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Straight Goods Features - 2008

Timely commentary of special notice

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Government abandons Cambie merchants - Posted: 24-Mar-09
  Stores suffer losses as subway construction blocks traffic, access - Bill Tieleman

Texas Slang - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Slandering local wild life? - from the Internet

Beware the Blue (Sweater) Shift - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  After the election the sweater will be replaced by full metal jacket - Bill Tieleman

Green Shift shuffle - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Liberals downplay key plank in their platform - Gillian Steward

Congress defeats bailout - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Threats, whips could not stampede Congress into approving faulty bailout - Michael Moore

What the US meltdown means for Canada - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  The current crash involves both stockmarket and housing market crashes - Toby Sanger

American financial bailout has lessons for Canadians - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Deregulation, new investment rules put pension plans at risk - Canadian Labour Congress

Vote for the environment - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  We must elect leaders who care about the planet - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

"Fairness for Ontario Party" left out again - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Premier McGuinty just can't shake loose the federal dollars - Inside Queen's Park

More cases of abuse reported - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Independent Workers Association Homeworkers Section wants action on growing abuse - IWA

Liberals stuck with unpalatable choices as campaign unfolds - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  If Quebeckers succeed in stopping Harper, however, coalition is still doable - Ish Theilheimer

P3 schools don't add up - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Provincial government must come clean on the math behind claims that P3 schools will save $118 million - Ricardo Acuña

Most Ontario workplaces break health and safety training laws - Posted: 30-Sep-08
  Training centre launches surge to push employers to move from complacence to compliance - Ish Theilheimer

Different rules, different debates - Posted: 29-Sep-08
  Canadian leaders' debate limited by conventions, number of leaders - Geoffrey Stevens

Restoring the health of the nation - Posted: 28-Sep-08
  Charter of Health Freedom kicks off campaign for Ministry of Wellness - Helke Ferrie

The disaster in Afghanistan - Posted: 28-Sep-08
  Canadians hear too little about civilian casualties, famine, and upcoming elections - John W Warnock

Nothing but fluff in this campaign - Posted: 23-Sep-08
  Time for news media to raise some real issues - Bill Tieleman

Third party candidate worries John McCain's camp - Posted: 23-Sep-08
  Joad Cressbeckler a true Beltway outsider - Onion News Network

Harper pushes "Alberta Agenda" - Posted: 23-Sep-08
  His economic toolbox has only one tool: tax cuts - Linda McQuaig

October 7 is World Day for Decent Work - Posted: 23-Sep-08
  International Trade Union Confederation launches own Youtube video channel - ITUC

Gerry Ritz controversy confirms the election is about public values - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Obsession with polls and image politics obscures real issues, such as Harper turning public safety over to the private sector - Ish Theilheimer

Pashtuns say they are caught in someone else's war - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Afghan ethnic group straddles border with Pakistan, where US troops are hunting al-Qaeda - Abubakar Siddique

World Bank contradicts itself - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Recent vow to try to eliminate poverty undercut by continued harsh prescriptions for poor countries - Larry Brown

Ozone hole, again - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Chemical lobby weakening ozone treaty - Stephen Leahy

Time to repair Alberta's voting system - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Chief Electoral Officer's report cites "dire need" for change in how elections are conducted - Scott Harris

How to win the Muslim vote - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Islamic Congress lists top Muslim issues for Election 2008 - Islamic Supreme Congress

Private health care driving up costs - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  The 70 percent of health care covered by public insurance stays steady at 5 percent of national income - Canadian Labour Congress

Public protection should be an election issue - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Listeriosis, financial meltdown just two examples of the havoc de-regulation can wreak - Geoffrey Stevens

Natural capital - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  We can't see the forest's worth for the value of the logs - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Don't believe everything that you think - Posted: 22-Sep-08
  Top item on women's groups' lists at election time is to elect a government that will deliver on equality - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Saturday night get-together - Posted: 16-Sep-08
  A chance to share a pint - from the Internet

Ho-hum federal election campaign needs a shakeup - Posted: 16-Sep-08
  Leadership and inspiration needed to ward off a whole lot more of the same - Ish Theilheimer

Global Integrity evaluates democracies - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Canada ranks 8th out of 55 nations - Democracy Watch

A shameful anniversary for Harper - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  World observes the first anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - John Baglow

Liberal voters, candidates scarce in Alberta - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Party label feels more like a target - Gillian Steward

Bellwether and swing ridings - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Pundits are always looking for key ridings to predict election outcomes - Geoffrey Stevens

Young women redefining rights movement - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Analyses of "intersectionality" help feminism become more inclusive - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

The temperature's rising — with election fever - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  It's vitally important for all Canadians to put the environment at the top of the agenda in this election - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Farm workers repatriated after exercising human rights - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Workers sent back to Mexico after union applies to represent them - Union of Food and Commercial Workers

How Jack Layton can become prime minister - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  The Liberals have the votes, the NDP have the leader — they should talk about a coalition - Clyde Sanger

Breaking the cycle of urban poverty - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  IDRC international conference brainstorms ways to improve social mobility, quality of life - Stephen Dale

Energy independence should be an election issue - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Canada still dependent on foreign oil, because USA has first dibs on Canadian oil - Ricardo Acuña

Arctic oil and gas rush alarms scientists - Posted: 15-Sep-08
  Rather than alleviate global warming, nations rush to exploit region - Stephen Leahy

Shoddy treatment or not - Posted: 09-Sep-08
  It is all relative to our expectations - from the Internet

Harper recycles 1996 slogan - Posted: 09-Sep-08
  NDP used "On your side" slogan to attack Liberal BC government in 1996 election — Bill Tieleman

"Don't think of an elephant" leader - Posted: 09-Sep-08
  A call for coalition politics will delight the anti-Harper majority - Ish Theilheimer

Dig into mushroom farm fatalities: union - Posted: 09-Sep-08
  Farmworkers union calls for public inquiry into "confined space" deaths - United Food and Commercial Workers

Real leaders are willing to take risks - Posted: 09-Sep-08
  Stephen Harper says that tackling global warming would be too risky - Linda McQuaig

Talking the Walk Against Violence - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Muslim cleric attracts multifaith support - Penney Kome

The ten worst insurance companies - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Insurance industry employs "Deny, Delay, Defend" strategy, puts profits over policyholders - American Association for Justice

Ignoring cherished Tory values - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Alberta Conservatives don't even aspire to the goals the Harperites tout - Gillian Steward

New Michael Moore movie, free! - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Project aimed at helping mobilize youth for '08 Election - Michael Moore

Leveling the NAFTA playing field - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Canadian and US USW locals to "adopt" 3,000 striking workers' families in Mexico - United Steel Workers

Create drug treatment courts soon in NB - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Diverting people facing addiction-related crimes to treatment programs can save time, money, and lives - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Trust is the key to a majority - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Harper gambling that voters trust and are comfortable with him - Geoffrey Stevens

Lessons my father taught me - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  "Respect your elders", "Live within your means" and "Clean up your own mess" never go out of fashion - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Salt River Nation lands claims settlement - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Government of Canada Creates New Reserve in the NWT - Department of Indian and Northern Affairs

The American empire - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Soap operas obscure the underlying election campaign debate - James Laxer

Afghan pullout blues - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Shifting US strategy jeopardizes PM's promised 2011 exit - Paul Weinberg

Flying blind into monster storm season - Posted: 08-Sep-08
  Forty percent of weather satellites due to go out of service within two years and USA won't replace them - Stephen Leahy

First day of school blues - Posted: 02-Sep-08
  Everyone is susceptible to them - from the Internet

Make this one a public values election - Posted: 02-Sep-08
  Opposition parties need to emphasize the difference between what they stand for and Stephen Harper's ideology - Ish Theilheimer

The election no one wants - Posted: 02-Sep-08
  Compared to the US election's offer of hope, the Canadian election seems dreary - Mel Watkins

BC's economy is slumping - Posted: 02-Sep-08
  Business groups sound alarm that BC economy is taking a big hit - Bill Tieleman

Calgary becoming Alberta opposition central - Posted: 02-Sep-08
  Local Liberal MLAs compete to lead defeated, debt-ridden party - Gillian Steward

The real reasons Harper wants an election - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Naked ambition combined with fear could be motives for a very ugly campaign - Geoffrey Stevens

