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Straight Goods Features - 2007

Timely commentary of special notice

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Collective bargaining at the RCMP - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Management declines to negotiate - Roy J Adams

Public keen to protect farmland - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Public opposes removing farmland from ALR for Tsawwassen treaty but supports treaties - Bill Tieleman

Federal politics stuck in leadership vacuum - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Harper has peaked, Dion is stuck, while the NDP risks alienating core supporters - Ish Theilheimer

Dr Swann goes to Ottawa - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Alberta MLA's hunger strike for Darfur overshadowed by Mulroney/Schreiber scandal - Sarah Arthurs

'Twas the Month after Chanukah - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Well, ok, it's only been a week… from the Internet

The environmental movement in the global south - Posted: 18-Dec-07
  Right Livelihood award winner reviews and analyses environmental concerns in Asia, Southeast Asia and China - Walden Bello

Aiding and abetting abuse - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  Family court can become an extension of the abuser's arm - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Seeking common ground in diversity - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  With one in five foreign born, the shared values needed to build a nation are found in the Charter - Sheila Pratt

Fish farms pushing wild salmon to extinction - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  The impact of large salmon farms along the BC coastline has been bitterly disputed for the last decade - Stephen Leahy

Believe neither man - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  Both Schreiber and Mulroney told self-serving stories to the Commons ethics committee - Geoffrey Stevens

Why I said no to Manley - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  I declined to appear before the panel on the Afghanistan mission because I believe it was constructed to come to a pre-determined conclusion - Michael Byers

Getting to know our planet - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  We need to find ways to measure where greenhouse gases come from and where they go - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Medical isotopes and Parliamentary irresponsibility - Posted: 17-Dec-07
  The battle over restarting the Chalk River reactor illuminates the sorry state of regulation - Dr Ole Hendrickson

Secret glee at how the mighty have fallen - Posted: 16-Dec-07
  Kicking a guy when he's down is not only not good manners, it's also not good tactics - Charles Gordon

How would the Onion write about Canada today? - Posted: 11-Dec-07
  Antics of public figures not fair to comedians or Canadians - Ish Theilheimer

Journalist's office broken into - Posted: 11-Dec-07
  Ransacked files prove that somebody wants to halt coverage of Basi—Virk case - Bill Tieleman

Downplaying Mulroney's offence - Posted: 11-Dec-07
  Far from digging for facts, media seem to be looking for excuses for PM accepting cash - Linda McQuaig

Advice for Black's appeal - Posted: 11-Dec-07
  What his high priced team should have told him - from the Internet

False promises for recent immigrants - Posted: 11-Dec-07
  Study reveals low wage job cycle, workplace rights violations - from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Al Gore's Nobel acceptance speech - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Have we the will to act vigorously and in time, or will we remain imprisoned by a dangerous illusion? - Al Gore

Babies, bosses, benefits and barriers - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Couples struggle with the decision whether to have children - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Climate change speeds up Amazon's destruction - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Decreased rainfall, increased temperatures, could wipe out more than half the Amazon rainforest by 2030 - from the World Wildlife Fund

Mulroney at the ethics committee - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  What did he think he was doing? and other questions for the former PM - Geoffrey Stevens

Edmonton school board lifts gag order on Trustees - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Tough questions need asking about Alberta's P3 building plan - Sheila Pratt

Attacks on unions persist - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Media, legal challenges obscure important work unions do for members - Pat Daley

Why kids buffle — the brawl/scuffle - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Reviewing the top discards in the Boneyard of Broken Stories - Charles Gordon

A New Year's Resolution - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  6 tonnes of per capita emissions are directly attributable to our own personal lifestyle - Hugh Robertson

Mayors work across the border to reduce emissions - Posted: 10-Dec-07
  Meanwhile, PM stalls and obfuscates at Kampala and Bali - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Some good news on the environment front - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  Acidic levels in rain have decreased - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

All we want for Christmas - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  In booming Alberta, too many are struggling to pay the rent and feed the kids - Bill Moore-Kilgannon

Getting rich on child care - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  For-profit childcare puts the investor's interests before the children's interests - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Three Irishmen, Paddy, Sean and Seamus - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  Stumbling through a graveyard after dark - from the Internet

Mayor Taylor? No, thank you - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  Carole Taylor's track record as finance minister favoured the rich - Bill Tieleman

Intelligence contradicts Bush, Cheney - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  National intelligence estimates refute propaganda building to attack on Iran - Tom Clifford

Tiny Bhutan shames us in promoting Gross National Happiness - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  We need to look at what we consume, how it was produced and the implications of those questions - Ish Theilheimer

Say "Bah, humbug" to exploitive presents - Posted: 04-Dec-07
  Make sure that what you buy was fairly made and fairly traded - Derek Blackadder

The real reason John Howard got the boot in Australia - Posted: 03-Dec-07
  Canadian media failed to report that Howard lost the election largely because he declared an ideological war on the trade union movement - Larry Brown

Schreiber before Parliament - Posted: 03-Dec-07
  Few knew that Karlheinz Schreiber's dream was to bring laughter to Canadians in the dreary grip of winter - Charles Gordon

Schreiber tries to come in from the cold - Posted: 03-Dec-07
  All parties in the Schreiber inquiry have their own agendas - Geoffrey Stevens

Cabin guards First Nations land - Posted: 02-Dec-07
  Trout Lake at centre of dispute between Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Namekosipiiw Anishinaapek - Kate Harries

Media give Harper an easy ride - Posted: 02-Dec-07
  Few challenge PM on his unpopular Kyoto stand - Linda McQuaig

Newest Discovery! - Posted: 27-Nov-07
  Why does Amazon think it can improve upon perfection? - RJ Heathorn

Environmentalism vs social democracy? - Posted: 27-Nov-07
  Environmentalists lack grasp of working-class realities while social democrats caught in green bind - Ish Theilheimer

Bizarre twist in Basi-Virk case - Posted: 27-Nov-07
  Prosecutor requests private hearing for three secret witnesses - Bill Tieleman

Rising seas threaten cities - Posted: 27-Nov-07
  If Arctic icecap melts completely, coastal cities will have to move uphill - Dr Ole Hendrickson

Mulroney scandal throws Harper off-stride - Posted: 27-Nov-07
  Election not possible as long as Mulroney/Schreiber/Airbus affair is centre stage - Geoffrey Stevens

Stagehands' Broadway strike is first in 121 Years - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Producers trying to force work-rule changes to avoid paying for stand-by time - Harry Kelber

Women shut out of Employment Insurance: Study - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Two out of three women who pay into EI don't receive a cent if they lose their jobs - from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Snow time is story-telling time - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Listen to the magpie squawking in the margins of the internet - Stewart Steinhauer

Alberta could be a model of sustainability - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Prosperous and rich in renewable resources, Alberta could lead the change to a new energy economy - Ricardo Acuña

Addiction programs often inappropriate for women - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Women are judged differently from men, but also treated in exactly the same way as men - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Kyoto on track, despite some slackers - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Success due mainly to collapse of Central and East European communist regimes - Stephen Leahy

Art is not just for the elite - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Only the feds have not contributed to Ottawa's new downtown concert hall - Charles Gordon

Bank of Canada should finance infrastructure - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Feds would rather force cities, provinces to borrow from private lenders - Richard Priestman

Geo-engineering to prevent disaster - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  Researchers gather to seek ways to moderate global warming - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

A hundred-dollar holiday - Posted: 26-Nov-07
  This year, avoid the gift trap, and make a present of your time - Rabbi Michael Lerner

Foul smell rising over a country called Canada - Posted: 20-Nov-07
  Dziekanski tasering, detainee treatment, RCMP problems, and Mulroney-Schreiber threaten nation's reputation - Ish Theilheimer

The corporate boat race - Posted: 20-Nov-07
  The corporate boat race - A parable for our times.

Magna deal bad for Canadian workers - Posted: 20-Nov-07
  Organized labour must take a stand to assert workers' right to strike by Sharleen Stewart, SIEU

Low paid work still widespread in Canada - Posted: 20-Nov-07
  One in six workers earned poverty wages in 2006 - from CUPE

Vancouver Airport Authority and accountability - Posted: 20-Nov-07
  YVR does not answer to either provincial or federal government - Bill Tieleman

Between a reef and a hard place - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Rising CO2 levels threaten coral reefs with extinction - Stephen Leahy

Country needs independent study on Taser use by police - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Public refuses to believe reports from police and manufacturer claims - Sheila Pratt

Framing the Schreiber inquiry - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  U of Waterloo president has accepted the second-worst job in Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

Liberals barking up a dead horse - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Voters are smart enough to know that Brian Mulroney isn't PM any more - Charles Gordon

Mulroney offers no explanation - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Harper rode a wave of outrage over the Liberal scandals all the way to 24 Sussex - Linda McQuaig

Poop kills - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Canada could lead the way in the new Global Sanitation Fund - Blaise Salmon and Dr Bob Dickson

Global trade brings unwanted visitors - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Hitchhikers include poisonous spiders and bird flu - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Supporters of Lt Watada declare victory - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Key case in upholding armed forces personnel's right to refuse to participate in an illegal war -

Hope in climate crisis - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Visionary scientist sees mandate for change - Lynn Jones

We tolerate public bullying of women - Posted: 19-Nov-07
  Imagine protesters trying to block access to any other medical procedure - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Memories of warmer days - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  And a little wit to ease the cold — ice cream - Himie Koshevoy

Lawsuit exposes Canada's toxic tailings secret - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  Groups say feds flouting law, hiding mining pollution from public - from Miningwatch and Ecojustice

A war crime in motion - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  Kucinich warns of Bunker Buster attempt on Iranian nuclear research labs - from Dennis Kucinich's office

Farm land goes up for development - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  NDP ditch Agricultural Land Reserve - Bill Tieleman

Money for war, not for the poor - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  Canada spends about $18 billion on the war but only about $2 billion on housing - Cathy Crowe and Beric German

War is not the answer - Posted: 13-Nov-07
  Opponents of Afghanistan war need to make the case for peace-making - Ish Theilheimer

A tale of two contracts - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  What seems conservative in Canada appears radical in the US - Roy J Adams

Greenpeace antics are so refreshing - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Environmental group heats up public debate over oilsands development - Sheila Pratt

Remembrance Day at the Vietnam Vet War Memorial - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Let's mourn the dead but not forget the living - Penney Kome

