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Straight Goods Features - 2005

Timely commentary of special notice

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It's not the gift that counts... - Posted: 19-Dec-05

More thoughts on Ipperwash and "Senator" Buzzy - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  More thought on Ipperwash and "Senator" Buzzy - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 22.

Getting real in Toronto - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  Underground DVD shows life in the projects - Tim Rourke.

Land law - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  Comparing Cuban and Cree attitudes towards property law - Stewart Steinhauer.

New images of natural beauty - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  Ottawa River Institute adds heritage works to online gallery - Lynn Jones.

Debates need new rules - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  Rules for Leaders' debates should be transparent and accountable - Aaron Freeman.

Public solutions to health - Posted: 19-Dec-05
  Better management, not privatization, key to quicker access - Michael Rachlis, MD.

Canada should lead, not follow - Posted: 18-Dec-05
  We need to step out from US shadow - Linda McQuaig.

More corporate enemy award nominations - Posted: 18-Dec-05
  Hard to choose among so many mean-spirited corporate symbols and CEOs.

The real Christmas scandal - Posted: 18-Dec-05
  US Christians want to put charity back in Christmas - Jim Wallis, Sojourner Magazine.

Leader Jack Layton signs The Workers' Bill of Rights - Posted: 17-Dec-05
  Unions ask parties to affirm international commitments to the United Nations and International Labour Organization (ULO) - David Blaikie.

Farmers protest at WTO - Posted: 17-Dec-05
  National Farmers Union representatives join protests in Hong Kong.

Harper's faulty social vision - Posted: 17-Dec-05
  $1200 won't pay for quality childcare if there is no childcare system.

No Santa in Libs' spending, Tory tax cuts - Posted: 17-Dec-05
  Beware: campaign promises are "not exactly as shown" - Bill Tieleman.

What Americanization of health care really means - Posted: 16-Dec-05
  What Americanization of health care really means - editorial.

One dead Indian - Posted: 12-Dec-05
  Q & A with author Peter Edwards about the Ipperwash Inquiry - SG exclusive - background and questions prepared by SG staff.

Buzz off — imagine the possibilities - Posted: 12-Dec-05
  SG readers can actually do something to combat the strategic voting virus - Mel Watkins and Ish Theilheimer.

Solar water heater - Posted: 12-Dec-05
  Rooftop panels let homeowners save up to half the cost of heating water - Janet McNeill.

Thank you all - Posted: 12-Dec-05

Child welfare not in LIB or PC plans - Posted: 12-Dec-05
  For-profit centres need to be kept at bay -Linda McQuaig.

Canada did join Star Wars - Posted: 11-Dec-05
  Liberals announced rejection but participated anyway - Richard Sanders.

New push on nuclear power - Posted: 11-Dec-05
  Ontario Power Authority recommends up to 24 new reactors - the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA).

Smart regulation - Posted: 11-Dec-05
  Will the government's strategy work? - Janice Graham.

Still devastated - Posted: 11-Dec-05
  by Mary Beth Appel

Lifting the tritium limit - Posted: 11-Dec-05
  Environmental groups incensed by action of nuclear regulator - Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County (Ontario).

Same-sex will be Harper's undoing - Posted: 10-Dec-05
  Paul Forseth, MP, an example of why the Conservatives will lose - Bill Tieleman.

CAW oversteps - Posted: 10-Dec-05
  Unions are supposed to add workers' voices to the political process - Mike Martin.

Poverty top issue: Bishops - Posted: 10-Dec-05
  CNT urges readers to get involved with the election - the Catholic New Times.

Muslim Canadian Congress endorses NDP - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  MCC urges Muslim Canadians to support Jack Layton - the Muslim Canadian Congress.

Bathtub test - Posted: 06-Dec-05

No farms, no food, no future - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Farmers Union confronts Ottawa over farm income crisis - Robbie Anderman.

Predictions, nominations and sharps - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Ontario home to hosts of campaigns - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 21.

Beyond productivity - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Tax cuts aren't a panacea for prosperity - John Jacobs.

Ipperwashed inquiry - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Bad language haunts indigenous people - Stewart Steinhauer.

Haitian political prisoners - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  World human rights leaders call for release of Pere Jean-Juste, Yvon Neptune and others - Bill Quigley.

Corporate Enemy Award - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Workplaces creates a new category of business award - Mike Martin.

Workers' rights are human rights - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  IWJ provides worship materials for Human Rights Day, Dec 10 - Interfaith Worker Justice.

Depression over-diagnosed - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Widespread use of SSRI antidepressants drives soaring healthcare costs in Canada - Women and Health Protection.

A hypocritical gamble for BC - Posted: 06-Dec-05
  Liberals promised to control gambling but have increased number of slot machine venues - Bill Tieleman.

A CUPW Christmas gift - Posted: 05-Dec-05
  Postal union's unique job action gave price break on Christmas cards in 1983 - excerpted from Jean-Claude Parrot's book: My Union, My Life.

Protecting healthcare workers - Posted: 05-Dec-05
  Unions and NDP seek new law on "sharps" in hospitals, nursing homes - Patty Rout.

Time to deal with the Buzz problem - Posted: 05-Dec-05
  NDP editorial: problem with Buzz Hargrove - Ish Theilheimer and Mel Watkins.

Fixed date follies - Posted: 04-Dec-05
  The Liberals' fall illustrates the foolishness of mixing parliamentary government and fixed-date elections - Reuel S Amdur.

On trial with Cindy Sheehan - Posted: 04-Dec-05
  What I did on the 60th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials - Rose Marie Berger.

Sea change - Posted: 04-Dec-05
  Emissions simply don't respect borders - Linda McQuaig.

A great time for an election - Posted: 29-Nov-05
  Editorial column by Ish Theilheimer, November 29, 2005

"This election, it's wide open for the NDP" - Posted: 28-Nov-05
  SG e-interviews Jack Layton on the eve of the election.

Landmark study on domestic violence - Posted: 28-Nov-05
  WHO report finds domestic violence is widespread and has serious impact on health - the Media Centre of the World Health Organization.

Blue Quills wraps up - Posted: 28-Nov-05
  It would cost about $3.5 million to extend Blue Quills — out of the $78 billion Alberta has collected in resource revenues - Stewart Steinhauer.

Clean coal? - Posted: 28-Nov-05
  More incentives are needed before any major utility makes the changeover - the Gallon Newsletter.

The money election - Posted: 28-Nov-05
  By the measure that matters most, the results are already in - Aaron Freeman.

Food, politics and power - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Whistleblower Dr. Shiv Chopra addresses National Farmers Union - Robbie Anderman. Food, politics and power.

Nutritional privacy - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Doctor files privacy complaint over province's demand he specify why welfare claimants need better diets - Janet Maher.

Workers' bankruptcy protection - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  New Act cushions workers when employers go bankrupt - Ken Georgetti.

French fry power - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Vehicles run on used cooking oil - Lynn Jones.

Legislating sex work - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Decriminalizing prostitution is a magnet for pimps and johns - Melissa Farley.

Injustice costs - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Canada got off lightly considering damage done by residential schools - Linda McQuaig.

HRSDC changes short-change some - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Line 1000 and Canadian Hearing Society still out in the cold, despite policy revision - Reuel S Amdur.

Gay ad wins top honours - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  United Church of Christ "God is still speaking" ad wins Multicultural Excellence Award - J Bennett Guess.

A cold and nasty November wind - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Job cuts to workforce at GM's high-performing Oshawa plant an unpleasant surprise - Mike Martin.

After the Guatemala mudslide - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Massive destruction strikes a peaceful peasant town - Sandra van den Brink.

Similar names hurt campaign - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Vision Vancouver hurt by split from COPE, mayoral candidate confusion - Bill Tieleman.

No home for the holidays - Posted: 27-Nov-05
  Thousands of Katrina evacuees face imminent evictions - Bill Quigley.

Introducing the amazing Phallini! - Posted: 25-Nov-05

Driving you crazy? - Posted: 25-Nov-05

HRSDC changes grants policies - Posted: 21-Nov-05
  After eleven-month battle, non-profits retain program grants for employment training and placement - Penney Kome.

Education key to escaping poverty - Posted: 21-Nov-05
  The UN Millennium Development Goals aim to provide a full course of primary schooling for all children - Randy Rudolph.

How many list members does it take to change a light bulb? - Posted: 21-Nov-05
  Humour via Randy B Singer

Manitoba's Employment Standards Code - Posted: 21-Nov-05
  Working conditions have changed since 1970s but legislation hasn't - Errol Black and Shauna MacKinnon.

Super-shutters! - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Maintaining a house's warmth with window covers - Janet McNeill.

Canadian military complicity - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Canada's armed forces keep the peace for everyone except Indigenous Peoples - Stewart Steinhauer.

UN climate change conference - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Cards stacked against progress at upcoming Montreal conference - Colin Isaacs.

Keeping doctors in the house - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  High incomes are not the solution to doctor shortage - Reuel S Amdur.

NDP gain in polls - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Post-Gomery interim report shows significant NDP gain in Ontario - Nik Nanos.

Can't see the forest for the trees - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Huge changes in forestry industry leave workers, communities out on a limb - Mike Martin.

Governance game - Posted: 20-Nov-05
  Liberals should buy votes by building country, not cuttings taxes - Linda McQuaig.

Network of spiritual progressives - Posted: 19-Nov-05
  Tikkun co-ordinates a new interfaith network, welcoming "spiritual but not religious" secular people as well as religious progressives - Tikkun Magazine.

Remember Lord Tubby - Posted: 18-Nov-05
  Conrad Black: Now in disgrace, his influence lives on - Ish Theilheimer.

Marathon fuss - Posted: 18-Nov-05
  Toronto media are buzzing because some women marathoners took a shortcut - Sandra Tam.