Religion in the 2008 election - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Like Republicans, Harperites court conservative Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews - Dennis Gruending

New Brunswick re-considers literacy challenge - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  If you can read this, consider yourself lucky - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Labour Day 2008 - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  A time to reflect as the struggle continues - NUPGE

Judging John McCain's character - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Candidate's boyish charm hides his dreary record of ethics and behaviour - John Chuckman

We see what we expect to see - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Our perceptual filters shape the world - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Quebec anti-nuke activists rise up - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Province, Hydro-Quebec, make plans to refurbish Gentilly-2 - Marita Moll

Waiting for the Bus in New Orleans - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  An estimated 30,000 people without cars needed help evacuating ahead of Hurricane Gustav - Bill Quigley

Twisting the concept of "elite" - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Republicans distort language to conceal their real allegiances - Linda McQuaig

Bullying leads to massacres: psychologist - Posted: 01-Sep-08
  Not the bullies, but their victims, are likely to go on killing sprees - Sherwood Ross

No perfect victims - Posted: 19-Aug-08
  Activists may dislike Khadr clan, but rights aren't a popularity contest - Paul Weinberg

The Russian-American struggle over Georgia - Posted: 19-Aug-08
  US wants access to Caspian Sea region's oil reserves - James Laxer

"The Cry" rally in Ottawa - Posted: 19-Aug-08
  Fundamentalist youth gather to support Israel, protest liberal policies - Dennis Gruending

Majority or bust! - Posted: 19-Aug-08
  Another Conservative minority would probably cost Harper his job - Geoffrey Stevens

Team Harper wrote the book on chaos - Posted: 19-Aug-08
  Now Harper cites "obstructionism" as a reason to call an early election - Lawrence Martin

Don't worry, be happy - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Here is the most popular way to stop fretting about the news. (Youtube video, Jon Lajoie)

BC Liberal bureaucrats' pay raise outrageous - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Deputy and assistant deputy ministers get double-digit increases - Bill Tieleman

Lougheed still a player in politics - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Stelmach should heed Peter Lougheed's example in cultivating other Premiers - Gillian Steward

NB tax review's impact needs to be measured - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Proposed changes could exacerbate inequality - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

New ways to recycle polystyrene - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  One of the most difficult and prolific materials can now be re-manufactured into consumer goods - Environment and Plastics Industry Council

Free trade will hurt, not help Colombians - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Canadian labour leaders report on findings of research trip - Denis Lemelin, Paul Moist, John Gordon and George Heyman

US fails to enforce NAFTA side deal on labour laws - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  US departments of labor and homeland security blame each other - Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law

Germany leads in renewable energy - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Scheer determination transforms Germany's energy grid - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Why isn't EI an issue? - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Jobs and support for workers hurt by massive restructuring should be cornerstone issues of any platform aimed at working families - Ish Theilheimer

Disarmed to nuclear danger - Posted: 18-Aug-08
  Iran has no nukes but the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, Israel, India and Pakistan have more than 20,000 - Linda McQuaig

Gordo's changes just plain rotten - Posted: 05-Aug-08
  New Order in Council allows BC to refuse benefits to children with autism - Bill Tieleman

BC's biodiversity is important for all of Canada - Posted: 05-Aug-08
  BC and Alberta are the only provinces that don't have endangered species laws - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Canadians ready to do their part for the environment if government does - Posted: 05-Aug-08
  Political debate is hung up in trendy talk, rather than concrete ways to help ordinary people do the right thing - Ish Theilheimer

Getting into the Olympics - Posted: 05-Aug-08
  Just a little nerve? and a prop - from the Internet

How we make sex work more dangerous - Posted: 05-Aug-08
  Sex workers are caught in the messy Catch-22 that is the Canadian law and the way it is applied - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Bill C-543 far better than Bill C-484 - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  New private member's bill would penalize assault on a pregnant woman rather than harm to fetus - Joyce Arthur

Harper vows, "No new taxes" - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  Promise made at St-Agapit, Quebec, could come back to haunt PM - Geoffrey Stevens

Counting Calgary's homeless - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  Many homeless people in Alberta have paying jobs but can't afford a place to live - Gillian Steward

Canadian business taxes are among the lowest in world - Posted: 04-Aug-08 study of 10 nations puts lie to corporate propaganda - NUPGE

Music beats media - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  UK group says mainstream media deprive most people of a voice in democracy - Penney Kome

Wetlands hold 20 percent of world's CO2 - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  Wetlands loss fuelling CO2 feedback loop, scientists say - Stephen Leahy

Time to rethink Canada's mission in Afghanistan - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  Canadians need a reality check to counter Ottawa's soothing message that steady progress is being made - James Laxer

Behind Obama's rhetoric - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  His main attraction is the notion that he is going to bring about real change - Linda McQuaig

Stakeholders are as important as shareholders - Posted: 04-Aug-08
  Companies should plan for long-term best interests - Mark Brownlie

At the doctor's office - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  At the doctor's office -- Sometimes the Rx is a shock.

Powerful framing can defeat "privateering" – George Lakoff - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Cognitive scientist and political analyst is returning to Canada just in time for Persuading to Win: 2008 symposium - Ish Theilheimer

The smell of Gordo's demise - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell's government is imploding - Bill Tieleman

Self-insurance for self-employed workers - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  ILO launches microinsurance program to provide disability, health, death benefits for microenterprises - International Labor Organization

We need a plan to reduce poverty - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  MIT Lab approaches problem on a scientific basis - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Canadian energy policy "Made in USA" - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  The window may be closing on what's left of Canadian decision-making power over our own energy - Linda McQuaig

Coral reefs collapsing in more acid oceans - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Climate change is making the ocean too warm and too acidic for most corals species to survive - Stephen Leahy

When good elements go bad - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Algae in the Olympic sailing area result of too much nitrogen from fertilizers and other sources - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Alberta's greenwash attempt - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Ed Stelmach's $4 billion public relations effort doesn't add up to much of anything - Ricardo Acuña

See the federal tortoises race - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  The Liberals could probably defeat the Harperites, but Dion probably can't beat Harper - Geoffrey Stevens

"Housing first" policies fall short - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Critics call the program "weapons of mass displacement" - Beric German

Why Israel wouldn't dare attack Iran - Posted: 22-Jul-08
  Iran can seal off the Strait of Hormuz, blocking a third of the world's oil supply - Uri Avnery

NDP celebrates 75th anniversary - Posted: 21-Jul-08
  Socialism in Canada began as a faith to love, full of principles, free of utopias - Gerald Caplan

Polls rate Liberals' carbon tax - Posted: 21-Jul-08
  With one announcement Dion has made the upcoming federal election a two-party contest - Marc Zwelling

War and global warming - Posted: 21-Jul-08
  The Pentagon is the single largest consumer of oil in the world. Only 35 countries consume more oil - Bruce K. Gagnon

The George W Bush Presidential Library - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  A monument to his years in office - from the Internet

Labour North and South - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  Canadian union leaders visit Colombia to assess human rights there - Ron Verzuh

Morgentaler deserves it - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  Prime Minister Harper is deeply wrong to criticize Order of Canada appointment - Bill Tieleman

How far will Obama drift? - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  And – US drug war heads north, with no opposition - Ish Theilheimer

Workers win wage protection if company goes bankrupt - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  New Wage Earner Protection Program means government will pay and seek to recoup from employer - Canadian Labour Congress

Faith groups support war resisters - Posted: 08-Jul-08
  Multi-faith petition urges government not to deport Corey Glass or other US conscientious objectors. - Canadian Friends Service Committee

Two absurd proposals - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Dion challenges Harper to debate, Chrétien loyalists ask Paul Martin for apology - Geoffrey Stevens

Toxic tailings from the tar sands - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Alberta Environmental Resources Conservation Board's new directive worse than useless - Ricardo Acuna

NB'S crash summer school course on taxes - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Government "consults" while most citizens are away or at play - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Let's clear the air on carbon taxes - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  People have to pay for the garbage we put into the air - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Labour's plan for dealing with high energy prices - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Working families hit by job losses as well as soaring food and fuel costs - Canadian Labour Congress

Financial crisis shows G8 has the means to tackle poverty — if it has the - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  A trillion-dollar bailout for banks might lead to less money for the hungry - Oxfam