Changing the cancer paradigm - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Instead of blaming lifestyles, we need to take a hard look at environmental causes of cancer - Guy Dauncey, Liz Armstrong and Ann Wordsworth

Democracy in the labour movement - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  AFL-CIO top organizer pays homage to a real democratic international union - Harry Kelber

Bush tempted to "escape forward" - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Pakistan revolt has dangerous implications for Israel - Uri Avnery

Honouring authors - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Giller awards spotlight Ottawa talent - Charles Gordon

Persuading employers to do the right thing - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Pay equity is still voluntary in New Brunswick, and most other jurisdictions - Ginette-Pettipas-Taylor

Leaders need a serious reality check - Posted: 12-Nov-07
  Wishing, or censoring scientists, won't make global warming go away - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Marriage Counseling - Posted: 06-Nov-07
  Husband proves the point - from the Internet

Think before you criticize GST cut - Posted: 06-Nov-07
  GST is regressive, income tax is progressive - Bill Tieleman

Overlooking occupational diseases - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  Workplace health and safety review must consider women's needs - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Mulroney-Schreiber affair threatens PM's credibility - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  After campaigning for restitution of Liberal sponsorship spending, Harper will be pressed to make his mentor repay libel award - Ish Theilheimer

Aggressive abstention - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  Dion's support dwindles with his credibility - Charles Gordon

Union reach hands across the ocean - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  Steelworkers explore merger with UK UNITE "superunion" - Derek Blackadder

Birds do better when neighbours work together - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  Many environmental challenges today are global in nature - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Protecting coastal waters - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  NDP MP defends her private members' bills to protect BC environment - Diane Walsh

Stelmach opens discussions but drops proposed oil tax - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  New royalty scheme will fuel inflation in already overheated economy - Sheila Pratt

Stonewalling on Schreiber - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  The Mulroney scandal unfolds in very slow motion - Geoffrey Stevens

Armed northern militias complicate Afghan security - Posted: 05-Nov-07
  Warlords, druglords in Parliament seek to carve out their own fiefdoms - Ron Synovitz

Poverty in a land of plenty - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Many of the poor are working poor - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Gordo's people in deep trouble - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  BC Premier reeling from a week of breaking scandals - Bill Tieleman

Social programs outgunned - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Canada's military has been on the receiving end of almost all of Ottawa's new spending - Linda McQuaig

Global warming shifts into fast forward - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  CO2 levels begin accelerated climb - Stephen Leahy

Right-wing think tanks multiplying in Canada - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Work Research Foundation joins social and religious conservatives organized to promote right wing frames - Dennis Gruending

Save the house for our grandchildren or trash it today? - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Tax breaks from "surprise" federal surplus are irresponsible with environmental crisis at hand - Ish Theilheimer

Beware the Invisible Hand - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Market economics can be a good servant but it's a poor master - Penney Kome

Taxes vs services - Posted: 30-Oct-07
  Feds favour knee-jerk tax cuts over urgent public needs - Anthony Westell

Morbid classes - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  Student confused by monologue in the mortuary - from the Internet

Liberals still the natural governing party - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  Dion actually shows some of the same qualities as Pearson - Geoffrey Stevens

Business as usual for Alberta - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  Premier Ed Stelmach's compromise really maintains big oil (and gas)'s upper hand - Ricardo Acuña and Diana Gibson

Corporate lectures - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  The idea of corporations as the conscience of society requires a huge adjustment - Charles Gordon

Dixella suzukii pond fly - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  New species gets funny name to honour scientist - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Change to Win — hasn't - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  Seven unions that left the AFL-CIO still struggling to start their new umbrella union - Harry Kelber

Associations for community living - Posted: 29-Oct-07
  The ideologues have taken over the asylum- Humberto da Silva

For Charles Gordon and all other baseball fans - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Two old ball players muse on the afterlife - from the Internet

Fallout from Karachi bombing felt in Afghanistan - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Destabilizing Afghanistan results in blowback in Pakistan, a nation with nuclear weapons - Ron Synovitz

More than heroines - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Herstory is about movements, not just individuals - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Magna finally gets a union sort of - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  CAW's unusual agreement with Magna auto parts meets applause, criticism - Roy J Adams

Guns, not butter - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Canada's military spending exceeds Cold War peak — study - from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Unsolicited advice to the Harperites - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  A Modest Proposal about how to snare Stéphane Dion - James Laxer

Let's phase out the Taser - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Latest Taser death at BC airport puts death toll over the top - Bill Tieleman

Starting over from scratch - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  The Governor-General reflects on what it means to be an immigrant and a woman - Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean

NDP leaders must state their vision - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  And throne speech wrangling confirms SG's prediction: no federal election in 2007 - Ish Theilheimer

Memory deficit - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Short attention spans will work to Dion's benefit - Charles Gordon

Canada's role in dealing with Burma/Myanmar - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Canada could send a strong message of support to the democracy movement by applying trade and investment sanctions - Peter Gillespie

Polling for answers - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Polling sometimes leads to premature conclusions - Geoffrey Stevens

Throne Speech slams the door on National Child Care Program - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  The Conservatives have not delivered a single one of the 125,000 childcare spaces they promised - from Code Blue for Child Care and the Canadian Child Care Advocacy Association

Review panel actually plans sharp drop in royalties - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  To get its fair share, Alberta must heed Lougheed's advice: 'Think like an owner' - Gordon Laxer

Afghanistan: a war won and lost - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  The US has thrown away its easy victory by excluding the Pashtuns, who are the majority in the South - Gwynne Dyer

Remembering Our Common Future - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Let's put the "sustainable" back into development goals - Ole Hendrickson

Fish gender-bender - Posted: 23-Oct-07
  Human hormones mess with male fish - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Bill Smith moves on - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  Former Edmonton mayor content to move on - Sheila Pratt

Ontario election offers puzzles and some hope for the Left - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  And Vietnam draft resistance, 40 years later - Ish Theilheimer

Commission a clever ploy - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  Harper trying to wean Canadians off our attachment to peacekeeping role - Linda McQuaig

Trashtalking workers - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  Papers missed the strike facts - Bill Tieleman

Talented on and off the green - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  Makes for interesting golfing partner - from the Internet

To write the predictable brief - Posted: 16-Oct-07
  Harper's Afghanistan panel not likely to ask the right people or the right questions - James Laxer

Alberta needs a publicly-owned energy company - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  Peter Lougheed's EnCana showed the world the advantages of public ownership in the energy sector - Ricardo Acuña

Why abused women stay - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  Abusive men say they will kill women, their children or their favorite animals, if they try to leave - Ginette Petitpas Taylor

The subversiveness of eating locally - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  People should be able to enjoy growing their own food even if international trade suffers - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

The ghost of Queen's Park - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  John Tory's failure will tempt Conservatives to swing hard right again - Charles Gordon

Missed opportunities in Ontario election - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  Union voters could have had a huge effect on election results - Pat Daley

Harper is no Dirty Harry - Posted: 15-Oct-07
  Although the PM sounds ready for an election, the polls don't support his tough-guy stance - Geoffrey Stevens

The misfortune of others - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Unkind judgment may offer unintended insight - from the Internet

Ontario election hijacked by a red herring - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Real issues unaddressed: poverty, health care, infrastructure, public transportation - Geoffrey Stevens

World should boycott the Blood Olympics - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Hit junta in Burma where it hurts — through China - Ish Theilheimer

Burma's generals go scot-free - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Nonintervention lets the world's worst dictatorship terrorize with impunity - Daniel Gawthrop

Retirement home seniors mistreated - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Government knew of serious problems at Beacon Hill Villa as long ago as 2002 - Bill Tieleman

Remember the seasons - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Seasonal festivals remind us of all the abundance the earth gives us - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Canada turns away peaceniks - Posted: 09-Oct-07
  Medea Benjamin, Col Anne Wright barred from Canada for misdemeanor arrests at peaceful demonstrations - from Codepink

Drug treatment facilities for women lacking - Posted: 08-Oct-07
  Women with addictions have little or no access to medical treatment to wean them off substance abuse - Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Oil companies hurling empty threats - Posted: 08-Oct-07
  Many Albertans believe a slowdown wouldn't hurt the overheated provincial economy - Sheila Pratt

Harper betting on 40 percent - Posted: 08-Oct-07
  Opposition parties too busy trying to defeat one another to combine and beat Harper - James Laxer

Trickle-up economics - Posted: 06-Oct-07
  The rich are getting richer — and we're all helping - Hugh Mackenzie

Rebates for bosses who let workers get hurt - Posted: 06-Oct-07
  New report exposes how "Experience Rating" policy really works - Ontario Federation of Labour

Baseball, hockey, and elections - Posted: 06-Oct-07
  The Ontario election is the dullest show on TV - Charles Gordon

Impressing the Gate Keeper - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Credentials required - from the Internet

Alberta should be collecting a lot more money - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Alberta should be collecting a lot more money - Royalty report recommendations are far from extreme - by Ricardo Acuña

When broken promises become the norm - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Tory's faith-based gambit and flip-flop allow McGuinty to switch subject - Ish Theilheimer

Five degrees of desperation - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Bush, Harper and friends trying to wriggle away from action on global warming - James Laxer

When John Tory imploded - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Faith-based schools bid does not seem to have attracted new supporters - Geoffrey Stevens

Recognizing the non-profit sector - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Community groups could teach business a thing or two - Ginette Petitpas Taylor

NDP all wrong on treaty: Ex-MLA - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Tsawwassen First Nation treaty used as a cover to convert farmland to port development - Bill Tieleman

Ontario's minimum wage still $8 an hour - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Both Liberals and Conservatives consider minimum wage a low priority issue in election - Linda McQuaig

Ontario's addiction to cars drives Alberta's oil habit - Posted: 02-Oct-07
  Provocative book on pollution issues takes myopic view of Alberta - Sheila Pratt

Evaluating the virtual picket line - Posted: 01-Oct-07
  Italian union's Second Life information picket tests worth of a potentially valuable tool - Derek Blackadder

Israel should discourage war with Iran - Posted: 01-Oct-07
  Israel and Iran have actually been allies in the past - Uri Avnery

Can't rely on captive breeding to save species - Posted: 01-Oct-07
  Animals that adapt to zoo life probably won't survive in the wild - David Suzuki, with Dr Faisal Moola

Dollar at par in a new world - Posted: 01-Oct-07
  Race to the border no longer easy or necessary - Charles Gordon

