

Superstore self-scanner - Posted: 25-Oct-02
  By Bruce Wark

Ethics package should deal with problems, not perceptions - Posted: 25-Oct-02
  By Aaron Freeman

Playing the blame game in Bali - Posted: 17-Oct-02
  Christopher Johnson reports from Bali

Labour support crucial - and split - in NDP leadership race - Posted: 17-Oct-02

Who should the NDP court and stand for? - Posted: 15-Oct-02
  Question for the NDP leadership candidates, 16 October 2002

Feds Need a Doctor - They're Paralyzed - Posted: 15-Oct-02
  Gillian Steward comments on the introduction of the first private hospital in Alberta and the federal role in approving it.

Grit backbenchers lay it on the line to water down proposed ethics rules - Posted: 15-Oct-02
  Aaron Freeman comments on the backbench revolt against the federal ethics package.

Down-home doc sets up new kind of medical training - Posted: 15-Oct-02

Definitive case against invading Iraq may now be coming from the CIA - Posted: 14-Oct-02
  The Bush administration was struggling last week to figure out what spin could possibly be put on a letter, written by Central Intelligence Agency director George Tenet, which pretty much demolishes the U.S. case for invading Iraq. By Linda McQuaig.

A line in the Tar Sands - Posted: 14-Oct-02

Canadian World Domination - Posted: 14-Oct-02
  The United States have stood in our way long enough!

Space for thanks-giving - Posted: 11-Oct-02
  By Suzanne Elston

America armed with patriotism - Posted: 11-Oct-02

Tax credits for disabled put at risk by budget - Posted: 11-Oct-02
  Under proposed changes, $390 million a year of tax credits for the disabled will be cut back. by Reuel S. Amdur.

Why we must invade Iraq - cartoonist Mark Fiore explains it all - Posted: 07-Oct-02
  Link to a satirical cartoon

Party unity and restoring democracy - Posted: 07-Oct-02
  Questions for NDP leadership candidates, 8 Oct 02

Lots of reasons to think twice about cancer screening - Posted: 07-Oct-02
  Scans are costly and unpredictable. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Chrétien listens to public and defies powerful interests in Throne speech - Posted: 07-Oct-02
  By Linda McQuaig.

Why having a national home care program is a women’s issue - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  by Jean Ann Lowry

Military Socialists - Posted: 06-Oct-02

Iraqi crisis made in U.S.A. - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  Commentary from Reuel S. Amdur.

Missing Vancouver women victims of public policy - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  The criminalization of drug users and sex workers places them at greater and greater risk. The law not only failed them, it aided and abetted their demise. By Libby Davies

Arms length government orgs positive for Ontario’s environment, citizens - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  Organizations allow for public input on policy – and for reports like last week’s from uncomprising commissioner Gord Miller. By Suzanne Elston.

The environment is a top ten industry in Canada - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  By Gary Gallon

Shift workers have more difficulties in relationships - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  Shift workers have more difficulties in relationships. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Tell us, Alberta - What alternative to Kyoto? - Posted: 06-Oct-02
  What alternative to Kyoto? Commentary by Larry Solway

Throne Speech Promises More of the Same - Posted: 01-Oct-02

For Whom Bell Tolls - Posted: 01-Oct-02

Handicapping the NDP leadership race - Posted: 30-Sep-02

Canada and pot, and how mixed should a mixed economy be? - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  Questions of the week for NDP leadership candidates

Who's ringing your Bell? - Posted: 30-Sep-02

Self-serving logic of globalization - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  By Larry Solway

Don’t abandon Wal Mart fight - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  By Scott Piatkowski.

Sara Aronheim's awful experience of hatred at Concordia demo - Posted: 30-Sep-02

Private health care dollars swell Eves' campaign trough - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  Not surprising that after Eves' election as Leader and Premier, Ontario gives green light to private MRI and CAT clinics

The health effects of air pollution - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  By Suzanne Elston

Liberal ethics and the headline war - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  Liberal ethics code may get teeth this time - if journalists keep up the pressure. By Aaron Freeman.

Time to focus on Washington’s weapons of mass destruction - Posted: 30-Sep-02
  If Baghdad’s appetite is “unquenchable,” how could one characterize Washington’s? By Linda McQuaig.

Deferrence furthers - Posted: 23-Sep-02
  SG humour

Free marketers wimp out on Kyoto challenge and opportunities - Posted: 23-Sep-02
  Commentary by Linda McQuaig on Kyoto and the campaign against it

Neither anti-American nor anti-globalization but.... - Posted: 23-Sep-02
  Editorial comment by Straight Goods publisher Ish Theilheimer

Does class matter? And anti-corporate rhetoric - Posted: 23-Sep-02
  Questions of the week, 24 Sept, for NDP leadership candidates

Globalization of protest holds Inco back in New Caledonia - Posted: 23-Sep-02
  Mick Lowe reports on resistance to Inco in New Caledonia

Ramsey Clark letter to UN: Do not support attack on Iraq - Posted: 22-Sep-02

Pregnant aboriginals anonymously tested for HIV - Posted: 22-Sep-02
  A three-year programme in British Columbia is stirring up controversy among aboriginal AIDS activists.

A hidden health care success story - Posted: 21-Sep-02
  Tories ignore local input on primary-care reform.

Waiting for Romanow - Posted: 21-Sep-02
  Canada's health care values are under fire.

What globalization is and isn't - Posted: 21-Sep-02
  It’s ironic that those being labelled as “anti-globalizers” are really those working hardest for global co-operation.

The death of 'from each to each' taxes - Posted: 21-Sep-02
  We're so used to paying for everything directly that we've forgotten what taxation based on wealth or assets is all about.

The environmental media feeding frenzy - Posted: 21-Sep-02
  Increased environmental coverage in the mainstream media has only obscured the important issues and made it impossible to maintain objective analysis.

A carrot-on-a-stick to make corporations produce jobs - Posted: 17-Sep-02
  commentary by Larry Solway

If lives matter more than spin, world will say no to Iraq invasion - Posted: 16-Sep-02
  Editorial on possible Iraq invasion

What will you DO? And what about Iraq - Posted: 16-Sep-02

Netanyahu PR tour and police tactics provoke crowd 'violence' - Posted: 16-Sep-02
  Former Israeli PM's Canadian trip loaded with meetings with fawning Asper-approved editorial boards acting as glorified stenographers rather than critical journalists. By Jaggi Singh

Everyday courage and kindness DO change the world - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  Tales of heroic kindness on the anniversary of 9/11

Where does the story of 9/11 begin? - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  Even after a full year of media “analysis” of 9/11, Americans still have little knowledge of brutal U.S. foreign interventions. By Linda McQuaig.

Only a demonstrable, imminent threat would justify invasion - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  Fergus Watts looks at the legality of the American government’s position, and a demonstrable, imminent threat would justify invasion

You can make welfare loopholes work for you - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  You are disabled. You have $15,000 in the bank, but the asset limit for a single person for the Ontario Disability Support Program is $5,000. Here’s what to do.

Gulf War veterans oppose re-invading Iraq - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  Ten reasons why many Gulf War veterans oppose re-invading Iraq. Written by an anonymous Gulf war vet.

Canada widens laws, tightens borders After 9/11 - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  Paul Weinberg looks at the real-life workings of Canada's new anti-terrorism measures.

U.S. disaster relief lined up for Iraq - Posted: 15-Sep-02
  The US State Department recently invited selected aid agencies to bid on $6.6 million in relief contracts for Iraq, while current aid groups work in secret. By Ken Hechtman.

Baghdad's think-tank bomb - Posted: 14-Sep-02
  Bush and Blair are only too happy to embrace a new report that says that Iraq could have nuclear capability within a few months. But has anybody stopped to consider what the facts are really telling us?

Watch for Supreme Court decision on video surveillance - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Does video surveillance deter crime? If the Supreme Court decides not, cities with camera-happy downtowns – like Sudbury – would have to unplug. By Mick Lowe.

A woman's random thoughts - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Straight Goods humour

Chile's torment in 1973 - that other 9/11 - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Post-9/11 analysis from John Foster the North-South Institute

Bush foments Anti-Americanism - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Commentary by Mel Watkins on the anniversary of the September 11 attack

Straight Goods NDP Leadership question of the week, 11 September 2002 - Posted: 10-Sep-02

Educating journalists - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  A sidebar article on right wing think tanks

Double standard for charity status benefits right-wing 'think tanks' - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Reporting and analysis by Penney Kome

The health care fix most Canadians want is more people, not more machines - Posted: 10-Sep-02
  Analysis from pollster Marc Zwelling

Now more than ever, Canada must steer separate course from US - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  analysis by Linda McQuaig of Canada-US relations

As schools crumble, Ontarians question the value of tax cuts - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  Analysis of Ontario's debate over education funding by Linda McQuaig.

MRI scanning, for-profit health care, and two-tier medicine - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  By Dr.Gordon Guyatt

The Middle East Peace Movement - Posted: 09-Sep-02

Our tax cuts at work – a lesson in responsibility - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  Let’s be grown up about shortages in the education system, and recognize where the responsibility lies: we are witnessing our tax cuts at work. By Heather-jane Robertson.

The medicalization of menopause - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  HRT has been touted as the miraculous ‘wonder drug’ for midlife women. But somehow the science got lost along the way.

West Nile Virus - A manufactured crisis - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  The news on West Nile is a disturbing combination of hype, confusion, distortion, and omission. By Lynn Landes

Canadian water – the true cost is in the tax bill - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  By Suzanne Elston

Legal aid fails to defend - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  The Canadian Bar Association says legal aid is as essential as education and health care, and is compiling the stories of people denied it. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Customers and union fight for Ontario’s `people's bank' - Posted: 09-Sep-02
  Privatization plans put the unique 80-year-old bank– which actually earns money for the Ontario government - up for sale last year. By David Cox.

Health care - it's people, not technology - Posted: 07-Sep-02
  A new report reveals the public's opinions on Medicare, including what Canadians think is the only way out of the current health care crisis.

NDP Leadership race question of the week, Sept 3, 2002 - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  Straight Goods NDP Leadership question of the week, 3 September 2002: How to avoid strategic voting?

Think outside the big box to beat the ink-jet blues - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  A consumer forum on printer cartridges

Partnerships at the World Summit - Posted: 29-Aug-02

Employers squeezing workers for five unpaid days a month - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  Major new study finds non-for-profit sector among the worst offenders.

Gender and health care - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  By Karen R. Grant

Sellout of environment expected at Rio Earth Summit - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  By Maude Barlowe

Vagabonds, buccaneers and carpetbaggers of private diagnostics - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

News tells tale of environmental crisis over fossil fuels - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  By Suzanne Elston

School trustees’ deficit-running stand echoes wishes of Canadians - Posted: 29-Aug-02
  By Linda McQuaig

Federal surpluses - but no new social spending - predicted for next 20 years - Posted: 19-Aug-02
  Commentary by Linda McQuaig

Stop the madness - we ALL need a break - Posted: 30-Jul-02

U.S. plan to attack Iraq defies international law - Posted: 30-Jul-02
  By David Morgan

Developing healthy prescribing habits in young doctors - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  Canadian doctors sometimes prescribe unnecessary drugs, and often prescribe drugs that are more expensive than required. How can we address this problem? Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

The Judge, the Dene, the Pipeline and the Premier - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  The story of a big-inch natural gas pipeline that isn't, yet got to be so famous that its non-building gets celebrated twenty-five years on - in the midst of a new buzz about building it. By Mel Watkins.

Shortcomings in new corporate governance rules from NYSE - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  Social Investment Organization calls for mandatory social and environmental reporting by corporations on the NYSE.

Shortcomings in new corporate governance rules from NYSE - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  Social Investment Organization calls for mandatory social and environmental reporting by corporations.

