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Straight Goods Features - 2003-04

Timely commentary of special notice

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Tsunami relief agencies and background info - Posted: 30-Dec-04
  Useful URLs for connecting to more information about world response to the tsunami disaster - staff

Ontario politics reading list - Posted: 20-Dec-04
  "Inside Queen's Park" suggests books with important insights into Ontario politics.

Do Not Call registry - Posted: 20-Dec-04
  Canadian Marketing Association registry allows consumers to block unsolicited calls, mail or faxes from CMA members.

Bailout! Ottawa throws garment industry a lifeline - Posted: 19-Dec-04
  End of quota system threatens to swamp Canadian garment industry with cheap Chinese imports. Ottawa comes through with multi-million dollar program to help industry with the transition.

The meek take on the mighty - Posted: 19-Dec-04
  Inuit and Tuvaluans ask Organization of American States to force US to comply with Kyoto Standards.

So, what do Canadians have to be proud of? - Posted: 18-Dec-04
  List of 25 reasons for Canadians to be proud.

Stalled! Ontario welfare reform stops short - Posted: 18-Dec-04
  Proposed reforms to Ontario welfare laws continue undue complexity in some areas.

Going on Hajj pilgrimage? Avoid connecting flights in US - Posted: 18-Dec-04
  Canadian Islamic Congress warns Canadian Muslims performing Hajj pilgrimage to avoid flights that connect in the US.

Work hoarse - Posted: 17-Dec-04
  Hazards Magazine warns about voice loss at work and offers tips on voice protection

Ottawa River Institute of Art - Posted: 17-Dec-04
  New online gallery features artists who celebrate beauty of the Ottawa River watershed.

Senate fails deadline - Posted: 17-Dec-04
  Code of Ethics, promised for Jan 1, 2005, a sensitive subject among Senators.

Blogging and media democracy - Posted: 17-Dec-04
  Media article discusses where blogging fits in the spectrum of news media.

Microcredit: a $5 miracle - Posted: 16-Dec-04
  RESULTS Canada reports on its campaign to extend microcredit to women in 100 million of the world's poorest households.

Hamilton sues Canada - Posted: 13-Dec-04
  City of Hamilton launches lawsuit against Canadian government over environmental assessment of a controversial city expressway.

Block fees undermine health care access - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  Medical Reform Group

Canadians favour equal marriage - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  Following the Supreme Court of Canada response to the Martin government's reference question, EGALE argues that vehement opposition to equal marriage represents a small minority of the public.

If wealth was height - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  New and proposed tax changes leave wealthiest Canadians miles above the rest of us.

The one-tonne challenge - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  The one-tonne challenge: Canadian government asks every Canadian to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by twenty percent - Janet MacNeil.

Women want their money back - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  On Dec 10, International Day for Human Rights, a coalition of Canadian women's groups calls for the federal government to assist the government of Newfoundland and Labrador in paying women workers the $80 million in pay equity compensation that the Supreme Court said they could waive because they were broke.

Economic dragon - Posted: 12-Dec-04
  China's economic progress seems unstoppable - Mike Martin.

Hyping terror for profit and power - Posted: 11-Dec-04
  BBC Documentary says that Cheney and Rumsfeld used the same fearmongering techniques to extend the Cold War in the 1970s that they used to justify attack on Iraq in 2003.

Another welfare "reform" - Posted: 10-Dec-04
  Ontario Liberals looking at welfare reform report, need to make rules simpler for welfare recipients, social workers - Reuel S. Amdur.

A question of faith - Posted: 10-Dec-04
  Retired United Church minister says church is more than a place to get married - Hanns Skoutajan.

Lawyers, guns and money - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Laws, court battles rarely favour workers - Mike Martin.

BMD = Space weapons - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Former Disarmament Ambassador warns against participating in Ballistic Missile Defense plan - the Hon Douglas Roche.

When Bush comes to shove - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Bush's visit brings out wit in normally polite Ottawans - by Hanns Skoutajan.

Trying to export generic drugs to developing countries - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  New legislation triggers endless negotiations on patent protections, marketing responsibility - Jeff Connell.

Decriminalize prostitutes, not prostitution - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Sisyphe, a Quebec feminist website, responds to Quebec celebrities' call to decriminalize the sex trade - Elaine Audet and Micheline Carrier, Sisyphe.

Supersugar - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  High Fructose Corn Syrup pumps up calories in processed foods - Penney Kome.

Dancing with Israel or UN mis-step? - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Canada "assists Palestinians with their nation-building enterprise" by voting against recognizing their rights. -Linda McQuaig

Housing in crisis for 1.7 million households - Posted: 06-Dec-04
  Lack of federal housing policy leaves millions of Canadians homeless - Reuel S Amdur.

Figuring out electoral reform - Posted: 05-Dec-04
  Two columns about BC's proposed Single Tranferable Vote illustrate public confusion - Bill Tieleman, The Georgia Straight.

Bolivians take on Big Oil - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  Campesinos who defeated water privatization at Cochabamba turn their sight to nationalizing oil and gas deposits - Will Braun.

Building a medical Wikipedia - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  But Canada withdraws funding from worldwide "Cochrane Collaboration" designed to determine best treatments - Gordon Guyatt MD.

World Aids day - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  Profits delay cheap Canadian drugs - Paul Weinberg, IPS.

Child poverty increases - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  Poor jobs are the main cause of child poverty in Canada: CLC - from Campaign 2000.

Fewer web searches for sex - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  IT professors find sex-related searches down by about half since 1997, business searches up by 86% - Karen Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh.

New Underground Railroad forming - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  Volunteers helping dissidents run north to find home - Penney Kome

Muslim Women in Canada - Posted: 29-Nov-04
  Overeducated and Underemployed - CCMW.

BC pre-election propaganda - Posted: 28-Nov-04
  Provincial government survey on how to spend the surplus omits key facts- Bill Tieleman, The Georgia Straight

The Arabs of Israel - Posted: 28-Nov-04
  Citizens without citizenship - Am Johal.

Peace on earth or war from space? - Posted: 28-Nov-04
  Canada should stay at the UN disarmament table, defending ban on WMDs in space - Linda McQuaig.

Benefits lost in red tape - Posted: 28-Nov-04
  Wins Ontario ruling, but retroactive benefits withheld while client is in jail- Reuel S Amdur.

Changing the prospecting rules - Posted: 28-Nov-04
  The Inuit altered the generations-old policy of "free entry" when they became the Government of Nunavut - Robert McPherson.

Ontario electoral reform - Posted: 26-Nov-04
  Liberals' promises on financing, voting reform may have far-reaching consequences - IQP.

Truckers' Voice - Posted: 26-Nov-04
  New independent truckers' association challenges power of Northern Ontario lumber mills - Mike Martin.

Setback for King Ralph - Posted: 23-Nov-04
  Alberta election results brought a mild upset to Tory complacency - Penney Kome.

Enough stuff - Posted: 22-Nov-04
  Observe Buy Nothing Day, for the sake of the environment and your own sanity - Lynn Jones.

George Bush's real agenda - Posted: 22-Nov-04
  Hoover Institute channels neocon demands through Condi Rice - Donald Gutstein.

Should kids be enhanced or entranced? - Posted: 21-Nov-04
  Europe: better children's programs through taxes. Canada: backseat DVD in minivan - Linda McQuaig.

Martin should tell Bush: - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Friends don't let friends commit torture - Hanns Skoutajan.

Vote reform - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Feds should strike a Citizens' Assembly on electoral reform - Aaron Freeman.

Groups fear Canada tilting to Israel - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Anxiety arises over whether Paul Martin will continue the delicate balance of Israeli and Palestinian interests in the Middle East - Paul Weinberg.

Union exposes scam at Stelco - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Corporate leaders have been making out like bandits. Now they're getting caught - Mike Martin.

Stressed workers: an "externality" - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Market capitalism profits by making some costs, such as sick workers, "external" to corporate spreadsheets.

Scholar refused entry to US - Posted: 19-Nov-04
  Historian Ramachandra Guha turned back by Immigration

The unfinished story - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  US election results not final yet, still under scrutiny - Penney Kome.

Jobs don't always protect from poverty - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  Half of poor two-parent families relied primarily on employment earnings: National Council on Welfare.

Environment is #1 concern for Canadians - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  Tracking polls finds green issues barely edge out healthcare, federal-provincial co-operation - from the Centre for Research and Information on Canada.

Bush a poor CEO - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  Let's keep voodoo economics out of Canada - Mike Martin.

Bouncing back - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  Looming oil shortage means economics of making, reusing vehicle tires will change - Ole Hendrickson. - Posted: 15-Nov-04
  Americans apologize to world; world gives good Americans a cyberhug - Penney Kome.

For money, not love - Posted: 14-Nov-04
  The US trades with us not because we're nice, but because it's in its interest to do so - Linda McQuaig.

Klein's Health Reform Promise timeline - Posted: 13-Nov-04
  Ralph Klein's comments since the election call contradict what he said last spring - Mel Teghtmeyer.

Judge okays grey market TV - Posted: 13-Nov-04
  Forbidding access channels not otherwise available in Canada "violates Charter of Rights and Freedoms" - Reuel S Amdur.

The end of the Arafat era - Posted: 13-Nov-04
  Controversial in life, the legendary Palestinian leader remains disruptive even in death - Am Johal.

Lessons from the hinterland - Posted: 08-Nov-04
  Kerry lost by playing to Bush's base, ceding vital turf - Ish Theilheimer.

Mel Watkins on Florida vote - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Volunteer election monitor did not detect intimidation or fraud, yet uneasiness remains.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act flawed - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Lack of funding, enforceability, undermine goal of improving access for Ontarians with disabilities - Geoff Langhorne.

Lest we forget - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Remember all the casualties of war - Ted Schmidt.

A model democracy? - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Complaints, questions about US voting procedures undermine America's credibility as a model for the world - Penney Kome.

A matter of faith - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Considering George Bush's behaviour to be an examplar of moral values, stretches belief - Hanns Skoutajan.

Dealing with the W - Posted: 07-Nov-04
  Holding a bully's coat won't influence his outlook or policy. - Linda McQuaig

Reneging on pay equity - Posted: 05-Nov-04
  Supreme Court decision violates rights of hospital workers in Newfoundland - Reuel S Amdur.

HMOs drive up US health costs - Posted: 05-Nov-04
  Investor-owned for-profit healthcare costs more, kills more, than public non-profit services.

Outsourcing threatens privacy: union - Posted: 05-Nov-04
  BC Government Employees Union sues to prevent province from providing personal health information to US-linked company.

In America, the struggle continues - Posted: 03-Nov-04
  SG publisher reflects on the results of the 2004 US election.

What the US election results mean for Canadians - Posted: 03-Nov-04
  A few practical words of advice about the effects of a second Bush administration. - Penney Kome

2000 Canada Research Chairs - Posted: 01-Nov-04
  Human Rights Complaint alleges that 2000 prestigious jobs, worth nearly $1 billion, exclude women and other equity groups. - Wendy Robbins and Michèle Ollivier.

Florida follies - Posted: 31-Oct-04
  Malfunctioning voting machines owned by GOP fundraisers, no way to verify votes, no UN observers - what could go wrong? - Linda McQuaig

Flat earth society - Posted: 31-Oct-04
  Creationists influence US government policy - Reuel S Amdur.

World Food Day - Posted: 31-Oct-04
  The world grows enough food to feed everyone, yet almost 9 million a year die of starvation because of unequal distribution - Sean Cain.

Copyright grabs - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  Writers outraged by new CanWest free-lancers' contract.

Results Ontario - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  McGuinty undermines new Liberal report by quipping his government deserves a "B" - Inside Queen's Park.

Nuts and bolts - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  Canada needs a farsighted industrial policy - Mike Martin.

Alberta politics uncovered - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  New book explodes the myth of Western alienation - Mark Lisac, from Alberta Politics Uncovered: Taking Back Our Province.

Energy windfall - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  Renewable energy will create thousands of jobs and add billions to Ontario economy - Sarah Marchildon, David Suzuki Foundation.

Follow the healthcare money - Posted: 30-Oct-04
  No-strings funding could allow provinces to spend federal money on for-profit healthcare: report - Erika Shaker, CCPA.

Running for emperor - Posted: 24-Oct-04
  The fact that the Iraq invasion is an international war crime is not up for debate in US election campaign - Linda McQuaig.

The decline and fall of Ontario Hydro - Posted: 24-Oct-04
  As Ontario residents pay down Hydro's $1 billion debt, a new book traces what went wrong - Jamie Swift & Keith Stewart (book excerpt).

Subverting Kyoto - Posted: 23-Oct-04
  Canada "sequesters" a scam - Eric Squire.

Strawberries and sunscreen - Posted: 23-Oct-04
  Montreal Protocol revisions may allow some uses for methyl bromide despite the damage it causes to the ozone layer - Ole Hendrickson.

Protecting refugees - Posted: 23-Oct-04
  National Sanctuary Week speakers reveal urgency, dangers, of refugees' plights -Reuel S Amdur.

Who funds the Fraser? - Posted: 23-Oct-04
  The Fraser Institute's 30th anniversary a good time to review its financing, influence - Donald Gutstein.

Insurance reform roadkill - Posted: 18-Oct-04
  Ontario Liberals break 21 out of 22 promises on auto insurance - Ish Theilheimer.

Ontario Grits' first anniversary - Posted: 17-Oct-04
  Down in the polls, McGuinty's Liberals try to keep anniversary low-key - IQP.

National Strike 2004 - Posted: 17-Oct-04
  PSAC strike the largest ever - and with good reason - Mike Martin.

Sow's ear from silk purse - Posted: 17-Oct-04
  Calculated government miscalculations prevent us from doing anything silly with our money, like spending it on social programs. - Linda McQuaig.

Energy windfall - Posted: 16-Oct-04
  We already have the tools for oil independence - Lester R Brown, Earth Policy Institute.

Death on the job - Posted: 16-Oct-04
  National conference on occupational health and safety brought together top names with local activists - Penney Kome.

Kicking out corporations - Posted: 16-Oct-04
  Rural areas revoke corporate "personhood" in order to reclaim self-rule - Ken Picard.

High stakes for US workers - Posted: 16-Oct-04
  Will worker-hostile administration survive the upcoming election? - Mike Martin.

Rich country, poor performance - Posted: 16-Oct-04
  OECD gives Canada poor marks on environmental report card - Ole Hendrickson, Watershed Ways.

Good-bye, frogs - Posted: 15-Oct-04
  Almost one-third of amphibian species threatened with extinction - World Conservation Union

Taking water for granted - Posted: 12-Oct-04
  Rural areas need reimbursement for keeping urban air and water clean - Ole Hendrickson.

Selling ammo - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Canadian companies profit from conflict by selling bullets - by Matthew Behrens

Muslims fast, invite others to feast - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Canadian Islamic Congress urges Muslims to share Ramadan dinners with their neighbours.

Military families speak out - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Labour activists organize families of US military to resist the US-led invasion of Iraq - Penney Kome.

BC legal aid cuts hurt women - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Government cuts 40% from family law aid, which women are twice as likely to request - CCPA.

"Vote for Racial Justice Week" Oct 18-24 - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Racism Watch prepares to inject progressive politics into last weeks of campaign - Ted Glick.

Anti-Canada loves Uncle Sam - Posted: 11-Oct-04
  Canadian resolve to keep health care, other values leaves our US-modeled neo-cons fuming.