Big Oil poised to make triumphant return to Iraq - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Small service contracts announced last week are a step toward major development deals - Linda McQuaig

Competition Review panel toes business line - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Appointed to ease public alarm over foreign takeovers, panel recommends more of the same - Mel Watkins

Nuke strikeout - Posted: 07-Jul-08
  Canada waffles while NATO feuds over first-strike attacks - Paul Weinberg

There may be still work to do in the showroom - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  But in the parking lot — old ladies rule - from the Internet

Growing alternatives in the rainforest - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Scientists estimate that about 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Carbon tax has no supporters around here - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  "Axe the BC Gas Tax" movement continues to grow - Bill Tieleman

Alberta's latest health makeover - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Province abolished local Regional Health Authorities and established one central agency - Gillian Steward

Dion's plan privatizes climate change fight - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Strategy is more about politics than pollution - Ish Theilheimer

Tax Freedom Day a scam - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Media should stop parroting Fraser Institute propaganda, which is based on flawed statistics - Scott Harris

Harper's attack ads - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  PM's eagerness to attack Liberals' green plan shows that Harper thinks like an Opposition leader - Geoffrey Stevens

See how they pray - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Consider their goals before joining Prayer Sunday, presented by Ottawa's National House of Prayer - Dennis Gruending

Our taxes should support our jobs - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Our economic partners have "buy domestic" laws. So should Canada - Canadian Labour Congress

US employers pushing women out of workforce - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Employers no longer willing to accommodate work-life balance - Sharon Johnson

Simple measures can cut carbon emissions - Posted: 24-Jun-08
  Soaring energy costs may force people to adopt low-CO2 lifestyles - Stephen Leahy

Let's make a closer connection between creators and copyright - Posted: 23-Jun-08
  Not all sides are represented in roaring debate over copyright bill - Giuseppina D'Agostino

Imagine the G8 meeting in Muskoka - Posted: 23-Jun-08
  2010 Summit could bring out the best — and worst — in Canadians - Charles Gordon

Albertans missing out on the benefit of soaring oil prices - Posted: 23-Jun-08
  Royalty cap ensures firms aren't paying top dollar for this natural resource - Diana Gibson and David Thompson

Many women find buying a vehicle a chore - Posted: 23-Jun-08
  Most sales staff ignore or condescend to women customers - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Howard Hampton can look himself in the mirror - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  Will a new leader for Ontario's NDP be able to build on the base he won back? - Ish Theilheimer

The end of an era - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  To a long and hot summer on the road - from the Internet

Axe the BC gas tax - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  Big oil companies are already hosing you at the gas pumps and now Premier Gordon Campbell wants to do the same - Bill Tieleman

Changing the "market rules" rule - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  John Maynard Keynes solved the Depression by figuring out sometimes it's alright for governments to intervene - Linda McQuaig

A fetus is a fetus, not an "unborn baby" - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  Complaints of "misinformation campaign" against Bill C-484 are misinformed - Joyce Arthur

TB leading killer of Africans with AIDS - Posted: 17-Jun-08
  Leading TB/HIV Zambian activist asks Canadian public and government to make TB/HIV a global priority - Winstone Zulu

Obamamania evokes Trudeaumania - Posted: 16-Jun-08
  Once upon a time, watching Canadian politics was exciting - Geoffrey Stevens

Newfoundland social workers swamped - Posted: 16-Jun-08
  Conditions so bad that 74 percent would consider comparable jobs in other fields - NUPGE

Governments flunk childcare: CLC - Posted: 16-Jun-08
  Quebec accounts for almost half the children with regulated childcare - Canadian Labour Congress

Federal apology only a start - Posted: 16-Jun-08
  Injustices to aboriginal people still abound - Scott Harris

Good intentions on biodiversity - Posted: 15-Jun-08
  But only Germany offered new funding at UN meeting - Stephen Leahy

CBC seeks new song - Posted: 15-Jun-08
  Contest for new hockey song should be even funnier than Conservative attack ads on gas pumps - Charles Gordon

Jail isn't the answer to mental health problems - Posted: 15-Jun-08
  Incarcerated women often have special needs, few resources - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

The macaw, the toucan and the manduvi - Posted: 15-Jun-08
  Interdependence of species highlights the importance of looking at the big picture - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Jack's carbon tax stand stacks up - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  There are better ways to cool the planet and build a green economy than taxing consumers more - Ish Theilheimer

Time to clean up Liberal lobbying - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  "Most influential unelected player" in BC party is not registered as a lobbyist - Bill Tieleman

Everything an open-heart patient needs to know - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  (And best get-well wishes to a friend this Friday the 13th) - from the Internet

Commuting in clean air - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  The PM can help break the cycle of energy dependency — with bicycles - Albert Koehl

Distinctions in the sex trade - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  PEERS agency works to demystify and normalize the inevitable profession - Diane Walsh

Residential schools: Apologies don't even touch the half of it... - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  If the Harper government is sincere in its remorse, it needs a complete change in policies - Boyce Richardson

Employment: growing signs of weakness - Posted: 10-Jun-08
  Part-time jobs and self-employment are replacing full-time unionized jobs - Canadian Labour Congress

Environment needs federal leadership - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Instead, John Baird scoffs at provincial efforts to cut greenhouse gases - Geoffrey Stevens

Rev Lois Wilson, on the sacred and the secular - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Conference goers and speakers wrestle with making faith relevant in a diverse society - Dennis Gruending

Auto industry disaster - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  GM closing underscores the Harper government's betrayal of Ontario - James Laxer

NAFTA vs Alberta law - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  NAFTA's proportionality clause has the Alberta Government violating its own legislation - Ricardo Acuna

It's like 1968, only different - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  You can argue that 1968 was the year that political hope died in the US and was born in Canada - Charles Gordon

Summit of the Canadas - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Upper and Lower Canada premiers meet to discuss policies - Inside Queen's Park

A nuclear reaction - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Nuclear power is risky, expensive, heavily taxpayer subsidized, and it isn't even totally emissions-free - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Women still have not reached equality - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Although there have been many changes for the better, progress does not occur in a straight line - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Homelessness, crime rise in Calgary - Posted: 09-Jun-08
  Police department call for more officers on the street doesn't address root causes.- Damian Piper

On the way to lunchÂ…. - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  Best friends take a drive - from the Internet

Ontario Poverty Quest - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  Round tables and hearings structured on the business model will never reveal the parameters of poverty - Maggie Hughes

Harper's uncanny knack for misjudging issues - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  Despite the PM's hopes, the most damaging issues have not gone away by themselves - Geoffrey Stevens

Reopen NAFTA, reclaim our oil - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  Canada will need tough negotiators to gain parity in trade agreement - Linda McQuaig

Bill 42 must be stopped - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  Bill would sharply restrict third-party ads for five months before election campaigns - Bill Tieleman

Unions more than ever, Georgetti says - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  President of the Canadian Labour Congress calls for more unionization - Canadian Labour Congress

Just say no to Harper's war on drugs - Posted: 03-Jun-08
  And get with it, labour movement, working families are online - Ish Theilheimer

Ride a bike and save the world - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  Bicycles might be the most efficient form of transportation yet invented - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

First Nations — language, culture — are women's issues - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  About half of the 50 indigenous languages in Canada are endangered or close to extinction - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Afghanistan awards China contract to mine huge copper field - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  $3.5 billion contract includes coal-fired power plant and freight railroad - Ron Synovitz

Climate change casts marine science adrift - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  Ocean science lags far behind atmospheric research, mostly due to lack of funding, warn researchers - Stephen Leahy

Bill 1 unconstitutional, says trade expert - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  Alberta and BC's Trade, Investment and Mobility Agreement (TILMA) could be challenged in court even before it becomes law - Scott Harris

Harper government loses respect - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  Bernier unfrocking, Italian non-deal, undercut credibility - Charles Gordon throws a party in Ottawa - Posted: 02-Jun-08
  Ottawa event celebrates SG, highlights independent journalism - Harris MacLeod

High oil prices are good for you - Posted: 27-May-08
  High oil prices are good for you - they are already shaking up the status quo around the globe.