Burma/Myanmar: misery is written in the stars - Posted: 01-Oct-07
  China supports capricious military rulers for its own reasons - Tom Clifford

Proportional Representation 101 - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Ontario should bring its voting system into the 21st century - Penney Kome

MMP doesn't deserve to be a Trojan turkey and Ontario's ballot question - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Plus Burma needs Canada's support, not just words - Ish Theilheimer

Gerrymandering Gord must stop - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Liberals pressuring Electoral Boundaries Commission to create more urban ridings, where Liberals win - Bill Tieleman

From the Alberta Royalty Review Panel - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Review reveals Albertans do not receive their fair share from development - William M Hunter

From the Alberta Royalty Review Panel - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Review reveals Albertans do not receive their fair share from development. by Bill Hunter

Street Health report finds situation worsening - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Homeless people facing higher rates of trauma and illness - Erika Khandor

Voters indifferent to proportional representation - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Not being able to say what will happen with PR is a big problem for proponents - Marc Zwelling

Alberta's Royalty Review Panel rocks oil industry - Posted: 25-Sep-07
  Review panel member finds Third-World accounting practices - Sheila Pratt

Ontarians have a chance to change an unfair voting system - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Electoral reform could tip established politicians out of their comfy chairs at Queen's Park -

Court decision could bar new anti-strike law - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Nova Scotia's attempt to limit hospital worker strike could founder on recent Supreme Court decision - Roy J Adams

Court blocks adoption disclosure bid - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Polls show Libs hold small but steady lead; "Families" parties battle over copyright - from Inside Queen's Park

Pedal power lowers pollution - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  A bicycle-friendly city is environment-friendly, too - Albert Koehl

10 low points in Canadian elections - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Ten examples of how First-Past-the-Post system distorts election results - from Fair Vote Canada

Electoral system not broken - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Upcoming Ontario referendum on PR is overkill - Geoffrey Stevens

Thumping the anointed - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  MMP would diminish the joy of seeing the public decline to elect the parties' star candidates - Charles Gordon

Endangered Species list grows - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  Species loss weakens entire ecosystems - David Suzuki

Career counseling - Posted: 24-Sep-07
  It all depends on who's interpreting the results - from the Internet

Cognitive testing - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Nothing like quick thinking - from the Internet

Québec by-elections make it a whole new hockey game - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Change in the wind but outcome far from certain - Ish Theilheimer

Ontario too close to call - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Poll results are all over the place - Geoffrey Stevens

Green trouble for NDP's James - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Leader kicks MLA out of caucus for not supporting land transfer - Bill Tieleman

Electoral reform on Ontario ballot - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Mixed Member Proportional system would more accurately reflect how people vote - Linda McQuaig

De-funding advocacy - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  Changes to Status of Women Canada funding have undermined vital women's groups - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Clean energy boom in US - Posted: 18-Sep-07
  State standards increase production, ease pollution - from the US Public Interest Research Group

Family study omits Thorny - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  StatsCan study on changing family structure leaves out the neighbour factor - Charles Gordon

An organic recipe for development - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  Organic farming offers solutions for many problems in developing nations - Stephen Leahy

John Tory starts a culture war - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  Tory was letting religious fundamentalists know that he is not unsympathetic to their aspirations - James Laxer

Running to be Alberta's next Liberal Premier - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  Kevin Taft spent the summer wooing Albertans in smaller communities - Sheila Pratt

The new union majority - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  More women union members than men, in the rank and file - Pat Daley

BC "boom" not for all - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  Progress Board reports many people not benefiting - Marco Procaccini

Biofuels not necessarily all that green - Posted: 17-Sep-07
  We use about a litre of fossil fuels to grow, harvest, process and transport a litre of gas-based ethanol - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Musqueam deal a mass giveaway - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Transferring University golf course to Musqueam band will lead to development on that land - Bill Tieleman

Brian Mulroney redux — "steer for the centre" - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Stephen Harper learning to win on the big stuff by shrugging on small stuff - Ish Theilheimer

The autoworkers' free-market friend in Ottawa - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Finance Minister Jim Flaherty fails the autoworkers in his riding - James Laxer

Labeled food - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Misinterpretation leads to foul dinner - from the Internet

Long on mea, short on culpa - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Michael Ignatieff's apology skirts the most important issues - Linda McQuaig

Mulroney's enemy list - Posted: 11-Sep-07
  Mulroney's memoirs have the bulk if not the grandiloquence of a Conrad Black doorstopper - Geoffrey Stevens

Stop the scramble for child care - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  High quality early childhood education and care is still an elusive goal for most Ontario families - Martha Friendly

Greenland on verge of meltdown - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  Climate change deniers jump on NASA error; ignore collapse of Greenland Ice Sheet - Stephen Leahy

Respect for nature has to start at home - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  Children do what we do, not what we say - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Liberals offer sneaky promises - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  A February holiday is just the beginning of electoral temptations - Charles Gordon

Faith-based schools ructions - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  John Tory's promise may keep loyal Conservatives home on Election Day - from Inside Queen's Park

Stop the trafficking in people - Posted: 10-Sep-07
  New Brunswick agencies forming task force on human trafficking - Ginette Pettipas-Taylor

Canadians have no cause to be smug - Posted: 04-Sep-07
  Democratic spirit bubbles up south of border while Canada slips backward - Ish Theilheimer

John Tory's inexplicable gamble - Posted: 04-Sep-07
  With everything going his way, Conservative leader voluntarily raises issue of public funding for faith-based schools - Geoffrey Stevens

The stupidity of single transfer vote - Posted: 04-Sep-07
  BC faces another referendum on STV voting system - Bill Tieleman

Countless Afghan deaths - Posted: 04-Sep-07
  Canadian media use every soldier's death to justify invasion, but minimize Afghan civilian deaths - Linda McQuaig

Avatars of the world, unite! - Posted: 03-Sep-07
  Italian union's virtual demonstration against IBM launches new world of job actions - Derek Blackadder

Strategic voting a myth - Posted: 03-Sep-07
  Polls and analysis show that strategic voters cancel out one another - Marc Zwelling

US Steel takes over Stelco - Posted: 03-Sep-07
  Requiem for what was once a Canadian owned industry - James Laxer

Stelmach had duty to lead public debate on nuclear energy - Posted: 03-Sep-07
  Important questions weren't answered because they weren't asked - Sheila Pratt

Girls as guinea pigs - Posted: 03-Sep-07
  HPV vaccine campaign raises serious health care questions - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Bullying affects half of US workers - Posted: 31-Aug-07
  In 72 percent of cases, the bully was the boss - from the Workplace Bullying Institute

Dirt isn't so cheap after all - Posted: 31-Aug-07
  Earth losing arable soil at an alarming rate - Stephen Leahy

The nature of taxonomy - Posted: 30-Aug-07
  Classification determines conservation efforts - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Consumers vs citizens - Posted: 30-Aug-07
  Blame the mess the world is in on people acting like consumers and not like citizens - Charles Gordon

Canada's illegal immigration problem - Posted: 29-Aug-07
  "sociology professors, animal-rights activists and Unitarians sneak across the border." - from the Internet

Rising loonie hurts workers - Posted: 25-Aug-07
  Interest rates and a rising dollar make weak manufacturing sector worse - Ken Neuman

Harper's sad and secret spectacle at Montebello - Posted: 21-Aug-07
  Government makes protest impossible, then disses it - Ish Theilheimer

Watch out for the new CMA boss - Posted: 21-Aug-07
  Dr Brian Day, president of the Canadian Medical Association, urged privatization of health care by Bill Tieleman

SPP and water - Posted: 21-Aug-07
  Is water on the table at Montebello? by Linda McQuaig

Life's a beach - Posted: 20-Aug-07
  Humour: Life's a beach - Who put the boom in the boom-de-boombox?

Ontario Liberals no shoo-in - Posted: 20-Aug-07
  Ontario Liberals could well lose election -- Tories might form a minority government if they can overcome disadvantages with three voter groups. by Geoffrey Stevens

Oilpatch fox to watch tar sands henhouse - Posted: 20-Aug-07
  Oil executives shouldn't run a key government agency, even temporarily, by Sheila Pratt

My encounter with socialized medicine - Posted: 18-Aug-07
  My encounter with socialized medicine:In which a sore-footed American visits a London (UK) medical clinic, by Jim Wallis

Mulling the right to bargain - Posted: 17-Aug-07
  Recent Supreme Court decision prompts deep thinking about where to go from here, by Roy J Adams

Guns increase risk of spousal violence - Posted: 17-Aug-07
  Guns increase risk of spousal violence, by Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Global warming may change what we eat - Posted: 17-Aug-07
  Global warming may change what we eat; More CO2 could lead to less protein in plants . by David Suzuki

Mike Colle takes fall for cricket grant gaffe - Posted: 16-Aug-07
  Mike Colle takes fall for cricket grant gaffe; And: pre-election polls seem to indicate a minority government. From Inside Queen's Park.

Keep your eye on the (base)ball - Posted: 16-Aug-07
  Keep your eye on the (base)ball - Lynx game outshines all those electronic devices fans have in the stands. by Charles Gordon

Canada's complicated foreign aid motives - Posted: 14-Aug-07
  Canada's complicated foreign aid motives:We're risking our international reputation as "good guys". by Yves Engler

Almost half of hospital patients report adverse events - Posted: 14-Aug-07
  Health problems caused by wrong medication, errors in treatment, from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Always an excuse to drive - Posted: 14-Aug-07
  Car lovers spout myths that don't stand up to scrutiny, by Albert Koehl.