Investment in truth - Posted: 17-Nov-05
  Investment in truth. Invest in Straight Goods.

Prison is a sin - Posted: 14-Nov-05
  Our prison system breaks up families, teaches crime, spreads disease and defrauds the taxpayer - Ed Griffin for Catholic New Times.

A good samaritan - Posted: 14-Nov-05

Ahmad Chalabi — he's ba-a-ack - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi in Washington for high-level meetings - Robert McMahon.

The cost of Alberta's surplus - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Indigenous people never surrendered the mineral rights that have earned Alberta $78 billion since 1985 - Stewart Steinhauer.

Retention bonuses - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Paying people to stay at their jobs is the wrong solution to a serious problem - Mike Martin.

The criminal act of payday lending - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Fees, hidden costs boost effective interest rates to 15,000 percent and more - Bill Tieleman.

Toronto's welfare chief calls for increased benefits - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  City Council asked to pressure province for higher social assistance payments - Reuel S Amdur.

How I learned to stop worrying and love minority government - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Canadians see good things happening and ask "what's not to like?" - Ish Theilheimer.

We need an AIDS vaccine - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Attaining universal treatment of African AIDS patients by 2010 would break the back of the pandemic - Stephen Lewis.

Burning wood: wizards or fools? - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  There's more to heating with wood than just throwing logs on a fire - Ole Hendrickson.

Immigration and the environment - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Toronto Star columnist reads Environmental Commissioner's report as anti-immigration - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 20.

Myth of mandatory minimum sentences - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  US experience shows that the punitive approach backfires - Kim Pate.

Khadr's legal rights - Posted: 13-Nov-05
  Canada should insist rule of law applies even to unlikeable teen - Linda McQuaig.

NDP reads the public mood perfectly - Posted: 10-Nov-05
  Layton is striking the right balance in his response to Gomery - Scott Piatkowski.

Harper on spending - Posted: 10-Nov-05
  If trust is the key election issue, compare Stephen Harper's promises with his track record - Murray Dobbin.

Secret CIA prisons? - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Eastern Europe: EU, Rights Groups To Investigate Reports Of Secret CIA Prisons - Valentinas Mite.

Funny bumper stickers - Posted: 07-Nov-05

Hopi prophecies - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Video conjures up memories of the long journey from six packs to sweat lodges - Stewart Steinhauer.

Sunlight provides water - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Solar energy powers well pumps - Lynn Jones.

Farmers in peril - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Agri-food industry very profitable, but producers have to find day jobs - Dennis Gruending.

Human rights award for Maher Arar and Monia Mazigh - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Council of Canadians honours couple who fought back against US-approved torture - Mel Watkins.

Science says - Posted: 07-Nov-05
  Corporate corruption of science and its effects on workers and the environment - David S Egilman MD MPH and Susanna Rankin Bohme AM.

The perils of being a spiritual from-away - Posted: 06-Nov-05
  Politics needs to reflect broadly-shared values - Ish Theilheimer.

Conservatives respond to Gomery report - Posted: 06-Nov-05
  52-point ethics plan promotes transparency but has big loopholes - Democracy Watch.

Ottawa-Quebec child care sellout - Posted: 06-Nov-05
  National childcare program could be undermined if Quebec re-directs funds - Reuel S Amdur.

Libby just the tip - Posted: 06-Nov-05
  Spy "outing" story reveals a tale of lies about Iraq - Linda McQuaig.

NPA is anything but non-partisan - Posted: 05-Nov-05
  Sam Sullivan's campaign team stacked with federal Conservatives - Bill Tieleman.

Close the school of the Americas - Posted: 05-Nov-05
  Weekend demo aims to shut down training for torturers - David Batstone.

We deserve a meaningful response to Gomery - Posted: 04-Nov-05
  The problem lies with the system, not just a few bad apples - Aaron Freeman.

Politics and consumerism collide - Posted: 04-Nov-05
  The campaign against marketing to kids has created some strange bedfellows - Stephen Dale.

Tipping point on public healthcare? - Posted: 04-Nov-05
  Creeping privatization threatens to trigger NAFTA lawsuits - Maude Barlow.

New Orleans a Halloween ghost town - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Residents still dispossessed, barred from their homes - Bill Quigley.

UN, NGOs have decreased global conflict - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Comprehensive study shows evidence of major declines in political violence worldwide - RB Eisner.

At home in the Lions' den - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Service clubs and community associations are where the action is in local politics — and all politics is local - Ish Theilheimer.

A "tall" tale - Posted: 31-Oct-05

New Straight Goods NewsWire Service - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Free NewsWire service puts SG headlines on any website.

Culture not for sale - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Protecting our culture gives us a chance to develop our own sense of the world - Linda McQuaig.

Addictions treatment - Posted: 31-Oct-05
  Saddle Lake's biggest rock dealer suggests addictions are a central structural support for the global political economy - Stewart Steinhauer.

Human rights complaint stifles debate - Posted: 30-Oct-05
  EGALE wants Pastor Stephen Boissoin to explain his letter to the editor, calling for "war" against LGBT students - Laurie Arron.

Lakeside Packers just the latest Alberta standoff - Posted: 30-Oct-05
  Alberta's anti-union history echoes through time and throughout Canada - Mike Martin.

Sorbara out, Duncan defensive - Posted: 30-Oct-05
  McGuinty loses Finance Minister, acquires expense scandal, fumbles online-service announcement - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 19.

Anti-cold product shows promising results - Posted: 29-Oct-05
  Extract of ginseng shortens, moderates cold infections - Geoff McMaster.

Another dead end in Quebec - Posted: 29-Oct-05
  New sovereigntist coalition long on rhetoric, short on logic - Reuel S Amdur.

Flipping mayor of Vancouver - Posted: 29-Oct-05
  Sam Sullivan's campaign to be mayor seems self-defeating - Bill Tieleman.

Battle hymn of the Republicans - Posted: 27-Oct-05

Energy policy puts the big Owe back into Ontario - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Ontario energy policies mean trouble for consumers and taxpayers - Ish Theilheimer.

A Canadian sense of humour - Posted: 24-Oct-05

Time for BC Libs to talk to teachers - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Campbell and colleagues should look in the mirror for the real culprits in this stand-off - Bill Tieleman.

Renaming Columbus Day - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  In Venezuela, day is now known as Day of Indigenous Resistance - Stewart Steinhauer.

Afghanistan editor arrested on blasphemy charges - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Arrest highlights difficulties facing journalists - Golnaz Esfandiari.

Stumbling into a drug war - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Will our troops get mired in Colombian-style combat over poppies? - Paul Weinberg.

Federal prison no better - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Secret trial detainees still held without charges - from the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials.

Lakeside Packers strike - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  Tyson's terrible record only one reason that governments should intervene.

Whose oil is this? - Posted: 24-Oct-05
  We would have to scrap NAFTA to loosen American grip on our energy sources - Linda McQuaig.

EnerGuide tool helps homeowners - Posted: 23-Oct-05
  Energy efficiency good for wallet as well as environment - Janet McNeill.

Right-Eyed Vision of Quebec - Posted: 23-Oct-05
  New Quebec manifesto favours the wealthy - Reuel S Amdur.

Strikes are rendered useless - Posted: 23-Oct-05
  Unions need a strategy to deal with employers who reject the very idea of collective bargaining - Stephen Block.

Time to give 'til it hurts - Posted: 17-Oct-05
  Remote, rural and low-income regions are the most charitable - Ish Theilheimer.

Thanksgiving's origins - Posted: 17-Oct-05
  The Blue Quills course deconstructs a national holiday - Stewart Steinhauer.

Ontario Liberals, Conservatives tied in public opinion polls - Posted: 17-Oct-05
  Sobara's resignation bound to hurt the government - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 18

Open letter to our dogs and cats - Posted: 17-Oct-05

Dingwall case shows flaws in lobby law - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Government tries to control contingency fees by contract rather than legislation - Aaron Freeman.

Frist, Rove, DeLay: Who's looking the other way? - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Christians should speak out about the possibility of corruption in the highest ranks of government - David Batstone, for Sojourner News.

Legislation mocks Libs' own words - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  BC government unwilling or unable to accept collective bargaining - Bill Tieleman.

New Orleans: leaving the poor behind again! - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Authorities closing public housing, public schools, public healthcare - Bill Quigley.

Study links pot to brain cell growth - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Cannabinoid might be helpful for anxiety and depression - Michael Robin.

Strikers call for PM to step in - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Strike at Lakeside Packers leads to charges management beat workers, ran union head off the road.

Motor city madness? - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  UAW faces demands for rollbacks in healthcare benefits - Mike Martin.

HRSDC continues on its wrecking campaign - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  Employment services for special needs clients jeopardized again - Reuel S Amdur.

Tax burden - Posted: 16-Oct-05
  When all taxes are factored in, all Canadians pay about the same percentage.- Linda McQuaig.

End of Suburbia - Posted: 14-Oct-05
  Controversial documentary predicts that "Peak Oil" will change urban planning, lifestyles - Maggie Hughes.

Welfare computer program helps kids - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  City provides training, hardware, software for eligible low-income families - Reuel S Amdur.

ILO prods UN members - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  Job creation too slow, labour body says - Luke Chike Igweobi.

Don't mess with my LCBO — it works - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  It's time to put a cork in right-wing calls to privatize liquour sales - Ish Theilheimer.

Stolen sacred object - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  Freedom of Information request brings proof of conspiracy to keep sacred meteorite from its rightful owners - Stewart Steinhauer.

Art for the people - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  No more art that makes the rich feel good! - Bernard Bloom.

Rails and trails - Posted: 11-Oct-05
  Abandoned railway right-of-ways become scenic biking and hiking trails - Ole Hendrickson.