Nigerian women continue weeks-long Chevron occupation - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  The voices of the women protesting at Chevron’s Abiteye Flow Station. FromEnvironmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth

Open letter to his holiness on World Youth Day 2002 - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  Open letter to his holiness on World Youth Day 2002. By Evalyn Parry.

Reverent media keeps the faith during Pope’s visit - Posted: 29-Jul-02
  Thanks to media coverage, World Youth Day participants have become `pilgrims’. By Linda McQuaig.

Bush and the free market façade - Posted: 22-Jul-02
  Today’s brand of capitalism bears little resemblance to the mythical market model, despite Bush's efforts to convince us otherwise. By Linda McQuaig.

Pope’s lavish visit contrasts with lives of T.O. homeless - Posted: 22-Jul-02
  The Papacy’s claim of interest in the poor gives us an excuse to break through the usual indifference, just like the Diggers of the 17th century. By Linda McQuaig.

Message to BC: Ontario learned the hard way - Posted: 17-Jul-02

A conversation with 300 Straight Goods readers - Posted: 16-Jul-02

Death rates higher in for-profit hospitals: study - Posted: 15-Jul-02
  A study looking at the impact of for-profit versus not-for-profit status on hospital death rates,published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal,finds death rates higher in for-profit hospitals. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Job security too much for T.O. strikers to ask? - Posted: 07-Jul-02
  Job security – too much for striking Toronto outside workers to ask? By Linda McQuaig

Worker’s free market fear and loathing - Posted: 07-Jul-02

Bloom is off the rose of globalization with latest G8 - Posted: 29-Jun-02
  G8 commentary from Mel Watkins

What Joseph Stiglitz and anti-G8 protestors have in common - Posted: 28-Jun-02

A Canadian cure for prescription drug ailments - Posted: 28-Jun-02

BC government breaks contract, hamstrings success labour pension fund - Posted: 28-Jun-02

Bush's Mid-East plan a non-starter - Posted: 28-Jun-02

Anti-G8 March in Ottawa Mixes Fun and Politics - Posted: 28-Jun-02

G8 Summit ends, resistance is strengthened - Posted: 28-Jun-02
  Frontline report from Greenpeace activist Sarah Blackstock from Calgary

G8 talks don’t fail to disappoint - Posted: 27-Jun-02
  Sarah Blackstock from the G8 protests in Calgary

G8 protests happen peacefully - Posted: 27-Jun-02
  G8 protests in peaceful - riot police stay home. Sarah Blackstock reports from Calgary

Calgary demonstrators go the Full Monty to expose G8 agenda - Posted: 26-Jun-02

Summertime protection from UV radiation - Posted: 25-Jun-02
  Information on UV protection, the need for it, and how it works

All roads lead to Calgary - Posted: 24-Jun-02
  Penney Kome reports from Calgary on international events taking place there

You can't quit - you've already quit - Posted: 24-Jun-02
  Reporting and commentary from Inside Queens Park

Hampton's NDP, sensing momentum, exorcises demons - Posted: 24-Jun-02
  Reporting from the Ontario NDP convention in London, June 2002

Hormonal pollution alert: protecting our long-term health and the environment - Posted: 24-Jun-02

The real sin of the Asper scandal - Posted: 24-Jun-02
  Media owner omnipotence is a time-honoured tradition in journalism, and newspapers reserve the right to throw out editorials at their leisure. So what's different about the Aspers and Russell Mills?

The GATS debate heats up - Posted: 24-Jun-02
  WTO, OECD fail to discredit CCPA criticisms of the GATS.

The Tax Freedom Daze - Posted: 22-Jun-02

Who has access to your health records? - Posted: 22-Jun-02
  Consumer advice

Controversy over Sikh garb in school stirs up tension - Posted: 22-Jun-02
  Commentary by Reuel Amdur regarding controversy over ethnic clothing

Catholicism's "power abuse" scandal - Posted: 22-Jun-02
  The clerical caste system of bishopry and blind obedience may be at the root of the Church's growing sex scandal problem.

What's in it for the Aspers? - Posted: 20-Jun-02
  We now know the Asper family is doing favours for the PM, but what is the PM planning to do in return?

Israeli peace movement builds momentum - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  Second in a series of reports on the Middle East by Hill Times columnist Aaron Freeman

Dirty bombs, tricks and Aspersions - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  Never mind the distractions, the big questions around 9/11 - like why security forces couldn't stop four hijackings - must be answered. By Ish Theilheimer

Have I got a job for you? - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  News report on Province of Ontario desperately seeking water inspectors in wake of widespread cutbacks

The NDP must become more democratic - Posted: 17-Jun-02

Walkerton crisis a sign of deeper problems in government - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  How can the Conservatives deal with problems like Walkterton and still maintain their ideological straight jacket of tax cuts and expenditure reductions?

Chrétien's ethics guidelines full of loopholes - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  Don't believe that any "ethics package" or promises by Chrétien will lead to the Liberals acting ethically until a fully independent, fully empowered ethics commission exists. By Duff Conacher

Pesticides and cancer - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  Lawn care companies are trying to convince us they’re safe, but thirty-two of the 34 most widely used pesticides in Canada have never been tested for environmental or health risks. By Suzanne Elston.

The documented dangers of for-profit nursing homes - Posted: 17-Jun-02
  A trend to “warehousing” the elderly in large for-profit homes could lead to the same incidence of fraud and abuse of residents that has been exposed in the U.S. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Exploding tuition fees a disaster for medical education - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  High fees keep prospective med students away, and high debts afterwards drive career choices. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Jennifer’s Spirit - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  Sudbury activist and social worker Jennifer Keck remembered for her energy, grace and determination. By Mick Lowe.

Cake-baking with Dr. Sam Epstein - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  Taking the cause of cancer prevention to Canadians through a national grassroots movement to fight the cancer epidemic. By Janet McNeill

Concern about Africa is misleading - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  The global economic system creates obstacles to Africa, not solutions. By Linda McQuaig.

Filipino nurses turn nannies in Canada - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  The Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) program brings Filipino nurses into Canada to do child care, cleaning and home support for wealthy families, creating a pool of highly skilled, yet low-wage workers to use in private health care. By Rachel Rosen.

The decline of small pleasures - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  The rationale for what used to be thought of as childhood pleasures has become adult consequences. By Heather-jane Robertson

Mercury rising - Posted: 16-Jun-02
  A report from the U.S. National Academy of Scientists (NAS) says it's possible that the global warming trend projected over the course of the next 100 years could, without warning, dramatically accelerate in just a handful of years. By Jeremy Rifkin.

Recession-weary Japanese pay for corrupt and commercial World Cup - Posted: 12-Jun-02
  Reporting and analysis from the World Cup by Chris Johnson

Martin caved to senior bureaucrats and idealogues - Posted: 12-Jun-02
  Commentary on Paul Martin by Linda McQuaig

Does Martin matter? - Posted: 11-Jun-02
  Commentary by Mel Watkins on the departure from Cabinet of Paul Martin

The NDP's interesting choices - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  By Ish Theilheimer

The perils of using drugs to normalize children - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  By Lanny Boutin

Hybrid Hondas ready for the mainstream - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  Mick Lowe test drives the Honda Insight, the first car of its kind in Sudbury, Ontario.

Story of a gay marriage - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  Reviewed by Reuel S. Amdur.

Killing off community development in Nova Scotia - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  By Silver Donald Cameron

Midwifery remains a safe alternative - Posted: 10-Jun-02
  By Scott Piatkowski

Chrétien's banyan tree, cowboy Valley politics and Viagra Nation - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  By Ish Theilheimer, Straight Goods Publisher

Stephen Harper’s strain of anti-Canadianism - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  When Harper wasn’t bashing Canadians last week, he was praising Mulroney for sucking up to the U.S. By Linda McQuaig.

Senate inquiry releases fifth report on medicare system - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  The recently released fifth Senate report on health care backs off on medicare-destroying ideas, but maintains that spending is out of control. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Public-private partnerships not a solution for B.C. - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  Proponents of the P3 model argue that it saves money. A recent panel discussion in Vancouver presented facts disputing this view. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

A safe environment is more than clean - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  After dedicating most of my adult life to environmental protection and social justice, I've recently had a change in personal policy. I've taken to carrying a concealed weapon

Jewish-Arab coexistence projects continue despite intifada - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  Correspondence from columnist Aaron Freeman.

Fighting homophobia from within the Catholic school system - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  Catholic school teachers have been working to expose homophobia, to create gay-positive environments – quietly, but perserveringly. Catholic New Times

Understanding nuclear products and upgrades at Pickering - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  An explanation of the process intended to ensure that products used at Pickering and other CANDU reactors meet traceability and EQA requirements.

Insider reports on Pickering cost over-runs - Posted: 03-Jun-02
  Gaps that would have caused severe warnings or shut-downs in the US have been considered "the way things are" in Canada.

Decision on `grey market’ satellites limits liberties, protects corporation - Posted: 02-Jun-02
  The recent Supreme Court decision on `grey market' satellite services has put limits on fundamental liberties. For Canadians purchasing Spanish channels through the U.S., the service - now illegal - was a cultural neccessity. By Pina Chirico, translated by Reuel S. Amdur.

The Liberals' plans to sell parts of BC Hydro is courting financial disaster - Posted: 01-Jun-02

Darkness follows Day - Posted: 27-May-02
  Commentary from Ken Georgetti of the Canadian Labour Congress

Nova Scotia’s social caseworkers overburdened - Posted: 27-May-02
  A recently released report shows Nova Scotia's social workers suffer from "caseload overload". By Reuel S. Amdur.

Nova Scotia CAS workers punished for protesting staff cuts - Posted: 27-May-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

The new sensibility of activism - Posted: 24-May-02
  An excerpt from The Global Activist's Manual: Local Ways to Change the World, edited by Mike Prokosch and Laura Raymond.

The struggle against globalization transformed - Posted: 24-May-02
  An excerpt fromThe Global Activist's Manual: Local Ways to Change the World, edited by Mike Prokosch and Laura Raymond.

Four ideas for reforming corporate governance after Enron - Posted: 24-May-02
  While most proposals for reform today merely tinker at the margins, some get to the heart of the matter. By Marjorie Kelly,Business Ethics magazine.

Psst! This lefty loves Jean Chrétien - Posted: 24-May-02
  By Mick Lowe

Smart Growth, Dumb Shrinkage - Posted: 24-May-02
  The government that caused the population of Northern Ontario to shrink is now in charge, through the Smart Growth panel, of making it grow. Sudbury has lost ten thousand people since the Harris Tories took power in 1995. By Mick Lowe

More on the next generation of lawn care - Posted: 24-May-02
  A response to readers who wrote to express concerns about Integrated Pest Management as an alternative to pesticide use. As Suzanne Elston explains, not all “IPMs” are created equal.

Turn the page on publishing - Posted: 23-May-02
  Canada's book publishers deserve Ottawa's help.

Thoughts that make us want to give up thinking - Posted: 20-May-02
  humour from Straight Goods

NDP succeeds in Windsor by focusing on real issues - Posted: 20-May-02
  An interview with former Manitoba Premier Howard Pawley on recent NDP by-election victories.

Hydro privatization ultimately good for the environment - Posted: 20-May-02
  By Suzanne Elston

Talisman Energy on the defensive over operations in the Sudan - Posted: 20-May-02
  By Paul Pellizzari

"Government ethics" does not have to be an oxymoron - Posted: 20-May-02
  The Liberals have been promising better ethics in government since 1994, but haven't lived up to their campaign plans.

More dirty coal –NAFTA, privatization, and pollution - Posted: 20-May-02

Power privatization would make it tough to control pollution - Posted: 20-May-02
  By Peter Tabuns

Consumers awake to dangers of pesticide use - Posted: 20-May-02
  By Suzanne Elston

First-hand view of two-tier health care - Posted: 20-May-02
  Commentary over health care cutbcks and their impact on families By Reuel S. Amdur.