Uncertainty abounds in the market - Posted: 14-Aug-07
  Central bankers key to keeping subprime mess from becoming a global liquidity crisis. by Thomas Homer-Dixon

Maternity matters - Posted: 13-Aug-07
  Maternity matters -Canadians cannot afford to be complacent about the availability of quality childbirth care. from Women and Health Care Reform

Dying for a home - Posted: 13-Aug-07
  Dying for a home - The ice storm made me realize that homelessness is a national disaster. by Cathy Crowe

Parking with pets - Posted: 07-Aug-07
  It's not what you say, it's how you say it - from the Internet

Canadians do like their governments - Posted: 07-Aug-07
  Polls show why SARS is Canada's 9/11 - Marc Zwelling

Toronto tax phobia starves transit - Posted: 07-Aug-07
  City would rather slash subway services than implement land transfer tax - Linda McQuaig

Vancouver needs to haggle - Posted: 07-Aug-07
  City doesn't seem to understand how to negotiate with striking workers - Bill Tieleman

Oil Sands Committee reports back - Posted: 07-Aug-07
  It is time for the Stelmach government to pick a side: public or industry - Ricardo Acuna

UK passes corporate manslaughter law - Posted: 06-Aug-07
  While not as strong as Canada's, new law holds corporations responsible for systemic failures - John Baglow

Canada can save children - Posted: 06-Aug-07
  Harper's visit to Haiti brought him face to face with beneficiaries of our aid programs - Lindsay Stidwill

No more hibakusha - Posted: 06-Aug-07
  Hiroshima mayor observes 62nd A-bomb anniversary with annual Peace Declaration - Tadatoshi Akiba

Wrong way to balance city budget - Posted: 05-Aug-07
  Anti-tax councillors want to decrease city workers' wages rather raise taxes - Pat Daley

Reconnecting with food in the summer - Posted: 05-Aug-07
  Slow down and celebrate nature's bounty - David Suzuki

White elephants and arms dealers - Posted: 05-Aug-07
  "Gifts" help US balance its trade deficit, but also increase conflict and fatalities - Uri Avnery

Harper's "Big Oil" agenda - Posted: 04-Aug-07
  If Harperites win a majority, their goals are clear - James Laxer

Nightmares of American medical care - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  The US has private health insurance but no health care system - John Chuckman

Why Cabinet ministers resign - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  Stupidity leads to dismissal more often than venality - Geoffrey Stevens

We are family, say lesbian parents - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  One-third of lesbians are parents - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Canadians deserve more paid vacation time - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  Georgetti calls for a national minimum of three weeks paid vacation - from the Canadian Labour Congress

Farmers celebrate Court decision on Wheat Board - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  Ruling confirms farmers' right to determine CWB future - from the National Farmers' Union

Give Gardasil a yellow light - Posted: 03-Aug-07
  New study suggests HPV vaccine over-hyped, under-tested - Lippman & colleagues

CBC does offer diversity, but news coverage is drifting rightward - Posted: 24-Jul-07
  Right-wing front groups get more citation in news coverage than unions - Ish Theilheimer

INSIGHTS FOR 2007... - Posted: 24-Jul-07
  Better late than never - from the Internet

More energy pussycat than superpower - Posted: 23-Jul-07
  PM should put Canada's energy needs first, in SPP talks - Linda McQuaig

BC desperate in Tsawwaseen vote - Posted: 23-Jul-07
  Chief charges that province is trying to bribe elders and influence vote - Bill Tieleman

Community rallies for full health care - Posted: 23-Jul-07
  Proposed hospital merger threatens access to reproductive health services - from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Dog days for politicians - Posted: 22-Jul-07
  Polls in Canada, US, offer scant comfort to incumbents - Geoffrey Stevens

The Middle East according to Bush - Posted: 22-Jul-07
  US President's speech reinforces myths from the Old West - Uri Avnery

Wage gap persists - Posted: 20-Jul-07
  Increased education brings women only two percentage points closer to parity - from Statistics Canada

Time to put a price on pollution - Posted: 20-Jul-07
  Carbon taxes, trades, will make Canadians serious about global warming - David Suzuki

Counting down to withdrawal - Posted: 19-Jul-07
  US Christians say "The timetable begins now" to get US troops out of Iraq - Jim Wallis

Feeling good, eating well - Posted: 19-Jul-07
  Taking girls and women seriously a good start to fending off eating disorders - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

How terror has lost its meaning - Posted: 19-Jul-07
  If "terror" means random devastation of civilian targets, then the US and Israel should be accused - John Chuckman

Longer wait times in US - Posted: 19-Jul-07
  Even Aetna admits US system 'is not timely' - from Physicians for a National Health Program

Canadians deserve full debate on Afghanistan mission - Posted: 18-Jul-07
  Military's clampdown on information, Harper's vagueness are frustrating - Sheila Pratt

Not Just Another Pretty Face(book) - Posted: 18-Jul-07
  Organizing through social networking sites has its advantages — and pitfalls - Derek Blackadder

Housing needs a Tommy Douglas - Posted: 18-Jul-07
  300,000 people are homeless and their health suffers as a result - Cathy Crowe

Time to put up or shut up on Millennium Development Goals - Posted: 18-Jul-07
  Major advances are possible if wealthy countries keep their end of the bargain - Bob Dickson with Lindsay Stidwill

Conrad Black can take satisfaction from his cell - Posted: 15-Jul-07
  Conrad Black's saga a grim reminder of the links between corporate crime and conservative politics - Ish Theilheimer

Conrad Black's drama - Posted: 15-Jul-07
  Canada's most flagrant media tycoon once suggested that this writer be "horsewhipped" - Linda McQuaig

Concentrating on news media - Posted: 13-Jul-07
  CRTC hearings give public a chance to speak out for diversity of ownership, voices - Steve Anderson

Canada is losing the fight - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Let's get out of A-stan already - Bill Tieleman

Military lobby trumps civilian needs - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Harper on Arctic recalls Conservatives' nuclear submarine fiasco of 1980s - Ish Theilheimer

The end of cheap food - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Food costs to rise from 10 to 25 percent of income - Gwynne Dyer

Summertime picketing - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Clients want this strike over, and they support the strikers - Humberto da Silva

"Three Amigos" to meet in Montebello - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Continental integration on the march - Linda McQuaig

Feds block aboriginal actions - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Ottawa was wrong to oppose UN declaration on aboriginal rights - Kenneth Deer

Pampered pet - Posted: 10-Jul-07
  Pampered pet - Accessories are everything - from the Internet

Political barometer - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  Fundraising success predicts election winners - Geoffrey Stevens

End game in Iraq and Afghanistan - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  Even Blair and Bush's former supporters are calling for an end to the occupations - James Laxer

Decoding DNA - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  Gene Encyclopedia project finds startling re-definitions of roles - David Suzuki

Information is power - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  New Brunswick task forces review access to information - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

NUPGE supports series of women's projects - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  Convention delegates endorse Bracelet of Hope Campaign - from NUPGE

Suspense builds for Black and Bonds - Posted: 09-Jul-07
  Our ethical framework seems to tolerate anything a winner does, as long as he wins -

Tax us if you can - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Offshore tax havens harbour enough money to meet the UN's Millennium Development Goals - Peter Gillespie

Rising China eclipses US empire - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  China rapidly building nukes, lasers, satellites, and fighter jets - John Chuckman

CBC and the body snatchers - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Is the public broadcaster knuckling under politically, succumbing to years of budget cuts, or both? - Ish Theilheimer

Summer fishing trip tip - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Pack light - from the Internet

NAFTA trickles down - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Hamilton residents scramble even for temp jobs - Maggie Hughes

Saskatchewan on equalization - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Resource revenue AND transfer payments — Calvert wants to eat the cake and have it too - John W Warnock

Court puts collective bargaining into the constitution - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Some implications of the Supreme Court's BC Health Services decision - Roy J Adams

Harper missteps in Middle East - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Joe Clark offers precedent for reconsidering position - Linda McQuaig

BC losing jobs - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Liberal government fails to react to flood of pink slips - Bill Tieleman

Just the facts, doc - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Canadian Health Coalition runs reality check on claims made by new Canadian Medical Association president - Michael McBane

In Afghanistan: Women's hopes for equality fade - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Women's rights have fallen way down on the political agenda - from IRIN

Energy Board bars MLA - Posted: 26-Jun-07
  Alberta Energy and Utilities Board cites "security" in barring access to public hearings - Sheila Pratt

A heavy burden at graduation - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  Student loan debt hinders economic development - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

A world of compost - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  "Black gold" in great demand, easy to make yourself - Ole Hendrickson

Killer toothpaste and other threats - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  There are more things to worry about now than ever before - Charles Gordon

"Ten million radicals" - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  Introducing some of the scare tactics the military uses to justify Canada's support for US aggression - Linda McQuaig

The US "desaparecidos" - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  New report calls on US to produce 39 people who have disappeared and believed to be in secret camps - Tom Clifford

Keep light bulb hazards in perspective - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  Compact fluorescents have more advantages than disadvantages - David Suzuki

Midsummer madness - Posted: 25-Jun-07
  Harper wrangles with the Senate as the House rises - Geoffrey Stevens

Love + education = politics - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  Thanks to the teachers in our lives - Ish Theilheimer

Reared for survival - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  ... not the kids of today - from the Internet

Crocodile tears over Gaza - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  Israel's efforts to undermine Fatah have come back to bite them - Uri Avnery

Let's get angry with Gordo - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  BC Premier continues to fire health care workers, despite court decision - Bill Tieleman

Bush's "Homeless Czar" tours Canada - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  Philip Mangano's remedies sound positive but are punitive in practice - Cathy Crowe

Synthetic lifeforms by Microbesoft - Posted: 19-Jun-07
  Genome Guru Seeks Patent on Synthetic Life Form - Stephen Leahy

As unjust as apartheid - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Acts of homophobia as cruel as racism or other hate crimes - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Striking journos publish free newspaper - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  At stake is the very issues whether journalists can bargain collectively - from CUPE

Unaccountable agency - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Klein's deregulation left the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board as a law unto itself - Sheila Pratt

Keeping an eye on transgenic crops - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Effects on insect population — including beneficial insects — still unclear - David Suzuki

A better use for Father's Day - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Instead of redundant gifts, consider a donation to Africa in Dad's name - Charles Gordon

Treaties are just the starting point - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Indigenous people work hard to recover their connection with their ancestors and with the land - Kate Harries

Low expectations - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Harper, McGuinty took office as the lesser evil - Geoffrey Stevens

Calling the BMD bluff - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  Putin engages Bush in high-stakes brinksmanship - Gwynne Dyer

Block that fib - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  New laws could make politicians more accountable — but politicians have to pass them first - Duff Conacher

Imposters shock oil conference - Posted: 18-Jun-07
  "Yes Men" propose burning humanity for fuel in case of climate calamity - from the "Yes Men"

Harper bids to be Bush's "poodle" - Posted: 13-Jun-07

Battling vulture funds - Posted: 12-Jun-07
  Greg Palast exposes loan sharks that buy up third world debt, just before it's forgiven, and sue for exorbitant interest - from Democracy Now!