Dubya defines "tragedy" - Posted: 11-Oct-05

Gov't flirts with privatization - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  BC officials participate in conference boosting private healthcare - Bill Tieleman.

Bitter choice: shelter or food - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Adequate welfare food allowance saves money in the long run by protecting health - Gary Bloch and Janet Maher.

Fighting the no-fly rule - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Canadian Islamic Congress offers legal team to grounded Muslims - the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Stand and deliver - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Working on your feet all day can be hazardous to your health - Rory O'Neill, for Hazards.

CAW and the Big Three - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Auto workers win stability, some increases - Mike Martin.

Port Hope blocks nukes - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Municipality rebuffs uranium enrichment plant - by Kate Harries.

Smoking costs - Posted: 10-Oct-05
  Ruling rightly blames adults for teen addictions - Linda McQuaig.

Advice for Annan from the National Council of Churches - Posted: 04-Oct-05
  Ecumenical Council heads encourage UN Secretary-General to fulfill Millennium Goals - Philip E Jenks.

Loving and hating the CBC - Posted: 04-Oct-05
  Political cuts and snobby urban bias leave Canada's broadcaster with small base of support - Ish Theilheimer.

Midnight tipi moving - Posted: 04-Oct-05
  Portable homes make for memorable mornings - Stewart Steinhauer.

Bring back GATT - Posted: 04-Oct-05
  We should revert to use of global trade rules.

Tenjewberrymuds - Posted: 04-Oct-05

Casting the last stone - Posted: 04-Oct-05
  Where are the details surrounding the sharia announcement? - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 17.

Steelworkers save Stelco - Posted: 03-Oct-05
  Steelmaker climbs out of coke furnace and gets back in the game - Mike Martin.

Housing politics - Posted: 02-Oct-05
  Ontario's shell games with money do little to help homeless - Reuel Amdur.

Defending Mulroney - Posted: 02-Oct-05
  Former PM was at least truthful - Bill Tieleman.

Selling sickness - Posted: 02-Oct-05
  "Disease mongering" by pharmaceutical companies hazard to public health system - Kate A Rehemtulla.

Codex update - Posted: 02-Oct-05
  European court cases stall pharmaceutical companies' plans to control natural supplements - Helke Ferrie.

Why we need to fight for a fairer, flatter society - Posted: 26-Sep-05
  Weakening the levees that protect Canada's middle class could strand us all on rooftops - Ish Theilheimer.

More tipi teachings - Posted: 26-Sep-05
  Cree language course includes discussions about CSIS and Cyberspace - Steward Steinhauer.

US reconstruction plan - Posted: 26-Sep-05
  Liberal Jews call for a massive domestic marshall plan in light of Hurricane Katrina - the Tikkun community.

Bigger banks aren't better - Posted: 26-Sep-05
  Allowing big banks to merge would not benefit Canadians - Duff Conacher.

Water power pioneers in Killaloe ON - Posted: 26-Sep-05
  Home water mill sells power back to the electricity grid - Lynn Jones.

Party on, Ralph — but clean up afterwards - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Alberta's oil wealth comes at the expense of the atmosphere - Albert Koehl.

The profit-driven war - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Making war is the US's only job creation program - Brian J Foley.

Breaking news! - Posted: 25-Sep-05

Nuclear battles loom in Ontario - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Environmentalists reject federal agency's bid to use province as nuclear waste dump - Nuclear Waste Watch.

Democratic Hallucinations in Afghanistan and Iraq - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Pretending that the US has pacified enemies in occupied territories won't make it so - Ivan Eland.

The costs of tax cuts - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Proposed $7 billion in tax cuts would be better spent on 250 000 homeless.

Big egos at AFL-CIO - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Stayers and goers are all big fish in really big ponds.

TD Task Force misses the mark - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Economists advocate unworkable solutions - Reuel S Amdur.

Mayor's gig just a stopgap for Clark - Posted: 25-Sep-05
  Christy Clark has eyes for provincial politics - Bill Tieleman.

A new Acadia? - Posted: 24-Sep-05
  Evacuation of New Orleans resembles the Grand Dérangement of 1755 - Ross J Peterson.

Feds paying it forward - Posted: 24-Sep-05
  Decreased surplus results from feds' decision to prepay into various funds - Ellen Russell.

Access to justice - Posted: 24-Sep-05
  A top lawyer talks about barriers to skilled representation in court - Linda Silver Dranoff.

Hurricane Hugo at the UN - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  Venezuelan leader offers UN a different vision of reform from John Bolton's - Mike Whitney.

Unions 3, Wal-Mart 0 - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  Unions win right to organise at Wal-Marts in Quebec and BC - a compendium of reports on recent events in union efforts to organize at Wal-Mart, by SG staff.

Zapatista Army preparing for political mobilization - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  "Together, We're Going to Shake This Country Up from Below, Lift It Up, and Stand It on Its Head." - Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Friction over fishing rights - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  Ipperwash inquiry uncovers longstanding tensions, incidents - Hanns Skoutajan.

Lessons from Maher Arar's ordeal - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  Canada will no longer give any credence to intelligence information extracted by torture - Mel Watkins.

Empire of inequality - Posted: 19-Sep-05
  Katrina's ill wind makes church and state tremble - the Catholic New Times.

New funny pet photos - Posted: 19-Sep-05

School Board leads in energy conservation - Posted: 18-Sep-05
  Monitoring, insulation help reduce energy use, saving money and resources - Lynn Jones.

Hydroelectricity is the key - Posted: 18-Sep-05
  Industry in Northern Ontario needs cheap power more than it needs subsidies - Ben Lefebvre.

Use the surplus to cut emissions - Posted: 18-Sep-05
  Alberta should invest its budget surplus in funding renewables, and encouraging efficiency - David Swann MD, Alberta MLA.

Lingering images - Posted: 18-Sep-05
  Mulroney's fawning manner grated with Canadians.

Corporate ir/responsibility - Posted: 18-Sep-05
  Some companies claim corporate responsibility but lobby for loopholes - the Gallon Environment Newsletter.

Toronto gun violence - Posted: 17-Sep-05
  Police should protect witnesses - Reuel S Amdur.

Tipi teachings - Posted: 17-Sep-05
  Sorting out fact from fiction in Indigenous Studies - Stewart Steinhauer.

Senior moments - Posted: 17-Sep-05
  Memory loss in older adults due to distractions, not inability to focus - Robert Sanders.

Will high oil prices spawn new thinking? - Posted: 12-Sep-05
  Apparent end of cheap oil underlines need for rural transportation options - Ish Theilheimer.

What the waters have revealed - Posted: 12-Sep-05
  Katrina has revealed an invisible and almost silent poverty that we have chosen not to talk about - Jim Wallis, for Sojourners.

Lawns & God - Posted: 12-Sep-05

Land use policies - Posted: 12-Sep-05
  There is enough for everyone if we remember how to share - Stewart Steinhauer.

US Turning Point? - Posted: 12-Sep-05
  American Right may have met its match in hurricane crisis - Linda McQuaig.

Writers' Union: End lock-out - Posted: 11-Sep-05
  CBC lock-out hurts book promotion across Canada, writers say - Writers' Union staff.

Unions are still our best hope - Posted: 11-Sep-05
  Unions are ahead of the corporate curve on issues like sustainability and human rights - John Jacobs, Nova Scotia CCPA.

Wars over Wetlands - Posted: 11-Sep-05
  Wetlands have ecological value far greater than their real estate valuation - Ole Hendrickson.

LCBO profits, TVO reflects - Posted: 11-Sep-05
  LCBO Chair defends publicly-owned stores; Hugh Segal mulls Big Blue Machine - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 16.

Oil Peak and Shock - Posted: 06-Sep-05
  The bigger story behind Katrina - Lynn Jones.

Icelanders Protest Globalisation - Posted: 06-Sep-05
  Organisers protest deportation of foreign environmentalists, police harassment of locals - letter from the protesters.

How to Help Katrina Relief Effort - Posted: 06-Sep-05
  Two routes to non-corporate giving - the Sparkplug Foundation and the ALF-CIO Union Community Fund.

Indifference Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction - Posted: 06-Sep-05
  Our indifferent government is in a crisis of legitimacy - a speech by Ohio Representative, Dennis Kucinich.

Rising Gas Prices - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Reducing taxes is a fix that would delay us from confronting the underlying problem - Linda McQuaig.

Eyewitness to the Apocalypse - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Doctor trapped in the Ritz Carleton Hotel sent a message to friends and family - Dr Greg Henderson.

Tribute to Joseph Rotblat - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Physicist and pacifist was "one of the best persons of the past century." - Mel Watkins.

Treaty Days, With Interest - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Canada owes every person living on reserve enough to sustain their livelihood — and much more - Stewart Steinhauer, Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

New Orleans Devastated by Nature and Inhumanity - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  But could Katrina be Bush's Walkerton? - Ish Theilheimer.

Vander Zalm Fires from the Hip - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Our columnist interviews former premier - Bill Tieleman.

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder - Posted: 05-Sep-05

Why Northern Ontario Should Be Independent - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  Federal, provincial policies strip northern communities' assets but don't provide services - Ben LeFebvre.

Secret is Out on Special Diet Campaign - Posted: 05-Sep-05
  OCAP organizing welfare recipients to claim monthly $250 allowance to avoid malnutrition - Reuel S Amdur.

Tiny Tonga at Crossroads - Posted: 04-Sep-05
  Public service strike draws 15 percent of population to anti-government march - John Baglow.

Union Network International Meeting - Posted: 22-Aug-05
  Second World Congress to bring delegates from six continents to discuss global "framework agreements." - the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

Playing at Peace - Posted: 22-Aug-05
  Limited pullout won't bring Israel lasting peace - Linda McQuaig.