U of T settles with anti-depressant drug critic David Healy - Posted: 20-May-02
  By Philip Fine.

False economy of drug costs a painful reality for B.C. seniors - Posted: 20-May-02
  B.C. seniors struggle to deal with the reality of cuts to presciption payment support. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

A year of needless cuts and broken promises in B.C. - Posted: 19-May-02
  The remaking of B.C. is being justified by false claims. By Seth Klein.

Official opposition loses in Canada’s by-elections - Posted: 19-May-02
  Analysis from pollster Marc Zwelling

Economists without borders - Posted: 18-May-02
  Not often noted for altruism, lawyers and economists offer their skills to a new battle against global poverty - and pleasantly surprise. By Mel Watkins

Why put the burden of independent thought on students? - Posted: 13-May-02
  Commentary from Linda McQuaig

Many Partners - Introducing the Palestinian Peace Movement - Posted: 13-May-02
  A small, embattled - dare I say tortured - Palestinian peace movement is one of the best kept secrets in the land between the Jordan River and the sea. By James Terral.

Long term care underfunded in Ontario - Posted: 13-May-02
  Karen Sullivan, Executive Director of the Ontario Long Term Care Association, feels the needs of seniors in long term care are not being met. She was recently interviewed by Inside Queen’s Park.

Seven Bean Chili: Recipe for the rise and fall of the American empire - Posted: 13-May-02
  By Bruce Wark.

Homeless in Iqaluit - Posted: 13-May-02
  Iqaluit looks like the fast-growing boom town it is, but a shortage of affordable housing has left many struggling with homelessness. By Gordon Laird

Babies and briefcases for Mother's Day - Posted: 13-May-02
  Reading Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s book Creating a Life, you’d think I’d done the impossible – a kid and a career. By Penney Kome.

Consumerism uses more resources than ever - Posted: 13-May-02
  By Suzanne Elston.

Resisting Campbell’s referendum is about salvaging democracy - Posted: 10-May-02
  By Cecilia Kalaw

Underground economy flourishes while welfare fraud is punished - Posted: 10-May-02
  If, as the Citizen recently reported, tax hikes are the culprits of a bustling underground economy, then aren’t welfare cuts the culprits of (demonized) welfare fraud? Reuel S. Amdur

Venezuela after the coup attempt: Will Chavez' project survive? - Posted: 09-May-02
  Gregory Wilpert looks at what the coup attempt might mean for the future of Chavez’ policies in Venezuela.

A victory for respect - and pensions - Leah Casselman - Posted: 08-May-02
  A Straight Goods interview with Leah Casselman in the wake of the settlement of the OPSEU strike

The joys of parenting (humour) - Posted: 07-May-02
  Straight Goods humour

Power to the people - light on - Posted: 07-May-02
  Editorial by Straight Goods Publisher Ish Theilheimer

Harper ducks Calgary by-election campaign against NDPs Bill Phipps - Posted: 06-May-02
  reporting on the by-election in Calgary Southwest

Private members bill aims to provide transparency in public institutions - Posted: 06-May-02
  The high-handed, closed-door treatment Mick Lowe got when asking for public information may – if MPP Caroline Di Cocco has her way – be about to change. By Mick Lowe

Legal Aid Ontario exploits paralegals with low wages - Posted: 06-May-02
  The hourly rate paid to paralegals hasn’t changed since 1987, yet their services can be crucial to arguing a case through Legal Aid. By Reuel S. Amdur.

U.S. campaign trends may be imported to Canada - Posted: 06-May-02
  Expect more U.S.-style `professionalization’ of election races in Canada. By Aaron Freeman.

Medical savings accounts are no answer to health care challenges - Posted: 06-May-02
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Can US win where Alexander the Great couldn't? - Posted: 29-Apr-02
  A backgrounder on the scene of recent US military action, Pakistan's Tribal Area, where pride in resisting foreign invasion dates back to Alexander the Great

Non-native species threaten biodiversity - Posted: 28-Apr-02
  The United Nations calls the invasion of exotic species the second greatest threat to our global biodiversity. By Lanny Boutin.

Bush Doctrine fails in Palestine - Posted: 21-Apr-02
  Editorial by Ish Theilheimer

Unions deliver jolt to Ontario hydro sell-off - Posted: 21-Apr-02
  Interview with André Foucault of CEP about the successful court case that stoppe the sale of Hydro One

Guelph citizens play `greeter’ to big box proposals - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  Dr. Griff Morgan is just one of the many citizens of Guelph, Ontario, who got involved in efforts to keep Wal-Mart out of town – or at least in line with the city’s official plan. An excerpt from Guelph Against Goliath by Ben Bennett and Gail McCormack.

Spring recycling - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  In our family, 20 year-old Tupperware is considered a family heirloom. By Suzanne Elston.

The Chrétien Senate – Liberal until the year 2013 - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  Questions about the legitimacy of Senate are justified. Attendance has improved, but Senate is packed with members who sit on the boards of big business. By Aaron Freeman.

Our (health care) prices can't be beat - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  Paying taxes for high quality care is as good a deal as Canadians will ever get. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Aboriginal housing problems made worse by infighting, federal cutbacks - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Where do all the layoffs go? - Posted: 20-Apr-02
  Layoffs are a quick fix that wastes our most valuable resource - people. By Armand Roy

Conservative media pushed Venezuela coup but outraged people defeated it - Posted: 15-Apr-02
  Gregory Wilpert reports from Venezuela on the counter-coup that re-instated Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Terrorists and Innocents Part Two – Are we at War? - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  We must see terrorism for what it is, an effective new form of underdog warfare. The Americans did something similar during the Revolutionary War, winning against the British although what they did didn’t fit the definition of war at the time. By Mick Lowe.

Reorganize primary health care, OCSCO tells Romanow - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  Ethel Meade on behalf of OSCSO, speaking at the April 11, 2002 Romanow Commission health care hearing in Sudbury, Ontario.

Inside the polls - how the Right’s Big Three stay popular - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  Why have the Big Three succeeded? Ask the voters. They don’t want their money back, but they don’t want to pay for something they didn’t receive. By Marc Zwelling.

B.C. poised to weaken human rights protections - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  Staff and budget cut by a third – before a planned review even gets started, As of April 1, human rights complainants will have no direct legal representation. By Shelagh Day.

The peasants of the Common Sense revolution - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  Taking things away from the poor doesn't help them any more today than it did in the 17th century. By Linda McQuaig

Advocacy rules limit the voice of charities - Posted: 12-Apr-02
  Businesses enjoy the right to advocate while charities risk losing charitable status for doing the same thing. By Reuel S. Amdur.

What not to do on Earth Day - Posted: 11-Apr-02
  By Suzanne Elston.

Are public-private-partnership the face of creeping privatization? - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Labour news from Paul Weinberg

How ideas move: tough questions at the heart of a book marketers love - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Tough questions are at the heart of a book that marketers love. Mary Soderstrom reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

More agriculture humour: the farmer and the trooper - Posted: 08-Apr-02

Getting the media we need - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Editorial comments from Straight Goods publisher Ish Theilheimer

Terrorists and Innocents - Part One - terrorism as American as apple pie - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Does the definition of terrorism according to the Bush Doctrine help our understanding? Mick Lowe argues that it does not.

Credit card rates are artificially high - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Credit cards are practically a necessity, but the high rates we all pay are not. By Lorne Nystrom.

Stats don’t back up `tough on crime’ agenda of governments - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Progressive models for dealing with crime haven’t been shown to be less effective, so why are some governments pushing for harsh punishment? By Reuel S. Amdur.

Auto crash disability assessment catches patients in the middle - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Ontario’s system for assessing disability claims is flawed – patient’s claims depend on the final word of doctors hired by their insurance companies, not their own. Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Acts of kindness in our world of fear - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Road rage, attack dogs and the proliferation of SUVs and monster homes are all symptoms of a kind of aggressive protectionism that is becoming prevalent in our society. By Suzanne Elston.

Left forward - imagining a post-capitalist future for the left - Posted: 08-Apr-02
  Instead of limiting our political imagination to the present, we must focus on what a post-capitalist society would look like. By Duncan Cameron.

A former Israeli soldier's six-point plan for peace in Israel/Palestine - Posted: 01-Apr-02

Truckers have few champions in low-margin, high risk business - Posted: 01-Apr-02
  Commentary by trucker Harry Rudolfs

Romanow tip toes around the hot issues - Posted: 29-Mar-02
  Dr. Ted Haines takes a critical look at health care options according to Romanow's Workbook.

Scandal of child abuse in Catholic church has redemptive possibilities - Posted: 29-Mar-02
  The church should put their agendas aside and listen to the stories of the victims of abuse. From The Catholic Times.

Affordable housing policies don’t meet the need - Posted: 29-Mar-02
  The problem, made tough by cuts to welfare, is worse in rural Canada. By Reuel S. Amdur.

`Major changes’ to world’s biggest nuclear storage site never approved - Posted: 29-Mar-02
  Government didn’t follow its own rules when it approved the storage facility planned for Inverhuron, Ontario. A community group that questioned the process picked up a paper trail of evidence and trail and $100,000 in court costs. By Normand de la Chevrotiere

US scuttles Tobin tax - and hope for the world's poor - Posted: 29-Mar-02
  By Linda McQuaig.

Enbridge to adopt human rights standards in Colombia following shareholder press - Posted: 25-Mar-02

Union's shareholder activism could prevent Enron-style accounting - Posted: 25-Mar-02

Victory in an empty fridge - Posted: 25-Mar-02
  Quebec mini-budget all spin, no help for poor. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Australia's private health care disaster - Posted: 25-Mar-02
  The rise of private hospitals in Australia has resulted in a deteriorating public system. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Increasing surveillance of online learning threatens academic freedom - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  An excerpt from Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education By David F. Noble.

Low taxes are bad for business - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  American CEO Charles R. Fulweiler says low taxes plagued his country's economy with a bad education system, bad health care, homelessness and other afflictions.

Could B.C. be Canada's right-to-work beachhead? - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  By Carole Pearson.

Canadian environmentalists document efforts for an equitable future - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  Excerpt from Good News for a Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel

Dangers of pesticide use gain recognition - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  Loblaw’s pesticide phase out, the Canadian Cancer Society’s call for a ban on cosmetic pesticide use, and long-awaited government legislation are the fruit of decades of cultivation by environmentalists. By Suzanne Elston.

INCO at 100 - More dependent on Sudbury than ever - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  With world demand and staff levels up and little competition, INCO and Sudbury are as dependant on each other as ever - but changes loom. By Mick Lowe.

The affordability of health care - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  Who is leading the chorus convincing us public medicare is unsustainable? By Larry Brown.

Time for Canada to follow US and close soft-money loophole - Posted: 22-Mar-02
  "It's called the Elections Act, not the Between Elections Act" says Don Boudria in justifying the many ways to avoid public disclosure of between-campaign political contributions. By Aaron Freeman.

Commonwealth and South Africa have opportunity to help Zimbabwe - Posted: 21-Mar-02
  Analysis by Clyde Sanger

Ontario's shredded public service fights back - Leah Casselman of OPSEU - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  After receiving an overwhelming strike vote from its members the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) went on strike last week. Straight Goods asked OPSEU president Leah Casselman for her view of this strike as compared with the one in 1996.

Ask a lot of questions before taking out long-term disability insurance - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  Advice from Lanny Boutin on long-term disability insurance

Campbell’s welfare policies will be disastrous for the poor - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  Refugees, youth, and long-term recipients targeted by cuts: non-profits expected to be thrown into turmoil trying to meet the need. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Editorials fictionalize B.C’s economic downturn - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  Right wing media ownership means right-wing Liberals can say anything and get away with it – and that’s what’s been happening. By Herschel Hardin.