Canada's performace at G8 lets down the ones I love - Posted: 12-Jun-07
  Turtles, frogs and humanity have reason to snap - Ish Theilheimer

Health workers deserve compensation - Posted: 12-Jun-07
  Supreme Court overrules Premier's attempt to shred collective bargaining - Bill Tieleman

Let's not forget conservation - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Rio Earth Summit included a treaty on protecting biodiversity - David Suzuki

Charter protects collective bargaining - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Supreme Court ruling affirms labour rights are human rights - NUPGE

Wild life advisory - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Safety suggestions for golfers - from the Internet

In defence of Paris Hilton - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Rich kids aren't always happy kids - Ed Kent

Booted for representing his constituents - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Harperites expelled NS MP Bill Casey when they couldn't pressure him into supporting the budget - Geoffrey Stevens

Earth Inc sliding into bankruptcy - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Quest for short-term profits could trigger Enron-like collapse of global ecology - Stephen Leahy

Calgary feeling left out - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Northern, rural Alberta forms new Premier Ed Stelmach's power base - Sheila Pratt

When "defence" is offence - Posted: 11-Jun-07
  Bush and Harper are dumb and dumber in Eastern Europe - James Laxer

The hidden job crisis - Posted: 10-Jun-07
  Most workers do not share in the GDP growth caused by the resource boom. - Andrew Jackson

40 years of Israel in Gaza and West Bank - Posted: 10-Jun-07
  How to end the immoral occupation and build lasting peace - Rabbi Michael Lerner

Facing up to workplace bullying - Posted: 10-Jun-07
  Women are more likely than men to be targets - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Hockey never really ends - Posted: 10-Jun-07
  A true fan always has hockey on his mind - Charles Gordon

Amnesty urges Harper to endorse UN resolution - Posted: 10-Jun-07
  Harper ignored DINA, DFAIT, senior officials' recommendations to endorse - Irene Khan

BC should dump these ministers - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Solicitor-General and Attorney-General must go - Solicitor-General and Attorney-General must go.

A welcome to June - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  — often the month of weddings - from the Internet

Intensity-based targets promote oil industry frame - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Harper uses mask of concern for developing world to conceal self-serving nature of scheme - Ish Theilheimer

Women in post-sec - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Women are chronically under-represented in programs that lead to better employment prospects - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Environmental politics - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Somebody needs to say out loud that environmentalism isn't ideologically neutral - Herschel Hardin

Painkiller ruled addictive - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Court fines OxyContin maker $634M US - from CBC News

Alberta Tories could lose Klein's riding - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Calgarians angry with the government, looking for alternatives - Sheila Pratt

Stephen Harper's Canada - Posted: 05-Jun-07
  Associate States, foreign owners, and a double-double of greenhouse gases - James Laxer

Wrong way to end homelessness - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  "Streets to Homes" program stresses penalties, not supports - Linda McQuaig

powerWISE campaign gets things started - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  Ads urge consumers to conserve energy, to avoid brownouts - David Suzuki

We are all treaty people - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  Media miss the point of Commissioner Sidney Linden's report on Ipperwash - Kate Harries

Tipping points - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  Government ignores public concern about climate change, foreign takeovers, at its own peril - Geoffrey Stevens

Are we having fun yet? - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  Stanley Cup playoffs supposed to be enjoyable - Charles Gordon

Public health in the workplace - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  The WHO adopts 10-year action plan for workers' health - from International Trade Union Confederation

Looking beyond lifestyle - Posted: 04-Jun-07
  What we can learn from cancer in the animal kingdom - Guy Dauncey and Michael Gilbertson

Shocking allegations in Basi-Virk case - Posted: 29-May-07
  June 4 court ruling may force Liberals to answer many troubling questions - Bill Tieleman

Stephen Harper sings "200 pages to leave 'em gasping" - Posted: 29-May-07
  Welcome to, plus homage to Shelley Martel and Bill Blaikie - Ish Theilheimer

The Rooster - Posted: 29-May-07
  Not your average farm-yard tale - from the Internet

Shopping while Black - Posted: 28-May-07
  Tribunal finds Peel police officer used racial profiling - from the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Green collar jobs - Posted: 28-May-07
  Clean energy future can create half a million jobs in the US - from Edward Markey

Additives questioned - Posted: 28-May-07
  New study fingers sodium benzoate in hyperactivity - Martin Hickman

From minority to majority - Posted: 28-May-07
  Stunning election results from past might provide model for Harper regime - Geoffrey Stevens

Birthing costs - Posted: 28-May-07
  Improved paid leave a must for motherwork - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Libs courting immigrants - Posted: 28-May-07
  But ploy could cost them majority support - from Inside Queen's Park

If US TV ran hockey.... - Posted: 28-May-07
  The NHL could bend over too far backwards to please NBC - Charles Gordon

Alberta giving away the store - Posted: 28-May-07
  Provincial government serves corporations before its own people - Diana Gibson

Climate change myths debunked - Posted: 28-May-07
  Naysayers come armed with obscure references to things like solar flares and hockey-stick graphs - David Suzuki

Stupidity - Posted: 16-May-07
  Stupidity...when an injury is hard to explain...

Fracas over Citizenship ministry grants - Posted: 15-May-07
  Liberals try to portray criticism of their behaviour as racism - from INSIDE QUEEN'S PARK

Mother's Day for peace - Posted: 15-May-07
  If society did well by mothers, many things would be different - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Conservatives cling to the old Bill of Rights - Posted: 15-May-07
  Stephen Harper overlooks courts' role in interpreting Charter - Lorraine Weinrib

Laws for shareholders, not stakeholders - Posted: 15-May-07
  Canadian mining companies helping themselves to others' wealth - Albert Koehl

Let's talk peace with the Taliban - Posted: 15-May-07
  Canada balks at Afghan Senate's recommendations - Lawrence Martin

Judging Ottawa - Posted: 15-May-07
  People like to complain about a city, especially if they don't live there - Charles Gordon

Opposition blocks Harperite deal - Posted: 15-May-07
  Canadian public not willing to accept handmaid role to lawless Bush regime - Linda McQuaig

Gas costs more in BC - Posted: 15-May-07
  Help stop gas-price gouging by Big Oil — sign the petition - Bill Tieleman

Child poverty down — to 1989 rates - Posted: 15-May-07
  Some people call that a victory. We beg to differ - Laurel Rothman and Armine Yalnizyan

Start the presses! - Posted: 15-May-07
  David Suzuki serves as guest editor for a Saturday Vancouver Sun - David Suzuki

Harper still imitates Bush's cut-and-run, support-the-troops rhetoric - Posted: 15-May-07
  War opponents must not get sucked into patriotic slogans - Ish Theilheimer

Asbestos pusher to the world - Posted: 15-May-07
  Canada's asbestos legacy kills tens of thousands at home and abroad - James Brophy, Margaret Keith, Jenny Schieman, Cohn (C)

Harper government floundering - Posted: 14-May-07
  Conservatives pulled in opposing directions by irreconcilable forces - Geoffrey Stevens

All our sisters - Posted: 14-May-07
  New books features stories from women who don't have homes - Susan Scott

Soaring civilian deaths - Posted: 14-May-07
  Half of violent Iraqi civilian fatalities since 2003 occurred between March 2006 and March 2007 - Tom Clifford

Deep heat - Posted: 14-May-07
  Heating and cooling with earth energy - Lynn Jones

A greedy pay raise - Posted: 08-May-07
  BC Liberals give MLAs a 29 percent raise - Bill Tieleman

As Stephen Harper goes off-script, will an agenda emerge? - Posted: 08-May-07
  Dismal polling suggests an impasse, and lots of improvising - Ish Theilheimer

At the breaking point in Afghanistan - Posted: 08-May-07
  Experts say local Pashtuns offer more support to Taliban than to NATO - Paul Weinberg

Happy Mother's Day - Posted: 08-May-07
  — a mother's day poem - Greg Pincus

Choosing judges - Posted: 08-May-07
  New study examines role of patronage in government appointments to the bench - Geoffrey Stevens

Walk a mile in these shoes - Posted: 07-May-07
  New Brunswick considers ways to support non-profits - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Finally! All-party committees in Alberta! - Posted: 07-May-07
  Ed Stelmach breaks Klein's precedent and lets Opposition participate - Sheila Pratt

No sex workers, please - Posted: 07-May-07
  USAID Director, caught in prostitution scandal, enforced policy banning aid to sex workers - from the Network of Sex Work Projects and the Sex Workers Project

Not legal tender - Posted: 07-May-07
  Canada Revenue Agency declines to accept cash - Patricia Farren

Platinex Mines vs First Nation - Posted: 07-May-07
  Court orders mining company, local band, to reach agreement on a consultation protocol - Kate Harries

Public outrage - Posted: 07-May-07
  There is so much that Parliament should investigate! - Charles Gordon

Our leaders just don't get it - Posted: 07-May-07
  Feebate, light bulbs, easy fixes that don't solve the global warming problem - David Suzuki

Discovery of true intent - Posted: 01-May-07
  — leads to tears - from the Internet

Left out in the cold - Posted: 01-May-07
  North American Future pact secures energy for US but not for Canada - Gordon Laxer

Good jobs going - Posted: 01-May-07
  They see the numbers, they don't see the crisis - Ken Georgetti

Disappearing bees - Posted: 01-May-07
  Mysterious phenomenon has researchers baffled - David Suzuki

First Nations woman wins $125,000 environment award - Posted: 01-May-07
  Sophis Rabliauskas protected Manitoba boreal forest while calling for World Heritage designation - from The Goldman Environmental Prize

Ontario Liberals stumble - Posted: 01-May-07
  Lottery and pathologist scandals dominate; new voting system goes to referendum - from INSIDE QUEEN'S PARK

Basi scandal can hurt - Posted: 01-May-07
  Premier Campbell stonewalling on links to BC Liberal party - Bill Tieleman

Public still leads government on environment - Posted: 01-May-07
  Until now, most governments have stalled in hopes that technology would save the planet - Charles Gordon

Stephen Harper, the angry prime minister, has peaked - Posted: 01-May-07
  PM's obsession with controlling the message and messengers is becoming blatant and tiresome - Ish Theilheimer

Re-adjusting Israel's symbols - Posted: 01-May-07
  New flag, national anthem, would reflect population better - Uri Avnery

Biofuel a political football - Posted: 01-May-07
  Politicians seize on half-smart solution to oil shortage, global warming - John Chuckman

Behind every successful woman is a history - Posted: 30-Apr-07
  School heritage fairs should include history of struggles for equality - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Thinking about Gore - Posted: 30-Apr-07
  Former US VP dares to criticize Canada's government - Geoffrey Stevens

