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Straight Goods Features - 2006

Timely commentary of special notice

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It's not easy being green - Posted: 12-Dec-06
  If only Stéphane Dion's track record was as good as his rhetoric - Stuart Trew

Equal marriage in South Africa - Posted: 12-Dec-06
  First African country to recognize gay unions - LeiLani Dowell

Small change - Posted: 12-Dec-06
  Ways to help the homeless this holiday season - Cathy Crowe

Don't let worry kill you — let the church help. - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Compilation of actual church bulletins and service bloopers - from the Internet

Good news: no federal election in 2007 - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  And with police like this, who needs criminals? - Ish Theilheimer

Mystery polling on Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Polling firm declined to say who its client is - Bill Tieleman

Bah, humbug to new Accountability Act - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Harpocrites fail to close loopholes as they promised - Duff Conacher

Investing in non-violence - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Faith groups pressure retailers to control sales to children of violent video games - from the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Frames and brains - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Institutional frames determine how we interpret events - George Lakoff

Shoeless Steve throws the game - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  What a scandal — the government introduced a motion it expected to lose! - Charles Gordon

Australian unions shaking things up - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Prime Minister John Howard's attempt to pass anti-union legislation triggers national day of protest - Mike Martin

US consumers do want universal health care - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  The dialogue about fixing the health care system is just as broken as the system itself - Doug Pibel and Sarah van Gelder

Taxes are good for us - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Taxes promote a nation's health and well-being says study - rom the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Five gifts from feminism - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Bloggers list "five things feminism has done for me" - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Whales in love - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Scientists find spindle neurons — believed to specialize in emotions — in whales' brains - Renee Knight

A Covenant for Honouring Children - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Renowned troubadour launches global campaign to re-organize society - Raffi

Guide to Greener Electronics - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Greenpeace issues second edition of popular guide - from Greenpeace International

Keep TV free! - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Media Guild urges CRTC not to permit end of free access TV over public airwaves - from the Canadian Media Guild

Decent work for all - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Trade unions welcome European Council conclusions - compiled by SG staff

Fundamental rules for public servants - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Zaccardelli and Parkinson paid the price for overstepping - Geoffrey Stevens

Global warming costs - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Extreme weather extremely costly - David Suzuki

Corporate Canada tries to block anti-scab bill - Posted: 11-Dec-06
  Hysteria in the air as corporate lobbyists try their best to block Bill C-257 - James Clancy

Prawns concerned about endangerment - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Should be careful for what they ask - from the Internet

Penguins in peril - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  "March of the Penguins" colony has declined by 70 percent - Stephen Leahy

Re-assessing Alberta's direction - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Ed Stelmach prepares to take charge as premier - from CBC News

Dion's uphill climb - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Harper may be the real winner of the Liberal leadership race - Bill Tieleman

Deconstructing the Liberal convention - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  The party fails to demonstrate required discipline - Charles Gordon

Why St├ęphane Dion won - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Unlikely candidate became new Liberal leader - Geoffrey Stevens

Bush's AIDS initiative: too little choice, too much ideology - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Restrictive funding, emphasis on abstinence hinder $15 billion effort - Wendell Rawls Jr.

Deck the halls — safely - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Make the holiday season merry and bright with indoor and outdoor safety tips - from CSA International

Green cities - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Why some cities incorporate gardens and greenery better than others do - Mary Soderstrom

Shooting reporters - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  2006 deadliest year on record for journalists - from the World Association of Newspapers

Deadline for a new global drug policy - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Senlis Council keeps drug policy on world agenda - from the Senlis Council

Liberals get it right in Montreal — will the NDP? - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  And we're dipsy over Drowsy and that new little person in our life - Ish Theilheimer

Re-evaluating pensions - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Trend is for most workers to be working longer - Mike Martin

Huge changes looming in Telecom policy - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Citizens' forum calls for government to put public interest first - Marita Moll and David Murdoch

Why men kill women - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Learning all we can from domestic homicides - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Killing to save the caribou - Posted: 05-Dec-06
  Habitat protection a better strategy than proposal to kill off predators - David Suzuki

Smart Women - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Nothing like an education to put things in perspective - from the Internet

Flaherty's statement a wake-up call - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Documents provide some glimpses about Harper's plan to remake Canada - Toby Sanger

Indigenous language survival - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Harpocrites renege on $160 million promised for indigenous language programs - Stewart Steinhaur