When there is nothing left to do - Posted: 27-May-08
  You can always try Ralph's challenge - from the Internet

Bill 42 an insult to free speech - Posted: 27-May-08
  Bill would ban third-party advertising for five full months before an election - Bill Tieleman

Collective bargaining for farm workers back in the spotlight - Posted: 27-May-08
  Appeal arguments heard last week in case before the Ontario Court of Appeal - NUPGE

Nine reasons to oppose the war in Afghanistan - Posted: 26-May-08
  Canadians should call on the federal government to withdraw from the conflict zone - Rev Fred Cappuccino

Preston Manning's red herring - Posted: 26-May-08
  Complaints about Manitoba's proposed election spending limits seem disingenuous - John Baglow

You are what corporations persuade you to eat - Posted: 26-May-08
  NGOs urge World Health Assembly to challenge corporate role in preventable disease - from Corporate Responsibility International (formerly INFACT)

Soil power - Posted: 26-May-08
  "Literally, this is energy from dirt" - Stephen Leahy

Booming Alberta worries about Ottawa - Posted: 26-May-08
  Memories of National Energy Program haunt oil-rich province - Gillian Steward

Burning gas instead of coal - Posted: 26-May-08
  Ontario communities reject smokestacks and transmission lines, and call for green energy - Ivona Vujica

Harper invokes libel chill - Posted: 26-May-08
  Lawsuit threat attempts to override Parliamentary immunity - Geoffrey Stevens

Dalton McGuinty deals with caucus unrest - Posted: 26-May-08
  Talking about being "hurt" is the wrong way to rally the troops - Inside Queen's Park

Gas pains and food shortages - Posted: 25-May-08
  North Americans complain about the price at the pump while people starve in the Global South - Charles Gordon

Canada's foreign minister belongs at Arctic summit - Posted: 25-May-08
  Diplomacy and international law are not the job of a natural resources minister - Michael Byers

Mel Hurtig still campaigning - Posted: 25-May-08
  Get madder than Mel and say, 'I'm not going to take it anymore' - Scott Harris

Doctor barred in one province can practice in another - Posted: 25-May-08
  Lack of national standards or co-ordination puts patients at risk - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Polar bears walking on thin ice - Posted: 25-May-08
  Canada has yet to declare polar bears endangered - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Strange bedfellows in Alberta - Posted: 20-May-08
  Opposition to spending third party spending limits crosses ideological lines - Scott Harris

Real men ride bikes - Posted: 20-May-08
  A red-blooded endorsement of cycling makes good public policy, saves money, promotes health and would add to Gross National Happiness - Ish Theilheimer

A new way to do politics - Posted: 20-May-08
  Reformed election finance laws and frustration with old ways leads to grassroots focus at CLC - Ish Theilheimer

You can't take it with you - Posted: 20-May-08 kicks off it's spring fund raising - from the Internet

Dion gambling on public concern about climate change - Posted: 20-May-08
  Liberal leader calls for "green shift" in Canadian economy - Geoffrey Stevens

Wrong people being muzzled - Posted: 20-May-08
  Crown attorneys won't have to explain why they released Peter Lee to kill his wife, child, in-laws - Bill Tieleman

A loss of balance on Israel - Posted: 20-May-08
  May was a 60th anniversary — albeit a very different kind — for Palestinians too - Linda McQuaig

Message in a bottle - Posted: 18-May-08
  Bisphenol A in plastic bottles may be more harmful than anything in our tap water - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Democracy not for the highest bidder - Posted: 18-May-08
  Time to set spending limits for municipal politics - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

New US government report reveals 2,500 youths held in military custody abroad - Posted: 18-May-08
  Lack of safeguards for treatment of juveniles violates international standards, says American Civil Liberties Union - American Civil Liberties Union

Obama pays for Wright's words - Posted: 18-May-08
  In an age of video, everybody is one degree away from guilt by association - Charles Gordon

National Prayer Breakfast needs shake-up - Posted: 18-May-08
  Meeting on Parliament Hill hews to narrow faith agenda - Dennis Gruending

From Burma to Hortons, the bad guys are on a roll - Posted: 13-May-08
  Deepening crises call for willingness to work with adversaries on behalf of human survival - Ish Theilheimer

Bolivia under siege - Posted: 13-May-08
  US-funded autonomy movements threaten to tear the country apart - Fred Jones

Telling porkies... - Posted: 13-May-08
  Or in this case, a bit of bull - from the Internet

Carbon tax just hot air - Posted: 13-May-08
  Low-income people will pay more, while corporations will get a tax break - Bill Tieleman

Excellence shines at NNAs - Posted: 13-May-08
  No shortage of candidates for National Newspaper Awards - Geoffrey Stevens

Dead ducks are only the surface of the problem - Posted: 13-May-08
  500 dead waterfowl on a tailings pond signal deeper issues - Gillian Steward

Empowered mothers change the world - Posted: 13-May-08
  Women have tried to improve the conditions under which parenting could be done in this society - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Little bug, big problem - Posted: 13-May-08
  Pine beetles expected to kill close to 80 percent of BC's mature pine forests - David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

Ontario Bar recognizes injured-worker activist - Posted: 13-May-08
  Steve Mantis to accept Ron Ellis Award in June - Ontario Bar Association

Hundreds of immigrant workers kick off the "Summer of Hope!" - Posted: 13-May-08
  UNITE HERE Local 75 hotel workers and community allies take the fight against poverty to the streets of Toronto - UNITE HERE

The sweet taste of fair trade chocolate - Posted: 12-May-08
  Foil the speculators and undercut the slave traders by choosing your chocolate with care - Randy Rudolph

Death during childbirth common in Afghanistan - Posted: 12-May-08
  On average, a woman dies there every 27 minutes from pregnancy complications - Radio Free Europe

Burma thugs and corporate complicity - Posted: 12-May-08
  Oil and gas companies help prop up the military regime - John Baglow

"Doctor" Nature in danger - Posted: 12-May-08
  Endangered species have contributed life-saving drugs - Stephen Leahy

Hillary's threat - Posted: 12-May-08
  What it means when she says: "We could totally obliterate them [Iran]" - James Laxer

Keeping USA gas tanks full - Posted: 12-May-08
  In 2007, Canada shipped an astonishing average of 1.848 million barrels of oil a day to the United States. But the US wants even more - Brent Patterson

Municipal campaign work has multiple benefits for labour - Posted: 08-May-08
  Local activists energized, key issues raised, and 600 endorsed candidates elected through focus on local elections - Ish Theilheimer

A mother's dictionary - Posted: 06-May-08
  Free printable definition list for new mothers — for more experienced mothers, expanded definition list is overwhelming and unavailable - from the Internet

Conservative Catholics collaborate with evangelicals - Posted: 06-May-08
  Issues like abortion, gay marriage, unite former rivals - Dennis Gruending

Carbon capture and storage bogus - Posted: 06-May-08
  Unproven technology is a corporate boondoggle that shortchanges environment, consumers: Greenpeace - Greenpeace

Huge political support for Vancouver Farmers Markets - Posted: 06-May-08
  Rule changes needed to offer stability for local farmers' markets - Bill Tieleman

StatsCan reports rising inequality - Posted: 06-May-08
  Post accuses StatsCan of fomenting class war for reporting the facts - Linda McQuaig

Charles Caccia: a man of principle - Posted: 06-May-08
  Former Liberal environment minister worked ceaselessly for the cause after he left politics - Albert Koehl

Pick Fair Trade bananas - Posted: 05-May-08
  Most bananas come from Ecuador, which has very lax labour and environmental standards - Sonia Furstenau

Ed Finn: still fighting the good fight after all these years - Posted: 05-May-08
  NUPGE salutes a tireless warrior since 1942 on the progressive left in Canada - NUPGE

America's energy crisis is unsustainable - Posted: 05-May-08
  Here are some of the realities the politicians won't talk about - James Laxer

Stelmach stacks the deck on nuclear study - Posted: 04-May-08
  Panel appointees all come from business or nuclear industry - Scott Harris

An election on Bill C-10 would be ridiculous - Posted: 04-May-08
  The policy of withholding tax credits for works found to be "contrary to public policy" has been in the law, without incident, since 2003 - Geoffrey Stevens

Bearing down on grizzlies - Posted: 04-May-08
  The US lists grizzly bears as "threatened", and Canada calls them a "special concern" but does not protect them - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Caesarean section rate troubling - Posted: 04-May-08
  Canada, including New Brunswick, has higher rate of surgical deliveries than the World Health Organization recommends - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Union Videos - Posted: 30-Apr-08
  To celebrate May Day, is bringing readers a special collection of union videos.