Air drop - Posted: 10-Oct-04
  Tracing Bombardier's poor performance to its top boss - Mike Martin.

Health comparisons - Posted: 10-Oct-04
  Medicare critics oversimplify data to promote privatization - Gordon Guyatt, MD.

Media literacy - Posted: 10-Oct-04
  Reading the subtext in the Ottawa Citizen - Reuel S Amdur.

Kenyan environmentalist wins Nobel Peace Prize - Posted: 09-Oct-04
  Prof Wangari Maathai, MP, led the Greenbelt Movement to plant 20 million trees - from the Greenbelt Movement

When Gandhi met Hindy - Posted: 05-Oct-04
  Muslims take photos and home videos of the CN Tower as undercover police, media, watch - Matthew Behrens.

Unhealthy fallout - Posted: 04-Oct-04
  McGuinty health care reforms venture where Mike Harris' attempts backfired - IQP.

Listen up! - Posted: 04-Oct-04
  Protesters tell Bill Graham - BMD is a dumb idea - Jacquie Newman and Bill Robinson.

Bush unspun? - Posted: 03-Oct-04
  Live debate puts Bush out of handlers care, away from pre-cleared Republican audiences for 90 uncomfortable minutes - Linda McQuaig.

Ramadan alert - Posted: 03-Oct-04
  FBI vows "aggressive" surveillance of Muslims, mosques until election - during Islamic holiday month - ACLU.

Caution: Students breathing - Posted: 02-Oct-04
  Schools establish idle-free zones at their curbs - Lynn Jones, ORI.

Poverty persists despite oil windfall - Posted: 01-Oct-04
  Province harmed low-income Albertans by abandoning Market Basket Measure, says Edmonton Social Planning Council - Philip O'Hara.

Printer's devil - Posted: 01-Oct-04
  Quebecor faces international and interfaith pressure to allow workers to unionize - Mike Martin.

Water grab calls for federal intervention - Posted: 01-Oct-04
  Provinces endorse international agreement, heedless of hidden interstate deal that would give US states unlimited access to Great Lakes water - Sara Ehrhardt.

Who holds the money and how is it spent? - Posted: 01-Oct-04
  Women's Learning Partnership crunches the numbers on survival and conspicuous consumption.

Health Accord misfires - Posted: 01-Oct-04
  Premiers' Health Accord steals money from other programs, sets vague goals - Reuel S Amdur.

Guilt-ridden - Posted: 27-Sep-04
  Choices we can make to acknowledge our cars cause pollution - Janet McNeill.

Stepping stone - Posted: 27-Sep-04
  Opponents of 1989 FTA deal were right, for unexpected reasons - Mel Watkins.

Shock therapy - Posted: 27-Sep-04
  Aggressive US neocon approach to rebuilding has galvanized Iraqi resistance - Naomi Klein, Harper's Magazine.

Forest giant dies - Posted: 27-Sep-04
  Ottawa Valley logger and sawmill operator husbanded people, natural resources - Ish Theilheimer.

Modern myths - Posted: 27-Sep-04
  Warren Buffet, Ben Cohen and others show how public programs contribute to "self-made wealth".

Home $weet Home - Posted: 26-Sep-04
  Guess which subsidy survived cuts: social housing for those who can't afford to buy, or capital gains exemption for homeowners when they sell? - Linda McQuaig.

Stickin' it to the man - Posted: 25-Sep-04
  Resisting authority has its rewards, retiree finds.

Sour apples - Posted: 25-Sep-04
  BC Labour Federation report says farmworkers poorly protected by standards, enforcement.

Used nukes - Posted: 24-Sep-04
  Three-year study on what to do with Canada's used nuclear fuel seeks public input - Canadian Policy Research Networks.

Help wanted - Posted: 23-Sep-04
  New report defines upcoming skills shortages and suggests remedies.

Revolving door - Posted: 23-Sep-04
  The ins and outs of corporate and government employment.

Labour vs management - Posted: 21-Sep-04
  How simple misconceptions lead to delays in delivery.

Wrong model - Posted: 21-Sep-04
  Statistics on US health care scary reading - Reuel S. Amdur.

National crisis - Posted: 21-Sep-04
  The thought of a whole winter without hockey is enough to make a grown man scream - Mike Martin.

Gender justice - Posted: 20-Sep-04
  UN conference addresses abuse of women in conflict zones - Robert McMahon, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Major omissions - Posted: 20-Sep-04
  First Ministers' healthcare deal overlooked some central issues - the Ontario Health Coalition.

Growing Hope on the Miskito Coast - Posted: 20-Sep-04
  Unlikely partnership between Native communities in Saskatchewan and Nicaragua grows hope through sustainable logging of indigenous forests - Nicola Ross.

Crude dudes - Posted: 20-Sep-04
  Linda McQuaig's new book expplains how US oil companies "invest" in undeveloped, undefended foreign oil reserves.

Frontier injustice - Posted: 20-Sep-04
  Lawlessness hurting America's 'war on terror' - Linda McQuaig.

Stock share or medicare? - Posted: 13-Sep-04
  US for-profit health care a grim model, despite PR - Linda McQuaig.

The great land rustle - Posted: 12-Sep-04
  Alberta government quietly prepares to sell off public lands - Andrew Nikiforuk.

The other 364 days - Posted: 12-Sep-04
  Labour deserves support more than one day a year - John Jacobs, CCPA.

Catch of the day - Posted: 12-Sep-04
  Fresh view of a fishy dream - humour.

Prisons as panacea - Posted: 12-Sep-04
  Prisons are inadequate responses to poverty, homelessness and mental illness - by Kim Pate, CAEFS.

The tiny giant - Posted: 12-Sep-04
  Nanotechnology field huge and growing, despite health and safety concerns - Rory O'Neill, Hazards Magazine.

Block this import - Posted: 11-Sep-04
  Two-tiered bargaining creates sub-class of workers - Mike Martin.

Burnout - Posted: 06-Sep-04
  Quebec teachers voting with their feet - Reuel S. Amdur.

Corpspeak - Posted: 06-Sep-04
  How to succeed in business without really crying - humour.

More than a pretty view - Posted: 06-Sep-04
  Across the globe, some landscapes have cultural, spiritual significance - Ole Hendrickson.

Is that the cavalry? - Posted: 06-Sep-04
  Some major news media are finally applying strict scrutiny to the President's statements - Penney Kome.

Winners after all - Posted: 05-Sep-04
  Per capita or per GDP, Canada did better at the Olympics than the sportscasters said - Guy Dauncey and Bill Briner.

Black out - Posted: 05-Sep-04
  Hollinger may get a piece of his hide, but Canadians have Conrad to thank for billions lost in tax cuts to the rich - Linda McQuaig.

The lottery - Posted: 03-Sep-04
  Are Quebec's public meetings just fronts for pre-decided policies? - Reuel S. Amdur

Ten year itch - Posted: 02-Sep-04
  Civil servants' strike cycle portends falling government - Mike Martin.

Alien-nation - Posted: 23-Aug-04
  Running for political office revealed deep, almost terminal cynicism among the voting public - Gordon Guyatt, MD.

God's baa-ack! - Posted: 23-Aug-04
  Couchiching conference examined the role of religions in national and international conflict - Hanns Skoutajan.

Dalton's dilemma - Posted: 23-Aug-04
  Stiff-necked self-righteous explanations won't restore Premier's credibility - Inside Queen's Park.

Unasked questions - Posted: 22-Aug-04
  Why don't Alberta media follow the money? - David Owen.

Will Martin save medicare? - Posted: 22-Aug-04
  We have the resources, but does he have the will? - Linda McQuaig.

Phoning it in - Posted: 21-Aug-04
  Long-running strike belies Aliant's claim to care about its customers' communities - John Jacobs,CCPA.

Remembering Dr. Tanis Doe - Posted: 21-Aug-04
  Fullbright scholar in Bioethics overcame disability and discrimination, loved ballroom dancing - Barbara Anello, DAWN Ontario.

Is Paris flooded? - Posted: 21-Aug-04
  Europe: Environment agency says continent will be hit hard by freak weather - Breffni O'Rourke, RFE/RL.

What they really mean - Posted: 20-Aug-04
  Advertising terms explained.

Home is where you're loved - Posted: 20-Aug-04
  We need smarter policies for placing First Nations' children - Reuel S. Amdur.

Workers' helper - Posted: 20-Aug-04
  Unions have negotiated flexible childcare in the absence of a national program - Mike Martin.

Think globally, eat locally - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Food from your local farmers' market is better for you, your community and the world - Lynn Jones.

Double nickel - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Debt-free Alberta could build new markets by donating $55 million a year to foreign aid - Bob Dickson and Randy Rudolph.

Sanctuary lost? - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Immigration Minister talks tough to churches that harbour refugees - Reuel Amdur.

Lawn gone - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Circles of strife. - humour

P3s perilous - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Public-private partnerships would open a trade treaty door that might prove impossible to close - Erika Shaker, CCPA.

Upstream - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Niagara Falls should be a national park - Colin Isaacs.

Star wars strip tease - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Will Canada risk its good name by acquiescing to BMD? - Linda McQuaig

Union-busters - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Recent Wal-mart victory in its fight to exclude unions has wider implications - Mike Martin.

Unconventional thinking - Posted: 08-Aug-04
  Is Kerry better than Bush? Not on war and peace, apparently - Mel Watkins.

Fry or glow? - Posted: 25-Jul-04
  Weaning ourselves off coal and nukes would mean not having to choose between two dumb ways to die.

Anybody but Bush? - Posted: 25-Jul-04
  Two siblings out of six million eligible US ex-patriates discuss whether to vote in November.

Space bombs - Posted: 24-Jul-04
  Despite US denials, proposed Ballistic Missile Defense structure lends itself to weapons in space.

Morale boosters - Posted: 23-Jul-04
  Why companies benefit from happy, healthy employees.

Strict scrutiny - Posted: 23-Jul-04
  US Representatives request UN election observers for Presidential election.

But Officer . . . - Posted: 23-Jul-04
  Driving by the numbers.

Border crossings - Posted: 18-Jul-04
  NAFTA redefines borders, but nations still need to define their own policies.

Who, me? - Posted: 18-Jul-04
  After the case for war turns out to be empty, Bushites try to leave "incompetent underlings" holding the bag - Linda McQuaig.

Crunching the numbers - Posted: 17-Jul-04
  Analyzing how Ontario voters awarded seats in the federal election - IQP.

Mind the gap - Posted: 17-Jul-04
  Ontario welfare rates for singles are lower than assistance for single people with disabilities - Reuel S. Amdur.

Kissimee - Posted: 17-Jul-04
  What's in a name?

US ballot integrity project - Posted: 17-Jul-04
  Major new civil society coalition forms to ensure legitimacy of November 2 vote in US.

Hand picked - Posted: 17-Jul-04
  Paul Martin's Cabinet choices will reveal a lot about his attitude towards workers - Mike Martin.

Fahrenheit rising - Posted: 11-Jul-04
  But if it makes money, then how can it be bad?

Truth or dare? - Posted: 11-Jul-04
  Moore's can o' worms has mainstream US media frothing at the mouth - Linda McQuaig.

Long hot summer for Alberta teachers - Posted: 11-Jul-04
  Union turns down "pensions for peace" deal; government turns up heat - Mike Martin.

Fuelling suspicion - Posted: 11-Jul-04
  UK charity calls on US-controlled coalition to account for $20 billion in Iraqi oil revenue - Christian Aid.

Choosing Canada - Posted: 10-Jul-04
  Americans opposed to Bush administration are flooding into Victoria - Ross Crockford.

Thirst - Posted: 10-Jul-04
  PBS airs series on water privatization - viewers can research and debate issue online.

Abbott and Costello meet... - Posted: 06-Jul-04
  ...the information age.

Whatever happened to global warming? - Posted: 06-Jul-04
  Human-caused global changes encompass complex, unpredictable forces - Lynn Jones.

Connect the DOTS - Posted: 05-Jul-04
  TB is staging a comeback, but for the price of a few missiles, we could once again reverse the trend - Bob Cowie, MD and Bob Dickson, MD.

Everything I needed to know... - Posted: 04-Jul-04
  First summer job taught work world fundamentals - Mike Martin.

Clear the air - Posted: 04-Jul-04
  Environment Canada reports on 2003 anti-smog initiatives - Gallon Environment Letter.

Err apparent - Posted: 04-Jul-04
  Uncooperative voters make both Martin and Harper sing the embittered entitlement blues - Linda McQuaig.

Stop the (anti-missile) madness! - Posted: 04-Jul-04
  NDP, Bloc need to move quickly on social legislation before money shot skyward - Reuel S. Amdur.

Election a lesson in fundraising loopholes - Posted: 03-Jul-04
  Donors still finding ways to get around the rules - Aaron Freeman.

Near-death experience - Posted: 30-Jun-04
  Murray Dobbin comments on the federal election.

Canada's pulse - Posted: 29-Jun-04
  How the Liberals survived - Marc Zwelling, President, Vector Research + Development Inc.

Two Liberal leaders escape defeat in the federal election - Posted: 29-Jun-04
  Ontario vote mirrors last fall's provincial vote thanks to late Grit surge averting internal party bloodbath - Inside Queen's Park.

The Canadian public reaps satisfaction - Posted: 29-Jun-04
  BQ saves the day, keeps Canada Canadian - Ish Theilheimer.

Did photo-finish panic bust NDP breakthrough? - Posted: 29-Jun-04
  Pollsters have some explaining to do - Mel Watkins.

Trading partners - Posted: 28-Jun-04
  Ask a silly question...

Alien invasion - Posted: 28-Jun-04
  Cheap imported goods or Pandora's box? - Ole Hendrickson.

Summertime, and the breathing is...wheezy - Posted: 28-Jun-04
  Gallon Environment Letter pans Ontario's five-point plan to reduce smog.

One big union? - Posted: 27-Jun-04
  Move afoot to reconfigure US unions into a New Unity Partnership - Mike Martin.

Bend it like Bush - Posted: 26-Jun-04
  Bush administration cites Constitution, technicalities, to counter charges of law-breaking - Robert Paehlke.

Sanctuary - Posted: 26-Jun-04
  Ottawa candidates support church that harbours refugee, asserting validity of Sanctuary - Reuel S. Amdur.

You're living in 2004 when... - Posted: 21-Jun-04
  You can check off 'virtually ' everything on this list.

Pedestrian power - Posted: 21-Jun-04
  Homes in "walkable communities" have higher resale value - Peggy Patterson.

Political calypso - Posted: 21-Jun-04
  Harry Belafonte's speech after winning the 2004 Human Rights Award from Global Exchange.

Blast from the past - Posted: 20-Jun-04
  Harper's child tax deduction plans stiff the poor, reward the rich - Linda McQuaig.

P3s far from free - Posted: 19-Jun-04
  Privately owned hospitals more expensive, undermine medicare - Murray Dobbin.

Food fight - Posted: 19-Jun-04
  Uproar over UN Food and Agriculture Organization report that favours genetically engineered food - GRAIN.

Grits and Tories kowtow to provinces - Posted: 18-Jun-04
  The great health care divide - Gordon Guyatt.

Estelle Klein 1930-2004 - Posted: 18-Jun-04
  Cultural impresario who worked with Mariposa, Harbourfront, Science Centre, leaves ArtsCan as her legacy.

Hello, operator? - Posted: 18-Jun-04
  Telecommunications workers at odds with employers - Mike Martin.