Quebec resolution works for Harpocrites only - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  And Jim Flaherty's economic ideas should have no credibility - Ish Theilheimer

Backpedalling on coal plants - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Ontario Liberals stretch their deadline from 2007 to 2014 - from INSIDE QUEEN'S PARK

Houston janitors win historic contract - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Collective agreement will double janitors' income within 24 months - Mike Martin

Questions of loyalty - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Each of the top three contenders for the Liberal leadership has abandoned something important to him - Bill Tieleman

No direction home - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  After WWII, Canada acknowledged housing is an important human right - Cathy Crowe

Interprovincial NAFTA - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Ontario considers joining Alberta, BC, in TILMA - Stuart Trew

Predicting is a mug's game - Posted: 28-Nov-06
  Observations on the Liberal leadership and London by-election - by Geoffrey Stevens

Complicit in Arar's ordeal - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Many reporters repeated lies that justified Maher Arar's torture - Andrew Mitrovica

Three left in Alberta leadership race - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Corporate favourite battles farmer and firewaller on second ballot - Richard Warnica

Separate buses for women - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  In Iran, debate sharpens over gender segregation - Golnaz Esfandiari

FGM not religious - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Muslim scholars say female circumcision is un-Islamic and urge people to stop it - from the Associated Press to the International Herald Tribune

Alberta WCB challenged - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Critics cite long list of problems from bungling payments to internal bonus - Jeremy Loome

France at a turning point - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Socialist candidate Segolene Royal makes bid for the French presidency - James Laxer

Trawling moratorium dead in the water - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Scientific evidence of the need to halt unregulated deep-sea or bottom trawling is overwhelming - Stephen Leahy

All praises to the pause - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  After a great victory, we should pause to reflect and regroup - Alice Walker

Canada's basic irony - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Harper's motion starts arguments over harmony and unity - Charles Gordon

What models really look like - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  Two online campaigns show the power of retouching - Dianne Rinehart

"It's Always Christmas Time" for credit card companies - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  But consumers can get trapped by abusive fees and practices - from the Consumers Union

Belgium wants out - Posted: 27-Nov-06
  NATO urged to plan Afghanistan exit strategy as violence soars - Stephen Castle in Brussels and Kim Sengupta in Kabul

Americans voted on values, not religion - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Poverty, war, the environment are all moral values - Jim Wallis

Spiritual progressives celebrate - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Opposition to the war demonstrates an "ethical maturity" - Rabbi Michael Lerner

Iraq wins the election, what now? - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Inquiry into Department of Defence spending will be a mortal threat to one of the pillars of the war - Tom Hayden

Progressive women outnumber 'Blue Dog' Dems - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Women Could Lead Largest Ideological Bloc - Allison Stevens, Washington Bureau Chief,

Neo Culpa - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Top neo-cons vent their fury at Bush — to Vanity Fair - David Rose

Confusion among conservatives - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Key allies turn on wounded Bush over chaos in Iraq - Andrew Buncombe

Supporters of common-sense gun laws win races from coast to coast - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  109 candidates endorsed by National Rifle Association LOST - from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Tracking those voting machines - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Results skewed nationwide in favour of Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes — but Dems still won! - Rob Kall

Progressive caucus rising - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  This election was no victory for centrists - Nick Burt and Joel Bleifuss

BC NDP tripping over its own feet - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Opposition should avoid privately-funded junkets - Bill Tieleman

  In honour of those of us who have been suffering at the mercy of computers this past week - from the Internet

100 million microloans - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  RESULTS celebrates a global milestone in lifting families out of poverty - Cathy Little and Dr Bob Dickson

US elections put pressure on Canada to raise minimum wage - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  New Democrat-led House of Representatives makes increasing US minimum wage to $7.50 a priority - James Clancy

Targeting Bev Oda - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Website in support of women's equality logs 10,000 hits in first month - from

Inside Hamilton City Hall - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Former City Councillor challenges planning process - Maggie Hughes

Dollars and downpours - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Stern warning changes the climate debate - David Suzuki

CHRC slams Canada Research Chairs Program - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  But is it all purely academic at this point? - from the Women's Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers

Lesser evil land - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Liberals bumbling opportunity to outshine unpopular Harper - Geoffrey Stevens

Why Alex Munter lost - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Only in politics could experience and ambition be liabilities - Charles Gordon

Pensions at risk - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  NUPGE finds 40 percent of workers have employers' pension plans, down from 45 percent - Mike Martin

Damien Lee, world-beater - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Young man gives up global activism to work at reserve level - Kate Harries

Ontario running against Ottawa - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Provincial-federal sparring muddies McGuinty's actual track record - from Inside Queen's Park

Elizabeth may, someone will - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Greens and NDP should merge. Did homophobia deny Alex Munter the Ottawa mayoralty? - Ish Theilheimer

Biofuels not the answer - Posted: 21-Nov-06
  Production and consumption of biofuels both hurt environment - from the Global Forest Coalition et al

A turducken of a Cabinet - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Cabinet Loyalty is becoming as scarce as an honest fowl - Charles Gordon.