Living the union life to the fullest - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  No exceptions allowed - from the Internet

Gregor for Mayor - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  Gregor Robertson has integrity and a deep sense of public service - Bill Tieleman

Temple tempest - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  Extremist JDL resurfaces in Bathurst synagogue with Likud pol in tow - Paul Weinberg

22 years after Chornobyl - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  In disaster's wake, a fading legacy of "Green" awareness - Brian Whitmore and Claire Bigg

Happy May Day, amigos! - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  New threats to working people renew relevance of unions - Ish Theilheimer

Feed the world - Posted: 29-Apr-08
  For developing countries, biofuels are a catastrophe - Ole Hendrickson

Ballot box can bring power for workers – CLC - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Political action strategy focuses on building organizational capacity and training a new generation of activists - Ish Theilheimer

Conservatives fail to build trust - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  New book on Mulroney's regime only raises questions about Harperites' record - Geoffrey Stevens

Details of TILMA sure don't sound harmless - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  First Bill from new Alberta government is a trade agreement that came into effect on April 1, 2007 - Ricardo Acuña

NGO accuses Minister of misquoting them - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Democracy Watch calls on Federal Minister Peter Van Loan to apologize - from Democracy Watch

Aboriginal Peoples call for Canada to support action on climate change - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Seven Aboriginal groups decry Canada's statement to UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues - Indigenous Environmental Network

Adjusting Legislature schedules - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Opposition, media, criticize plan to change Question Period to first thing in the morning - Inside Queen's Park

Union Island opens on Second Life - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Activists from around the world will gather online for training, strategizing, and fun - from Union Island

The year of the frog - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  Conservationists, universities, zoos and aquariums invite the public to "Jump in!" and save the frogs - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Debating the future of the American Empire - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  All the candidates must tiptoe around the fact that the Empire is in peril - James Laxer

Canadians want higher taxes - Posted: 28-Apr-08
  New poll shows two-thirds would rather pay the extra penny and receive the urban benefits - Toby Sanger

Canadian winters - Posted: 22-Apr-08
  Something worth moving away from - from the Internet

Wanted: political tightrope walker - Posted: 22-Apr-08
  Whoever conducts Mulroney/Schreiber commission walks between precipices - Geoffrey Stevens

Crime and (mild) punishment - Posted: 22-Apr-08
  The killing of Paul Croutch sounds almost like a hate crime against the homeless - Linda McQuaig

Eat BC - Posted: 22-Apr-08
  British Columbians can celebrate Earth Day by eating local food - Bill Tieleman

End Canada's political gridlock - Posted: 22-Apr-08
  Creative solutions are needed to lead Canada's permanent minority parliament out of darkness - Ish Theilheimer

Iraq: US troops target errant Iraqi police - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Corruption, sectarianism threaten uneasy peace in Governate north of Baghdad - Richard Tomkins

Hillary just went too far - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Democrats are a lesser evil than Republicans, and Obama is more than a lesser evil among Democrats - Michael Moore

Workplace fatalities still increasing - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Transpavé Inc was the first company prosecuted under new Criminal Code provisions for workplace deaths - Canadian Labour Congress

Spend money on housing, not war - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Military mentality hurts Canada's most vulnerable - Cathy Crowe

Fishing for salmon answers - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Although some kinds of farmed seafood make sense, farmed salmon has specific problems - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Albertans on autopilot - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Voter apathy equals Ralph's vision realized - Gillian Steward

How Sharon McIvor is taking on the Indian Act - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  Supreme Court of Canada rules that Bill C-31 compromise is still discriminatory - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Round four of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) talks - Posted: 21-Apr-08
  The SPP is the umbrella under which hundreds of trilateral initiatives have been assembled - Bruce Campbell

Remember China's dissidents - Posted: 15-Apr-08
  Remember China's dissidents — Columnist received three email death threats over "Boycott China" column - Bill Tieleman

Provincial civil servant salaries make headlines - Posted: 15-Apr-08
  But municipal civil service increases have actually been greater - Inside Queen's Park

Why I don't support the seal hunt protest and why Stephen Harper does - Posted: 15-Apr-08
  If we help desperate sealers and resource communities find new ways to survive, the seals will be probably survive too - Ish Theilheimer

Gender equality on the job site - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Sometimes winning respect depends on learning the language. - from the Internet

Olympic torch sheds more heat than light - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Lubicons' bid for 1988 Olympic boycott flickered out quickly - Gillian Steward

Sustainability is a vision worth fighting for - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Sweeping social change hard to achieve, but not without precedent - Stephen Leahy

Sarkozy rides to the rescue in Afghanistan - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  French President acted on a very different agenda than that portrayed in Canadian media - James Laxer

Unusual friends in unusual places - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  All kinds of thoughtful people, from Canada's corporate leaders to our best athletes, have responded constructively to global warming - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Luring immigrants not enough - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Provinces must provide services and opportunities if they want new immigrants to stay - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Everyday pollutants and breast cancer - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Looking at what science says about prevention - Avis Antel and Chris Kupka

In defence of newspapers - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  For years we have been reading that the newspaper is doomed - Charles Gordon

Afghanistan: warlordism "is winning" versus democracy - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Local people want the international community to stop the private militias and provide real security - Ron Synovitz and Jan Alekozai

Learning to govern with a minority - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Harper unlikely to win a "false majority", let alone a "true majority" - Geoffrey Stevens

Labour leaders want WSIB chair fired over "death" rebates - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Companies prosecuted for worker fatalities awarded safety rebates - NUPGE

Calgary MLA eyes Liberal leadership - Posted: 14-Apr-08
  Dave Taylor "considering taking a run at" top job - Jeremy Klasuz

Youthful exuberance - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  Brings spirituality to burial - from the Internet

Intolerance peeks out of the closet - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  Election fought over immigration would appeal to basest fears - Ish Theilheimer

Malali Joya fights to regain seat in Afghan Parliament - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  Vocal "warlord" critic seeks to reverse her expulsion from legislature - Farangis Najibullah

Michelle Swenarchuk 1948-2008 - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  Lawyer, environmentalist and public intellectual, she was a keen critic of trade treaties - Mel Watkins

Ten years after the watershed Vriend v Alberta decision - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  Supreme Court of Canada chastised Alberta for failing to include sexual orientation in its Individual's Rights Protection Act - Scott Harris

Let's boycott China altogether - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  China blocks the CBC's website, although CBC is the official Canadian broadcaster for the Olympics - Bill Tieleman

Media cheerleaders miss story - Posted: 08-Apr-08
  The US has succeeded in getting Canada to take the lead in an unpopular counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan - Linda McQuaig

University hockey is NHL for women players - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  Players, coaches, fans reeling from UNB decision to cut for women's varsity hockey team - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Canadian Jews form alternative pressure group - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  First national meeting agrees to put pressure on Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territory - Martha Roth

John Kenneth Galbraith Prize in Economics 2008 - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  Mel Watkins and Kari Polanyi Levitt to share first JKG Prize - Marc Lee

Climate change: the future is now - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  Effects once thought to be a generation away are manifesting themselves now - Stephen Leahy

Tony Mazzocchi: A visionary leader never to be forgotten - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  An interview with biographer Les Leopold on the life and times of a great labour leader - James Clancy

Forty years after Martin Luther King Jr's death - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  US workers still face many of the same issues and have actually lost ground on some - statement of Gerry Hudson, Executive Vice President of SEIU

Small actions make a world of difference - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  Participants in Earth Hour were making a bold statement about their values - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

CBC revamping again - Posted: 07-Apr-08
  The CBC has decided to serve the listeners it doesn't have, at the expense of the listeners it does have - Charles Gordon

Feds revoke Imperial Oil permit for oilsands project - Posted: 03-Apr-08
  Feds revoke Imperial Oil permit for oilsands project - Company will challenge decision in court

BC Solicitor General John Les resigns - Posted: 01-Apr-08
  He is under investigation by Special Prosecutor in connection with land deal when Chilliwack Mayor - Bill Tieleman