Food Crisis "Runs Across Africa" - Posted: 21-Aug-05
  20 million at risk for food shortages — and — African Union appoints mediator in Zimbabwe - Luke Chike Igweobi.

Top-Down Banking - Posted: 21-Aug-05
  As head of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz positioned to enforce the "New American Century" - Eva Zaleski.

Tough Talk Blocks Debate - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Why aren't we having a national debate about our stepped-up mission into the political murk of Afghanistan? - Paul Weinberg.

The Politics of Troop Withdrawal - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  The Bush administration's excuses for prolonging the occupation don't wash - Ivan Eland.

Dust In the Air - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Smog alerts warn of particulates — but what are they - Ian Collins, Gallon Newsletter.

Liberals Pin Hopes on "Stars" - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Ben Chin, Deborah Coyne recruited to run provincially and federally - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 15.

Are Embassy Employees Slave Labour? - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Mr Samsu Mia found sanctuary at the Unitarian Church. Others aren't as lucky - Reuel Amdur.

When I Say I'm Broke... - Posted: 20-Aug-05

Poll: Liberals Up - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Jack Layton places second, as Harper's image in free fall - Nikita James Nanos.

Ten Easy Ways to Save Electricity - Posted: 20-Aug-05
  Anniversary blackout a reminder to conserve energy - Lynn Jones.

Amazing Grace and Cindy - Posted: 18-Aug-05
  Grieving mother Cindy Sheehan strikes a chord with US public that might become tipping point - David Krieger.

Federal Unions Feel Attacked - Posted: 18-Aug-05
  Treasury Board plan to eliminate 41 000 public service jobs enrages workers - John Baglow.

Put BC First - Posted: 18-Aug-05
  Liberals should put social and provincial concerns ahead of business demands - Bill Tieleman.

Hamilton's Aerotropolis Plan - Posted: 08-Aug-05
  Local residents object to Hamilton city proposal to pave farmland and pin employment hopes on expanding the airport - Maggie Hughes.

Re-Framing and Hiroshima - Posted: 08-Aug-05
  SG highlights a powerful new linguistic tool for political debate - Penney Kome.

How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? - Posted: 08-Aug-05

Put Fork in Hopeless Harper — He's Done - Posted: 08-Aug-05
  Making opposition to same sex marriage the central policy issue is beyond political stupidity - Bill Tieleman.

"Blowback" - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  Canadian Forces' job is less about killing people than helping to keep peace - Linda McQuaig.

Wave of Violence Rocks World's Tribes - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  Indigenous people assaulted, attacked, in battles over land - Miriam Ross.

Rethinking Taxes - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  Rather than a burden, progressives can refer to taxes as an investment - The Rockridge Institute.

The Framing Wars - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  Democrats succeeding with new strategy - Matt Bai, NY Times Magazine.

Work Life after Injury - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  Injuries are costly for employers and insurers, but injured workers pay the highest price - Joanne MacDonald.

A Critical Moment in Earth's History - Posted: 07-Aug-05
  The Earth Charter sets forth values shared by people all around the globe - Lynn Jones.

Green Resources - Posted: 06-Aug-05
  Resource Guide for Just, Green, Beautiful Communities - Lisa Kundrat, for Yes Magazine.

Card-Carrying NDPs - Posted: 06-Aug-05
  Bob Rae doesn't, but NDP members now have permanent plastic membership cards - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 14

Missile Defense and NORAD - Posted: 25-Jul-05
  Canada requested a role in missile defense, while publicly denying we would participate - Richard Sanders.

Labour Standards Review - Posted: 25-Jul-05
  Public consultations will be held this fall for the first review of federal labour standards since 1985 - the Ministry of Labour and Housing.

The Good Book Says... - Posted: 25-Jul-05

US Unions Battle - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  Dissention within AFL-CIO will have few implications for Canadian unions - Mike Martin.

Nurseline Bidder Under Investigation - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  BC government plans to outsource health hotline involve US company suspected of violating federal health care laws - Bill Tieleman.

Food Money - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  How Ontario welfare workers should respond to claimants' requests for special diet allowance - Reuel S Amdur.

Food for All - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  If we're not careful, the world could face serious food shortages in a few years - Lester R Brown.

Held Without Charges - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  CSIS should have to produce its evidence against Hassan Almrei - Linda McQuaig.

Zombies in the Fog of War - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  Tricked into enlisting, US soldier found most soldiers would rather self-mutilate than serve in Iraq - Joshua Key.

Desertion a Tradition - Posted: 24-Jul-05
  American literature full of similar heart-wrenching stories - Mick Lowe.

Youth at Risk - Posted: 22-Jul-05
  Young workers have higher injury, fatality rates in the workplace - Joanne MacDonald.

Between Two Worlds - Posted: 21-Jul-05
  Somali career women discuss how they find their own paths in Canada - Reuel Amdur.

What Smokey Forgot - Posted: 21-Jul-05
  Forest fires serve an important ecological purpose - Ole Hendrickson.

SG this week - Posted: 11-Jul-05
  A quick tour of SG's top stories - Penney Kome.

More "Physical" Humour - Posted: 11-Jul-05

Dirty Power - Posted: 11-Jul-05
  Norske power plant burns gas, maybe coal, maybe waste rubber - Bill Tieleman.

GM Skeptics Smell a Rat - Posted: 11-Jul-05
  Secret Monsanto study showed adverse effect on rats fed GE corn - Stephen Leahy.

London Spin - Posted: 11-Jul-05
  G8 leaders persisted in using tragedy to further their own agendas - Mel Watkins.

Rich to live, poor to die? - Posted: 11-Jul-05
  In ruling on waiting lists, Supreme Court overlooked main factors in health - Reuel S Amdur.

Triple Terror - Posted: 10-Jul-05
  The war on terror has done absolutely nothing to get to the root of the problem - Linda McQuaig.

Olé for Gay Marriage! - Posted: 10-Jul-05
  Spanish Prime Minister stuns gallery with impassioned speech praising "everyone's triumph." - Doug Ireland's blog.

The G8 and Africa: Fact and Fiction - Posted: 10-Jul-05
  "Africans have a right to justice and equity." - Gerald Caplan.

Working Can Be Dangerous - Posted: 10-Jul-05
  Part one in a three-part series on risks in the workplace - Joanne MacDonald.

National Guard Spying on Raging Grannies - Posted: 09-Jul-05
  California Guard protects itself from peace groups like Grannies, Gold Star Families for Peace - Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK, in San Francisco CA.

"No Time" Causes Stress - Posted: 09-Jul-05
  Author argues that technology has cost us coherence, leisure - Lynne Van Luven.

Know Your Bioregion - Posted: 09-Jul-05
  Get in touch with your area by taking our quiz - Barb Davy.

Ontario Cabinet Shufflet - Posted: 09-Jul-05
  The new cabinet has left in place the most powerful ministers heading the key portfolios - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 13.

The First NDP Budget - Posted: 08-Jul-05
  NDP leader reflects on the last session of Parliament — and the next - Jack Layton.

Round the World with SG - Posted: 27-Jun-05
  SG this week - Penney Kome.

CLC Convention 2005 - Posted: 27-Jun-05
  CLC Covention 2005 - Back to the Future?- John Baglow.

What's In A Name? - Posted: 27-Jun-05

Sharia Law and the NDP - Posted: 27-Jun-05
  "Don't succumb to imams, rabbis and priests.": - Tarek Fatah.

The Myth of Female Sexual Dysfunction - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Top researchers say physiological approach won't improve sex for women - the Working Group on a New View of Women's Sexual Problems.

Foreign Aid — No Strings Attached - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  If music helps get this message out, then rock on - Linda McQuaig.

Same Old Cabinet for Campbell - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  What does a cabinet minister have to do to be fired? - Bill Tieleman.

Blowing Smoke? - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Ontario Liberals backpedal on promise to shut down coal power plants - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 12.

More Slash and Burn at HRSDC - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Another successful job training program sees its funding cut - Paul Henderson.

Starson Gets Sicker - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Untreated, physics savant's "beautiful mind" led him to starve himself - Reuel S Amdur.

An Author on Globalism - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Talking with John Ralston Saul about being a public intellectual - Lynne Van Luven.

My Arrest and Haiti - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Haiti Action demonstrator takes federal government to task for complicity in Haiti insurrection - Yves Engler.

Manitoba Amends Medical Act - Posted: 26-Jun-05
  Four provinces now recognize complementary healthcare - Helke Ferrie.

G8 Meeting after EU No Vote - Posted: 25-Jun-05
  Globalization reeling after rejection in France, Holland, South America - John Jacobs.

World Tribunal on Iraq calls Canadian Author as expert witness - Posted: 23-Jun-05
  World Tribunal on Iraq

Two-Tier Healthcare? - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  Chaoulli decision protects only those who can pay - Medical Reform Group.

Victory for Ontario Injured Workers - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  About 4000 to receive $30M a year as WSIB revises benefits schedule - Karl Crevar.

Ann Thomson Soldiers On - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  Feminist and pro-choice activist still promoting choice - Karin Wilson.

Mel Watkins Receives Honourary Doctor of Law - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  Speech by Straight Goods Board Member on the role of universities, politics, and economics.

The Fix Is In On Electoral Reform - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  MPs to decide on voting system, not constituent assembly - Aaron Freeman.

After the Supreme Court Decision on Public Medicare - Posted: 20-Jun-05
  The Court struck down Quebec's prohibition on private insurance, not the whole Medicare structure - Paul Weinberg.