Fireside chats - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Sweatlodge discussions about realities and wannabes - Stewart Steinhauer.

Being pushy - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Is our mission about preserving our way of life, or helping US extend its supremacy?

New Orleans reconsidered - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  New Orleans reconsidered - Race or class the primary factor? - Manning Marable.

Stephen Harper has no mandate to destroy child care in Canada - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Canada may need another election sooner rather than later - Ish Theilheimer.

GE crops not catching on - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Biotech "Revolution" May Be Losing Steam - Stephen Leahy.

Parsing Harper's cabinet - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Central Canada boasts more ministers, while Western Canada dominates committees - Inside Queen's Park Vol 19, No 03.

Beware Conservatives bearing gifts - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Although the new government acts friendly, its real agenda has to involve public service cutbacks - Mike Martin.

World treaty on chemicals - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  More than 100 environmental and health ministers agree to new document - UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme.

Re-thinking RRSPs - Posted: 12-Feb-06
  Moderate earners without pensions lose public retirement benefits if they have RRSPs - Richard Shillington.

So much for change... - Posted: 11-Feb-06
  The Neo-Cons, despite their promises, carry on as usual. An opinion, by Michael Cowley-Owen.

One election promise Harper should drop - Posted: 11-Feb-06
  Wait times guarantees are unworkable, hazardous to Medicare - Gordon Guyatt.

TAG shakes up Bellville - Posted: 11-Feb-06
  Tenant Action Group fights poverty with direct action - Reuel S Amdur.

Harper's duty is clear - Posted: 11-Feb-06
  Cutting waste should begin with business handouts - Aaron Freeman.

Harper doesn't understand why he was elected - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Harper's Cabinet proves his government will be (dirty) business as usual - Mel Watkins.

Will Martin replace Martin? - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  The new government may fall before the Liberals can organize a leadership convention - Bill Tieleman.

Wives and husbands - Posted: 07-Feb-06

New Ontario Liberal health plan flawed - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Despite its name, proposed new structure neither local nor integrated - Patty Rout.

Reflecting on Michael Ignatieff - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Reflecting on Michael Ignatieff - New Liberal star has to live down his previous writing, statements - Myrna Kostash.

Ontario government tackles workplace RSIs - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Ontario government tackles workplace RSIs - Pains and strains campaign focuses on education and inspection - the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Resisting the terrible trio - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Fundamentalism, evangelism and nationalism make a scary mixture - Ish Theilheimer.

Even without a majority - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  Harper can still dismantle, de-regulate, and quietly undermine Canadian standards - Linda McQuaig.

Hamas victory - Posted: 07-Feb-06
  A doomsday scenario or the end of terrorism? - Tarek Fatah & Jehad Aliweiwi.

Muslims vs Denmark - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  Hysteria over Mohammed cartoons could recur - Reuel S Amdur.

US overstates employment rate - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  Current Population Surveys delivers different figures from the census - the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

CIBC and me, take three - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  In which Stewart explains the Indian Act to collection agencies - Stewart Steinhauer.

Viva Cuba! - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  Cuba has one of the most equal societies in the world when it comes to race, gender, colour and income - Mike Martin.

A chilling echo of Bush's Republicans - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  Harper's game plan already visible across the border - John Ryan.

Bono at White House - Posted: 06-Feb-06
  Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, musician calls for justice, not charity - a rush transcript of remarks delivered by Bono, at the White House.

World stands at a crossroads - Posted: 05-Feb-06
  Time is running out to reverse climate change - Stephen Leahy.

Redrawing BC's electoral boundaries - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  Liberals appoint a friend to help redraw ridings - Bill Tieleman.

Feminist Forum hottest ticket in town - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  25th anniversary of historic conference reaches out globally - Penney Kome.

Weaving the web, person by person - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  The internet enhances peoples' social lives - a Pew Center report.