Waiting for the Apocalpyse again - Posted: 01-Apr-08
  World is waiting for leaders willing to show vision and propose solutions to inter-linked crises - Ish Theilheimer

Aryan Guard dogged by Calgary counter-protesters - Posted: 01-Apr-08
  Alderman says city council, media should ignore white supremacists - Jeremy Klaszus

Ex-President for Hire - Posted: 01-Apr-08
  Too bad we can't claim it's an April Fool's joke - submitted by a reader

US West heating nearly twice as fast as rest of world - Posted: 01-Apr-08
  Colorado River cities already in throes of record drought - National Resources Defense Council

Olympic ironies - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  The Beijing games have finally put globalization and communism on the same side - Charles Gordon

A glacial vanishing act - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Since 1980, glaciers have experienced an average net loss of 11.5 metres in ice thickness - Stephen Leahy

The ugly truth about cosmetic pesticides - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  More than 6,000 cases of acute pesticide poisoning occur in Canada each year - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

New Brunswick: violence by the numbers - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Governments measure what they think is important - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Canada should broker peace for Afghanistan - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Russia and Eastern states to offer NATO a proposal for negotiated settlement of Afghan conflict - John W Warnock

Bitumen, and plenty of jobs, heading south to US - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Tories making a huge mistake by not keeping upgrading jobs in Alberta - Diana Gibson and David Thompson

Harperites balk at half-mast tribute - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Private member's Bill calls for recognition of each fallen soldier - Geoffrey Stevens

Misunderstanding NAFTA - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Ohioans want to re-open treaty for all the wrong reasons — but that's all right - Mel Watkins

Join in the "World's Biggest Lesson" - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  Canadian teachers join Global Action Week for universal education - Canadian Teachers' Federation

UN agency rules against Bush administration - Posted: 31-Mar-08
  International Labor Organization says that National Labor Relations Board violates international human rights principles - Erin Johansson

Iraq war illegal and botched - Posted: 25-Mar-08
  Worse, no lesson has been learned - Linda McQuaig

Sound the alarm on the BC government - Posted: 25-Mar-08
  Crowded emergency rooms compromise patient care - Bill Tieleman

Boycott Olympics over China's outrages in Tibet, Sudan, Burma - Posted: 25-Mar-08
  And: Jack needs an Agenda for People and the Planet - Ish Theilheimer

Weak ruling undermines Westray law - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  $100,000 fine for corporate killing just maintains status quo - Canadian Labour Congress

Selective information overload - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Science shapes our lives, sometimes without much forethought - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Gender affects health - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Health care too often ignores illnesses that affect women more than men, such as depression - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Another thing about cell phones - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  or where not to use one - submitted by Hanns

Troubled waters - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Water pollution has become an accidental weapon against tribal peoples - Survival International

Race is an issue the US cannot afford to ignore - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  The most segregated hour in American life occurs on Sunday morning - Barack Obama

Ottawa's arena too far away - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Hockey lures fans to Scotiabank Place, but other sports suffer - Charles Gordon

Predatory lenders' partner in crime - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  How the Bush administration stopped the states from stepping in to help consumers - Eliot Spitzer

UN mission in Darfur "going to fail," says Dallaire - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Retired Lieutenant-General says Canada "has abdicated its responsibilities" - Jeremy Klaszus

UN mission in Darfur "going to fail," says Dallaire - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Retired Lieutenant-General says Canada 'has abdicated its responsibilities' - Jeremy Klaszus

Wish lists for the Ontario budget - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  IQP readers suggest what the Ontario government should do for Ontarians - Inside Queen's Park

Stage is set for a federal election - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  Sometimes elections happen simply because the political climate calls for one - Geoffrey Stevens

Deciphering Canada's March by-elections - Posted: 24-Mar-08
  The four seats should have been "gimmes" for the Liberals, but they managed to lose one - Marc Zwelling

The afterlife - Posted: 18-Mar-08
  "The true story" - from the Internet

Donald MacDonald, the Happy Warrior, left a legacy of inspiration - Posted: 18-Mar-08
  In the Legislature from 1955 to 1982, he was "the best premier Ontario never had" - Ish Theilheimer

Heads up for World Water Day - Posted: 18-Mar-08
  Public sanitation essential first step to providing clean water - Ben Saifer and Dr Bob Dickson

Emissions solutions start at home - Posted: 18-Mar-08
  North America's buildings are responsible for 35 percent of the continent's emissions - Stephen Leahy

Dobell seems above the rules - Posted: 18-Mar-08
  Stayed on government payroll and failed to register as lobbyist - Bill Tieleman

PSAC to appeal Federal Court pay equity decision - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  After 25 years, case has worked its way up to Federal Court of Appeal - Public Service Alliance of Canada

Border guards protected - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Homeland Security's 160,000 workers retain right to collective bargaining - Harry Kelber

Harper's one-man rule - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Experienced observers warn that PM's style undermines support for Conservatives - Geoffrey Stevens

"Tough" oilsands rules panned by Sierra Club - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  So-called "crackdown" actually gives industry four years of unlimited development - Jeremy Klaszus

The real story behind pathetic voter turnout - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  The far right has succeeded in convincing a majority of Albertans that government is irrelevant - Ricardo Acuña

New penalties for defaulting on child support - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Some 18 percent of payments were not collected in 2006-2007 - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Fast-forwarding through the hyper-real - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Maybe we need to slow down and figure out what's really important - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Carbon tax a user fee on working families - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Our priority has to be policies that work and can be supported by most of the population - Ross Sutherland

More partisanship, please - Posted: 16-Mar-08
  Liberal party should put its money where its mouth is - Charles Gordon

The invisible by-election - Posted: 11-Mar-08
  Vancouver Quadra by-election — lots of candidates to vote against - Bill Tieleman

NAFTA does protect the environment (sort of) - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  Weak environmental protections in NAFTA side deal not enforceable - Albert Koehl and Randy Christensen

Marital bliss can be yours at any age... - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  ... Even for golfers - from the Internet

Kvelling over public values - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  Theory X – the greedy view of the world – is promoted relentlessly. Let's try Theory Y - Ish Theilheimer

Half the vote but only 20 percent of eligible voters - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  First-Past-the-Post system misrepresents Alberta voters - Larry Gordon

Small study links workplace injury with poverty - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  Disabled workers scramble for resources, security - Karli Brotchie and Becky Casey

MPs to vote on extending mission of torture - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  Liberals and Harperites focus on good intentions, not interrogation practices - Linda McQuaig

The saga of Conrad Black - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  No serial killer ever received such minute media attention about the hardships of prison - Geoffrey Stevens

Obama and Clinton have a point - Posted: 10-Mar-08
  Let's take a hard look at NAFTA - James Laxer

Sizing up John Tory - Posted: 09-Mar-08
  Technical glitches at the convention probably cost him points in the leadership review -

TB is back, with a vengeance - Posted: 09-Mar-08
  Multidrug resistant and extensively drug resistant on the rise in former Soviet Union states - Damian Piper

The interconnected biosphere - Posted: 08-Mar-08
  Everything we do affects this thin layer of earth and atmosphere that sustains life - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Things you might not know about women - Posted: 08-Mar-08
  Some updated facts and stats offer a more complete picture -

Harperites stub their toe on Heritage bill - Posted: 08-Mar-08
  Withholding tax credits feels enough like censorship to make people protest - Charles Gordon

Justice 4 Janitors objects to CCWU actions - Posted: 04-Mar-08
  The CAW has publicly admitted to funding the CCWU.