Polling for issues - Posted: 14-Jun-04
  Pollster finds Factor X affects how voters see parties, especially the Liberals - Marc Zwelling

Jack Layton shows grit and guts - Posted: 14-Jun-04
  And Reagan ill-remembered - Ish Theilheimer.

Look Ma! No more pay gap! - Posted: 14-Jun-04
  After a decade of hard work, New Brunswick civil service approaches pay equity and closes in on employment equity - New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

The benevolent VP - Posted: 14-Jun-04
  Position sought: greener pastures. (Humour)

Silence and suicide - Posted: 13-Jun-04
  Anti-depressants took Tooker Gomberg from depression to suicide - Angela Bischoff.

Harper: OK to KO Kyoto - Posted: 13-Jun-04
  Like Bush, cites faint-hope, oil-stained science as rationale for dropping deal more moderate PCs helped to forge - Linda McQuaig.

Wrestling the octopus - Posted: 13-Jun-04
  Cutting business subsidies could be much more difficult than Harper realizes - Aaron Freeman.

Roiling the recall - Posted: 13-Jun-04
  Chavez supporters say widespread fraud and disinformation behind Venezuelan recall petition.

Dating disaster - Posted: 13-Jun-04
  Fixed date elections not compatible with parliamentary system - Reuel S. Amdur.

Plundered pension plans - Posted: 11-Jun-04
  Surpluses, invested in stock market, have become deficits - Mike Martin.

The murder trial - Posted: 07-Jun-04
  Made you look...

Slammed doors - Posted: 06-Jun-04
  Stair-climbing in Winnipeg Centre a hard way to recruit voters - Roger Currie.

War hawk Harper tones down tough talk - Posted: 06-Jun-04
  Canada is sixth biggest military spender in NATO, but to hang out with the big guns fighting terror means we'd need more - Linda McQuaig.

Growing fuelish - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Can we substitute biofuels for fossil fuels?

The strange world of Justice McLachlin - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Starve the poor, but don't limit media access for the rich - Reuel S. Amdur.

Draft warning - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Democrats as well as Republicans want to re-start Selective Service - Jacob Levich.

Hissing cousins - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Ontario and federal Liberals at cross purposes - Inside Queen's Park.

A global workplace - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Banff conference seeks to reinvigorate health and safety activism.

Canada in top ten percent - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Canada's military spending higher than in WWII, but humanitarian aid has dropped - Ernie Regehr, Project Ploughshares.

On its knees at Abu Ghraib - Posted: 05-Jun-04
  Sexual domination in uniform is an American value - Linda Burnham, Women of Color Resource Center.

Gut feelings - Posted: 04-Jun-04
  If Harper doesn't win, the NDP might stand a chance - Mel Watkins.

Union reps - Posted: 04-Jun-04
  Labour fields a number of strong candidates - Mike Martin.

Gay bashing - Posted: 04-Jun-04
  Harper jokes about violence against Equal Marriage advocates at his rally - Canadians for equal marriage.

Speaking together - Posted: 04-Jun-04
  Communications are a fundamental human right: World Forum.

De-listing dilemma - Posted: 04-Jun-04
  For less affluent Ontarians, de-listed health services mean either paying cash or doing without - Richard Shillington.

Devaluing green training - Posted: 01-Jun-04
  Top government environmental officials know more about government than environment - Gallon Environment Letter.

Backfire! - Posted: 01-Jun-04
  Bush administration brings criminal charges against Greenpeace - and loses.

Dead man running - Posted: 01-Jun-04
  It's satisfying to see Paul Martin get what he deserves - Ish Theilheimer.

Tax cuts don't benefit workers - Posted: 01-Jun-04
  Despite $10 billion in corporate tax cuts in four years, workers' wages have increased only 2% - Mike Martin.

Take off, eh? - Posted: 31-May-04
  Where there's smoke, there are flyers.

Six degrees of responsibility - Posted: 31-May-04
  Homelessness is complicated, but Martin is complicit - Reuel S. Amdur.

Button, button - Posted: 31-May-04
  Who chooses the new Iraqi Prime Minister? - Robert Paehlke

The Great Disconnect - Posted: 31-May-04
  We get the services we deserve from the taxes we pay - Linda McQuaig.

Mystery theatre - Posted: 27-May-04
  Martin attacks provinces, but where does he really stand on saving medicare? - Gordon Guyatt, MD.

Dear Abby... - Posted: 26-May-04
  Will my fiancee understand?

Gone for good - Posted: 25-May-04
  Water is too precious to waste on oil recovery - Andrew Nikiforuk.

Promises? What promises? - Posted: 25-May-04
  Dalton McGuinty's first budget breaks prominent written pledges.

Light in a Dark Age Ahead - Posted: 23-May-04
  Jane Jacobs still luminous in her late eighties - Hanns F. Skoutajan

Don't look to Martin to bring back social spending - Posted: 23-May-04
  As federal finance minister, Martin outslashed Ralph Klein in gutting government programs - Linda McQuaig.

Copy this: the downside of uploading - Posted: 23-May-04
  Consumer revolt throws creators out with the bathwater - Susan Crean.

9/11 "people's inquiry" rigged - Posted: 23-May-04
  Conspiracy theories risky distractions - Mel Watkins.

Peak of Hubbert's bell curve - Posted: 22-May-04
  Oil geologist's 50-year-old prediction coming true - Ole Hendrickson.

Mike Martin bytes back - Posted: 22-May-04
  Take a break from technology this summer - Mike Martin.

Diminishing returns - Posted: 21-May-04
  Tax cuts cost public purse $73 billion from 2000 to 2005-6 - Armine Yalnizyan, CCPA.

Mourning has spoken - Posted: 21-May-04
  Wear a black armband to protest violence in Middle East, Women in Black request.

Liberals blow by-election - Posted: 21-May-04
  NDP Andrea Horwath's victory in Hamilton East holds message for provincial and federal Liberals - IQP.

What really goes on at the Republican National Committee Convention - Posted: 16-May-04
  Praise the Lord and pass the freedom fries.

Fearful after 9-11? - Posted: 16-May-04
  Canadians, unlike US residents, can still speak out about government policies.

Forget the fat tax, tax fat cats - Posted: 16-May-04
  Bigger tax bite for social spending comes with more public participation, healthier democracy on the side - Linda McQuaig.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stop your engines - Posted: 16-May-04
  In the season of smog, there's no time for idling - Ole Hendrickson.

Walkerton backlash will cost small, rural business operators their livelihoods - Posted: 16-May-04
  New regulation causing outcry with good reason, rural health inspector says - John Haslam.

Futile savers - Posted: 16-May-04
  Most public funding for seniors goes to the more affluent - Richard Shillington

An exceptional Canadian - Posted: 15-May-04
  Celebrating Eric Kieran's life as a public intellectual - Mel Watkins.

Toasted! - Posted: 15-May-04
  Monsanto abandons GE wheat in Canada, but other GE development continues.

War Crimes - Posted: 14-May-04
  Corporate media can't ignore photos the way they ignored protests - John McMurtry.

"Socialist millionaire" helped shape Canada - Posted: 14-May-04
  Eric Kierans rose from working class but never forgot his roots - Jamie Swift.

Sauce for the goose - Posted: 14-May-04
  Do working people and the poor have property rights? - Reuel Amdur

Chapter and verse - Posted: 14-May-04
  Canadian Council of Muslim Women objects to adopting Shari'a law under Ontario Arbitration Act.

Outrage odd - Posted: 10-May-04
  CIA told Congress two years ago that "the gloves are off."

Shell game - Posted: 10-May-04
  If Paul Martin is so intent on proper funding for health care, why doesn't it show in his budget?

Part 1: The self-erasing national debt - Posted: 10-May-04
  Liberals spending $30 billion to reduce debt in ten years instead of eleven.

Who's counting? Not Lockheed-Martin - Posted: 10-May-04
  NDP takes credit for helping wrest census contract away from US weapons manufacturer.

Reality check: who is really at fault in public sector strikes? - Posted: 10-May-04
  Government policies, not public servants, cause delays and overload.

Foster Hewitt, we need you - Posted: 09-May-04
  But Don Cherry, who never outrgrew childhood bigotry, is just So Old.

The eighth wonder of the world - Posted: 08-May-04
  Gray jays store food in trees to overwinter - Ole Hendrickson.

"Your mother wears army boots!" - Posted: 07-May-04
  most consistent note struck these days is stinging partisan rebuke served up from the government benches - Graham Murray, Inside Queen's Park

Step away from the Middle East, George - Posted: 07-May-04
  60 former US diplomats tell Bush his comments aren't helpful - Frank Csongos, RFE/RL.

INCOMING: Penney Kome and Mike Martin - Posted: 03-May-04
  Additions to Straight Goods management team bring depth and experience.

Eight reasons to love dandelions - Posted: 03-May-04
  Despised weed can provide food, wine, fun.

Paul Martin and Cabinet discuss election timing - Posted: 03-May-04
  Leaked dinner table talk reveals much about top-level decision-making, by Rob Cottingham.

Vote to recognize Armenian genocide a rare all-party display of human decency - Posted: 02-May-04
  But Canada, other nations, refuse to make it official - does fear of reprisals create moral stench? - Mel Watkins

How to make millions for mediocre performance - Posted: 02-May-04
  Top CEOs personal profits go through the roof, even as average wages, company profits fall, Mike Martin writes.

Maternity benefits not available to those who need them most - Posted: 02-May-04
  High-income earners more likely eligible for EI Parental Benefits, Richard Shillington writes.

Organic farming deepens its roots - Posted: 02-May-04
  Major study links pesticides, disease, writes Ole Hendrickson.

Our cities are what we eat - Posted: 02-May-04
  Urban renewal must include access to nutritious food, writes Elbert van Donkersgoed.

Just say no to direct-to-consumer-advertising of prescription drugs - Posted: 01-May-04
  Drug companies break law with TV, magazine ads for prescription drugs, writes Women and Health Protection.

Sandwiched in between - Posted: 01-May-04
  Does Canada find common ground with the European Union or the US? - Hanns Skoutajan.

CAFTA - The Trojan calf - Posted: 01-May-04
  Never thought international trade laws would make you laugh?

Copyleft - Posted: 01-May-04
  Creator argues for restoring copyright' s original purpose: to protect creators, not music industry.

The arrogance of empire - Posted: 01-May-04
  World religions must denounce myth of [racial] superiority, writes Ted Schmidt.

Study on abused women on welfare rings partly true - Posted: 29-Apr-04
  Red tape and mountains of paperwork take time, money, attention from where it will do the most good, writes Reuel Amdur.

Rural rage in the Age of Corporate Dominance - Posted: 26-Apr-04
  by Ish Theilheimer Do we need rural communities? Increasingly, the response of policy-makers and talking heads - all of them urban-based, is that we do not.

Let's generate some negawatts - Posted: 26-Apr-04
  Negawatt: a unit in watts of energy saved.

What price vision? - Posted: 26-Apr-04
  Age-related macular degeneration not always covered, expensive to treat - especially when relying on private clinics.

Birth rate drops again - Posted: 24-Apr-04
  Compulsory retirement, immigration policy, medical and related costs: some birth rate-related issues our aging population needs to face.

One year ago, Romanow report affirmed value of healthcare - Posted: 24-Apr-04
  But privatized medicine inroads, lack of funding leave Canadians to wonder - what happened?

Conservation and renewable energy for the little guy - Posted: 24-Apr-04
  Large, centralized power plants contain the germ of their own destruction, writes Ole Hendrickson.

"Are you guys against toilet paper now?" - Posted: 24-Apr-04
  Recycled vs. virgin: Greenpeace challenges consumers to take the test.

Health care still Canadian's number one issue - Posted: 24-Apr-04
  But despite expanding economy, Martin leaves health care still begging for scraps, writes Gordon Guyatt.

A Tibetan Lesson - Posted: 23-Apr-04
  No political leader, least of all our own, should shrink from open discussion about the problems of the world, human rights, and especially, peace, writes Hanns Skoutajan.

Money trumps politics in hockey, too - Posted: 23-Apr-04
  Deconstructing sports rivalries - if Ottawa wants hope, it needs to change the team name to Lobbyists, writes Mel Watkins.

Are "socially responsible" corporations really that virtuous? - Posted: 23-Apr-04
  And how are the winners of these "corporate beauty contests" chosen? - Mark Brownlie

Replacing Agostino in Hamilton - Posted: 23-Apr-04
  A lot is riding on this by-election for the third party - Inside Queen's Park.

Canadian IT Industry recovering but jobs going overseas - Posted: 23-Apr-04
  75,000 jobs headed to India, China, Russia - how many will Nortel ship, Mike Martin asks.

Hockey humour...or horror? - Posted: 22-Apr-04

Living on the line takes its toll for Svend Robinson - Posted: 19-Apr-04
  Courageous MP likely to come back, writes SG Publisher Ish Theilheimer.

Global Campaign for Education gears up - Posted: 19-Apr-04
  Lobbying and classroom activities focus on "Children Missing an Education."

The world owes 100 million children an education - Posted: 19-Apr-04
  Global coalition of advocates for education takes message to World Bank and IMF.

US set to grant companies $80 billion pension holiday - Posted: 18-Apr-04
  Canadian workers face a third wave of attacks on their rights, Mike Martin writes.

A better energy future for Ontario - Posted: 18-Apr-04
  The world is in the process of an energy revolution shifting from a carbon-based system to one based on renewables and hydrogen, Lynn Jones writes.

Women in the election - Posted: 16-Apr-04
  By-party percentages of women candidates show room for improvement, writes Rosemary Speirs of Equal Voice.

Our world needs loyalty - Posted: 16-Apr-04
  The world’s most famous whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, is about to be released from prison, writes Daniel Ellsberg.

Drug makers deceive doctors - Posted: 16-Apr-04
  Pay "authors" of drug studies for using their name; minimal participation in research or writing, writes Gordon Guyatt.

If you can't beat ‘em – eat ‘em - Posted: 13-Apr-04
  Take a walk on the wild side with Dandelion – the ultimate bad boy of edible plants, writes Melanie Ogilvie.

Wal-Mart facing its own democratic deficit - Posted: 12-Apr-04
  Workers in Jonquiere say no to union, voters in California say no to Wal-Mart's money, Mike Martin writes.

Rural revolutionaries and demagogues - Posted: 12-Apr-04
  Conservative cuts led to many of the problems cited by populist protesters - Ish Theilheimer

Keeping up with the Smiths - Posted: 12-Apr-04
  The true test of stamina for men.

Feds change the changes on Henson Trust - Posted: 11-Apr-04
  Reuel Amdur writes that roll-over now limited to situations where beneficiary is "mentally infirm," but without clear definition of terms.

Charest blinks - Posted: 11-Apr-04
  Faced with plummeting popularity - two-thirds of Quebeckers tell pollsters they don't like what he's doing - Quebec premier makes a sharp left turn, writes Reuel Amdur.

Speaking out against the speaker - Posted: 10-Apr-04
  Big losers will be the government, whose legislative program gets derailed whenever battle erupts over parliamentary procedure, says IQP.

The skies are not falling at Air Canada - Posted: 09-Apr-04
  Unions are not to blame for latest crisis at Air Canada, Mike Martin writes.

Floodway follies - Posted: 09-Apr-04
  Manitoba construction contractors fight forced unionization on public works project, writes Doug Smith, CCPA Manitoba.

You know you live in Toronto when... - Posted: 07-Apr-04
  Twenty tell-tale signs.