Exporting bitumen — and jobs - Posted: 30-Apr-07
  Oil sands pipeline ships raw bitumen to Texas for refining - Sheila Pratt

"Off the grid" in Matawatchan - Posted: 30-Apr-07
  Shower outdoors and save money! - Lynn Jones

Harper violating gun laws - Posted: 30-Apr-07
  Harperites quietly extend amnesty for gun registration resisters - James Laxer

April 28 demonstration to ban asbestos - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  March in Washington, DC, designed to embarrass Canada - for Ban Asbestos Canada

(Not) talking about TILMA - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  CD Howe holds secret meeting on trade talks - Gary Schoenfeldt

Saying it with flowers - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  And having your message heard - from the Internet

Bottom trawling endangers whole oceans - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Watchdog programs offer shoppers sustainable choices in seafood - David Suzuki

Denial is the name of the game - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Golfers and Kyoto resisters live on unrealistic hope - Charles Gordon

Baird and Harper roll out bunk on climate change - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  How valid are validators, and who's keeping score - Ish Theilheimer

Quebecor locks out workers at Journal de Quebec - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Four union locals affected at best selling daily newspaper in Quebec City - from CUPE

A fond Phair-well to city politics - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Flamboyant Edmonton councillor decides not to seek re-election after 15-year career - Sheila Pratt

Getting serious about Kyoto - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Harper refuses to face up to global crisis - Geoffrey Stevens

Amnesty notes rights violations - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Grassy Narrows blockade reaction to province trampling First Nations' land rights - Kate Harries

Disturbing allegations - Posted: 24-Apr-07
  Tough questions arise as the Basi-Virk case goes to trial - Bill Tieleman

First Nations University put on probation - Posted: 23-Apr-07
  Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada orders FNU to remove politicians from its Board of Directors - from the CBC and AUCC

The US gun epidemic - Posted: 23-Apr-07
  Gun makers have specific immunity from lawsuits over damage caused by their products - Greg Palast

Black Rivers, Red Future - Posted: 23-Apr-07
  China can clean up its environment without changing its government - Iain Marlow

VIA on track to oblivion - Posted: 23-Apr-07
  Budget neglect could mean end of train service to 450 communities in Canada - Brendan Read

Deadly investments - Posted: 17-Apr-07
  CPP has $50 million invested in cluster bomb munitions manufacturers - Peter Gillespie

Where is God? - Posted: 17-Apr-07
  A childish myth? - from the Internet

A book in the wilderness - Posted: 17-Apr-07
  How I almost died laughing, reading Kurt Vonnegut - Jenny Thomas

May and Dion — Axis of Ego - Posted: 17-Apr-07
  Dion may have serious regrets about being involved with the new "Red-Green" show - Bill Tieleman

Glimpses of Rwanda - Posted: 17-Apr-07
  Indelible memories linger after two months in troubled African country - Charles Gordon

Vonnegut and Callwood — two writers who shaped our world - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  And — Dion and May show feet of lead, wings of tin - Ish Theilheimer

June Callwood made a difference - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  An irresistible force, she believed that you had to act as well as analyze - Geoffrey Stevens

A big week for war - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  Harperites' version of nation-building involves body bags - Linda McQuaig

Matrimonial property on reserves - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  Aboriginal women lack protection if marriage fails - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

SIEU controversy - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  The secret deal worked out between SEIU bosses and nursing home owners denies union members the right to speak out, strike or protect patients - Matt Smith

Barriers to hospital abortion services - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  New report highlights lack of respect for patients seeking abortions - from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Beware intensity targets - Posted: 16-Apr-07
  The only way to reduce global warming is to reduce emissions in absolute terms - David Suzuki

Vimy may be the wrong symbol - Posted: 10-Apr-07
  Purposeless carnage of the past is a poor argument for more of the same - Ish Theilheimer

Why did the chicken cross the road? - Posted: 10-Apr-07
  Answers — to this age old question - from the Internet

Sentence too lenient - Posted: 10-Apr-07
  Reduced sentence for gas station killer should be appealed - Bill Tieleman

Teaching journalism in Rwanda - Posted: 10-Apr-07
  It's a challenge to teach opinion writing in a country where freedom of expression is in disrepute - Charles Gordon

Reconciling ethics and mining - Posted: 09-Apr-07
  Canadian industry awaits approval of new socially responsible guidelines - Carol Goar

Pre-election chest-thumping - Posted: 09-Apr-07
  Harperites dig into their campaign funds early - Geoffrey Stevens

When depression is too much to bear - Posted: 09-Apr-07
  Suicide's impact not found in statistics - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Southwestern US becoming a dust bowl - Posted: 09-Apr-07
  Climate change means that drought will be permanent - Stephen Leahy

Ransom Myers, groundbreaking researcher - Posted: 09-Apr-07
  Loss of a friend is also a loss for science - David Suzuki

Did unregulated global business kill Fluffy? - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  And — don't count on Harper running against the environment - Ish Theilheimer

New Bumper Stickers or T-shirts for 07 - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  Defining a nation's thought process - from the Internet

Consulation Fatigue - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  Commissions must make sure that they are studying the whole picture, the real issues - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Green conflicts of May - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  New party leader puts her feet wrong - Bill Tieleman

Olmert faces down USA - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  Condoleezza Rice fails to push Israel to the bargaining table - Uri Avnery, for Gush Shalom

How private clinics cut costs - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  Knee replacement clinic keeps costs down by accepting only low-risk patients - Danielle Martin

Letter to Weyerhaeuser investors - Posted: 03-Apr-07
  Resolution calls for recognition of First Nations' rights, forest stewardship standards - from the Rainforest Action Network

Focus group delirium - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Consultations on democratic reforms farmed out to sub-sub-contractors with no apparent oversight - from Democracy Watch

Canada's labour report card - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Canada gets poor grade on international labour standards - from the National Union of Public and General Employees

Eat locally - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Our food choices affect the environment - Ole Hendrickson

13 new species found in BC - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Stunning discovery illustrates the richness of the inland rainforest - from the Valhalla Wilderness Society

Budget long on politics, short on vision - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  An inoffensive budget can be a problem when the country is looking for leadership - David Suzuki

Charging towards the Big Melt - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Over consumption heats up the environment - Stephen Leahy

Charisma-free zones - Posted: 02-Apr-07
  Ottawa and Queen's Park clearly lack voter-appeal - Geoffrey Stevens

Working families up for grabs in federal politics - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Will Liberal Party be crushed dead centre between glaciers of political history? - Ish Theilheimer

Ontario budget analyzed - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Vulnerable on minimum wage demands, Liberals hike it to $10 — three years from now - from Inside Queen's Park

The perfect life - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  We all hope to find it! - from the Internet

EU celebrates 50 years of unity - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Treaty of Rome signaled determination to eliminate potential causes of war - Jeffrey Donovan

Charest's grim battle - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Quebec's three-way split has ramifications for the rest of Canada - Geoffrey Stevens

Federal budget shafts BC — again - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Extra taxes in BC go to helping a failing Quebec politician buy votes - Bill Tieleman

Who the "family friendly" budget forgot - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Nearly 60 percent of families won't be eligible for tax credits in budget - Armine Yalnizyan

Uganda's population boom - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Runaway population growth is a big factor in making so many Africans victims - Gwynne Dyer

Clean Air Act could trigger election - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Government whip won't rule out calling it a confidence vote - Bea Vongdouangchanh

Seeking alternatives to capitalism - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Energy is the foundation of the industrial base - Stewart Steinhauer

Iraq's environmental nightmare - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Three wars since 1980 have had devastating effects - Stephen Leahy

Canada's complicity in the slave trade - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  People choose to forget or deny that slavery once underwrote the entire Western economic system - Afua Cooper

Small hydro - Posted: 27-Mar-07
  Adapting ancient technology for modern times - Lynn Jones

Environment a hot issue politically - Posted: 26-Mar-07
  Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan for California becomes the standard for others to meet - David Suzuki

Men and name-calling - Posted: 26-Mar-07
  Calling women in politics anything but equal - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Harpergrits too clever by half - Posted: 20-Mar-07
  Expedience and vote-buying go to new level in federal budget - Ish Theilheimer

Playing politics with Arab peace plan - Posted: 20-Mar-07
  US allies in League of Arab States on diplomatic offensive with Arab Peace Initiative - Nicola Nasser

Playing politics with Arab peace plan - Posted: 20-Mar-07

New bid to segregate special needs kids - Posted: 20-Mar-07
  Former education minister opens school for autistic children, seeks provincial funding -

First Nations left out again - Posted: 20-Mar-07
  Budget leaves First Nations "beyond disappointment" - Phil Fontaine, National Chief

A pre-election budget, but.... - Posted: 20-Mar-07
  Conservatives trying to hold the right while repositioning the party in the broad middle, where most voters reside - Geoffrey Stevens

Another form of marketing? - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Legitimate companies that didn't spend quite enough time considering how their on-line names might appear - from the Internet

Labour double-standards blamed for farmworkers' deaths - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Relatives, unions decry lack of care for immigrant workers - Tom Sandborn for

An embarrassing week for Albertans - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Premier Stelmach's proposals on climate change will actually legislate an increase in emissions - Jaisel Vadgama and Johanne Whitmore

Losing social mobility - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  More than 40 million US jobs — 1 in 3 — pay low wages - from the Inclusion initiative of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

The tax-cut mantra - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Music to ears of the wealthy, tax cuts undermine egalitarian society - Linda McQuaig

Searching for more sustainable options - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Bus manufacturer warned that using bio-diesel would void engine warranty - David Suzuki

Two-thirds of Americans want troops out of Iraq - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Poll on eve of fourth anniversary finds majority opposed to continuing the occupation - from Codepink

Not quite equality - Posted: 19-Mar-07
  Women respond with astonishment to Bev Oda's assertion that they are already equal to men - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Halliburton moves to Dubai - Posted: 15-Mar-07
  Oil company, closely tied to Vice-President, benefitted from billions in no-bid contracts - compiled by SG staff

Sanitation the key to world health - Posted: 14-Mar-07
  3.4 million children and adults perish annually from unsafe water and poor sanitation - Dr Bob Dickson and Blaise Salmon

Israel-Palestine conflict the core issue - Posted: 12-Mar-07
  Jordan's King Abdullah II asks US Congress to broker peace in Middle East - from King Abdullah's speech

Show us your smile in your SG gear - Posted: 06-Mar-07
  Straight Goods readers show off their Resist Harpocrisy buttons and prize t-shirts.