Private audience with the Holy Mother - Posted: 04-Mar-08
  Brings to light different take on religion - from the Internet

Carbon tax prompts rural backlash - Posted: 04-Mar-08
  Former Unity Party leader Chris Delaney blasts carbon tax, BC Liberals policies on BC Hydro, forestry, Basi-Virk case and more - Bill Tieleman

Averting a biofuel food crisis - Posted: 04-Mar-08
  And Cadman absurdities provide fleeting satisfaction - Ish Theilheimer

Fixing the world's broken thermostat - Posted: 04-Mar-08
  Most of the technologies needed to usher in a clean and sustainable future are already available - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

The Cadman affair - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Questions abound, about how much Harper knew and what incentives he authorized - Geoffrey Stevens

Emissions for the poor, subsidies for the rich - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Latest budget continues the Harperite pattern of tax breaks for large-scale Green House Gas emitters - Albert Koehl

Africentric schools: A search for solutions - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Toronto's School Board should heed worried parents' call for a new alternative school - Howard Hampton

Election deliciously political, for once - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  New scorecard may signal new era in Alberta politics - Gillian Steward

Good morning, Hamas - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  How the Israel government nurtured its own worst nightmare - Uri Avnery

Encyclopedia of life - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  New online resource puts life under the macroscope - Stephen Leahy

Budget Day excitement - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Trading players more newsworthy than dull budget - Charles Gordon

CLC launches Women's Economic Equality Campaign - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Year-long campaign includes local teach-ins across Canada - Canadian Labour Congress

Racism involves privilege as well as disadvantage - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Canada's understated forms of discrimination too often taken for granted - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Why the Major died - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  Harperites waging a war against peacekeeping - Jamie Swift

P3 hospital construction costs more, delivers less than proposal - Posted: 03-Mar-08
  The evolution of cost overruns, service cuts and cover-up in the Brampton Hospital P3 - Ontario Health Coalition

Doorknocking in Calgary - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  The Alberta election comes down to door-to-door contact - by Gillian

Lemon socialism: AECL nightmare a poor way to treat tax money - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Mismanagement of core and sell-off of profitable arms are our dividends - Ish Theilheimer

Silence can be golden... - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  ... if you keep your opinions to yourself - from the Internet

Saving the world, one shot at a time - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Canada's International Immunization Initiative set to expire - Damian Piper

Carbon tax a money grab in green clothing - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Most of the revenue raised by the allegedly neutral gas tax will pay for big business tax breaks - Bill Tieleman

Dion caves, Harper raves - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Harper trumpets plans to divert ever-larger sums to armaments - Linda McQuaig

John Tory boxing with shadows - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  66.9 percent vote of confidence leaves him in party limbo - Geoffrey Stevens

Frozen turkey in the Conservative seat - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Alberta Tories refuse to send any candidates to Calgary election forum - Public Interest Alberta

Toasting Fidel - Posted: 26-Feb-08
  Fidel has prepared his retirement as carefully as his most strategic battle - Wendy Holm

Observe RSI Awareness Day February 29 - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  Repetitive Strain Injuries seriously affect one in ten Canadians - from NUPGE

Seedy Sunday helps to revive heirloom vegetables - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  Gardeners meet, talk, swap open-pollinated seeds to keep varieties alive - Lynn Jones

Same-sex abuse is often denied or excused - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  Shelters, counsellors not sure how to handle a different kind of couple - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

The truth about carbon offsets - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  In the fight against global warming, the use of market-based tools is here to stay - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Following Bush in Rwanda - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  Scanty news reports brought back memories of teaching there - Charles Gordon

Manley's big chill - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  Report freezes prospects for national debate on Afghanistan - Paul Weinberg

First map of human impacts on oceans released - Posted: 25-Feb-08
  There is hardly an area of the ocean that isn't criss-crossed by ship tracks - Stephen Leahy

Can't trust chameleon Campbell - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  BC budget ushers in new era of big government - Bill Tieleman

Cuba's accomplishments likely to be overlooked in media coverage - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  Castro created space for the democratic left to become dominant in Latin America -

Loose rules undermine ethics - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  Donations of money, property and services continue to corrupt Canadian politics - Duff Conacher

Dion takes a dive on Afghanistan - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  Although some think Dion showed strength by negotiating with Harperites, his deal looks hollow from here - James Laxer

Diagnosis: Tarsands drive global warming - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  Prognosis: Poor, unless Alberta follows prescriptions and cuts back emissions - Ricardo Acuña

Pitfalls of small businesses - Posted: 19-Feb-08
  Another how-not-to lesson courtesy of the Ethics Committee - Adil Sayeed

Jewish Confession - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  Good for the ego if not the soul - from the Internet

Family Day fuss - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  Although popular with the voters, the new holiday has proved surprisingly contentious with the public - Charles Gordon

More than mindless hearts and flowers - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  Many groups play with the politics of Valentine's Day - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Still charting the Charter - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  New developments offer unions hope, worries, and incentive to lobby for better laws - Roy J Adams

Hurry up: slow down to save the Earth - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  We can't afford to burn so much energy trying to save time - Albert Koehl

Humans leave our mark on Earth - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  Geological Society paper suggests we've pushed the planet from the stable Holocene Epoch into the Anthropocene Epoch - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Battle brewing inside US SEIU - Posted: 17-Feb-08
  Sal Rosselli resigns from executive, sends blistering letter to Andy Stern - Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

Dreaming of Spring - Posted: 12-Feb-08
  Golfing heaven - from the Internet

So anti-social a sport, and so Manley - Posted: 12-Feb-08
  And a radical suggestion to make the NDP very relevant in the next election, whenever it comes - Ish Theilheimer

Get out of A-stan already - Posted: 12-Feb-08
  Stephen Harper should have taken the time to meet Afghan parliamentarian Malalai Joya - Bill Tieleman

Accused cops benefit from career criminal's court victory - Posted: 12-Feb-08
  "Unreasonable delay" defence pioneered by Elijah Askov - from Inside Queen's Park

Not a great time for an election — but it could be worse - Posted: 12-Feb-08
  Harperites might be worried that US election, recession, could affect Canadian voters - Geoffrey Stevens

Brian Mulroney's How-Not-To guide - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Anyone in business should keep careful records of cash transactions - Adil Sayeed

TV in the House - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Canada's own Gong Show features politicians yelling at witnesses - Charles Gordon

Health Council report gives system good grades - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Report reflects direction that NUPGE has been advocating - from the National Union of Public and General Employees

Alberta government's desperate promises - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Maybe the Conservatives think we are all too stupid to figure out that these promises don't have much substance to them - Gillian Steward

New Brunswick needs human rights reform - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  The Commission should have authority to launch investigations on its own and to enforce penalties for infractions - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

US military budget has 12 zeroes - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Friends Service Committee blows whistle on trillion-dollar war budget - from the American Friends Service Committee

Calling all locavores! - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Ottawa Valley Food Co-op launches its first annual meeting - Lynn Jones

Feds lag on equity: PSAC - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Employment equity report to Parliament exposes serious gaps in government hiring - Public Service Alliance of Canada

Call Harper's bluff - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  If Harper wants an election on Afghanistan, let's give him one - James Laxer

Fill 'er up with switchgrass - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Easy-to-grow switchgrass is a much more efficient biofuel than corn - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

The copyright balancing act - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Creators want new copyright legislation to be fair to all concerned - Bill Freeman

Moving forward on Kyoto, after Bali - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Voluntary measures have failed. It's time for regulations - Hugh Robertson

Africa, South Asia could face famines - Posted: 11-Feb-08
  Climate change threatens major disruptions in global food system - Stephen Leahy

Some History and Geography - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Lessons from Britain's radio and television shows - from the Internet

Keep Pearson out of it - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Afghanistan mission bears no similarity at all to Pearson's peacekeeping force in the Sinai - Linda McQuaig

Polls don't tell the whole truth - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Be sure to read the fine print before accepting the results - Bill Tieleman

Isotope crisis was a hoax according to CMA; a missed opportunity for opposition - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  And thank you for Tasering - Ish Theilheimer

Assessing leaders on science - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Politicians decide on funding, direction for scientific research - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Digging deeper on Mulroney - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Ethics committee to investigate where Mulroney got the money to depose Joe Clark as Tory leader - Geoffrey Stevens

Anything's better than the Clintons - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Their actions in Kosovo set the table for Bush's attack on Iraq - Rick Salutin

Nano hypocrisy - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  India's new cheap "people's car" causes rich media to fret about more pollution - Gwynne Dyer

Freezing in the dark - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  Canada needs Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) - Gordon Laxer

Pandemic precautions - Posted: 05-Feb-08
  National union questions Canada's preparedness - from NUPGE

My vision of a compassionate future - Posted: 04-Feb-08
  Many of the problems we confront today are our own creation - The Dalai Lama

Time for more women to get involved in politics - Posted: 04-Feb-08
  Women often like municipal politics because they are local and non-partisan - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Alberta voters want change, sort of - Posted: 04-Feb-08
  Oil industry clout is the background issue in electioneering - Sheila Pratt