Understanding Engineers - Posted: 19-Jun-05

Energy Quest - Posted: 19-Jun-05
  Massive effort to achieve greater energy efficiency is the answer, as it was in 1970 - Linda McQuaig.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier Wins Sophie Prize 2005 - Posted: 19-Jun-05
  Inuit leader wins $100 000 environment and development award - Elin Enge, in Oslo, Norway.

Precarious Work - Posted: 18-Jun-05
  For Canada's casual agricultural workers, wet fields mean no work, no pay - Ross Peterson.

Bianca Jagger Backs New Campaign for World's Tribes - Posted: 18-Jun-05
  Survival International calls on nations to ratify ILO Convention 169, recognizing indigenous land claims - Miriam Ross.

Fiddling With Welfare Benefits - Posted: 18-Jun-05
  "Fine tuning" policies overlooks economic conditions, basic needs - Reuel S Amdur.

Looney Tunes of Ottawa Politics - Posted: 17-Jun-05
  If you thought federal politics were animated, you were right.

Bioenergy Cleaner Than Oil - Posted: 17-Jun-05
  Many ways to turn organic matter into fuel - Stephen Leahy.

Ghost Car - Posted: 13-Jun-05

Hamilton Sues Young Protesters - Posted: 13-Jun-05
  Sheila Copps vows to support seven youth facing $345 000 lawsuit - Maggie Hughes.

Moral Investing - Posted: 13-Jun-05
  Employers should offer employees workshops on ethical investing for their RRSPs - Ron Robins.

Unequal Healthcare - Posted: 12-Jun-05
  Declining public system will serve only the poor - Linda McQuaig.

Lifting Low-Wage Workers - Posted: 12-Jun-05
  CPRN offers plan to ease poverty for low-paid workers - Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN).

Cancer Gamble - Posted: 12-Jun-05
  National cancer strategy fails to address environmental causes - Ole Hendrickson.

GM Manoeuvres - Posted: 12-Jun-05
  UW auto giant trying to slough off healthcare, pension costs - Mike Martin.

Reuniting Families - Posted: 12-Jun-05
  Fierce fights at Queen's Park over adoption disclosure, funding services for special needs children - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 11.

Economists Say: "Legalize Marijuana" - Posted: 11-Jun-05
  Instead of $7.7 billion prohibition expense, US could reap up to $6.2 billion in taxes - Bruce Mirken.

Inquiry Needed into VPD Actions - Posted: 11-Jun-05
  Vancouver Police Department errors include firing the detective who warned that a serial killer was preying on Downtown Eastside women - Bill Tieleman.

Canada Rejects Roma - Posted: 11-Jun-05
  Immigration rejects refugee claims for Hungarian minority group - Noreen Farooqui.

Ontario Legal Aid Short-Changes French - Posted: 06-Jun-05
  Neither French services nor travel funds available for Francophone client - Reuel S Amdur.

Supervotes for Some Shareholders - Posted: 06-Jun-05
  Different votes for different folks unfair: unions - Mike Luff, in Ottawa ON.

The Burglar - Posted: 06-Jun-05

Quebec Votes Against Sharia Law - Posted: 06-Jun-05
  Muslim women hail legislature's principled separation of religion and state - Alia Hogben.

Save the Genes - Posted: 06-Jun-05
  Climate change threatens to extinguish our genetic heritage - Ole Hendrickson.

Thumping Capitalism - Posted: 06-Jun-05
  Europeans reject working too hard - Linda McQuaig.

Corporate Profits Up, Wages Stagnant - Posted: 05-Jun-05
  Tax policies reinforce inequities but are not enough to remedy them.

No One is Illegal March - Posted: 05-Jun-05
  Montreal committee organizes week of demonstrations to end deportations - Solidarity Across Borders.

Sharia Law a Dangerous Precedent - Posted: 05-Jun-05
  Arbitration could result in a spouse waiving her right to independent counsel - Linda Silver Dranoff.

BC Cabinet Horserace - Posted: 05-Jun-05
  Handicapping the winners and also-rans - Bill Tieleman.

The Luck o' the Irish - Posted: 03-Jun-05

Recognizing Caregiving - Posted: 30-May-05
  Suggestions for adjusting the tax system to recognize unpaid work - Richard Shillington and the Healthy Balance Program.

Virtual Power Plants - Posted: 30-May-05
  A new marketing approach could drastically upgrade energy efficiency in large buildings - Alex MacDonald.

The Politics of Economics - Posted: 30-May-05
  Ontario's infrastructure plan includes private financing for some projects - Inside Queen's Park Vol 18, No 09.

The Quick and The Dead in BC - Posted: 29-May-05
  STV, Green leader faltered; NDP soared - Bill Tieleman.

More Fun From Our Best Friends... - Posted: 29-May-05
  Animals (and their owners) continue to surprise us!

Iranian Students Sit-In - Posted: 29-May-05
  Men and women together protest sex discrimination rules - Maryam Kousha.

"The Enemies of all Humankind" - Posted: 29-May-05
  We should at least speak up about torture claims - Linda McQuaig.

What George Galloway Said - Posted: 29-May-05
  UK MP slams US Senators who accused him of oil-for-food fraud - the Times Online (UK), on the Common Dreams site.

Tree-Sit for WCB Claim - Posted: 29-May-05
  Willi Chapman says he's been waiting 35 years for compensation - from the WCB protest site.

Finnish Strike - Posted: 28-May-05
  Can Nordic paper workers resist capitalist demands for rollbacks? - Mike Martin.

Problems with Radioactive Waste Plan - Posted: 28-May-05
  Environmentalists challenge draft recommendations - Shawn-Patrick Stensil, for Greenpeace.

Court Orders Audit in Hamilton Election - Posted: 26-May-05
  Bookseller takes on City Hall, wins enforcement of election laws - David Cohen.

Minority Languages: A Viewpoint from France - Posted: 26-May-05
  Article from Le Monde offers insight into how Canada might treat minority languages - Reuel S Amdur.

Pesticides' Damage Lingers - Posted: 26-May-05
  Farmers report neurological problems decades after spraying - the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

A Swing and a Hit! - Posted: 19-May-05

Global Dimming - Posted: 16-May-05
  Dirty fuels blocked sunlight - Ole Hendrickson.

The Hidden Conservative Agenda - Posted: 16-May-05
  Why Stephen Harper really wants to call the shots - Gary Morton.

Why Vote for the NDP? - Posted: 16-May-05
  NDP would reduce class sizes, increase hospitals beds, and earn voters' trust in them.

Health Begins with Social Conditions - Posted: 16-May-05
  Education level and household income are more important determinants of healthy aging than healthy behaviours - the Edmonton Social Planning Council, Statistics Canada.

Costly P3s in Ontario's Budget - Posted: 16-May-05
  It's a myth private sector saves public money - Linda McQuaig.

Planning to Protect Children on the Internet - Posted: 15-May-05
  New organization wants public education, industry co-operation, and technical tools -

June 1: Injured Worker Day - Posted: 15-May-05
  Here is a flyer that Ontario injured workers are using in their information picket - the Injured Workers' Consultants Community Legal Clinic.

The Health Risks of an Early Election - Posted: 15-May-05
  A surprisingly good jury-rigged budget waits in the balance - Charles Pascal.

Measuring What Counts to Canadians - Posted: 15-May-05
  New Canadian Index of Wellbeing connects dots between determinants of health - the Honourable Roy J Romanow.

Poll Monitoring Patronage - Posted: 15-May-05
  Having the party in power hire returning officers is disgraceful - Aaron Freeman.

Media Math - Posted: 15-May-05
  The case of the disappearing union membership - David Frank.

Pension Funds Grab - Posted: 15-May-05
  The good, the bad and the ugly in managing pension funds - Mike Martin.

Waiting for Godot at Wal-Mart - Posted: 15-May-05
  Why the anti-union rally never materialized - Reuel S Amdur.

Battle Over Labour Bill - Posted: 15-May-05
  Unions, employers, lobby hard on Bill 144 - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 09.

Conservatives' Ethics - Posted: 15-May-05
  Open letter to Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay from David Orchard campaign - Marjaleena Repo.

Veggie Art - Posted: 14-May-05
  Veggie art - photos.

Liberals' "Green Plan" Wimps Out - Posted: 09-May-05
  Government's Kyoto plan lacks deadlines, goals, funds - Peter Tabuns.

Advice for Gordon Campbell - Posted: 09-May-05
  The game plan has changed - Bill Tieleman.

Needed: A Revolution Within the UN - Posted: 09-May-05
  Strong advice for how to halt HIV/AIDS from devastating Africa's women and Africa itself. - Stephen Lewis.

Alberta Undercuts Construction Unions - Posted: 09-May-05
  Construction contractors allowed to import workers under restrictive permits.

Survivor Challenge - Posted: 09-May-05

Mean Streets - Posted: 08-May-05
  In US, walking is the most dangerous form of transportation - the Surface Transportation Policy Project.

Bono's Crusade — Wish It Were Ours - Posted: 08-May-05
  In foreign aid as a percentage of GDP, Canada is near bottom of the pack - Linda McQuaig.

War's End - Posted: 08-May-05
  Czechoslovakia government persecuted, deported ethnic Germans after the war - Hanns Skoutajan.

The Problem with the Greens - Posted: 08-May-05
  "The Green Party does not understand that environmental issues are also social justice issues." - Jamie Swift.

Stuck With Low Wages - Posted: 07-May-05
  For one in six full-time workers, the rising economic tide has left them submerged - Ron Saunders.

Richer Get Richer - Posted: 07-May-05
  Obscene incomes grace top 100 corporate bosses - Reuel S Amdur.

Modern milestones - Posted: 05-May-05

Alberta Healthcare Battleground - Posted: 02-May-05
  Federal Health Minister addresses Calgary counter-conference - Penney Kome.