Don't subsidize business by rolling back labour rights - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  KPMG study finds Canada and B.C. already have competitive advantage from low labour costs. By David Fairey.

Workplace ban on smoking is justified - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  A ban could prevent deaths and even help smokers quit. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

The health impacts of indoor air pollution - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  Recent studies reveal the close links between health problems and air pollution. By Suzanne Elston.

Olympic pride reflects exasperation with being put down by 'opinion leaders' - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  Maybe Canada’s hockey celebration just proves Canadians are getting tired of being told by pundits that we and our values are somehow inferior - Commentary by Linda McQuaig.

Many advantages to small towns getting smaller - Posted: 18-Mar-02
  In Praise of Sudbury's shrinking population. By Mick Lowe.

Friendless Chechens shield Taliban despite vast differences in beliefs - Posted: 15-Mar-02
  If the Taliban still exists as a fighting force, they owe it to the Chechens. By Ken Hechtman.

Support of ITER nuclear project premature - Posted: 11-Mar-02
  Proponents of the nuclear project proposed for Durham, ON – right next to Darlington – have gathered widespread support despite a lack of solid information. By Suzanne Elston.

National structure needed to make home care work - Posted: 11-Mar-02
  Instead of fighting with each other, federal and provincial governments should conduct a national audit to determine what is required to provide home health care services. By Colleen Fuller.

Perceiving the problem of political donations - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Companies like BP - which just announced it will stop making political donations – call political donations a perception problem but would never admit to influence. By Aaron Freeman.

INCO headed for $100M Voisey's Bay handout while cutting back in ON and MB - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Is Ottawa considering a multi-million dollar subsidy to Inco's Voisey's Bay nickel development in Newfoundland and Labrador at the expense of taxpayers in Ontario and Manitoba?

Springmann's right - CIA responsible for letting in 9-11 terrorists - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Correspondence with former US attaché Tim Hunter.

Senior fire victim locked in mental hospital for being "homeless" - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Poverty, health effects and homelessness rising among seniors - and Jim Flaherty would make them criminals. By Margaret Dinsdale.

Key arguments not refuted by Corn - Michael Ruppert - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Evidence appears to show that a former US intelligence officer jailed in Peterborough warned of attacks.

Key Canadian and US labour fund 'players' meet in Montreal - Posted: 09-Mar-02
  Conference marks growing clout and signficance of Working Capital movement.

The "End-Run Corporation" - Posted: 07-Mar-02
  Is Enron's attack on the nation's economic security commercial sabotage?

Bush Doctrine threatens the entire world - Posted: 04-Mar-02
  A commentary on this week's lineup from Straight Goods' publisher Ish Theilheimer

The notion no one stands for Canada is 'American BS', to quote the Great One - Posted: 04-Mar-02

The putdown “You’re not a conspiracy theorist?” has had its day - Posted: 04-Mar-02
  Barrie Zwicker responds to a doubting reader about his assertions of a high-level conspiracy surround events of September 11

Enron helped shape Ontario Hydro sell-off - Hampton - Posted: 04-Mar-02

Kyoto's 'clean' little secrets - Posted: 04-Mar-02

Energy deregulation and you - Posted: 02-Mar-02
  Ontario’s electricity market opens this spring. What are the issues? By Suzanne Elston.

Gap between high-income and low-income Canadians grows - Posted: 02-Mar-02
  From ’84-99 the rich really did get richer and the poor poorer. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Swimming into Darkness - Posted: 01-Mar-02
  New novel has backdrop of controversial birth of Medicare and the doctors’ strike.

INCO's risky South Seas venture - Posted: 01-Mar-02
  Proposed $2 billion New Caledonia nickel mine raises huge environmental and political questions.

Philippine president questions US-claimed al Qaeda link to local guerillas - Posted: 01-Mar-02
  As the terror probe switches to southeast Asia, locals on both sides of the conflict in the southern Philippines sound alarm against rash American action. By Christopher Johnson.

A taste of democracy, but will it be heard? - Posted: 01-Mar-02
  Armand Roys reports on his rare opportunity to participate in "Canadian democracy in action".

Moral and spiritual challenges amidst fear and denial in a propagandized society - Posted: 01-Mar-02
  So what’s new about the Pentagon spreading false news and why isn’t it denounced as lying? Part 6 of a six-part series of commentaries “What Really Happened on Sept. 11th?” by Barrie Zwicker.

Hype, history and hockey - Posted: 25-Feb-02

Character attacks used as weapon of choice against globalization's critics - Posted: 25-Feb-02

Top Ten Reasons to Live in Canada - Posted: 25-Feb-02

Fishers a special interest - resource ( and former fisheries) minister Dhaliwal - Posted: 25-Feb-02

The threat to public pensions - Part Two - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Monica Townson looks critically at the idea that the retirement of the baby boomers will bankrupt the public pension system. Is privatization the real threat?

Mazankowski handsomely paid by Power Corporation and Great-West Lifeco - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Why do media reports describe him only as "former deputy PM"? By Robert MacDermid.

"Considerable room for improvement" says whistle-blowing meat inspector - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  A Straight Goods interview with Joanne O'Hara, former Ontario provincial meat inspector from Peterborough, Ontario.

Edwards' One Dead Indian details deadly mix of police and politics - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  If, in a few hours, you want to get up to speed on Ipperwash and the murder of Dudley George and events that brought down a premier, read this book. Reviewed by Mick Lowe.

Admit it – energy deregulation is a failure - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Right-wing politicians and financiers continue to insist that the free market will solve our energy problems. Enron proved them wrong. By Brian Kohler

Closed-door review may weaken access to information - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Bureaucrats are now putting the final touches on a much-delayed task force report on the federal Access to Information Act. By Aaron Freeman.

Big oil moves in on Cape Breton shorelines - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Planned oil exploration off the sensitive shoreline of Cape Breton would be completely illegal almost everywhere else in North America - Holly Dressel

Shopping for electricity - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  Ontario’s electricity market opens this spring. Get ready to choose your energy provider. By Suzanne Elston.

Documenting the costs to society of poverty - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  By Reuel S. Amdur

For-profit health care won’t benefit patients - Posted: 22-Feb-02
  The evidence tells us that a switch for-profit health care would be a disaster. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

The threat to public pensions – Part One - Posted: 17-Feb-02
  Monica Townson looks critically at the idea that the retirement of the baby boomers will bankrupt the public pension system. Is privatization the real threat?

Mazankowski report contradictory, not revolutionary - Posted: 17-Feb-02
  The report failed to deliver the rallying cry to privatization that the media, and Ralph Klein, were apparently expecting. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Bono bloody Bono - Posted: 17-Feb-02
  Bono is trotted out on behalf of the power holders like Chrétien, but he should stick to tape loops. By Dave Bleakney.

SPAM and the end of privacy - Posted: 17-Feb-02
  Religious reform in England and the Industrial Revolution built great, impenetrable walls between public and private life, between work and home. The technological revolution – in the form of SPAM and junk mail - is tearing them down. How do we protect our privacy? By Sharon Airhart.

SAD solutions - Posted: 16-Feb-02
  Don’t wait for the warm weather to chase your blues, a.k.a. Seasonal Affective Disorder,away. Suzanne Elston.

Social emergency? Dial 211 - Posted: 16-Feb-02
  Toronto will be first off the mark this spring, with a full 211 service. Others are following.

Canadian and Swedish freelancers escape Philippines kidnap attempt - Posted: 15-Feb-02
  First person account of attempted kidnapping in the Philippines by Christopher Johnson - a friends of Danny Pearl's.

Enron hindered development of renewable energy sources - Posted: 11-Feb-02
  Lobbyists – in the government and out – promote development of gas and oil-reliant energy plan over renewable resources

Yes, that Anderson - Posted: 11-Feb-02

Canada must speak out when US flouts international rules - Posted: 11-Feb-02

What Really Happened on Sept. 11th - Part 4 (the Oiligarchy) - Posted: 11-Feb-02
  Commentary on links between oil industry, Bush administration and Afghanistan war by Vision TV media critic Barrie Zwicker

Did Minna break federal ethics rules? Ethics watchdog won't bite, won't say - Posted: 11-Feb-02

Farm workers' court win shows why unions needed - Posted: 11-Feb-02

Consumers force chocolate industry to takes steps to stop slave production - Posted: 10-Feb-02
  The cocoa harvest brings the theft of freedom and childhood for thousands of slave-labourer boys in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Fair trade campaigners and the chocolate makers themselves are working to get slave-harvested cocoa off the market.

Canada ready for a social audit - Posted: 08-Feb-02
  The New Balance Sheet Corporate profits and responsibility in the 21st Century Summary of the findings and recommendations of The Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission.

Alternatives to Romanow’s health care options - Posted: 08-Feb-02
  Responses to Roy Romanow’s interim report on heath care: The system needs more federal money, not more user fees, writes Reuel S. Amdur.

Political time bombs litter Ontario - Posted: 08-Feb-02
  Harris will leave a legacy of problems – the Dudley George case, underfunded schools in Parry Sound, an unfinished hospital in Sudbury – behind. By Mick Lowe

Financing a healthy public sector - Posted: 07-Feb-02
  Privatization and government cutbacks are choices, not economic necessities. By Herschel Hardin

Shopping the heart out of St. Valentine’s - Posted: 07-Feb-02
  Pauline Brock just can’t put her heart into a commercialized St. Valentine’s Day.

Whistle-blowers at Health Canada protect food safety - Posted: 07-Feb-02
  Despite gag orders and reprimands, Health Canada scientists are fighting to stop approval of hormones and antibiotics for use on animals intended for food.

Asthma studies prove breastfeeding helps, ozone hurts - Posted: 07-Feb-02
  Two new studies of asthma and children confirm that pollution increases asthma rates, that breastfeeding lessens its severity – and that a parents intuition can be proved right. By Suzanne Elston.

School is invaluable, but is it essential? - Posted: 04-Feb-02
  Commentary by Straight Goods director Heather jane Robertson

Overkill, The War on Terrorism, and my friend Danny Pearl - Posted: 04-Feb-02

The cost of bombing Afghanistan - Posted: 04-Feb-02
  A collection of links and references about the consequences of bombing Afghanistan.

"George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane" - Michael Moore - Posted: 04-Feb-02
  An Open Letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore

Whistle-blowing Tory loyalists axed from home care agencies - Posted: 04-Feb-02
  Commentary on Ontario home care crisis

Canada on the path to a security state - Posted: 04-Feb-02
  The corporate model of globalization seeks to limit the power of the state to act in the public interest – where’s the security in that? By Bill Blaikie

The maven of the minerless mine - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  Dr. Greg Baiden’s vision of the future includes remote controlled robot miners, and an ever increasing consumption of metal. Baiden is considered the foremost authority in mining automation, and he’s come to Laurentian University in Sudbury. By Mick Lowe.

Labour takes on Wal-Mart - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  Wal Mart campaign a struggle with no end in sight: the company is spending millions on what, for the unions, is an uphill battle

Proposed toxic waste incinerator poses risks to Kirkland Lake - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  Low emission standards mean high risks for the community, writes Ambrose Raftis of Public Concern Temiskaming.

Leadership hopefuls flip-flop over two-tier access - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  When Ernie Eves praised two-tier health care, all four of his opponents rushed to affirm their commitment to universal access, and Eves himself backpedaled. What has their government done in the past?

Budget-driven workload strains Quebec classrooms - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  Teachers in Quebec are facing problems of increased workload as they and their students feel the effects of cost-cutting changes to education. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Olympic security spending unprecendented and over the top - Posted: 02-Feb-02
  Suzanne Elston with some perspective on security spending at the Olympics. Is putting up walls really the answer? Do we have our priorities straight?

George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane - Posted: 31-Jan-02
  An open letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore.

Ralph Klein - $6 Billion Man - hijacks democracy and Medicare - Posted: 28-Jan-02
  News from Penney Kome in Calgary about pro-privatization conflict of interset on part of members of Premier's Council on Health Care.