Corporations brace for carbon tax - Posted: 04-Feb-08
  Big Business Ponders a Low-Carbon Diet - Stephen Leahy

"Change" is a big-picture word - Posted: 04-Feb-08
  Prospect of real change makes US politics more engaging than Canadian politics -

One Big Union - Posted: 02-Feb-08
  Lyrics of the song by MATTHEW GRIMM & THE RED SMEAR featured on Youtube

A brain for numbers - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  Future of the markets predicted - from the Internet

Emery needs to face music - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  "Prince of Pot" brought sentence on himself. - Bill Tieleman

Keeping bankers at bay; and, learning from Suharto - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  Following US banking and foreign policies may cost Canada dearly - Ish Theilheimer

Hitler's accession to power 75 years ago - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  Beware, lest history repeat itself - James Laxer

BC health care workers reach tentative settlement - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  After landmark Supreme Court ruling, workers win expanded rights, protection from privatization - from the Hospital Employees Union/CUPE

Soldiers need more support - Posted: 29-Jan-08
  Harper must do more for Canadian forces and their families - from NUPGE

When the wall fell - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  The breaking of the Rafah wall proves that no power can stop a mass of people that has crossed the border of despair - Uri Avnery

Give all women the benefit of advocacy - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Blaming Islam for a teenager's death is easier than addressing the pervasiveness of family violence - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Mulroney still under microscope - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  But ethics committee might cut its witness list - Geoffrey Stevens

Money for homes, not war - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  "We're a rich country," says Manley Report, but too many Canadians are homeless - from Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

Enough with foreign ownership - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Free trade didn't work and it's doubtful more foreign ownership in Canada will either - Mel Watkins

Biofuels a lose-lose strategy, critics say - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Ethanol industry cutting into food supply - Stephen Leahy

Dear Canada: let war resisters stay! - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Representatives from 18 peace groups descend on Canadian consulates in US - from the "Dear Canada" campaign

"Market fundamentalism" led to worst market crisis in 60 years - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Since 1980, regulations have been progressively relaxed until they have practically disappeared - George Soros

Symbiosis: big herbivores, ants and trees - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Nature weaves a complex tapestry of mutually beneficial relationships - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

Why car use actually increased - Posted: 28-Jan-08
  Urban design dictates how people get to work, shopping - Charles Gordon

SEIU alarmed by spread of Magna-style contracts - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Justice for Janitors organizing drive "undermined" by CAW-funded union - from the SEIU

Bushcronium: Noxious New Element Discovered - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Found while emptying the trash file - from the Internet

With a crash so possible, democrats need a plan for tough times - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Galbraith's history of financial euphoria predicts pain and amnesia - Ish Theilheimer

Energy hogs rule - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Elites love to pig out on energy - Linda McQuaig

Arrogance can hurt BC Libs - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Secret meetings, grants to the rich, privileged lobbyist will come back to haunt government - Bill Tieleman

Extinction tourism - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  Some tourism companies urge travelers to "See it before it's gone." - Stephen Leahy

Beware replacement writers - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  The whole world, not just Hollywood, suffers by departure from usual scripts - Charles Gordon

Housing, not war - Posted: 22-Jan-08
  New broad-based coalition pre-empts Manley report by urging federal funds go to help the homeless - from the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

Top garment makers boycott Uzbek cotton - Posted: 21-Jan-08
  Industry targeted by child-labor activists - Gulnoza Saidazimova

Green is in - Posted: 21-Jan-08
  But getting on a new path requires real change - David Suzuki, with Faisal Moola

American politics: you couldn't make this up! - Posted: 21-Jan-08
  US primaries offer colourful cast of characters in both parties - Geoffrey Stevens

Ambitious, young aboriginal woman has politics in her blood - Posted: 21-Jan-08
  Leila Houle running for the federal Liberals to make a difference - Sheila Pratt

Stop that doctor! - Posted: 21-Jan-08
  Barred from practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador, Dr James Hanley continued to practice in New Brunswick - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Osama Writes George a Letter - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  Humour with a shelf life - from the Internet

Economic anxiety in boom times - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  There are lots of jobs but little security - Ish Theilheimer

P3 'success' just a big hoax - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  Schwarzenegger cites BC's P3 projects as model, omitting mention of cost overruns - Bill Tieleman

U of A opens downtown campus - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  University finally showing some interest in the city around it - Sheila Pratt

Welfare policy backfires - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  Forbidding welfare recipients from sharing accommodation is costly and counterproductive - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Next to no inquiry - Posted: 15-Jan-08
  Johnston's recommendation for limited inquiry into Mulroney much too restrictive - Geoffrey Stevens

Women and long-term care - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Ontario resisted including any minimum standards of care in its May 2007 Long-Term Care legislation - Bev Baines

CUPE turns up the heat on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SSP) - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  NDP MP Peter Julian undertaking cross-Canada tour (with many union stops) to raise awareness of SPP - from CUPE

Gunning for more trouble - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Many warning signs that Afghanistan conflict is heading in the "wrong direction" - Paul Weinberg

The Microcredit Miracle - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Very small loans help lift the poorest of the poor out of poverty - Margo Purcell and Dr Bob Dickson

Decoding US politics - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Republican candidate debate underscores differences between Americans and Canadians - Linda McQuaig

Report Finds Rising Tide of Green Financing - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  There appears to be hope for the planet yet - Stephen Leahy

Barack Obama might be the new JFK - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Problem is, JFK was very American - James Laxer

US unions put organizing on hold - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  In the best of circumstances, the Employee Free Choice Act won't pass until Spring 2009 - Harry Kelber

Saskatchewan's critical choice - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and expensive — and it won't solve global warming either - Jim Harding

Ten years after the Ice Storm - Posted: 14-Jan-08
  News media celebrate, trivialize, a disaster that most residents remember with dread - Charles Gordon

2008 at a glance - Posted: 08-Jan-08
  The signs are all there for the year ahead, if you can read them - Charles Gordon

Democracy gets off the mat with Obama's campaign - Posted: 08-Jan-08
  Call it vision or framing, it works - Ish Theilheimer

Private electrical generation pricey - Posted: 08-Jan-08
  BC Hydro quietly shifts to buying electricity from private producers - Bill Tieleman

Students: comments to avoid during the next semester - Posted: 08-Jan-08
  Note: this is not a reference tool - from the Internet

Lockouts, east and west - Posted: 08-Jan-08
  St Thomas University, Sears, launched pre-Christmas lockouts of skilled staff - Derek Blackadder

Creating the Schreiber public inquiry - Posted: 07-Jan-08
  Harper must be dreading David Johnston's report on terms of reference, which is due this week - Geoffrey Stevens

First worldwide summit on organizing and collective bargaining - Posted: 07-Jan-08
  December meeting fails to adopt strategy to fight multinationals on worker rights - Harry Kelber

Afghanistan's child brides - Posted: 07-Jan-08
  UNICEF's "Photo of 2007" highlights abuse of young girls - Farangis Najibullah

Ed Stelmach's 2007 report card - Posted: 07-Jan-08
  After one year, Alberta Premier gives his government an A+. Not everyone agrees - Ricardo Acuña

Environment vs economy - Posted: 06-Jan-08
  Debaters tackle central question of global warming issue - Maggie Hughes

Celebrate our successes - Posted: 06-Jan-08
  WE CAN'T STOP fighting for social change — things WOULD ONLY get WORSE - Ginette Petitpas-Taylor

Americans are shrinking - Posted: 06-Jan-08
  Height appears to be a useful measure of the well-being of a nation's citizens - Linda McQuaig

Lakota Sioux Indians declare Sovereign Nation Status - Posted: 04-Jan-08
  Sioux cite UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous people to claim real estate over Five State Area in US West - from the Lakota Nation

Iowa votes against the war - Posted: 04-Jan-08
  Seventy percent of Democrats chose candidates publicly opposed to US actions in Iraq - Michael Moore

One last whiff of that warm Winter spirit. - Posted: 31-Dec-07
  Happy New Year to all! - from the Internet

Remembering Oscar Peterson - Posted: 30-Dec-07
  World-class pianist was much more than a technician - Charles Gordon

Bhutto, Bush and Musharraf - Posted: 28-Dec-07
  Washington sent Bhutto to her death, because Musharraf wouldn't do what he was told - John Chuckman

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