Mistaken Identity - Posted: 02-May-05
  Crown withdraws charges against Red Hills Expressway protester - Maggie Hughes.

Women's World March 2005 - Posted: 01-May-05
  Women's Global Charter for Humanity passes through Canada on its trip around the globe - Jenny Robinson.

Cleaning Up Parliament - Posted: 01-May-05
  All the wheeling and dealing on the Hill has avoided the real issues - Democracy Watch, Ottawa ON.

Tax Time - Posted: 01-May-05

Back to the ancient future - Posted: 01-May-05
  The end of cheap oil will mean human extinction.

NDP Levers Public Services Bonus from Libs - Posted: 01-May-05
  But such changes anger Canada's business elite - Linda McQuaig.

Struggles at TELUS - Posted: 01-May-05
  Telecommunications giant imposes lock-out in 4 1/2 year negotiation - Mike Martin.

Wal-Mart's Anti-Union Tactics - Posted: 01-May-05
  Experts say retailer's strategies may contravene international and Canadian laws - Paul Weinberg.

Gomery's Ontario Impact - Posted: 01-May-05
  Ontario Liberals might benefit from federal Liberals' woes — or maybe not - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 08.

Pursuing Back Benefits - Posted: 30-Apr-05
  Ministry refuses to deliver disability benefits owed to man now in prison - Reuel S Amdur.

Liberal/NDP Deal No "Faustian Bargain" - Posted: 30-Apr-05
  The annual "surprise" surplus can more than cover investment in social good - Ellen Russell, Senior Economist, CCPA.

NDP Can Win BC - Posted: 30-Apr-05
  Healthcare is top issue with voters, who prefer NDP approach 2 to 1 - Bill Tieleman.

Sick of Dust - Posted: 30-Apr-05
  Vacuum dust in 70 homes found full of toxins - Clean Production Action.

Hidden BC healthcare costs - Posted: 28-Apr-05
  Hidden BC healthcare costs. Wage cuts, outsourcing have led to higher turnover, lower productivity - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

BC-STV for kids! - Posted: 28-Apr-05
  BC-STV (so easy even adults can learn the difference between the Single Transferable Vote and First Past the Post)- Philip Symons, for Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice.

Women Can Do It... by voting! - Posted: 28-Apr-05
  BC Women's Centres Website revved up - the BC Coalition of Women's Centres.

Catholic women concerned - Posted: 24-Apr-05
  Catholic Network for Women's Equality asks new Pope for assurances - Kathleen McWilliams, at The Catholic Network for Women's Equality.

Planning needed - Posted: 24-Apr-05
  If we really want to save the environment (and the planet), we need to make an overall plan - Ole Hendrickson.

More on Canada Labour Code review - Posted: 24-Apr-05
  CLC needs to find better solutions for women, overwork - Mike Martin.

The Canadian dove funds the US hawk - Posted: 24-Apr-05
  Moving closer to US promotes war, not peacemaking - Linda McQuaig.

UN Reform - Posted: 24-Apr-05
  A better world starts here - Bob Dickson and Michael Gretton.

Hare today - Posted: 24-Apr-05

HRSDC punishes closest allies - Posted: 23-Apr-05
  Inept HRSDC defeats the hard work and effectiveness of partner organizations - Mike Lewis.

Liquid Medical Marijuana Approved - Posted: 23-Apr-05
  Medicine is identical to marijuana except it is liquid.

One party to be shut out of BC Leaders' debate? - Posted: 23-Apr-05
  Multi-station deal would include Greens but exclude Democratic Reform Party, which has a seat in the Legislature.

Real Jobs Ending - Posted: 23-Apr-05
  Rise of non-standard work linked to increase in poverty-level incomes.

EU thwarts attempt to ban vitamins - Posted: 18-Apr-05
  Advocate General strikes down Codex directive on vitamin restrictions - Helke Ferrie.

The System is the Scandal - Posted: 18-Apr-05
  Election won't prevent future scandals - Duff Conacher.

Dismantling the CBC - Posted: 18-Apr-05
  Corp cutting services, silencing staff - Penney Kome.

Red Hill Expressway vs toxic dump - Posted: 18-Apr-05
  Residents, businesses, fearful of dust from PCB-laden waste - Maggie Hughes.

Jobs kill almost 1000 a year in Canada - Posted: 18-Apr-05
  Unions prepare for April 28, the National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job - Straight Goods report.

Alberta neglects its poorest - Posted: 17-Apr-05
  No increase for social assistance recipients in Centennial budget - Phil O'Hara.

Equality off the agenda - Posted: 17-Apr-05
  Women lawyers review progress under Charter - Pam Mayhew, National Association of Women and Law.

Termite guts can save the planet - Posted: 17-Apr-05
  Nobel laureate Steven Chu finds earth-friendly ethanol fuel in bugs - David Reid.

Animals do the darndest things... - Posted: 17-Apr-05
  Animals do the darndest things...

Snap election won't fix system at root of corruption - Posted: 17-Apr-05
  Public needs to demand money controls.

Lobbyist invited to Cabinet meeting - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  Premier picked a perilous time to get involved with Warren Kinsella - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 07.

Outsourcing Nurseline - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  BC government shortlists three US private firms for province-wide helpline.

CLC and the Canada Labour Code - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  Umbrella union releases Issues Paper calling for progessive regulations - Mike Martin.

Overpaid and underworked - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  New Executive Paywatch website part of campaign to rein in excesses - from the AFL-CIO.

Looking north for refuge - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  For Reluctant GI's, Canada Remains the Great White Hope - Paul Weinberg.

Rebels, reds and radicals - Posted: 15-Apr-05
  Exclusive! Scholar invites us to rethink Canada's left history. - Ian McKay.

Look who's getting married! - Posted: 14-Apr-05

Botswana undermines Bushman land claims - Posted: 12-Apr-05
  Botswana constitution changes would adversely affect Bushman land claims.

New witness in BC political scandal - Posted: 12-Apr-05
  Erik Bornman to testify against David Basi and Bob Virk - Bill Tieleman.

Singing For Your Supper: Culture as Economic Development - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Is creativity a cure for the economic blues? - Paul Weinberg.

The whizzes of Oz - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Tourism officials answer questions about visiting Australia.

Honda ordered to pay $500k for firing disabled worker - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Highest damage award ever follows carmaker's refusal to accommodate chronic fatigue - Paul Waldie, for the Globe & Mail, Toronto ON Canada.

An "ethics election" - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Liberals need to gear up for all-out campaign - Aaron Freeman.

Hands across the altars - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Interfaith coalition releases statement in support of equal marriage - the Religious Coalition for Equal Marriage Rights.

Neutral media observers? - Posted: 11-Apr-05
  Media should not be "cheerleading comforters".

World food crisis - Posted: 10-Apr-05
  Only organic, locally-grown food supplies are sustainable in an energy crisis - The Institute of Science in Society (UK).

Organizing bank workers - Posted: 10-Apr-05
  United Steelworkers of America organizing white-collar workers in Sudbury - Mike Martin.

Tumult at HRSDC - Posted: 10-Apr-05
  Parliamentary Committee hears of arbitrary funding decisions for employment-skills services - Reuel S Amdur.

Will the real Albert Einstein please stand up? - Posted: 05-Apr-05

All sentiment, all the time - Posted: 05-Apr-05
  Pope, Schiavo stories show major media weaknesses - Penney Kome.

Fixing the PM's policy vacuum - Posted: 04-Apr-05
  Canada's overall security and foreign policies should be framed around international development work - Roy Culpeper.

Energy Inefficient appliances - Posted: 04-Apr-05
  Checking energy consumption before you buy saves money in the long run -- and also the planet - Ole Hendrickson.

Lubicon Cree challenge well drilling - Posted: 04-Apr-05
  Companies with ties to Alberta government want to drill heavy oil wells on land Lubicon band claims.

Re: Terri - Posted: 04-Apr-05
  Re: Terri - Robert Friedman, of the St Peterburg Times.

Enough with the "smear campaign" against world body - Posted: 03-Apr-05
  The "rule of law" is necessary -- for the US as well as the UN.

Bulimia lessons - Posted: 03-Apr-05
  The real lesson of Terri Schiavo: she died because she wanted to be thin - Thom Hartmann.

Charter right not enforced - Posted: 03-Apr-05
  Unions say that "freedom of association" -- the right to organize -- overlooked in law, courts - NUPGE and the UFCW.

Sweden's prostitution solution - Posted: 02-Apr-05
  1999 law treats prostitution as a form of male violence against women - Marie De Santis.

Ontario's flickering $6 billion deficit - Posted: 02-Apr-05
  Alternative Budget suggests Finance Minister has wiggle room - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 18, No 06.

Student Essay Causes Upset in Muslim School - Posted: 02-Apr-05
  Values under scrutiny, need more discussion - Reuel S Amdur.

Beijing Betrayed - Posted: 01-Apr-05
  Women worldwide report that governments have failed to turn the platform into action - Women's Environment and Development Organization.

Libs' polling outfit taken to task on labour regs - Posted: 01-Apr-05
  BC Labour Fed demands Employment Standards Branch take action - Bill Tieleman.

Can you dig it? - Posted: 29-Mar-05

Blocking BMD helps Liberals - Posted: 29-Mar-05
  Although public opinion divided, regional breakdown works to government's advantage - Nikita James Nanos.

Backlash hits women in Haiti - Posted: 29-Mar-05
  Political and social upheaval makes women vulnerable to violence, poverty, illness - the Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean.

Diversion from landfill - Posted: 28-Mar-05
  Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre shows how to do it - Lynn Jones.

Jetsgo's fall was preventable - Posted: 28-Mar-05
  "Open Skies" policy has failed air travelers - Mike Martin.