Look out - Posted: 05-Apr-04
  You could be the next victim of A. A. A. D. D. - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder - Internet humour

Can we rein in the corporations? - Posted: 05-Apr-04
  Reuel Amdur reviews two books that ask this question: The Corporation and On Value and Values.

Bush sells sizzle in war on terror - Posted: 04-Apr-04
  His "Janet Jackson" approach to anti-terrorism can't manage to cover up "naked" opportunism of Iraq invasion, writes Linda McQuaig.

Standing up for Jews, standing up to Ariel Sharon - Posted: 02-Apr-04
  The "new anti-Semitism" in Europe, possibly in Canada, is in reality anti-Zionism, writes Ted Schmidt.

Sawdust and pellet stoves - Posted: 02-Apr-04
  Ole Hendrickson writes about turning environmental mess and waste into no-fossil-fuel heat.

Solutions for medical waiting lists - the right, and the wrong - Posted: 01-Apr-04
  Kirby solution simple, appealing - but wrong, writes Gordon Guyatt, MD.

Gordon Campbell blinks; Fraser Institute sulks - Posted: 01-Apr-04
  Now thousands won't be cut off welfare after all, but tax deductible status of contributions to Fraser Institute still safe, writes Reuel Amdur.

Insurance company profits prove premiums too high - Posted: 01-Apr-04
  For a thousand years, we've had no choice but to pay the pirates or buy insurance against them, Mike Martin writes.

Terrorism a good excuse not to call an election - Posted: 29-Mar-04
  When the threat just doesn't seem to be there, create one, writes Mel Watkins.

Religion takes increasing prominence in current issues - Posted: 29-Mar-04
  Couchiching conference not the gospel according to Mel Gibson, writes Hanns F. Skoutajan.

Heritage of debt - Posted: 29-Mar-04
  McGuinty says cupboard is bare, expect no goodies, writes Inside Queen's Park.

A high price for paying debt - Posted: 28-Mar-04
  The Liberal government's obssession with reducing debt to GDP ratio is hurting development of social policy, writes Linda McQuaig.

Return to Iraq - one year later - Posted: 27-Mar-04
  Fear, love and loathing in Baghdad, by David Swann.

Showdown in Steeltown - Posted: 27-Mar-04
  Steelworkers and their allies in Hamilton take on Canada's biggest steelmaker in a fight to preserve jobs and pensions.

Why god created children - Posted: 27-Mar-04
  Things to think about if you child-proofed your home, but they are still getting in.

NAPO response to federal budget - Posted: 26-Mar-04
  Obsession with debt precludes action on poverty.

Fall-back plan needed for Kosovo - Posted: 24-Mar-04
  The choices before the international community are daunting, writes Reuel Amdur.

Thinking about water - Posted: 24-Mar-04
  Ole Hendrickson discusses new ways of seeing, using, conserving the wet stuff.

Two Spanish regime changes - Posted: 22-Mar-04
  Spain's election brings to mind another socialist victory in Spain - February 1936 - and the disaster that followed, writes Hanns F. Skoutajan.

Lack of leader was Conservative party's biggest asset - Posted: 21-Mar-04
  Moderates who told pollsters they would back the new party are now waking to the reality of the right-wing agenda.

Zen on the street - Posted: 21-Mar-04
  Hot dogma.

A new nuclear bath for Ontario consumers? - Posted: 21-Mar-04
  Manley and Epp report: "Let's back a loser," writes Ole Hendrickson

Calls grow to block US guns imported into Canada - Posted: 21-Mar-04
  Police report at least 50% of guns found after gang killings originated in US, writes Paul Weinberg, Inter Press Service.

Pensions, part 2: defined benefit vs defined contribution plans - Posted: 20-Mar-04
  Corporations favour the one that assigns the risk to the beneficiary - you.

Take waiting list horror stories with a grain of salt - Posted: 20-Mar-04
  Public health-care wait is worth it, considering the alternatives, writes Gordon Guyatt, MD.

Anti-Israel not the same as anti-Semitism - Posted: 19-Mar-04
  "Anti-Israel" is not the same as anti-Semitism; confusing the two will only feed the cycle of violence, writes Reuel S. Amdur.

Tough love, Canadian style - Posted: 19-Mar-04
  Mike Martin writes 10 suggested steps for fixing hockey.

CCPA's 10th Alternative Federal Budget - Posted: 18-Mar-04
  CCPA's 10th Alternative Federal Budget: targets corporate cronyism, rebuilds Canada's foundations.

Is Chavez in America's crosshairs? - Posted: 14-Mar-04
  Linda McQuaig asks: Is Chavez in America's crosshairs?

The Health Care Zombie rises again - Posted: 13-Mar-04
  Discredited case for private health care keeps rising again and again to haunt health policy debates, with Stronach now cast as Dr. Frankenstein, writes Gordon Guyatt.

Caregiving: the last step to equality - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Women's and children's rights advocate Beverley Smith argues that government policies that reward third party care, but are financially punitive towards the same care within family settings, are discriminatory.

Customs Union could have big political price, experts say - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Customs Union could have big political price, experts say: "nostalgia" drives Can-Am business strategy.

Whither Kerry? - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Where does Kerry stand on the use of nuclear weapons, Hanns Skoutajan asks.

Learning Disabilities Association is not afraid - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Charities fear losing charitable status for too much time spent on advocacy: Learning Disabilities Association not scared off, writes Reuel Amdur.

Redefining pensions - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Redefining pensions: two high profile cases have put Canada’s labour movement on a collision course with two major Canadian corporations over pension issues.

Royal pain for Ontario Grits - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Finance minister Greg Sorbara has had a lot of explaining to do regarding why he kept his own counsel after the Ontario Securities Commission gave him a heads-up about its investigation of the Royal Technologies Group, of which he was once a key director.

The wind energy revolution - Posted: 12-Mar-04
  Windpower a sustainable, cheap, efficient energy source for both electricity and transportation, writes Ole Hendrickson.

A short history of Canadian agricultural policy: - Posted: 08-Mar-04
  Ironies of farm life, from the National Farmers Union

Goodbye, Tooker Gomberg, source of "Greenspiration" - Posted: 08-Mar-04
  Tooker Gomberg presumed dead: groups in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton planning memorials.

Prisons are not a solution for poverty, homelessness and mental illness - Posted: 08-Mar-04
  Increase in number of women in prison linked to the evisceration of health, education and social services, writes Kim Pate, Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies .

Brutal fundamentalism fans flames of real anti-Semitism - Posted: 07-Mar-04
  Linda McQuaig asks whether the ant-semitism of The Passion of the Christ will make us so over-sensitized to being labelled as such that intelligent debate about Israel will wither.

Global food crisis coming soon says influential environmentalist Lester Brown - Posted: 06-Mar-04
  Grain consumption exceeding production for last four years is one signal of humanity's need to conserve water, stabilize populations and reduce greenhouse gases, says influential environmentalist Lester Brown.

Scandals on the good (sponsor)ship Martin - Posted: 05-Mar-04
  Scandals on the good (sponsor)ship Martin: potential conflict of interest with PM's many "close personal friends" in the corporate elite.

Pepsi's deal with iTune sounds a sour note - Posted: 05-Mar-04
  Pepsi's deal with iTune sounds a sour note, writes Robert Labossiere.

Financial tips for the disabled and their families - Posted: 05-Mar-04
  Reuel Amdur lists financial tips for the disabled and their families.

Good-news stories on raising retirement age miss point - Posted: 05-Mar-04
  Older Canadians working not necessarily because they want to, but because they have to - while access to public pension funding erodes, Mike Martin writes.

Passion a violent, distorted self-portrait - Posted: 03-Mar-04
  The Passion of the Christ: pornographic violence reveals more about our culture's barbaric bloodlust than about the life of Christ, writes Hanns Skoutajan.

Ah, memories.... - Posted: 01-Mar-04
  Internet humour from SG's Editor of Fun

No oil, no empathy - Posted: 01-Mar-04
  Bush short on empathy for Haitians: no valuable resources to "liberate" in this struggling democracy, writes Linda McQuaig.

Widespread scandals show how corporate and political leaders betray us - Posted: 01-Mar-04
  Ethical values: corporate, political leaders still underperforming, writes Mike Martin.

Jamie Watt cleans up on "common sense" - Posted: 27-Feb-04
  amie Watt cleans up on "common sense" : Point man for Harris, Eves and Stronach proves that some scams are more equal than others, writes Reuel Amdur.

Remembering Ontario's last attempt at a "social contract" with its unions - Posted: 26-Feb-04
  Inside Queen's Park interviews Peter Warrian, Ontario's former NDP government's Chief Economist, priest in training, and software millionaire.

Who is Paul Martin? - Posted: 25-Feb-04
  Ted Schmidt asks: Is Paul Martin trustworthy?

Allies or conquerors? - Posted: 25-Feb-04
  Sustaining a liveable environment demand global cooperation, Hanns Skoutajan writes.

Ah.... marriage - Posted: 23-Feb-04
  Internet humour with Sue, SG's Editor of Fun

Never mind SARS and exotic flus - guard against the big killers - Posted: 23-Feb-04
  Three-quarters of Canadian deaths related to diet, inactivity, Mike Martin writes.

White knight Martin should get off his high horse - Posted: 23-Feb-04
  Martin's sponsorship scandal outrage would be more credible if not for his indecently cosy relationships with other lobbyists, big business interests, writes Linda McQuaig.

Ontario's town hall meetings: McGuinty's manipulations - Posted: 22-Feb-04
  Ontario's town hall meetings are where common human decency goes from being "a drain on the system" to just "down the drain," writes Maggie Hughes.

Decision-time in Venezuela - Posted: 22-Feb-04
  Gregory Wilpert asks: Would presidential recall referendum finally end Venezuela's ongoing political crisis?

Media vs. reality in Haiti - Posted: 22-Feb-04
  Corporate media drawing inaccurate picture of situation in Haiti, fomenting instability, says article in ZNet.

Fixed-date elections are a bad idea - Posted: 19-Feb-04
  American system of fixed-date elections would thwart substantial change, end party responsibility, says Reuel Amdur.

Universal health care keeps costs in line - Posted: 19-Feb-04
  Privatized health care costs more - especially for those who can ill afford it, writes Gordon Guyatt, MD.

Town halls set stage rollback of promises - Posted: 17-Feb-04
  Meetings massage interest groups and proclaim "cupboard is bare" message, reports Inside Queen's Park, February 11, 2004.

A bad winter for Liberals - and Canadians - Posted: 17-Feb-04
  Children should not be exposed to this level of mendacity and corruption, writes SG Publisher Ish Theilheimer.

Kitten-eater McGuinty obsesses with deficit - Posted: 16-Feb-04
  Kitten-eater McGuinty obsesses with deficit: with business backing, any wimp can cut spending - it's standing up to the business elite that takes guts, writes Linda McQuaig.

Post-Valentine's Day humour - Posted: 13-Feb-04
  Steve Martin: Valentine's Day humour

Twenty years of wedded bliss? - Posted: 12-Feb-04
  Internet humour - 20 years of wedded bliss.

Martin Government Set to Drive People into Poverty - Posted: 10-Feb-04
  Martin has created a new P3 post to oversee the ever-widening program, which puts more workers at risk, while bringing a new breed of corporate players to the trough, writes Reuel Amdur.

Throne Speech should be thrown out - Posted: 09-Feb-04
  PM's first throne speech lacks social vision, writes Reuel Amdur.

Campbell's harsh BC welfare reform contrasts with his own treatment - Posted: 09-Feb-04
  Welfare reforms in BC most draconian yet in Canada or US, but help fund tax cuts, writes Linda McQuaig.

Real value of chiropractic hard to assess - Posted: 07-Feb-04
  Recent Ontario court ruling adds little clarity but could result in useful research, writes Jason W. Busse.

Anti-war activists face trial for occupation of Lockheed Martin - Posted: 07-Feb-04
  Halifax office occupiers stressed the relationship between globalization and increased militarism.

Sometimes it is a soldier's duty to tell the truth no matter what - Posted: 07-Feb-04
  There comes a time when every commander has to put the life of his troops at a higher level of importance than the profits of our corrupt leaders, writes a US Army Commander in an interview with Jay Shaft of the Coalition for Free Thought in Media.

Highway workplace: the Canadian truckers' story - Posted: 07-Feb-04
  Launching of the Virtual Museum of Canada website

Beware P3 hospitals - Posted: 07-Feb-04
  Gordon Guyatt writes that the problem of P3s is a matter of accounting practices.

Actual analogies and metaphors found in high school essays - Posted: 02-Feb-04
  Internet humour

A dead planet in the making? - Posted: 02-Feb-04
  If all our trapped carbon dioxide were released to the atmosphere, , our planet would be similar to Venus, writes Ole Hendrickson.

WTO poses new threat to postal service - Posted: 02-Feb-04
  Canadian postal services and other public services face new threat - ccpa

Hutton ignores Blair’s manipulation of intelligence reports - Posted: 02-Feb-04
  BBC made one mistake but was largely correct reporting that government sought a more dramatic dossier on Iraq’s weapons to bolster the case for war, writes Linda McQuaig.

Battle to defend Red Hill Valley - Posted: 01-Feb-04
  The Red Hill Valley is the only remaining intact green corridor from the Niagara Escarpment to Lake Ontario, but the Liberal government seems determined to pave paradise.

Honeymoon over, Libs brace for tail-spin - Posted: 01-Feb-04
  Sorbara signals hikes in user fees and any other governmental imposts which can be plausibly exempted from Dalton McGuinty's promise not to raise "your taxes", writes Inside Queen's Park.

Executive compensation under the microscope - Posted: 01-Feb-04
  Despite some reforms, ocean-sized gulf remains between corporate honchos' and workers' pay

Ontario Liberals slow off the mark - Posted: 01-Feb-04
  Reuel Amdur writes that McGuinty needs to restore the 21.6% cut from welfare rates, now.

The young fogies - Posted: 31-Jan-04
  The Catholic New Times writes that a new wave of young conservative priests are simply the Catholic analogue to the rising tide of worldwide fundamentalism

No child's behind left - Posted: 31-Jan-04
  Greg Palast writes "Go ahead George, and lie to me."

Seeking clean ships - Posted: 31-Jan-04
  Issues and solutions in the struggle to clean up our seas

If Sheila Copps were a New Democrat… - Posted: 27-Jan-04
  Becoming more like the Liberals could hurt NDP chances, writes Marc Zwelling.

Canada lands on Mars first! - Posted: 26-Jan-04
  Graphic humour

Takeover bid would turn Sierra Club against immigration - Posted: 26-Jan-04
  Motivation may not be racist, it is certainly supremacist, writes Colin Isaacs.

Outsourcing monster Accenture specializes in exporting jobs - Posted: 26-Jan-04
  At first North American jobs went to Brazil, India and China. Now the next wave of outsourcing to smaller markets in Asia or Africa has already begun, writes Mike Martin.

For-profit, user pay clinics won’t solve waiting lists - Posted: 26-Jan-04
  If private clinics substantially reduced waiting lists, they would drive themselves out of business, writes Gordon Guyatt

Public howls for Black's head but may not get it - Posted: 26-Jan-04
  Long arm of the law likely to be sheathed in a very soft glove, if history is repeated, writes Linda McQuaig.

How much is nature worth? - Posted: 25-Jan-04
  Ole Hendrickson writes that ecologists and economists have teamed up to measure the monetary value of ecosystems.