Saving the Canuck buck - Posted: 27-Jan-02
  Some bank economists and businesses predict the demise of the Canadian dollar, but how about rebuilding its value?

Lifelong activist, politician helped build NDP - Posted: 27-Jan-02
  The east end of Toronto lost one of its most active, outspoken and tireless citizens when Ken Bryden died on December 16, 2001. He was 85.

US corporations access Ontario public health dollars - Posted: 27-Jan-02
  Health care privatization in Ontario: Public funds are going to large Canadian and U.S. corporations contracted out to provide home care in the province. For investors there is no crisis - only expanding opportunities.

Argentina-U.S. integration a lesson for the loonie - Posted: 25-Jan-02
  Leaders and CEOs push Canada in the direction of U.S. economic integration while at the same time calling for debate. By Linda McQuaig.

Show us the campaign money, Alliance - Posted: 25-Jan-02
  Alliance should show us the money - Canada's election law makes disclosure of political donations essentially optional. By Aaron Freeman.

Smart commuting - Posted: 25-Jan-02
  Suzanne Elston has got the commuter thing all figured out. She commutes and she likes it.

Tuition deregulation plan forced on protesting students at Queen's U - Posted: 23-Jan-02
  Queen’s students voted strong against tuition deregulation last year. The university wants it done anyway. The Conservatives haven’t made up their minds yet.By Kathryn Elmer at Queen’s University.

Ontario disability benefits process flawed - Posted: 23-Jan-02
  Disabled people seeking benefits suffer the government’s poor decision making in Ontario. By Reuel S. Amdur.

BC welfare cuts mean more misery for the poor - Posted: 23-Jan-02
  Premier Gordon Campbell established himself as a friend of the rich with the lavish cuts in provincial income taxes announced in June, but all he has to offer the poor is more misery.

BC's Black Thursday, Walkerton, Xenophobes and Patriotism - Posted: 21-Jan-02

McQuaig eats it all - with style - Posted: 21-Jan-02
  A review by Mel Watkinks

Journalists question the truth of Israeli interception - Posted: 18-Jan-02
  The turning points that launched the Viet Nam War and Desert Storm happened because of events staged for the media. What about the recent Israeli interception of a munitions ship? By Barrie Zwicker

Eligibility changes `medicalize' home care - Posted: 18-Jan-02
  Across the country, elderly and disabled home care recipients are finding that the eligibility criteria that enables them to obtain services are changing, and that home care is being "medicalized". By Colleen Fuller.

The Ethics Shuffle - Posted: 18-Jan-02
  Spring cleaning came early for the federal cabinet. But it's unlikely to alter the pattern of ethical lapses that the Liberals have fallen into, writes Aaron Freeman.

Anti-smoking campaign for teens - Posted: 18-Jan-02
  An anti-smoking campaign for teens is the focus of National Non-Smoking Week. Half of teens hooked by age 20 will die from smoking. By Suzanne Elston.

Northern Alliance warlords charged with extorting, settling scores calling in US - Posted: 17-Jan-02
  Sharaf Katawazy says he lost four relatives and at least a dozen other villagers in Mush Khel village in southern Paktika province in December 2001 because a village warlord told US forces they were al-Qaeda members. By Christopher Johnson.

Canada bottom of the barrel on green issues - Posted: 15-Jan-02
  When it comes to the environment, Canada's effort is dismal.

Let's pretend... - Posted: 14-Jan-02

BC Governments must not leave problem of hunger to food banks - Posted: 14-Jan-02
  Commentary from the CCPA

Saskatchewan organic growers make history - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  Two Saskatchewan organic farmers have filed a class action lawsuit against Monsanto and Aventis over the spread of GE crops.

Scandal is the key to cabinet tenure - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  The best way to safeguard status in the Chrétien government is a bit of scandal. But there's no credible government waiting in the benches either, writes Aaron Freeman.

UI not easy to access - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  It's more difficult to qualify for UI than it was during the last recession - some workers are already caught between UI and their part time work.-Paul Weinberg

Liberty lock-down is global - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  Governments around the world are passing their own broad anti-terrorism laws at breakneck speed. -Malcolm Rogge

Drug company dollars threaten doctors' independence - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  What are the consequences if critics like David Healy, who lost a job offer after publicly linking suicide and anti-depressants, no longer fit into leadership positions in hospitals and universities? Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Post-Taliban Afghanistan - Posted: 11-Jan-02
  Afghanistan after Taliban: Afghanistan's new government will still impose Islamic law on its people. Maybe it's not too clear how much has been achieved. From Counterpunch

The ills of car idling - Posted: 09-Jan-02
  Idling your car in the winter isn't just bad for the environment; it can be very hard on your car's engine. Don't idle. Buy a coat. By Suzanne Elston.

Poison-treated lumber - Posted: 09-Jan-02
  Poison lumber: The dangers of pressure treated wood is very real. Health Canada is reviewing its safety, while in the U.S. producers are switching to safer formulas. By Deborah Barrie.

Bronfmans untaxed - Posted: 09-Jan-02
  There was minimal coverage last month of the decision in a court case challenging a secret government ruling that spared one of the richest families in the country from a $700 million tax bill. By Linda McQuaig.

Alberta report heats up health care debate - Posted: 09-Jan-02
  The Mazankowski report on Alberta health care. A Straight Goods interview with Dave Barrett. The health care debates in Canada are heating up with the release of this report on January 8, 2002.

The Global Financial System on the Brink, Again - Posted: 08-Jan-02

Canada loses environmental champion - Posted: 07-Jan-02

When no money meant no care - Posted: 02-Jan-02
  Excerpts from Life Before Medicare tell the stories of Canadians who remember a harder life when no money meant no health care. An excerpt from the book.

Global security? Environmental reform - Posted: 02-Jan-02
  What does true security mean? The connection between global security and environmental reform. - Suzanne Elston

Ontario home care advocates silenced - Posted: 30-Dec-01
  The Seniors and Health Care Project: New legislation in Ontario will punish agencies for doing their job – advocating for home care. Dr Gordon Guyatt

Do editorials matter? - Posted: 17-Dec-01

Attack on Journalism a main feature of 2001 - Posted: 17-Dec-01

The health care debate that might have been - Posted: 15-Dec-01
  What Mike Harris and Allan Rock might have said to each other about federal - provincial health care spending. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

The great Christmas tree debate - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Christmas tree junkies take heart - tree farming may have a place in the environment as well as the economy - if you shop carefully. By Suzanne Elston.

Gazette writers protest national editorials - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Journalists at the Gazette removed their names from articles to protest CanWest Global's "national editorials," and have also launched a Web site.

Cities - Canadian hubs of diversity - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Urban centres are the building blocks of a nation, say city councillors David Miller and Alex Munter, but they need money and a place at the federal-provincial negotiating table.

Did Minna go too far? - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Just how far do politicians have to go before they can be found to have broken an ethics rule? Maria Minna is not the first to push the boundaries of parliamentary ethics. By Aaron Freeman.

Bills to help the vulnerable voted down by MPPs - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Nancy Myers wonders how some MPPs could vote to help puppies but not special needs kids - both private members bills were voted down by the Legislature on the same day.

The trees at Tora Bora, Afghanistan - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Will Afghanistan become stable enough for communities to start planting trees again? Environmentalist Stephen Fuller on the connection between deforestation and poverty.

Fair trade for apple pickers - Posted: 14-Dec-01
  Canada imported $37 million worth of Washington-grown apples last year. The United Farm Workers of America want to use fair trade to improve working conditions of the 200, 000 people that work the orchards. – Carole Pearson

ENRON takes bullet - Calgary voters dodge it - Posted: 10-Dec-01
  news from Calgary's Penney Kome

Argentina Down but not Out - Posted: 10-Dec-01
  Insight from travel and financial writer Margaret Piton

Channukah songs against child care cuts - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  Channukah songs against child care - apapted from the original by Susan Sperling.

Hanukkah humour - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  SG humour - home for Hanukkah

Top 10 Reasons to Like Hanukkah - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  SG humour: Top 10 Reasons to Like Hanukkah

Happy Holidays, Mother Earth - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  Spending wisely: Suzanne Elston understands the ecological consequences of holiday consumerism. Here are her suggestions of how – and why - to put your holiday cash to good use.

Afghan refugee crisis is acute - but has historical roots - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is not new, and the Taliban regime is only the recent chapter of the story, writes environmentalist Stephen Fuller. Fuller traveled Pakistan and Afghanistan extensively in the mid-1990s, doing development work.

Government not listening to seniors’ voices - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  Government policy doesn’t reflect the realities of being a senior – according to a study of seniors themselves.

Liberals pushing further economic integration with US - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  Linda McQuaig - Liberals pushing economic integration with the U.S. Adopting the U.S. dollar would not guarantee a higher standard of living.

“Heritage” fishing and stocked salmon in Ontario waters - Posted: 08-Dec-01
  The Ontario Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act and the disruption of ecosystems – Chief Ralph Akiwenzie. The Act has Native people nervous about the future of Ontario’s lakes and rivers. By Ralph Akiwenzie, Chief of the Chippewas of Nawash.

An incredible journey into and out of Afghanistan - Posted: 04-Dec-01
  Ken Hechtman's personal account of his journey into and out of Afghanistan

Parker's Last Column - he will be missed - Posted: 02-Dec-01
  Parker Donhams' last column as a journalist before starting a new career

Hechtman's release a victory for free 'press' - Posted: 02-Dec-01
  How Reporters Without Borders played a key roled in Ken Hechtman's release by the Taliban

Gene patents threaten public access - Posted: 30-Nov-01
  Patents threaten access to tests like the one for the breast cancer gene. In Ontario, Harris defended the public's right of access to genes "owned" by a U.S. company. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Crucial Gosselin case will determine if the poor have rights - Posted: 29-Nov-01
  What recourse do the poor have against destructive welfare policies? Should the Supreme Court be stepping up to protect the poor? By Reuel S. Amdur.

Need to Stop Spam? Let Us Help! - Posted: 29-Nov-01
  Overwhelmed with Spam? These web resources and tips can help! It's up to e-mail users to stop Spam - there are no regulations and the senders are hard to track down. By Lanny Boutin.

Why parents have gray hair - Posted: 29-Nov-01
  - and kids have so much fun.

The Advent of Christmas sharing - Posted: 28-Nov-01
  If you're free to visit with friends and family this Christmas, add $ 1.00 - count your blessings day-by-day with this sharing Advent calendar. -Suzanne Elston

Straight Goods' Ken Hechtman captured in Afghanistan - Posted: 27-Nov-01
  Breaking news on the capture of a Straight Goods freelancer in Afghanistan

In spite of themselves, NDP and NPI win - Posted: 26-Nov-01
  Commentary on the NDP convention by Ish Theilheimer

NDP will survive, despite eyes wide shut - Posted: 26-Nov-01
  Mel Watkins comments on the NDP Convention

Cape Breton after Devco - Posted: 25-Nov-01
  Goodbye to the old economy: The last shift of Devco coal miners face an uncertain future. By Parker Barss Donham

Barriere Lake - battle for sustainability - Posted: 22-Nov-01
  The Algonquins of Barriere Lake are struggling to come to an agreement over their own land - the federal government has walked away from negotiations over resource rights, while not a penny of resource revenues come back to them. By Charlie Angus

We will regret Bill C36 - Posted: 22-Nov-01
  Much like we regret the War Measures Act - Let's not surrender freedom in the course of defending it,writes columnist Parker Barss Donham.

How to win back the progressive voter - Posted: 21-Nov-01
  Let’s stop going on about how many Canadians share our values -- nothing less than a major overhaul in policies, leadership and approach to the public is called for.