Owed to the Spell Checker - Posted: 06-Mar-07
  (... There are still a few jobs left for Editors!) - from the Internet

Decent jobs disappearing - Posted: 06-Mar-07
  Connect the dots between market jitters, pulp mill closures and starving entrepreneurs - Ish Theilheimer

PM hoping for spring election - Posted: 06-Mar-07
  But no other party wants to give him an excuse for one - Geoffrey Stevens

Dion talks a good game, but... - Posted: 06-Mar-07
  Liberal leader's record as Environment Minister was woeful - Bill Tieleman

Backing into nuclear war - Posted: 05-Mar-07
  None dare say what the Bush administration is really threatening to do to Iran - George Lakoff

Remembering Doris Anderson - Posted: 05-Mar-07
  Courageous and outspoken, she helped change Canada's constitution as well as its media - Penney Kome

Mistrial for Lt Ehren Watada - Posted: 05-Mar-07
  Trial focus turned to Iraq war's illegality - from

Women strike for IWD! - Posted: 04-Mar-07
  Global Women's Strike urges women not to work on March 8, International Women's Day - from the London Co-ordinating Committee

Liberals backpedal on federal anti-scab bill - Posted: 04-Mar-07
  Stephane Dion seizes on procedural ruling as excuse to withdraw support - from the National Union of General and Public Employees

Frail Squamish Nation protester dies after leaving jail - Posted: 03-Mar-07
  Harriet Nahanee wanted to read out loud the Proclamation of 1763, but judge jailed her for contempt - Kate Harries

Benzene and other rings - Posted: 03-Mar-07
  Long-lasting ring compounds have ripple effects - Ole Hendrickson

Notes from a bus - Posted: 02-Mar-07
  Falling in love with Canada all over again - David Suzuki

The final word on nutrition... - Posted: 27-Feb-07
  It's not what you eat! - from the Internet

Gordon Campbell's change of heart - Posted: 27-Feb-07
  BC Premier acts like a whole new person - Bill Tieleman

Spring offensive looms in Afghanistan - Posted: 26-Feb-07
  Canadians soldiers dying as US eyes widening the war to Iran - James Laxer

Harper poised but will he leap? - Posted: 26-Feb-07
  Opposition weaknesses could give us a spring federal election — or maybe not - Ish Theilheimer

Harperites stumble on judicial policies - Posted: 25-Feb-07
  Supreme Court rules against detention without hearings - Geoffrey Stevens

Enough Blood Shed - Posted: 25-Feb-07
  101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War - Mary Wynne Ashford

18 seconds makes a difference - Posted: 25-Feb-07
  Save the world — and save money, too - from

Government secrecy impairs justice: Supreme Court - Posted: 25-Feb-07
  Security certificates must be abolished - Matthew Behrens

Atlantica: myths and realities - Posted: 25-Feb-07
  Proposed trade zone would benefit the US more than Atlantic Canada - Scott Sinclair

Analyzing Ontario's by-elections - Posted: 23-Feb-07
  And: Liberals sensitive about perception of promise-breaking - from Inside Queen's Park

Marching from Grassy Narrows to Washington State - Posted: 23-Feb-07
  3,000 mile "Road to Seattle" to raise awareness about boreal forests and indigenous rights - from the Rainforest Action Network

"Wait time" hypocrisy - Posted: 23-Feb-07
  Wait time guarantees result in a set of perverse incentives - Gordon Guyatt

Hawks get bucks to sell war - Posted: 23-Feb-07
  Pro-military university centres reaping DND funding - Paul Weinberg

Disability matters more than it should - Posted: 22-Feb-07
  Barriers to mobility, resources are more society's fault than the individual's - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

One is too many - Posted: 22-Feb-07
  Behind every sexual assault statistic is a person - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Muslims, Arabs, boycott Harper - Posted: 21-Feb-07
  Accusing PM of not governing on behalf of the majority of Canadians - from the Canadian Islamic Congress, The Canadian Arab Federation and The Canadian Muslim Forum

Mythbusting on global weirding - Posted: 21-Feb-07
  Public grasps global warming better than commentators do - David Suzuki

Shafted! Mining deaths under Bush - Posted: 21-Feb-07
  Bush administration reversed decades of progress on mine safety - Ken Ward Jr

Nuclear power no answer for oil sands - Posted: 20-Feb-07
  Greenhouse gases are produced at each stage of the nuclear energy cycle - Mark S Winfield, Dan Woynillowicz & Hugh Wilkins

Meatpacking injuries spur union drive - Posted: 20-Feb-07
  Immigrant workers at Tyson plant fight for "justice, dignity and respect" - from the Associated Press

Forecasting political trouble - Posted: 20-Feb-07
  Stephen Harper's people tell the bus driver to be prepared - Geoffrey Stevens

BC's new budget - Posted: 20-Feb-07
  Budget a three-ring circus full of clowns and misdirection - Bill Tieleman

Cap clothing imports from China - Posted: 20-Feb-07
  Three Opposition parties call on Canada to limit import growth - from UNITE HERE

Corporate trade deals cut swaths through industrial Canada - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  And now the winners — why Straight Goods is important - Ish Theilheimer

Save a friend - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  How to recognize when someone is having a stroke - from the Internet

Sexism and homophobia are alike in many ways - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  The worst thing you can call a man — is a woman - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Harper lags on Kyoto solutions - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Harperites keep the focus away from reasonable and promising approaches to global warming - Linda McQuaig

The New CEO - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Illustrating the downside of "quick" thinking - from the Internet

Mission of folly - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Why Canada should bring its troops home from Afghanistan - James Laxer

Nishnawbe Aski learn from Bushmen's experience - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Aboriginals in Northern Ontario alarmed by what is happening in Botswana - Kate Harries

"If I were PM" videos flood into foundation - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Our videographer is practically mobbed by volunteers at my speaking events - David Suzuki

Scientists put ear to ocean floor - Posted: 19-Feb-07
  Canada leads the way tracking fish stocks - Stephen Leahy

There's love in the air - Posted: 13-Feb-07
  Stories of romance in honour of the day - from the Internet

Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre stirs controversy - Posted: 13-Feb-07
  Stewart maintains that collecting Indigenous languages does not constitute "meaningful consultation" - Stewart Steinhauer

What the BC Liberal Throne Speech should have said - Posted: 13-Feb-07
  Funds for housing, addiction treatment would be a good start - Bill Tieleman

Not so fast with the Gardasil HPV vaccine - Posted: 12-Feb-07
  Expensive, much-hyped vaccine may have its own risks - Vera Hassner Sharav and Meryl Nass

By-election losses give Dalton McGuinty a lesson in character education - Posted: 12-Feb-07
  Fall Ontario vote could bring minority government or even stranger things - Ish Theilheimer

Robert L Stanfield Airport a fitting tribute - Posted: 12-Feb-07
  There is little rhyme or reason to how places are named in honour of famous people - Geoffrey Stevens

February 28 is RSI Awareness Day - Posted: 11-Feb-07
  An hour of prevention is worth a lifetime of freedom from pain - from the Ontario Workers' Health Centres

Singing the praises of cabbage - Posted: 11-Feb-07
  Canadians can too have fresh green salads during winter - Lynn Jones

Middle East Quartet reinforces status quo - Posted: 11-Feb-07
  Faced with uncertainty, Palestinian organizations lapse into in-fighting - Nicola Nasser

Cold streets getting colder - Posted: 11-Feb-07
  Funding cutbacks, new policies, strip away services for Toronto's homeless - Cathy Crowe

Suicide watch at Kashechewan - Posted: 10-Feb-07
  Nine health care workers try to help people deal with grim realities of Northern reserve - Kate Harries

Echoes of Trudeau - Posted: 10-Feb-07
  Obamamania evokes Trudeaumania - Anthony Westell

Nobody's mother - Posted: 07-Feb-07
  New book explores how society treats women without children - Lynne van Luven

"We don't pay staff the National Minimum Wage (NMW)" - Posted: 06-Feb-07
  Some of the more unusual or outlandish reasons given to "Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs" - from the Internet

The Jewish right-wing's assault on liberals - Posted: 06-Feb-07
  If even Jimmy Carter is attacked for criticizing Israel, then no one is safe to speak out - Rabbi Michael Lerner

From honoured guest to key witness - Posted: 06-Feb-07
  Federal Liberal organizer's testimony central to Basi/Virk case - Bill Tieleman

Attack ads redux - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  Negative ads hurt democracy — and maybe the party that airs them - Geoffrey Stevens

Save money — don't buy RRSPs - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  And: Nuclear irresponsibility gets an ambivalent wrist-slap in Pembroke - Ish Theilheimer

Economics of the minimum wage - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  Minimum wages, set at "reasonable" levels, do not have significant negative impacts on the employment of so-called lower-skilled adults - Andrew Jackson

Eat locally, save the world - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  Robert Waldrop offers sage advice on how to achieve "Better Times" - Lynn Jones

Half of work-related injuries go unreported - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  Under-reporting Workers' Comp claims has serious consequences: CMAJ article - Aaron Thompson

Mediation fails to resolve Lebanon crisis - Posted: 05-Feb-07
  Potential for civil war plays into Israel's plans to re-occupy the country - Nicola Nasser

God hates inequality - Posted: 03-Feb-07
  Most US faith groups now support call for greatly increased minimum wage - Jim Wallis

Why I refused to fight in Iraq - Posted: 03-Feb-07
  "I serve not at the pleasure of the President, but as a servant of the people." - Lt Ehren Watada

Credit Union workers in bitter strike - Posted: 03-Feb-07
  Employer wants to roll back sick leave, job security and retirement benefits - Susan Ursel

Goldcorp's Guatemala shenanigans - Posted: 02-Feb-07
  Media cover CEO protest against merger, not local farmers' objection to gold mine - Albert Koehl

Conservatives cut every cent from culture-abroad program - Posted: 02-Feb-07
  Is it possible they don't understand that the arts are a major industry, worth as much as $40 billion? - Margaret Atwood

The travails of travel - Posted: 02-Feb-07
  Gruelling, demeaning and hazardous — and that's just the security clearance - Charles Gordon

If you were Prime Minister.... - Posted: 02-Feb-07
  David Suzuki launches cross-Canada tour in February - David Suzuki