Cdn docs may lose insurance for co-signing internet scripts - Posted: 25-Jan-04
  Lanny Boutin writes that regulators attempt to halt booming internet business

Genetically modified foods: consumer bliss or corporate opportunity? - Posted: 25-Jan-04
  Munaf Yassiri explores the future of genetic engineering.

Workers' knowledge often disregarded, overlooked - Posted: 25-Jan-04
  Working people are more knowledgeable and actively engaged in learning than public discussion generally assumes, write David W. Livingstone and Peter H. Sawchuk Book in a new book from Garamond Press on organized labour in the information age. An excerpt

Women's shelters need men - Posted: 24-Jan-04
  Reuel S. Amdur writes the Chinese had it right: "It takes both a man and a woman to hold up the sky."

Arthur Andersen offshoot Accenture seeks world domination - Posted: 22-Jan-04
  Mike Martin writes that outsourcing mercenary Accenture's client list includes major Canadian corporations.

Dishonest Dubya - Posted: 19-Jan-04
  Web humour: Lying action figure, complete with 14 authentic quotes

SRI RRSP ABC’s - Posted: 19-Jan-04
  Once you have decided to put some sort of values based criteria into your investment decisions, how do you go about doing that? Investment counsellor Sucheta Rajagopa offers some ideas.

Misguided cant on Aboriginal policy - Posted: 19-Jan-04
  God save us from teh Aboriginal policy ideas of intellectuals like John Richards, writes Boyce Richardson .

Belinda Stronach could lead new Tories into the age of media politics - Posted: 18-Jan-04
  Linda McQuaig writes that Belinda Stronach has at least the qualifications of George W. Bush or Stockwell Day, making her a likely pick. But will such crass politics fly in Canada?

Canada is buying into US world domination - Posted: 18-Jan-04
  Reuel S. Amdur writes: The Liberal Party is being swamped by Bush's Republicans. Are we hitching our wagon to the US juggernaut?

Martin prepares to sell off public service - Posted: 18-Jan-04
  Mike Martin writes that not since the Brian Mulroney days have we seen such active drooling by corporate lobbyists

Wringing in the new year - Posted: 18-Jan-04
  Inside Queen's Park writes McGuinty's trial balloons being floated were all deemed by the previous PC régime to be too radical

A war in search of a reason - Posted: 18-Jan-04
  Ivan Eland writes Bush's former Treasury Secretary confirms tenuous connection between 9-11 and Iraqi invasion

Ending the sugar trap - disease of globalization - Posted: 17-Jan-04
  David Ransom of The New Internationalist asks :Why not transfer the vast public treasure currently squandered on sugar to the reclamation of sugarcane plantations and help to make land reform, sustainable agriculture and food security a reality?"

The ordination of women priests: 'getting on with it' - Posted: 17-Jan-04
  The Catholic New Times writes that a women's worldwide ordination conference will be held in Ottawa in 2005

The tale of Princess Sheila - Posted: 17-Jan-04
  Mel Watkins writes about the horror King Paul can never escape

Darwin Awards 2003 - Posted: 17-Jan-04
  Here's the latest annual list of those who did the universal gene pool a favour

Humour me: New scrabble words - Posted: 12-Jan-04
  Try these out on your buds

Two-tier medicine threatens equitable health care delivery - Posted: 12-Jan-04
  Gordon Guyatt looks at reasons for queue-jumping in Canada's health system.

Cable TV moguls keen to done on looser foreign ownership rules - Posted: 12-Jan-04
  With former Rogers exec in Martin’s inner office and Copps gone from Cabinet, the cable guys might soon find their estate planning much more enjoyable, writes Linda McQuaig.

Project Ploughshares to Paul Martin - missile defence won't protect us - Posted: 11-Jan-04
  The proposed system will not provide any protection to Canadians - Canadian policy has, and should continue, to press a different approach, write Ernie Regehr.

Martin leads Canada off into the wild blue yonder - Posted: 11-Jan-04
  Reuel S. Amdur writes that the War on Terror is heating up: Iraq is only the appetizer - the missile shield is the main course.

Ferry strike reflects Campbell cabal's ideology - Posted: 11-Jan-04
  Robert Rodvik writes that, having been elected to office by British Columbia's big business elites, Campbell's Liberal party cabal focused hard and fast on their double-pronged scheme to alter BC's social contract with its workers and citizens.

US Labour Dept. tells employers how to take back newly-mandated overtime pay - Posted: 11-Jan-04
  Bush Administration seeks to undo changes forced by courts, which have consistently ruled workers must be paid for all hours worked, writes Mike Martin

Canada's pulse: How the gays won - Posted: 08-Jan-04
  Marc Zwelling writes that the way homosexuals achieved so much so fast is a lesson in how to sway public opinion. But it's not the conventional lesson.

Drug raids in BC highlight reactionary tie between Campbell Libs and Martin - Posted: 08-Jan-04
  Reuel Amdur writes that the gap between the rich and the poor in Canada is growing, and that is just what Paul Martin and his millionaire flying buddies want.

New federal ideas about training for workers long overdue - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  Employers and employees should embrace concept of learning institute, writes Mike Martin.

BC Liberals in bed with the Feds - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  A whimsical poem by Kay Hardy about a big potential scandal for the new PM

Paul Martin: Liar, liar, pants on fire! - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  When it comes to his shipping company it seems Mr Martin believes he can simply deny the facts and continually get away with it, writes Murray Dobbin.

Ontario Libs' bleak image makeover - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  McGuinty government seeks absolution from implementing its election platform, reports Inside Queen's Park.

Martin & Charest dump on working people and the poor - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  While Martin is giving $4.4 billion to the corporations, Charest is up to much the same kind of corporate-pleasing behavior in Quebec, writes Reuel Amdur.

Losing Nemo - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  We have to choose between coral reefs and consumer demand. So far, the reefs are losing the battle, writes Ole Hendrickson.

Canada’s flirtation with international AIDS leadership - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  Canada is finding its conscience - maybe, writes Gordon Guyatt

Academics and journalists ignore glaring falsehoods that supported case for war - Posted: 05-Jan-04
  Linda McQuaig writes that it was No surprise that US could use crush Saddam's regime - what they doubted was whether Iraq posed a threat that justified invasion.

Consumer life in the information age - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  Consumer humour from the Web

US claims right to torture - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  Paul Cellucci informs us his country reserves the right to deport our citizens to third countries when they find it appropriate, writes Reuel S.Amdur.

Manji's vision of modern, Western Islam is a hard sell - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  A review by Reuel S. Amdur of the book The Trouble with Islam, by Irshad Manji

Hussein's capture doesn't vindicate the war - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  Bush's coup obscures true problems and ignores the real question - what's the right way to get rid of human rights abusers and promote lasting justice?, asks Ish Theilheimer

Missile defence needs Parliamentary debate - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  Most Canadians don’t even know we’re in negotiations, only scraps of information, write Maude Barlow and Steven Staples

Canadians should be happy to pass up Pentagon contracts and sidekick status - Posted: 15-Dec-03
  Let Iraqis rebuild their country - for a lot less than what Bush's corporate friends are getting paid, writes Linda McQuaig.

Can't fool a kangaroo - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Humour from the Internet

Russian democracy wilts from the grassroots - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Putin's message is that Russia needs to be led by a strong man who gives orders and is obeyed, writes Gwynne Dyer.

The soldiers at my front door - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  A priest in New Mexico faces intimadation from the militia over his anti-war stance

Let's end Ontario's nuclear power age - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Germany has seen the light, and it's not nuclear powered. So what's the solution for Ontario? Proposals from Sierra Club of Canada

Making a killing - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  How and why corporations use armed force to do business - an interview with researcher Madelaine Drohan

Smokers’ cafés a next step? - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  "How can we strike a reasonable balance on the issue of smoking (tobacco and pot)?" asks Reuel S. Amdur.

Peruvian indie documentary wins awards in Spain - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Choropampa, The Price of Gold narrates the struggles of villagers in the mountains of Peru for health care and justice after a devastating mercury spill by a US- owned gold mine

Ousting Bush will be uphill struggle for American labour - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Massive membership layoffs and internal disagreements leave AFL-CIO with fewer election resources and no agreed-upon candidate, writes Mike Martin

INCOMING: high-end tax cuts in the name of deficit reduction - Posted: 08-Dec-03
  Martin's bean-counter approach is dull and dangerous because of the damages it masks , writes Linda McQuaig

The Internet and the Labour Movement - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  Few unions have grasped the organizing potential of new technologies, writes Armand Roy.

Another look at Martin's fiscal legacy - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  Cuts to government programs painful and unnecessary, says CCPA report.

BC’s Campbell wants to starve the poor - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  Success of Vancouver progressives shows an appeal to basic decency can sometimes defeat anti-poor agenda, writes Reuel Amdur.

David Miller: A new broom for Toronto - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  An interview with the megacity's newly elected, photogenic proudly progressive mayor

Boyce Richardson: "I'm a reporter. Isn't that a position of responsibility?" - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  Author of Memoirs of a Media Maverick in conversation

Arar case forces Martin to reposition on US relations - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  "Will the new PM take as tough a line standing up for Canadian interests as he did clamping down on welfare mothers, unemployed workers and downsized government employees?" asks Linda McQuaig.

Beware of phony citizens' groups sponsored by drug companies - Posted: 01-Dec-03
  Patient advocacy groups are often not what they seem, writes Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Ontario's new Conservative government - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  Commentary by Straight Goods' publisher Ish Theilheimer

Where will Paul Martin take us? - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  Author of book on Paul Martin says he will continue to follow the same path - guided by the Business Council on National Issues.

Pensions in doubt - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  Do workers have the right to live out their retirement years without worry? It may depend on the stock market.

Latimer versus Latimer - Posted: 24-Nov-03

Ariel Sharon's war against the Palestinians - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  The Editor of the Catholic New Times points readers to Baruch Kimmerling's book on Ariel Sharon.

On "liberation" and lies - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  The liberation of Cuba by Washington foreshadowed US actions in Iraq, writer notes.

Black pushed the whole debate rightward - Posted: 24-Nov-03

Responsible investment considers downstream costs - and benefits - Posted: 24-Nov-03
  Columnist Sucheta Rajagopal brings David Suzuki's view that the real bottom line we need to protect isn't the economy, but rather the biosphere that is the source of everything that matters to us as a species.

The butterfly effect - Posted: 24-Nov-03

Montreal-based manufacturer fires CA workers for organizing - Posted: 24-Nov-03

Canada a silent partner in Iraq War beyond CPP investment in military industries - Posted: 24-Nov-03

Geneva Accord: Another attempt at hope in Israel - Posted: 21-Nov-03
  Catholic New Times editorial reviews the Israel/Palestine conflict and recognizes that although the Geneva Accord isn't perfect, it must be supported.

Degree of women's homelessness underestimated, study finds - Posted: 21-Nov-03

Lost in translation - Posted: 17-Nov-03
  Inet humour from SG's Editor of Fun

USER ERROR resisting computer culture - Posted: 17-Nov-03
  Two excerpts from Ellen Rose's book that debunks some of the myths about the capabilities of the digital devices that are everywhere.

White collar workers battered in current US recession - Posted: 17-Nov-03
  Americans have lost nearly three million jobs in Bush;s first three years and household incomes have fallen each year.

Social assistance should be one level for all - Posted: 17-Nov-03
  The only criteria for assistance should be need.

Bay Street's boy is in, but lame-duck Chrétien spoke for Canadians - Posted: 17-Nov-03
  Chretien took some courageous stands, particularly on Iraq while Martin clings his Bay Street orthodoxy.

Will the health care watchdog have teeth? - Posted: 16-Nov-03

PROMISE-KEEPERS? - Posted: 16-Nov-03

Labour puts the Saskatchewan NDP over the top - Posted: 11-Nov-03
  Sophisticated and coordinated campaign forced Labour’s issues on the provincial election agenda, writes Armand Roy.

Can you judge? - Posted: 10-Nov-03
  See if you can pick the serial killers from the computer whizes!

Arar case urgently requires a public inquiry - Posted: 10-Nov-03
  Canada’s role was crucial - without the actions of Canadian, writes Linda McQuaig

US contracts out torture - Posted: 10-Nov-03
  Canada needs to keep its distance in sharing information with the US, writes Reuel Amdur

Vote polarization on privatization signals possible progressive resurgence - Posted: 10-Nov-03
  Voter polarization around privatization signals possible progressive resurgence, writes Jim Harding of Regina

Grateful for the cold - Posted: 09-Nov-03
  Only winter beats mosquitoes, writes Mike Martin.

Judy Darcy bids CUPE goodbye after 12 years - Posted: 09-Nov-03

Walkable communities are great places to live - Posted: 09-Nov-03

Big business gets welfare, too - Posted: 07-Nov-03
  Corporate welfare bums are still with us. Even small businesses and the self employed get tax breaks. So let’s not pick on the poor.

America staggers under the leadership of liars - Posted: 04-Nov-03
  Millionaire celebs sell Americans out - are Canadians next? Commentary by Ish Theilheimer

10 reasons to vote in upcoming Ontario municipal elections - Posted: 04-Nov-03

Why not wood? - Posted: 02-Nov-03

Media sugar-coats US motives in Iraq - Posted: 02-Nov-03
  Modern armies which invade other countries aren't advertising it is to seize their territory and resources; commentators call them liberators.

Researchers call on federal government to create breast implant registry - Posted: 02-Nov-03
  New Canadian study shows follow up procedures from private breast implant surgery draws on public health system.

Stronger loonie killing manufacturing jobs - Posted: 02-Nov-03
  If developing Asian countries let their currencies appreciate against the US dollar or, at a minimum, took steps to boost their imports, Canada could export more to compete and retain market share in the US.

Managing expectations toughest job for Ontario cabinet - Posted: 01-Nov-03
  McGuinty's Ministry of Managing Expectations is a burdensome dossier, according to Queen's Park insider.

Leaked numbers sound alarm on BC welfare time limits - Posted: 01-Nov-03
  Document shows 14,000 recipients could be cut in April, with 15,000 close behind, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives notes.

Evidence of things unseen: The rise of a new movement - Posted: 01-Nov-03
  Activist Tom Hayden recalls novelist James Baldwin "evidence of things unseen" in this recent speech featured by AlterNet.

Wacky headlines that editors missed - Posted: 31-Oct-03

US occupation drives natives to anger and terrorism - Posted: 27-Oct-03
  It is commonly accepted that the US “war on terror” isn’t going well. The only thing worse than giving the country back to its people, is not doing it.

An election is coming, Lorne, where are you? - Posted: 27-Oct-03
  Premier Calvert should admit mistakes, take the high ground, and win the Nov. 5 provincial election, Jim Harding says.

Anti-scab legislation gets surprisingly strong vote in Commons - Posted: 27-Oct-03
  The federal government had the chance to pass progressive anti-scab legislation last week, but it was defeated by the lure of the status quo, and just plain weird right wing concepts.

Children choose Fair Trade chocolate at Halloween - Posted: 27-Oct-03
  A Millbrook, Ontario family decided last Easter not to buy “slave” chocolate. Much as the children love chocolate, they’d rather buy the Fair Trade kind.

SaskaTories already at war with organized labour - Posted: 24-Oct-03
  National Union of Public and General Employees raises alert about threats to labour.

Random thoughts on recent happenings - Posted: 24-Oct-03

Do the math: Does a united right add up? - Posted: 24-Oct-03
  The leaders of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance would have us believe that their new merged party is a real alternative to the Liberals. Not so, says writer Marc Zwelling.