Helping Stephen govern - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  Stewart suggests some priorities for the new government - Stewart Steinhauer.

Just say no to Trojan icebreakers, candy and bologna - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  Hidden Conservative agenda must be actively opposed - Ish Theilheimer.

COC: Let them stay! - Posted: 31-Jan-06
  Council of Canadians demands sanctuary for war resisters in Canada - Meera Karunananthan.

Wise old man - Posted: 31-Jan-06

Counting pro-choice votes - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  A change in government doesn't necessarily mean an abortion vote - Katherine McDonald.

Reviewing the federal accountability system - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  Conservatives pledged to close most of the loopholes, but not all - Duff Conacher, for Democracy Watch.

Tikkun on Hamas in power - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  Hamas in power - There may still be ways to find peace between Israel and Palestine - Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Two steps "Ford"ward, one step back - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  Ford's plans - Mike Martin.

Barrick vs Bachelet - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  New Chiliean president likely to oppose Canadian gold mining company's plans - Stephen Leahy.

The Ontario impact - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  Analyzing how federal election results play out in Queen's Park - Inside Queen's Park, Vol 19, No 02.

Harper's first test - Posted: 30-Jan-06
  Hamas election will test Harper's diplomacy - Linda McQuaig.

Big Blue - Posted: 27-Jan-06
  The Union Art Service is a group of progressive artists who have created graphics and political cartoons for Union and other publications since 1979. This month Stephen Harper is a particular target.

Choosing a wife - Posted: 24-Jan-06

Debunking election myths - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Debunking election myths - Polls show what really happened - Marc Zwelling.

Women lose a little ground - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Percentage of MPs who are women slips from 21 percent to 20.45 percent - Penney Kome.

Election could have been worse - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  At least the Conservatives didn't get a majority - Mel Watkins.

Canadians say no to Harper - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Election results may call for creative heresy - Ish Theilheimer.

Another case of electoral dysfunction - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Voting system turns regions into partisan fiefdoms - Fair Vote Canada.

Tortoise beats hare - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Harper's steady pace defeated Martin's dekes and darting around - Bill Tieleman.

Canada at war with the world - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Harper's crew will play "cowboys and Indians" with a vengeance - Stewart Steinhauer.

The impact of change - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  A new Conservative government will find opponents prepared to fight back - Mike Martin.

WSIB extends rehab - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  WSIB extends rehab - Some Ontario injured workers may be eligible for maintenance treatments - John McKinnon, from Injured Workers Consultants (IWC).

More nukes for Ontario? - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Opponents have short deadline to object to 1100 page report's recommendations - Hugh Robertson.

With Fr Jean-Juste in prison - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  A poignant occasion: visiting Haiti's Prime Minister-in-waiting on Martin Luther King's birthday - Bill Quigley, writing from Port au Prince, Haiti.

Who makes the news? - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  Three week event focuses on gender in the media - Myriam Horngren, for the World Association of Christian Communication (WACC).

End the strategic voting mug's game - Posted: 24-Jan-06
  First-past-the-post system encourages voting out of fear - Aaron Freeman.

Minority preferred - Posted: 22-Jan-06
  Conservatives' rise in popularity has been driven by Canada's elite, not majority - Linda McQuaig.

Think Twice supports Liberals - Posted: 18-Jan-06
  "Soft left" leaders like Buzz Hargrove urge voters to desert NDP, ironically making Canadian politics more American - Mel Watkins.

A proud pedestrian - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  Snowplows, traffic create challenge for winter walkers - Ole Hendrickson

Does this ring true? - Posted: 17-Jan-06

Union wins Charter challenge - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  UFCW Canada wins right to represent migrant agricultural workers - the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada.

Nuclear salvation - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  We've heard it before, and it's not true - Rosalie Bertell & Alexey Yablakov.

Celebrating Evo Morales' victory - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  Bolivian president wins a big one for all Indigenous Peoples - Stewart Steinhauer.

The great writerly hereafter - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  Musings on the deaths of Irving Layton and Patricia Van Tighem - Lynne Van Luven.

How close is Iran to making a nuclear bomb? - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  Q&A with Moscow Director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Robert McMahon.

Religion in politics - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  Catholic bishops, evangelicals push conservative values in election - Dennis Gruending.

NDP stands between Harper and power - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  BC vote could determine if Harper gets a majority or has to deal with NDP - Bill Tieleman.