Poverty and Policy in Canada - Posted: 02-Feb-07
  Current policies provide cheap pools of labour, while people suffer - Dennis Raphael

Ageism to some ... - Posted: 30-Jan-07
  can be viewed as Elder Humour to others! - from the Internet

Former Liberal president to testify - Posted: 30-Jan-07
  David Basi and Bob Virk face trial for breach of trust - Bill Tieleman

"Decent Work" campaign launched in Nairobi - Posted: 30-Jan-07
  International trade and economic growth alone, are neither creating enough good jobs nor eradicating poverty - from the International Trade Union Congress

Harper's presence helps McGuinty hold power - Posted: 29-Jan-07
  Ontario voters prefer their provincial government to be a different party from the federal government - Geoffrey Stevens

How green is your valley, John Baird? - Posted: 29-Jan-07
  Plus: justice for Mahar Arar; and Dippers rediscovering the lunch bucket - Ish Theilheimer

Queen's Park staffed up - Posted: 29-Jan-07
  Ministry staffers now total 288, up by 56 percent from 2004 - from Inside Queen's Park

Men — the missing link - Posted: 28-Jan-07
  House subcommittee's report trivializes violence against prostitutes - Jacques Brodeur, James Douglas, Nicolas Doyon, Martin Dufresne, Philippe Robert de Massy, Jacques Saintonge

US makes grab to control Iraqi oil - Posted: 27-Jan-07
  New "hydrocarbon" law rushed through to give US oil companies control of Iraq's oil production - Nicola Nasser

Long-term care affects women more than men - Posted: 27-Jan-07
  Ontario legislature must amend Bill 140 to ensure gender fairness - Beverley Baines

Five minutes to midnight - Posted: 27-Jan-07
  Climate change one reason the Bulletin moved Doomsday Clock hands - from the Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Stockwell Day visits Kingston "Guatanamo North" - Posted: 27-Jan-07
  Public Safety Minister refuses to meet with Secret Trial detainees - from Homes Not Bombs

Costly negotiations, small results - Posted: 27-Jan-07
  $1 billion treaty machine nearly produces three treaties, after 13 years - from the First Nations Strategic Bulletin

Exporting bitumen, and jobs - Posted: 26-Jan-07
  Alberta's new Premier promised to refine coal in the province, rather than export it - Diana Gibson

Agricultural policy for the birds - Posted: 26-Jan-07
  Farming practices that kill off bird species aren't good for people either - David Suzuki

Decoding US reactions to Arar - Posted: 25-Jan-07
  US ambassador objects to Canadian interference in Canadian affairs - Charles Gordon

Recycling can work - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  - perhaps even be enjoyable! - from the Internet

Millionaires reap the Liberal rewards - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Campbell spends $25 million on tax breaks rather than housing for the homeless - Bill Tieleman

Celebrity obssessed - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Media, Internet clogged with comments about famous people we love to hate - Charles Gordon

The audacity of hope - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  "What's troubling is the gap between the magnitude of our challenges and the smallness of our politics." - Barack Obama

Closing the gap slightly - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Canada could tax back part of CEO's extravagant pay packages - Andrew Jackson

Top heavy wealth - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Pioneering study shows richest two percent own half of world wealth - from the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER)

Charging towards the Big Melt - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Consumption has climate change consequences - Stephen Leahy

Pig farms and sex legislation - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Under the sensationalism and sentimentality lies a serious social issue - Penney Kome

Hidden costs of nuclear energy - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  We have no way to dispose of nuclear waste - Charles Caccia

Don't bet on an election this spring - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  No one wants a third election in less than three years - Geoffrey Stevens

Government greenwashes its true agenda - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  We don't call them Harpocrites for nothing - Ish Theilheimer

Workplace inspections out of sync - Posted: 23-Jan-07
  Special investigation finds Workers' Comp and Occupation Health inspectors overlook non-traditional occupational risks - David McKie

A burning issue.... - Posted: 22-Jan-07
  Fine paper much in demand for recycling - Janet McNeill

Violence prevention a public health issue - Posted: 18-Jan-07
  We need to focus on social standards rather than individual behaviour - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Kanesatake Mohawk Nation fights for Mirabel land - Posted: 18-Jan-07
  Feds promised to sell land back to farmers but Mohawks say they were there first - Heidi Schneider

The environment is hot - Posted: 17-Jan-07
  Canadians do want government to lead in tackling climate change - David Suzuki

Ontario must treat health centre staff fairly - Posted: 16-Jan-07
  Support staff at Community Health Centres trying to negotiate with Ministry of Health for wage increases - Miriam Garfinkle and Sharon Gazeley

France's top cop goes for the presidency - Posted: 16-Jan-07
  Nicolas Sarkozy relies on politics of fear - James Laxer

New treaty a sham - Posted: 16-Jan-07
  Province uses treaty to circumvent Agricultural Land Reserve - Bill Tieleman

Forget all your troubles - - Posted: 16-Jan-07
  Live your life backwards - from the Internet

Cold clammy hand of Senate Reform - Posted: 15-Jan-07
  The Prime Minister may care about Senate reform but most of the rest of Canada doesn't - Geoffrey Stevens

With 800 channels, wasteland is vaster than ever - Posted: 15-Jan-07
  Maybe viewers can do something about mediocre programming from cable and satellite companies - Ish Theilheimer

Time for the iCar - Posted: 13-Jan-07
  There is one sure way to make a car that pollutes less - Charles Gordon

Negotiation or confrontation - Posted: 12-Jan-07
  Senate Committee says there are only two choices for handling First Nations land claims - Gerry St. Germain and Nick G Sibbeston

Danger on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border - Posted: 12-Jan-07
  Canada should condemn Pakistan's land mine plan - Lloyd Axworthy

Stephen Harper tries to look greener - Posted: 12-Jan-07
  For Environment Minister, performance matters more than understanding issue - David Suzuki

Alberta cheated poor, widowed, disabled of $100 million: Court - Posted: 12-Jan-07
  Deadline extended for social assistance recipients to file for compensation - Penney Kome

Earning your meal - Posted: 09-Jan-07
  it may depend on good communications! - from the Internet

Don't blame Rona - Posted: 09-Jan-07
  Policy decisions were made by Stephen Harper, "new" environment minister, and cronies - Ish Theilheimer

Greening of Stephen Harper - Posted: 09-Jan-07
  PM finally understands: "It's the environment, stupid." - Geoffrey Stevens

Another mystery poll - Posted: 09-Jan-07
  Key Sullivan supporters financed the research. - Bill Tieleman

Catholic New Times folding - Posted: 08-Jan-07
  Financial crisis overtakes Canada's progressive Catholic publication - Diane Bisson

Western Producer fires columnist for supporting Wheat Board - Posted: 07-Jan-07
  Magazine also kills agrologist Wendy R Holm's column analysing Chuck Strahl's actions - from Common Ground magazine

NATO vs UN - Posted: 07-Jan-07
  Hostility to UN linked to restraint it imposes on US - Linda McQuaig

Poverty is a threat to peace - Posted: 07-Jan-07
  Excerpt from the Nobel Peace Prize lecture - Mohammed Yunus

Empower women to help children: UNICEF - Posted: 06-Jan-07
  "Double dividend" of gender equality benefits children too - from UNICEF

Feds renew funds for homeless - Posted: 06-Jan-07
  Last-minute announcement does not include any increas or new strategies - from Cathy Crowe

Workers' Comp should cover all workers: NDP - Posted: 06-Jan-07
  Ontario MPP calls for government to release report delayed by three years - from the Ontario NDP

George Bush: Executioner in Chief - Posted: 05-Jan-07
  As Texas Governor, Bush presided over a record 143 executions - James Laxer

Prosecuting child soldiers for their own safety - Posted: 05-Jan-07
  African nations redefining justice for child soldiers - Stephen Leahy

New "Plan B" guidelines - Posted: 05-Jan-07
  Ontario pharmacists urged to respect patients' privacy - from the office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Putting "community" in Community Development - Posted: 05-Jan-07
  Bottom-up process much more inclusive than regular economic development program - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Lack of winter John Baird's challenge - Posted: 05-Jan-07
  New Ottawa-based Environment Minister has front row seat for global warming - Charles Gordon

Muslims call on US to arrest Pat Robertson - Posted: 04-Jan-07
  Evangelist's warnings of new attack may mask own intentions - from the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

Fishing rights are treaty rights - Posted: 04-Jan-07
  BC history, not race, fuels fishing decisions - Hamar Foster

Poverty equals poor health - Posted: 04-Jan-07
  Yet McGuinty's policies echo Mike Harris' - Dennis Raphael

Avoid eating GMO foods for the New Year - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  No one really knows what effect GMO foods have on health - from The Institute for Responsible Technology

Funding cuts to women's groups are short-sighted - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Organizations provide research for better policies, by Kathleen O'Grady

The SUV in the living room - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Giant TVs consume huge amounts of electricity - David Suzuki

Homeland Security knows what you're eating - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Canada relies on US analysis of security risk for air passengers - Stuart Trew

Black fuel not green - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Despite climate change, the BC Liberal government is promoting coal - Bill Tieleman

The power of tradition - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Why the standard railroad gauge is 4 feet, 8½ inches - from the Internet

Jack Layton at the crossroads - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  If Layton and the NDP continue to run against the Liberals, the Conservatives will win again - James Laxer

Deep-sixing the Kelowna Accord and UN Declaration - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Measuring the federal government's commitment to Aboriginal rights - Chuck Wright with Ed Bianchi, for Kairos Canada

No New Year's hangover for Top CEOs - Posted: 02-Jan-07
  Top CEOs pocket $38,000 before noon on Jan 2 - Hugh Mackenzie

Drug warning is decades late - Posted: 01-Jan-07
  Acetaminophen link to liver damage well known to doctors - Dr. Peter Lurie

Environment reports kept secret - Posted: 31-Dec-06
  Harpocrites fail to release results of investigations into Canada's enforcement of environmental laws - Albert Koehl

Reactions to Saddam Hussein's death - Posted: 31-Dec-06
  Most of world repulsed by execution - compiled by SG staff.

Give thanks for the Earth - Posted: 31-Dec-06
  Prayer of thanks for the watershed - Lynn Jones

Year of Guccis and Guinness in BC - Posted: 31-Dec-06
  Reversals and contradictions mark political year - Bill Tieleman

Your 2007 — and welcome to it! - Posted: 31-Dec-06
  Predictions for the year ahead - Charles Gordon

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