Greenroof design saves money, reduces energy use - Posted: 23-Oct-03
  Lynn Jones notes that the National Research Council studied eight test greenroof plots at Toronto City Hall and proved they are viable and have many benefits.

Dr. Laura: What is acceptable behaviour, according to the Bible? - Posted: 23-Oct-03
  Since Dr. Laura is an avowed expert on the Old Testament, this letter writer asks for clarification of chapter and verse.

The many biases in Middle East news coverage - Posted: 23-Oct-03
  Some basic factual information is needed if we are ever to understand what Palestine and Israel are about, a Halifax editor says.

Was justice served in sentencing of Robert Latimer for his daughter's death? - Posted: 23-Oct-03
  Writer Reuel Amdur calls on departing prime minister for mercy in killing of disabled child.

What's Left? - Posted: 20-Oct-03

Martin vs. the new Conservatives - Posted: 20-Oct-03

The friendly art of driving gently - Posted: 20-Oct-03

CCPA conference opposes "Deep Integration" with US economy - Posted: 20-Oct-03

Bodychecking in children's hockey - a grand and dangerous experiment - Posted: 20-Oct-03

Just how far in the red is the Ontario government? - Posted: 17-Oct-03

Giving investors tools to hold corporations accountable - Posted: 16-Oct-03

The engineer's revenge - Posted: 13-Oct-03

Ontario NDP must look within - and change - Posted: 13-Oct-03

The dumb, mean populism of Arnold and W - Posted: 13-Oct-03
  Why the image of a pre-programmed killer is the perfect springboard for a political career in today’s America - Linda McQuaig

Risk of losing charitable status ties groups to symptoms, not cures - Posted: 12-Oct-03

McGill University lowered entry standards for former cabinet minister's child - Posted: 12-Oct-03

SFU blasted for blackballing activist professor from Woodsworth Chair - Posted: 12-Oct-03

Return of the right in Saskatchewan - Posted: 10-Oct-03

Europeans understand the value of bicycles - Posted: 10-Oct-03

Ontario's weird election - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  Ontario election analysis from pollster Marc Zwelling

Key results of 2003 Ontario provincial election - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  Grits gained up by 20% in popular vote and 100% in seat count, reports Inside Queens Park

Finding Nemo - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  Straight Goods humour

Children under government care are dying - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  Troubled kids pay the price for government cutbacks, writes Gordon Guyatt

NDP fattens frogs for snakes again - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  Standing on principle not a career move for Hampton, writes Ish Theilheimer

Children’s interests should trump band’s claim - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  There are two sides of the cultural argument - the rights of the children and the rights of the Squamish Nation

Eves left holding the bag for revolution gone off the rails - Posted: 06-Oct-03
  The right-wing revolution may be sputtering to an end in Canada because ugly neoconservatism doesn't play very well with most Canadians, writes Linda McQuaig

Mac Harb gets the taskless thank - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  Ottawa political rainmaker gets elevated to Senate, writes Mike Martin

We need coordinated police work, not human rights violations - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  Is it necessary to lock people up for month after month, with no charges against them, like something out of Kafka?, asks Reuel Amdur.

CUPW contract an unheralded victory for all sides - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  CUPW union gets unfairly slagged even when it manage to create what many thought impossible

Three parties still trying to define ballot question in Ontario - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  Polls suggest electorate not yet fully engaged - Inside Queens Park

Snobolen's wish came true, as Ontario reels from crisis to crisis - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  He's gone, and so is Harris, but it's not too late to fire their cronies, writes Linda McQuaig.

Mrs. Snider and auto insurance premiums - Posted: 18-Sep-03
  New Ontario rules - with $30K deductible - will deny victims fair compensation for injuries, writes lawyer Tom Connolly

This war on terrorism is bogus - Posted: 09-Sep-03
  The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination argues a fromer British Cabinet minister.

Workers of the world, light that barbecue - Posted: 07-Sep-03
  May Day is celebrated everywhere but in North America. Why is that?

It isn’t just that Ontario needs more nurses - Posted: 07-Sep-03
  A world-wide shortage of nurses is causing problems in Canada, but that's not the only problem, Gordon Guyatt tells us.

Eve’s mortgage deductibility plan aids most privileged - Posted: 07-Sep-03
  The latest effort in the Ontario Tory mean revolution furthers the class war.

Horrifying US secret weapon unleashed in Baghdad - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  An American filmmaker tells all about a frightening new weapon

Come back, Keynes. All is forgiven - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  John Maynard Keynes went out of fashion in the 1970s and 1908s, but, watch out, Bill Martin says, history may repeat itself.

It's not just the weather that's cooler in Canada - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  Columnist Samantha Bennett concludes maybe Canada does have something to teach the US.

Ontario PC program for seniors seriously limited - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  Eves tries to woo seniors with campaign promises, but will they buy them?

We need to celebrate - and defend - the value of our work - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  Judy Darcy, national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, has some thoughts on Labour Day.

Airline unions sue Air Canada - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  Canadian unions are taking a cue from the Americans who get their share when a company declares bankruptcy.

Foreign Affairs needs new policy for embassies - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  Canada should insist that basic human rights be observed in foreign embassies in Ottawa, social worker Reuel Amdur says.

Enjoy your day off, you earned it - Posted: 05-Sep-03
  It is important to remember history, including the first Canadian Labour Day parades in 1872, Mohamad Alsadi tells us.

Understanding engineers - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Humour from the Internet

Reflections on a powerful, peaceful march - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  OCAP march on the 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington

John Fryer taking public sector message to World Bank - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Former NUPGE president hopes to moderate global bank's rigid deregulation and privatization practices

Seniors in shelters - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  CMHC report highlights issues long overlooked, writes Reuel S. Amdur.

Nurses offer the government a solution to Ontario’s nursing shortage - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Cuts creating crisis as experienced nurses leave for greener pastures or retire, writes Gordon Guyatt.

Faith-based deregulation paves the Road to Ruin - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Have we learned our lesson? Early indications are not promising, writes Paul Krugman in the NY Times

Electricity economics negate "rules" of supply and demand - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Or, how I learned to start worrying and hate the deregulated electricity market - analysis of electricity deregulation in Ontario

Canadians reject status as American mistress - Posted: 25-Aug-03
  Spunky Canadian attitudes furrowing brows at CD Howe, writes Linda McQuaig

Shawville anglophones are a persecuted minority - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  The basic question remains one of group rights versus individual rights, writes Reuel S. Amdur

Matzoh balls - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Jewish humour at W's expense

Help business and you get a cushy job after politics - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Politicians benefit personally from supporting investor-owned, for-profit health care, writes Gordon Guyatt

Private health care could kill 2,200 Canadians a year, but business is business - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Privatization likely to cause more deaths AND cost more money - a lose-lose deal for all but health care corporations, writes Linda McQuaig

Bush's Middle East betting scheme a mug's game - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Latest diversion comes in wake of Congressional investigation into 9/11 which made it clear the CIA bin Laden was contemplating flying airplanes into targets on US soil, possibly in New York or Washington, writes Linda McQuaig

Not too late to save Stelco - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Canadians must urge government to take action on behalf of nation's steel industry, writes Mike Martin

Not too late to save Stelco - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Canadians must urge government to take action on behalf of nation's steel industry, writes Mike Martin

Accident victims pay for new Ontario auto insurance plan - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  Tories tax pedestrians, passengers and drivers by increasing the deductible in auto insurance to $30,000.00 for injury claims and $15,000.00 for death cases, writes Ontario lawyer Tyler James

The cow from Minsk - Posted: 06-Aug-03
  More Jewish humour

"Sixteen little words" that helped trick a nation into war - Posted: 21-Jul-03
  Bush, like Blair, struggles to control the damage as the contradictions add up, writes Linda McQuaig

God's country - and Mammon's - Posted: 21-Jul-03
  New demographic info on religious makeup of Ontario ridings

Beating AIDS in Africa: Uganda Offers Hope - Posted: 21-Jul-03
  AIDS has devastated many Africa countries, and set back development by decades. But Uganda offers hope in the fight against the deadly disease, writes Murray MacAdam

Court lets Air Canada break collective agreements - Stelco next? - Posted: 21-Jul-03
  Canadians are just one judge away from having an American-style system where companies can threaten bankruptcy and roll back wages and benefits, writes Mike Martin.

Charest attacks the poor, not poverty - Posted: 21-Jul-03
  When the PPQ cut welfare in the ‘80's, people were eating out of garbage cans. Now, with the Liberals, whole families can enjoy the same cuisine, writes Reuel S. Amdur

The trouble with cell phones - Posted: 16-Jul-03

Biosafety? - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  We must reduce the amount of dioxin-like compounds (DLCs) released to the environment instead of placing the onus for avoiding them on our children, writes Suzanne Elston.

Investor-owned health care is great for Tories but not citizens - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  Study shows higher death rates in both the for-profit hospitals and for-profit kidney dialysis clinics, writes Gordon Guyatt

Menopause and hormone therapy - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  One year after the study that highlighted possible health risks associated with long-term hormone therapy use for menopausal women new info is available online and free of charge from the Canadian Women's Health Network

Are the Supremes crazy? - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  Following the anti-pyschiatry movement is dangerous, writes Reuel S. Amdur

Stelco showdown in Steel City - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  Corporate rock of Hamilton asks workers for American-style concessions to stave off bankruptcy, writes Mike Martin

Bush uses Africa for photo op - Posted: 16-Jul-03
  Less submissive media would have used anti-slavery stunt to grill Bush about policies that hurt millions of African-Americans today, writes Linda McQuaig

Hijacked page asks what everyone wonders about - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Fun on the Internet

Accounting for Genocide - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Canada¹s Bureaucratic Assault on Aboriginal People - an excerpt from a new book by Dean Neu and Richard Therrien

Air Canada victim of a thousand self-inflicted cuts - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Airline created the room and air space for competitors and let its brand name lose its appeal, writes Mike Martin

Eye-Raq entertainment as psychological warfare - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  New and old novelties and distractions located in the Eye-Raq Entertainment tool-kit, writes Dan Singer

When democracy failed: the warnings of history - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  A powerful historic review of the rise of Hitler and its modern parallels, by Thom Hartmann

Demon Rum and the Perils of Privatization - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Within a year 200 red brick Alberta government liquor stores were gone, replaced by nearly a thousand private stores, some large, many small, some clean, far too many run down and seedy, writes Trevor Harrison of the CCPA.

Olympian hype obscures downsides of hosting games - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Imagine if a billion dollars of public money spent on activities even more vital to people's lives than bobsleigh, luge and skeleton, writes Linda McQuaig

Hydrogen economy might have negative impact on Earth's stratosphere - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Uncertainty remains because scientists still have a limited understanding of the hydrogen cycle - Gary Gallon's last article for Straight Goods

Environmental advocate Gary Gallon dies in Montreal - Posted: 09-Jul-03
  Former stockbroker - and Straight Goods contributor - made mark as environmental analyst - from ENS

The real dirt on the good old days - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  Humourous facts from the 1500s

Uplifting humanity - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  Non-profits deserve more support from all of us, writes Suzanne Elston

Pay equity - In Canada, this is the Law - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  "Bell's arguments are without merit" - Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice Michel Bastarache - Mike Martin

Don't send our electricity South - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  The US is working hard to rectify oversight of electrical power in NAFTA, writes Susan Thompson.

Evidence-based medicine challenges accepted medical practices - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  Evidence-based medicine challenges accepted medical practices, writes Dr. Gordon Guyatt. Doctors have not been taught how to evaluate original research or help patients weigh up the benefits, and risks, of alternative therapies.

Where's the beef from Klein's grovelling for US? - Posted: 30-Jun-03
  Ending the practice of feeding animals to animals would be a better fix to beef industry's problems, writes Linda McQuaig.

Electronic, commercialized culture allows little space for ethical debate - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  An excerpt from Democracy's Dilemma: Environment, Social Equity and the Global Economy, by Robert Paehlke

The new world of public affairs - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  An interview with public affairs consultant Joe Macdonald

'Entrepreneurial governance' poisons Ontario teaching profession - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  This model of the teaching enterprise has created a high level of stress and anxiety among teachers, writes teacher Dan Singer

The state has no business in the pews of the nation - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  Same-sex marriage recognition opens doors to European-style church-state separation, writes a retired minister

Workers and unions chalk up wins in the new global workplace - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  Recent victories show there is still life within the trade union movement, writes Mike Martin

Voluntary sector hanging by a thread - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  A trend toward targeted funding means more short-term projects, paper work, and fundraising, writes Reueul Amdur.

Lying about war - Posted: 23-Jun-03
  Why was false testimony about an affair not OK for Clinton but false evidence justifying war was OK for Bush? asks Linda McQuaig

Unite the right still DOA - Posted: 18-Jun-03
  Red Tories of the Bill Davis school are steeped in Progressive tradition and have almost nothing in common with David Frum-style right-wingers and never will, writes Linda McQuaig

Jessica Lynch - the road not traveled - Posted: 17-Jun-03
  It is the poor who pay the price as social programs are slashed to privilege the rich - commentary by Ted Schmidt

Thugs attack Mississauga union organizers - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  Signs of escalating intimidation in Ontario labour disputes

When worlds collide - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  Trade agreements and the non profit sector - from a study by Andrew Jackson and Matt Snager

Solution to federal-provincial bickering over health - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  Canada needs a national Health Council including public representatives, academic experts in health care, and experienced health care managers, writes Gordon Guyatt

Charest promises to square the circle - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  Commentary on Quebec budget by Reuel S. Amdur

West Nile danger limited to 5-6 weeks with far less risk in - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  How to close windows of opportunity for the mosquito-borne disease, by Ish Theilheimer

Airport workers to pay price in wake of Air Canada meltdown - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  If you can't make money running a monopoly like an airport in Toronto, then somebody should be asking questions, just one of many problems with Canadian airport management described by Mike Martin

Books online - buyer beware - Posted: 16-Jun-03
  Buying books from the big on-line retailers can be more expensive than from a small store - and availability is by no means universal, writes Penney Kome

Inoculating traditional NDP weaknesses key to Doer's success - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  In the strange logic of left culture, success is in fact often seen as a sign of a failure to remain true to principles, writes Donne Flanagan, a political aide to recently re-elected Manitoba Premier Gary Doer.

The GM mirage will not help the poor - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Painstaking development efforts, not the GM promise of miracle yields, hold most hope for the hungry - Alex Wijeratna, ActionAid

Corporate Canada and predation in Africa - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Massacres and ongoing human rights abuses in Sudan, Congo, Tanzania and elsewhere go unreported - Kim Peterson

Courage, smoking and the WHO - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Barb Tarbox has changed many lives with the example of her own - Suzanne Elston

Nuclear fusion sounds - and probably is - too good to be true - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Even the most optimistic fusion scientists say ITER's dream of commercially viable fusion is at least a half-a-century away - Suzanne Elston

Staff cuts cost - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  No amount of staffing could have prevented the SARS outbreak, but cutbacks have seriously weakened our ability to deal with it. - Reuel S. Amdur

Unions fight to maintain medicare - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Health care is the number one issue on every bargaining table in the US right now and unless Romanow's recommendations are implemented, Canada will face serious labour unrest - Mike Martin

Conductors win $40M labour board judgement against VIA and engineers' union - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Ruling could amount in payout of $220,000 apiece to former conductors

Team Eves plunges into year five - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  All three parties face pressures with extended writ timing - Inside Queens Park

Peter McKay re-opens needed debate over trade deals - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  The notion that Canada-U.S. free trade is some kind of untouchable icon for the Conservative party is particularly odd , writes Linda McQuaig

Peter the fifth: have Canada’s Tories found their way? - Posted: 09-Jun-03
  Voters admire compromise. The principles they respect are integrity, not allegiance to dogma

Gone to the dogs - Posted: 02-Jun-03

None dare call it fascism - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Is anyone so naïve as to think that corporate interests are not always at play?, asks Ole Hendrickson

Challenging US claims about cannabis exports from Canada - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Canada in fact is only a minor supplier of cannabis to the United States.