For the record - Posted: 20-Nov-01
  Highlights of what was said at the Toronto civil liberties forum/teach-in, November 19

C-36 still dangerous - Hampton - Posted: 20-Nov-01
  A Straight Goods report on a forum on civil liberties in Toronto, November 19

Home care cuts – more costly in the long term? - Posted: 18-Nov-01
  Cuts to Ontario home care: looking at what happened in B.C., Dr. Gordon Guyatt wonders whether cuts that are taking away services from the elderly now will ending up costing taxpayers more a few years down the road.

C36: Terrorism runs in the family - Posted: 18-Nov-01
  Under the new definitions of bill C36, John W. Warnock comes from a family of slave-freeing “terrorists.”

POWs - not - Posted: 18-Nov-01
  Exclusive reporting from Afghanistan by Ken Hechtman

Wahabe-oil connection in Middle East - Posted: 18-Nov-01
  Reply from correspondent Ken Hechtman to reader Earle Peach

Coverage on Florida recount ain't democracy - Posted: 17-Nov-01
  In the wake of the new war, the media has decided - on behalf of the American people - that it doesn't matter who the president really is.

Ursula Franklin - reason for optimism - Posted: 16-Nov-01

Kabul Falls, What Next? - Posted: 15-Nov-01
  A perspective from inside Afghanistan by Farooq Tariq of the Labour Party Pakistan.

Labour movement on C-36 - Posted: 15-Nov-01
  Can a picket line be "terrorist activity"? Labour movement on C-36. The Canadian Labour Congress opposes parts of the bill.

Bill C36: Look out Anne - Posted: 15-Nov-01
  What the anti-terrorism bill would mean to a peaceful protest. Bill C36 will clear-cut democracy - peaceful groups will be affected. By Peter Tabans and Clayton Ruby.

Burn this Bill - Posted: 15-Nov-01
  Bill C36: Anne McLellan's claims about the bill are being criticized by lawyers, libertarians, and the human rights commission.

More Medical Nightmares - Posted: 14-Nov-01
  Stories of the mistakes made by health care workers and the struggle of families to get fair treatment. From Medical Nightmares by Susan McIver.

Social advocates like Social Inclusion's potential - Posted: 12-Nov-01
  A report from the Ottawa conference on Social Inclusion, November 8-9, 2001

It's high noon for Canada's NDP - Posted: 12-Nov-01

Militarism and globalization two side of the coin - Posted: 12-Nov-01
  commentary by Mel Watkins

Mazar-i-sharif-historic massacre site, more on tap - Posted: 11-Nov-01
  Exclusive Afghanistan border coverage from Montreal citizen journalist Ken Hechtman

Kids answer questions about love and marriage - Posted: 10-Nov-01
  Kid wisdom, such as: HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -Derrick, age 8

Gut feelings and root causes - Posted: 10-Nov-01
  Gut feelings abut the root causes of terrorism. Who might you turn to if you were forgotten, desperate, hungry and dispossessed? By Linda McQuaig.

Resistance: stories from the FTAA protests - Posted: 09-Nov-01
  Thoughts, stories and poetry from the FTAA protests in Québec. Several excerpts from RESIST published by Fernwood Books.

Alliance MP unlikely ally of pot smokers - Posted: 08-Nov-01
  House of Commons voting on pot decriminalization - but probably won't pass. Parker Barss Donham

Composting and a gardener's dirty secret - Posted: 08-Nov-01
  Twenty-five percent composting is just not enough, writes Suzanne Elston. It's about the only gardening task she actually likes.

Life Before Medicare - Posted: 08-Nov-01
  Life before Medicare Stories from the days before Medicare in Canada remind us just how important it is. An excerpt from the book.

Communicating Social Democracy, Part 2 - Posted: 06-Nov-01
  A speech by Ish Theilheimer, part 2

Communicating Social Democracy in a Consumer World - Posted: 06-Nov-01
  A speech by Ish Theilheimer, part 1

US invasion imminent - Gwynne Dyer - Posted: 04-Nov-01

Anthrax treatment - Posted: 04-Nov-01

Lords of the Global Multi Media - Posted: 04-Nov-01
  Commentary by: Barrie Zwicker, Media Critic, Vision TV, Aired November 5, 2001

Dick Martin, 1944-2001 - MB union hero - Posted: 03-Nov-01
  Manitoba activist and union leader has died after a long career of unstinting dedication to social and economic justice.

Getting old in Florida - Posted: 03-Nov-01

The four stages of life - Posted: 03-Nov-01

Grassroots Taliban fundraising in Pakistan - Posted: 03-Nov-01
  An exclusive report from Peschawar, Pakistan by Straight Goods correspondent Ken Hechtman on grassrotss fundraising efforts in support of Afghanistan reflief and the Taliban

Bill C-27 irresponsible and unsafe - Posted: 03-Nov-01
  The federal government is planning to dump its nuclear fuel waste in the Canadian Shield despite the safety concerns of Canadian scientists and citizens.

Spot the difference - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  Confused? Use this handy guide to tell the difference between terrorists and the US government.

Merran Proctor's primer on NDP politics in 2001 - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  An e-interview on the Future of the NDP with Saskatchewan political scientist Merran Proctor

Highest expression of belonging for all Canadians - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  An e-interview with Ratna Omidvar of Maytree Foundation

Social inclusion a missing link? - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  an e-interview with Writer, educator, researcher and disability activist Catherine Frazee

A way to join social justice struggles together - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  an e-interview with Peter Clutterbuck on Social Inclusion

Opportunity too good to pass up - Andrew Jackson - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  an e-interview on Social Inclusion with Andrew Jackson, Director of Research with the Canadian Council on Social Development

Citizens as contributors, not just consumers - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  Spoken thoughts from Marvyn Novick, child development expert and advocate

Social inclusion - beyond welfare as we know it? - Posted: 02-Nov-01
  Overview of Social Inculsion conference put on by the Canadian Council on Social Development and the Laidlaw Foundation

Living with Diabetes - Posted: 01-Nov-01
  Living with Diabetes: Patients must take control of their treatment, starting with choosing the right doctor, writes Micheal Twist in this excerpt from his book Highs & Lows

Doctor Error - Posted: 01-Nov-01
  Susan McIver's new book Medical Nightmares documents doctor error in Canada. More Canadians die from medical mistakes every year than from AIDS or breast cancer.

Secrets of the Afghani refugee camps - Posted: 30-Oct-01
  Exclusive reporting from Ken Hechtman of Montreal, direct via e-mail from Peshawar, Pakistan

Bombing is immoral, unnecessary, counterproductive - Posted: 28-Oct-01
  Commentary on The War by Mel Watkins

Internal changes not enough - Libby Davies - Posted: 26-Oct-01
  Paul Weinberg interviews Libby Davis about the NPI and NDP

Sharing ideas to stop rape - Posted: 26-Oct-01
  Anne-Marie Aikens was among the women presenting their ideas for stopping rape and violence against women at a recent gathering.

Tired of being so sensible and sane? Try this. - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  Strategy #6: Try writing "sexual favours" in the memo line of all your checks.

If Campbell coached hockey, there'd be no sticks - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  If Gordon Campbell were an electrician, every home in B.C. would have a coin-operated fuse box, says reader Susanne Shaw.

Sexist parenting and male violence: The Boy Code - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  Sexist parenting myths make men who could be empowered into power abusers instead, writes trauma counsellor Anne Marie Aikins.

Peter Stoffer - direct democracy is the issue - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  An interview with Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer

Home care cuts put patients on waiting lists - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  The frail and the elderly are most vulnerable to home care cuts that put patients on a waiting list. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Defending organic crops from GM trespassers - Posted: 25-Oct-01
  In Saskatchewan, organic growers are defending their livelihood from trespassing GM crops. By Arthur Hanks.

Whither lasting personal and national security? - Posted: 23-Oct-01
  Commentary by Barrie Zwicker, media critic for Vision TV, Aired on VisionTV Insight: the MediaFile Edition, Monday, 22 October 2001

SG Alive and kicking despite dot com carnage - Posted: 22-Oct-01
  News release following SG's annual meeting and benefit reception

Don't Go There - Posted: 19-Oct-01
  The "Alberta model" of health care is being pushed on the rest of Canada. It merits a much closer look, argues Calgary journalist Gillian Steward.

Top 10 Effects of the Death of Irony - Posted: 19-Oct-01
  Humour from Rob Cottingham

Media reaction to Thobani a "hate campaign." - Posted: 18-Oct-01
  Media bias and out-of-context quotes misreprent the speech Sunara Thobani gave in Ottawa on Oct 1, 2001. By Michele Landsberg.

The next big dot com thing - Posted: 18-Oct-01
  This excerpt from the new book, Get a Digital Life - An Internet Reality Check, by Jim Carroll & Rick Broadhead takes a look at dom com crazes gone by. Published by Stoddart Press.

FBI investigates peace activists - Posted: 18-Oct-01
  Ronnie Gilbert, from the folk music band The Weavers and who is today an activist in the San Francisco Bay Area, pens this letter to the editor about the U.S. government responding to the 9/11 attacks by assaulting our civil rights. From Jewish Peace News

Liberty lost: anti-terrorism bill "sloppy" - Posted: 18-Oct-01
  Civil liberties at risk: Parker Barrs Donham on the anti-terrorism bill.

Critic of U.S. policy responds to controversy - Posted: 18-Oct-01
  Sunera Thobani says the media took parts of her controversial October 2001 speech out of context. In the speech, she called for more critique of U.S. foreign policy

Say What You Want, But This War is Illegal - Posted: 15-Oct-01
  Analysis by law professor and human rights advocate Michael Mandel

The Ultimate Revenge - Posted: 14-Oct-01
  Humour installment, Oct. 15

War is no time to stifle dissent - Posted: 14-Oct-01
  Commentary by Parker Barss Donham

OSAMAGATE - Posted: 12-Oct-01

Future of the Left? Back to doorstep organizing - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Manitoba activist Shirley Lord on the Future of the Left. A Straight Goods interview.

Terrorist crimes no excuse to silence debate - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Critics of corporate power have recently been portrayed as pro-terroist, unpatriotic or at least irrelevant. Linda McQuaig

All I Am Saying Is Give War a Chance - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Michael Moore is glad the networks have finally decided on a name for the new war, and grateful that Fox got the football game back an hour after the war's start.

Ontario health care gets American treatment - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Two-tier system leaves working people with little access to health care providers like physiotherapists, while others get one-on-one care. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Social justice in Canada: off the agenda? - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Getting the government to listen to activists concerned about homelessness and poverty is harder that ever, but two big November protests-one global, one based in Toronto-are going ahead.

NDP tries to shrink the psyche of left politics - Posted: 11-Oct-01

New marking scheme means less time to teach - Posted: 11-Oct-01
  Parent David Orfald returns to high school and comes home confused and angry about the new marking scheme in Ontario schools.

Cutting Pharmacare won't cut health costs - Posted: 06-Oct-01
  The BC government has created a problem by "dramatically" cutting taxes, but axing Pharmacare is not the solution.

Confessions of a yenta - Posted: 05-Oct-01

Untwisting history - Posted: 04-Oct-01
  The No-Nonsense Guide to World History Bias and history are often found on the same pages. An excerpt.

A social solution to terrorism - Posted: 04-Oct-01
  Philosopher Randal Marlin thinks that tolerance and social justice are needed to `fight' terrorism.

Funding strategy keeps hospitals in crisis - Posted: 04-Oct-01
  The Ontario government has been handing out money to hospitals only when the need gets desperate. Dr. Gorden Guyatt says it's a stategy that keeps hospitals struggling.

Petrotyranny: the world's worst enemy - Posted: 03-Oct-01
  Don't be fooled - CNN may not report it, but it's major oil companies that are keeping democracy down.

Straight Goods is about our writers and their work - Posted: 30-Sep-01
  A (partial) list of writers who have contributed to Straight Goods.