Security vs safety - Posted: 28-Mar-05
  New "security perimeter" will not protect Canada from US domination, depredations - John McMurtry.

Showing their stripes? - Posted: 28-Mar-05
  Tories are still same sheep in different clothing - Linda McQuaig.

Land Mines R Us - Posted: 27-Mar-05
  US TV networks refuse to air UN commercial about landmine horrors - Reuel S Amdur.

BC Liberals running polling sweatshop - Posted: 27-Mar-05
  Low-wage telemarketers pretend to be taking poll while seeking out Liberal supporters - Bill Tieleman.

Charge GST on exports - Posted: 21-Mar-05
  The federal government could easily generate enough revenue to rescue the forestry and farming industries - Vern Bretin.

Equality at 20 - Posted: 20-Mar-05
  Twentieth anniversary of Charter's equality rights and civil liberties bittersweet - Penney Kome.

Justice without passion - Posted: 20-Mar-05
  No matter how painful, the rule of law must prevail - Linda McQuaig.

US-style politics in BC - Posted: 20-Mar-05
  Elections BC finds controversial phone polls constitute "push polling" - Bill Tieleman.

Mixed reviews for "Democratic renewal" - Posted: 20-Mar-05
  "Free" votes still tethered by government agenda, constituency accountability - Paul Weinberg.

New Wal-Mart tactics - Posted: 19-Mar-05
  Boycotts, direct action might work where complaining has failed - Mike Martin.

Getting Bombardier off welfare - Posted: 19-Mar-05
  Quebec corporation functions as a regional development program - Aaron Freeman.

"Have" provinces and "Have-nots" ? - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  Ontario Premier is right but he's gambling with unity - Linda McQuaig.

Fare play - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  There's more than one way to present a ticket.

Rabbis and Imams for Peace - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  Interfaith group issues declaration on key points - from Hommes de Parole.

Close scrutiny for HRSDC - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  MP Tony Martin initiates Parliamentary investigation into funding criteria - Reuel S Amdur.

Let's stay on track - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  Rural people need a variety of transportation too - Ole Hendrickson.

Support a Clarkson Cup for women's hockey - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  Women's hockey teams seek glory, funding - Marika Morris.

Filipino nurses seek support from BC Nurses' Union - Posted: 14-Mar-05
  Phillipine-trained nurses only able to work as live-in caregivers, for as little as $1.75 an hour - the Filipino Nurses Support Group (FNSG).

Are polls pushing voters toward Liberals? - Posted: 12-Mar-05
  Controversial method tries to influence voters in the guise of asking questions - Bill Tieleman.

Greenbelt and developers - Posted: 12-Mar-05
  Liberals suffer from perception whether or not whiff of scandal well-founded - Inside Queen's Park Vol. 18, No. 05.

Stelco's a circus - Posted: 12-Mar-05
  Steelmaker's "bankruptcy" profitable, but not for workers.

The knock at the door - Posted: 12-Mar-05
  Anti-terror laws sow fear in Muslim communities - Paul Weinberg, for IPS, in Toronto ON Canada.

The long walk home - Posted: 11-Mar-05
  Dashed hopes for good jobs in Nova Scotia left Black Americans straggling back home in the early 1900s - Paul MacDougall.

Italian journalist investigated infantry group that shot her - Posted: 11-Mar-05
  Giuliana Sgrena among few who dug into rape charges against 3rd Infantry Brigade - Black Women's Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape [UK].

We're outta here! - Posted: 10-Mar-05

Covering the Mountie tragedy - Posted: 07-Mar-05
  Early reporting erroneously suggested that shoot-out was over a marijuana crop - Shay News.

Viva Venezuela! - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  In the tug-of-war between the US and Venezuela, Canada should support the Bolivarians - Yves Engler.

Immortal real life memos - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  So you thought Dilbert was entirely fiction?

Tax breaks for car dealers - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  Liberal budget rewards new car dealers, retailers, who just happen to have well-connected lobbyists - bill tieleman.

Martin's flip-flop - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  Despite errors PM is in step with Canadians - Linda McQuaig.

Inventing tax rage - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  Deconstructing the National Post's agenda to influence public policy - Larry Patriquin.

International Women's Day - Posted: 06-Mar-05
  Global Women's Strike reports regional plans for March 8 -

Dear Condi - Posted: 05-Mar-05
  Lloyd Axworthy suggests US Secretary of State could learn a lot by really listening to Canadians.

Medical errors - Posted: 05-Mar-05
  Shift work and extended shifts have been linked to errors by residents and interns - Reuel S Amdur.

Trouble for AFL-CIO - Posted: 05-Mar-05
  Dissidents want to restructure umbrella organization, bring in new leaders - Mike Martin.

Wal-Mart injures workers - Posted: 05-Mar-05
  WSIB fines giant retailer $500,000 for failing to notify it of worker injuries.

Money well spent - Posted: 04-Mar-05
  Improving healthcare is as important as increasing productivity in any other sector - Guyatt.

Poor, white and p***d off - Posted: 04-Mar-05
  Rage simmers in small towns where the best people can hope for is a seasonal factory job - Joe Bageant.

Space Wars - Posted: 28-Feb-05
  Standing up to US will gain us respect abroad - Linda McQuaig.

Bizarre clauses in new photography contract - Posted: 27-Feb-05
  Canada News Wire contract violates itself - Greg Locke.

People 2, Elite 0 - Posted: 27-Feb-05
  Ordinary Canadians kept Canada out of Iraq and missile defense - Mel Watkins.

Septic tank blues - Posted: 27-Feb-05
  We should treat human waste as a resource, not allow it to pollute water and soil - Ole Hendrickson.

Car loan - Posted: 27-Feb-05

The illusory budget - Posted: 26-Feb-05
  In promising something to everyone, Ralph Goodale delivered nothing to anyone - Reuel S Amdur.

Afghanistan still fragile - Posted: 26-Feb-05
  UN airdrops food to Afghans starving in harshest winter in many years - the United Nations.

BC Throne speech? Surely they jest! - Posted: 26-Feb-05
  "Andy Rooney" pokes fun at Liberal promises for the year ahead - bill tieleman.

Ain't we a family? - Posted: 25-Feb-05
  Lesbian mother asks Cardinal what she has to do to prove she and her daughter are a family - djinn fissure.

Negroponte and Realpolitik - Posted: 25-Feb-05
  Bush's new Director of National Intelligence linked to death squads in Honduras, Nicaragua - Hanns Skoutajan.

Liberal tensions - Posted: 25-Feb-05
  Dalton McGuinty squares off against federal cousins, keeps distance from Toronto's Mayor - IQP.

Safety through ergonomics - Posted: 25-Feb-05
  CAW president calls for feds, provinces, to enact ergonomics regulations - Buzz Hargrove.

Kyoto vs. NAFTA? - Posted: 25-Feb-05
  Asking only Ontario companies to bid on providing clean energy may trigger WTO-style lawsuits against the province - Stephen Leahy.

Disarming North Korea - Posted: 21-Feb-05
  Korean Women for Peace offer plan to contain North Korean nuclear threat.

Social prescription - Posted: 21-Feb-05
  Some people with disabilities have rare diseases that are very costly to treat - Reuel S Amdur.

SG winners! - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Straight Goods readers' survey results and prize winners - Penney Kome.

STV propaganda misleading - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  British Columbians asked to vote on electoral reform on basis of inaccurate information - bill tieleman.

Temptations - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Some of our best friends don't know how to say no.

Debt first, kids last in new budget? - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Polls consistently show we want social reinvestment - Linda McQuaig.

Where NAFTA came from - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Twenty years ago, the Macdonald Royal Commission caught Canadians off-guard by recommending a continental economic policy - Dr. Gregory J Inwood.

More than modified buildings - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  As Ontario studies how to remove barriers for persons with disabilities, a disabled-rights advocate argues that many barriers are political, not architectural - Geoff Langhorne.

More on Healthy Hours - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Reader response describes the personal costs of working ever-longer hours on the job - Mike Martin.

Campaign fund audit - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Bookseller's investigations lead to Hamilton Mayor Di Ianni returning $11,000 in election "overcontributions." - David Cohen.

How to unionize Wal-mart - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Polls identify new strategies and hooks that unions could use to organize workplaces such as giant retailers - Marc Zwelling.

Shortchanging healthcare - Posted: 20-Feb-05
  Medical Reform Group charges that Ontario Liberals collected $1.6 billion more for healthcare than they are spending - The Medical Reform Group.

Tapped water - Posted: 19-Feb-05
  Polaris Institute airs ten controversial issues concerning bottled water - Tony Clarke.

Earth's diminishing resources - Posted: 14-Feb-05
  A global problem requires a global solution - Linda McQuaig.

Aftershock aid - Posted: 14-Feb-05
  Tsunami disaster is changing how we think about aid - Gerald Ohlsen and Mike Cassidy.

Love and the Bible - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Taking back the "religious" voice on equal marriage - the Reverend Allison Barrett.

Fish or be bait - Posted: 13-Feb-05

Farmers on the ropes - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Parliamentary Secretary of Agriculture gets an earful on fact-finding tour - Robbie Anderman.

Medical debt - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Half of US bankruptcies caused by medical costs: Harvard study - David Himmelstein.

Visiting Mumia - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Global Women's Strike visits Mumia Abu Jamal in prison - Selma James.

Homelessness and Hydro rates - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Do increased utility fees push people from poverty to homelessness? - Maggie Hughes.

Banning vitamins - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  New WTO treaty would reclassify vitamins and turn them over to big pharmaceutical companies to dispense for big profits - Helke Ferrie.

Libs cling to big lie that labour funds NDP - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  To win BC election, NDP must make its relationship with unions transparent - bill tieleman.