National Drug Strategy a political gambit with more downs than ups - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Phony cannabis decriminalization continues war on the poor and encourages organized crime, writes Ish Theilheimer

Cannabis Law Reform in Canada -- 2003 - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Details of revised penalties under the federal government's proposed National Drug Strategy

Thomas Kochan's vision for rebuilding the labour movement - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Getting unions to work more closely with other partners in the economy may be their only salvation, but it's a tough sell despite success stories such as CSTEC - Mike Martin

A Happy Woman Gone Sour - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  A poem about a choice between marital abuse or welfare hell

HRDC creates market basket definition of poverty - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  More poor than under StatsCan figures - Reuel Amdur

Global governance in need of repair - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Unstable capital movements around the world must be limited through policies at the national and international levels - Roy Culpepper, North-South Institute

NEPAD has changed world views but more needs to be done - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  If aid is to work more effectively it must shift away from simple provision of health and education toward things that directly assist economic growth - Ross Herbert

How to keep a healthy state of mind - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  Have we gone too far in medicalizing our lives? - Gordon Goyatt

W. as 9/11 movie hero flies in face of facts - Posted: 02-Jun-03
  It’s astonishing that the most catastrophic event in American history has gone all but uninvestigated in the world’s most apparently open democracy - Linda McQuaig

Diamonds are Forever . . . - Posted: 26-May-03
  Shipment records prove Liberia acted as paymaster of Sierra Leone's barbarous civil war to get into the rich diamond trade

Three weddings and a funeral: Hydro privatization in BC - Posted: 26-May-03
  Three weddings and a funeral: Hydro privatization in BC - economist Marjorie Griffin Cohen

ODSP, WHAT THEY DID TO ME - Posted: 26-May-03
  A poem about life on disability benefits

StatsCan finds little change in poverty situation - Posted: 26-May-03
  While Parliament pledged to abolish child poverty by the end of the century, the rate actually increased slightly, from 18.2% to 18.4% in the past decade - Reuel S. Amdur

Platform and windmill tilting, but no vote - Posted: 26-May-03
  Eves searches for a hook on which to hang re-election campaign - Inside Queen's Park

Kosovo in perspective - an anti-communist crusade - Posted: 26-May-03
  NATO intervened in Kosovo not because one side was losing but because the wrong side was losing - Richard Ziegler

Air Canada asks workers for big cuts - Posted: 26-May-03

American media help Bushites squash public debate - Posted: 26-May-03
  Only an administration supremely confident of the media's docility would have risked staging an event Bush's landing on the aircraft carrier - Compare his treatment by the media in the US with that of Stockwell Day by the Cdn. media - Linda McQuaig

What Canadians need to know about Mad Cow Disease - Posted: 26-May-03
  By only testing 900 cattle a year we are putting Canadians at risk. We should be testing thousands of cattle a week, as is done in Europe, and immediately ban meat and bone meal from entering the food chain - Bradford Duplisea

The questions not asked - Posted: 26-May-03
  Mad Cow ID raises possible link to tax-subsidized, politically favoured game farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan - Gillian Steward

What war is good for - Posted: 19-May-03
  Humour from Ambrose Bierce

Liberals tilt toward guns over butter - Posted: 19-May-03
  When we talk NMD, we are no longer in the realm of the billions of dollars. We’re talking trillions - Reuel Amdur

Mosquito madness - Posted: 19-May-03
  A collection of suggestions for reducing risk - Suzanne Elston

OCAP's fighting spirit impresses - Posted: 19-May-03
  Group has pushed things beyond the normal limits of lobbying but considering that government cuts have led to homeless people freezing to death, the tactics don't seem too extremegers chose - Linda McQuaig

Crisis at Air Canada - roots and resolution - Posted: 19-May-03
  The time has come to admit that the private sector doesn't have all the answers - Mike Martin

Disease-mongering threatens our health - Posted: 19-May-03
  Drug firms define illnesses with profit in mind, hence the invention of "female sexual dysfunction" - Gordon Guyatt

Cliches of the day - Posted: 12-May-03

Is medicalization a threat to health? - Posted: 12-May-03
  By focusing on avoiding aging and unpleasantness, are we alienating ourselves from a basic part of what it means to be human? - Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Health cuts worsen SARS spread - Posted: 12-May-03
  Perpetual crisis has become the norm, making Ontario's health care system incapable of dealing with a major health emergency - Andy Lehrer

Significant obstacles clutter Eves' path to Ontario hustings - Posted: 12-May-03
  Ontario election date a guessing game with key polling numbers all looking wrong - Inside Queen's Park

Ontario Human Rights Commission issues caution over pesticide use - Posted: 12-May-03

Breaking bread - Posted: 12-May-03
  Potlucks help feed and teach children in Afghanistan - Suzanne Elston

Time for nuclear debate - Posted: 12-May-03
  Calling nuclear power 'safe' is a distortion - Joe Comartin, MP

Ontario nursing homes in perpetual crisis - Posted: 12-May-03
  Nursing care is a scarce commodity in Ontario nursing homes, and nurses are leaving for better paying positions elsewhere - Reuel S. Amdur

Ontario Tories attack myth of mandatory retirement to cut pension benefits - Posted: 12-May-03
  Many people already work past 65 and mostly because they have to - Mike Martin

Expect more nuclear pep-talk - Posted: 12-May-03
  Missile program fits well into Bush administration’s plans for pre-emptive military strikes and its larger plan to rule the world through sheer military might - Linda McQuaig

BMD promotes war in space - and Canada is only needed for political optics - Posted: 06-May-03
  proliferation, turning the formula of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on its head, writes Ernie Regehr of Project Ploughshares

In honour Of Rosemary Brown - Posted: 05-May-03
  The first black woman elected to a Canadian Legislature led the way for women who wanted to play a role in public service and was a mentor for virtually every woman went into politics in the last 30 yearswent into politics in the last 30 years -

Greenpeace produces GE foods guide to fill info gap - Posted: 05-May-03
  Canadians have the right to know what they are eating - Suzanne Elston

Communicating about Environmental Risks and Infant Feeding - Posted: 05-May-03
  While hazards of breastfeeding are often sensationalized, hazards in infant formula are rarely publicized by the media

US is cleaning out the rats, but what about the plague? - Posted: 05-May-03
  Red Cross says that although the Americans were taken by surprise, but every ordinary Iraqi knew chaos and anarchy would happen in wake of invasion - Chris Johnson reports from Baghdad

You know the world is going crazy when... - Posted: 05-May-03
  SG humour

Paul Martin chooses corporate welfare over principle in supporting Star Wars II - Posted: 05-May-03
  Despite billions spent and a string of embarrassing failures for ballistic missile defence, would-be PM supports massive military boondoggle for favour-currying and cash - Linda McQuaig

Generic drug manufacturer on the ropes - Posted: 05-May-03
  Canadian generic drug company found new source of cancer drug but has been stopped cold by the multi-national Bristol-Myers - a sign of things to come

Why did the chicken cross the road? - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Humour: An American perspective on an age-old question

SARS Quiz - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Surprising facts on infectious diseases

Shi'ite show of force wasn't in the script - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Is US intervention really the only method of toppling dictators? By Linda McQuaig.

Deny the damages of consumerism - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  When we look inside the garbage bag, we see countless examples of how our lack of mindfulness adds up to a whole lot of trash. By Suzanne Elston.

Poor-hate continues to grip Supreme Court - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  McLachlin Court may be prepared to defend the rights of some people, but it is blind to the equality claims of the poor

Last chance for Eves government to pull together a coherent platform this Spring - Posted: 28-Apr-03

Who should choose, you or your doctor? - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Often, there is no single best choice about treatment

Is it the Flu, a Cold, the Norwalk Virus or SARS? - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  A compendium of tips and cautions, including a chart of symptons

Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus - Don't freak - here are precautions you can take

Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus - Don't freak, but here are precautions you can take

Hazard alert: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  A caution to public service workers from CUPE with useful information about limiting risk on the job

How to turn mosquitoes off - Posted: 28-Apr-03
  Folk wisdom from the Internet on repelling mosquitoes

Provinces steal from the poor - Posted: 22-Apr-03
  Clawbacks keep families on welfare in deep poverty and even "progressive" politicians are sidestepping the desperate need for increased social assistance , writes Reuel Amdur

Hail, Ceasar - Posted: 21-Apr-03

Danger for independent reporters dwarfed by terrors for ordinary Iraqis - Posted: 21-Apr-03
  Staying alive is no sure thing for the un-embedded journalist reporting from the Devil's playground, writes Chris Johnson from Baghdad

Cancellation of Bush's Ottawa visit could be lucky break for Canada - Posted: 21-Apr-03
  With Iraq's oil fields secured, Bush will now be looking for other ways to secure supply for the voracious American energy appetite, writes Linda McQuaig

we love the iraqi information - Posted: 20-Apr-03
  A coalition effort of bloodthirsty hawks and ineffectual doves united in admiration for Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information (currently on administrative leave).

PSAC ready to take on global issues after dealing with tough internal problems - Posted: 18-Apr-03
  Convention debate expected between bread-and-butter unionism and social unionism - Mike Martin

In Baghdad, the taste of freedom is spiced with anarchy - Posted: 16-Apr-03
  Chris Johnson reports from Baghdad

Plugged in, turned on, unable to drop out - Posted: 14-Apr-03
  You don’t realize how noisy our lives are till the power goes out. By Suzanne Elston.

Remembrance day for workers - Posted: 14-Apr-03
  Honour injured workers on April 28, but remember workplace safety every day. By Mike Martin.

Learning the American way - Posted: 14-Apr-03

Ontario’s two-year social contract? - Posted: 14-Apr-03
  Eves' Conservatives talk about two-year welfare cut-off. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Liberation accomplished, bring on the missionaries - Posted: 14-Apr-03
  The real issue remains the exercise of unilateral American power. By Linda McQuaig.

Remembering the "October Surprise" - Posted: 11-Apr-03
  A history of dirty tricks Ronald Reagan's cronies used to delay the 1980 Iran hostage release and win the US Presidency. by Robert Parry

Baghdad to rise out of ashes again? - Posted: 11-Apr-03
  Commentary by Hanns F. Skoutajan

Live with it: Bush won - Posted: 11-Apr-03
  Left needs to face up to difficult contradictions in wake of US liberation of Iraq, writes Ken Summers

Ontario Tories veer rightward after Budget flop - Posted: 11-Apr-03
  In wake of made-for-TV budget fiasco, Eves gropes for direction, casting doubt on spring election call - INSIDE QUEENS PARK

Don't be intimidated by what will be touted as some great military victory - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  Michael Moore writes on the eve of US 'victory' in Iraq

Say it loud, Canada - this war is wrong and illegal - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  Canadians who truly oppose this war must say so clearly rather than attempting to finesse the issue , writes SG publisher Ish Theilheimer

Health on a global scale - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  by Suzanne Elston.

Rescue of Jessica Lynch just the thing to bolster domestic support for war - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  By Linda McQuaig

More spending doesn't always mean better health care - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  Study results suggest the Canadian system of rationing care, in which we make sure hospitals and intensive care units operate at full capacity, makes sense. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Governing from the far right means prisons and war - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  US Supremes uphold three strikes law, confirming life sentences for flashlight battery thieves. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Deserts advancing, civilization retreating - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  The pressure of the world's 6.2 billion people is slowly turning productive land into desert on every continent. By Janet Larsen.

Advice to Aussies on war - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  A Canadian in Australia offers barbed advice to Australian PM

Ten reasons to oppose the war - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  The invasion of Iraq increases, not reduces the risk of terrorist attacks against the US and it allies, argues Duncan Cameron

Eve Ensler's open letter to President Bush - Posted: 07-Apr-03
  Creator of Vagina Monologues says war ignores experiences of and effects on women

Racial profiling incident in Kingston, Ontario not isolated - Posted: 04-Apr-03
  Racial profiling incident in Kingston, Ontario not isolated Nineteen-year old already expert on the subject due to history of unprovoked arrest and police harassment

Don't worry Canada, we still want your oil - Posted: 04-Apr-03
  Op ed by Susan Thompson

It's All in the Translation - Posted: 01-Apr-03

Humour: C-Nile virus alert - Posted: 31-Mar-03
  Humour: C-Nile virus alert

Do friends back friends who pick fights? - Posted: 31-Mar-03
  by Linda McQuaig

WHO reports 300+ Iraqi civilian dead with 4,000+ injuries - Posted: 30-Mar-03
  Exclusive to Straight Goods from Christopher Johnson in Amman, with files from Urban Hamid in Baghdad

Why Strategic Voting Doesn’t Work - Posted: 29-Mar-03
  Douglas Reynolds argues strategic voting is self-defeating

Peace songs from Nancy White - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  A note from the Maple Post listserv, posted with permission

Powered flight? - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  Inside Queen's Park interviews Howard Hampton

Expanding for-profit health care invites health care fraud - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  In the US, where investor-owned, for-profit health care predominates, falsification is built in. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

I Have a Nightmare - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  Martin Luther King hoped for a "symphony of brotherhood" in the US. Instead it's a nightmare of unjust war. By Rick Reimer.

Families of disabled can save on taxes - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  by Reuel S. Amdur

Public Power - Can public need trump private greed? - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  A century ago, public vs. private power became a dominant economic and political issue. Will the outcome be different this time? An excerpt from a book by Howard Hampton

Peace in our time requires better understanding of history - Posted: 28-Mar-03
  Neville Chamberlain is remembered as Hitler's appeaser, but the actual history of HItler and his wealthy western backers reveals a very different view of a historical turning point, writes Hanns F. Skoutajan, a Sudentenland native.

Why Iraqis will pay for 9/11 - Posted: 24-Mar-03
  Poll analysis by Marc Zwelling

Ontario Tories dragged kicking and screaming to more day care - Posted: 24-Mar-03

Three ways to a better world now - Posted: 24-Mar-03
  Ways it won't cost you to contribute cash to charities. By Suzanne Elston.

Great moments for peace - Posted: 24-Mar-03

Independent ethics shouldn’t scare big business away from government - Posted: 24-Mar-03
  Paul Martin’s agreed to sell his shipping line, but argues that tight ethics rules will keep big biz out of big government. Aaron Freeman responds.

This war suitable for a prime-time viewing - Posted: 24-Mar-03
  by Linda McQuaig

After 440 days of lying, even a moment of truth sounds good, George - Posted: 18-Mar-03
  A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War

Cry in sorrow, cry out in rage, work for peace - Posted: 17-Mar-03
  Commentary by Mel Watkins

HIT ‘EM WHERE IT HURTS! - Posted: 17-Mar-03
  Commenatry by Penney Kome

George is NOT a Moron - Posted: 17-Mar-03
  Humourous cartoon by Jim Kempkes

How to Stay Awake at Meetings - Posted: 17-Mar-03

Environmental measures to prevent cancer - Posted: 17-Mar-03

Bush motivated by his handlers, not his religion - Posted: 17-Mar-03
  In an apparent attempt to come up with a guise other than war-monger, George W. Bush is being hastily repackaged as “deeply religious.”