The Grievous News - Posted: 28-Sep-01
  A poem by Mel Watkins

Most pressing issue still Third World poverty - Posted: 28-Sep-01
  Commentary from Linda McQuaig regarding the terrorist attacks.

Starbux Wants Double-Tall Non-Union Roasting Plant - Posted: 28-Sep-01

Afghan humanitarian disaster - Posted: 28-Sep-01
  After 22 years of war, Afghani people are already suffering from dislocation and food shortage. What would a US attack on the Taliban mean to Afghan civilians? By economist Rod Hill.

The Last Amigo - Posted: 28-Sep-01
  A Straight Goods book excerpt by Stevie Cameron and Harvey Cashore about the Airbus Scandal

Living without a family physician - Posted: 28-Sep-01
  Resources for Canadians having a hard time finding a family or personal physician from Dr. Rosana Pellizari.

School user fees hurt poor kids - Posted: 28-Sep-01

1.3 million Cdn residents moved last year - Posted: 27-Sep-01

Air safety professionals talk security - Posted: 27-Sep-01

Frustrated ex-SK MLA co-chairs NDP renewal process - Posted: 27-Sep-01
  A Straight Goods interview with the co-chair of the NDP renewal process

Strategic voting loses in critical TO by-election - Posted: 23-Sep-01
  An editorial by Straight Goods publisher Ish Theilheimer

We were the first victims - Afghani - Posted: 22-Sep-01

Flight from freedom - Posted: 22-Sep-01
  In the days after the September 11 terrorist outbreaks against the U.S., polling indicates Americans seem to be fleeing the very liberties that distinguish democracy from its enemies.

Tears Down the West Side Highway - Posted: 22-Sep-01

White fishermen raid Burnt Church - AGAIN - Posted: 20-Sep-01
  When white boats sped toward native boats fishing in Burnt Church, the RCMP got out of the way. It was the third such raid in a month. By Parker Barss Donham

Americans not only interested in revenge - Posted: 20-Sep-01
  From kids' sidewalk messages to victims in New York City to the crowds in front of the memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing, Americans everywhere are being forced to deal with the reality of terrorism.

September 11 and its aftermath - Posted: 20-Sep-01
  Everything you need to know about the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States: who did it, what their motives might have been, why the Middle East hates the US, and where we go from here.

Muslim WTC worker saved by Hassidic Jew - Posted: 16-Sep-01
  A first person account of human solidarity in the face of barbarism and terror.

Tragedy Underlines Error of U.S. Defense Policy - Posted: 14-Sep-01
  Attack on US illustrates the folly of missile defence schemes - Reuel Amdur

Journey to New York - Posted: 14-Sep-01
  Too close a brush with death for Straight Goods environmenatal reporter Suzanne Elston, who was en route to New York with a group of school children for an event at the World Trade Center on September 11

Canada racist? Coon Come speaks at UN conference - Posted: 06-Sep-01
  Canada has an unwritten rule - the social ills of the country have nothing to do with racism. Indian Affiars minister Robert Nault was mighty upset when Matthew Coon Come, speaking at the UN conference on racism, told a very different story. By Parker Barrs Donham

Canadian air travel is safe but... - Posted: 06-Sep-01
  For more background on air travel safety, Straight Goods interviewed avaiation expert Rodney Durnin by e-mail.

Cutbacks threaten air safety - aviation expert - Posted: 06-Sep-01
  An e-mail interview with top-level pilot and Canadian avaiation expert Shawn Coyle.

Not the stock standard grieving air tragedy widow - Posted: 06-Sep-01
  An interview with the founder of the International Aviation Safety Association.

Humour: Kids' viewpoints - Posted: 31-Aug-01

Citizens Arise! - Posted: 31-Aug-01
  CCPA founder Duncan Cameron lays out his vision for left politics.

Howard Hampton to NDP: Avoid navel-gazing - Posted: 31-Aug-01
  Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton says the left and NDP need to concentrate on pressing issues that are seriously affecting all Canadians rather than get bogged down in introspection.

The Straight Goods interview: Alison Smiley - Posted: 31-Aug-01
  An interview with ergonomic expert Alison Smiley about highway safety concerns over proposed trucking regulations

Plan 9 from Kirkland Lake - Posted: 31-Aug-01
  The Mayor of Kirkland lake recently unveiled a new version of the Adams Mine dump, in another attempt to lure Toronto's waste north. Who would try to revive the plan?

Captive customers - Posted: 31-Aug-01
  Despite earning record profits in the year 2000, Aliant Telecom applied to the CRTC to allow the company to raise its basic service rates next year.

Is Labor Day Being Devalued? - Posted: 30-Aug-01
  A somber Labour Day message from Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers.

Who’s Who in Socially Responsible Investment? - Posted: 30-Aug-01
  A sidebar excepted from Stormy Weather by Guy Dauncey

Solar movers and shakers - Posted: 30-Aug-01
  From the book Stormy Weather, a sidebar

Stormy Weather - Guy Dauncey - Posted: 30-Aug-01
  An excerpt from a new book by Guy Dauncey

Don't allow drug firms to intimidate - Posted: 29-Aug-01
  Dr. Gordon Guyatt explores unethical practices of pharmaceutical companies.

Dear Conrad - Posted: 28-Aug-01
  David beats Goliath: Boyce Richardson's online paper goes on, while Conrad Black withdraws with heavy losses, tail between legs.

The Wilno Chicken Reel - Posted: 27-Aug-01
  Ish Theilheimer puts words to an old fiddle tune to tell news from the Ottawa Valley.

Good riddance to Canada's biggest loser - Posted: 27-Aug-01
  Ish Theilheimer writes that Conrad Black, for all his billions, couldn't buy the hearts and minds of Canadians.

Finding solutions to US bullying softwood lumber - Posted: 26-Aug-01
  Once again this summer, forest companies and forestry workers in BC are facing uncertainty. First, pulp mills around the province were shut down due to low pulp prices. Then, last week, came the countervailing duty decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce that applies a 19.3% levy on Canadian lumber exports to the U.S.

The military occupation of Macedonia - Posted: 26-Aug-01
  The evidence amply confirms that the US and Britain - in complicity with their NATO partners - have been arming and equipping the terrorists, while paying lip service to constitutional reform in Macedonia. The "framework document", to be ratified by the leaders of Macedonia's political parties, has nothing to do with "peace". It is an act of surrender by a sovereign country to the enemy, paving the way for the military occupation of Macedonia by NATO troops.

Consumers assert control over intellectual rights - Posted: 22-Aug-01
  The digital age fuels controversy - and creative solutions - on the subject of intellectual property rights

Inequality is bad for our hearts - Posted: 22-Aug-01
  Researcher Dennis Raphael explains the link between low economic status and heart disease.

Harris' double welfare standard - Posted: 20-Aug-01
  Social worker Reuel Amdur notes the ironic difference between the treatment accorded disgraced Ontario Tories like Al McLean and Jamie Watt and that which welfare fraud convict Kimberly Rogers received,

Media convergence and faked missile defence tests - Posted: 14-Aug-01
  Straight Good publisher comments on media convergence, CRTC abettance, and evidence the famous July 14 missile defence test was faked, evidence never brought to light by media

Govt needs go right wing on nuclear and coal - Posted: 12-Aug-01

The CRTC and Canada's newsrooms - Posted: 12-Aug-01
  Is the CRTC intruding too much into Canada's newsrooms? Much of the commentary has focused on what it had to say about keeping management of TV and newspaper newsrooms separate. But it also made another ruling -- that CTV and Global had to come up with a plan to properly cover diversity.

Democracy: we don't have it, and we need it - Posted: 12-Aug-01
  The concept of democracy is falling into disrepute because of a simple confusion that the media has helped create, and now needs to dispel: that North Americans are members of a democratic continent.

Federal polls: Why should only Libs reap harvest? - Posted: 10-Aug-01
  The Alliance’s demise is a huge opportunity - and not just for Joe Clark.

Nike, GE and Coke bought Olympics for China - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  Racism had almost nothing to do with China getting the Olympics. The decisive factor was money and a relentless lobbying campaign by Nike, Coca-Cola, GE and more than a dozen other corporations, including oddly enough, Acer, Taiwan’s top computer maker, who stand to make a killing from the games.

Bush league - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  In a radio interview on July 26, former big league manager Kevin Kennedy, described his final job interview for the Texas Rangers managerial position. The first question came from team president George W. Bush. “Kevin, can a team have too many Latin players on it to win a championship?”

The truth about polygraphs - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  We’re no fans of the man from Modesto, Gary Condit. But it was troubling to see him being hounded by the cable news shows into taking a polygraph test, and then trashed for using his own polygrapher. Even J. Edgar Hoover knew that the polygraph wasn’t any good for detecting deception.

How we shut down the world's largest corporation - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  Nobody expected it to be this easy. It just took 40 or so cyclists to converge on an Esso gas station before a bike-in had shut it down.

Faked missile defence and other high tech gadgets - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  If, like VisuaLABS or the Pentagon, you try to cheat with the competency of your high tech gadgets, you'll eventually get caught...or will you?

Sending patients health bills is bad medicine - Posted: 07-Aug-01
  If you are one of the rare individuals who enjoys receiving bills, you are in for a treat. Soon, courtesy of the Ontario government, you'll receive a new variety of bill.

Milosevic trial about politics, not justice - Posted: 30-Jul-01
  Professor Michael Mandel gives his opinion of the Slobodan Milosevic trial.

Flea treatments can poison pets - Posted: 30-Jul-01
  Iowa veterinarians are cautioning pet owners that chemicals in over-the-counter flea products can be dangerous. Kids are also at risk because of their tendency to cuddle the family's animal.

The politics of poverty measurement - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  A peek at the politics behind the numbers of poor in Canada reveals an interesting story. Poverty statistics are become quite the political battleground.

Media silent on massive post-G8 Italian protests - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  If 150,000 protest in the streets, and the media doesn't cover it, did it really happen?

Provocateurs in Genoa: eyewitness account - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  Stefano Agnoletto writes about his nightmarish experiences at the G8 protests in Genoa, Italy.

Political compass quiz - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  If you want to have some political fun, a British site will enable you to map yourself politically and compare yourself with British personalities.

Liberal BC: Open for business, closed to reason - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  The first act by the new Liberal government in BC suggests that it has locked itself into policies virtually identical to the Ontario Tories.

User fees penalize the poor - Posted: 26-Jul-01
  If Canada wants to improve its health care services, user fees are not the way to go.

One dead, 80 injured in Genoa - Posted: 23-Jul-01
  The slaying by Italian police of a demonstrator outside the Group of Eight summit in Genoa was not the first killing of a protester against corporate globalization. Dozens of activists have been killed in India, Nigeria, Bolivia and other countries where anti-globalization movements are, for reasons of necessity, more advanced and impassioned than those now taking shape in Europe and the United States.

Genoa G8 News Digest - Posted: 23-Jul-01
  A collection of news reports from protest and corporate sources on the recent Group of Eight Summit in Italy.

First anniversaries of the 21st Century - Posted: 16-Jul-01
  Straight Goods publisher Ish Theilheimer thinks the advent of sick and voyeuristic entertainment is a worrisome signal about modern life.

NAFTA a tool for US to dominate others' economies - Posted: 13-Jul-01
  Should New Zealand embrace the North American Free Trade Agreement? If you listen to Brian Mulroney, the most unpopular Prime Minister in Canadian history, you would jump at the chance. But if you examine Canada's sobering experience, you might have second thoughts.

It may be a hard pill to swallow - Posted: 12-Jul-01
  Canada has a lot to learn from Swedish medicine.

Emma Goldman speaks through the years - Posted: 11-Jul-01
  The manifesto of Emma Goldman, one of the most famous social revolutionaries of the twentieth century.

New online directory of training programs! - Posted: 10-Jul-01
  A new directory of employment and training programs in Ontario is now available online.