Kyoto FAQs - Posted: 13-Feb-05
  Canada's obligations kick in as the Kyoto Accord comes into effect on Feb 16. - the Gallon Environment Letter.

Globalization and new rules - Posted: 12-Feb-05
  Retail, forestry, manufacturing undercutting workers because of globalization - Mike Martin.

Tsunami coffee connections - Posted: 12-Feb-05
  Fair trade tea and coffee links Canadians to post-tsunami recovery - Andrea Markey.

Choosing bilingualism - Posted: 12-Feb-05
  Forcing immigrant children into English schools may jeopardize the continuation of French. - Reuel S Amdur.

Upgrading universities - Posted: 12-Feb-05
  New Ontario report on post-secondary education offers a "Rae" of sunshine for stressed educators - Inside Queen's Park Vol. 18, No. 03.

Dresden destroyed - Posted: 07-Feb-05
  Sixtieth anniversary of bombing still controversial - Hanns Skoutajan.

New Ontario Disability Act - Posted: 07-Feb-05
  Parents seek essential therapy for their autistic children through courts, Human Rights Commission, and new legislation - Geoff Langhorne.

Iraqis voted to oust US troops - Posted: 07-Feb-05
  Whichever way you look at it… - Linda McQuaig.

Slick "get rich quick" scheme - Posted: 06-Feb-05

Hemp 1, DEA 0 - Posted: 06-Feb-05
  Court orders US agency to pay legal fees for Canadian industry - Robbie Anderman.

New public access policy for medical research - Posted: 06-Feb-05
  NIH to make publicly-funded research available free of charge - The National Institutes of Health.

Inco vs natives - Posted: 06-Feb-05
  Kanak peoples in French protectorate blockade entrance to proposed nickel mine - Jamie Kneen.

Healthy Hours Act - Posted: 06-Feb-05
  Columnist proposes new legislation - Mike Martin.

Questioning Cancer Campaign - Posted: 06-Feb-05
  Lifestyle emphasis misleading, oversimplified, critics say - Paul Henderson.

Catholics and gay rights - Posted: 05-Feb-05
  Editorial questions church position on homosexuality - the Catholic New Times.

BC Libs' flimsy promises - Posted: 05-Feb-05
  If they had pledged to give up cigarettes, the Libs would be puffing on cigars - bill tieleman.

Time to Look at Assisted Suicide - Posted: 03-Feb-05
  Marcel Tremblay might have lived longer if he knew he could have help with the exit - Reuel S Amdur.

MPs should not be lobbyists - Posted: 03-Feb-05
  New MP code of ethics fails to address gray areas - Aaron Freeman.

Harper and politics of fear - Posted: 03-Feb-05
  Focus on same-sex marriage a diversion from party's weakness on other issues - Peter G Prontzos.

The meaning of Auschwitz - Posted: 30-Jan-05
  Media coverage conveys wrong lessons - Ish Theilheimer.

It's simply about Iraq's oil - Posted: 30-Jan-05
  Even those "democratic elections" are oily - Linda McQuaig.

Preventing cancer - Posted: 29-Jan-05
  New CLC info kit helps workers identify potential carcinogens on the job - from the Canadian Labour Congress.

Mergers we'd like to see - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  The corporate swirl is like a melody.

A brief history of over-time - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  Workers have been losing ground on the legislated forty-hour work week - Mike Martin.

Democracy watchdogs - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  New laws bring Canadians closer to corporate and government accountability, but require more enforcement mechanisms - Duff Conacher.

Why Sandy Santori quit - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  Cabinet minister pleads health problems, but Campbell policies caused quiet and overt hostility in his riding - by bill tieleman.

Wrong kind of Harvard north - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  No equity in billion-dollar Canada Research Chairs program - by Wendy Robbins, PhD.

Catholics rebut Cardinal - Posted: 28-Jan-05
  Challenge the Church Group says most Canadian Catholics disagree with church on marriage issue - Helen Kennedy.

Purposes of language - Posted: 27-Jan-05
  Language laws should facilitate as well as promote diversity - Reuel S Amdur.

Don't sacrifice equality for "democracy" - Posted: 27-Jan-05
  Statement to the World Social Forum stresses that fundamentalism is not the answer to corporatism - the WLUML international solidarity network.

Straight Goods at 5 - Posted: 24-Jan-05
  Publisher (and founder) Ish Theilheimer reflects on SG's journey.

Electronics recycling - Posted: 24-Jan-05
  Computers, TVs contain toxic minerals but also valuable components – by Janet McNeill.

Don't cozy up to The White House - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Dogged loyalty to the American way won't benefit Canadians – Linda McQuaig.

Underemployed or overworked - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Unemployment rises while more and more employees are putting in unpaid overtime — Mike Martin.

21 women in poverty - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Excerpt from new book, Policies of Exclusion, Poverty and Health – a BC WISE project.

HIV/AIDS a slow tsunami - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa sees World Health Organization's program starting to work – Stephen Lewis.

Can Schools be Value-Free Zones? - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Debate about whether schools should teach values misses the point: everything schools teach includes values – Heather-jane Robertson.

Basi Hirings, Firings Intrigue - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Police still investigating former ministerial assistant's connections with alleged improper activities – bill tieleman.

Boxer puts Rice on the ropes - Posted: 23-Jan-05
  Transcript of Senator Barbara Boxer grilling Condoleezza Rice at Senate hearings for Rice's appointment as Secretary of State — from a transcript of the Congressional Record.

Studies refute "third way" - Posted: 22-Jan-05
  Public health care delivers better outcomes, lower costs than private/public care – Tammy Horne.

NAFTA illegal? - Posted: 22-Jan-05
  CUPW, Council of Canadians, launch constitutional challenge against NAFTA in Ontario Superior Court – Steven Shrybman.

HRSDC axes LinkUp - Posted: 22-Jan-05
  Funding "reform" shuts down award-winning employment agency for people with disabilities – Reuel S Amdur.

Oil lust - Posted: 16-Jan-05

WTO is "an experiment that flopped" - Posted: 16-Jan-05

It's all in the delivery - Posted: 16-Jan-05

Canada's complicity in Iraq - Posted: 16-Jan-05

CBC $ woes - Posted: 16-Jan-05

Russian Pensioners Say Enough Is Enough - Posted: 16-Jan-05

Advancing equality in unions - Posted: 16-Jan-05

How Carole James Won the '05 Election - Posted: 16-Jan-05

Open bidding closes doors - Posted: 16-Jan-05
  Vital social agencies jeopardized by complicated, obscure new funding rules.

Ranchers aching - Posted: 15-Jan-05

Melting Mountains and You - Posted: 14-Jan-05
  As climate change melts snowcaps, the effects snowball downstream – Jan Rose

First they came for the terrorists… - Posted: 10-Jan-05
  Reviewing the evolution of habeas corpus raises extreme concern about the Bush administration's overriding due process.

Why did Gary Collins resign as BCs Finance Minister? - Posted: 09-Jan-05
  High profile departure may signal Liberal swing to hard right – bill tieleman.

Helping hands in wrong places - Posted: 09-Jan-05

Press blackout on Iraqi trade union leader's murder - Posted: 09-Jan-05

US needs uniform voting procedures - Posted: 09-Jan-05

Russians test their own BMD - Posted: 09-Jan-05
  US program triggers new arms race – in space – Reuel Amdur

Romero House in "fight of our lives" - Posted: 09-Jan-05
  "Safe Third Country" treaty turns back refugees before they reach Canada – Mary Jo Leddy.

Altruism trumps greed - Posted: 09-Jan-05

The price of "free" information - Posted: 08-Jan-05
  Requests filed under Alberta "Freedom of Information" Act fetch hefty price tag – Lanny Boutin.

Safe Work for Sex Trade Workers - Posted: 08-Jan-05
  Current policies make prostitutes fair game for battering, murder –

Wobblies are 100! - Posted: 03-Jan-05

Muslim women write Dalton McGuinty - Posted: 03-Jan-05
  Request meeting to protest Ontario decision to recognize Sharia law for family court rulings – Canadian Council of Muslim Women

Mangroves saved lives - Posted: 03-Jan-05
  Seashore trees formed a wall that protected some villages from tsunami — Ole Hendrickson

Adopt-a-village aid - Posted: 03-Jan-05
  NGOs and Western communities can adopt disaster-ravaged communities and support them in rebuilding.

A billion for tsunami relief? - Posted: 03-Jan-05
  Former MP and former diplomat call on federal government to match private donations to tsunami disaster relief up to $500 million.

BC's naughty and nice list - Posted: 02-Jan-05
  bill tieleman hands out year-end awards to the deserving

Year in Review - Posted: 02-Jan-05
  2004 had challenges, victories for workers - Mike Martin.

Carols, couches and other security risks - Posted: 01-Jan-05
  Campaign to free five prisoners held without charges and subject to secret trials, triggers heavy security at Toronto CSIS building.

Hamilton sues Sheila Copps - Posted: 01-Jan-05
  Sheila Copps responds to City of Hamilton's lawsuit against the federal government and herself, as former Minister.

Tsunami -- warnings could have saved lives - Posted: 29-Dec-04
  International Action Center charges that US knew about earthquake but did not warn Asian authorities about coming tsunami.

Daffy definitions - Posted: 29-Dec-04
  Word play and puns, just for fun.

Welfare reform - for corporate welfare bums - Posted: 28-Dec-04
  Governments are handing out huge sums of money to corporations and industries without any plan or accountability.

Telemarketing not a privacy issue - Posted: 27-Dec-04
  Pollster argues that enthusiasm for do-not-call list is misplaced from real concerns about privacy issues.

The wonder of snow - Posted: 27-Dec-04
  An ode to the beauty and wonder of snow, by Lynn Jones.

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