If Harper gets the brass ring, what will Canadians get? - Posted: 17-Jan-06
  If Harper gets the brass ring, what will Canadians get? NDP rise shows Conservatives may have peaked too soon - Ish Theilheimer.

Taxes are good for you - Posted: 16-Jan-06
  Taxes boost freedom, community well-being - Neil Brooks.

Climate change drives widespread amphibian extinctions - Posted: 16-Jan-06
  Warmer temperatures enhance growth conditions of fatal fungus - the National Science Foundation.

Canada divided - Posted: 16-Jan-06
  Harper will cater to whims of wealthy - Linda McQuaig.

Many NDP candidates come from labour - Posted: 15-Jan-06
  Incumbents look secure, other races close - Mike Martin.

Canada's energy future in jeopardy - Posted: 15-Jan-06
  Federal parties are silent on energy security - Gordon Laxer.

The truth about drug companies - Posted: 15-Jan-06
  Fourteen reasons to rein in Big Pharma - Marcia Angell, MD.

Missing the boat on gun violence - Posted: 14-Jan-06
  Positive reinforcement, not mandatory minimums, is path to peace.

Priceless animal shots - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Priceless animal shots - these will warm our hearts in this winter weather! Humour.

Liberals not "progressive" answer - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Liberals not "progressive" - Bill Tieleman.

CEO: Worker pay ratio shoots up to 431:1 - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Biggest defense contractors raise CEOs' pay 200 percent Since 9/11 - the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy.

Time for Stephen Harper's free ride to end - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Big media are falling down on the job of reminding voters of Stephen Harper's oft-stated agenda - Ish Theilheimer.

Will the real Stephen Harper please stand up? - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  A citizen's guide to comparing the election campaign promises of Stephen Harper to his deeply held beliefs - Murray Dobbin.

Leaves at your service - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Forests act as giant humidifiers and air conditioners - Ole Hendrickson.

Refusing to repay CIBC - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Stewart practices a new form of debt consolidation - Stewart Steinhauer.

Minority government achieved progress - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  Opposition slowed tax cuts, BMD and encouraged childcare program - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

The buzz on Web 2.0 - Posted: 10-Jan-06
  The buzz on Web 2.0 - Reincarnated dog does old trick - Dylan Kome.

Was mine collapse avoidable? - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Twelve deaths at Sago Mine blamed on lack of safety enforcement - Working Families e-activist network, AFL-CIO.

Questioning CPP policies - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Pension plan invests in bombs, bullets and corporate crime - Peter Gillespie.

Protecting vulnerable workers - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Jobs, livelihoods, not just conveniences for employers - Ron Saunders.

Survey finds homeless in poor health - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Physical problems often compounded by mental health issues, addictions - Reuel S Amdur.

On the Loss of Ariel Sharon - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Peaceniks support Sharon's efforts to split the right wing militants - Rabbi Michael Lerner.

No "new" Harper - Posted: 09-Jan-06
  Political animal can't hide neo-con spots - Linda McQuaig.

Imagine if in 2006... - Posted: 07-Jan-06
  Let's plant our own field of dreams - Medea Benjamin.

Getting out the vote - Posted: 07-Jan-06
  The toughest question might be how to get the voters to show up at all - Aaron Freeman.

Friends - Posted: 03-Jan-06

Federal Green Party bounces BC candidate - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Greens face several problems in BC campaign - Bill Tieleman.

Beware of futurists and play-it-safe strategies - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Let's celebrate social change - Ish Theilheimer.

You might be a Pagan if... - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Some of those personal quirks might actually indicate affinity for the Old Faith - Athenascribe.

Arrested for election question - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Throwing confetti at campaign rally lands activist in jail - Yves Engler.

The election heats up - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  We're finally heading into the play-off season - the January election - Marc Zwelling.

Poverty breeds crime - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Is there a link between Yonge Street shootings and Mike Harris' 1995 welfare cuts?

The invisible hand - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Why economics don't benefit Indigenous peoples - Stewart Steinhauer.

The politics of poverty - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  How Canada can achieve its perennial resolution to end child poverty - Dennis Raphael.

P3 blues in Ottawa - Posted: 03-Jan-06
  Public-private partnerships obscure the crucial question of who's in charge - Reuel S Amdur.

And the winner is... - Posted: 02-Jan-06
  Meet Workplaces' inaugural Corporate Enemy Award winner - Mike Martin.

Looking to the future - Posted: 02-Jan-06
  The fight to end mandatory retirement policies - David MacGregor.

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