World Bank calls for elimination of labour rights - Posted: 05-Jul-01
  A report on Mexico released by the World Bank has specific recommendations on labour policy for the government of President Vicente Fox, most notably proposals for increasing the "flexibility" of Mexican labour.

How to avoid Mad Cow disease - Posted: 04-Jul-01
  By Bradford Duplisea of the Canadian Health Coalition

Backgrounder: The Tax Freedom Daze - Posted: 30-Jun-01
  It's that time of year again - the Fraser Institute has declared June 29 "Tax Freedom Day". Read on for the story behind the hype.

What Canadians need to know about Mad Cow Disease - Posted: 29-Jun-01
  The token inspection regime and continued feeding of bovine products to cows puts all Canadians at risk says Brad Duplisea of the Canada Health Coalition.

Let's shed a tier from home care, drugs - Posted: 28-Jun-01
  As a wealthy industrialized country, Canada should ensure all its citizens have access to necessary medical services. Then why does a patient's access to drugs, home care, eye care and dental care depend on how much they can afford?

Bringing it all back home - Posted: 22-Jun-01

One-tier medicare - cure its flaws,don't kill it - Posted: 14-Jun-01
  Canada's one tier medical system is in trouble. Fixing the system is a better option than importing a solution, says Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Battle for equal medical care is heating up - Posted: 13-Jun-01

CLC executive votes to lift CAW sanctions and move - Posted: 07-Jun-01
  The CLC's Executive approved a motion to lift sanctions on the CAW and thereby end the rift in the labour movement in Canada, at least for now.

Native fishery caught in legal battle - Posted: 06-Jun-01
  Despite the Marshall decision, Ottawa has refused to consult native bands on fishing policy, insisting instead that they follow the rules for white fishermen. By Parker Barrs Donham

BC media makes false charges stick - Posted: 06-Jun-01
  False reporting on The House goes uncorrected by CBC radio. Is media concentration the bully of B.C. politics? By Herschel Hardin

World Bank helps poor by taking away food -McQuaig - Posted: 01-Jun-01
  Linda McQuaig on the World Bank, its impact on the world's poor, and its critics, including former World Bank economist and champion Joseph Stiglitz

CLC holds breath that CAW-SEIU deal will hold - Posted: 31-May-01
  Union officials are keeping quiet and hoping the deal between CAW and SEIU Canada that would bring CAW back into the House of Labour will hold.

Moving the toxic goal posts - Posted: 31-May-01
  Parker Barrs Donham reports on the delaying tactics used the the federal, and provincial governments to avoid responsibility for environmental damages and the health of affected Sydney families.

Burnaby teens blow whistle on Chevron refinery - Posted: 31-May-01
  Murray Dobbin reports on two Burnaby high school students who challenged a major corporate polluter with their research and guts.

How to end May's hunger strike - Posted: 16-May-01
  Cape Breton columnist Parker Barss Donham on Elizabeth May's hunger strike on behalf of Sydney Tar Ponds families

Going Green in BC? - Posted: 11-May-01
  British Columbia campaign analysis from Sarah Schmidt

US study shows for-profit hospitals lower quality - Posted: 03-May-01
  VANCOUVER: Introduction of for-profit hospitals in Ontario is an option that could translate into a drop in the quality of health care service and cost the province billions in health care fraud, cautions the Tommy Douglas Research Institute in a letter sent to Premier Mike Harris.

Exit Helen MacDonald - Posted: 26-Apr-01
  Parker Barss Donham writes that Helen MacDonaldforgot that NDP is not a philosophy club, a reading circle, or a discussion group. It is a political party.

Straight Goods welcomes - Posted: 16-Apr-01
  Judy Rebick's new Web 'zine promises to stir up commoners

Halifax longshoremen defy random drug tests - Posted: 13-Apr-01
  Parker Barss Donhan writes that Halifax longshoreman have said No to mandatory drug tests to their credit.

NAFTA at Seven - Posted: 13-Apr-01
  International study finds stagnant incomes, lost jobs, increased insecurity, and rising inequality for workers Canada, US and Mexico

Busless in Vancouver - Posted: 06-Apr-01
  Former Vancouver bus driver Tom Sandborn reports on a strike that didn't have to happen and that's hurting poor people most.

Summit Diary - Posted: 26-Mar-01
  The energy, ideals and smarts of youthful Summit protestors is transporting - and powerful.

We are here. We have arrived. - Posted: 16-Mar-01
  Speech by Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN March 11, 2001 in the Zocalo of Mexico City Translated by Justin Podur

Ont Grade 10 literacy test spin good for Harris - Posted: 08-Mar-01
  But testing circumstances and secrecy about the test itself render results meaningless except as government PR

No Money …No Drugs! - Posted: 08-Mar-01
  Lorne Nystrom says political action can keep drug companies from holding Africans afflicted by HIV/AIDS epidemic to ransom

Multinationals use WTO to undermine Canada Post - Posted: 08-Mar-01
  New CCPA study says multinational courier companies are attempting to impose postal policy reforms rejected by Parliament and the Canadian public through the back door of WTO trade negotiations and litigation.

A Memoir of Parenting and Disability - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  Review of My Journey with Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability

Thwarting protest - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  Heavy security at Summit of the Americas a threat to democracy

National Missile Defence makes no sense - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  National Missile Defence makes no sense for Canada or US either America is manufacturing a threat to make the NMD a "real" need to advance and promote its aerospace and defence industries

Future of the Left: different politics needed - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  The NDP must be far bolder, not try to appeal to the mushy middle

Make History! - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  Join The Media Transformation Day Campaign

Alberta election website gives straight answers - Posted: 23-Feb-01
  Alberta election website gives Albertans straight answers to tough questions

Mike Harris: A decade of influence in Adams Mine - Posted: 15-Feb-01
  An examination of ten years of Mike Harris's questionable conduct in the Adams Mine project.

Sudbury could revive the labour movement in Canada - Posted: 15-Feb-01
  Ben Lefebvre, a member of CAW Local 599, sets the record straight on the recent union battles against Falconbridge.

National Missile Defence makes no sense - Posted: 08-Feb-01
  America is manufacturing a threat to make the NMD a "real" need to advance and promote its aerospace and defence industries. If Canada accepts NMD, it runs the risk of indentured servitude to the US.

Hydro dereg through GATS a risk to BC consumers - Posted: 08-Feb-01
  The deregulation of all energy markets through the GATS risks destroying our ability to maintain a stable domestic electricity system

East Coast consumer whines - Posted: 08-Feb-01
  Phone center, automation, corporate mantras and bureaucratic stupidity bug Nova Scotian

Greenpeace asks investors to check mutual funds - Posted: 04-Feb-01
  Greenpeace Canada has launched a new campaign focused on mutual funds investing in shares of Interfor and West Fraser, two companies continuing to log in the old growth forests of British Columbia.

International call to stop Cdn plutonium burning - Posted: 29-Jan-01
  25 international groups urge suspension of Canadian plutonium fuel experiment

Alexa should not resign - Posted: 19-Jan-01
  Gerald Caplan writes that the NDP has more important work to do than to get into the hoopla of a leadership race.

Unhealthy Times - Posted: 12-Jan-01
  A Primer on How to Make a Healthy Society Sick - As Canadian policy has copied the US model, Canadian indicators of health and well-being have dropped. By Dennis Raphael

When will Canada stop trade with Burma? - Posted: 12-Jan-01
  Imports of Burma-made textiles and garments to Canada have more than doubled since Canada imposed "sanctions" on killer regime. By Penny Sanger

Eye-witness journalism lands Lowe in pokey - Posted: 29-Dec-00
  Straight Goods correspondent goes to jail for big quote from private security forces in Falconbridge Strike

Just 1 sponsor, but Cdns love CBC People's History - Posted: 21-Dec-00
  Linda McQuaig writes that CBC's epic TV history project had no celebrities, no bouncy teens in spandex tops, but drew 2.5 million viewers despite corporate indifference.

Privatization, Dereg. Cause Natural Gas Crisis - Posted: 21-Dec-00
  British Columbians are about to learn by hard experience what Alberta and California consumers are already learning about the cost of utility deregulation.

Citizen Journalism: banks and small business - Posted: 14-Dec-00
  Banks Ignore Needs of Small Business

Vehicle feebates should be considered - Posted: 04-Dec-00
  Incentives for economy vehicles could make dent in carbon emissions

Deflating five election myths - Posted: 28-Nov-00
  Pollster Marc Zwelling explains what Canadians were really saying by snubbing the NDP and electing more Liberals

Canada's gods-must-be-crazy election - Posted: 28-Nov-00
  Explaining Canada's election to Americans: "Natural Governing Party" seizes on weaknesses and extremism on Canada's Right to polarize the electorate, consolidate the Left, and win a third consecutive majority

The Crumbling Foundation of Medicare in BC - Posted: 24-Nov-00
  From a new report by Donna Vogel of the CCPA

UPDATE: CCPA takes on Liberal/Alliance Critique - Posted: 24-Nov-00
  Here's the latest chapter in the greatest mystery of the election campaign: How Big Is The Surplus? The document enclosed below updates the report "What Would They Do With the Surplus?", by economist Armine Yalnizyan, released just two days ago, November 22,2000. It is the Department of Finance seal-of-approval verified result of the he said-she said dispute between the Liberals and the CCPA, recorded in the country's two national dailies--the Globe and the Post. The only number to be changed is the Liberal's estimated size of the surplus. Unbelievably, the size of correction is not what the Liberals wanted it to be either. This leads to an extraordinary final chapter in the saga of what this election has been about. The rest of the document remains as pertinent as ever, and unchallenged. It is filled with fascinating insights as to what the four national parties' plans over the next five years would mean to our national priorities, and in Canadian households. Consider what follows a must-read "little sister" to the original report we released two days ago. It will soon appear inside the document itself as a prologue, when you download the report. Bruce Campbell Executive Director

Sex for Pleasure Not Procreation - Posted: 24-Nov-00
  The right to abortion - a fundamental, if unspoken, condition of straight sex - is threatened by religious ideologues such as Stockwell Day.

EGALE on equal marriage rights - Posted: 24-Nov-00
  Bloc, NDP support equal marriage rights, Canadian Alliance refuses to respond

Gunslinger in the health-care corral - Posted: 24-Nov-00
  Linda McQuaig writes about Stockwell Day that while an inclination toward stagey photo-ops isn't the worst political sin, it become offensive when combined with attempts to utterly confuse and mislead Canadians on an issue they care deeply about - health care.

Report Card on Democratic Government Platforms - Posted: 23-Nov-00

Liberal platform clones IMF dictates - Posted: 19-Nov-00
  Martin's mini-budget and Chretien's platform in lockstep with February IMF "recommendations"

Top 10 reasons why Canada's great for tycoons - Posted: 13-Nov-00
  The latest installment of Jim Stanford's Facts from the Fringe

Sierra Club rates parties on environment - Posted: 13-Nov-00
  Alliance, Liberals, BQ rate Ds

Rating the parties on health care - Posted: 12-Nov-00
  Summaries from the Ontario Health Coalition

Rating the parties on broadcast policy - Posted: 12-Nov-00
  Notes from the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Comparing federal parties on women's issues - Posted: 12-Nov-00
  Judy Rebick's CBC analysis

Comparing the federal parties on transport issues - Posted: 12-Nov-00
  Analysis from Transport 2000

Time To Debate Social Canada - Posted: 06-Nov-00
  The key question we should be debating is to what extent the surplus will be used to finance new initiatives and support the provinces in these areas

What Happened to the National Home Care Program? - Posted: 06-Nov-00
  Lack of care causes serious problems for patients, family members, care providers and the health system

Rich and marginalized? Here's a tax cut - Posted: 06-Nov-00
  Linda McQuaig looks at the culture of dependency tax cut mania is encouraging among the rich and corporate

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