How about a real new deal for cities? - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  by Reuel S. Amdur

Conservatives target hospital audits, ignore their own - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  by Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Judy Darcy moves on - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  Judy Darcy won't seek re-election as CUPE president. By Mike Martin.

Third time lucky for Ontario Tories? - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  Ontario pre-election analysis and interview with Conservative campaign manager Jeff Bangs

Canada close to allowing food irradiation - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  by Suzanne Elston

The Iraqi Crisis – a selected summary of neglected facts - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  by Eva Zaleski

Behind the rift in the UN Security Council - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  The proposed Iraq invasion is intended to exclude rival European, Russian and Chinese interests from the Middle-East and Central Asian oil fields and other strategic interests

What is being prepared is not a war, but a slaughter - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  Commentary by Ullie Diemer

Bush revs up war plans though nations aren't knuckling under - Posted: 14-Mar-03
  by Linda McQuaig

Straight Goods hit by hacker attack - Posted: 03-Mar-03

This might make you late for work - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Photo humour

Condolences for a cyber age - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Internet humour by Rob Cottingham

Original journalism on the Internet alive, interactive and different - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Commmentary by Ish Theilheimer

`Casino economy’ hit working Canadians hardest - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Workers' pension funds and savings were prime sources of dollars for risky investments and corruption scandals. By Thomas Croft.

What does George Bush really want from Iraq? - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  by Michael Skinner

Genocide is best way to describe US war plans - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  US military action will forcibly privatize Iraq's publicly-owned oil deposits which since the 1950's have financed the most advanced social infrastructure in the Arab world. By John McMurtry.

The US and Iraq quiz - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Do you know how many casualties are predicted if the US attacks Iraq? Take the quiz. By Suzanne Elston.

Federal child care budget a fraction of what’s needed - Posted: 03-Mar-03
  Compare Quebec’s spending of a billion last year alone with Chretien’s first-year commitment of only $25 million. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Planning to connect this time - Posted: 02-Mar-03
  Ontario Liberals won't blow pre-election poll lead as they have in past three campaigns because McGuinty is better now, says party president Sorbara.

Straight Goods hits new medium - ice sculpture - Posted: 28-Feb-03
  At -30, SG reader Ken Johnson carves TV news broadcast out of ice for Ottawa Winterlude

Noranda's Alumysa aluminum Smelter threatens Chilean environment - Posted: 28-Feb-03
  Noranda mine project "will dam our rivers and damn our livelihoods," says Chilean environmentalist on Canadian tour

Behind the invasion of Iraq - Posted: 28-Feb-03
  Well-researched - if partisan - Indian study asserts the simultaneous emergence of worldwide resistance and profound weakness in the US economy are linked

Smoking gun undermines justifications for war - Posted: 28-Feb-03
  Suppressed documents from Hussein's son in law prove Iraq's WMD were destroyed - Bob Fertik,

Two good old jokes on the same theme - Posted: 24-Feb-03

Stories from social work's front lines in our schools - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  Stressed-out and dysfunctional families place enormous burden on educators and support workers. By Nanci Burns.

Frontline ‘mine canaries’ warn of trouble for society, workplaces, environment - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  Commentary by Straight Goods Publisher Ish Theilheimer

Real Chretien legacy is no cause for pride - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  by Bruce Campbell and Todd Scarth, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Tools for peacemaking - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  by Suzanne Elston

Critics missed biggest change in federal budget - adoption of accrual accounting - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  by Eric Miller

Critics missed biggest change in federal budget - adoption of accrual - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  by Eric Miller

Are Canada's drug regulators working for you, or for the industry? - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  Company lobbying can lead to availability of drugs that cause serious problems. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Quebec’s progressive plan for fighting poverty - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  Popular movement led to imperfect but positive policy,writes Reuel S. Amdur.

Public health requires action on many fronts - Posted: 24-Feb-03
  The Toronto Charter for a Healthy Canada states that to ensure public health governments must commit to adequate incomes, affordable housing, quality childcare arrangements, enforcement of human rights codes, public education, social and health services, and workplace improvements.

Biz boosters bash Budget over Chretien's modest "spending spree" - Posted: 23-Feb-03
  by Linda McQuaig

Farewell to an admiral for peace - Gene Carroll - Posted: 21-Feb-03
  Long-time Deputy Director of the Center for Defense Information in Washington had wit, passion and the military experience to critique wrong-headed notions of security

Anti-unionism: the last legal hate fix - Posted: 21-Feb-03

Attack Iraq - the Sequel - Posted: 18-Feb-03

Stopping War 101 - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  by Ish Theilheimer

Noranda playing tough with union at Quebec smelter - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  Noranda is still locked into a fight with its production and maintenance personnel represented by an equally strong-willed union called La Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux. By Ben Lefebvre

Humanitarian consequences of an attack missing from Powell’s evidence - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  Any Security Council authorization of the resort to force must include a credible projection of the likely consequences. By Ernie Regehr.

Black History Month has lost its punch and meaning - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  by Colin Rickards

Lawyers argue against use of force in Iraq - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  International appeal by lawyers and jurists against the "preventive" use of force

Good news from Porto Alegre; bad news from Washington - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  Sadly, the hopeful news emanating from World Social Forum (WSF) has been driven off the pages of the increasingly corporate dominated media's obsession with Iraq. By Ted Schmidt.

Support for unemployed shortchanges women: lawyer - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  UI faces Supreme Court challenge on benefits for part-time workers – most are women. By Paul Weinberg

Depleted uranium – dirty and deadly - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  by Guy Dauncey

Hydrogen is no cure for oil dependence - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  Although some renewable technologies can produce the energy to produce hydrogen, reliance on traditional energy sources is likely to continue under US plan. By Gary Gallon.

Convicted fraud to lead Eves’ campaign - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  by Reuel S. Amdur

Why it's OK to think Iraq crisis is about oil - Posted: 17-Feb-03
  by Linda McQuaig

New sayings for a new age - Posted: 10-Feb-03

A green-hearted Valentine’s - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  by Suzanne Elston

Use the library and save - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  by Colleen Densmore

Why invade Iraq when the UN system is working? - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  The only country hampering the UN inspectors from truly getting on with the job of disarming Iraq is the US. By Linda McQuaig.

Bringing members' voices to union leadership - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  by Mike Martin

Prescription drug ads bring healthy profits, not healthy people - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  by Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Canadian consensus on radioactive waste still a half life away - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  by Suzanne Elston

Baby Mira a sign of a sick welfare system - Posted: 10-Feb-03
  Her parents were on social assistance, but were they more than just a number? By Reuel S. Amdur.

Why Canada should not join war against Iraq regardless of a UN resolution - Posted: 09-Feb-03
  by Joanna Santa Barbara

How evil triumphs - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  By James Laxer.

Health care providers head to toe - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  Who exactly are the `health care providers’ of the Romanow report? By Reuel S. Amdur.

Ontario parties plug the pre-election holes - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  Politicians begin courting the public in anticipation of an election call. By Graham Murray.

Romanow misses fundamentals of Native health care - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Beyond shilling for human rights abusers and tyrants - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  The left must offer a better choice - based on international law and peacemaking - than Bush's 'best we can do' doctrine. By Ish Theilheimer.

Those expensive flashing red lights in the rearview - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  By Ish Theilheimer

Young people and the labour movement - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  By Mike Martin.

The lost art of dressing for winter - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  Suzanne Elston looks back on a time when winter was icy and she knew how to dress for it. Suzanne Elston

The myth of the all-inclusive cruise - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  Hidden costs and hidden environmental impacts: an excerpt from Cruise Ship Blues by Ross A. Klein.

New foreign policy MO for US - Posted: 03-Feb-03
  By Linda McQuaig.

Still time to rethink US war with Iraq - Posted: 02-Feb-03
  links to crucial sources of info and debate on the rationale for a war in Iraq. By Gary Gallon.

Heroes for peace belie Calgary's political image - Posted: 31-Jan-03
  Local doctors' concern led to national network with far-reaching impact - Canadian Action Network to End Sanctions on Iraq (CANESI). By Penney Kome.

Writing for Straight Goods – a style guide - Posted: 31-Jan-03
  Guidelines for writers and editors - January 2003

NDP 2003 Leadership Voting Analysis - Posted: 30-Jan-03

Promoting health does not mean just promoting medicine - Posted: 28-Jan-03
  Post-Romanow report analysis by Reuel Amdur

Humour: Frodo has failed - Posted: 28-Jan-03
  Photo humour

Depleted Uranium: evidence of dangers pile up, weapons win new critics - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  By Suzanne Elston

What are jet trails made of? - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Requests for information about so-called `chemtrails’ get evasive government response.

Sensitive workplaces for the chemically sensitive - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  By Mike Martin.

Private-owned hospitals will cost more - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  By Lewis Auerbach.

Good things about being a woman - Posted: 27-Jan-03

Hospitals or Hydro, for-profit is bad news - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

PM's proposed ban on corporate political contributions a rare chance - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Public already supports political parties through deductions it gives corporations - open and direct public funding for parties makes more sense. By Linda McQuaig.

NDP could get third-time lucky with Layton win - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Post NDP leadership analysis by Ish Theilheimer

Jack Layton, miracle man - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  This party is now open, and will so remain, to new people and new politics in a way that it has not been for thirty years and that surely matters. By Mel Watkins.

Layton's broad coalition will serve party well - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Post-NDP Leadership commentary from Jim Harding.

NDP Convention notebook - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  A delegate's ground-floor view of ups, downs, tears and triumph at the NDP convention. by John Ashton

Peterborough not-for-profit group makes rent affordable - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Karen Hicks reports from Peterborough on a successful community approach to affordable housing.

Increasing evidence DU causes great harm - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Commentary on depleted uranium by Suzanne Elston

Building for profit costs a bundle - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Analysis of P3 hospital finances is needed, says economist Lewis Auerbach

Canada needs new disclosure rules to prevent another huge financial scandal - Posted: 27-Jan-03
  Euguen Ellmen says Canadian investors need the same protection from abuse that Americans will soon have.

It takes two to make a war - Posted: 20-Jan-03
  By Linda McQuaig.

Some news coverage of the NDP leadership race during the week of January 13 - Posted: 20-Jan-03

No hitches anticipated in NDP vote, but bring a lunch - Posted: 20-Jan-03

What’s at stake in the upcoming NDP leadership vote? - Posted: 20-Jan-03
  Analysis of the NDP leadership campaign by Jim Harding of Regina

Weedless Wednesday…Weedless Thursday? - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  By Suzanne Elston

The bureaucratic pen cuts deep - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  The struggles of an elderly Ontario couple and the single-mom home care worker looking after them tell the story of Conservative spending cuts.

Nuclear strike a `likely scenario’ if Saddam takes a last stand - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  One of the highly likely scenarios that will evolve from a United States attack on Iraq, according to Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in England, is a nuclear strike. By Mike Martin.

Breathe easy at work - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  Work may suck, but the air quality doesn’t have to. By Mike Martin.

Welfare-style unforgiveness for Campbell? - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Sweetheart coverage for Campbell and Lastman leaves sour taste - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  By Ish Theilheimer.

For-profit hospitals a government giveaway - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  British study lays bare the accounting hocus-pocus used to justify P3 hospitals. The results there: fewer beds, doctors, and nurses, more hospital waits, poorer care. By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

The Ants and the Grasshoppers: a modern allegory - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  by Steve Pitt

A sane majority on both sides controlled by extremists on both sides - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  Veteran religion reporter unprepared for on-the-ground experience in Israel. By Michael McAteer.

PCs run against Ottawa, Liberals run against McGuinty in run up to Ontario vote - Posted: 19-Jan-03
  Tory fundraiser in April could precede election call. By Inside Queen's Park.

He fought the law and... - Posted: 17-Jan-03

Code being ignored in Manley-CIBC affair - Posted: 14-Jan-03
  Aaron Freeman on the CIBC-Manley affair

The affordable Palm Pilot - Posted: 13-Jan-03

Some current media coverage of NDP leadership campaign - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Clippings from the week of January 07

Top half of Canadians hold 94.4 percent of wealth - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  That leaves 50 percent of Canadians with 5.6 percent of the wealth. That number should be enough to worry any government that continues to pander to the wealthy and forsake the poor. From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Elmer Buchanan saw Senators' problems coming but couldn't block slapshot - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Interview with Elmer Buchanan about the history of the Corel Centre lobby.

Lock up your minivan - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  By Mike Martin

Bush justifies attack with economic argument - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  “An attack from Saddam Hussein would cripple our economy,” Bush says. By Linda McQuaig.

Bush's post-911 makeover lets tax cuts for the very rich glide through - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Issues with little connection to fighting terrorism have been put on fast forward. By Linda McQuaig.

Gosselin decision upholds Lévesque’s reforms reducing welfare - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Decision on Gosselin case upholds Lévesque government’s `reforms’ reducing welfare benefits to youth. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Kimberly Rogers tribunal results in common sense findings - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Provide adequate benefits and never impose a lifetime ban, jury recommends. By Reuel S. Amdur.

Declaring a truce in the War On Drugs - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  There is no "War on Drugs". There is only a war against people. By Rick Reimer.

Debate needed on drug laws - Posted: 13-Jan-03
  Beating charge for impairment due to smoking marijuana adds impetus to calls for sensible legislation. By Rick Reimer.

US killing its own soldiers - Posted: 12-Jan-03
  American officials far more interested in taking lives than saving them are jeopardizing the lives and futures of all personnel now serving in US military with shotgun use of depleted uranium, and 'immunization' drugs. By John Kaminski.

It really does matter whether or not we are here - Posted: 12-Jan-03
  One year after Irene Kock's death, her work to make the nuclear industry accountable and responsible is beginning to unravel. By Suzanne Elston.

If the gods love us in '03.... - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  Prognostications for 2003

Romanow report DOA? - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Marc Zwelling

Enviro-devolutionists of 2002 - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  Awards for lemming-like behavior go to the Ontario government and the makers of single-use everything, among others. By Suzanne Elston.

Adding social workers to the health care equation - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Reuel S. Amdur

Signposts of the decline of the Wal-Mart empire? - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  The Wal-Mart retail formula isn't proving that it works everywhere - or forever. By Mike Martin

Wal-Mart not the only greedy ones, readers write - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Mike Martin

Lorne Nystrom’s campaign emphasizes his experience - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Joe MacDonald, Campaign Manager, Nystrom 2003.

Why so anxious for Chrétien to go? - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Linda McQuaig

Zero power, zero tolerance – fraud forgiveness is for the privileged - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  Luckily for George W. Bush, he never had to rely on Ontario’s welfare system. By Linda McQuaig.

Romanow’s decision based on hard evidence, public input - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  By Dr. Gordon Guyatt

`Nigerian e-mail scam’ a success story for crooks - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  All it takes is a virtual stack of e-mail addresses and a tall tale. And it works: this scam has taken Canadians for millions. By Charlie Angus.

The Pentagon's new weapons of mass sedation - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  'Non-lethal weapons' will be used to quell civil unrest in the 'homeland' and in the far-flung reaches of the Pax Americana. In this new medical arms race, the weapons are sedative drugs. By Stephen James Kerr.

If the gods love us in '03... - Posted: 06-Jan-03
  Predictions and hopes for 2003 from Straight Goods publisher Ish Theilheimer

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